Raniere’s Bleak & Comedic History in Prison: Stay Tuned for News on Massive Cover-up Regarding What’s Going on at MDC

Mk10Art painting of Keith Raniere

From the very day that the Mexican Federales showed up at the villa in Puerto Vallarta where he was ensconced with several of his first-line slaves and looking forward to getting a group blow job – March 26, 2018 –  we’ve been able to provide Frank Report readers with numerous inside reports on Keith Raniere AKA The Vanguard.

Frank Report

Exclusive video of Raniere being whisked away by heavily armed Mexican police – and a photo of him sitting in the back seat of a Mexican police car on his way to the USA/Mexico border – were both posted here within hours of his capture.

MK10’s portrayal of Allison at the time of Keith Raniere’s arrest

Even while he was housed temporarily at the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City, OK, we were able to provide details about his housing accommodations there.

Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City, OK

And ever since he was moved to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY, we’ve been the only media outlet that’s reported on many of the fun things that have happened to him there.

MDC animated mk10art

From his early days in MDC’s Special Housing Unit to his transfer to the Sexual Perverts Unit at the prison, we’ve been able to provide exclusive updates to Frank Report readers.

We also reported on more public events – like the three denials of his requests for bail that were handed down by U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

Even when the federal government was shut down for 35 days back in January and February 2019, we were able to keep Frank Report readers abreast of what the “smartest man in the world” was up to at MDC.

How he earned the nickname “Crybaby Jane” from his fellow prisoners there because of his constant complaining about every aspect of prison life – and his sobbing in his bunk almost every night.

We reported about his blotchy hair-dye job – and the clown shoes he wore to his initial courtroom appearances.

And the voracious appetite he developed for any food that was edible – and some that was not.

In March 2019, we reported on his initial transfer to General Population at MDC after the water pipes burst in the Sex Pervs Unit – and his almost immediate ass-kicking by a couple of Mexican prisoners who apparently heard about his proclivity for branding his initials on the pussies of skinny Chicas.

We detailed the way that the guards fucked with him during the time he was in the SHU. How they’d let him out of his cell for his 1-hour of daily exercise – wait a couple of minutes – and then release one or more of the guys who had beat him up into the same exercise area. Like the NYS championship sprinter he claimed he once was, Raniere would be back in his cell within 90 seconds.

We also detailed all the special “tributes” that other MDC prisoners gave to him during his short stay in Gen Pop: the numerous broken or missing pairs of eyeglasses, his personal rolls of toilet paper being tossed in the trash, his commissary order always being the last one delivered, no one allowing him to sit with them at mealtime (which is why he took most of his meals at his bunk), and on and on and on…

The shit-filled globs of toilet paper that other prisoners would toss on his bunk – the peanut butter in his shoes – yep, we reported on all those things.

We also described his second altercation with two other inmates – which is when he actually tried to defend himself instead of rolling up into a ball on the floor. He still got clobbered – but he did earn a little respect from some of his fellow inmates. And another 2-week stint in the SHU.

We documented his glorious return to the Sex Pervs Unit – shortly after which he developed a noticeable limp that resulted in multiple trips to his favorite spot at MDC: the Medical Unit.

And his first job assignment – mopping floors – which got him out of his cell for 4-hours each work shift and allowed him to start earning money by his own labor for the first time in 20+ years (Granted he was only making $.23/hour but it was still money that he had earned himself).

We reported about the visits by two new middle-aged women who he claimed contacted him after reading about his exploits in the local newspapers. But, as it turned out, they were actually two paralegals who were there to review some pre-trial paperwork with him.

We provided daily coverage throughout the trial – with capsule summaries of each witness’ testimony and updates of who was in the courtroom to watch the takedown of the Vanguard.

We even provided a detailed description of what his daily routine was like on trial days: i.e., up at 5:00 AM – and not back to his cell until well after dinner had been served.

We also provided inside reports about how he was faring at MDC while the trial was going on. How he was housed in a different part of the prison every night. How his fourth pair of new glasses fit so badly that he had to keep pushing them up his nose throughout the trial.

Frank Report readers were the first to know just how red-faced Raniere got as FBI Special Agent Meagan Rees read some of his back-and-forth texts with Cami, the first-line DOS slave that he started having sex with when she was 15.

About Cami’s insistence that she preferred the “taste, consistency, quantity and intensity” of Robbie Chiappone’s semen over his.

And her nut-cutting response to his claim that when fully erect, his penis was longer than Robbie’s: “You haven’t been fully erect in a long time”.

We reported about his never-ending complaints to the guards who were transporting him to-and-from court every day – and how they told him more than once to “Just shut the fuck up”.

We also informed Frank Report readers how he complained to other prisoners throughout the trial about Marc Agnifilo being “a shitty lawyer” who wouldn’t follow his directions.

Marc Agnifilo

How he constantly complained about being betrayed by the three “really dumb bitches”: Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, and Lauren Salzman – and how that never would have happened had he been allowed out on bail before the trial began.

MK10ART’s painting of Clare Bronfman


MK10ART portrait of Allison Mack and her favorite brand.


MK10ART’s painting of Lauren Salzman sans motherhood.

We reported on his unhappiness with his lead attorney – to whom he wrote thousands of Post-It Notes during the trial and who he told the guards was “a little pussy lawyer”.

We also reported how those same guards “lost” Raniere’s daily courtroom outfit on a couple of occasions – which forced him to sort through his soiled clothing in order to come up with an outfit to wear to court on those days.

And let’s not forget the day of the verdict when after deliberating for less than 4 hours, the jury came back with unanimous “Guilty” verdicts on all charges. Lots of media outlets around the world had that story – but Frank Report was the first to report that upon being returned to MDC, the newly-minted convict was immediately placed in the Suicide Watch Unit at MDC.

We even provided images of the “safety smock” that was his only article of clothing while he was being watched 24/7 by Observers.

One-Size-Fits-All Safety Smock

We reported that as soon as he was released from the Suicide Watch Unit, he was immediately assigned to a small Pre-Sentence Unit – which is where convicted prisoners stay until they are sentenced (This was back in late June 2019).

Shortly after he arrived there, he was diagnosed with a severe case of ringworm – all over his body. And despite the severity of the case, the crack medical staff at MDC refused to give him any of the oral medications that are usually used to treat such outbreaks: e.g.,  terbinafine, itraconazole, griseofulvin, fluconazole, ciclopirox, or naftifine.

Close-Up Photo of Ringworm

Instead, they gave him an anti-fungal cream that required him to walk around with large splotches of it visible on numerous spots of his body – which caused other prisoners in the unit to avoid him like the plague.

We documented how he would tell anyone who would listen that he was planning to hire a “whole new team of attorneys” for his appeals (Local Albany huckster Steve “The Man” Coffey seemed to be putting in his bid for the job when he viciously and unprofessionally attacked Marc Agnifilo for showing some compassion to Raniere’s victims after the trial).

Stephen R. Coffey

But, as we exclusively reported, Raniere had much more pressing problems to deal with shortly after his conviction.

Like the three Mexican prisoners who jumped him in the Pre-Sentence Unit – and sent him off to an outside hospital for a few days. The final scorecard for that little altercation included multiple bruises; a couple of cracked ribs; a broken toe; and lots of tears.

We reported that upon his return to MDC, he was placed backed in the SHU for his own protection. And how he stayed there for several weeks – which caused a temporary blackout on our inside reports.

But by October of last year, we were back in business – and reporting that almost as soon as he was released from the SHU, he suffered a strange middle-of-the-night injury. Seems he was stretching and practicing his karate moves when he slipped on the floor of his cell – which he didn’t notice was covered in several inches of water – and severely injured his wrist when he fell.

When asked why he was exercising in the middle of the night, he told the guards that he has to do that in order to avoid getting blood clots.

We detailed how immediately after his latest slip-and-fall, he started hanging out with – and liking paying off – several Skinheads at the prison. And how by doing that, he was able to avoid getting his ass kicked again by any other inmates.

In fact, he even grew so bold because of his protectors that he bought himself a cell phone and charger so he could talk to some of his former followers whenever he felt like doing so. But that only lasted for a few days before he got busted during a general shakedown of his unit – and sent back to the SHU for another 30 days.


MK10 Art Raniere caught with a cell phone 

As Frank Report readers know, that was just the first time that he got caught holding contraband. On at least two other occasions, he was sent back to the SHU after guards found cell phones in his cell – one of which was set up for international calls.

Whenever he was back in the Pre-Sentence Unit, he was always explaining to anyone who would listen how he was going to win his appeal – and then sue all sorts of federal officials and prison staff for what they had done to him.

Yadda, yadda, yadda…

In November of last year, we reported that because it had not healed properly, his injured wrist was likely going to need surgery (In order to avoid being tagged with that expense, the MDC medical staff decided the surgery could be postponed until after he was sentenced and moved to his permanent prison).

A few weeks later, we reported that he was telling his fellow inmates that he would have to hire new attorneys for his appeal because he could no longer afford to pay for the team that had represented him at trial. That, of course, raised questions as to whether Clare Bronfman may have cut off her financial support for him.

That possibility seemed even more likely when he stopped receiving visits from his attorneys.

Which may be why as 2019 came to a close, several observers at MDC noted that he had become very listless.

We documented how he spent the first couple of weeks of 2020 back in the SHU for yet another violation of prison rules.

And that when he returned back to the Pre-Sentence Unit after that stay, he had a large bump on his forehead – and an equally large bruise on his cheek (His explanation this time was that he had slipped on the floor in his SHU cell – and fallen face-first into the cast iron frame of his bunk).

And in one of our most tragic reports, we noted back in February that Keith’s latest pair of prison eyeglasses – the only ones that have actually worked since he arrived at MDC and had his personal eyeglasses broken by some clumsy fellow prisoner – had also gone missing.

Those damn prison eyeglasses!

On February 28th, we reported how he was served in the mass tort civil lawsuit being brought by some 80 former members of NXIVM/ESP against him and 14 other former cult leaders.

And we documented that as he was approaching his second anniversary at MDC, he came back to his cell one day to find that his entire cell had been torn up. In addition to taking some of his legal papers, the unknown thief or thieves also stole the memoir that he had been working on since he first arrived at MDC.

Early April saw another cell phone confiscation – and another stint in the SHU.

And by the time he got back to the Pre-Sentence Unit this time, the entire prison was in full lock-down mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Which brings us to the latest update on Keith’s ongoing tragic circumstances at MDC.

Only this time, it’s not so funny.

Not funny for Keith – and not funny for any of the other 1,700 prisoners at MDC.

This time the inside report will reveal the massive cover-up that’s going on right now at MDC – and very likely other federal prisons – as federal prisoners are subjected to extremely dangerous and life-threatening conditions.

Even for someone as despicable as Keith Raniere, there are limits as to what’s OK and not OK.

And what’s going on now at MDC is definitely not OK.



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Roberto Sanchez
Roberto Sanchez
3 years ago

Thank you for not using Marie Whites twisted depictions to add to the humor of Ranieres existence.

3 years ago

Great recap! Looking forward to the latest update.

3 years ago

Great recap! Can’t wait for the next installment of Vanguard Behind Bars!

3 years ago

I’m much more concerned about not protecting law-abiding seniors in nursing homes, so take your bleeding Libtard heart and stick it where the sun don’t shine. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

BTW let me know if you want to stick me where the sun don’t shine! LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Go for it! LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

We’d love Claviger sticking us where the sun don’t shine. Clavy if you don’t mind spray some WD40 downtown so things don’t “chafe”. I was ATM certified in the US Navy.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

Yes, Karma rules! And, I agree, it’s nigh time for Vanguard to act as that bright beacon of Luciferian light revealing the most corrupt, decrepit aspects of humanity he accidentally exposed in his voracious, lifelong pursuit of virgin pussy & power.

(Really is very admirable of you, Clav, to try to turn out some benefit for those who suffer what you may have had your sentence been long as Raniere intended for you and, partially, accomplished.

The Karma as to the switcheroo — fact that he’s exactly where he put you to more dire effect — is mystifying!)

3 years ago

wow…you manage to find good in what he did right? it’s the same ranting again and again and the ranting of a perverted madman who continuously implicates victims…

Wait until he decides to blame your sister…you’ll see how Pleasant his “writing” is.
Way to support another pervert as for me, he is no better than raniere.

As disconnected from reality (like when he is using a false story to make his point), as a pervert (as everything must be disgusting to read…maybe he is trying to punish the reader by being as perverted and gruesome as possible) and as pathetic when it comes to blaming the wrong person.

I’m quite surprise you, who had someone close to her being dragged into the raniere’s spiral , support this kind of thing.

Understand that it’s not what is saying about raniere that i blame him for…we all love to see this pathetic monster in prison and probably rotting in it forever.

But when he is implicating others and continuously into things debunked, how can you see anything good in his writings?

Well, it’s fr so i Don’t know why i even stopped to read any comment…seems like there isn’t much people who make sense anymore around here.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous


To whom are you addressing?

To whom are you referring to?

The Dalai Lama, the Pope, the Ayatollah, Vanguard, or Bangkok?

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

You, anonymous don’t make any sense. What the hell are you talking about? Who are you referring to?

3 years ago

This is all very surprising. Nicky Clyne said that he would handle everything by use of his ‘Supernatural Powers.’ Could it be that he’s actually in control of everything, and his plans are just too subtle for the likes of us to understand?

Ringworm is very itchy. That boy has been scratching himself raw…

3 years ago
Reply to  Paul

Fungi flock together – further proof that he is a toadstool.

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