Kristin Keeffe Is a Victim to Watch at Raniere Restitution Hearings

Kristin Keeffe is the mother of Keith Raniere's oldest son.

In our last post, Prosecution Files for Restitution on Behalf of Raniere’s Victims; Filing Under Seal, Raniere to Respond, we discussed some of the people who may be making claims for restitution as purported victims of Keith Raniere.

The judge apparently will decide who is a victim and who is not, after hearing arguments from the prosecution and the defense. He apparently has the authority to declare people who were not victims of any crimes proven in the criminal trial of Raniere to be victims nonetheless and award Raniere’s money to them in any amount he so chooses.

One of those seeking restitution has perhaps one of the most compelling arguments for restitution.

She is Kristin Keeffe and what makes her argument unique among all those who wish to be declared victims is that she is not only speaking for herself but for her son, a boy whose father is Keith Raniere.

As the judge determines who is a victim and who is not, and how much each of them is entitled to receive, with money to be paid from Raniere’s inheritance of some $8 million from his late girlfriend, Pamela Cafritz, it is strange and emblematic of the kind of man Raniere is, that his 14-year-old son, as represented by his mother, has to stand in line with others, some quite remotely connected to Raniere and some with the most dubious, attenuated claims to victimhood, and many, if not every one of them, who have not endured anything like what this mother and son have endured, in order to get their chance at financial stability.

Yes, I suspect the case of Kristin Keeffe may be of particular interest to the judge, for he has already chided Raniere about her, and for his failure to pay child support to their son.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis will be hearing arguments as to who is entitled to restitution.

It was revealed at his sentencing hearing that, months before he was sentenced, Raniere was approached by Keeffe through their respective attorneys, to use some of his wealth to support their son. Apparently, there were multiple discussions between the attorneys with Raniere calling the final shots.

It was Raniere’s attorney, Marc Agniflo, who made the revelations in court, at the sentencing hearing, and the judge expressed a rather keen interest in knowing what Raniere’s response was to the mother’s request for funds for his son.

Though the judge acknowledged that Raniere’s lawyer, Marc Agnifilo, did not have to disclose attorney-client privileged discussions, it was evident that the judge was curious to learn – just moments before he was to sentence Raniere – what the convicted man had done for his son.

The fact that Agnifilo did not offer an answer, despite knowing that the judge seemed curious, signaled that Raniere had refused to provide child support for his son.

Judge Garaufis told Agnifilo: “You carefully glossed over, because he’s your client and you’re not going to tell me about what your client said to you, [about whether Raniere agreed to pay any child support] which is fine, but the fact is, the child is 14 years old and there has been no child support, apparently, and why should this even be an issue if this is his child.

“I mean, I’m just a local guy here in Brooklyn. But you’ve got a 14-year-old child who’s never been supported by his father who has been busy working the commodities markets for tens of millions of dollars and can’t find it in his heart to send a few bucks to his child. Why should anyone look upon that person as someone who is worthy of respect?”

Respect. That’s the word. Judge Garaufis is a man from Brooklyn, a guy who grew up in and around the streets, and the good people there. The judge said everything he needed to say, not only about Raniere but about himself, more in this one statement, more than anything he said during the entire six weeks’ trial.

He’s just a Brooklyn guy, and, in Brooklyn, it’s about respect. He dismisses Keith; sums him up with a single sentence: “Why should anyone look upon that person as someone who is worthy of respect?”

At the end of the day, and perhaps above all else that he has done, Keith Raniere may be able to add to his list of deeds – the role of deadbeat dad.

In the judge’s eyes, Raniere is riff-raff or scum, a shitbird, as some in Brooklyn might say, because, after all, what kind of a man does not support his own son?

While Raniere might argue that he chose to not pay child support out of some higher ethical principle, perhaps because he is displeased with the mother, it worked against him at his sentencing, and likely will do the same at the restitution hearings.

The argument against Raniere’s “ethical” argument that because he is unhappy with the mother, so he won’t give money to the support of his son, is that perhaps no one else can see the ethics of the argument that the supposed sins of the mother should be taken out on the son.

It won’t likely persuade Judge Garaufis, who, if he so chooses, can rectify this decision of Raniere’s to not pay child support, by awarding Keeffe a hefty share of the restitution money.

It would surprise no one either.

Kristin Keeffe and her son have been in hiding since 2014.

Keeffe spoke at both Clare Bronfman’s and Raniere’s sentencing hearings.

At the end of her victim statement at the Bronfman sentencing, the court seemed so moved by Keeffe that the judge sat in stony silence for several moments after she finished speaking.

That is when, perhaps, the Brooklyn guy finally realized how little respect Raniere, or those who stood by him, such as Clare Bronfman, who he was about to sentence, deserved. After the period of silence, the judge called for a recess. After the recess, he came back, listened to other arguments, and then sentenced Bronfman to triple the sentencing guidelines – some 81 months.

At the Raniere sentencing, which I attended, Keeffe’s statement of how Keith had, she said, terrorized her and her son for years while they struggled financially, spoken with such profound emotion, and with a voice a tragedian could only hope to emote in a lifetime, caused such an emotional thrall – in dolorous affect – a mother and her child in terror because of the boy’s father – that, looking around at the spectators, I saw a number of them wiping their eyes. No one seemed unaffected. That haunting voice, seemingly always on the verge of tears, holding back as she described her terror, a terror felt not really for herself but occasioned by her one goal in mind, always the same goal, to protect her son from the monster.

And the stunning irony was that there he sat before her, subject and captive, in the courtroom, a man n handcuffs and shackles,  who would soon receive a sentence, (it was to be 120 years) and then led out again in shackles and handcuffs.  And in between these two events, there was the mother of their son, speaking, relating a torment that this man had caused her.

It surpassed in drama, if not in horror, the tale Camila told.

It proved that whatever else Raniere may claim to be or not be, his colossal lack of ability to make a world feel safe for his own son and the mother who cares for him, teaches us more about him than any group of women who fell in with him, and later found that he had been the opposite of what they had once believed, and now seek what money they can get for their sorrow, their regret, their upset and discomfiture, and in the case of some, but not all of them, their pain.

In my book, they need to all stand in line behind Krisitin and her son.



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  • Keith should have in the past – and still should now – pay child support. There is nothing else to say about this. He recently hired another high profile, expensive attorney, easily costing him $500K – $1 million as a retainer. He has the money to do the right thing but chooses not to – and then makes a bunch of lame excuses to his supporters. Wake up, people!

  • To All Nxivm dead-enders who enjoy commenting freely here…

    You seek to discredit Kristin

    Are you also accusing Frank Parlato of lying?

  • While I feel Kristin should get all of the child support that is in arrears, plus a lot more, I don’t feel that she is blameless in much of this NXIVM story.

    Wasn’t it Kristin who was put as an “intern” in David Soares’ office (the Albany DA), which eventually led to the indictments of Joe O’Hara, John Tighe, and others? She had her hand in a lot of the ugliness of NXIVM before she (rightfully) fled with her son. She is certainly both a perpetrator and victim in this case.

    Also, for those who don’t understand child support — the support is not the child’s money; the money is paid to the parent with whom the child resides to support the child — by giving that child food, housing, clothing, education, etc.

    Again, I do hope Kristin gets a large chunk of the money: back support and a hefty restitution check!

  • People like anonymous below take comments out of context and twist words which misrepresents and manipulates. He was not charged or found guilty of any of those charges.

    • Put the incest comments in context.

      The testimony about the sisters and incest was part of the trial.

      • Vanperv was referring to trial testimony; witnesses are sworn under the pains and penalties of perjury so that their testimony is regarded as truthful/fact.

        Boston Legal and Allie McBeal ain’t real. 😂

  • Keith Alan Raniere is a known pedophile and child pornographer.

    He is especially dangerous to his own son due to his deeply disturbing views on incest.

    Keith spoke frequently of the different ages of consent in other countries in order to make the point that if it is legal to marry a 12 or 9-year-old in one country, then sex with a 12-year-old or 9-year-old should also be fine in America.

    Keith fabricated a perverted narrative that mothers in unspecified, “other countries” frequently orally copulated their own babies “to soothe them”. There was no proof offered of this abhorrent practice that Keith lied about.

    This was in addition to Keith’s very notorious and recorded statement, “I could make a very rapeable baby”.

    Raniere pontificated, “Sex with a parent is not abuse if the child enjoys it”. (“it” being sexual abuse).

    Keith often declared (once again, with no proof) “Children often don’t feel that they were sexually abused until they get older and someone tells them they were abused”.

    Keith had a sexual relationship simultaneously with three sisters.

    He tried to make two of those sisters engage in sex with each other.

    It is put forth in the sworn testimony of Keith’s criminal trial.

    To hear one of the sisters tearfully explain how upsetting it was for her to be put in a sexual situation with her own sister by Keith was nauseating.

    The sister was deeply traumatized.

    Keith Alan Raniere has had no shame in sexualizing children. Or promoting incest.

    Keith Alan Raniere sought to normalize sexual conduct between children and adults. And incest between all family members.

    This was to desensitize such shocking behavior to those around him and rationalize his own perversions.

  • The judge is not the sole authority on child support which has nothing to do with the crimes charged – anyone else see a HUGE issue with this????

  • Parents differ about values and education.

    Kristin ran away with the boy and now claims money for the boy’s education.

    I assume that Kristin wants to educate the boy as she wants or thinks is the best not necessarily as Keith would like.

    Basically, Kristin wants Keith to pay for the education she chooses.

    The fact is that a human being is the responsibility of two parents who have a responsibility and a say in the child’s education.

    Just because she is a woman she has the right? Just wonder if the judge will decide based on Kristin as a victim

    Again and again, women victims.

    Far from this in my experience.

    • Why don’t you write or call the judge and give him a piece of your mind? A couple of Keith-friendly lawyers have provided his contact info.

    • In response to Arrow’s comment:

      “Just because she is a woman she has the right? Just wonder if the judge will decide based on Kristin as a victim
      Again and again, women victims.”

      No. Just because Keith is the child’s father, she has the legal right. It doesn’t have anything to do with her being a woman.
      He’s the father. He has a legal responsibility to pay child support.

      As much as you want to focus on her sex and “victimhood”, those are entirely beside the point.

  • Anthony, we duplicate your data on this matter. The question of women lying about birth control to trap men and their resources using the doctrine of “a woman’s right to choose” is a major problem of justice as illustrated by the Raniere case. There needs to be intense watching and scrutiny of the judge and all so-called victims and so-called sons and so-called wives supposedly involved. They must take care or ipso facto there can be adverse legal results.

  • Data…data…data. We have none to back up any of our statements on various topics nor do we have any data that can be provided in our nonsensical responses to other readers’ questions. We have learned that if we just say ‘data’ somewhere in our post, we can then write any nonsense we choose along the lines of ‘Blah blah blah Data’ and cha-Ching, we are paid for the post by Cafritz, Bronfman, or Suneel’s money.

    The big money is in pretending to be an attorney but only a few of us have tried our hand at that; it requires a lot more effort.

    Data, data, data, data, data, data, data (apologies in advance for the repetitive use of data with absolutely no context) needing to make my quota this week, my child support payments are due tomorrow.

  • PS: child support is generally statutory, strict liability, with little wiggle room. 17% first kid. All retroactive. No statute of limitations.

  • The Great and Glorious Vanguard allegedly has other “love children”.

    Kemar, who lives in Mexico with his mother, is allegedly sired by Raniere.
    And there are rumors about an actress, who shall remain nameless, who had a relationship with Raniere.

    My belief is that all of these children would be better off without exposure to Raniere.
    That said all of these children should benefit from the fruits of Raniere’s labor of grifting people.
    And the same way society is benefited by the neutering of dogs it would also benefit by the neutering of Raniere.

  • I am Lieutenant Commander Data of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). I have come back in time from the year 2364 via a worm hole to your current year of 2021 to speak on behalf of myself and as an officer of the Federation and vehemently deny that I have ever had any association to NXIVM, nor that any current NXIVM follower speaks in any way, shape, or form, on my behalf. Please take this Data into consideration (pun intended).

  • I’m shocked that the judge said that at the sentencing. Seems very unprofessional… more Judge Judy than an Honorable.

    • “Why should anyone look upon that person as someone who is worthy of respect?”

      Because no one should respect Keithy Boy

    • I am shocked that with all Keith Raniere’s unearned and unlimited money, he was too selfish and cheap to provide for his son.

      I am not shocked to see Nxium dead-enders attack both mother and child.

      The true values of the cult are on display and they are ugly.

      And they are calling Frank a liar while enjoying the benefits of his blog.

      There’s your gratitude, Frank.

  • Would anyone here watch a two hour interview with Keith, a tell all per se where he reveals his motivation behind his actions and his knowledge and data regarding each charge? If he wrote a book explaining things to the same effect, would you buy it?

    I totally would. Would love to know his unfiltered versions of the events, his intentions, his actions. If he expressed something that goes against what most people think and it makes sense, would you believe it?

    Or are we all set in our ways believing what we want to believe, not wanting to take in new data (on both sides of the conflict). Really curious about this.

    • No to an interview (good luck getting that approved) or a book with Raniere involved.

      I’d pay NOT to watch or read either if Nicki Clyne or Michele Hatchette were involved with this project.

    • Why do we need an interview or a book when we’ve got The World’s Smartest Defender of Child Rape™ and Harvard-Trained Blow Job Analyst™, Suneel Chakravorty, dutifully transcribing his “Vanguard’s” thoughts and words for us on a regular basis?

      The rest of the NXIVM 5 are nowhere to be seen under their own names. They act like they are afraid to stand up for The World’s Smartest Child Rapist™ and Suneel is the only loyal minion left who will be counted publicly.

      Not a peep from Michele Hatchette, Marc Elliot, or Eduardo Asunsolo.

      Nicki Clyne managed to get a YouTube interview with a 3rd rate, has been cartoonist a few months ago. We see how much impact his call for Trump to pardon Keith had.

      Clyne and Hatchette aren’t even committed enough to say they proudly wear Keith’s brand.

      So much for The Bad-Ass Women of DOS™.

      ‘We Are the Forgotten Ones, AKA ‘Make Justice Blind’ are just hot air. Not even bothering to “dance” (if you can call it that) for Keith. Are they dedicated enough to relocate to Tuscon to be closer to their guru?

    • ‘If he wrote a book explaining things to the same effect, would you buy it?’

      If Raniere were to publish a book, he would not be able to profit financially from it, because he could end up like OJ Simpson. The revenues would be claimed by plaintiffs as compensation.

      In addition, Raniere could also be sued for misrepresentations or lies in the book. This would also affect the publisher or publicists. There is a risk that the sale of the book could be stopped before it goes on sale because of lawsuits against the content. This could mean that all the books printed so far could not be sold.

  • What did Keith do to Kristin for her to run away with his child? This could be considered kidnapping.

    So she runs away, hides his child, and now demands child support?

  • Witnesses who claimed to be “victims” sold at the trial crying and drama more than facts which judge and jury bought.

    Kristin is intelligent and knows about the law and how to impress at court.

    The boy in his early childhood was trained in more than seven languages, did Kristin alone paid for the education?

    Kristin ran away with the boy around 2014. If Keith had personal reasons to not support the boy after she ran away is one thing but the law is the law and everybody must obey it.
    A final thought, the judge bought the victims’ drama and he is the one who will decide the restitution, not the justice ideal.

    • In response to Arrow’s comment:

      “The boy in his early childhood was trained in more than seven languages, did Kristin alone paid for the education?”

      Hahahahahah! Oh, you mean that crazy Rainbow school that did nothing but confuse children and keep them away from their parents?
      I wonder how many foreign languages Kristin’s son can speak as a result of that joke of an experiment?

      Also: “A final thought, the judge bought the victims’ drama”

      The judge didn’t “buy the victim’s drama”. He heard her story– A true account of someone who knew Keith quite well for years. And is the mother of one of his children. Whether or not it was dramatic and whether she cried while telling it, does not change the facts she spoke of.

  • “Pea Onyu
    January 30, 2021 at 1:01 am
    It’s time to stop coddling these victims. How much money does this kid need?
    They have welfare and food stamps and does this kid care about Keith?
    So why should Keith who has enough problems worry about him? That is stupid.”

    Pea, Why should taxpayers pay because Keith Raniere can not keep his pants zipped up?

  • Kristen Keeffe is [redacted] Why didn’t Keith Raniere attempt to retrieve his child from her? I don’t understand.

    • For the record, I think Kristen Keefe is a good person.

      I used the [redacted] word to see if I could elicit a response.

      I want to know what the NX ‘5’ think of Raniere letting his child be kidnapped by an allegedly [redacted] person.

      If Kristen Keefe is such a bad person, why didn’t Raniere go to the police?

      NXIVM had a good relationship with law enforcement in New York State when Kristen left with her child.

      Can the Nxivm 5 explain why Keith, the world’s most ethical man, would not try to retrieve his son?

  • Anthony alerted us with an interoffice memo about these new developments in this case. His data is objective and the legality of these so-called victims to subjective to say the least.

    If the judge was true to the law and not pressure from hate bias in the media or Mexican drug lords the claims against Keith would be dismissed forthwith. There is much illegality with the secrecy and shielded filings of the prosecutors. Transparency is the essence of data but here manipulation derives from lack of confrontation and cross-examination under oath. Both sides must be heard but here we only hear from the so-called victims many who are guilty of felonies at the least and potentially lying to dig for gold.

    Judge Garaufis allowing secrecy puts himself in the position of fines and punishments, especially if this requires examination at the Supreme Court. If he does not take care this matter can be taken by Mr. Raniere even to the International Court of Justice and Interpol could become involved to arrest him whenever he flies or otherwise tries to leave the United States of America. Even on a day trip to Mexico or Canada.

    Anyone who concerned with justice in this case can make Judge Garaufis aware that his actions are being closely watched and scrutinized by contacting him. Publicly available information

    Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis
    Chambers: (718) 613-2540
    Courtroom Deputy: (718) 613-2545

    Office Address:
    United States Courthouse
    Room 1426 S
    225 Cadman Plaza East
    Brooklyn, NY 11201

    • Frank’s blog has recently been invaded by gerbils from NXIVM.

      These clowns are posing as various shills like Anthony, Pea Onyu, Two Lawyers, Anonymous and others too.

      They are posting in total harmony with each other, without skipping a beat, in almost cult-like fashion.

      The real question is this…

      How many years will have to go by — with Vanguard being in prison — before these shills will choose to GET ON WITH THEIR LIVES and stop pretending as though NXIVM can go back to the way it was when Keith was around?

      It’s been 3 years (with Keith locked up) and yet they’re still holding strong.

      That’s fairly impressive. 🙂

      After 5 or 10 more years, will Suneel (and his flock of gerbils) ever choose to accept the reality that their Vanguard ain’t coming home in their lifetimes?

      Yeah, I know, I know… Suneel (and his gerbils) claim that they don’t care about restoring NXIVM, they only care about achieving JUSTICE for the sake of morality. lol.

      This is almost comical.

      Hey, Frank.

      Why don’t you start doing what you do best? Which is throwing mud at those who deserve to have mud thrown onto them.

      Frank and Claviger are too cozy with Suneel. They both wanna metaphorically suck the guy’s schlong rather than crap on him.

      Frank needs to get back to throwing mud on people. He’s stopped doing that and I miss the days of him crapping on people.

      The world needs more vitriol, not less. Politeness is boring. I like crapping on people who deserve to be crapped on. 🙂

    • Wow. Anthony, it’s time to give up this little charade. It’s getting ridiculous. Aside from the utter absurdity of the substantive claims, the grammar is horrifying. I cannot even list all of the basic grammatical errors in your post. Even the worst of lawyers can put together a proper grammatical sentence.

      Didn’t someone just post that Raniere taught the power of a comma in a basic ESP class. I guess you weren’t paying attention in that forum either.

      • ‘Didn’t someone just post that Raniere taught the power of a comma in a basic ESP class?’

        Wasn’t there an example from the famous Nxivm University that taught you that different comma placements can lead to different meanings? This is interesting for all those who missed this subject matter in elementary school. But that’s what Nxivm University is for, to teach such things at the university level.

      • It is good to see there is another lawyer on here who is like us trained in objective data because there are many so-called critics who only know hate and believe media bias. They need to take care and look at all sides of the issues because no one is perfect and great injustice is being done here as you know.

    • I find it interesting that you speak of transparency, the lack of confrontation and cross-examination under oath, and then continue on that both sides must be heard. Did Keith not have a chance to take the stand, be confronted under oath and tell his side? He made the choice not to.

      You continue on inferring that some are not victims and basically perjured themselves under oath. What “data” do you have to back that up or draw such conclusions? Keith’s word? (The man who chose not to speak under oath, be cross examined, be confronted, and be transparent?)

      • We are both senior lawyers and do not work weekends. We never use company time or resources to search and give data on these topics only with our own personal devices and data plans. Anthony duplicates these actions as his integrity is, like ours, very high. We are all loyal not to NXIVM or any members thereof but only to the objective truth that data gives.

        Since we are officers of the court, it is our duty to inform you that joking and degrading lawyers admitted before the bar can result in writs of habeas corpus delicti and also bills of attainder at state, federal and even international courts since we also know Mexican law. We respectfully request that you take care to treat this case and all participants with the respect all are due because even though no one is perfect all deserve due process before the law. Even the so-called devil himself.

        • Give up the sham! It’s clear you don’t even know what a writ of habeas corpus is, among other legal terms. If you look it up, you’ll see how utterly ridiculous it is to threaten someone with that type of petition. No one here believes you! Stop! It’s annoying, already.

        • I am sticking four fingers up, two for each of you. Is that respectful enough for you, oh holy officers of the court? Does one of you speak and the other dictate or do you write alternate words? Sounds like a weekend of fun!


      It’s a shame that your practice is so lacking that you have time to comment and be so deeply involved in a case that you have nothing to do with and aren’t getting paid for.

      You must be really “great lawyers”

  • If an Irish priest can settle a libel claim against RTÉ for wrongly asserting his paternity, isn’t it possible to sue these Nxivm redux quangos for the false assertions here that Raniere might not be the father of Keefe’s child? She has had to raise their child in secrecy because the father-thing not only denied paternity but also wanted to hurt and harm the child’s Mom? Nothing to protect a mother from published lies concerning her child’s paternity? This redux crew is dumb to the depths. Just when you think they can’t sink any lower, out comes the submarine. Thank God for good law and the offices of the good Judge Garaufis. I hope KR and Clare get rinsed – right down to their gold fillings and the lint in their belly-buttons.

  • Suneel-

    Do you have an opinion or comment regarding this story?

    Pay no heed. Keep fighting for your noble Vanguard, a man of great virtue.

    I know you would actually pay child support. You are a good person. I am frankly surprised you defend him.

  • Respect.

    Nicely said, Frank.

    Prisons are full of scumbags, and Raniere stands out as a prime example. Refusing to pay child support while he played with millions is about as low as it gets. And he had the audacity to pose as a leader, an expert, a philosopher of ethics!


    • You sound really angry with Keith…What did he do to you?

      Or are you one more who is attempting to get money from him you did not earn.. You know, it feels really good to earn a paycheck..

      • It sounds like the concept of a person earning their own money is important to you.

        You must ethically disagree with Keith Raniere who took millions of dollars he did not earn from the Bronfman sisters.

        Keith never repaid the millions in loans from Sara and Clare either.

        What paycheck did Keith earn, again?

        He claimed to have minimal funds.

  • Reading the comments from the last straggling Vanguard supporters gives clues as to why they are still supporting this conman. People like Suneel should be proud to be associated with the Anthonys and Peas of the world. You lie down with dogs, you end up with fleas (or with VD).

    • Nutjob, I am doubting these comments are from the supporters. I think they are being paid to write this garbage or even one hermit that has a lot of time on their hands and now money. A lot is just generic nonsense and written with no context that anyone not in the know would write. Keith is on the attack.

  • No one really should be surprised that he refused to support his son with Kristin Keeffe. The guy has proven that he’s just not a good human being. Of course, this proposition contradicts the fraud that was sold by many of his followers to recruit others: that he was “the most ethical man in the world”. He was a statutory rapist who pretended to be a celibate monk, coerced many women into numerous abortions, and promised a number of them “avatar” babies which he constantly reneged on. Kristin Keeffe was the giant elephant in the room to all of these things.

    The guy abused ethics for his own controlling, financial, and sexual aims. He’s similar to the religious preachers who fly in their own private jets while speaking in the name of Jesus or other religious figures who lived spiritual lifestyles. His word is worthless. The irony is he formed DOS to coerce women into upholding theirs! It’s that old projection thing. Most people have committed acts of hypocrisy in their life, but this guy has proven himself to be one giant hypocrite.

    Who cares if you’re intelligent and you’re character leaves much to be desired? Who cares if you’re pretty or handsome and you’re a cheater? Who cares if you’re rich if you defrauded and stole your way into wealth?

    The fact that people like Suneel and Nicki still support this man shows how low the ability to judge the truth has sunk in a materialistic, “Reality TV” driven world. And they want us to believe that they are the ones with critical thinking skills. They want us to believe that injustice has occurred here and that their fight for prison reform is sincere when their leader is a charlatan and hack and they cared nothing about such a matter until he was thrown in jail.

    Your man was practically a hermit living in Clifton Park. He rarely left there. He wasn’t on the world stage, giving speeches, doing public charity events, shaking hands with the downtrodden and downcast, etc. He was eating pizza with hot sauce, sleeping around, and humble-bragging while celebrating his birthday for ten days in the year.

    Get over yourselves about how great this man is and how there is some conspiracy to take him down.

    Success breeds imitators. The “success” of Raniere has cast him into a prison cell for the rest of his life. So imitate him if you want his type of success in life.

    Look at what happened to Allison Mack. She had a lifestyle she earned in an industry that many young women want to be a part of but never achieve, and this guy manipulated her self-esteem into ruining it because she had something small in the grand scheme of things missing from her life. Was the small hole worth the giant crater he created because he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants?

    He had millions of dollars of Bronfman money (and others) at his disposal and he effectively lost the war to a Sicilian with (at the time) a practically unknown blog. And now his followers (and him) are relying on that same man to give them a voice no one else will. The glaring irony! Haven’t you all been humiliated enough yet?

    Seriously, how brainwashed do you have to be now to continue to support this man? The fact that people are calling you brainwashed is actually a compliment compared to being called dumb or gullible because it means you’re not the latter but are simply currently out of your mind and intellect. Have some shame for your own selves.

  • I don’t know much about Kristin’s case. Or if her son is or isn’t from Keith. I don’t know how this applies to any of the charges on the trial so according to the law (which we all know won’t be upheld), she wouldn’t apply for anything as she is not a victim of the claims. Which brings a different topic that will be very controversial for anyone but applies for any men and women in this country. If a women gets pregnant is responsibility from both men and women. Ultimately the decision to have or not have the baby is the women. But what if the man doesn’t want a baby? If they don’t get an agreement does this make her entitled by law for him to pay child support? Think about it beyond Keith’s case which may or may not be true I have no idea.

    • Yes. Keith is required by law to support his child.

      Both parents are legally responsible.

      For someone who allegedly has at least 2 “attorneys in your office” willing to opine on complex issues in Keith Raniere’s criminal case – it seems suspicious that you couldn’t get a simple “yes” or “no” answer about the legality of child support.

      It’s Keith’s kid.

      You have a lot of strong opinions about Keith’s paternity as a person who states more than once that they are uninformed.

      I don’t want to think about child support beyond Keith’s case. It is Keith’s case we are discussing. It is the law that requires him to pay child support for his child.

      The end.

    • Anthony, data is about reality, not what you don’t know much about or have no idea. If you have data, present it.

    • Any man that can’t risk child support payments, should always wear a condom or refrain from putting his penis in a vagina.
      There ya go, it’s just that simple.

      It’s the child that is supported, not the mother.

      • When Vesuvius is near eruption, I pull out and then manually pump the bilge. It’s that simple. I’ll never be able to grasp why accidents happen. I’ve bare-backed it my whole life. 🙂

    • I grew up without a father who didn’t want me and neglected me. He is a horrible person for doing this along with any other parent who would do that to a child.

      Joshua, you show you are a true scumbag by your comments above. Sickening.

      To KR supporters, these are the type of people who support your cause. It really is sick.

    • Chances are if you feel the need to explain away a story, the story has some weight and truth in your own mind.

      If I accused Keith Raniere of casting a magic spell on Kristin, you would have laughed or shrugged.

    • I don’t know much about Anthony’s brains. Or if he is smart or dumb. I don’t know how this applies to anything relevant about anything.

    • Anthony,

      The man should think twice about who he sleeps with then. As should the woman. Sex can end with pregnancy and consequences. Don’t want to deal with the consequences? Don’t have it.

    • Kristin doesn’t “want money” from Keith.

      Keith has a legal financial responsibility to his son.

      That money is owed to Keith’s son.

      I think it’s interesting that you could not care less about a child.

      Or that the mother and child had to hide because Keith is a loathsome monster.

      So you think Frank is lying?

      You’ve got a hard heart toward an innocent boy who was rejected by his father in every way.

      Seek help. Learn about empathy.

        • It is not Kristin’s “issue”. Read slowly. The. Money. Belongs. To. The. Child. The plaintiff would be Raniere’s child who is owed child support.

        • Because she was scared shitless of Keith!
          Keith is behind bars.

          Why do you think Frank helped hide her at his place in Florida? Frank is not a dramatist. He was concerned for her safety.

      • I agree with the comments before. Why not ask for money before? I’m sure Keith would be happy to support his child. He would want nothing more than to support him.

        If someone takes your child for 7-years and you’re doing whatever you can to find him but can’t… how can u support him!?

        • Kristin should not have ” to ask” for money. It was Keith’s legal responsibility to pay child support.

          All Keith had to do to “find” his child was file for visitation. Or custody.

          Instead, he harassed his child and Kristin with spies and stalking.

          Are you calling Frank Parloto a liar?

    • It’s interesting that you enjoy trashing Kristin but won’t give your real name.

  • Every story has two sides (at least). I read in the first article that Keith won’t be able to confront any of the accusers via cross-examination under oath, and he will only be allowed to rebut their claims in a written filing; I don’t feel confident this will give space to the judge to get those two sides so he can ponder on both and do what is just.

    I pray for Judge Garaufis and all the people in decision making positions for what King Solomon asked for “the gift of a listening heart”.

    Frank, do you know if the victims will need to be under oath when they make their claims for restitution? Thanks.

    • There’s only one side of a story that matters when a man such as Keith Raniere denies paternity of his son.

      And then Keith dodged his legal responsibility to pay child support for over a decade.

      Putting aside the massive moral failure on Keith’s part, he is also legally in the wrong.

      Over the years, Keith has taken many people to court for many reasons, Frank being one of them.

      But Keith never went to court to establish visitation or custody of his son. Keith never filed to get a child support judgment.

    • PioneerofPossible, data is about reality not your feelings of confidence or prayers. If you have data, present it.

    • I don’t feel confident your character will give space to taking victims seriously.

      I pray for you to stop being so sanctimoniously passive aggressive.

      PioneerofPossible, do you know if you need to attend counseling to reset your moral compass?

  • It takes a lot of money to take comfort in having been Raniere’s sidekick and deny responsibility for having committed crimes for Raniere.

  • It’s time to stop coddling these victims. How much money does this kid need?

    They have welfare and food stamps and does this kid care about Keith?

    So why should Keith who has enough problems worry about him? That is stupid.

    • Wow! What an unbelievably wonderful attitude. KK may have been guilty of a lot of stuff, but the child is only ‘guilty’ of having been born. If ‘Pea Onyu’ is a woman, I pity any child you may have … if its a girl, will you also offer her on the altar of KR? Or were you one of the women who was promised an avatar, and because it’s not your child, it cannot be the long-awaited avatar so should be ‘canceled’? And KR and his hardcore followers talk ad nauseum about ‘hate’, ‘morality’, ‘ethics’, ‘justice’ and do not see the irony …

    • Pea— ‘Schatten Zustand’ plans to respond. At the moment he is busy with his Fleshlight™️ from Amazon.

  • I think media has made this case so big, we are dealing with how adults are choosing to relate with each other. I think this is a media circus made with many rules of how people should behave.

    • This is not about “how adults are choosing to deal with each other”.

      It is about how Keith Raniere chose to deal with a child.

      His own son.

      Keith denied paternity

      Keith did not pay child support.

      Keith never filed for legal custody or visitation.

      Keith is a dead-beat dad.

      Keith is an absentee father.

      Keith has been abusive to another child.

      This time his own child.

      Keith is in the wrong legally.

      And morally.

  • This article makes me reflect on this article, in what role are they putting the man, I feel like they are objectifying him as if he were the only one responsible for procreating and I wonder, what is the responsibility of women? I do want to continue with my conviction that women are powerful and capable, some lyrics describe her as a victim and insist on making me believe that women are weak, I refuse to believe it, I do believe in the power of women

    • Do you not see how powerful this woman is, having to live hidden, bringing up a child, being on the run from a vengeful partner with unlimited resources who did all he could to bring about her downfall? And keep your sanity to a large extent? Always having to look over your shoulder, suspicious of strangers wanting to make friends, just in case they turn out to be spies, having to explain to your child where his father is, who his father is (that must have been hard!), why his father is emotionally and financially absent… I don’t know your definition of ‘powerful’ but in my humble opinion (I don’t know her personally), she fits my criteria.

    • Paying child support is the law.

      You may have heard song lyrics about it?

      Raising a child on the run is stronger than anything Keith ever did. Especially while Kristin fought cancer.

      Who cares about your struggle with misogyny? Write about it in your diary.

  • I have no idea why Keith decided not to pay child support for his son. That’s something that is on his conscience and that only he knows the answer to. I have never heard him say or state anything about this. I doubt he will say anything about it, ever. I was actually involved in NXIVM for many years and never heard anything about this. I also wonder how Kristin plays into all of this and what made her leave the community. I wonder what Keith’s version of that is.

    • There is no “version” of knowingly denying your child’s paternity and refusing to pay child support that is acceptable legally or morally.

  • “The judge apparently will decide who is a victim and who is not, after hearing arguments from the prosecution and the defense. He apparently has the authority to declare people who were not victims of any crimes proven in the criminal trial of Raniere to be victims nonetheless and award Raniere’s money to them in any amount he so chooses.”

    I don’t understand why the justice system gives this man the authority to do this, especially to give reparations to people that weren’t part of this criminal case. Isn’t that what the civil suit is for? How does that work?

  • I feel compassion for anyone who has been harmed by someone. However, we need to make people swear on the bible and be subject to cross examination in order to apply restitution. Any person can claim foul after the fact. Not saying she is, but how can you be sure. I disagree with any victim who has not testified to get anything.

    • DNA

      That’s how one can “be sure” that Raniere has failed his child and is legally obligated to pay back child support.

      It’s done through science.

      Not swearing on a book.

  • There are 2 sides to every story. As the guardian of a 14-year-old, Kristin Keeffe’s use of that money is critically important since the money would go to her, not directly to their son. You don’t have to look far for parents who “use” their child as a means to extort money. I am not saying that is happening here, but if we want to think critically, I invite everyone to consider that all we heard was Kristin Keefe’s one side and she was not cross-examined.

      • There is a robotic and overly-baked, yet stale muffinhead here who keeps spewing the same shit, like a Hallmark card preloaded with its single, repetitive jingle, about “data.” About how to think and what you may or not say, according to the muffinheaded robot, and Itt’s comments are like being shut indoors with a fat bore who keeps banging around and who pollutes the atmosphere by leaking out a barrage of loud and awfully stench-ridden FARTS.

        It is like the movie, Psycho. The bucolic Bates motel didn’t look too bad at first. But then you see the leech-ridden corpse of an elderly woman still positioned in a rocking chair off in the corner of a very dim and grim old abandoned room.

        The leeches are long gone but have left their marks. The corpse is ossified and wears a gaping death rictus as a permanently chilly grimacing grin.

        And the horror score looms with its dreadfully harsh notes about MOTHERFUCKING DATA. Jesus, the corpse still hasn’t shut up.

        This is Executive Success. Whatever the hell that is. Cultie corpses on automatic pilot, spewing malodorous intestinal contents and PROUD of it. Welcome, misery personified.

        But what the heck, nearby me, there’s Cuban coffee, happy kitty cats, the sounds of our beautiful children, and a little bowl of wrapped Werther’s candy drops. So fuck it. I like being happy. Very much!

        • Shivani, data is about reality, not about being happy with coffee, kitty cats, and the sounds of children. If you have data, present it.

          And by the way — please pass the bowl of Werther’s!


  • What’s the difference between government control over women’s wombs and Keith’s control? Are both ethical or humane?

    The trade for community acceptance and avoidance of stigma, in exchange for the control of reproductive labor harkens back to traditional patriarchal control, not “badass empowered women”. Starving them to halt menstruation is the ultimate in farming a steady supply of semi infertile zombies. Ethical humanitarian, that Keith.

  • Where are all the “anonymous” NXIVM responses to this thread? Growing up with an absent father, I know that neglect was the worst feeling ever. Anyone that would not seek out to know and take care of their child deserves the worst kind of scorn.

    I haven’t heard Suneel give any rationalization for this and I’m waiting…

    • Hey, David, here is one and I am truly sorry you went through that. I don’t know what that is like as I did not grow up with an absent father but I can imagine that must have been tough for you. Hopefully, it’s okay for me to ask you a question…

      Is it possible that Keith was not an absent father? I’m sure you have heard stories of fathers losing custody or rights to their child though they wanted that access…I don’t know all the facts here, but I invite you to consider alternatives to Keith ‘scorning’ his child…

      • Absolutely not. It is a father’s (and a mother’s) number 1 priority to take care of his children.

        There are no excuses for this neglect. I know how family court works as well as anyone that has been through it…

        If a parent wants to be in their child’s life bad enough, then they will be in it.

        Unless it is confirmed that he was not the father, then nobody should defend this man.

        How a person takes care of their kids is a reflection on their true self.

  • “It was revealed at his sentencing hearing that, months before he was sentenced, Raniere was approached by Keeffe through their respective attorneys, to use some of his wealth to support their son”. Suddenly after she knows about the inheritance?

    • She probably knew Keith was to inherit all the inner circle women’s money, as two made him their beneficiary, and she likely helped commit the fraud with Pam’s money to avoid taxes.

      It doesn’t matter if he dug ditches, he’d be required to pay child support. He’s insisted on paying none AND sent a couple after Kristen and his child for what seemed like an abduction or to “disappear” them.

      Go watch The Lost Women Of NXIVM and put her name in the search bar here. Despite her own misdeeds and crimes, she made good by repeatedly trying to take him down on her own, with help from others.

      But do go on, argue against child support payments for the world’s smartest and most ethical pedophile. Keith didn’t use contraception, rather an assembly line of abortions, and yet this is somehow glossed over by the Twerking Renfields, the most basic responsibility of providing what one can for an offspring, doesn’t apply. A true parasite.

  • “The judge apparently will decide who is a victim and who is not, after hearing arguments from the prosecution and the defense. He apparently has the authority to declare people who were not victims of any crimes proven in the criminal trial of Raniere to be victims nonetheless and award Raniere’s money to them in any amount he so chooses.”

    We should be evaluating the judge’s authority.

  • Keeffe is no angel. She was the major legal headhunter for NXIVM for several years. Only her son is innocent is this disaster of a story, and I mean the entire NXIVM story, not her.

    She should publicly apologize to everybody she ever f*cked over, but we know that won’t happen because even though she probably received blanket federal immunity, there are potential state charges and civil lawsuits that she doesn’t want to expose herself to.

  • Not only did Raniere turn his back on the son he fathered with Kristin, he then turned around and arranged to have Clare Bronfman gift $500,000 to the mother of his second son. So, not only did he punish his first child because Kristin refused to raise that child in the way that Raniere demanded, he then rewarded the mother of his second child because she was — and is — totally submissive to his demands.

    I hope Judge Garaufis takes away every penny that Raniere has — and gives at least 80% of it to Kristin and her son. That will barely cover the therapy they’ll both probably need for the rest of their lives.

  • Great article, Frank.

    I think the title is greatly lacking though (not many people would click on this page based on that crappy title, other than regular readers).

    You have accurately exposed another of Keith’s narcisstic flaws, that is, he’s unwilling to support his own son financially.

    The leader of a huge community, a man who people rely on for LIFE ADVICE, is selfishly unwilling to support his own son financially?

    …and people are RELYING on him for advice on how to LIVE their own LIVES? lol.

    Methinks guys like Suneel won’t touch this topic with a 10 foot pole. He’ll keep his nose out of this thread.

    Oh… I think Suneel’s admission about how NXIVM’s 5 day intensive changed his life is evidence of his unwavering loyalty. In other words, because he feels that Keith’s system saved him (mentally) he therefore feels the need to stand by his sociopathic leader no matter what other bad things he’s done.

    That’s a dangerous kind of loyalty. It’s rooted in a need to wanna please Keith. In essence, Suneel’s loyalty to Keith is based on a need to “return the favor” that NXIVM’s intensive bestowed upon Suneel’s mental well-being.

    Suneel should not have admitted this fact cuz it tells us who we’re dealing with.

    Let’s look at the bright side of this thread… At least Claviger and Suneel won’t be able to “buddy-up” to each other again (in this thread) while metaphorically sucking each other’s schlongs with mutual admiration and respect flowing both ways.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • —buddy-up to each other again (in this thread) while metaphorically sucking each other’s schlongs with mutual admiration and respect flowing both ways.

      Sounds like someone wants to perform some BoyScout CPR themselves.


    • —metaphorically sucking each other’s schlongs with mutual admiration and respect flowing both ways.

      What incredible vivid detail like a Shadeel Siddiki painting.

      Shadeel Siddiki spends between 150 and 200 hours on one painting. How many hours did you spend on your scenery?

    • Oh my GOD Bangkok

      “metaphorically sucking each other’s schlongs with mutual admiration and respect flowing both ways.”

      You sound like a crass male version of Shivani.

  • Suneel.

    How “ethical” is it for a man not to pay child support?

    Do you think it shows Keith has respect for the mother? Or his own child?

    What do you think the treatment of his own child and his child’s mother says about Raniere’s character?

    Do you think Keith treating Kristen in this manner “empowered” her? Gave her “agency”?

    Does Raniere’s inability to allow Kristen her freedom and peace of mind seem healthy or kind?

    Do you think Frank (who has generously allowed you an unlimited platform) is telling the truth about needing to help Kristen and her child?

    What would make Keith lie about his child’s parentage to his Nxivm community?

    How do you think that made his son feel?

    Does knowing how Keith disavowed his child inform the stories of multiple abortions from his other sexual partners?

    What kind of man doesn’t want to see his own child? Or pay for their welfare? Especially when money isn’t an issue for him?

    Does it make logical sense to instead spend tons of money to harass and spy on the child and mother?

    Can you be a “good man” and absolutely horrible to your own child? And the child’s mother?

    What do you think living in fear and fleeing without your pets repeatedly does to a small child?

    If your mother was critically ill & your father refused to help financially (or otherwise), how do you think that would impact your childhood?

    Should a father care about how his actions affect his child?

    What about having enough food, medical care, clothing, shelter? Should a father care that his child is provided for in essential ways?

    Is it mentally sound to hire actors to befriend Kristen just to terrorize her and her son across the country?

    Would you agree a man capable of these cruel, illegal and deeply damaging choices and behavior might be capable of other atrocities?

    Is a man who is an absolutely horrible parent fit to be a leader of a “community”? What about a “father figure”?

    Is this a man you would want and trust as “grandmaster” to your own daughter?

    Just a start…

  • Frank, since the moment I found out -because you kindly answered one of my questions- that at the time you worked there you maintained a quotidian relationship with the members of the very elite of NXIVM inner circle, the number of questions I would like to ask you has grown exponentially. Would you encourage me or discourage me to send you some of them every now and then? There’re questions regarding the day-to-day functioning that I’d like to compare with what was written in that regard by Natalie, Edmondson and Oxenberg.

  • Similar to Clare Bronfman’s sentencing, reimbursement to designated victims is being set to happen. With Bronfman, some fines were specifically defined at sentencing, and to someone(s) named out loud, in court. With Raniere, so far, the ones who might benefit aren’t named.

    Someone who is only fourteen now, biologically fathered by Keith Raniere, even without what the young man has endured, ought to warrant the foremost consideration for well-defined compensation. The young son of Keith Raniere, I hope, is paid a huge lump sum of “child support” and before anyone else gets paid. Even if the well runs dry, and nobody else gets much, if anything, the young fellow is an innocent. Plus he knows who Raniere is and has lived through a lot already.

    Respect for the Judge’s decisions, and he, Judge Garaufis, might be able to repair something worse than just gross negligence. Most of all, “God bless the child.”

  • Hear, hear, Frank! Well said.

    I only read through your previous coverage of Kristin Keeffe’s experiences for the first time yesterday and it was chilling.

    That bitter-enders can know this history, have lived through this history, sat in court watching the statement in person, read of it here and then dismiss Keeffe and other victims as “hateful” and “biased” and hold up The World’s Smartest Child Rapist™ as a beleaguered victim of “lies” is literally nausea inducing.

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