Prosecution Files for Restitution on Behalf of Raniere’s Victims; Filing Under Seal, Raniere to Respond

AUSA Tanya Hajjar

The US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York has filed a letter with the court seeking restitution for the victims of Keith Raniere. The letter was filed under seal and accompanied by restitution claims made by individuals who say Raniere harmed them.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis’ subsequent order, which asks Raniere’s counsel to give him a date for filing a response, suggests that he is going to order Raniere to pay restitution to at least some of those making claims.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis

“ORDER: The court acknowledges receipt of the Government’s [997] Letter regarding restitution and of the accompanying restitution claims. The court will award restitution to the victims of Mr. Raniere’s offenses, according to terms to be determined after Mr. Raniere has an opportunity to respond, and to be set forth in a subsequent order. The court DIRECTS Mr. Raniere’s counsel to advise the court as to how much time it needs to respond to the restitution claims and recommendations submitted by the Government. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 1/27/2021.”

Raniere inherited the $8 million estate of one of his longtime partners, Pamela Cafritz, out of which restitution will likely be made.

The late Pam Cafritz died in Nov. 2016 and left her money to Keith Raniere.

It is unknown how many people will be designated victims by the judge. At the trial, there were witnesses that testified who are likely seeking restitution. Based on their verdict, the jury determined they were victims of specific crimes: Nicole, Jessica Joan, Sylvie, Daniela,  James Loperfido (a Nxivm accountant whose computer was hacked into by Daniela, allegedly under Keith’s order), and Mark Vicente.

In addition to these, about 90 others have filed victim impact statements. Many of these will likely be seeking a share of the $8 million. How the judge will determine who is a victim and who is not and how much any of those claiming to be victims are entitled to receive remains to be seen.

Other than those who testified at his trial, Raniere will not be permitted to confront any of his accusers seeking his assets via cross-examination under oath. He is permitted to rebut their claims in a written filing.

Keith Raniere inherited some $8 million from the late Pamela Cafritz, but the likelihood of him getting to spend any of it seems quite remote.

Because the prosecution’s letter was filed under seal, we do not know the names of those seeking restitution. It is known that the prosecution helped to organize people making restitution claims against Raniere, contacting certain people to persuade them to file claims.

On top of that, attorney Neil Glazer represents many, if not the majority of those filing victim claims, most of whom are also plaintiffs in a federal civil lawsuit against Raniere, and other leaders of Nxivm.

In addition to those who were judged to be victims of crimes by the jury in Raniere’s criminal trial — Sylvie, Nicole, Jessica Joan, Daniela, Loperfido, Vicente, possibly Lauren Salzman — there is likely to be on the list of victims seeking restitution: Camila, her brother Adrian, mother Adriana, Sally Brink, Sarah Edmondson, Bonnie Piesse, India Oxenberg, Barbara Bouchey, Toni Natalie, Susan Dones, Ivy Nevares, Anthony Ames, Jen Kobalt, numerous women who were in DOS and/or Nxivm and Kristin Keeffe.

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  • There will be several “victims” unhappy with what they get for restitution since there are so many of them and just so much money. I wonder if Sarah and Mark will be willing to not take any and leave it to other victims since they were just the “whistle-blowers” with no interest in getting anything but “saving” people.

  • If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.
    Malcolm X

  • Does anyone else see the incentive our justice system puts to have victims over exaggerate crimes or possibly create them, if at the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold?

    • No, in most cases, there is no restitution anyway as most criminals have no money or they hide it. The issue raised is not a big issue at all.

    • That’s exactly what Keith and Clare did when they spent decades pursuing vexatious lawsuits. One judge noticed that too, “This matter smacks of jilted fellow’s attempt at revenge retaliation from his former girlfriend with many attempts of tripping her up along with the way.“

      Good catch!




      YOU ARE SO BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      No one ever thought of this until you did.

      Better alert all judges and attorneys to watch out for this.

      How in the world has the USA not collapsed until Tanner came along with this sage observation?

      Where would we be without the power of NXIVM training?

  • One of my greatest regrets in my life is taking money for pain and suffering. It turned out that it was a mistake for me. It took quite a bit to right this wrong.

  • The civil lawsuit filed by Daniela and Nicole in which they lied, arguing false facts, was made with knowledge of their falsehood and reckless disregard for the truth, before the competent authority, which was known in the interrogation of those who were subjected to the defense in the trial specifically when they were asked if they had an economic interest or if they intended to file a civil lawsuit later for that purpose, to which the two replied that they did not have that interest, as shown in the records of the Keith Raniere trial, which as was previously proven, which constitutes false statements before the Jury and shows the lack of credibility of the witnesses and at least should have caused “reasonable doubt” at the time of issuing its verdict

  • Neal Glazer is only involved in this case because Clare Bronfman has deep-pockets. Otherwise, the class-action suit would be worthless.

    Considering the roles Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente, and Lauren Salzman played, it’s laughable and disgusting they are on the class action. They’re like members of the Nazis’ SS claiming to be victims who were misled. They have got some gall.

    • I completely agree. They cooperated to prevent criminal charges, that has no bearing on others filing against them. All are guilty of criminal negligence and fraud.

  • “Prosecution Files for Restitution on Behalf of Raniere’s Victims; Filing Under Seal, Raniere to Respond”. What does it mean? How much is enough to restitute? How do the Judge or any person can set as a restitution? It obviously depends of the Wealth of the accused. Extorsion and coercion that is all about. They do not go for criminal,s they go for wealthy people. The crime to be wealthy, productive.

    • —obviously depends of the Wealth of the accused.

      Actually it depends on the damages. The plaintiffs must prove damages. The judge or jury decides the verdict.

      The lawsuit is handled by a civil judge.

    • Alex,

      I agree about Ms. Hajjar. This is a true, ” bad-ass” woman. She is excelling in her career. Being her best self. So poised. And self-assured. Smart. Which is so attractive.

      And she didn’t need to be starved, sexually blackmailed, branded with Keith’s initials, or have to report to a male grandmaster to achieve her goals.

      As you wrote; Ms. Hajjar is beautiful inside and out. She didn’t require pornographic “collateral”, peer punishments and an oppressive diet to make her so.

      Ms. Hajjar seems perfectly capable of keeping her commitments and her word.

      Contrasting this accomplished young lawyer with a DOS slave, it is crystal clear who is the truly strong, independent, healthy courageous, and capable woman.

      That must have really stung Keith as he is the ultimate misogynist.

  • Thank you for exposing different opinions, interpretation is the reflection of what a heart has, nobody gives what they don’t have

    • You’re saying the contempt you have for Keith’s victims comes from your own contempt for yourself. Thank you for that admission.

    • The whole world benefits from KR being in prison for the rest of his life so he can’t continue to rape, traffic and make porn with young girls, along with many other heinous habits. His victims benefit from financial restitution especially the son he has neglected.

  • It is a great challenge to determine someone as a victim and, above all, to restore an alleged damage when the accused is in the process of appeal

    • No. The appeals process does not make it more difficult. The judge will do a great job stripping Keith of his assets.

      • Just for the sake of clarity, let me point out that Judge Garufis will make all the decisions on restitution. It’s possible that Keith will appeal some/all of those decisions to the appellate court but very unlikely that any of them will get overturned.

  • Aren’t you all a bit tired from all of this? I look at all the pain, all the destruction (on all sides), the injustices (on all sides), the insults, the complete lack of respect many have for each other in this site… aren’t you exhausted? When will we all move forward? How much reparations do the victims of this case need to feel satisfied? Will people that are for Keith ever be satisfied? Will people that are agains Keith ever be satisfied?

    What is needed for all of us to stop following these stories and move forward? Sorry, just feeling a bit defeated and hopeless.

    I have been following this site for a while and the overall tone seems to be changing. Counter data is being provided and some people are a bit more respectful now. Maybe there is hope?

    • —Counter data

      What data!?!???

      The Nxivm 5 have not provided a shred of evidence or data to help Keith Raniere.

      Data which does not exist is not data.

      It’s all make-believe made up by five people who can not accept the truth.

  • How come the same judge presides over the financial restitution as the criminal trial? Not sure why this is not being questioned nor changed when our government was founded on a system of not allowing one person to have absolute power….

  • How come the justice system allows someone to testify against someone in criminal court and at the same time seek financial restitution? Isn’t there a personal interest involved that can bias one’s ability to be objective to put a person away in prison? Maybe someone who understand the law can educate and chime in here…

  • Sincerely, I would be ashamed hiding and asking for money I did not earn, just because so called “justice” say so.

    I won’t be able to carry such atrocity in my conscience.

    • The money for child support is a legal obligation.

      You think an innocent child should feel “ashamed”?

      How much pain do you want this mistreated boy to suffer at his father’s hands?

      I ask, in all sincerity, what is wrong with you?

    • Ha! Arrow, you are perfectly happy to carry the atrocity in your heart of defending and covering up the evil of the the convicted Keith Raniere. False sanctimony.

  • At the time the now called “victims” agreed and shared common interests with Mr. Raniere
    That now many of them claim money under anonymity is not moral, if you deny them the victimhood then they don’t have any right over Mr. Raniere assets. Specially because the wealth they claim was inherited from Pamela Cafritz who was not accused or went on trial.
    Gratitude, defined as “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness” should be in the so-called victims’ lexicon and behavior.
    Sad to see so many hiding in anonymity looking for money because the system allows them.

    • The judge and the jury decide if the plaintiffs get paid.

      What you feel never enters the picture.

      It’s why lady Justice is blind.

    • You must be appalled with all the fraudulent lawsuits Keith and Clare have used to extract the earned wages of others.

    • Sounds as if there are a lot of Raniere’s trolls crying for his loss of money that was never his to begin with.

      The statement he signed when first arrested in TX left out any mention of the 8 million dollars. He must have known it was never to be his anyway.

      He hasn’t had to pay a dime of his legal defense himself. Wasn’t that Bronfman money?

      How much can a guy spend in Tucson prison anyway? We all know he is never getting out.

      It’s his cause and effect

      • ‘How much can a guy spend in Tucson prison anyway?’

        Raniere can spend $320 per month on Commissary. In November and December, it’s $370. That works out to $3940 a year. So Raniere is allowed to spend a maximum of about $472,800 total for the duration of his 120 years of incarceration if he maxes out the maximum amount allowed per month.

        • —How much can a guy spend in Tucson prison anyway?

          😂 🤣 😆

          Hit it out of the park! Brilliant observation!


  • It’s so wrong that a defendant who had such an unfair trial has to also pay alleged victims. These so-called victims lied through their teeth at trial, and they’re going to get compensation for that. How unjust and ridiculous of a society we have become.

    • No more ridiculous than a man who claims:

      •to set off radar detectors
      •makes it snow when he writes modules
      • rain does not fall on him
      •running into trees is character building
      •asks people to bow to his portrait
      •to be a renunciate, but has a sex harem
      •his ejaculate tastes like chocolate milk
      • his cum produces a blue flame illusion
      •Scientistic knowledge which is unscientific
      •Jewish Cabal Gov. is out to get him
      •has no money, but has millions
      •he only has one child when he has 2

      You got ridiculous right!

  • Interesting. I hope all of these so-called victims are well investigated. Some of them as far as I know have gotten so many benefits already from media, getting their own TV series, etc. After looking into Raniere’s case, most of the claims are ridiculous and justice was far from served. Again, if there are true victims of Raniere, they should be respected and get a proper investigation to receive appropriate restitution. Some of the names here like Sarah Edmondson, her husband, Jen Kobelt, etc. are quite frankly ridiculous to be on this list.

    • Yes. So many women consider being portrayed as an idiot cult member sex slave to a gross old dude who had you branded with his initials exposed on national TV a ” benefit”.

      You have no actual proof anyone lied. You are a cowardly victim shamer.

      The FBI investigated. Do you think you are more skilled?

    • Please let us know how to contact you, Anthony, so we can join you in this important investigation. I will be very happy to volunteer.

    • My dear, Anthony, the “so-called victims” were not dumb enough to run a collateral[blackmail] based sex-ring or keep a photo on their computer of a 15-year-old girl that they had sex with.

      Otherwise, the “so-called victims” would have been thoroughly investigated like Keith.

      What’s wrong with Keith being investigated?

      Keith basically admitted on a prison phone call he had the Judge in his trial investigated, as he did with all his enemies.

      Why do you think Keith is being treated differently than he treated others?

  • I wouldn’t be so sure this isn’t what this whole s$&t show was about for these “victims”…getting their hands on Raniere’s money and especially the Bronfman family fortune.

    • Bitter much nx redux? What’s the deal? Have you been commanded to “fight like the devil for our money for it is yours until the ‘victims’ take it away from you?” Some criminal incentive-based percentage of whatever’s left in the pot, I’ve no doubt. What does your furlough deal look like this COVID season? Are you paid out from a bitcoin wallet? On welfare? It can’t be easy getting by on just Suneel and Two Lawyers Guy’s office salary.

  • Why wasn’t Raniere charged with perjury, since he signed a sworn statement that the only money he had was $60,000 as half of a townhouse value?

    I wonder how much money will be left over once his lawyers take their share; the victims will have to settle for what’s leftover.

    What does this mean: “Other than those who testified at his trial, Raniere will not be permitted to confront any of his accusers seeking his assets via cross-examination under oath. He is permitted to rebut their claims in a written filing.” Will Raniere be able to confront those who testified against him at the restitution hearing, and he can’t confront those who didn’t testify against him, only rebut them in writing?

  • How is it that the gov can file a sealed letter? If the victims are truly entitled to Keith’s money, why does it have to be a secret?

  • I am amazed by how much is the need for revenge, it seems like above not taking any responsibility people want to take advantage and take money they did not earn or deserve

    • This is not about revenge, but about justified compensation for wrongs. And it is foreseeable that Raniere’s assets will not be sufficient to compensate for the damage caused, and the victims will receive less than they would actually be entitled to if Raniere had sufficient financial means.

      • What are the “justified compensation for wrongs”? Adult woman who made decisions to get a brand should be compensated for having regrets about their decisions? People who gained so much from a course that they signed up for should be given compensation? Not sure what is justified about any of this…

    • In what world did Keith “deserve” Bronfman money? Or to inherit money from Pam? To fraudulently use her credit card? Or the money he swindled from Consumer Buyline customers?

    • Glad to see someone else here has common sense. These people paid to take NXIVM courses, and now they’re suddenly crying for a refund because they decided they didn’t like it.

      • Anna, let’s say you’re right ( it’s not that simple or just about classes)…what do you care if a person gets a refund if they legitimately did not get value from the experience? Or, as you say, “decided they didn’t like it”?

        If the vast majority (as y’all claim in multiple posts) loved Nxivm – who cares if those who did not get a refund? According to the Nxivm die-hards, it should only be a couple of people. Because everyone else loved it, right?

        Lots of ethical companies offer refunds. Without a court order.

        • Good point, Data schmata…However, how come people were not coming forward before this trial asking for refunds?

          There is actual evidence that independent surveys report around a 95% approval for people’s experience from NXIVM programs and now that Keith has been convicted come forward and ask for money…

          • Maybe it’s that 5% asking for a refund?

            Unlike you, I do not presume to know everything.

            For instance, maybe they had asked for refunds before Keith was arrested?

            And maybe they asked for refunds after he was arrested because they realized then it was all a sham?

            Why do you care so much? It’s not your money. Maybe they won’t get a refund. I’ve personally spent enough time discussing this issue. It won’t be decided by me. Or you.

            It is in the hands of the legal system.

            Instead of worrying about Keith’s money, go for a walk. Eat a piece of fruit. Kiss your child. Pet a dog. Something enjoyable and productive that actually affects you personally and your life.

            You shouldn’t obsess over things of which you have zero control over. It’s not healthy and a waste of your time.

      • Anna, Keith’s data misled people. Plus his BIO was total bullshit. Suneel admitted it.

        Keith and Nancy claimed their tech was based on scientific research.

        Where is the research?

        Please cite one Scientific study to develop NXIVM tech. Just cite one ☝🏼

        Where are the scientific studies with available ‘data‘?

  • Every night before I go to bed, I light a candle and say a prayer of gratitude for Judge Garaufis. Thank you, sir.

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