Heidi: More Than a Decade Ago, We Tried to Alert Edgar Bronfman to the Crimes of Nxivm to Protect Ourselves and Save His Daughters

Jan Aronson's painting of her husband Edgar Bronfman Sr.
Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

Stephen Herbits’ testimony in the trial of Keith Raniere was most definitely damning to Clare Bronfman.

A few verbal swipes were attempted to be elicited by Raniere defense attorney Marc Aginfilo at Frank Parlato when Herbits was cross-examined.

Herbits’ status as an advisor and confidante among the world’s “elite” carries a lot of weight, as FR reported. I’m still shocked Herbits wasn’t able to shut NXIVM down from back in 2010 when Joe O’Hara and a few of us were in touch with him about the illegal activities – some he already knew of, having witnessed them firsthand, as he testified.

I suppose Edgar Bronfman was trying to protect and maintain a good relationship with his daughters despite their wrongdoings and the immense harm they were perpetrating on others through NXIVM.

Contacting Herbits was part of the effort that Joe O’Hara, Toni Natalie and I undertook to help Yuri and Natasha Plyam, Susan Dones and Kim Woolhouse, Barbara Bouchey, the NXIVM 9, Kristin Snyder’s loved ones, and other ‘victims’ being sued, framed, gaslighted, spied on, and otherwise harassed by NXIVM at that time.

Through Herbits, (and led by Joe O’Hara), we attempted to make Edgar Bronfman and the Bronfman sons [Edgar Jr, Samuel, Matthew and Adam Bronfman, Clare and Sara’s half brothers), even their mother [Clare and Sara’s stepmother, Jan Aronson ] aware of some critical facts – such as Keith Alan Raniere’s psycho criminal history – and the real endangerment to not only Clare and Sara but to Edgar Bronfman and his associates, the World Jewish Congress leaders, etc. (Little did we know then that the victim list included underage Mexican girls being sex trafficked and held hostage, etc. but I, for one, did suspect as much after “The Rat” appeared crying out for help on John Tighe’s blog.)

Keith Alan Raniere

I don’t know if my suspicions or the fact of the prior rapes and suicides reached any Bronfman eyes or ears until the February 2012 Albany Times Union expose wherein my deceased sister, Gina Hutchinson’s, Rhianon’s and other underage victim’s histories with Keith and cohorts were publicly revealed.

As damning as Herbits’ truthful testimony was for Clare, I believe it might have gone far worse for BOTH Bronfman sisters had the as-yet-untold, unvarnished truth emerged through witnesses of Herbits’ stature.

Instead, however, the now infamously corrupt, Bronfman-funded NXIVM defense team out of Albany (mostly) in cahoots with their crack law enforcement clean-up crew, like Rodger Kirsop, chose to “not be adult” (quoting Agnifilo at Keith’s sentencing hearing) and continued to unabashedly pursue false accusations and trumped-up charges, however possible, against witnesses and whistleblowers like Frank Parlato and myself, despite Agnifilo’s recent blessing on FR’s high journalistic standards.

Agnifilo made the defense’s intent to impugn Frank, at least, clear while Herbits was on the stand. Shortly thereafter, I discovered that I was also “under police investigation” on top of the bogus Child Protective Services investigations (wherein I was absolved of alleged pedophile activities with my own son), while in the midst of rampant harassment and gaslighting activities that included being stopped and searched by actual police, getting death threats from Mexican thugs claiming they were the police (in Spanish) against my Albany-based relatives, etc.

In short, I believe that so long as both Bronfman sisters, a whole lotta Mexican elites, and public officials in Mexico and here in the U.S. involved in or “consulting” for NXIVM remain unexposed and uncharged, innocent lives – including mine and my son’s – remain in danger in Mexico and here in the U.S.

Steve Herbits is among those who could, I believe, still help NXIVM victims and whistleblowers by ensuring the full truth is exposed and justice is fully served, which would vindicate and protect those who, over a decade ago, were harmed by Clare and Sara and their continuing to fund NXIVM despite the fact of the ongoing, ever-worsening criminal activity Raniere and they were and are, as recently as less than a year ago to my knowledge, engaged in.

I am not seeking restitution myself. But I continue to seek justice for Gina, the other true victims, and protection for me and my son.



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  • “Stop trying to find out who yen Rat is – think instead why the Rat is”

    WTF does that even mean?

  • Please note there’s a spelling typo in that second awkward paragraph on “Agnifilo.” Certainly would not want to offend him.

    Btw, great comments on this thread in Spanish! Muchas Gracias 🙏 😊!

  • Bonnie Piesse has gotten a serious film acting job in the Star Wars franchise while Nicki spends her days retweeting alt-right beta boys and making frappuccinos.

    • Nicki is gonna be pissed..

      Yep. The people Nicki has embraced as her allies are super gross. And she is lying to them. When they realize she culted them, it won’t end well. Publicly they may maintain a face-saving stance but they are going to know she is an epic liar.

      DOS was a fake accusation against males factory. The collateral/blackmail collected was the epitome of women making fraudulent charges. This fake victimization was recorded for prosperity and threatening purposes.

      It was damaging to OTHER people. That has nothing to do with female agency and empowerment.

      I would ask any of her supporters a simple question: would you be okay with being falsely accused by your wife, daughter, employee, sister, friend of sexual assault, child battery, made-up crimes or incest?

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    Sources: Syracuse prosecutor to take reins of region’s U.S. attorney’s office

    Robert Gavin, March 29, 2021, Updated: March 29, 2021 1:16 p.m.

    ALBANY — Carla B. Freedman, a supervisory federal prosecutor based in Syracuse, is expected to be nominated as the next U.S. attorney for the Northern District of New York, which covers the Capital Region, the Times Union has learned.
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  • Robert Gavin

    Freedman, chief of the NDNY’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force, a one-time gang prosecutor for Manhattan DA Robert Morganthau, is the expected nominee to take the permanent role now held by acting U.S. Attorney Antoinette Bacon.


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    Woman accuses Andrew Cuomo of kissing her without her consent

    By Bernadette Hogan and Aaron FeisMarch 29, 2021 | 11:40am | Updated

    Another woman is coming forward to accuse Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual misconduct, alleging that he grabbed her face and kissed her without her consent outside her home — and claiming to have photographic evidence.
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  • Times Union

    New accuser alleges Cuomo kissed her in front of her family

    Attorney Gloria Allred to detail new allegations at Monday news conference

    Brendan J. Lyons, March 29, 2021, Updated: March 29, 2021 12:30 p.m.

    ALBANY — Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is facing new sexual harassment allegations from an unnamed woman whose attorney, Gloria Allred, said the woman was kissed by the governor without consent at her residence in front of her family.
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  • ET

    NXIVM Survivor Bonnie Piesse Has Been Cast in ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Series on Disney Plus

    By Stacy Lambe‍ 8:47 AM PDT, March 29, 2021

    Bonnie Piesse in The Vow


    Bonnie Piesse, a survivor who escaped from NXIVM, has been cast in the Disney+ original series Obi-Wan Kenobi, starring Ewan McGregor as the Jedi Master.

    The Australian actress and singer-songwriter most recently appeared on TV in the HBO docuseries The Vow, which chronicled her escape from NXIVM and her attempts to get others out while exposing founder Keith Raniere’s personal development company as a pyramid scheme and cult.

    Prior to being associated with NXIVM, Piesse was most famous for being part of the Star Wars film franchise. She appeared in the second two prequels, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, as a young version of Beru Lars, Luke Skywalker’s aunt and surrogate mother.

    The latest Star Wars spinoff marks her first major acting role in nearly a decade and is set a decade after the events of the third prequel, when Anakin Skywalker turned into the villainous Sith Lord, Darth Vader. Piesse is expected to reprise her role as Beru alongside Joel Edgerton, who played Owen Lars and is also returning to the franchise.

    “So this is happening! I don’t have words to express my excitement/gratitude,” Piesse wrote on Instagram after the casting news was announced.

    Additionally, Hayden Christensen is returning as Darth Vader, while Moses Ingram, Kumail Nanjiani, Indira Varma, Rupert Friend, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Sung Kang, Simone Kessell and Benny Safdie have joined the cast. Deborah Chow will direct the limited series.

    After McGregor revealed the series had been delayed in January 2020, Obi-Wan Kenobi is slated to start production in April.

    After appearing in the Star Wars films in 2002 and 2005, Piesse eventually met director Mark Vicente, who was already a member of NXIVM, and turned to the organization as her music and acting career stalled. The two got married and became the poster couple for others to follow.

    As recounted in The Vow, Piesse eventually became suspicious of NXIVM’s practices and wanted out. Despite trying to leave on good terms, especially since Vicente remained an active member, she was blacklisted. The couple’s marriage suffered as a result. But once Vicente decided to leave, the two got back together and teamed up with Sarah Edmondson and Catherine Oxenberg to get others out.


  • Infobae

    Lunes 29 de Marzo de 2021

    Yo no soy ningún payaso, pero tú sí eres un corrupto: el retador mensaje de Samuel García a Adrián de la Garza en NLEl candidato de MC a la gubernatura de ese estado contestó así a la petición de su contrincante del PRI quien le había pedido realizar una contienda “sin payasadas”
    28 de Marzo de 2021

    “Yo no soy ningún payaso, pero tú si eres un corrupto”, fue la enérgica respuesta del candidato a la gubernatura de Nuevo León, por el partido Movimiento Ciudadano, Samuel García, dirigida a su contrincante del Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), Adrián de la Garza, luego de que es le lanzara un exhorto en el que le pedía realizar una contienda “sin payasas”, insistiendo en que la campaña debía tomarse con seriedad.

    Asimismo lo retó a debatir sus propuestas con él. “Ahora, si quieres hablar de propuestas, te reto a un debate mañana mismo y donde tú quieras, porque yo sí tengo un proyecto para Nuevo León, que ya hasta está publicado”, agregó García en un mensaje publicado este domingo a través de su cuenta de Twitter.

    Además, el candidato del partido naranja remató su contestación con señalando: “La diferencia entre tú y yo, es que yo me he preparado toda mi vida y he trabajado para ser gobernador, mientras que tú, además de corrupto, sólo eres un mal policía. Quiubo, ¿Dónde nos vemos?”.

    Todo esto a raíz de unas declaraciones que el candidato del PRI y PRD la gobierno estatal hizo tras finalizar un mitin este sábado en el municipio de Guadalupe. Adrián de la Garza contestó a los señalamientos en los que le mencionaban de que presuntamente estaba detrás de unas llamadas que durante la madrugada varios ciudadanos han recibido presuntamente a nombre de Samuel García.

    Entonces el exalcalde de Monterrey indicó que él priista dijo que “no va a generar payasadas”, y ahí fue que le pidió a Samuel García seriedad en la contienda electoral.

    ”Creo que ya la gente conoce a este señor, a Samuel”, dijo el también exprocurador de Nuevo León. ”Yo sí exhortaría a darle seriedad a la contienda con propuestas, con la forma de cómo vamos a mejorar y cómo vamos a darle orden y rumbo a Nuevo León. Si estamos aquí es para ver cómo vamos a resolver las cosas, y no generar payasadas o cosas de esas”.

    Cabe recordar que Adrián de la Garza difundió el pasado martes 24 de marzo un video en donde Clara Luz Flores Carrales, candidata por la coalición Juntos Haremos Historia en Nuevo León, dialoga con Keith Raniere, líder de la secta de NXIVM y condenado en Estados Unidos a 120 años de prisión por los delitos de tráfico sexual de personas, pornografía infantil y extorsión.

    Derivado del video que establece una presunta relación entre Clara Luz Flores la morenista salió a dar una explicación de los hechos señalados en redes sociales, indicando que su error fue “participar en un curso de superación personal”, aunque señaló que desconocía a la secta NXIVM. Por otra parte, indicó que el video es consecuencia de que la denuncia que hizo en contra de Adrián de la Garza por corrupción.

    A través de su cuenta oficial de Facebook, la aspirante a gobernadora explicó que su relación con Keith Raniere no fue profunda, insistiendo en que solo acudió a un curso de superación personal. Adicionalmente, recordó que este señalamiento ocurrió al día siguiente de haber denunciado al candidato del PRI, Adrián de la Garza, por corrupción.

    “El día de ayer denuncié a Adrián de la Garza por corrupto, lo hice como lo hacemos en Nuevo León: de frente. Y no sólo no me respondió, sino que ahora presenta un video de un encuentro que sostuve con el dirigente de la organización NXIVM”, reiteró en su explicación.

    Por su parte, Samuel García aprovechó la coyuntura para sacar tajada política y criticar a la candidata que, hasta antes del escándalo, iba arriba en las encuestas.

    A través de redes sociales, García Sepúlveda aseguró que los de la “vieja política” son iguales, que parece que sólo compiten por ver quien tiene el “pasado más oscuro” y que será él quien construya una nueva política en Nuevo León.

    “Esto demuestra lo que he dicho todo el tiempo: todos los de la vieja política son la misma cosa, son delincuentes, corruptos, mentirosos y, además, creen que le pueden seguir viendo la cara a Nuevo León”, inició su crítica contra la militante de Movimiento Regeneración Nacional (Morena).

    “Vamos a ver con qué nueva mentira sale Clara Luz, pero lo que queda claro es que en la vieja política están compitiendo por demostrar quién de los dos tiene el pasado más oscuro, quién de los dos tiene la cola más larga”, dijo sin señalarla de haber cometido algún delito; sin embargo, sí dijo que tiene un “padrino” criminal, maligno y perverso. “Yo pregunto, entre Clara Luz y Adrián de la Garza, ¿Quién de los dos tiene el padrino más criminal, maligno y perverso? ¿Quién de los dos le ha hecho y le hará más daño a Nuevo León?”.


    [ translation:


    Monday, March 29, 2021

    I am not a clown, but you are corrupt: Samuel García’s challenging message to Adrián de la Garza in Nuevo LeonThe MC candidate for governor of the state of Nuevo Leon responded to the request of his PRI opponent who had asked him to have a “clown-free” race.
    March 28, 2021

    “I am not a clown, but you are corrupt”, was the energetic response of the candidate for the governorship of Nuevo Leon, for the Movimiento Ciudadano party, Samuel Garcia, addressed to his opponent of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Adrian de la Garza, after he launched an exhortation in which he asked him to conduct a contest “without clowning around”, insisting that the campaign should be taken seriously.

    He also challenged him to debate his proposals with him. “Now, if you want to talk about proposals, I challenge you to a debate tomorrow and wherever you want, because I do have a project for Nuevo León, which is already published,” García added in a message published this Sunday through his Twitter account.

    In addition, the orange party candidate finished off his reply by pointing out: “The difference between you and me is that I have prepared myself all my life and I have worked to be governor, while you, besides being corrupt, are just a bad cop. Quiubo, where shall we meet?”.

    All this as a result of some statements that the PRI and PRD candidate for the state government made after finishing a rally this Saturday in the municipality of Guadalupe. Adrián de la Garza answered to the accusations that he was allegedly behind some calls that several citizens have allegedly received during the early hours of the morning in the name of Samuel García.

    Then, the former mayor of Monterrey indicated that he, a PRI member, said that “he is not going to generate antics”, and that is when he asked Samuel García for seriousness in the electoral contest.

    “I think people already know this gentleman, Samuel,” said the also former attorney general of Nuevo Leon. “I would urge him to give seriousness to the race with proposals, with the way we are going to improve and how we are going to give order and direction to Nuevo León. If we are here, it is to see how we are going to solve things, and not to generate antics or things like that”.

    It should be recalled that last Tuesday, March 24, Adrian de la Garza released a video in which Clara Luz Flores Carrales, candidate for the coalition Juntos Haremos Historia in Nuevo Leon, talks with Keith Raniere, leader of the NXIVM sect and sentenced in the United States to 120 years in prison for the crimes of human sex trafficking, child pornography and extortion.

    Derived from the video that establishes a presumed relationship between Clara Luz Flores, the Moreno candidate came out to give an explanation of the facts pointed out in social networks, indicating that her mistake was “to participate in a course of personal improvement”, although she pointed out that she did not know the NXIVM sect. On the other hand, she indicated that the video is a consequence of the complaint she made against Adrián de la Garza for corruption.

    Through her official Facebook account, the gubernatorial candidate explained that her relationship with Keith Raniere was not deep, insisting that she only attended a self-improvement course. Additionally, she recalled that this statement occurred the day after she denounced the PRI candidate, Adrián de la Garza, for corruption.

    “Yesterday I denounced Adrián de la Garza for corruption, I did it as we do it in Nuevo León: face to face. And not only did he not answer me, but now he is presenting a video of a meeting I had with the leader of the NXIVM organization,” he reiterated in his explanation.

    For his part, Samuel García took advantage of the situation to take political advantage and criticize the candidate who, until before the scandal, was ahead in the polls.

    Through social networks, García Sepúlveda assured that those of the “old politics” are the same, that it seems that they only compete to see who has the “darkest past” and that he will be the one to build a new politics in Nuevo León.

    “This shows what I have been saying all along: all those of the old politics are the same thing, they are criminals, corrupt, liars and, in addition, they think they can continue to see the face of Nuevo León,” he began his criticism against the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) militant.

    “Let’s see what new lie Clara Luz comes out with, but what is clear is that in the old politics they are competing to show who of the two has the darkest past, who of the two has the longest tail”, he said without pointing out her of having committed any crime; however, he did say that she has a criminal, evil and perverse “godfather”. “I ask, between Clara Luz and Adrián de la Garza, who of the two has the more criminal, evil and perverse godfather? Who of the two has done and will do more damage to Nuevo León?”. ]

  • Excelsior

    La inmaculada percepción

    “Existe una estrategia política en contra nuestra para que el movimiento de transformación no tenga mayoría”

    28 de Marzo de 2021

    “No soy yo, eres tú que quieres detener la transformación del presidente López Obrador”, esta frase se ha convertido en el mantra de las y los morenistas que son señalados por ineptos o transas. No importa la acusación, siempre recurrirán al mismo estribillo porque han encontrado en la victimización la fórmula perfecta para sacudirse cualquier imputación.

    Desde que saltó a la vida pública, el presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador ha buscado y encontrado a un enemigo que, según él, quiere bajarlo o detenerlo. Esto no cambió cuando asumió la Presidencia, al contrario, se exacerbó más. Si algo no le sale como él esperaba nunca es culpa suya o de su equipo, sucede porque “quieren a como dé lugar frenar, detener la transformación” que él encabeza.

    Esta semana, el subsecretario Hugo López-Gatell dio cátedra no sólo de cinismo, sino de cómo se puede usar esta máxima morenista para sacudirse cualquier acusación. México llegó a más de 200 mil muertes oficiales —sin contar el subregistro— por covid-19 y, por supuesto, el funcionario de Salud se dedicó a denostar a los medios porque seguramente harían noticia de esa cifra: “estos medios que representan diversos grupos de interés económico y político, que están en contra de los cambios que están ocurriendo en esta etapa de gobierno”.

    La transformación es el pretexto para López-Gatell, con la anuencia del Presidente, de que haya fracaso en el manejo de la pandemia sin perder su honorabilidad y su reputación, tal y como sucedía con los corruptos de antes.

    Otro caso dramático fue el de la candidata de Morena al gobierno de Nuevo León, Clara Luz Flores, de quien filtraron un video en el que se demuestra una clara cercanía con el líder de la organización NXIVM, Keith Raniere. A pesar de la evidencia, ella aplicó la de: niegue-que-fue-a-la-fiesta-aunque-le-encuentren-confeti-en-los-calzones y dijo que sólo había tomado un curso de superación personal, que, evidentemente, no le sirvió.

    La candidata siempre podrá acudir a Profeco, junto con Mario Delgado, porque engañó al consumidor, o recurrir, como lo hacen todos los días, a señalar que les están haciendo una campaña de desprestigio debido a que, ajá, “quieren detener la transformación que encabeza el presidente López Obrador”.

    Morena ha infringido la ley electoral, no sólo utilizando mayoría ficticia en la Cámara de Diputados, sino que también se han querido pasar de listos haciendo precampañas sin reportarlas. El INE ha tomado decisiones colegiadas para regresar al partido a la legalidad y por eso el jueves bajó, entre otros candidatos, a los abanderados del gobierno de Michoacán y Guerrero, Raúl Morón y Félix Salgado Macedonio.

    Como era de esperarse, y para no variar, nuevamente utilizaron la victimización como maniobra de respuesta: “existe una estrategia política en contra nuestra para que el movimiento de transformación no tenga mayoría en la Cámara de Diputados”.

    Así que todo el gobierno federal ya lo sabe. Si a la Secretaría de la Función Pública le tiran sus casos e inhabilitaciones porque no los sustenta bien legalmente, equivocándose casualmente con los amigos del Presidente, como el hijo de Manuel Bartlett o Carlos Lomelí, no es por incompetente, sino porque los jueces “quieren detener la transformación que encabeza el presidente López Obrador”.

    Si no pueden abastecer de medicamentos al sistema de salud del país, no es que sean inútiles, sino que la gente se sigue enfermando, porque “quiere detener la transformación que encabeza el presidente López Obrador”.


    La Inmaculada Percepción tomará un descanso con motivo de la Semana Santa, para aparecer nuevamente en las páginas de Excélsior el próximo 14 de abril.


    [ translation:


    The immaculate perception

    “There is a political strategy against us so that the transformation movement does not have a majority”

    March 28, 2021

    “It’s not me, it’s you who want to stop the transformation of President López Obrador”, this phrase has become the mantra of the morenistas and morenistas who are pointed out as inept or transas. No matter the accusation, they will always resort to the same refrain because they have found in victimization the perfect formula to shake off any accusation.

    Ever since he jumped into public life, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has sought and found an enemy who, according to him, wants to bring him down or stop him. This did not change when he assumed the Presidency, on the contrary, it became more exacerbated. If something does not work out as he expected, it is never his or his team’s fault, it happens because “they want to stop the transformation” that he is leading.

    This week, Undersecretary Hugo Lopez-Gatell gave a lesson not only in cynicism, but also in how this Morenista maxim can be used to shake off any accusation. Mexico reached more than 200,000 official deaths -not counting the underreporting- due to covid-19 and, of course, the Health official went on to denigrate the media because they would surely make news of that figure: “these media that represent different economic and political interest groups, who are against the changes that are taking place in this stage of government”.

    The transformation is the pretext for Lopez-Gatell, with the President’s consent, to fail in the management of the pandemic without losing his honorability and reputation, just as it happened with the corrupt in the past.

    Another dramatic case was that of the Morena candidate for the government of Nuevo Leon, Clara Luz Flores, of whom a video was leaked showing a clear closeness with the leader of the NXIVM organization, Keith Raniere. In spite of the evidence, she applied the “deny-that-she-went-to-the-party-even-if-they-find-confetti-in-her-panties” rule and said that she had only taken a self-improvement course, which evidently did not help her.

    The candidate can always go to Profeco, together with Mario Delgado, because she deceived the consumer, or resort, as they do every day, to pointing out that they are carrying out a smear campaign because, aha, “they want to stop the transformation headed by President López Obrador”.

    Morena has violated the electoral law, not only by using a fictitious majority in the Chamber of Deputies, but they have also tried to be clever by running pre-campaigns without reporting them. The INE has taken collegiate decisions to return the party to legality and that is why on Thursday it dropped, among other candidates, the Michoacán and Guerrero government standard bearers, Raúl Morón and Félix Salgado Macedonio.

    As expected, and for good measure, they once again used victimization as a maneuver in response: “there is a political strategy against us so that the transformation movement does not have a majority in the Chamber of Deputies”.

    So the entire federal government already knows this. If the Ministry of Public Function has its cases and disqualifications thrown out because it does not support them well legally, casually making mistakes with the President’s friends, such as Manuel Bartlett’s son or Carlos Lomelí, it is not because it is incompetent, but because the judges “want to stop the transformation headed by President López Obrador”.

    If they cannot supply medicines to the country’s health system, it is not because they are useless, but because people keep getting sick, because “they want to stop the transformation headed by President López Obrador”.


    La Inmaculada Percepción will take a break on the occasion of Holy Week, to appear again in the pages of Excélsior on April 14. ]

  • Telediario.mx

    Crisis por el video de Keith Raniere es un tema grave: Javier Sepúlveda


    Lunes, 29 Marzo 2021 – 03:32 am

    El director Editorial de Milenio Monterrey, expresó que Clara Luz tendrá una loza que cargar hasta el 6 de junio.

    MONTERREY.- Por su parte, Javier Sepúlveda, Director Editorial de Milenio Monterrey, expresó que, aunque Clara Luz Flores logre superar esta crisis por el video con Keith Raniere, será una loza que tendrá que cargar hasta el 6 de junio, cuando sean las votaciones para elegir al nuevo gobernador del Estado.

    “Yo creo que Ramón Alberto está hablando de fuego amigo, de una traición interna, lo cuál es muy grave, y en este tenor, pues habría que preguntarnos, ¿esa va ser la tónica de las campañas?”.

    “Algunos decían cuándo recién salió el video, no va pasar nada, porqué estamos muy temprano en la campaña, el punto aquí es que se lo van a estar reviviendo el resto de la campaña, no es un desliz menor, yo creo que es un tema grave y se va a estar reproduciendo a lo largo de la campaña”, explicó Javier Sepúlveda.


    [ translation:


    Crisis over Keith Raniere’s video is serious: Javier Sepúlveda


    Monday, 29 March 2021 – 03:32 am

    The Editorial Director of Milenio Monterrey, expressed that Clara Luz will have a burden to carry until June 6.

    MONTERREY, Javier Sepúlveda, Editorial Director of Milenio Monterrey, expressed that, even if Clara Luz Flores manages to overcome this crisis due to the video with Keith Raniere, it will be a burden that she will have to carry until June 6, when the voting for the election of the new Governor of the State will take place.

    “I believe that Ramón Alberto is talking about friendly fire, about an internal betrayal, which is very serious, and in this sense, we should ask ourselves, is this going to be the tone of the campaigns?

    “Some said when the video just came out, nothing will happen, because we are very early in the campaign, the point here is that they will be reliving it for the rest of the campaign, it is not a minor slip, I think it is a serious issue and it will be reproduced throughout the campaign”, explained Javier Sepulveda. ]

  • Heidi – Me thinks you speak with forked tongue. Keith plenty good man. He no try to hurt you. You must seek to forgive him. Plenty wampum if tell truth. Keith is true Kemosabe.

    • Isn’t it odd “Chief Yellow Stream” that you use the same address “abfnt1” as our beloved Pea Onyu?
      Why are you speaking like Tonto from the Lone Ranger?

      Tonto meets Johnny Carson
      Kemosabe: Tonto (Jay Silverheels) – Tonight Show 1969

    • Chief Yellow Stream?
      Have you been watching reruns of the Lone Ranger?

      Don’t tell your Indian friend that in Spanish “Tonto” means dummy.

      I grew up watching reruns of the Lone Ranger.

  • Milenio


    La campaña de Clara Luz no se cayó, ya estaba tirada


    28.03.2021/05:25 Comparte esta noticia

    Todo lo que haga la candidata de Morena a la gubernatura de Nuevo León es inútil, no va a ganar; ha cometido una serie de errores infantiles que demuestran su falta de oficio político y que ponen en duda su integridad. Más allá de su relación con Keith Raniere (el convicto líder de la secta NXIVM), Clara Luz Flores ha dejado en claro que la mentira es su estrategia, ¿y quién en su sano juicio va a votar por un(a) mentiroso(a)?

    Espero que se lo tome con calma y no me denuncie por violencia de género. Esto no se trata de ser mujer o ser hombre, sino de hablar con la verdad. Todos los candidatos tienen cola que pisar, antecedentes cuestionables y momentos oscuros, pero en cuestión de comunicación, nada es más efectivo que la verdad.

    A Clara Luz le bastaba con decir: “Conocí a Raniere. Llegué a cierto nivel… creí que era un líder espiritual. Fui engañada, pero nunca participé en ningún acto de trata o explotación sexual”, y punto; eso antes de que saliera a la luz un video que ella sabía que existía. Ella atacó primero, ¡al PRI!, al partido que mejor conoce. Fue un acto de suicidio político.

    Por si no fuera suficiente, la ex alcaldesa de Escobedo canceló eventos públicos en plena campaña y evadió a la prensa. Error tras error. Con esto, Clara Luz nos envía un mensaje: tiene más que esconder. Como sus palabras no coinciden con sus actos, su discurso va perdiendo fuerza cada día… y no es que tuviera mucha fuerza.

    Voy al punto. En este momento los morenistas se están dando topes contra la pared. ¿Quién eligió a Clara Luz como candidata? Le bastó su amistad con Mario Delgado, viejo amigo de NXIVM. Clara Luz vio la oportunidad y la tomó, sabía que en el PRI, antes que ella estaban 3 o 4 mejor posicionados.

    Es claro que Flores Carrales no coincide con los valores de Andrés Manuel López Obrador, ni mucho menos con los estatutos del partido; por eso siempre se encarga de aclarar: “Soy candidata de la coalición, no de Morena”.

    La campaña de Clara Luz nació tirada, porque compite con un partido con el que no comulga, y sus aliados están en la misma situación: Víctor Fuentes, Felipe de Jesús Cantú, Mariela Saldívar… ninguno de ellos cree en la Cuarta Transformación. Se juntaron el hambre y las ganas de comer, y por eso, Morena puede dar por perdida la gubernatura en Nuevo León.

    Los únicos con oportunidades reales de ganar son Adrián de la Garza y Samuel García. Clara Luz contenderá por la tercera o cuarta posición con Larrazabal. ¿Qué pesará más, la renovada estructura priista y su colmillo electoral o los más de un millón de seguidores de Mariana Rodríguez?

    Elliott Ruiz


    [ translation:



    Clara Luz’s campaign was not dropped, it was already thrown away.

    28.03.2021/05:25 Share this news

    Everything the Morena candidate for the governorship of Nuevo Leon does is useless, she is not going to win; she has made a series of childish mistakes that demonstrate her lack of political craft and call into question her integrity. Beyond her relationship with Keith Raniere (the convicted NXIVM cult leader), Clara Luz Flores has made it clear that lying is her strategy, and who in their right mind is going to vote for a liar?

    I hope she takes it easy and does not denounce me for gender violence. This is not about being a woman or a man, but about speaking the truth. All candidates have tails to step on, questionable backgrounds and dark moments, but when it comes to communication, nothing is more effective than the truth.

    It was enough for Clara Luz to say: “I met Raniere. I reached a certain level… I thought he was a spiritual leader. I was deceived, but I never participated in any act of trafficking or sexual exploitation”, period; that was before a video surfaced that she knew existed. She attacked first, the PRI, the party she knows best. It was an act of political suicide.

    As if that were not enough, the former mayor of Escobedo cancelled public events in the middle of the campaign and avoided the press. Mistake after mistake. With this, Clara Luz sends us a message: she has more to hide. As her words do not match her actions, her speech is losing strength every day… not that it had much strength.

    I am getting to the point. At this moment the Morenistas are hitting their heads against the wall. Who chose Clara Luz as their candidate? Her friendship with Mario Delgado, an old friend of NXIVM, was enough. Clara Luz saw the opportunity and took it, she knew that in the PRI, before her, there were 3 or 4 better positioned candidates.

    It is clear that Flores Carrales does not agree with the values of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, much less with the party’s statutes; that is why she always makes it clear: “I am a candidate of the coalition, not of Morena”.

    Clara Luz’s campaign was born thrown away, because she competes with a party she does not agree with, and her allies are in the same situation: Víctor Fuentes, Felipe de Jesús Cantú, Mariela Saldívar… none of them believe in the Fourth Transformation. Hunger and the desire to eat came together, and for that reason, Morena may consider the governorship in Nuevo Leon as lost.

    The only ones with real chances of winning are Adrian de la Garza and Samuel Garcia. Clara Luz will contend for the third or fourth position with Larrazabal. What will weigh more, the renewed PRI structure and its electoral fang or the more than one million followers of Mariana Rodriguez?

    Elliott Ruiz]

  • Times Union

    3 years after Raniere’s arrest, NXIVM divides into victims, loyalists, guilty

    Imprisoned leader’s inner circle awaits sentencing, but other remain vocal in their support
    Robert Gavin, March 28, 2021, Updated: March 28, 2021 12:54 p.m.

    COLONIE — On the glass window of a nondescript office plaza on New Karner Road, the words “Executive Success Programs” are cracking and falling away.

    From the Capital Region to Mexico and living rooms across the world, the shuttered office is now notorious as the former headquarters of NXIVM, the cult-like organization run by Keith Raniere.

    Three years ago this week, the man known to his followers as “Vanguard” was arrested by police in the Mexican fishing village of Chacala.
    [ … ]


  • If I wanted to read articles from the NY Post, I’d read the NY Post. It’s free online. Comments are only posted after being approved, Who is okaying this stuff? I know Shadow gets some kind of seniority off-topic pass, but everyone can now? Because I’m at a loss to see what many of these tedious copy and pastes have to do with the articles they purportedly are comments on.

  • Insider

    Former Moonies cult members are working with families of QAnon believers to help their loved ones get a grip on reality

    Sophia Ankel

    Former members of the Unification Church are acting as counselors to families of QAnon believers.
    Diane Benscoter and Dr. Steven Hassan told Insider there’d been a surge of interest in recent weeks.
    While there is no quick fix, experts say there are ways to have open conversations with QAnon believers.
    [ … ]
    [ … ]
    [ … ]
    [ … ]


  • The Guardian

    Cult classics: the faded glory of California’s fringe sects – in pictures

    Fifty years after a golden age for the spiritual groups, many have disbanded. But pockets remain throughout the state

    Half a century ago, you could barely walk down the street in California without tripping over some kind of fringe spiritual sect or cult-like group. Pretty much every famous organization, guru, and spiritual trend of that era had ties to the Golden state – from the Maharishi to the People’s Temple, the “Moonies” to the New Age.

    Now, with the exception of some Scientology buildings and the occasional Hare Krishna devotee, you almost never encounter fringe spiritual groups from that California golden age.

    Some of the groups violently disbanded or their members died under horrific circumstances. Others slowly faded away, pushed out by California’s rising cost of living, or made obsolete by the fact that many of the things that made them appealing were absorbed into the mainstream: Fortune 500 CEOs now regularly attend Burning Man and crystals and Himalayan salt lamps can be purchased at Target. (The more nefarious side of fringe spiritual belief is also becoming increasingly mainstream, as seen in the rise of QAnon.)

    But some of California’s fringe spiritual groups are still out there – little pockets of commune dwellers, transcendental meditators, and UFO worshippers dotted around the state. I’ve been documenting their headquarters and places of worship.

    The Aetherius Society
    [ … ]
    The Isis Oasis sanctuary
    [ … ]
    The Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience
    [ … ]
    The Unarius Academy of Science
    [ … ]
    [ … ]
    The ‘I Am’ movement
    [ … ]
    The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
    [ … ]
    The Lemurian Fellowship
    [ … ]
    The Self-Realization Fellowship
    [ … ]
    The Krotona Institute of Theosophy
    [ … ]
    Full Circle
    [ … ]


    • I like your framing of “cults” here: the shallowness and paucity of mainstream society gets people searching for groups that meet their needs better.


  • New York Post

    Professor who refused school order on transgender student’s pronouns wins in court
    By Mary Kay LingeMarch 27, 2021 | 4:36pm | Updated

    An Ohio college professor who resisted his school’s orders to go along with transgender students’ preferred pronouns has won his First Amendment case before a federal appeals court.

    In a unanimous ruling, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said that Shawnee State University violated Prof. Nicholas Meriwether’s rights of free speech and free exercise of religion by punishing him for resisting school rules that forced him to address students in the terms of their choosing.

    Meriwether, a philosophy professor and devout Christian, sued Shawnee State, claiming that its mandate to use terms that conflict with biology infringed on his religious belief that gender is fixed from the moment of conception.
    [ … ]

    “The First Amendment interests are especially strong here because Meriwether’s speech also relates to his core religious and philosophical beliefs,” Judge Amul Thapar wrote in a 32-page decision.

    “If professors lacked free-speech protections when teaching, a university would wield alarming power to compel ideological conformity,” add Thapar — [ … ]

    Meriwether, a 25-year member of the Shawnee State faculty, was reprimanded in 2016 after a transgender student complained that he used of “Mr.” instead of “Ms.” when responding to the student in class. [ … ]

    “Nobody should be forced to contradict their core beliefs just to keep their job,” said John Bursch, a lawyer [ … ]


  • La Jornada

    Ciudad de México
    domingo 28 de marzo de 2021

    2021-03-27 06:00
    Made in NXIVM
    Fabrizio Mejía Madrid
    Periódico La Jornada
    sábado 27 de marzo de 2021 , p. 18
    Desde que detuvieron al líder de la secta en Puerto Vallarta, me he preguntado por qué si en Estados Unidos sus creyentes gravitaban en torno al cine y la televisión, en México eran los políticos. Creo que revela una idea del quehacer político como éxito personal. Si atendemos a su geografía, la secta de Keith Raniere comienza en el cliché de la élite, el Planetario Alfa de San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo Léon, el 8 y 9 de septiembre de 2001. Atrae porque es una forma de lo exclusivo, de un presunto saber supuestamente científico sobre “tu potencial” y, sobre todo, porque es una manera de establecer conexiones. Es la política como autorrealización personal, como club VIP, es decir, como despolitización.

    Cuando miramos al hijo del ex presidente Salinas de Gortari recibiendo una regañada del gurú porque su familia saqueó a su país y, luego, lo vemos bailar en su cumpleaños, no podemos sino asumir que pensaba llegar a la Presidencia de México como una forma de la autoayuda. Pero en los casos de la hija del dueño del diario Reforma –que donó el calabozo en Waterford para que las víctimas fueran herradas y los equipos para medir la actividad cerebral de sus miembros–, las esposas del ex secretario de Hacienda de Peña Nieto o del ex gobernador de Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz, o la ex presidenta municipal de Escobedo, Clara Luz Flores –hoy candidata por Morena al gobierno de Nuevo León– o incluso de la dueña de la compañía de espectáculos detrás de las celebraciones del Bicentenario 2010 o de las ceremonias de Juegos Panamericanos y Centroamericanos en la Guadalajara de Emilio González Márquez y el Veracruz de Javier Duarte, Ánima Inc., hay una intención de someterse a la persuasión coercitiva a cambio de un nuevo Yo para llevar.

    Detengámonos en los postulados del programa “éxito ejecutivo” de NXIVM. Además del secreto que ordena a sus inscritos, hay dos que resaltan por sus repercusiones ideológicas: se considera un “parásito” a alguien que pide ayuda a otros o se queja de hambre, dolor, o dificultades en la vida, y el objetivo de los miembros de la secta es acumular la mayor cantidad de dinero posible para “mejorar al mundo”. El dinero –dicen los documentos internos– es “la forma de la confianza” y debe estar en manos de ellos, porque son los únicos que lo manejarían con “ética”. Sobre el primer punto, el del “comportamiento parasitario”, Raniere va más allá, al asegurar que “no existen las víctimas”, es decir, haber sufrido un abuso o una injusticia no es un asunto entre el Yo y el mundo, sino del Yo consigo mismo. Aquí es como cualquier otro curso de autoayuda donde el fracaso es individual, nunca social. Ese postulado permite al gurú avergonzar a sus víctimas por asumirse como tales. El mundo es sólo la forma en que lo vemos, es una pura interioridad y temerle porque te infligió dolor o vergüenza es de “parásitos” o, en otros postulados, de “distorsiones infantiles”.

    El otro asunto, el del dinero, es una pura ensoñación de poseer riquezas. Así como la consigna de Wall Street establece que la avaricia es buena, NXIVM reservó para sus miembros este espejismo de la acumulación en pocas manos, del privilegio. Casi todos los que asistieron a los cursos del “éxito ejecutivo” tenían en mente la ganancia como signo de “desarrollo de tus potencialidades” y en la medida en que funcionaba como una “pirámide”, esas utilidades se materializaban al reclutar a más incautos que compartieran el sueño de la secta ganadora. Entre más subías en el escalafón, las ensoñaciones se iban haciendo diversas. Además del dinero, se empezó a buscar la seducción, la jerarquía –el juego del color de las estolas– y, finalmente, el sometimiento sexual de los otros, casi siempre mujeres. Dentro de la secta, el mundo del soñar despierto era posible, al menos para sus coaches más leales.

    La idea del mundo secreto de NXIVM era una realidad donde las mujeres debían obedecer a sus protectores masculinos y, entre ellas, esclavizarse y hasta marcarse. También había un lugar para los niños, separados de sus padres con pretextos pedagógicos, en escuelas que mezclaban en sus cabezas hasta siete idiomas distintos. La libertad de expresión era una preocupación constante. Hacia adentro, estaba prohibido comentar con otros las enseñanzas, el recién reclutado entregaba información confidencial sobre abusos sexuales en su infancia o escrituras de propiedades, para ser extorsionado cuando no cumpliera con su promesa de lealtad al gurú. Hacia afuera contaban con un grupo de periodistas que amenazaba a quienes publicaran denuncias contra Raniere, el cuchillo de Aristóteles. Se trataba de “persuadir” a los periodistas de que usaran una redacción “sin adjetivos”. El control de la comunicación hacia adentro y hacia afuera separaba al creyente de todos y lo hacía dudar sobre sí mismo, culposo siempre de estar pensando o haciendo mal y obedeciendo lo que se establecía como normal.

    La pregunta que permanece es quién era responsable de tanto dolor. Hay sólo dos grupos: los que se beneficiaron del régimen de abusos en la secta y los que llegaron ahí pensando sólo en que era un curso empresarial y gastaron miles de dólares para convencerse de lo contrario. En el caso de las y los políticos mexicanos, se trataba de una concepción de la política de portada de revista elitista, de la entrada en un club exclusivo comandado por hijos de ex presidentes (De la Madrid, Salinas y Fox) con la crema y nata de la rancia oligarquía mexicana. Las familias, los apellidos, las universidades que, de por sí se comparten en esa minoría feliz, se extendían ahora a los cursos y talleres de la mercadotecnia del sí mismo. Nada que ver con la política como servicio público a favor de los más desprotegidos.


    La Jornada

    Mexico City, Sunday, March 28, 2021
    Policy 2021-03-27 06:00
    Made in NXIVM

    Fabrizio Mejía Madrid

    La Jornada Newspaper

    Saturday, March 27, 2021 , p. 18
    Ever since the leader of the sect was arrested in Puerto Vallarta, I have wondered why, if in the United States his believers gravitated around movies and television, in Mexico it was politicians. I believe it reveals an idea of political work as personal success. If we attend to its geography, Keith Raniere’s sect begins in the cliché of the elite, the Alfa Planetarium in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon, on September 8 and 9, 2001. It appeals because it is a form of exclusivity, of supposedly scientific knowledge about “your potential” and, above all, because it is a way to establish connections. It is politics as personal self-realization, as a VIP club, that is, as depoliticization.

    When we look at the son of former President Salinas de Gortari getting a scolding from the guru because his family plundered his country and then we see him dancing on his birthday, we can only assume that he was planning to become President of Mexico as a form of self-help. But in the cases of the daughter of the owner of the Reforma newspaper -who donated the dungeon in Waterford for the victims to be shod and the equipment to measure the brain activity of their limbs-, the wives of Peña Nieto’s former Treasury Secretary or of the former governor of Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz, or the former municipal president of Escobedo, Clara Luz Flores -now a Morena candidate for the government of Nuevo León- or even the owner of the entertainment company behind the 2010 Bicentennial celebrations or the Pan American and Central American Games ceremonies in Emilio González Márquez’s Guadalajara and Javier Duarte’s Veracruz, Ánima Inc. , there is an intention to submit to coercive persuasion in exchange for a new I to go.

    Let us dwell on the tenets of NXIVM’s “executive success” program. In addition to the secrecy it commands its enrollees, there are two that stand out for their ideological implications: someone who asks others for help or complains of hunger, pain, or difficulties in life is considered a “parasite,” and the goal of the sect’s members is to accumulate as much money as possible to “improve the world.” Money -the internal documents say- is “the form of trust” and must be in their hands, because they are the only ones who would handle it “ethically”. On the first point, that of “parasitic behavior”, Raniere goes further, assuring that “there are no victims”, that is, having suffered an abuse or an injustice is not a matter between the Self and the world, but of the Self with itself. Here it is like any other self-help course where failure is individual, never social. That postulate allows the guru to shame his victims for assuming themselves as such. The world is only the way we see it, it is a pure interiority and to fear it because it inflicted pain or shame on you is of “parasites” or, in other postulates, of “infantile distortions”.

    The other issue, that of money, is a pure daydream of possessing wealth. Just as the Wall Street slogan states that greed is good, NXIVM reserved for its members this mirage of accumulation in a few hands, of privilege. Almost all those who attended the “executive success” courses had profit in mind as a sign of “developing your potential” and to the extent that it functioned as a “pyramid”, those profits materialized by recruiting more unwary people who shared the dream of the winning sect. The higher you climbed the ladder, the more diverse the dreams became. In addition to money, they began to look for seduction, hierarchy – the game of the color of the stoles – and, finally, the sexual subjugation of others, almost always women. Within the sect, the world of daydreaming was possible, at least for its most loyal coaches.

    The idea of the secret world of NXIVM was a reality where women had to obey their male protectors and, among themselves, enslave and even brand themselves. There was also a place for children, separated from their parents under pedagogical pretexts, in schools that mixed up to seven different languages in their heads. Freedom of expression was a constant concern. Inwardly, it was forbidden to comment on the teachings with others, the newly recruited handed over confidential information about sexual abuse in his childhood or property deeds, to be extorted when he did not comply with his pledge of loyalty to the guru. Outwardly, they had a group of journalists who threatened those who published denunciations against Raniere, the knife of Aristotle. The aim was to “persuade” journalists to use “adjective-free” writing. The control of communication inward and outward separated the believer from everyone and made him doubt himself, always guilty of thinking or doing wrong and obeying what was established as normal.

    The question that remains is who was responsible for so much pain. There are only two groups: those who benefited from the regime of abuse in the cult and those who got there thinking only that it was a business course and spent thousands of dollars to convince themselves otherwise. In the case of Mexican politicians, it was an elitist magazine cover conception of politics, the entrance into an exclusive club led by the children of former presidents (De la Madrid, Salinas and Fox) with the cream of the Mexican oligarchy. Families, surnames, universities, which are already shared in that happy minority, were now extended to the courses and workshops of the marketing of the self. Nothing to do with politics as a public service in favor of the most unprotected.]

  • nickiswift.com

    The Real Reason NXIVM Leader Keith Raniere’s Lawyer Quit His Case

    BY J.E. REICH/MARCH 25, 2021 4:39 PM EDT

    While Keith Raniere, the leader of the self-help cult NXIVM, was sentenced to spend 120 years in prison after he was convicted in October 2020 for sex trafficking, it seems that the fact that he will presumably spend the rest of his life behind bars has done little to keep his name out of the media mill. As the Albany newspaper the Times Union reported on March 22, 2021, the latest development in Raniere’s legal battle, which is now gearing up for the appeal stage, has less to do with the cult leader himself and more to do with one of his attorney’s — specifically, her quiet exit from his defense team.

    Per the Times Union, Danielle Smith, who served as a defense attorney for Raniere’s legal team, has purportedly not only quit her role but has departed from her law firm, DerOhannesian & DerOhannesian, altogether. As the newspaper noted, the reason she’s left her position, according to law partner Paul DerOhannesian, is to be closer to and focus on her family.

    Despite the statement issued by her law firm, is there more to Smith’s departure than meets the eye? And have other lawyers involved in the NXIVM case also exited under similar — or even different — circumstances? Read on after the jump to find out.

    Keith Raniere’s lawyer left right before a big error went public

    While Danielle Smith’s egress from Keith Raniere’s legal team was one which Raniere was informed of and “consented” to prior to her removal, per the Times Union, it also purportedly coincided with another controversy regarding Raniere’s case. As the New York Daily News reported on March 23, 2021, Raniere’s attorneys faced criticism from the Brooklyn Federal Court and district prosecutors after it was revealed that a recent filing included information that identified victims of Raniere’s sex trafficking — a story that broke only one day after Smiths departure. 

    “The Raniere Filing contains the full names of victims and sensitive victim information, including medical records, in contravention of the Court’s orders in the above-captioned case,” prosecutor Tanja Hajjar stated in a court document requesting that the information be made private, per NY Daily News. The media outlet also noted that according to Stephen Metcalf, another one of Raniere’s lawyers, the original filing made by the defense, which was meant to be under seal, was the result of a “technical error.”

    Although whether or not Smith’s withdrawal from Raniere’s legal team and the recent filing kerfuffle are connected is speculative at best, it’s also not outside the realm of possibility. Then again, considering that Smith is hardly the first of Raniere’s lawyers to take leave from representing their client, there could be more at play.

    Keith Raniere’s lawyer Danielle Smith isn’t the first attorney to leave his defense team

    As the Times Union reported in January 2021, Marc Agnifilo, another attorney who represented NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere, also left Raniere’s defense team months before Danielle Smith followed suit. Agnifilo’s departure was seemingly abrupt — especially given the fact that the lawyer became a de facto spokesperson for Raniere both in press conferences concerning his conviction and in documentaries like Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult. 

    Agnifilo also made headlines after he vowed to appeal his client’s 120-year sentence in October 2020, asserting that his client’s conviction was heavily influenced by “publicity campaigns,” according to The New York Times, possibly referring to the widespread media coverage NXIVM and the case against Raniere had received. In a statement made by attorney Joseph McBride (via News 10), who was hired by Raniere after Agnifilo took leave, McBride commended his previous lawyer’s efforts for “[advocating] for Mr. Raniere” under “impossible circumstances.”

    Both Smith and Agnifilo aren’t the only two of Raniere’s former defense attorneys to step away from their client. As The New York Post reported in September 2019, lawyer Teny Rose Geragos seemingly attempted to remove herself from Raniere’s legal coterie after the tabloid obtained documentation that she had applied for a position to work at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn. Despite this, Geragos continued to represent Raniere until January 2021, when she, too, resigned as a member of Raniere’s defense alongside Agnifilo, per the Times Union.

    Read More: https://www.nickiswift.com/365911/the-real-reason-nxivm-leader-keith-ranieres-lawyer-quit-his-case/?utm_campaign=clip

  • https://apnews.com/article/police-europe-london-crime-f41f01b9c0a7980e15fe3e04e4f3fbf9

    Elite UK schools in spotlight over claims of misogyny, rape

    LONDON (AP) — The London police department says it is investigating multiple alleged offenses described on a website that a young woman set up to expose cases of sexual harassment, assault and “rape culture” at schools across the U.K.

    The Everyone’s Invited site was created last year by 22-year-old Soma Sara for students to anonymously report “misogyny, harassment, abuse and assault.” More than 5,800 accounts have been posted, and the site has sparked a public debate that has been called a “Me Too” moment for Britain’s schools.

    The Metropolitan Police force said Saturday it was reviewing the site “to establish whether any victims of crime in London could be encouraged to report crimes to the police.”

    The force said it had “received a number of reports of specific offenses” related to accounts put on the website.

    Many of the allegations have dealt with private schools, including some of the country’s most elite educational institutions.

    Detective Superintendent Mel Laremore, Scotland Yard’s lead officer for rape and sexual offenses, said that could be because state-run schools worked with the police force in a formal “safer schools network.”

    “There isn’t a safer schools network within the private schools,” she told the BBC. At the same time, Laremore said she thinks the problem is “more widespread than private schools.”

    She said more than 100 schools across Britain were cited on the website.

    “We take all allegations of sexual assault very seriously,” Laremore said. “We understand the complex and varied reasons why many victim-survivors do not contact law enforcement, but I want to personally reassure anyone who needs our help that we are absolutely here for you.”

    Students at Highgate School, a 456-year-old north London institution that charges fees of 21,600 pounds ($30,000) a year, staged a classroom walkout this week. The protest came after a dossier of more than 200 testimonies was sent to school governors, alleging that a “rape culture” was tolerated at Highgate, which was boys-only for centuries but became coeducational in 2004.

    The school said in a statement that its governors were “horrified and deeply shocked” by the allegations and had appointed a retired judge, Anne Rafferty, to investigate.

    The headmaster of Dulwich College, a prestigious boys’ private school in south London, said he had reported several students to police after allegations of sexual harassment were made by girls from nearby schools.


    • Yes,. it’s not good – one reason some of us parents only pay for single sex schools (lot less chance of this kind of thing happening when teenagers are educated with those of their own sex only here in the UK).

  • oaxaca.eluniversal.com.mx

    Una guerra de lodo envuelve la pugna AMLO-INE
    Raúl Rodríguez Cortés

    Perder sería tener que revertir las reformas del andamiaje institucional impuestas por la 4T

    OPINIÓN Vie, 03/26/2021 – 08:13 08:13 Raúl Rodríguez Cortés ACTUALIZADA 08:13

    Raúl Rodríguez Cortés
    Una guerra de lodo envuelve la pugna AMLO-INE
    El mezquino uso electoral de las vacunas
    ¿Qué pasó con las vacunas de AstraZeneca?
    Del enorme tamaño de lo que se juega en las elecciones de junio próximo es el de la guerra de lodo que se ha desatado entre contendientes y partidos políticos, pero más grave aún, entre el gobierno federal, los gobiernos estatales y la autoridad electoral.

    Más allá de la dominancia política en quince de las 32 entidades del país, 28 de sus congresos locales y mil 923 presidencias de los dos mil 457 municipios del país que irán a elecciones, está en disputa el control de la Cámara de Diputados.

    AMLO y Morena lo han tenido durante los últimos tres años, con una mayoría calificada que les ha permitido reformar la Constitución de acuerdo con su proyecto de transformación del país. Mantener con las próximas elecciones esa mayoría de dos terceras partes de los asientos, les permitiría continuar con los cambios constitucionales inherentes a su proyecto; ganar tan sólo la mayoría simple (la mitad más uno de los 500 votos), les obligaría a negociar con los partidos de oposición, pero perderla, no solamente sería la reprobación de los primeros tres años de este gobierno, sino posiblemente el inicio de un proceso para revertir las reformas del andamiaje institucional impuestas por la 4T que tendrían un punto culminante en los comicios presidenciales de 2024. Para eso se han aliado los debilitados PAN, PRI y PRD, tripulados por algunos grupos empresariales que son factor real de poder.

    Establecer las bases para un reparto de la riqueza equitativo en favor de los más pobres, resume el proyecto ofrecido por el presidente López Obrador. Con él ganó en 2018 y dejó en la debacle a los partidos políticos de oposición. Para lograr su objetivo se propuso separar al poder económico del poder político, limpiar al país de corrupción y liberar fondos para el apoyo directo a los más pobres. Esperaba que mejorando el poder adquisitivo estimularía la demanda e incentivaría a la empresa y con ella a la inversión. Pero al arranque de su gobierno tomó decisiones que aumentaron la aversión al riesgo de los nerviosos capitales y luego se atravesó la pandemia y su devastador impacto económico no solo en México sino en el mundo. Esto llevó a la brutal caída económica vivida durante el último año y que la necesaria separación entre poder político y poder económico, pero con necesarios acuerdos de colaboración, se convirtiera en un divorcio que se va llenando de rencores.

    AMLO —víctima centralísima de un sistema que hizo todo lo legal e ilegalmente posible para impedir su arribo al poder— debería ser el principal obligado en respetar y hacer respetar las elecciones, pero acaso por lo vivido y porque ve en la autoridad electoral una estructura dominada por sus opositores, no ha dejado de confrontarse abiertamente con el INE, más directamente con su consejero presidente del Consejo General, Lorenzo Córdova, desde que éste se opuso y ha hecho todo lo posible por impedir que les bajen el sueldo y no ganen más que el primer mandatario.

    Entre los episodios más recientes de esa confrontación está la decisión del INE de hacer valer la fracción quinta del artículo 54 de la Constitución que impide a los partidos políticos tener por la vía de la representación proporcional, ocho puntos porcentuales más del porcentaje total de asientos ganados por mayoría. Ese límite lo sobrepasó la coalición PRI-PVEM en 2012 (40% de votos, pero 48.2% de diputados), esa misma coalición en 2015 (40.3% de votos, pero 50% de diputados) y la coalición Morena-PT-PES en 2018 (44% de votos, pero 61.6% de diputados).

    En todos los casos y con el recurso de las coaliciones considerado en la ley reglamentaria del precepto constitucional se le dio la vuelta, y ahora —qué bueno— el INE aprobó criterios para hacerlo valer, pero en el contexto de la referida confrontación que AMLO ya calificó de estrategia para impedir que Morena conserve la mayoría, y que cercanos a él, como el líder de ese partido en el Senado, Ricardo Monreal, considera una posición parcial y sesgada con que la autoridad electoral se extralimita.

    Súmese a ello la decisión tomada anoche por el Consejo General del INE de anular la candidatura morenista de Raúl Morón en Michoacán y probablemente la de Félix Salgado Macedonio en Guerrero (cuyo debate continuaba anoche al momento de escribir esta columna), por irregularidades en gastos de precampaña, lo que ambos se aprestaban a impugnar en el TEPJF no sin antes amagar con la movilización callejera de sus seguidores.

    Cierto es, por otra parte, que Morena (al igual que los otros partidos donde son candidatos sus desprestigiados personajes de siempre), se ha equivocado en la designación de muchos de los suyos con antecedentes cuestionables. Y aquí cabe, más que nunca, aquel dicho de que, para tener el pico largo hay que tener la cola corta.

    1. TRAPECISTAS. Muchos morenistas han desarrollado su larga cola en sus saltos, trapecio a trapecio, de un partido a otro. Le cuento de un caso más. Se trata del precandidato de ese partido a la presidencia municipal de Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, Héctor Santana García. Su carrera política la hizo en el PRI, llevado de la mano por el exgobernador de ese estado, Roberto Sandoval, contra quien el pasado primero de marzo la FGR emitió orden de aprehensión y ficha internacional de búsqueda acusado de lavado de dinero. Santana García ocupó diversos cargos con Sandoval en la presidencia municipal de Tepic (2008-2010) y en el gobierno nayarita (2011-2017). Con la recomendación de éste buscó en 2014 la candidatura del PRI a la alcaldía de Bahía de Banderas, pero la perdió ante José Gómez Pérez. Luego fue legislador local y obtuvo en 2017 la candidatura tricolor a ese municipio, pero perdió la elección ante Jaime Cuevas Tello de la alianza PAN-PRD-PT. Completamente mimetizado con Roberto Sandoval, antes de que el exgobernador se convirtiera en prófugo de la justicia, llegó a declarar que “ni loco” renunciaría al PRI, pero lo hizo, brincó a Morena y hoy se dice defensor de la 4T en busca de gobernar Bahía de Banderas. Ojalá ese partido tenga claro, antes de decidir, que este hombre ha sido relacionado con la delincuencia organizada. Sus sobrinos Filiberto y Cuauhtémoc Santana, relacionados por algunos con el Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) fueron “levantados” en 2019 y hasta la fecha continúan desaparecidos, al igual que los hermanos Federico y José Flores Velasco que fueron parte de sus campañas políticas de 2014 y 2017.

    2. NXIVM. Y ya que hablamos de “colas largas”, pero también de lo ruda que se perfila la guerra sucia electoral entre candidatos, ahí tiene usted el seco golpe que recibió el miércoles la candidata de Morena al gobierno de Nuevo León, Clara Luz Flores Carrales, cuando su contrincante priista Adrián de la Garza filtró un video en el que ella aparece consultando asuntos políticos (“el populismo está mal, pero si es lo que la gente quiere hay que dárselo”) al fundador de la secta NXIVM, Keith Raniere, condenado en Estados Unidos a 120 años de prisión por tráfico sexual, delincuencia organizada, extorsión y abuso a menores. La secta de Raniere despertó gran fascinación entre las élites económicas y políticas mexicanas. En ella han estado involucrados, entre otros, los hijos del expresidente Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Emiliano y Cecilia. Recientemente se supo de los vínculos del presidente de Morena, Mario Delgado y ahora de su candidata Clara Luz Carrales. Ella también fue priista y con sus colores, diputada local en Nuevo León y tres veces presidenta municipal de General Escobedo. En la búsqueda de la candidatura al gobierno de la entidad brincó a Morena, aunque mantiene sus vínculos priistas a través de su marido Abel Guerra Garza, quien ha sido dos veces alcalde de ese mismo municipio. Flores Carrales argumenta que lo único que hizo fue tomar unos cursos de superación personal. Pero más allá de la influencia que NXIVM tenga en su conducta personal y política, el punto es que ella negó haber pertenecido a la secta y conocer a Raniere, lo que el video bomba para su campaña desmiente. Este asunto podría sugerir que el poderoso sector empresarial de Nuevo León ya le dio la espalda a Clara Luz.

    3. REACCIÓN. A propósito de lo publicado aquí en la entrega pasada sobre la denuncia hecha por algunos integrantes de la oposición política de Puebla en el sentido de que el gobernador Luis Miguel Barbosa “les fabrica delitos” para perseguirlos, recibí un comentario que refleja un punto de vista contrario que coincide con varios otros de amables lectores. Es del exlíder estudiantil y exdiputado federal del PRD y militante de Morena desde 2015, Agustín Guerrero. Me comparte: “nadas más falso que el uso faccioso de los poderes públicos en Puebla. El problema de Genoveva Huerta (presidenta estatal del PAN) no es el gobernador Barbosa sino los propios panistas que la acusan de vender las candidaturas y colocar a sus parientes y amigos”, razón por la cual “le tienen tomada la oficina”. “¿Quién puede defender a Eukid Castañón, el principal operador del morenovallismo? Preso desde hace un año, usó el poder para comprar conciencias y acallar a la oposición a billetazos o a la mala. Es una de las imágenes de la corrupción panista. La 4T tiene ética, no inventa delitos para perjudicar a nadie, ni hace uso faccioso de las instituciones. A diferencia del PRIAN, se combate la corrupción y la impunidad”. Tales los puntos de vista de Agustín Guerrero.






    A mud war surrounds the AMLO-INE struggle
    Raúl Rodríguez Cortés

    Losing would mean having to reverse the institutional scaffolding reforms imposed by the 4T.

    OPINION Fri, 03/26/2021 – 08:13 08:13 Raúl Rodríguez Cortés UPDATED 08:13

    Raúl Rodríguez Cortés
    A mud war engulfs the AMLO-INE struggle
    The mean-spirited electoral use of vaccines
    What happened to AstraZeneca’s vaccines?
    The enormous size of what is at stake in next June’s elections is the mud war that has been unleashed between contenders and political parties, but even more serious, between the federal government, the state governments and the electoral authority.

    Beyond the political dominance in fifteen of the 32 states of the country, 28 of their local congresses and 1,923 presidencies of the 2,457 municipalities of the country that will go to elections, the control of the Chamber of Deputies is in dispute.

    AMLO and Morena have had it for the last three years, with a qualified majority that has allowed them to reform the Constitution in accordance with their project to transform the country. To maintain with the next elections that majority of two thirds of the seats, would allow them to continue with the constitutional changes inherent to their project; to win only a simple majority (half plus one of the 500 votes), would force them to negotiate with the opposition parties, but to lose it, would not only be the reprobation of the first three years of this government, but possibly the beginning of a process to revert the reforms of the institutional scaffolding imposed by the 4T that would have a culminating point in the presidential elections of 2024. For this purpose, the weakened PAN, PRI and PRD have allied with some business groups that are a real power factor.

    Establishing the basis for an equitable distribution of wealth in favor of the poorest, summarizes the project offered by President López Obrador. With it he won in 2018 and left the opposition political parties in debacle. To achieve his goal he proposed to separate economic power from political power, clean the country of corruption and free funds for direct support to the poorest. He hoped that improving purchasing power would stimulate demand and encourage business and with it investment. But at the beginning of his administration he made decisions that increased the risk aversion of nervous capital and then came the pandemic and its devastating economic impact not only in Mexico but in the world. This led to the brutal economic fall experienced during the last year and the necessary separation between political and economic power, but with necessary collaboration agreements, turned into a divorce that is becoming filled with resentment.

    AMLO -the most central victim of a system that did everything legally and illegally possible to prevent him from coming to power- should be the main person obliged to respect and enforce the elections, but perhaps because of what he has experienced and because he sees in the electoral authority a structure dominated by his opponents, he has not stopped openly confronting the INE, more directly with its president of the General Council, Lorenzo Cordova, since he opposed and has done everything possible to prevent them from lowering their salaries and not earning more than the president.

    Among the most recent episodes of this confrontation is the decision of the INE to enforce the fifth section of Article 54 of the Constitution, which prevents political parties from having, by means of proportional representation, eight percentage points more than the total percentage of seats won by majority. That limit was exceeded by the PRI-PVEM coalition in 2012 (40% of votes, but 48.2% of deputies), that same coalition in 2015 (40.3% of votes, but 50% of deputies) and the Morena-PT-PES coalition in 2018 (44% of votes, but 61.6% of deputies).

    In all the cases and with the recourse of the coalitions considered in the law regulating the constitutional precept, it was turned around, and now -good thing- the INE approved criteria to enforce it, but in the context of the referred confrontation that AMLO already described as a strategy to prevent Morena from keeping the majority, and that close to him, such as the leader of that party in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, considers a partial and biased position with which the electoral authority exceeds its authority.

    Add to this the decision taken last night by the General Council of INE to annul the Morenista candidacy of Raúl Morón in Michoacán and probably that of Félix Salgado Macedonio in Guerrero (whose debate continued last night at the time of writing this column), due to irregularities in pre-campaign expenses, which both were preparing to challenge in the TEPJF, not without first threatening with the street mobilization of their followers.

    It is true, on the other hand, that Morena (as well as the other parties where its usual disreputable characters are candidates), has made mistakes in the designation of many of its candidates with questionable backgrounds. And here, more than ever, the saying that in order to have a long beak, one must have a short tail is applicable.

    1. TRAPEZE ARTISTS. Many Morenistas have developed their long tails in their leaps, trapeze to trapeze, from one party to another. I will tell you about one more case. It is the pre-candidate of that party for the municipal presidency of Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, Héctor Santana García. He made his political career in the PRI, led by the hand of the former governor of that state, Roberto Sandoval, against whom last March 1st the FGR issued an arrest warrant and an international search warrant on charges of money laundering. Santana García held various positions with Sandoval in the municipal presidency of Tepic (2008-2010) and in the Nayarit government (2011-2017). With the latter’s recommendation he sought in 2014 the PRI candidacy for mayor of Bahía de Banderas, but lost it to José Gómez Pérez. Then he was a local legislator and obtained in 2017 the tricolor candidacy for that municipality, but lost the election to Jaime Cuevas Tello of the PAN-PRD-PT alliance. Completely mimicking Roberto Sandoval, before the former governor became a fugitive from justice, he even declared that “not even crazy” he would resign from the PRI, but he did, jumped to Morena and today claims to be a defender of the 4T in search of governing Bahía de Banderas. Hopefully that party will be clear, before deciding, that this man has been linked to organized crime. His nephews Filiberto and Cuauhtémoc Santana, linked by some to the Jalisco Cartel New Generation (CJNG) were “lifted” in 2019 and to date remain missing, as well as the brothers Federico and José Flores Velasco who were part of his political campaigns in 2014 and 2017.

    2. NXIVM. And since we are talking about “long tails”, but also about how rough the electoral dirty war between candidates is shaping up to be, there you have the dry hit that Morena’s candidate for the government of Nuevo Leon, Clara Luz Flores Carrales, received on Wednesday, when her PRI opponent Adrián de la Garza leaked a video in which she appears consulting on political matters (“populism is wrong, but if it is what the people want we have to give it to them”) to the founder of the NXIVM sect, Keith Raniere, sentenced in the United States to 120 years in prison for sex trafficking, organized crime, extortion and child abuse. Raniere’s sect aroused great fascination among Mexican economic and political elites. It has involved, among others, the children of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Emiliano and Cecilia. Recently it was learned of the links of the president of Morena, Mario Delgado, and now of his candidate Clara Luz Carrales. She was also a PRI member and with her colors, local deputy in Nuevo Leon and three times municipal president of General Escobedo. In her search for the candidacy for the government of the state, she jumped to Morena, although she maintains her PRI ties through her husband Abel Guerra Garza, who has been twice mayor of the same municipality. Flores Carrales argues that the only thing she did was to take some self-improvement courses. But beyond the influence that NXIVM has on her personal and political behavior, the point is that she denied having belonged to the sect and knowing Raniere, which the video bomb for her campaign denies. This matter could suggest that the powerful business sector of Nuevo Leon has already turned its back on Clara Luz.

    3. REACTION. Regarding what was published here in the last issue about the denunciation made by some members of the political opposition of Puebla in the sense that Governor Luis Miguel Barbosa “fabricates crimes” to prosecute them, I received a comment that reflects a contrary point of view that coincides with several others from kind readers. It is from the former student leader and former federal deputy of the PRD and member of Morena since 2015, Agustín Guerrero. He shares with me: “there is nothing more false than the factious use of public powers in Puebla. The problem of Genoveva Huerta (state president of the PAN) is not Governor Barbosa but the PAN members themselves who accuse her of selling candidacies and placing her relatives and friends”, reason why “they have taken her office”. “Who can defend Eukid Castañón, the main operator of Morenovallismo? Imprisoned for a year, he used his power to buy consciences and silence the opposition by means of bribes or by force. He is one of the images of PAN corruption. The 4T has ethics, does not invent crimes to harm anyone, nor makes factious use of institutions. Unlike PRIAN, it fights corruption and impunity”. Such are the views of Agustín Guerrero.

    rrodriguezangular@hotmail.com ]

  • Clase El Universal

    Los mexicanos relacionados en NXIVM
    Apellidos conocidos y un gran círculo de contactos fueron elementos claves para que Keith Raniere expandiera NXIVM en nuestro país. ¿El nombre más reciente? Clara Luz Flores, candidata a gobernadora en Nuevo León
    emiliano salinas, mexicanos secta nxivm, nxivm mexico
    (Getty Images)
    Noticias Redacción 26/03/2021 11:29 Actualizada 11:44

    Keith Raniere tuvo prácticamente el mismo poder con su secta NXIVM en Estados Unidos como en México. Apoyado por decenas de mexicanos influyentes, cuyos nombres siguen saliendo a la luz, NXIVM se expandió por más de 15 años en el país bajo el nombre ESP y con el liderazgo de Emiliano Salinas Occelli y su socio y mejor amigo Alejandro Betancourt Ledesma. Recordemos, incluso, que varios mexicanos fueron quienes apoyaron a Rainiere en tratar de esconderse de la justicia norteamericana, por lo que fue hallado en Jalisco en 2018 y deportado a Texas.

    keith raniere

    Clara Luz Flores, candidata a gobernadora en Nuevo León, es el más reciente nombre que ha salido a la luz, tras negar su vínculo con Keith Raniere y divulgarse un video en el que aparece con él. Probablemente no será el último que veamos destaparse… ¿quiénes son los que sí sabemos hasta el momento?

    Emiliano Salinas Ocelli

    El hijo del expresidente Carlos Salinas de Gortari fue quien trajo el programa NXIVM en México.

    emiliano salinas

    (El Universal)

    Alejandro Betancourt Ledesma

    El socio principal de Emiliano Salinas fue además señalado de recibir fotos comprometedoras de las víctimas sexuales de Rainiere, de acuerdo con Mark Vicente, quien formaba parte de la organización.

    Cecilia Salinas Ocelli

    La hermana de Emiliano participó en NXIVM y aparece en videos junto a él.

    Jack Levy

    El empresario inmobiliario tapatío estaba dentro del círculo cercano de Rainere y era quien lideraba las operaciones de ESP en Guadalajara.

    Alejandra González Anaya

    La hermana del exsecretario de Hacienda, Alejandro González Anaya, formaba parte de la organización e incluso se asoció con Raniere en la empresa Anima Inc., que es la que organiza los desfiles del Día de Muertos en Ciudad de México. Lo anterior de acuerdo con el periodista Juan Alberto Vázquez quien publicó recientemente el libro NXIVM. La secta que sedujo al poder en México (Grijalbo, 2020).

    Leer más: El círculo cercano a Keith Raniere

    Loreta Garza Dávila y sus hermanas Carola y Jimena

    Son señaladas como cómplices del líder del movimiento que esclavizaba a mujeres y son señaladas por ayudar a Raniere a ocultarse en México. Loreta dirigía Rainbow Cultural Gardens, una red de jardines de niños de la secta en Monterrey, Nuevo León

    Edgar Boone

    El regiomontano fue uno de los primeros en tomar los cursos en Nueva York y pieza clave para llevar la organización a Nuevo León. Boone fue quien convenció a su hermano, Omar, y a su cuñada Loreta Garza.

    Javier Jileta Verduzco

    El ex jefe de la Oficina de Atracción de Inversión Extranjera y Comercio Exterior de la Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores llegó a ser coach cinta amarilla en la organización. Él aparece en el documental “The Vow# que HBO realizó sobre la secta.

    Leer también: Emiliano Salinas revela en nuevo documental por qué se unió a la secta NXIVM

    Mónica Durán y Daniela Padilla Bergeron

    Formaban parte del círculo más cercano a Keith Rainiere. Ambas, junto con Rosa Laura y Loreta Garza Dávila, aparecen en una demanda civil que 80 víctimas de NXIVM ingresaron en la misma corte donde fue juzgado Rainiere.

    Federico de la Madrid

    El hijo del expresidente Miguel de la Madrid y su esposa Fabiola Sánchez han sido señalados de estar involucrados en NXIVM.



    Clase El Universal

    Mexicans involved in NXIVM
    Well-known surnames and a large circle of contacts were key elements for Keith Raniere to expand NXIVM in our country. The most recent name? Clara Luz Flores, gubernatorial candidate in Nuevo Leon.
    emiliano salinas, mexicanos secta nxivm, nxivm mexico
    (Getty Images)
    Noticias Redacción 26/03/2021 11:29 Updated 11:44

    Keith Raniere had practically the same power with his NXIVM sect in the United States as in Mexico. Supported by dozens of influential Mexicans, whose names are still coming to light, NXIVM expanded for more than 15 years in the country under the name ESP and with the leadership of Emiliano Salinas Occelli and his partner and best friend Alejandro Betancourt Ledesma. Let’s even remember that several Mexicans were the ones who supported Rainiere in trying to hide from US justice, which is why he was found in Jalisco in 2018 and deported to Texas.

    keith raniere

    Clara Luz Flores, candidate for governor in Nuevo León, is the most recent name to come to light, after denying her link to Keith Raniere and disclosing a video in which she appears with him. It will probably not be the last one we will see uncovered… who are the ones we do know so far?

    Emiliano Salinas Ocelli

    The son of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari was the one who brought the NXIVM program to Mexico.

    emiliano salinas

    (El Universal)

    Alejandro Betancourt Ledesma

    Emiliano Salinas’ main partner was also accused of receiving compromising photos of Rainiere’s sexual victims, according to Mark Vicente, who was part of the organization.

    Cecilia Salinas Ocelli

    Emiliano’s sister participated in NXIVM and appears in videos with him.

    Jack Levy

    The real estate businessman from Guadalajara was part of Rainere’s close circle and was in charge of ESP’s operations in Guadalajara.

    Alejandra González Anaya

    The sister of the former Secretary of Finance, Alejandro González Anaya, was part of the organization and was even associated with Raniere in the company Anima Inc., which is the one that organizes the Day of the Dead parades in Mexico City. This according to journalist Juan Alberto Vázquez, who recently published the book NXIVM. La secta que sedujo al poder en México (Grijalbo, 2020).

    Read more: The circle close to Keith Raniere

    Loreta Garza Dávila and her sisters Carola and Jimena

    They are accused of being accomplices of the leader of the movement that enslaved women and are accused of helping Raniere hide in Mexico. Loreta ran Rainbow Cultural Gardens, a network of the sect’s kindergartens in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

    Edgar Boone

    The native of Monterrey was one of the first to take the courses in New York and a key player in bringing the organization to Nuevo Leon. Boone was the one who convinced his brother, Omar, and his sister-in-law Loreta Garza.

    Javier Jileta Verduzco

    The former head of the Foreign Investment Attraction and Foreign Trade Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs became a yellow ribbon coach in the organization. He appears in the documentary “The Vow” that HBO made about the sect.

    Read also: Emiliano Salinas reveals in new documentary why he joined the NXIVM cult

    Mónica Durán and Daniela Padilla Bergeron

    They were part of Keith Rainiere’s closest circle. Both of them, along with Rosa Laura and Loreta Garza Dávila, appear in a civil lawsuit that 80 NXIVM victims filed in the same court where Rainiere was tried.

    Federico de la Madrid

    The son of former President Miguel de la Madrid and his wife Fabiola Sanchez have been accused of being involved in NXIVM.]

  • Agencia EFE

    Video muestra a candidata mexicana a gobernadora junto a líder de secta NXIVM
    EFEMéxico24 mar 2021
    Video muestra a candidata mexicana a gobernadora junto a líder de secta NXIVM

    El corte de un video en el que se ve a la mexicana Clara Luz Flores, candidata a gobernadora en el norteño estado de Nuevo León, frente a Keith Raniere, difundido este miércoles, demuestra que la política conocía personalmente al líder de la secta NXIVM.

    De acuerdo con la revista Proceso, que tuvo acceso al video completo, Flores conversa durante una hora y 20 minutos con Raniere, quien está condenado en Estados Unidos a 120 años de prisión por delitos como pornografía infantil, extorsión o tráfico sexual de personas.

    El video, además, fue exhibido por el candidato del Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), Adrián de la Garza, oponente de Flores, quien aseguró que “una mujer que le pidió mantener el anonimato” fue quien le hizo llegar el documento audiovisual.

    El fragmento presentado por De la Garza muestra a Raniere y a Flores conversando sobre las medidas populistas de los Gobiernos.

    “Cuando hay Gobiernos que toman medidas populistas, aunque no sean las mejores económicamente para el país o para el Gobierno que representan, pero son lo que la gente quiere ¿están en lo correcto?”, dice la candidata.

    A continuación, el líder de NXIVM responde que “los políticos son normalmente elegidos por la gente dándole a la gente lo que quiere o lo que cree querer, opuesto a lo que necesitan”.

    Después, Raniere sigue hablando sobre hedonismo, civilización y “lo que la gente cree necesitar”.

    Ella termina diciendo: “Pensé que yo venía por cómo resolver el problema de la fábrica de delincuentes número uno, que es para mí lo más importante, y me mandas con mucho más trabajo”, dijo.

    Después de presentar el fragmento, De la Garza terminó la conferencia con unas pocas palabras. “Lo que acabamos de presentar no se trata de una especulación, es evidente y contundente. Lo negó y mintió frente a las víctimas y a Nuevo León”, dijo.

    Horas más tarde, Clara Luz Flores publicó un video en redes sociales en el que aceptó que sí tuvo un encuentro con Raniere, pero negó estar vinculada con la secta NXIVM.

    “Ayer denuncié públicamente a Adrián de la Garza por corrupto, y lo hice como lo hacemos en Nuevo León, de frente”, dijo la mujer.

    “No sólo no me respondió, sino que ahora presenta un video de un encuentro que sostuve con el dirigente de la organización NXIVM (…) un encuentro que tuve antes de enterarme, como miles de ciudadanos y distintos líderes religiosos, de empresas y de opinión, que fuimos sorprendidos por las mentiras y engaños con las que operó dicha organización”, apuntó.

    “Que quede claro, no tengo nada que ocultar. Mi error fue participar en un curso de superación personal y con pena acepto mi falta”, declaró.


    Anteriormente, la candidata había asegurado en una entrevista que ni siquiera conocía el nombre de la secta ni a Keith Raniere y que solamente había cursado algunos talleres de superación personal impartidos por el grupo.

    “Yo tomé un curso de superación personal, no estuve en NXIVM”, relató entonces. Sobre su posible relación con Raniere y con Emiliano Salinas (hijo del expresidente Carlos Salinas de Gortari, vinculado a la secta) aseguró que solamente había conocido a las personas del grupo que estaban en Monterrey. “Ellos no son de Monterrey”, terminó.

    El video forma parte de “Conversaciones con Raniere”, una serie de videos conversacionales y de entrevistas con el líder de NXIVM con personas con importantes vínculos con el grupo, como por ejemplo Emiliano Salinas o la actriz Allison Mack, quien se supo que era reclutadora en su sector.

    Raniere fue detenido el 27 de marzo de 2018 en Puerto Vallarta, en el oeste de México, tras ser acusado en un tribunal de Nueva York de tráfico sexual y trabajo forzoso, por lo que enfrenta un mínimo de 15 años de prisión y un máximo de cadena perpetua.

    El condenado fundó en su momento la secta, que se estableció en Nueva York y, gracias a sus filiales en México, Canadá y países latinoamericanos llegó a captar a unas 16.000 personas a las que obligaba a tomar talleres y clases más caras y traer a otras personas para poder “ascender” dentro de la organización.

    En 2015, Raniere formó una sociedad secreta dentro de NXIVM llamada DOS “para empoderar a las mujeres y erradicar las debilidades del programa de estudios”, a través de la que las convertía en sus esclavas sexuales y las marcaba a fuego con sus iniciales.



    Agencia EFE

    Video shows Mexican gubernatorial candidate with NXIVM cult leader
    EFEMexico24 Mar 2021
    Video shows Mexican gubernatorial candidate next to NXIVM sect leader.

    The cut of a video in which Mexican Clara Luz Flores, candidate for governor in the northern state of Nuevo Leon, is seen in front of Keith Raniere, released Wednesday, shows that the politician personally knew the leader of the NXIVM sect.

    According to Proceso magazine, which had access to the full video, Flores talks for an hour and 20 minutes with Raniere, who is sentenced in the United States to 120 years in prison for crimes such as child pornography, extortion and human sex trafficking.

    The video was also exhibited by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) candidate, Adrian de la Garza, Flores’ opponent, who assured that “a woman who asked him to remain anonymous” was the one who sent him the audiovisual document.

    The fragment presented by De la Garza shows Raniere and Flores talking about the populist measures of the Governments.

    “When there are governments that take populist measures, even if they are not the best economically for the country or for the government they represent, but they are what the people want, are they right?” says the candidate.

    The NXIVM leader then responds that “politicians are usually elected by the people by giving the people what they want or what they think they want, as opposed to what they need.”

    Raniere then goes on to talk about hedonism, civilization and “what people think they need.”

    She ends by saying, “I thought I was coming for how to solve the problem of the number one offender factory, which is for me the most important thing, and you send me off with a lot more work,” she said.

    After presenting the excerpt, De la Garza ended the conference with a few words. “What we have just presented is not about speculation, it is evident and forceful. He denied it and lied in front of the victims and Nuevo Leon”, he said.

    Hours later, Clara Luz Flores published a video on social networks in which she accepted that she did have a meeting with Raniere, but denied being linked to the NXIVM sect.

    “Yesterday I publicly denounced Adrián de la Garza for being corrupt, and I did it as we do in Nuevo León, head-on,” the woman said.

    “Not only did he not respond to me, but now he is presenting a video of a meeting I had with the leader of the NXIVM organization (…) a meeting I had before I found out, like thousands of citizens and different religious, business and opinion leaders, that we were surprised by the lies and deceit with which said organization operated,” she said.

    “Let it be clear, I have nothing to hide. My mistake was to participate in a self-improvement course and with regret I accept my fault”, he declared.


    Previously, the candidate had assured in an interview that she did not even know the name of the sect or Keith Raniere and that she had only taken some self-improvement workshops given by the group.

    “I took a self-improvement course, I was not in NXIVM,” she said at the time. Regarding his possible relationship with Raniere and Emiliano Salinas (son of former president Carlos Salinas de Gortari, linked to the sect), he assured that he had only met people from the group who were in Monterrey. “They are not from Monterrey,” he finished.

    The video is part of “Conversations with Raniere”, a series of conversational videos and interviews with the NXIVM leader with people with important links to the group, such as Emiliano Salinas or actress Allison Mack, who was known to be a recruiter in his sector.

    Raniere was arrested on March 27, 2018 in Puerto Vallarta, in western Mexico, after being charged in a New York court with sex trafficking and forced labor, for which he faces a minimum of 15 years in prison and a maximum of life imprisonment.

    The convicted man once founded the sect, which was established in New York and, thanks to its affiliates in Mexico, Canada and Latin American countries came to recruit some 16,000 people whom he forced to take more expensive workshops and classes and bring in other people in order to “move up” within the organization.

    In 2015, Raniere formed a secret society within NXIVM called DOS “to empower women and eradicate weaknesses in the curriculum,” through which he turned them into his sex slaves and branded them with his initials.]

  • lopezdoriga.com

    ¡Ay Clarita! Mentir sí es un pecado
    HACE 1 DÍA
    Inicio » Opinión » JOAQUÍN LÓPEZ-DÓRIGA » ¡Ay Clarita! Mentir sí es un pecado
    Joaquín López-Dóriga
    Abel Guerra es el que declaró que la gente no votaba por su esposa, por Clarita, que votaban por él porque era el marido

    Afecto es una de las palabras más neutrales que he conocido.

    Abel Guerra es un priísta que ha sido dos veces presidente municipal de Escobedo en Nuevo León, 1992-1994 y 1997-2000. Es el marido de Clara Luz Flores, priísta desde los 24 años, se afilió en 1998, superándolo, pues ha sido alcaldesa de ese mismo municipio tres veces, 2009-2012, 2015-2018 y fue reelecta 2018-2021. Ahora es la candidata de Morena al gobierno de Nuevo León.

    Guerra es el que declaró que la gente no votaba por su esposa, por Clarita, que votaban por él porque era el marido. Ella nunca lo desmintió

    Ya en tiempos electorales, se le señaló como destacada integrante de NXIVM, la secta que fundó Keith Raniere, con amplia presencia de la sociedad rica de Monterrey, y sentenciado por un tribunal de Nueva York a 120 años de cárcel por trata de personas, pornografía infantil y abuso sexual de menores.

    Pero ella lo negó.

    En una entrevista con Julio Astillero, le dijo que solo había tomado un curso de superación personal, que no conocía al fundador de esa secta, nunca lo había visto ni sabía cómo se llamaba.

    Enseguida subieron a redes un video en el que aparece Clara Luz en una larga conversación de amigos con Raniere, al que no conocía, no había visto ni sabía cómo se llamaba, según dijo.

    Atrapada, salió con la misma coartada de los morenistas endosando su culpa a López Obrador: Es una campaña contra el presidente y la 4-T. Agregó que era un video filtrado por el candidato priísta, Adrián de la Garza, pero no desmintió su autenticidad y dijo: Mi único pecado es haber tomado un curso de superación personal, a lo que respondo, ya en ese terreno, que no; que su único pecado fue haber mentido públicamente.

    Así de clarita está la situación.


    1. OFENSIVA.- El presidente López Obrador se volvió a lanzar ayer contra el INE y su titular, Lorenzo Córdova, al que calificó de niño mimado, y se remitió al fraude de 2006, sin acotar que ninguno de los consejeros de aquel IFE, permanece en el INE. E insistió en la estrategia política de la oposición para impedir que Morena tenga mayoría calificada en San Lázaro, en lo que, apunto, sus adversarios están en su legítimo derecho;

    2. RETRATO.- La diputada de Morena, María de los Ángeles Huerta, pidió ayer la tribuna que el Poder Legislativo se una al Ejecutivo para organizarnos y destituir ya a Lorenzo Córdova. Esta diputada no es que tenga peso, se dice periodista, que nunca lo ha sido, pero retrató como la ignorancia responde a lo que entiende de las mañaneras: Córdova a juicio popular; y

    3. PUENTE.- A los legisladores, senadores y diputados les valió tiempo y pandemias, y ayer se fueron de puente hasta el 7 de abril, cuando estarán a seis sesiones de terminar este su último período ordinario.

    Por vacaciones, nos vemos después de Pascua.




    Oh Clarita! Lying is a sin
    1 DAY AGO
    Home ” Opinion ” JOAQUÍN LÓPEZ-DÓRIGA ” ¡Ay Clarita! Lying is a sin
    Joaquín López-Dóriga
    Abel Guerra is the one who declared that people did not vote for his wife, for Clarita, that they voted for him because he was the husband.

    Affection is one of the most neutral words I have ever known.

    Abel Guerra is a PRI member who has been twice municipal president of Escobedo in Nuevo Leon, 1992-1994 and 1997-2000. He is the husband of Clara Luz Flores, a PRI member since she was 24 years old, she joined in 1998, surpassing him, as she has been mayor of that same municipality three times, 2009-2012, 2015-2018 and was reelected 2018-2021. Now she is Morena’s candidate for the government of Nuevo León.

    Guerra is the one who declared that people did not vote for his wife, for Clarita, that they voted for him because he was the husband. She never denied it

    Already in election times, she was pointed out as a prominent member of NXIVM, the sect founded by Keith Raniere, with wide presence of the rich society of Monterrey, and sentenced by a New York court to 120 years in prison for human trafficking, child pornography and sexual abuse of minors.

    But she denied it.

    In an interview with Julio Astillero, she told him that she had only taken a self-improvement course, that she did not know the founder of that sect, she had never seen him and did not know his name.

    Immediately a video was uploaded to networks in which Clara Luz appears in a long conversation between friends and Raniere, whom she did not know, had never seen nor knew his name, according to what she said.

    Caught, she came out with the same alibi of the Morenistas, blaming it on López Obrador: It is a campaign against the president and the 4-T. She added that it was a video leaked by the PRI candidate, Adrian de la Garza, but she did not deny its authenticity and said: My only sin is to have taken a personal improvement course, to which I answer, already in that field, that no, her only sin was to have lied publicly.

    That is how clear the situation is.


    1. OFFENSIVE: President López Obrador once again launched yesterday against INE and its head, Lorenzo Córdova, whom he described as a spoiled child, and referred to the 2006 fraud, without mentioning that none of the counselors of that IFE remain in INE. And he insisted on the political strategy of the opposition to prevent Morena from having a qualified majority in San Lazaro, in which, he pointed out, their adversaries have a legitimate right;

    The Morena deputy, María de los Ángeles Huerta, asked yesterday that the Legislative Branch join the Executive Branch to organize and remove Lorenzo Córdova from office. This congresswoman does not have any weight, she claims to be a journalist, who has never been one, but she portrayed how ignorance responds to what she understands from the morning news: Córdova to popular judgment; and

    3. BRIDGE: The legislators, senators and deputies were worth their time and pandemics, and yesterday they went on bridge until April 7, when they will be six sessions away from finishing this their last ordinary period.

    For vacation, see you after Easter.]

  • xevt.com

    Samuel García pide a Clara Luz Flores aclarar pagos a NXIVM y revelar nombres de políticos involucrados
    Por: Erika Guillén – Marzo 25, 2021 – 08:16 p.m.
    Samuel García pide a Clara Luz Flores aclarar pagos a NXIVM y revelar nombres de políticos involucrados
    Samuel García, candidato a la gubernatura de Nuevo León, sugirió que Clara Luz Flores pudo haber pagado con dinero del municipio de Escobedo, del que fue alcaldesa, los cursos que tomó en la organización NXIVM.

    En un video, el abanderado de Movimiento Ciudadano acusa a la morenista de traicionar a las mujeres y le pide que revele los nombres de los otros políticos que estuvieron involucrados con la organización.

    “Clara Luz traicionó a todas las mujeres de México y Nuevo León. Les mintió al decir que no lo conocía. Hay muchas preguntas en el aire, una es: ¿cuánto costaron esas mentorías? ¿no habrán salido de Escobedo los pagos? Dos: este sujeto depravado que trató y engañó mujeres, las esclavizó, hasta les marcó en la piel sellos. Usted dice que hay otros políticos que estuvieron en ese ambiente, díganos quiénes son, quizá estén ahorita en boletas o en pluris de Morena, y no queremos que lleguen al poder”.

    El miércoles, Adrián de la Garza, quien también busca la gubernatura de Nuevo León, difundió un video en el que aparece Clara Luz conversando con el líder de NXIVM, Keith Raniere. Anteriormente la candidata había negado conocerlo.

    Horas después de que se hizo público el video, Clara Luz publicó un mensaje en el que aseguró no haber cometido ningún delito y dijo que su único error fue haber asistido a cursos de superación personal.




    Samuel García asks Clara Luz Flores to clarify payments to NXIVM and reveal names of politicians involved
    By: Erika Guillén – March 25, 2021 – 08:16 p.m.
    Samuel García asks Clara Luz Flores to clarify payments to NXIVM and reveal names of politicians involved
    Samuel García, candidate for governor of Nuevo León, suggested that Clara Luz Flores may have paid with money from the municipality of Escobedo, of which she was mayor, for the courses she took at the NXIVM organization.

    In a video, the Movimiento Ciudadano standard bearer accuses the Morenista of betraying women and asks her to reveal the names of the other politicians who were involved with the organization.

    “Clara Luz betrayed all the women of Mexico and Nuevo Leon. She lied to them by saying she did not know him. There are many questions in the air, one is: how much did these mentorships cost, and didn’t the payments come from Escobedo? Two: this depraved subject who treated and deceived women, enslaved them, even branded stamps on their skin. You say that there are other politicians who were in that environment, tell us who they are, maybe they are now on the ballot or in Morena’s pluris, and we don’t want them to come to power”.

    On Wednesday, Adrian de la Garza, who is also seeking the governorship of Nuevo Leon, released a video in which Clara Luz appears talking with the leader of NXIVM, Keith Raniere. Previously, the candidate had denied knowing him.

    Hours after the video was made public, Clara Luz published a message in which she assured that she had not committed any crime and said that her only mistake was to have attended self-improvement courses.]

  • Infobae México

    Sábado 27 de Marzo de 2021

    Julio Astillero fue tildado de opositor al gobierno de López Obrador por criticar nexos de Clara Luz con NXIVMEl periodista señaló que Yeidckol Polevnsky, Mario Delgado y López Obrador impulsaron su candidatura a pesar de su relación con la secta
    26 de Marzo de 2021

    A lo largo de este 25 de marzo, el nombre del periodista Julio Astillero se convirtió en tendencia dentro de las redes sociales debido a los señalamientos que sufrió luego de criticar los nexos de Clara Lus Flores con NXIVM.

    En cuanto se dio a conocer el video donde se ve a la candidata a la gubernatura de Nuevo León por Morena junto a Keith Raniere, líder de la secta, Astillero escribió un tuit donde cuestionó el papel de las instituciones internas del partido político y su accionar contra su militante.

    “¿Las comisiones de Elecciones y de Honestidad y Justicia de @PartidoMorenaMx revisarán el caso de @claraluzflores , para establecer si ella mintió al decir que no conocía a Keith Raniere y ello, mentir, afecta los postulados básicos de ese partido?”, fue el mensaje publicado por el también columnista.

    El periodista señaló a las instituciones internas de Morena y su accionar contra la candidata (Foto: Twitter/julioastillero)
    El periodista señaló a las instituciones internas de Morena y su accionar contra la candidata (Foto: Twitter/julioastillero)
    Posteriormente, desde su perfil, compartió un pequeño fragmento de una entrevista que le realizó a Clara Luz en la que realizó varias preguntas relacionadas con el culto NXIVM y su participación en él.

    “Yo no sé qué sea NXIVM. Yo el único Nexium que conozco son las pastillas (…) yo tomé un curso de superación personal, no estuve en NXIVM, no quieras desviarlo, Julio (…) las personas que conocí son las que están aquí en Monterrey”, declaró la morenista en aquella conversación.

    Además de este fragmento, Astillero comunicó su experiencia luego de realizarle dichos cuestionamientos y describió que la política presentó una “molestia creciente” con cada señalamiento hecho por el periodista e indicó que la entrevista tuvo que acortarse por la presión del equipo de prensa de Clara Luz, que argumentó un acto político pronto al que debía asistir.

    Durante esta explicación, destacó que buscó a un personaje de la Cuarta Transformación (sin proveer el nombre), pero que no aceptó la entrevista, pues buscaba condicionar la entrevista y hablar sólo de temas beneficiosos para su imagen.

    Finalmente, aseguró que Yeidckol Polevnsky y Mario Delgado impulsaron la candidatura de Clara Luz. Sin embargo, la ayuda más fuerte, dijo, llegó desde Palacio Nacional, pues Andrés Manuel López Obrador compartió una foto con ella para dar a entender que “tenía la bendición” de presidencia.

    Luego de otorgar estas declaraciones, usuarios de redes sociales comenzaron a cuestionar al periodista y lo tildaron de formar parte de la oposición al gobierno actual, así como buscar dinero o impacto en redes sociales con sus entrevistas y publicaciones periodísticas.

    “Entiendan julio astillero es opositor a la 4ta transformación, lo ha dicho AMLO, siempre se ha sumado el linchamientooo, está apoyando al ine, no lo ven? Sigan, a fin de cuentas con ésto los que vamos a salir perjudicados somos nosotros, no le hagan el caldo gordo a la derecha”, escribió un usuario identificado como La Muñe Obradorista.

    “¿Recuerdan cuando en las elecciones al congreso en 2015 este se llenó de priistas que impusieron las reformas de Peña? pues en esas elecciones convocaron a anular votos y abstenerse de votar Denise Dresser,José Antonio Crespo y Julio Astillero ,esa era su labor contra morena”, compartió el usuario identificado como Héctor Tlapa.

    La tendencia del nombre de Julio Astillero, la cual acumuló casi 11,000 tuits, fue relacionada con un linchamiento, pues la mayoría de los mensajes lo atacaban y hasta lo comparaban con Carlos Loret de Mola y Brozo, personajes que diario atacan al gobierno de López Obrador.

    Sin embargo, también hubo mensajes de apoyo por parte de algunos cibernautas y de algunas personalidades del periodismo, al academia y la televisión, como Denise Dresser, Peniley Ramírez, Genaro Lozano, Héctor Suárez Gomís, Monero Rapé, Gabriela Warketin y Tenoch Huerta, quienes se solidarizaron y compartieron tuits de respaldo en sus respectivos perfiles, pues dijeron conocer a Astillero y saber que su manera de pensar, crítica, no significaba estar de un lado o de otro, simplemente cuestiona los hechos que la realidad política presenta.



    Infobae México

    Sábado 27 de Marzo de 2021

    Julio Astillero was branded as an opponent of López Obrador’s government for criticizing Clara Luz’s ties with NXIVMEThe journalist pointed out that Yeidckol Polevnsky, Mario Delgado and López Obrador promoted her candidacy despite her relationship with the sect
    March 26, 2021

    Throughout March 25, the name of journalist Julio Astillero became a trend in social networks due to the accusations he suffered after criticizing Clara Lus Flores’ links with NXIVM.

    As soon as the video where the Morena candidate for governor of Nuevo Leon is seen with Keith Raniere, leader of the sect, was released, Astillero wrote a tweet where he questioned the role of the internal institutions of the political party and its actions against its militant.

    “Will the Elections and Honesty and Justice commissions of @PartidoMorenaMx review the case of @claraluzflores , to establish if she lied when she said she did not know Keith Raniere and this, lying, affects the basic postulates of that party?”, was the message published by the also columnist.

    Later, from his profile, he shared a small fragment of an interview he conducted with Clara Luz in which he asked several questions related to the NXIVM cult and her participation in it.

    “I don’t know what NXIVM is. The only Nexium I know are the pills (…) I took a self-improvement course, I was not in NXIVM, do not want to divert it, Julio (…) the people I met are the ones who are here in Monterrey”, declared the Moreno candidate in that conversation.

    In addition to this excerpt, Astillero communicated her experience after being questioned and described that the politician presented a “growing discomfort” with each remark made by the journalist and indicated that the interview had to be shortened due to pressure from Clara Luz’s press team, who argued that she had to attend a political event soon.

    During this explanation, he highlighted that he looked for a character of the Fourth Transformation (without providing the name), but that he did not accept the interview, as he sought to condition the interview and talk only about issues beneficial to his image.

    Finally, he assured that Yeidckol Polevnsky and Mario Delgado promoted Clara Luz’s candidacy. However, the strongest help, he said, came from the National Palace, since Andrés Manuel López Obrador shared a photo with her to imply that she “had the blessing” of the presidency.

    After giving these statements, users of social networks began to question the journalist and accused him of being part of the opposition to the current government, as well as seeking money or impact on social networks with his interviews and journalistic publications.

    “Understand julio astillero is an opponent to the 4th transformation, AMLO has said so, he has always joined the lynchamientooo, he is supporting the ine, don’t you see? Keep going, at the end of the day, we are the ones who are going to be harmed by this, don’t give the right wing a hard time,” wrote a user identified as La Muñe Obradorista.

    “Remember when in the congressional elections in 2015 this was filled with PRI supporters who imposed Peña’s reforms? Well, in those elections they called to annul votes and abstain from voting Denise Dresser, José Antonio Crespo and Julio Astillero, that was their work against Morena”, shared the user identified as Héctor Tlapa.

    The trend of Julio Astillero’s name, which accumulated almost 11,000 tweets, was related to a lynching, since most of the messages attacked him and even compared him to Carlos Loret de Mola and Brozo, characters that attack López Obrador’s government on a daily basis.

    However, there were also messages of support from some cybernauts and some personalities from journalism, academia and television, such as Denise Dresser, Peniley Ramírez, Genaro Lozano, Héctor Suárez Gomís, Monero Rapé, Gabriela Warketin and Tenoch Huerta, who expressed their solidarity and shared tweets of support in their respective profiles, as they said they knew Astillero and knew that his way of thinking, critical, did not mean being on one side or the other, but simply questioning the government.]

  • El País

    Filtrado un vídeo de la candidata de Morena al Gobierno de Nuevo León con el líder de la secta NXIVM
    Clara Luz Flores consulta al autoproclamado gurú Keith Raniere, condenado en EE UU por tráfico sexual, sobre el populismo y le pide consejos sobre cómo gobernar

    Clara Luz Flores, candidata de Morena a la gubernatura de Nuevo León, dialoga con Keith Raniere, líder de la secta NXIVM. En video, su conversación y la respuesta de Luz Flores.(REDES SOCIALES)

    México – 25 MAR 2021 – 20:06 CET
    La sombra de NXIVM (se pronuncia Nexium) ha vuelto a aparecer en la campaña electoral de México. El Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) ha filtrado este miércoles un vídeo en el que se ve a Clara Luz Flores, candidata de Morena al Gobierno de Nuevo León y puntera en las encuestas, mientras dialoga con Keith Raniere, fundador de la secta y condenado en octubre pasado a más de 120 años de prisión por delitos como tráfico de personas, explotación sexual y posesión de pornografía infantil. “Entonces cuando hay Gobiernos que toman medidas populistas, aunque no sean las mejores económicamente para el país o para el Gobierno que representan, pero son lo que la gente que quiere, están en lo correcto”, pregunta entre risas la aspirante a Vanguardia, como el autoproclamado gurú de la superación personal se hacía llamar por sus seguidores, en un extracto de la grabación.

    “Los políticos son electos a menudo al darle a la gente lo que quieren o lo que creen que quieren y no lo que necesitan”, explica Raniere en inglés. La conversación se grabó a mediados de 2016 en Albany (Nueva York), sede principal del grupo, pero nunca se publicó en la antigua página web de la organización —ahora eliminada―, ha dicho una fuente que perteneció a NXIVM a este diario. Son dos dardos los que Adrián de la Garza, el candidato priista, ha lanzado contra su rival. El primero desentierra la pertenencia de Flores a la secta, un tema que se ha utilizado para descarrilar su carrera política desde hace al menos dos años. El segundo cuestiona su fichaje por Morena, el partido del presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador, descalificado como populista por los opositores, después de que la aspirante renunciara al PRI en febrero de 2020 tras más de dos décadas de militancia.

    El vídeo era parte, dice el antiguo miembro del grupo, de una serie que se llamaba Keith Raniere Conversations, ideada hace poco más de cinco años por el propio líder y la cúpula del grupo para limpiar su imagen en redes sociales. No implica necesariamente que Flores ocupara un lugar alto en la jerarquía de NXIVM, se buscaba más bien a miembros conocidos fuera de la organización, como celebridades y políticos, que reivindicaran a Raniere. En el formato participaron, por ejemplo, Emiliano Salinas, hijo del expresidente mexicano Carlos Salinas, y Allison Mack, actriz de Smallville y coacusada en el juicio contra el fundador de la secta en una corte de Nueva York. El vídeo de Flores, uno de los últimos en grabarse, no fue autorizado por su equipo de comunicación, explica la fuente, que estuvo directamente relacionada con el rodaje, y por eso no vio la luz.

    La estrategia de Flores ha sido, desde el principio, minimizar su pertenencia al grupo. “No sé de qué NXIVM me hablan”, decía en una entrevista con el periodista Julio Astillero, “yo tomé un curso de superación personal, no estuve en NXIVM”. La política también negó haber conocido a Salinas y a Raniere. En 2019, un colaborador de la aspirante explicaba en una entrevista con EL PAÍS que Flores llegó a NXIVM hace unos cinco años. Su llegada se produjo años después del secuestro de uno de sus hijastros en Nuevo León, mientras ella era alcaldesa del municipio de Escobedo y había ganado popularidad por tomar medidas contra el crimen organizado. “Pensé que yo venía a ver cómo resolver el problema de la fábrica de delincuentes, que es para mí lo más importante”, dice Flores a Raniere en una parte del vídeo, “me mandas con mucho más trabajo”.

    La intención de unirse, señala la fuente, que se describía como un amigo cercano, era superar las secuelas psicológicas del secuestro y encontró resultados en los Executive Success Programs (ESP), el producto estrella de NXIVM. De acuerdo con documentos internos revisados por este diario, Flores fue coach y alcanzó el grado de cinturón amarillo con una raya, el segundo nivel más bajo en el escalafón de ESP. Para ello, según las reglas de la secta, tuvo que haber reclutado a por lo menos dos personas directamente y que esos hubieran metido a otras cinco personas, aunque a menudo se daba facilidades a miembros de alto perfil para ascender de rango. “Clara Luz Flores ha negado pública y sistemáticamente conocer a este delincuente y ser parte de esta secta; sin embargo, la información en mi poder demuestra lo contrario y es irrefutable”, ha dicho De La Garza y ha asegurado que hay más de una hora de grabación. “No tengo nada que ocultar”, ha respondido la candidata, quien se dijo “apenada” y “engañada” por Raniere, y dijo que su contrincante la ataca porque lo denunció como “corrupto”.

    A principios de mes fue Mario Delgado, dirigente nacional de Morena, el que fue señalado por pertenecer a NXIVM. “Asistí a programas de gestión de liderazgo y éxito corporativo de una institución a la que asistían miles de personas en el mundo”, respondió en redes sociales Delgado, cuya apuesta por la expriista Flores le valió críticas y pleitos dentro del partido en Nuevo León. “En México ya habían asistido y recomendaban dicho programa a políticos, famosos periodistas y líderes de opinión”, agregó. Paradójicamente, las bases de Morena y periodistas que simpatizan con el Gobierno de López Obrador habían sido antes quienes señalaron los vínculos de NXIVM con el poder, a menudo para atacar a críticos y rivales en otras partes del espectro político. El caso más notorio es el del hijo del expresidente Carlos Salinas, que estuvo al frente del centro de la organización en Ciudad de México. También tomaron los cursos familiares de los expresidentes Vicente Fox y Miguel de la Madrid; familiares de miembros del Gobierno de Enrique Peña Nieto y la hija de Alejandro Junco, dueño del periódico Reforma, constantemente en la diana presidencial.

    Las ambiciones de Raniere en México eran grandes, promoviendo la adhesión de familias con poder político y económico, pero lo cierto es que su influencia política en el país era prácticamente nula. Vanguardia, por ejemplo, declaró alguna vez que quería establecer “una república” de NXIVM en México, un plan que dio para innumerables titulares, pero que era disparatado. Sus seguidores, por ejemplo, argumentaron antes de que fuera condenado en octubre que Raniere había dedicado sus esfuerzos a resolver la ola de violencia que asola a México, cuando su máxima contribución fue una película sobre el tema que acabó convirtiéndose en un video propagandístico del grupo.

    NXIVM saltó a los titulares después de que en 2017 The New York Times revelara que existía DOS, un grupo secreto de esclavas sexuales creado por Raniere. La insinuación, desde entonces, era que todo el que había pasado por el grupo había consentido los abusos o, en el peor de los casos, participado en ellos. En realidad, eran pocos los clientes que pasaban de los cursos a pertenecer al culto y existía un orden piramidal sumamente rígido, en el que Raniere era siempre el más beneficiado. La desintegración de la organización y la pérdida del grueso de su membresía se dio después de que explotó el escándalo sexual de DOS. A tres años del arresto de Raniere en el balneario mexicano de Puerto Vallarta, la sombra de NXIVM ha vuelto a entrar de lleno a la elección, que se decidirá en el próximo junio. Convertido en un arma política arrojadiza, ningún mexicano involucrado en la cúpula del grupo ha enfrentado acusaciones formales en el país.


    El País

    Leaked video of Morena’s candidate for the Government of Nuevo León with the leader of the NXIVM sect
    Clara Luz Flores consults self-proclaimed guru Keith Raniere, convicted in the U.S. for sex trafficking, on populism and asks him for advice on how to govern

    Mexico – 25 MAR 2021 – 20:06 CET
    The shadow of NXIVM (pronounced Nexium) has reappeared in Mexico’s election campaign. The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) on Wednesday leaked a video in which Clara Luz Flores, Morena’s candidate for the Government of Nuevo Leon and leader in the polls, is seen while in dialogue with Keith Raniere, founder of the sect and sentenced last October to more than 120 years in prison for crimes such as human trafficking, sexual exploitation and possession of child pornography. “So when there are governments that take populist measures, even if they are not the best economically for the country or for the government they represent, but they are what the people who want, are they right?” the aspiring Vanguard, as the self-proclaimed self-improvement guru was called by his followers, asks with a chuckle, in an excerpt from the recording.

    “Politicians are often elected by giving people what they want or what they think they want and not what they need,” Raniere explains in English. The conversation was recorded in mid-2016 in Albany (New York), the group’s main headquarters, but was never published on the organization’s former website -now deleted-, a source who belonged to NXIVM has told this newspaper. There are two darts that Adrian de la Garza, the PRI candidate, has thrown against his rival. The first one digs up Flores’ membership in the sect, an issue that has been used to derail his political career for at least two years. The second questions her signing up with Morena, the party of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, disqualified as populist by opponents, after the aspirant resigned from the PRI in February 2020 after more than two decades of militancy.

    The video was part, says the former member of the group, of a series called Keith Raniere Conversations, devised just over five years ago by the leader himself and the group’s leadership to clean up his image in social networks. It does not necessarily imply that Flores occupied a high place in the hierarchy of NXIVM; rather, they were looking for well-known members outside the organization, such as celebrities and politicians, who would vindicate Raniere. The format included, for example, Emiliano Salinas, son of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas, and Allison Mack, Smallville actress and co-defendant in the trial against the sect’s founder in a New York court. Flores’ video, one of the last to be recorded, was not authorized by his communications team, explains the source, who was directly involved in the filming, and therefore did not see the light of day.

    Flores’ strategy has been, from the beginning, to minimize his membership in the group. “I don’t know what NXIVM is talking about”, she said in an interview with journalist Julio Astillero, “I took a personal improvement course, I was not in NXIVM”. The politician also denied having met Salinas and Raniere. In 2019, a collaborator of the aspirant explained in an interview with EL PAÍS that Flores arrived at NXIVM about five years ago. Her arrival came years after the kidnapping of one of her stepsons in Nuevo León, while she was mayor of the municipality of Escobedo and had gained popularity for taking action against organized crime. “I thought I was coming to see how to solve the problem of the criminal factory, which is for me the most important thing,” Flores tells Raniere in one part of the video, “you send me with much more work.”

    The intention of joining, says the source, who described himself as a close friend, was to overcome the psychological aftermath of the kidnapping and found results in the Executive Success Programs (ESP), NXIVM’s flagship product. According to internal documents reviewed by this newspaper, Flores was a coach and reached the rank of yellow belt with one stripe, the second lowest level on the ESP ladder. To do so, according to the sect’s rules, she had to have recruited at least two people directly and those had to have brought in five other people, although high-profile members were often given facilities to move up the ranks. “Clara Luz Flores has publicly and systematically denied knowing this criminal and being part of this sect; however, the information in my possession proves otherwise and is irrefutable,” said De La Garza and assured that there is more than an hour of recording. “I have nothing to hide”, has answered the candidate, who said she was “sorry” and “deceived” by Raniere, and said that her opponent attacks her because she denounced him as “corrupt”.

    Earlier this month it was Mario Delgado, national leader of Morena, who was singled out for belonging to NXIVM. “I attended leadership and corporate success management programs of an institution attended by thousands of people in the world,” responded Delgado in social networks, whose bet on the former PRI member Flores earned him criticism and fights within the party in Nuevo León. “In Mexico they had already attended and recommended the program to politicians, famous journalists and opinion leaders,” he added. Paradoxically, Morena’s grassroots and journalists sympathetic to López Obrador’s government had previously been the ones to point out NXIVM’s links to power, often to attack critics and rivals in other parts of the political spectrum. The most notorious case is that of the son of former President Carlos Salinas, who headed the organization’s Mexico City center. The courses were also taken by relatives of former presidents Vicente Fox and Miguel de la Madrid; relatives of members of Enrique Peña Nieto’s government and the daughter of Alejandro Junco, owner of the Reforma newspaper, who is constantly in the presidential spotlight.

    Raniere’s ambitions in Mexico were great, promoting the adhesion of families with political and economic power, but the truth is that his political influence in the country was practically null. Vanguardia, for example, once declared that he wanted to establish “a republic” of NXIVM in Mexico, a plan that made countless headlines but was nonsensical. His followers, for example, argued before he was convicted in October that Raniere had devoted his efforts to solving the wave of violence plaguing Mexico, when his greatest contribution was a film on the subject that ended up becoming a propaganda video for the group.

    NXIVM made headlines after The New York Times revealed in 2017 that DOS, a secret sex slave group created by Raniere, existed. The insinuation, since then, was that everyone who had gone through the group had consented to abuse or, at worst, participated in it. In reality, few clients went from courses to cult membership and there was an extremely rigid pyramidal order in which Raniere always benefited the most. The disintegration of the organization and the loss of the bulk of its membership occurred after the DOS sex scandal exploded. Three years after Raniere’s arrest in the Mexican resort of Puerto Vallarta, the shadow of NXIVM has re-entered the election, which will be decided next June. Turned into a political weapon, no Mexican involved in the group’s leadership has faced formal charges in the country.]

  • It’s funny how many people think that the battle to take down NXIVM started so recently. Reading this post reminded me of just how long this battle has been going on for some of us (16+ years for me) — and how we all managed to survive by bonding with each other along the way (Even though I have totally cut off communications with some of my anti-NXIVM allies in recent years — mostly over unrelated matters — I still value them for what they contributed to the battle along the way).

    In the early days, many of us were completely overwhelmed by the Bronfmans’ wealth, Raniere’s insistence that we bend a knee to his supremacy or be destroyed, and the willingness of so many attorneys to turn a blind eye to justice in order to earn exorbitant fees (It also didn’t help that so many law enforcement official in the NDNY had been coerced, blackmailed, bribed or otherwise intimidated into doing nothing about NXIVM’s numerous illegal activities). But thanks to Frank — and the willingness of people like Catherine Oxenberg and Sarah Edmondson to become the public face of the battle — we all eventually prevailed.

    I, for one, would have willingly walked away — and not looked back. But Keith insisted that no one could ever leave him — and that those who attempted to do so had to be driven into submission or be destroyed.

    I doubt that Keith will ever change his perspective of what happened — and why. And at this point, I don’t really care if he goes on believing all the crazy shit that he espoused over the years.

    He will die a very lonely death in prison while I will die a contented man knowing that I helped, in a variety of small ways, to destroy him and his evil intentions.

    • Joe, if New York State politicians had shown backbone and done their jobs, the task of taking down NXIVM would have been easier.

      As it stands now, the corrupt reign of Andrew Cuomo has finally been exposed but New York politicians are too feckless to unite and remove the Emperor of Albany.

      • During the time when he was New York State Attorney General (2007-2010), Andrew Cuomo became the focal point of our attempt to bring about a full-scale investigation of NXIVM’s illegal activities (We had given up hope of ever getting any law enforcement official in the NDNY to do anything — and the local D.A., P. David Soares, was already working to help the cult). At one point, we felt we had a major break-through when two Assistant Attorney Generals based in NYC contacted me — and asked me to send them whatever information I had about NXIVM and Keith Raniere.

        Within hours after I sent the first batch of materials to them, I received a frantic phone call from one of them asking me not to send any more material. And that was the last I heard from anyone associated with Cuomo’s office.

        A few months later, I was contacted by Senior Inspector Rodger Kirsopp from the NYS Police — who told me that he had been assigned to investigate NXIVM. And we all know how that turned out…

        • Joe, law enforcement in Illinois is every bit as corrupt as in New York.

          Back around 1977, Helen Brach, heiress to the Brach candy fortune, reported criminal behavior in Chicago’s horse industry.
          Chicago at the time actually had a “horse mafia.”
          This horse mafia was active all over America.
          Brach went to a local prosecutor’s office to provide information.
          A few months later, Helen Brach disappeared and her body has never been found.
          The current belief is that members of the horse mafia shot Brach in the foyer of her home and her body was incinerated in the blast furnace of Inland Steel’s East Chicago steel mill.

          “Helen Vorhees Brach (born November 10, 1911 – disappeared February 17, 1977). An investigation into the case uncovered serious criminal activity associated with Chicago horse stable owners, including Silas Jayne and Richard Bailey. More than a decade later. Bailey was charged with, but not convicted of, conspiring to murder Brach; he eventually received a long sentence after being convicted of defrauding her.”

          One of the people involved in the case was Rielle Hunter, aka Lisa Druck.
          Rielle Hunter later gained fame as the girlfriend of U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate John Edwards.
          Her father was a crooked lawyer who knew how to kill insured horses without leaving any marks.

          “In 1981, 17-year-old Lisa Druck of Ocala, Florida (now known as Rielle Hunter) owned and rode a show horse named Henry the Hawk. Because Lisa (born June 6, 1964) was underage, her finances were controlled by her father, James Druck, an attorney and owner of Eagle Nest Farm. Druck’s legal practice consisted of defending insurance companies against claims, and he knew that if a horse were electrocuted in a certain manner, it would be very difficult for a veterinary pathologist to find signs of foul play and the death would be chalked up to colic. According to ABC News, Lisa was “a prize-winning equestrian when her father was implicated in an insidious plot to electrocute horses for insurance money.”[8]

          “In the early 1990s, following James Druck’s death, convicted horse-killer and FBI informant Tommy Burns told authorities and reporters that James Druck had first attempted to sell his daughter’s horse for $150,000, but the highest offer he received was only $125,000. He then hired Burns and personally taught him how to electrocute horses, even going so far as to buy Burns’ first set of electrocution tools. The first horse that Druck hired Burns to kill was Henry the Hawk, whose life insurance policy was worth $150,000. James Druck thus started Tommy Burns on a 10-year-long career as a “horse murderer”.[1]

          “James Druck collected on a $150,000 insurance policy for arranging the killing of his daughter’s horse in 1982, but he was under investigation by the FBI when he died of cancer in Tampa, Florida in 1990.”

  • Is Nicki Clyne planning to become a criminal defense lawyer.
    A female Perry Mason?
    (Both Raymond Burr — Perry Mason — and Nicki Clyne came from Vancouver!)

    Azazel Excelsior
    · 20h
    Replying to @nickiclyne
    Why not start a law firm with a group of like-minded lawyers to help victims of wrongful conviction?

    Nicki Clyne
    This is actually my plan Crystal ballSparkles

    • Oh, man. Nicki Clyne is going to start a criminal defense law firm?

      I wonder if she feels like only criminals will want to associate with her, now?

      To be honest, I would not hire her. I’ve seen her talk and seen her website and it totally creeps me out. I can’t quite explain it but there’s a sort of an arrogance that just oozes off of her.

      But? Good luck to her all the same! If she wants to continue spending the rest of her life working with criminals, that’s her prerogative.

      I’ll never be convinced she’s doing this for anyone other than Keith. But the heart wants what the heart wants and eventually, everyone will reap what they sow.

      We all know Keith is spending the rest of his life in prison. She can spend the rest of her life getting involved with more criminals if she wants to.

    • She needs to graduate from college before she can attend law school.

      Wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that.

    • Wait until the clients of this imaginary wrongful conviction firm find out that Nicki Clyne was a leader in an organization that pressured women to make 1000s of false accusations.

      Over 100 women in DOS. There was the initial blackmail package. Then a constant stream of more, more, more. There was “collateral” due monthly. Minimum.

      We know from sworn testimony that men were implicated in fake domestic abuse. Serial molestation. Child beating. Incest.

      “Just make it up”. Past employers smeared. Ex-boyfriends made into criminals. Heartbreaking & devastating sexual assaults pinned on fathers, grandfathers and uncles. Husbands accused of the worst. Brothers. Children were swept into the sordid tales.

      All of it documented. Photos. Recordings. Masters’ (like Nicki) reviewed the blackmail material to decide if it was “damaging enough”. That is all that mattered. Not if it were true.

      Many DOS defectors have detailed how they ran out of anything remotely real to use as “collateral” very early on. But the pressure to create more never ceased.

      Some of these women were in Nxivm for a decade. All of their behavior was known. Raked over in EMs. They needed fresh FALSE blackmail against loved ones. Lies.

      DOS may be the largest intentional and systematic producer of the most false accusations against men currently known.

      And WHERE IS all of that collateral now?

  • Heidi:
    Edgar Bronfman already knew NXIVM was a cult.
    But Clare and Sarah were adults and, as such, they could make their own decisions no matter how stupid those decisions were.
    That is the essence of freedom.

    “2003 Forbes exposé

    In 2003, billionaire Edgar Bronfman Sr. took a NXIVM course at the encouragement of his daughters Sara and Clare. Later that year, he denounced the group as a “cult” in a quote he gave to Forbes Magazine.

    n October 2003, Raniere was featured, cloaked in shadows, on the cover of Forbes magazine, accompanied by the appellation “The World’s Strangest Executive Coach.”[51] The “devastating” cover story, penned by Michael Freedman and entitled “Cult of Personality,” has been described as “a gold mine of previously unpublished information”.[12] The cover story discussed Raniere’s title “Vanguard” and detailed his business, Consumers’ Buyline, which collapsed amid accusations of being a “pyramid scheme.”[12] The cover story included a quote from billionaire Edgar Bronfman accusing the organization of being a cult.[12]

    Vanity Fair subsequently reported on the cover story’s impact within the group: “People at NXIVM were stunned. Expecting a positive story, the top ranks had spoken to Forbes, including Raniere, Salzman, and Sara Bronfman. What upset them above all were Edgar Bronfman’s remarks.”[12] According to Vanity Fair, the Forbes article was a turning point in Raniere’s relationship with Edgar Bronfman: “‘That,’ says one woman, ‘was when Edgar Bronfman became NXIVM’s enemy.'”[12] A witness at Raniere’s trial later testified that Edgar Bronfman’s computer was compromised and his emails monitored by group members for a period of years”

    • Appreciate your comment here, Shadow, but I’m sorry “the essence of freedom” does not include funding a criminal enterprise (NXIVM) that destroys innocent lives.

      Yes, Bronfman Sr. denounced NX as a “cult” in the 2003 Forbes article but Raniere & Salzman only used that rather mild rebuke to further manipulate his daughters and the family dynamic to perpetrate, coverup and get away with crimes against a wider group of victims – and the Bronfman family, as victims themselves, knew it all along.

      I’m making the most kind assumption I can to say Edgar may have purely acted out of love for his daughters in allowing them to carry on their criminal activities under NX’s control but have not, unfortunately cannot, rule out other motives.

      In fact, I’m aware that Bronfman Sr. helped quash a few write-ups apart from the TU expose’ on NXIVM set to be published back in 2011/2012 onward that mysteriously never saw the light of day because of the “embarrassment to the Bronfman family name.” (Paraphrasing Bronfman’s own words.)

      How’s that for irony?

      • Heidi, once Clare and Sara reached adulthood Edgar senior had no legal right to force them out of NXIVM.
        Plenty of people in the cult recognized its true nature and left.
        Lots of religions and associations can be considered to be cults but our society values freedom and lets adults make their own decisions.
        Adults should not need babysitting.

        Susan Dones, Toni Natalie, Kristen Keefe, Kristen Kreuk, and Barb Bouchey left the cult.
        All of NXIVM’s PR managers recognized NXIVM was a cult and they all left.
        People have to learn to be independent and make their own decisions.
        People need to learn to resist peer pressure without someone holding their hand.
        People need to learn not to be “sheeple.”
        People have to learn to say “No!”

        When I was in college, Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church was active on campus.
        Like NXIVM, the Unification Church used front groups to lure in the unsuspecting.
        One of these front groups was called CARP, the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles.
        One evening a small group of CARP members led by a young woman walked down the Campus Quad handing out CARP brochures to recruit people.
        The CARP woman handed a brochure to a coed.
        I walked up to the coed and warned her, “Before you take that literature, you should know CARP is part of Sun Moon’s Unification Church.”
        The coed asked the CARP woman, “Is that true?”
        The CARP woman reluctantly admitted it.
        The coed thanked me and threw the brochure back at the CARP woman.
        The CARP woman yelled at me, “Devil, get thee behind me.”
        I just laughed.

        The members of NXIVM – including Clare, Sara, Nancy, Lauren, Allison, and Nicki – all knew damned well that they were in a cult and they should have dealt with the consequences of their horrible decisions.

        • Shadow : what do you think of Britney Spears and her dad who does not allow her to make decisions ?

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