Prison conditions worse than reported for Raniere – and not likely to get better

Not a real photo of Keith Raniere but his soon-to-be future reality.. Prison

By Dirk Nelson

Prisoners and Prisons Correspondent

The post concerning Keith Raniere’s incarceration at the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City, OK has been updated to reflect new information Frank Report obtained earlier today.

Unfortunately for prisoner Raniere [57005-177], the information indicates his current living conditions are worse than originally reported.

Instead of being in a dormitory-like facility, Frank Report has learned Raniere – known to his followers as “Vanguard”  – is housed in a 2-man cell which is locked at night from 10:00 PM until 6:00 AM every day.

In his cell, in addition to a pair of metal bunk beds, there is a combination sink-toilet that affords no privacy whatsoever. And nothing else.

During the day, Raniere can venture out of his cell into a “common area” that is available to anyone living in the same unit. There are also a couple of TV rooms that are generally controlled by specific segments of the prisoners in the unit: a Black TV Room, a Latino TV Room, etc.

[It is not known if there is a Former Cult Leaders TV Room.]

Meals are served 3 times per day: breakfast at around 6:00 AM, lunch around noon, and dinner around 5:00 PM. There is no commissary – which means no extra food is available to inmates.

Raniere will spend the entire day in his unit. And each day will just as boring as the prior one.

But it is not permanent. Soon, he’ll embark either on a multi-stop bus trip that will allow him time to see parts of the country he may never have visited (Of course, being in handcuffs, leg-irons, and body-chains will take much of the fun of traveling out of the trip but, on the other hand, it’s also not costing him anything).  He might also go by plane – in which case the sights will be from above the clouds – and  the tour will be briefer.

If he goes by bus, Raniere will spend several days getting from Oklahoma City to Brooklyn. A plane trip will probably take less than a single day.

As previously reported, he will likely be housed in the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, NY. His attorney will likely try to get him released on bail when he appears before the magistrate in Brooklyn. Should he fail to be granted release on bail – and the US DOJ has made a strong argument against it – he will likely remain in MDC until trial. If convicted, he will be assigned to one of numerous federal prisons. But, given the nature of his alleged crimes and his expected sentence, it’s likely that a conviction will result in him being sent to a maximum security prison.

MDC also might be his permanent home. And MDC is not particularly pleasant for prisoners. Anthony Weiner’s attorney begged his sentencing judge not to send him there.


Had the branding initials been those of Abe Lincoln or Bill Gates, Keith Raniere once told a DOS slave – nobody would have minded it. So why did Kieth Raniere burning his initials on women’s pubic regions land him in prison?


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  • Raniere is in his cell when his big, imposing cellmate says, “Lights out. Time for sex. You wanna be the husband or the wife?”
    He doesn’t want sex but his cellmate demands he choose.
    “If I have too,” says Raniere meekly, “I’ll be the husband.”
    “Then get on your knees and suck your wife’s cock.”

  • A woman who lives near Raniere’s home said that, years ago, her husband dressed up as Mr. Raniere for Halloween – scraggly grey wig, black clothes and Barbie dolls hanging from his sleeves. “It’s that creep factor; It’s just been so weird for so long.”

  • Propaganda needs to be less obvious. Dial down the homophobia, for example; your obsession with Salinas’ sexuality is very 1965. And make articles about something else, otherwise we can see this “”news site”” is only for Nexium shit.

    • Ignorant (lacking knowledge or awareness) is probably more accurate.

      Propaganda is what you find at Knife Media. Bias that purports to not be biased. You from Knife Media?

      This site is about NXIVM. More precisely, it’s about Keith Raniere and the worlds he’s created and evil he’s done. This site shines a light on a very secretive and sick cult. You sound like you’re from the cult. You need help getting out?

      Emiliano Salinas is the one with sexual issues. I doubt there’s a person writing on this site or reading this site who gives a shit what someone’s sexuality is. (It’s 2018, Jaime, what century are you living in?) Salinas, however, is a lying hypocrite. And lies are fair game, especially when they involves a secretive cult that breaks the law.

      Keith Raniere has antiquated notions about gender and the most severe issues with sexuality. Which is why your antiquated perspective suggests you are from KR’s world. Get out, Jaime! You can do it!

      • Jaime doesn’t kniw where she is. She seems to have linked from the Artvoice website and erroneously commented here on the Frank Report. This website is about NXIVM. It’s about exposing it. Take a seat and learn what’s been going on for decades to unsuspecting people. So it doesn’t happen again.

  • Does anyone else find it curious that you can’t find a (legitimate) obituary for Pamela Cafritz….especially given her parents status in DC…???

    • Damn, that is one fine observation. And don’t forget about Raniere using Cafritz’s credit card (accessing her $8 million account) long after she passed. Keith Raniere is truly a heartless monster.

    • Not me. I was speaking out against this organization that hid a cult way back in 2007/2008 telling Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, and any others who would listen to get out. From the research I did from that time about HPMs along with Raniere’s history, and also listening to what my intuition was strongly telling me, I felt that Raniere simply wasn’t what he claimed to be. But I could never foresee that it would get this bad. I guess sociopathy, when given power, feels no fear in extending the borders to its degradation.

      • I totally agree. And I know Allison and Kristin. And Kristin was so deep in NXIVM, much deeper than Allison in the late 2000s. But she has ‘defenders’ that don’t even know her.

        She is an actor. You cannot be so naive to think that an actor is their character on TV. KK is not sweet, innocent Lana Lang. This is why people should question authority instead of blindly following others or believing everything they see on TV.

        • I don’t believe Kristin was deep. She achieved only a yellow sash without any stripes. I think her personality, career, and other personal relationships kept her from getting in too deep. She never even got remotely close to what Allison succumbed to. She also left many years before Mark Vicente, Mark Hildreth, and Sarah Endmondson. Also, I don’t believe Kristin ever claimed to be like Lana Lang. I know that she isn’t and know for a fact that she has also told her fans through the media that she is not like her – although she certainly shares some attributes of her – so if they continue to believe that she is then that is their fault.

          • I know these people personally. I don’t have to read about it. I lived it. And I have photos, emails, dates, and addresses to prove it.

            You cannot put Kristin Kreuk on a pedestal. Anyone who is in a cult for 8 years is an insider. That is what a cult does, it sucks you in. If anything, KK could be called as a witness for the money laundering charges. How did the money travel from Vancouver to Albany, from the classes given in Van? Was that money reported to the IRS? How much was moved to Van? What bank accounts were used? Did the Canadian trainers report their income to the Canada Revenue Agency?

            This is the calm before the storm. There is a gentle wind from the East. But alarm bells are ringing as a Typhoon begins to appear on the horizon.

          • So I was wrong about the stripe count. Yet she was still the least ranked out of all of the celebrities and yet she has garnered the most internet attention of those higher ranked outside of the guilty party Allison who she has been wrongfully applied to aid in hers.

          • You’re welcome to share your evidence of photos, emails, dates, and addresses to prove it. My guess is you will not.

            You’re claiming that Kristin as a coach was an “insider” that knew how money was transferred from satellite centers to main headquarters. They typically do not. Only the people who actually run the centers and are responsible for their management would.

          • Shout out to FormerNexian below. Everyone who was a coach should look at their taxes and will ideally offer to pay the back taxes they know they owe. If you profited off of this shit, be prepared to pay that back. Otherwise, the taxman should go after you! Even Former Nexians who were brainwashed and duped are still accountable for some actions – especially those that have a negative implication for others (ie, all of society when you shirk tax obligation).

          • “she was still the least ranked out of all of the celebrities and yet she has garnered the most internet attention”

            There you go again, scarrom, ignoring whatever reality you don’t like. Kreuk was not the least ranked out of all the celebrity coaches in August 2011. And Kristin Kreuk was and still is the most famous person associated with NXIVM (more famous celebrities attended workshops, but only Kreuk was involved for so many years).

            That Kreuk’s celebrity draws more attention than anything else is no surprise in this world (a world that idolizes celebrity). If truth and justice were most important, Keith would have been in jail years ago.

            “I don’t believe Kristin was deep.” You wanting to believe something doesn’t make it so. Unless you are her best friend or an actual mind-reader, you have zero way of knowing, and people who were there are far greater experts on the matter than you.

          • — There you go again, scarrom, ignoring whatever reality you don’t like. Kreuk was not the least ranked out of all the celebrity coaches in August 2011.”

            But she was in that coaches list that was referenced in the wayback machine. Only Kendra Voth was less (one stripe), but I don’t consider her friend and partner in ‘Girls By Design’ (GbD) a celebrity. Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, Mark Hildreth, Mark Vicente, Sarah Edmondson, were all higher ranked. This shows that Allison was actually deeper than her by 2011.

            *Side point: By the way, also in the wayback machine reference, you can see that person wrote a comment in which they quoted a statement made by Kristin and Kendra where they said in no uncertain terms that GbD had nothing to do with ESP/NXIVM.

            — And Kristin Kreuk was and still is the most famous person associated with NXIVM (more famous celebrities attended workshops, but only Kreuk was involved for so many years).”

            Which warrants her association to NXIVM but not DOS.

            — You wanting to believe something doesn’t make it so.

            This is true.

            — Unless you are her best friend or an actual mind-reader, you have zero way of knowing, and people who were there are far greater experts on the matter than you.


  • How a secretive, cult-like group in upstate New York drew more than $100-million from two Bronfman daughters


    “For years, Keith Raniere walked the streets of this placid suburban subdivision, sometimes in the middle of the night, often accompanied by as many as six women. To his neighbours, he was a strange and unnerving presence. One local resident remembers warning her young daughters never to speak to him…”

    • they ought to be talking about how one of his slaves (Diana H. Lim) is teaching psychology at Concordia University.

      • There was a Reddit thread awhile back from a supposed student that she was recruiting her students. It may sound crazy, but they were running low on slaves when the story broke. Who knows what they got her to do. The thread mentioned contacting Concordia at the time. Maybe they don’t care about personal lives?

        • She probably said “sorry, eh” (which btw translates to “f’ you”) and got a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again.
          Raniere probably wishes he was getting convicted in Canada.
          He could just get a pardon, and get right back to it like other sex offenders.

    • Joanna Slater was awarded Canadian journalist of the year in 2015 (“Slater’s reporting was timely, significant, deeply moving and memorable – the exemplars of great journalism.”). If anyone can access a cleaner version, or possibly a complete version, please share:

      For years, Keith Raniere walked the streets of this placid suburban subdivision, sometimes in the middle of the night, often accompanied by as many as six women. To his neighbours, he was a strange and unnerving presence. One local resident remembers warning her young daughters never to speak to him.But it was not until last week that their fears were confirmed. Federal prosecutors unsealed criminal charges against Mr. Raniere alleging that he oversaw a secret society divided into “masters” and “slaves” in which women were forced to have sex with him and coerced into rituals during which his initials were burned into their flesh.Mr. Raniere is the founder of a group called Nxivm (pronounced Nex-ium), a cult-like organization based in Albany, N.Y., that has offered what it describes as self-discovery courses for two decades. The group attracted adherents in the United States, Canada and Mexico and Mr. Raniere benefited from a flow of money from one of Canada’s most storied fortunes, prosecutors say.Clare and Sara Bronfman, the youngest daughters of the late Edgar Bronfman, the long-time chief executive of liquor giant Seagram Co., both became involved with Nxivm. The U.S. authorities say that Clare Bronfman traveled with Mr. Raniere to Mexico in 2017, after the Federal Bureau of Investigation began interviewing witnesses in the case. In late March, Mr. Raniere was arrested at a luxury villa in Puerto Vallarta and extradited to the United States.Federal authorities began investigating the group last year after a report in The New York Times that focused on the experience of Sarah Edmondson, an actress who lives in Vancouver. Ms. Edmondson described how she became part of a secret “sorority” within Nxivm that collected compromising material on participants to use as leverage against them. She was branded in a night-time ceremony in a house in Halfmoon, according to a complaint she filed with state medical authorities.Mr. Raniere, 57, is being held at a prison in Oklahoma pending his transfer to Brooklyn, where he will stand trial in federal court on charges of sex trafficking and forced labour. A lawyer who represented Mr. Raniere at a preliminary hearing in Texas declined to comment on the case and said Mr. Raniere was in the process of obtaining a lawyer for future proceedings.Operating from an ordinary office park in Albany, Nxivm offered intensive, five-day courses that cost thousands of dollars. Participants were obliged to sign confidentiality agreements that barred them from revealing the content of the classes. To ascend to higher levels in the hierarchy required recruiting new adherents; members describe being in daily contact with a mentor in the group.Mr. Raniere, who is known within the organization as “The Vanguard,” succeeded in attracting a number of wealthy or prominent individuals, including Emiliano Salinas, the son of a former president of Mexico, and India Oxenberg, the daughter of Catherine Oxenberg, a U.S. television actress. But it was the Bronfman sisters who would become his major benefactors.Clare and Sara are Edgar Bronfman’s two children by his third wife. They gravitated toward the group about 15 years ago, when they were in their 20s. Mr. Bronfman took a Nxivm course at the urging of his daughters, but later told Forbes magazine, “I think it’s a cult.” Mr. Bronfman died in 2013.According to court filings in a proceeding involving a former Nxivm board member, the Bronfman sisters have spent more than US$100-million on Mr. Raniere and associated projects, including US$66-million to cover losses he incurred in a commodity-trading scheme and US$25-million on a Los Angeles real estate investment. A person close to the Bronfman family confirmed that the sisters gave more than US$100-million to Mr. Raniere and his ventures.Clare Bronfman, formerly a competitive equestrian, became deeply involved in Nxivm. She also started a foundation associated with Nxivm that is currently under scrutiny by state authorities, according to the Albany Times Union. U.S. authorities say Ms. Bronfman has repeatedly paid for lawyers to bring legal proceedings against critics of Nxivm. They also allege she and Mr. Raniere orchestrated legal threats against women who have left the sorority, which is also known as “DOS” or the “Vow.”Several attempts to reach Clare and Sara Bronfman were unsuccessful. A lawyer who has represented both sisters in Nxivm-related cases did not respond to repeated requests for comment. Late last year, a statement appearing to be from Clare Bronfman was released on a Nxivm website and on her personal website. It said that recent months have been “deeply painful,” but experts had assured her that “the sorority has not coerced nor abused anyone.” In court documents, U.S. authorities said that the allegations against Mr. Raniere represent “the culmination of decades of abusing women and girls through manipulation, coercion and, at times, physical violence.” Members of the sorority had to adhere to diets that were extremely low in calories and were tasked with having sex with Mr. Raniere, according to the criminal complaint. “Slaves” were held down as they were branded in their pubic region with a cauterizing pen. The whole process was filmed, the complaint says.In Halfmoon, the small community about 25 kilometres north of Albany, where Mr. Raniere and some of his adherents lived, the arrest was met with a sense of relief. Some members of the community had complained to the sheriff and local authorities repeatedly about the group, but were told nothing could be done.The curving drive where Mr. Raniere lived is lined with identical mailboxes and large houses set back from the road. A woman named Katherine who lives near his home said that, years ago, her husband dressed up as Mr. Raniere for Halloween – scraggly grey wig, black clothes and Barbie dolls hanging from his sleeves. “It’s that creep factor,” said Katherine, who asked that her last name not be used. “It’s just been so weird for so long.”

  • Vanguard/Keith: There are no Victims in Life!

    Me: With your soft hairless body, and soft hands… you’re about to find out.

    Keith: But I can call my friends from Smallville… Somebody save Me!

    Me: That show was canceled, just like your heterosexual sex life…

    P. S. From me… When did Vanguard go hairless? Did he get lasered? The other inmates are gonna love that :)))))

  • Vanturd doesn’t believe in a God other than himself. This only goes to show there indeed is one. Makes one wonder if the Latino TV watchers know how he’s treated women of their culture, yet? When they do find out, he’s their entertainment. Then, let’s not forget their are a few African American women involved. Oh my, guess they will have to take turns with the new Birch in town.

    • No dude… the only White guys in Federal Prison are AB, Aryan Brotherhood. How long you think Keith will survive with the Real Sons of Anarchy?

      Toto… We’re not in Smallville (or it’s actresses anymore)…

  • They view Cult Leaders on the same level as rapists and child molesters in prison. If the other prisoners find out about the brandings, he’s a dead man. I can almost guarantee that he’s been raped already.

    • This is an inflammatory post that is statistically improbable.

      Frank allows trolls postings; he’s a proponent of free speech. But how low can you go….

      • I’m just stating facts. If he’s locked in a cell with another inmate, he’s fucked. He might have been OK in a dormitory setting. Once they find out what he’s accused of (and they will), someone will pay his cell mate to have him “turned out.”

        Inmates hate rapists and child molesters, and those types don’t last long on the inside. A cult leader who was branding people with his own initials will be looked upon in a much worse light. He should beg to be placed in solitary confinement.

    • The only thing Vanguard will be guarding is his ass. If convicted, he will be headed to ADX Florence, aka SuperMax. That is a special kind of hell on Earth. His fellow prisoners (although he will never see them) will be Eric Rudolph, Ted Kaczynski, Ahmed Omar Abdul Ali, Dzhokar Tsarnaev, and Terry Nichols. A Who’s Who of Humanity’s degenerates. If there had been a war going on and Vanguard had tortured POWs or civilians like he did his followers, Keith would probably be considered a War Criminal and hung.

      Allison Mack is not too far behind. She is looking at charges including VISA fraud, obstruction of justice, wire fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, conspiracy, RICO, human trafficking, and kidnapping. How do you go from a hit TV show to looking at 40+ years in Federal prison?

      Oh how the Mighty fall. And this thing is just getting started! And your beloved Ayn Rand is not coming to save you…

  • Wonder if the other inmates have gone along with calling him ‘Vanguard’ Most ridiculous name ever, should have been everyone’s first clue this guy was a nut job

    • “Who’s the creep?”

      “That’s Vanguard. Isn’t he dreamy. So, you ready to join and give him everything you have?”

      “Check please.”

  • I believe this is what is called Karma.

    Didn’t Raniere have a hand in pressing to get O’Hara and John Tighe arrested, along with hatching a plot alongside Emi to lock up Barbara, Toni, etc., in a Mexican prison. Not to mention all of the harassment through litigation he inflicted on them and others via the legal system. Barring any eff ups or any additional corruption in the legal system (like that which exists in Saratoga County), it looks like he will be suffering the same consequences that he imposed on others.

    Could it be that Keith is teaching his final and most important lesson to all of his followers?

    That “what goes around comes around?”


    • Right on, Van Douche – Chicken Shit! (I love your name.) Your observations rock as usual. “it looks like he will be suffering the same consequences that he imposed on others.” HELLO! I applaud the Mexican authorities for snatching Vanguard and tossing his sorry ass over the border. Maybe we don’t need a WALL – especially in these circumstances. I wish President Trump would publicly thank them…What fabulous cooperation… THANK YOU, Mexico!

      Deep prayer for no bail. Please, please, Judge… If he gets bail, he is automatically gone to Clare’s cute little Fiji island, with an attendance of sexual female slaves (some possibly underage), never to be seen again, Then he can just go on, and on, and on, with his financial, sexual, mind fucking scams and exploitation. STOP HIM PLEASE!!

      • Don’t worry orangecountydreams, even if by some fluke he is released on bail, and flees to Wakaya, he is fucked. those South Pacific islanders, made landless by the likes of C. Bronfman, are very, very angry, very belligerent. Who could blame them? If he were to so much as look upon any one of their young women, especially now that the whole world knows the cut of his jib, well… he might actually be better off where he is.

  • Wherever he ends up, here’s hoping it’s in the worst place possible. No commissary is great, so his brainwashed slaves can’t pad his account.

  • It would be much better for your site and cause if when America logs in, we don’t see the Dalai Lama‘s portrait embedded in between Keith. Again, stating the obvious.

    • “the Dalai Lama appears in Albany on May 6, 2009 and 10 days later the Dalai Lama trust is formed in the USA which gets $2 million plus in donations”

      Financial information comes from IRS tax records of the trust.

      Many Tibetans are still in exile (150,000 in 2009, most recent stat I could find), a diaspora which began in 1959 with the exile of the Dalai Lama and has still not resolved. And the Tibetan people remain impoverished, despite huge donations over decades. The plight of the Tibetan people inspire donations that do not actually reach the people.

      The Dalai Lama represents everything that is good. But the man himself is less than ideal, particularly with regards to the Tibetan people. And his organization has serious problems. Example:

      You know who’s truly great? Thich Nhat Hanh. From Vietnam. I’ve never come across anything negative about him. Humble, wise, and awesome. Gives Buddhism a good name.

  • “It’s incredible: victim mentality destroys not only people’s conscience, but their ability to perceive reality. It’s the gateway to incompetence, pettiness and bad intent. To transform the negative things around us personal responsibility is the way.”

    Tweeted by Sara Bronfman and retweeted by Edgar Boone.

    Hey, Keith Raniere! Personal responsibility is the way.

    • Don’t be surprised if he does. There are serial killers who have women writing to them and offering their devotion, I could easily see Raniere having chicks falling over themselves to be his prison girlfriend.

      • I hope his prison “girlfriends” are fighting over Keith right about now, and that he’s getting more attentire than he can handle. Maybe he will request solitary confinement soon?

        • Prison is about intimidation and tribal groups based on race. Do you think Keith looks intimidating? How do you think the other white guys (White supremacist and Biker gang members) are going to treat Vanguard?

          Looks like Vanguard is going to be on the receiving end of ‘special midnight training’

  • Just hope he gets a long jail sentence. If the case collapses for any reason, he will milk the suffering for all it is worth. Cults lap up righteous victim hood. Martyr for the cause.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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