El Universal: Powerful Mexican surnames associated with NXIVM sex-slaver cult!

Salvador Garcia Soto, famed Mexican columnist, addresses the powerful families involved in the US sex-slaver cult, NXIVM.

The powerful Mexican media outlet El Universal has published a superb story on the powerhouse Mexican families involved in the sex-slaver cult of NXIVM.  El Universal credits Artvoice publisher Frank Parlato’s work to expose the seedy cult and name the powerful individuals associated with NXIVM in Mexico. Famed columnist, Salvador Garcia Soto, authors the column “Serpientes y Escaleras” authored in which the following appears in Spanish.


Using largely Google Translator, here is an English version of Mr. Garcia Soto’s splendid work:

The powerful surnames behind the Nxivm case

The scandal – and its connections with powerful families – could turn on recordings in which its main leaders in the country confess their open links with the leader’s cult.  The connections in Mexico of the cult of the ‘enlightened’ Keith Raniere, arrested last March 26 in Puerto Vallarta, are not limited to the subsidiaries managed by Emiliano Salinas Occelli and Alejandro Betancourt, who, through ESP (Executive Success Programs) and other companies and funds, control groups related to NXIVM in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

Behind the women involved in this cult, which according to The New York Times, purports to teach self-help techniques that lead to control, manipulation and submission, there is a millionaire business that begins by obtaining large amounts of money from the women involved. They charge $8,000 per course to “work through problems” and raise awareness levels – that ultimately lead to sexual slavery and mark the bodies of enslaved women. That also includes a business network.

The method of working these groups, in the United States, Canada and Mexico, consists in locating young women from high social classes, in many cases with millionaire parents and with problems of family displacement or neglect. They offer self-help courses, in which the women are promised they can solve their personal problems and achieve full development of their human and social skills to contribute to the development of society and their families. With these promises and the charisma of its leader, Keith Rainere – whom his followers, many from upper social classes, call Master and compare him to a prophet like Jesus – the NXIVM cult, and its affiliates in Mexico, manage to seduce several young people of society with well-known names in the social and business elites of Mexico. Some of these are the two sisters Garza, from Monterrey, a young Junco, relatives of former President Miguel de la Madrid, as his son Federico de la Madrid, and wife Fabiola Sánchez de la Madrid, Alejandra González Anaya, two women with the surname Huber, and Cecilia Salinas Ocelli, among other Mexican surnames that the blog Frank Report, written by publicist Frank Parlato, mentions as members of that sect.

Those connections in Mexico and the fear of scandal involving well-known business families in Monterrey, was what made Raniere, after the NYT story, flee to Monterrey and be housed in San Pedro Garza by some of the families involved in the cult of the charismatic personality of the leader of that sect.

When the matter broke out in the exclusive Sanpetrina society – and there were voices who complained about the presence of Keith – already being investigated by the United States Department of Justice for “marking and enslaving women”, another friend of Keith, named Jack Levy, got him refuge in a mansion in the paradisiacal Puerto Vallarta where he was finally located and detained on March 26 by Mexican authorities at the request of the US government.

Testimony from former members of the sect, who requested anonymity, say that the network operating in Mexico, connected to NXIVM, not only includes groups that recruit people, especially wealthy young women, with the hook of “self-help”, but also includes several companies managed by the holding company Prorsus, which runs private schools for “genius children”- Rainbow Cultural Garden, to services to support tourists through a fund of Moneyback, Adamant Corporation, Vista San Felipe and Mexican Solidary Administrator, all linked to Emiliano Salinas and Alejandro Betancourt.

Regarding the international connections and the foreign leaders linked to Raniere, there is Clare Bronfman, who oversees and directs the NXIVM courses and operations of NXIVM in Mexico. The recruited women, several of them Mexican, are put into a system of courses and points, which involves them more and more into the “work” of NXIVM. Those who were chosen by Keith to “guide” them in their learning had to submit to restricted vegetarian diets, do sleepless vigils, report very often to him and agree to have sex —  and even provide “collateral” that could include deeding their house, to equity contributions or large amounts in cash.

The scandal of NXIVM and its political, social and economic connections with powerful families in Mexico, could make a turn to meet recordings where its main leaders in the country, who until now have repeatedly denied any connection with illicit activities or abuse, slavery and marking of women, confess their open links with the cult of the master, illuminated and almost prophet – now imprisoned, Keith Raniere.

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About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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