Former Nxivm Coach, Candidate for Governor of Nuevo Leon, Predicted to Lose After Lying About Raniere

s Clara Luz Flores [left] was busy denying she ever heard of Keith Raniere or Nxivm, they were playing this video of her and Raniere filmed several years ago.

Columnist Elliott Ruiz, writing for Millenio, one of the leading publications in Mexico, is predicting that the candidate for governor of Nuevo Leon, Clare Luz Flores, is going to lose the election. She was leading in the polls in a four-way race.

Then the startling revelation came, based on a story in Frank Report, that she was a coach in Nxivm. That by itself did not submarine her. It was her answers to questions of journalists denying that she ever heard the name Nxivm, only vaguely knew about a course and the people attending it from Monterrey, and knew nothing about Keith Raniere, that made her look the fool. Especially when she was being set up — since journalists already had a video of her in a Keith Raniere conversation that was filmed not in Monterrey but in Albany, world headquarters of Nxivm.

I think it is of importance because it shows that Nxivm and Raniere can swing elections – but not as the world’s self-proclaimed smartest man hoped. He wanted to install the president [Emiliano Salinas] and handpick various candidates and control the country. Now, just the dint of association with him is the death knell of candidates, fair or not.

As for Clare Luz Flores, her blunder was not so much that she had taken some courses  – and more than a few since one does not become a coach in Nxivm with only one or two courses – but because she lied about it.

Of course, everyone is getting burned at the stake just for being associated with Nxivm, and perhaps she felt she had to lie; it was perhaps for her as simple as denying, for example, that she was a witch back in old Salem.

But because she was a political candidate for a serious office, and because there was evidence of her lies, she might have been better advised to tell the truth. It remains to be seen how badly she will be hurt by this when election day, June 6, comes around.

Here is a translation of Ruiz’s column in Milenio: Clara Luz’s campaign was not dropped, it was already thrown away.

Mayor Clara Luz Flores of Escobedo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico is a Coach for Cult that Brands Women - Frank Report | Investigative Journalism From Frank Parlato
If your Clare Luz Flores, it is hard to say you never heard of Nxivm when there is a picture of you at a Nxivm center in a yellow sash which indicates that you are a Nxivm coach. In the entire history of Nxivm, there never was a coach ever who never heard the name of the company in which she was coaching. Bad lie.

By Elliot Ruiz

Everything the Morena candidate for the governorship of Nuevo Leon [Clare Luz Flores] does is useless now; she is not going to win. She has made a series of childish mistakes that demonstrate her lack of political skill and calls into question her integrity. Beyond her relationship with Keith Raniere (the convicted NXIVM cult leader), Clara Luz Flores has made it clear that lying is her strategy, and who in their right mind is going to vote for a liar?

I hope she takes it easy and does not denounce me for gender violence. This is not about being a woman or a man, but about speaking the truth. All candidates have tails to step on, questionable backgrounds, and dark moments, but when it comes to communication, nothing is more effective than the truth.

It would have been enough for Clara Luz to say, when asked by journalists: “I met Raniere. I reached a certain level… I thought he was a spiritual leader. I was deceived, but I never participated in any act of sex trafficking or sexual exploitation.” Period. That was before a video surfaced that she knew existed. She attacked first, the PRI, the party she knows best.

It was an act of political suicide.

As if that were not enough, the former mayor of Escobedo [Luz Flores] canceled public events in the middle of the campaign and avoided the press. Mistake after mistake. With this, Clara Luz sends us a message: she has more to hide. As her words do not match her actions, her speech is losing strength every day…  not that it ever had much strength.

I am getting to the point. At this moment the Morenistas [members of her political party] are hitting their heads against the wall. Who chose Clara Luz as their candidate? Her friendship with Mario Delgado, another old friend of NXIVM, was enough. Clara Luz saw the opportunity and took it. She knew that in the PRI, before her, there were 3 or 4 better-positioned candidates.

It is clear that [Clare Luz] Flores Carrales does not agree with the values of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador [current Mexican president], much less with the party’s platform. That is why she always makes it clear: “I am a candidate of the coalition, not of Morena”.

Clara Luz’s campaign was already thrown away when it was conceived, because she runs with a political party she does not agree with, and her allies are in the same situation: Víctor Fuentes, Felipe de Jesús Cantú, Mariela Saldívar… none of them believe in the Fourth Transformation. Hunger and the desire to eat came together, and for that reason, Morena may consider the governorship in Nuevo Leon as lost.

The only ones with real chances of winning are Adrian de la Garza and Samuel Garcia. Clara Luz will contend for the third or fourth position with Larrazabal. What will weigh more, the renewed PRI structure and its electoral fang or the more than one million followers of Mariana Rodriguez?



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  • Blogdelregio

    ¿Compró Likes? Video de Clara Luz nuevamente desata polémica
    30 marzo, 20213

    Después de haber estado en el ojo del huracán por su vínculo con la secta sexual NXIVM, ahora Clara Luz Flores vuelve a la polémica en las redes sociales, esta vez por aparentemente comprar Likes en Facebook.

    Después que la candidata de Morena a la Gubernatura fuera exhibida por su contrincante Adrián de la Garza con un video donde se entrevista con el líder de NXIVM, Keith Raniere, tras haber negado conocerlo en reiteradas ocasiones, la ex Alcaldesa de Escobedo lanzó su propia respuesta en un video publicado en sus redes oficiales.

    NOTA RELACIONADA: Responde Clara Luz a video de NXIVM; admite conocer a Keith Raniere
    Y aparentemente, a los usuarios les dio más ‘risa’ la justificación de Flores Carrales, ya que en las diferentes reacciones que ofrece Facebook hay una gran discrepancia.

    Hasta la noche de este lunes, el video de Clara Luz publicado el pasado miércoles 24 de marzo acumula más de 78 mil reacciones en Facebook.

    Sin embargo, la gran mayoría de dichas reacciones son ‘Me Divierte’, mientras que el número de ‘Me Gusta’ es notablemente inferior.

    MÁS DEL TEMA: Señala Adrián a Clara Luz por nexos con NXIVM
    Hasta ahora el número de ‘Me Divierte’ supera los 55 mil, más del doble de la cantidad de ‘Me Gusta’, que son más de 21 mil Likes.

    Y es aquí donde usuarios comenzaron a notar que conforme pasaron los días desde la publicación del video se incrementó el número de Likes, cientos de ellos de cuentas de usuarios aparentemente de nacionalidad árabe y asiáticos.

    Un hilo en Twitter muestra en varias capturas de pantalla la discrepancia entre los que parecen ser perfiles de usuarios mexicanos, y aquellos con nombres que definitivamente no coinciden con los de nuestro país.

    Al hacer una inspección más detallada de las reacciones, se puede apreciar que muchos de los Likes son de perfiles de usuarios auténticos, pero conforme se navega en la lista se vuelven aparentes aquellos perfiles que definitivamente no son mexicanos.

    Reacciones a video de Clara Luz Flores
    Foto: Especial
    Así, nombres como Phuc Vu, Jeffrey Xu, Ghulam M. Qureshi, Phan Vihn Khang, Aboo Nguyen, y Khashayar Moradpour se hacen más comunes mientras se avanza en la lista de ‘Me Gusta’.

    También se aprecia que muchos de dichos usuarios ni siquiera cuentan con imagen de perfil, no tienen publicaciones o siquiera amistades en la red social.

    Cabe señalar que los parámetros para compartir el video de Clara Luz en Facebook fueron modificados, ya que se eliminó la opción para insertar o embeber el video, a diferencia de los primeros días tras su publicación, donde sí podía ser anexado en páginas web.



    Did she buy Likes? Clara Luz’s video again sparks controversy
    30 March, 20213

    After being in the eye of the hurricane for her link with the NXIVM sex sect, now Clara Luz Flores returns to the controversy in social networks, this time for apparently buying Likes on Facebook.

    After the Morena candidate for Governor was exposed by her opponent Adrián de la Garza with a video where she interviews with the leader of NXIVM, Keith Raniere, after having denied knowing him on several occasions, the former Mayor of Escobedo launched her own response in a video published in her official networks.

    RELATED NOTE: Clara Luz responds to NXIVM video; admits knowing Keith Raniere
    And apparently, users got more ‘laughter’ from Flores Carrales’ justification, since in the different reactions offered by Facebook there is a great discrepancy.

    As of Monday night, the video of Clara Luz published last Wednesday, March 24, accumulated more than 78 thousand reactions on Facebook.

    However, the vast majority of those reactions are ‘Likes’, while the number of ‘Likes’ is notably lower.

    MORE ON TOPIC: Adrian points fingers at Clara Luz for links to NXIVM
    So far the number of ‘Likes’ exceeds 55 thousand, more than double the number of ‘Likes’, which are more than 21 thousand Likes.

    And this is where users began to notice that as the days passed since the publication of the video the number of Likes increased, hundreds of them from accounts of users apparently of Arab and Asian nationality.

    A thread on Twitter shows in several screenshots the discrepancy between what appear to be Mexican user profiles, and those with names that definitely do not match those of our country.

    Upon closer inspection of the reactions, it can be seen that many of the Likes are from authentic user profiles, but as the list is browsed, profiles that are definitely not Mexican become apparent.

    Reactions to Clara Luz Flores’ video
    Photo: Special

    Thus, names such as Phuc Vu, Jeffrey Xu, Ghulam M. Qureshi, Phan Vihn Khang, Aboo Nguyen, and Khashayar Moradpour become more common as one moves up the list of ‘Likes’.

    It is also apparent that many of these users do not even have a profile picture, have no posts or even friends on the social network.

    It should be noted that the parameters for sharing Clara Luz’s video on Facebook were modified, since the option to insert or embed the video was eliminated, unlike the first days after its publication, where it could be attached to web pages.

  • Luis Treviño: Batalla de trapos: la guerra sucia prematura en las campañas políticas

    La guerra sucia ha existido por mucho tiempo, ahora está sucediendo algo inusual; en el pasado estas estrategias solían aplicarse al final del periodo de la campaña, previo a las elecciones; como una especie de “estocada final”. Ahora está sucediendo desde el principio.


    En Nuevo León, como en otras partes de México, las campañas políticas están a todo lo que dan. La semana pasada dos de los candidatos principales para gobernador, se atacaron con todo; Clara Luz, del partido de Morena, atacó a Adrián de la Garza del partido del PRI, alegando no actuar ante un supuesto acto de corrupción de “sus compadres” en el municipio de Mina. Posteriormente Adrián contra atacó, mostrando a los medios un video sobre el involucramiento de Clara Luz con la organización NXIVM y su polémico fundador Kieth Raniere (acusado por tráfico sexual, delincuencia organizada, extorsión y abuso sexual a menores).

    En las campañas electorales a estas acciones se les conoce como “guerra sucia”, que en pocas palabras consiste en sacarle los “trapitos al sol” al candidato contrario. Se le llama así pues no tiene mucho que ver con las propuestas de gobierno, sino con los defectos o actos inmorales del opositor.

    Si bien, la guerra sucia ha existido por mucho tiempo, ahora está sucediendo algo inusual; en el pasado estas estrategias solían aplicarse al final del periodo de la campaña, previo a las elecciones; como una especie de “estocada final”. Ahora está sucediendo desde el principio.

    La razón de porque hacer guerra sucia desde el inicio es desconocida, pero existe un fenómeno que ha cambiado la forma en la que recibimos información y que probablemente, de manera inconsciente, ha provocado que los candidatos se hayan anticipado a lanzar noticias “bomba”. A este fenómeno le llamo “adicción a la novedad”.

    Con la apabullante cantidad de información a la que estamos expuestos (según New York Times recibimos cinco mil anuncios diarios), nos hemos vuelto sumamente selectivos. Ya no prestamos atención a cualquier contenido que se nos presente y ya no nos sorprenden tantas cosas. Por lo tanto, hay dos cambios que ahora tenemos como seres humanos: 1. ponemos atención sólo a las noticias que se nos hacen relevantes y 2. una noticia pierde importancia rápidamente y nuestro interés baja de manera casi inmediata.

    Si te das cuenta, antes, un suceso terrorista o una masacre (como la de la escuela de Columbine en Estados Unidos) podía estar presente en los medios y en las conversaciones durante meses o años. Ahora, de tanta información que tenemos disponible, nuestra impresión a esos acontecimientos dura días o incluso horas. Es por esto que, aunque de manera involuntaria, ahora buscamos novedades a cada rato.

    La adicción a la novedad ha orillado a que, cualquiera que busque hacerse popular en las redes sociales (ya sea alguna marca, algún actor, “influencer”, o político), debe buscar como captar tu atención de manera constante. La atención es el nuevo dios de la comunicación; no es el mensaje, no es la propuesta, es llamar la atención; que los voltees a ver. Todos compiten por ello y es lo más preciado.

    Si alguien quiere llamar tu atención, tiene que ingeniárselas para impactarte. Existen varios recursos para lograrlo como, por ejemplo, el uso del hedonismo (mostrar a personas o situaciones de manera sensual, o presumiendo lujos y excesos), el humor (hacer memes) y también, generar polémica y morbo. Este último, ha sido usado desde siempre por tabloides sensacionalistas (como la revista TV y Novelas); pero ahora pareciera que, el uso de la polémica, es adoptado por toda figura pública para generar contenido; para aumentar “views” y “followers”; para lograr ser parte de la conversación de tu día.

    Los golpes a los candidatos y las “noticias bomba” funcionan. Generan controversia y morbo. Sin embargo, hay un riesgo de usarlo de manera prematura. Si las campañas apenas inician y los candidatos ya se andan atacando y la gente pierde el interés con facilidad, entonces los equipos de campaña pueden sentirse con la necesidad de sacar más y más trapos del adversario. Entonces, nos llenarán de calumnias, escándalos, confrontaciones y el efecto será que las elecciones se parecerán a un programa de “Laura en América” y a la larga, la gente; los votantes, terminen por hartarse.

    La guerra sucia es un recurso efectivo. Pero no debe ser el más importante de la comunicación política, ya que, de ser así, los candidatos se estarán centrando en crear mensajes para convencer por qué “NO votar por el adversario” en lugar de “porque SÍ votar por él o ella”; se crean campañas para generar miedo o enojo y no para crear esperanza, que es lo que necesitamos hoy más que nunca (“hope” diría la campaña de Obama).

    En lugar de saturarnos con información que nos asuste, deberían sacar noticias bomba que nos alienten, que nos asombren “para bien”; con alguna propuesta como la de ser el lugar en México con más vacunas contra el covid-19, o el Estado donde se reactivará más rápido la economía después de esta abrumadora crisis. Claro, todavía falta que les creamos, pero ese es otro tema.

    Esta es una columna de opinión. Las expresiones aquí vertidas son responsabilidad únicamente de quien la firma y no necesariamente reflejan la postura editorial de El Financiero.


    Luis Treviño: Battle of the rags: the premature dirty war in political campaigns

    Dirty war has existed for a long time, now something unusual is happening; in the past these strategies used to be applied at the end of the campaign period, prior to the elections; as a sort of “final blow”. Now it is happening from the beginning.


    In Nuevo Leon, as in other parts of Mexico, political campaigns are in full swing. Last week, two of the main candidates for governor, attacked each other with everything; Clara Luz, of the Morena party, attacked Adrián de la Garza of the PRI party, alleging that he did not act against an alleged act of corruption by “his compadres” in the municipality of Mina. Subsequently, Adrian counter-attacked, showing the media a video of Clara Luz’s involvement with the NXIVM organization and its controversial founder Keith Raniere (accused of sex trafficking, organized crime, extortion and sexual abuse of minors).

    In electoral campaigns, these actions are known as “dirty war”, which in a few words, consists of “dirty tricks” against the opposing candidate. It is so called because it does not have much to do with government proposals, but with the defects or immoral acts of the opponent.

    Although dirty war has existed for a long time, now something unusual is happening; in the past these strategies used to be applied at the end of the campaign period, prior to the elections; as a kind of “final blow”. Now it is happening from the beginning.

    The reason for the dirty war from the beginning is unknown, but there is a phenomenon that has changed the way in which we receive information and that probably, in an unconscious way, has caused the candidates to anticipate to launch “bombshell” news. I call this phenomenon “novelty addiction”.

    With the overwhelming amount of information we are exposed to (according to the New York Times we receive five thousand ads a day), we have become highly selective. We no longer pay attention to just any content that comes our way and we are no longer surprised by so much. Therefore, there are two changes we now have as human beings: 1. we pay attention only to the news that are relevant to us and 2. a news item loses importance quickly and our interest drops almost immediately.

    If you notice, before, a terrorist event or a massacre (such as the Columbine school massacre in the United States) could be present in the media and in conversations for months or years. Now, with so much information available to us, our impression of these events lasts for days or even hours. This is why, albeit involuntarily, we now seek novelty all the time.

    The addiction to novelty has led to the fact that anyone seeking to become popular on social networks (be it a brand, an actor, an influencer, or a politician), must constantly seek to capture your attention. Attention is the new god of communication; it’s not the message, it’s not the proposal, it’s getting attention; it’s getting you to look at them. Everyone competes for it and it is the most precious thing.

    If someone wants to get your attention, they have to manage to make an impact on you. There are several resources to achieve this, such as, for example, the use of hedonism (showing people or situations in a sensual way, or showing off luxuries and excesses), humor (making memes) and also, generating controversy and morbidity. The latter has always been used by sensationalist tabloids (such as TV y Novelas magazine); but now it seems that the use of controversy is adopted by all public figures to generate content; to increase “views” and “followers”; to be part of the conversation of the day.

    Candidate bashing and “news bombs” work. They generate controversy and morbidity. However, there is a risk of using it prematurely. If campaigns are just getting started and candidates are already attacking each other and people lose interest easily, then campaign teams may feel the need to dig up more and more dirt on the opponent. Then, they will fill us with slander, scandals, confrontations and the effect will be that the elections will resemble a “Laura in America” program and in the long run, the people; the voters, will end up getting fed up.

    Dirty war is an effective resource. But it should not be the most important of political communication, because, if so, candidates will be focusing on creating messages to convince why “NOT to vote for the opponent” instead of “why YES to vote for him or her”; campaigns are created to generate fear or anger and not to create hope, which is what we need today more than ever (“hope” as Obama’s campaign would say).

    Instead of saturating us with information that scares us, they should release news bombs that encourage us, that amaze us “for the better”; with some proposal such as being the place in Mexico with more vaccines against covid-19, or the State where the economy will be reactivated faster after this overwhelming crisis. Of course, we still need to believe them, but that is another topic.

    This is an opinion column. The expressions expressed herein are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of the company.

  • Claudia Tapia Castelo
    25. mar. 2021
    El Dalai Lama también se reunió con KR cuando nadie sabía que era un delincuente y el encuentro fue video grabado al igual que sostuvo con
    . Eso lo hace parte de la secta ? 🤣 por supuesto que no! . Que bajeza de ataque y peor aún cuando sabes que para que exista
    Claudia Tapia Castelo
    25. mar. 2021
    un delito debe haber una conducta típica, antijurídica y culpable probada. Y en el caso de NEXIUM los que cometieron esos delitos están debidamente sentenciados y cumpliendo sus penas. #NivelPorFavor


    Claudia Tapia Castelo

    25. mar.21
    The Dalai Lama also met with KR when no one knew he was a criminal and the meeting was videotaped just like he did with
    . That makes him part of the cult ? 🤣 of course not! . What a baseness of attack and even worse when you know that for it to exist.
    Claudia Tapia Castelo

    25. mar. 21
    a crime there must be a proven typical, antijuridical and guilty conduct. And in the case of NEXIUM those who committed those crimes are duly sentenced and serving their sentences. #LevelForFavor

  • Telediario

    “El Dalai Lama también se reunió con Keith Raniere”, defienden a Clara Luz Flores

    Multimedios Digital

    Lunes, 29 Marzo 2021 – 04:42 pm

    Una conversación el líder de NXIVM no te vuelve parte de la secta, afirmó la diputada independiente Claudia Tapia para defender a la candidata de Morena a la gubernatura de Nuevo León, Clara Luz Flores.
    “El Dalai Lama también se reunió con Keith Raniere”, defienden a Clara Luz Flores
    El Dalai Lama con Keith Raniere. | FOTO:
    ESPECIAL. – La diputada local de Nuevo León, Claudia Tapia, se sumó a la defensa de la candidata de Morena a la gubernatura del estado, Clara Luz Flores, al afirmar que una conversación con Keith Raniere, líder de la secta NXIVM sentenciado a 120 años de cárcel en Estados Unidos (EEUU), no te vuelve parte de la secta ni constituye delito alguno.

    TE RECOMENDAMOS: Revelan video de Clara Luz Flores charlando con Keith Raniere, condenado en EEUU por tráfico sexual de personas

    Lo anterior luego de recordar que “El Dalai Lama también se reunió con Keith Raniere” y no por ello el líder espiritual del Tibet cometió un delito ni es parte de la secta NXIVM, como tampoco lo es Clara Luz Flores.

    El Dalai Lama también se reunió con KR cuando nadie sabía que era un delincuente y el encuentro fue video grabado al igual que sostuvo con @claraluzflores. Eso lo hace parte de la secta ? por supuesto que no! . Que bajeza de ataque y peor aún cuando sabes que para que exista un delito debe haber una conducta típica, antijurídica y culpable probada. Y en el caso de NEXIUM los que cometieron esos delitos están debidamente sentenciados y cumpliendo sus penas. #NivelPorFavor
    escribió Claudia Tapia.

    Cabe recordar que la semana pasada fue difundido un video en el que se observa a Keith Raniere y Clara Luz Flores sostener una larga conversación sobre temas de política y sociedad; cuyo video habría sido “filtrado” por el candidato del PRI a la gubernatura de Nuevo León, Adrián de la Garza.

    Cabe recordar que desde 2019, Clara Luz Flores reconoció que había tomado un curso de superación personal 15 días con la mencionada organización y que haberlo tomado no la relacionaba directamente con la estructura de trata de NXIVM. Sin embargo, habría señalado no conocer a Keith Raniere.

    El video “filtrado” por Adrián de la Garza forma parte de la serie “Conversaciones con Keith Raniere”, en la que se observa a distintos personajes platicar con distintos personajes de la cultura política y del espectáculo a nivel internacional.

    [ translation:


    “The Dalai Lama also met with Keith Raniere,” defend Clara Luz Flores

    Digital Multimedia

    Monday, 29 March 2021 – 04:42 pm

    A conversation the leader of NXIVM does not make you part of the sect, said independent congresswoman Claudia Tapia to defend Morena’s candidate for governor of Nuevo Leon, Clara Luz Flores.
    “The Dalai Lama also met with Keith Raniere”, Clara Luz Flores is defended.

    SPECIAL. – The local deputy of Nuevo Leon, Claudia Tapia, joined the defense of the Morena candidate for governor of the state, Clara Luz Flores, stating that a conversation with Keith Raniere, leader of the NXIVM sect sentenced to 120 years in prison in the United States (USA), does not make you part of the sect nor does it constitute a crime.

    The above after remembering that “The Dalai Lama also met with Keith Raniere” and for this reason the spiritual leader of Tibet did not commit a crime and is not part of the NXIVM sect, nor is Clara Luz Flores.

    The Dalai Lama also met with KR when no one knew he was a criminal and the meeting was videotaped just as he did with @claraluzflores. Does that make him part of the cult? of course not! What a baseness of attack and even worse when you know that for a crime to exist there must be a proven typical, anti-juridical and guilty conduct. And in the case of NEXIUM those who committed those crimes are duly sentenced and serving their sentences. #NivelPorFavor
    wrote Claudia Tapia.

    It should be recalled that last week a video was disseminated in which Keith Raniere and Clara Luz Flores are seen holding a long conversation on political and social issues; which video would have been “leaked” by the PRI candidate for governor of Nuevo Leon, Adrian de la Garza.

    It should be recalled that since 2019, Clara Luz Flores acknowledged that she had taken a 15-day self-improvement course with the aforementioned organization and that having taken it did not directly link her to NXIVM’s trafficking structure. However, she reportedly stated that she did not know Keith Raniere.

    The video “leaked” by Adrián de la Garza is part of the series “Conversations with Keith Raniere”, in which different characters are observed talking with different characters of the international political and show business culture. ]

    • The Dali Lama was not running for a high political office in Mexico; nor did he lie about meeting Keith Raniere after the fact. It was a very publicized meeting. Announced before and documented thru-out. And open to the public and press.

      The Dali Lama took no classes at Nxivm. He paid the company no money. Rather the reverse. The Dali Lama made a highly paid public (not secret) appearance. The Dali Lama did not endorse the Nxivm co. He also did not discuss how he should handle politics in his home country one-on-one in a video with creepy eyes Raniere.

  • Huh. Actually being held accountable for obviously lying. This is a strange feeling. Didn’t know this still existed in the world as have not seen such in the United States for a generation at least. Here, lying is proof of qualification. At the very least just deny a bunch, call it fake news, blame it on antifa or some junk and then ignore it. Practically an instant 5% bump in the polls. I guess this politician just didn’t learn the ways of US politics. May it stay that way.

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