Nxivm Leader Keith Raniere Seeks Pardon From President Donald Trump

Donald Trump is being asked to pardon Keith Raniere, a request seen as unlikely.

Convicted felon and NXIVM leader Keith Raniere, now serving 120 years for charges of sex trafficking, forced labor and racketeering, is seeking a pardon from President Trump.

Raniere has authorized Make Justice Blind, a group of his supporters, to request a pardon on his behalf. Below is their letter to President Trump, which includes Keith Raniere’s direct statements made from prison.

In the letter, Raniere’s situation is compared to Trump’s: “Like you, Raniere has been a victim of the fake news media.”

According to the letter, the basis of the pardon request is Raniere’s claim that he is innocent, and it provides a list of issues in the case which he thinks demonstrates he got a fundamentally unfair trial.

There are nine days left in which the president can grant his pardon.

The SUN and Frank Report broke this story. The SUN’s headline is ‘FREE ME’  Nxivm sex cult boss Keith Raniere begs for PARDON from Donald Trump claiming they are both ‘victims’ of ‘fake news’

The SUN’s Emma Parry wrote in her lede:

“THE leader of the Nxivm sex and branding cult has begged for a pardon from outgoing President Donald Trump – claiming they are both “victims” of “fake news,” The Sun can exclusively reveal.

“Disgraced guru Keith Raniere, currently serving 120 years for charges of sex trafficking, forced labor, and racketeering, has penned a bizarre last-ditch letter to Trump, who has nine days left to grant pardons.

Keith Raniere is currently behind bars after his sentencing in October
Keith Raniere is currently behind bars after his sentencing in October Credit: Eastern District of NY

“Raniere, 60, whose followers included millionaires and Hollywood actresses such as Allison Mack, is facing life in prison after he was convicted last June on seven felonies.

“He is accused of running a sinister master-slave group called DOS where women were starved, branded on their groins, forced into sexual acts, and made to hand over damaging collateral, such as naked pictures.

“Raniere – who followers called “Vanguard” – was also found guilty of acts of extortion, identity theft and the production and possession of child pornography.

“’Although my personal situation is wrongful and inhumane, it has equally grave consequences for anyone who is affected by our US justice system,’ Raniere said.

Trump has just over a week to grant pardons before he leaves office
Trump has just over a week to grant pardons before he leaves office Credit: Getty Images – Getty
Actresses Nikki Clyne and Allison Mack were two high profile members of Nxivm
Actresses Nikki Clyne and Allison Mack were two high profile members of Nxivm Credit: Instagram
Members of Nixvm group DOS were branded with Raniere's initials on their groin
Members of Nixvm group DOS were branded with Raniere’s initials on their groin Credit: FRANK REPORT

“Hopefully all people will recite the pledge: ‘For liberty and justice for all!’ For me, by random chance, I became a nationally visible figure, and immersed in an amplified, hateful injustice. I am innocent, but can I be free? President Trump, it’s up to you.”

Frank Parlato, the group’s former publicist-turned whistleblower who helped expose Raniere and his sex cult, scoffed at the idea of a pardon for Raniere.

Parlato told The Sun: “The chances of Keith getting a pardon from Trump are about as likely as persuading Department of Justice prosecutors to seek justice rather than to cheat to win convictions. Slim to none.

“However, after looking at the Due Process issues raised by his supporters, I think they at least deserve scrutiny. It won’t mean a pardon. It may not mean a successful appeal, but the exposure of Due Process violations, if they indeed occurred, is more important than ensuring the incarceration of any single devil, cult leader or brander of woman.”

Stone, who had his three-year sentence for obstructing a congressional investigation commuted by Trump in July, worked briefly as a consultant for Nxivm in 2007.

“It will never happen, not a chance,” Stone told The Sun. “It was Trump and his administration that led the way to bringing Raniere to trial, after he went for years unchecked.

“Given Raniere’s financial largesse in huge contributions to Hillary Clinton and other high profile New York Democrats perhaps Biden will pardon him.”

Roger Stone, who used to work for Nxivm, says Trump will never pardon Raniere
Roger Stone, who used to work for Nxivm, says Trump will never pardon RaniereCredit: AP: Associated Press
The group's former publicist Frank Parlato is widely credited with helping to put Raniere behind bars
The group’s former publicist Frank Parlato is widely credited with helping to put Raniere behind bars Credit: Frank Report

Multiple women have spoken out about being brainwashed, controlled and abused by Raniere – including in two hit documentaries The Vow and Seduced.


Jennifer Bonjean, who is also the lawyer for Bill Cosby for his appeal, represents Raniere.

Bonjean said, “Mr. Raniere’s Due Process guarantees were not safeguarded during his trial proceedings that resulted in an outrageous 120-year sentence. This was a grave injustice.”

Suneel Chakravorty, of Make Justice Blind, attended every day of Raniere’s trial. He says he was shocked at the “kangaroo style” court proceedings.

“The prosecution convinced the jury Raniere was a monster, using incendiary witness testimony, emails and texts unrelated to the charges,” he said. “The charges all evaporate upon scrutiny and are a mockery of real victims of real sex trafficking and forced labor”.

Chakravorty continued, “Consider, a privileged white woman who participated in a single, freaky, kinky sex act with another woman that she co-designed, without money changing hands, is paraded as a sex trafficking victim. It is a blasphemous, despicable misuse of the sex trafficking statute and an insult to all those poor minority women who are really trafficked for months or years through hundreds of horrific encounters.

“As for the forced labor, my God, one white American woman doing a few hours of computer work, to which she did not object, becomes a victim of forced labor, is a slap in the face to all those women and men confined to sweatshops or as laborers in the fields under the dry, hot sun, working 18 hours per day for low or no wages under the real threat of physical abuse or deportation. That’s forced labor. Not this charade.”

A co-founder of Make Justice Blind, Eduardo Asunsolo was born in Mexico. He also attended the trial.

“I had the awakening of my life when I saw how the trial in the US was conducted. I lost my entire conviction that there is any higher standard of justice in the USA than our notoriously corrupt, money-influenced courts in Mexico,” Asunsolo said.

Here is the complete letter:

Pardon Request of Keith Alan Raniere

To President Donald J. Trump

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Trump

January 11, 2020

I, Keith Alan Raniere, hereby request a presidential pardon and hereby authorize Make Justice Blind to formally request the pardon on my behalf.

I believe the charges should never have been brought, and that they should now be dismissed and the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York should be investigated.

If I am pardoned, I plan to show the malicious, wrongful corruption in my case and expose all the issues. The issues in my case are many, however, they are not unique. Corruption is rampant at the Department of Justice and must stop.

The pardon must not confer guilt or stand as an act of clemency but rather should be a condemnation of the corruption of the Department of Justice. The purpose of this pardon is to release me from prison so I can fully dedicate myself to proving my innocence and fighting the endemic corruption of the Department of Justice, which I have witnessed first hand.

-Keith Raniere

Dear President Trump,

We are writing to you today to ask that you pardon an innocent man: Keith Raniere.

Like you, Keith Raniere has been an egregious victim of the fake news media and the Department of (In)Justice.

Despite there being no charges of violence, weapons or drugs, Democrat-appointed Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis sentenced Mr. Raniere to 120 years in prison.

Below are some of the horrid injustices in this case:

  1. Sex Trafficking With No Sex Trafficking: A 29-year-old white actress from an affluent family had a sexual fantasy between her and another woman, which Raniere helped faciliate. No money changed hands and it was consensual every inch of the way. He is now serving 40 years in prison for sex trafficking based on a single sexual encounter.

  2. Forced Labor With No Forced Labor: The same actress transcribed a few hours of video for a friend’s memorial service and read some articles. She never objected to the work and appeared glad to do it. She also had access and availed herself of up to $10,000 in cash from Raniere, which she used and so was in effect overpaid for her minimal desk-work labor. He is now serving 40 years in prison for forced labor.

  3. Evidence Tampered Within FBI Custody: Can the FBI ever lie or cheat? The lynchpin of the case against Raniere was a concocted child porn possession – the nude photos of a girl alleged to be fifteen at the time. The FBI expert witness admitted in cross examination that one of the devices that contained the pictures – was accessed and altered by an unknown person while in FBI custody! Both devices were obtained through an illegal search and seizure and multiple experts corroborate they were tampered with.

  4. Judge Dismissed the Main Cooperating Witness When She Started Crying: Judge Garaufis amazingly stopped the cross-examination of the main witness Lauren Salzman right before she was about to contradict claims made in her plea agreement, which Garaufis accepted prior to the trial. Garaufis remarkably said, “before I’m a judge, I’m a human being” in justifying stopping critical testimony of a 40-year-old woman because she started crying. With this statement, he took off his robes and became a civilian, swayed by human emotion and was therefore unable to judge impartially. He was no longer ‘justice animate’ and became ‘the protective padrone.’ Chivalry may be good but not in a courtroom where men and women should be treated equally under the law.

  5. Unprecedented and Unconstitutional Use of RICO: Laws created to prosecute the mafia were used to implode a middle-class suburban community in upstate New York with no history of violence, drugs, weapons or criminal activity of any kind.

  6. Prosecution Intimidated Potential Witnesses: Using RICO as their sword, the prosecution systematically threatened to indict anyone who didn’t conform or wished to testify for the defense or speak publicly about anything that contradicted the DOJ’s precrafted, highly slanted, false narrative.

  7. Patently False, “False Imprisonment”: An adult woman, ‘Daniela,’ with a history of pathological lying, cheating and stealing money from family and friends, claimed she was ‘forced’ to stay (rent-free) in her unlocked bedroom in her father’s house for 22 months and, incredibly, blamed it on Raniere. Raniere believed she had severe mental and emotional problems and tried to help the family find a way to help her get well through reflection and contemplation. At any time she was free to leave the room and it was her parents, not Raniere, that made all the efforts to facilitate their daughter remaining in her room. It was the woman herself who chose to stay month after month as an act of stubborn defiance to her parents and friends.

  8. Judge Let Women ‘Lie’ Using First Names or Nicknames: Judge Garaufis allowed the prosecution’s female witnesses to testify under a nickname or first name only and essentially gave them assurances that they could lie without public scrutiny. It was a circus sideshow: Any woman who opposed Raniere was referred to by first names only. Any woman who supported Raniere was referred to in court by both her first name and last name. It became for the jury a variation of Animal Farm – “One Name Good, Two Names Bad.” There was no proven need for such anonymity and some of these women, who sought to be referred to by first names only, have since come out publicly – using their full names – to profit in media from their so-called victimhood.

  9. “Victims” Had Heavy Motive to Lie: Several of the witnesses had good reason to lie to cover their own crimes, including illegally entering the country, hacking into computers, and stealing property with the intent to blackmail. They were all represented by the same civil lawyer in the criminal case and are now seeking financial reward in a class-action suit against Raniere. Because many of the witnesses were granted immunity by the prosecution for crimes they allegedly committed, the witnesses against Raniere made their statements comport with what the prosecution wanted to hear. The judge, who really should have taken off his robes and sat at the table with the prosecution, stopped the questioning of witnesses into hidden financial motives.

In closing, let us again quote the innocent Keith Raniere:  “Although my personal situation is wrongful and inhumane, it has equally grave consequences for anyone who is affected by our US justice system. Hopefully all people will recite the pledge: ‘For liberty and justice for all!’

“For me, by random chance, I became a nationally visible figure, and immersed in an amplified, hateful injustice. I am innocent, but can I be free? President Trump, it’s up to you.”


Keith Raniere and on his behalf, Make Justice Blind


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Frank Parlato


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  • Too bad this didn’t happen. Would’ve been interesting news. Also funny to see people freak out about commenters simply using the word “data”, when information would be a more normal word. But so what? Data. data. data. data.

  • All you Nxivm dead-Enders’ defense for Keith is fueled by emotion. No logic. No “data”. You want Keith free no matter what he has done because you love him. More sadly, you believe that you need him.

  • Why is their organization called “make justice blind”? Shouldn’t lady justice have her eyes wide open to see the truth? Really, really weird.

  • Well, almost there folks. Trump is set to pardon between 50 and 100 people tomorrow! We shall see if an immoral, tax-evading, greedy RICO criminal catches his attention. Uhhhh…

  • By law, any person can receive presidential forgiveness. Donald Trump has forgiven several people, such as: Roger Stone, Charles Kushner, Paul Manafort, Margaret Hunter, George Papadopoulos, Alex van der Zwaan, Duncan Hunter, Chris Collins, Nicholas Slatten, Paul Slough, Evan Liberty, Dusty Heard, Ignacio Ramos, Jose Compean, Alfonso Costa, Alfred Lee Crum, Weldon Angelos, and several others.

  • L Ron Raniere will have to wait in the line…

    “Jenna Ryan, a Texas real estate broker who took a private jet to Washington to join the attack on the US Capitol, has pleaded with Donald Trump to pardon her after she was arrested by federal authorities.

    After surrendering to the FBI on Friday, Ryan said: “We all deserve a pardon.””

    – Oliver Milman, The Guardian.

    • True like molestation is just a station for moles and hatred just a red hat and intent is what you do while camping but “impeach!” said the schnapps. “No, impeach!” said the one commenter here on the Frank Report who can.

      But my fav. is “do you want anything with that kool-aid?”
      “.Nah, Just ice, thanks”

      • It’s a joke. He’s the creator of the Garfield comic strip. As relevant to this Nxivm dumpster fire as Scott Adams. But a much better artist & person then conspiracy theory obsessed Scott Adams.

  • Damn, there are some serious holes in the charges against Keith… thank god they’re coming to light now, and I hope it’s not too little too late!

  • He could wait a few days and ask the new Marxist president Joe Biden, for a pardon. As the font of all evil, and Satan’s duly elected vicar on Earth, Joe might want to bring Keith on board with his reptilian paedophile microchipped, cohorts. Maybe he could supply his white mixture to be used as a new chemical payload, because the current formula just seems to make people fat and stupid. Then they could install 5g Coast to coast and totally robotics everybody. Yes, I think Joe Pavelovich Bidonski is Raniere’s best last hope.

    Joe would learn how to created a huge horde of super-intelligent vegan ethical horde of NXIANS, to beat Trumps fat people, and bring about the Eschaton. Then they could both nuke China and Russia and finally Make America Great Again.

    Yeah Keith, write to Mr Biden.

  • In my humble opinion, Donald Trump will never Pardon Kieth Raniere!!!!

    The stock market hit a temporary all time high today!!! Oddly enough Trump was impeached today as well.

    What does QAnon make of this?!?!?!?

    What tale will they yarn to explain the inexplicable?

    ….Was it George Soros, Bangkok, the Illuminati, the Cabal, Allison Mack, the Elder Scrolls of Zion. 😉

  • Asking Trump for help would be like asking Raniere to intervene and sort out the toxic politics of his many companies and endeavors. He couldn’t be bothered, because they were all just make-work for his girlfriends or dead-ends to keep people placated and occupied. He had zero interest in actually having them succeed. Like Raniere with his companies, Trump has zero interest in doing the actual job of leading. The public-facing elements in each case are a sideshow that obscures the actual goings-on, which is remarkably little that isn’t involved in either the glory or the gratification of each man. Raniere and Trump are the same, and their circumstances resonate together like a pair of tuning forks.

    Both are charismatic leaders whose principal objective is their own aggrandizement, not actually accomplishing much of anything.

    Both displayed warning signs early on.

    Both maintain an inner circle of acolytes who compete for their approval, to zero forward-moving purposes, and to the actual detriment of any stated agenda.

    Both demand obedience, albeit only implicitly.

    Both are the ultimate authority within their radius of influence.

    Both rely on the trappings of a legitimate structure (a business, the government) to mask their power monopoly within that radius.

    Both maintain control of their followers through subtle and overt dishonesty and an unethical system of punishment and reward.

    Both sets of followers are actively encouraged to isolate themselves from outside opinions and information.

    Both like to trumpet their work ethic, but in actuality enjoyed a great deal of “executive time.”

    Both are womanizers, liars and abusers who expend great effort to have that information suppressed. Controlling information might be the thing they both work hardest at.

    Both have a pattern of escalating abuse, unchecked in part because of the unwillingness or inability of their followers to criticize them in the face of their arrogance, bullying and lies.

    And both escalated until they finally crossed a line that too many followers and outside observers could no longer ignore or rationalize away.

    The argument against the pardon is that Trump is too concerned with Trump to distract himself with boring shit like “justice” and “principles.”

    The argument for a pardon is that Trump perceives he can absorb the pardon into his sideshow in a way that demonstrates the indomitable relevance of Trump.

      • They’re totally blameless. Ask Shadow!

        Allison Mack and Hillary Clinton are responsible for everything. They even caused the downfall of the Führer!

        • And the Good Old Fuhrer was a solid Anti-Marxist! USA! USA! USA! Down with Marxist Nurses and Librarians! Down with perfectly ordinary people!

          • HRC took political donations from Nxivm.

            Every politician is corrupt in someway. That’s why all the partisan fanboys on both sides are ridiculous.

      • I read his apology statement at sentencing where he takes full responsibility and says his codefendants are all good innocent people who don’t deserve this and to give al of the responsibility to him. He is saying he did not commit the crimes he is accused of claiming his innocence but he certainly took responsibility.

        Have you read the statement. Where are you getting the information that he takes no responsibility? I’d love to see it.

        • He concealed his involvement and initials in the brand from the beginning. He did commit the crimes. So he is not taking responsibility. It’s lip service.

          He conceived of the branding. He dubbed the tapes “collateral” (blackmail). That’s on tape. He sent texts dating his sexual relationship start with Cami. And it was when she was legally a child. Don’t you think that is vile?

          He used porn and very damaging letters & confessions about careers and loved ones and finances as coercion. He used a credit card that belonged to someone else. That is fraud on the bank who did not issue the card to Keith.

          There is so much more that you will continue to refuse to see. He is not innocent. He even admits to some crimes. But tries to make them not criminal due to his “special circumstances” and continued desire for exalted treatment.

          He destroyed lives. Tore families apart. He is a very, very bad and dangerous man. You remaining dead end cult members are proof of that. And more “collateral” damage.

        • Look beyond the duplicitous scaffolding he erects to shield himself and examine his actual conduct. Blow away the smokescreen and it is all blatantly self-serving. Or perhaps he set this whole thing up so that his followers could learn and grow from the adversity? And maybe Trump breaks all the norms and pulls all the shit he does to expose some deep state conspiracy.

          Like Trump, he has had very little to say for himself when the daylight finally fell on him because his conduct speaks for itself. They both know their positions are indefensible. In both cases, the charges might be bs, the trial a sham. Maybe we don’t have law or language that is precise enough to hold them to account for their actual misdeeds. The web of lies and the number of people who ultimately realized they’d been abused by their self-serving behavior is indisputable.

  • Here’s a snippet on “pyramid scheme” found in the civil complaint:

    “3. Drawing from methods used in pyramid schemes and multilevel marketing, NXIVM induced students to recruit and form their own downstream sales organizations within NXIVM, so that the students might work their way up in the hierarchy, known as the “Stripe Path” (after the colored striped sashes members wore to indicate rank and recruitment achievements), to a level where they could earn commissions and build careers and income for themselves.

    4. However, few students ever qualified for commissions, because the Defendants continually manipulated the program requirements, expanded the required curriculum, and graded most of the students as failures who needed to work harder and take more of NXIVM’s expensive courses. Out of the more than sixteen thousand people who took NXIVM’s courses, fewer than one hundred ever earned any income from NXIVM’s businesses, and fewer than twenty-five received substantial earnings within NXIVM.

    Most of the earnings were received by the small group collectively known within the organization as the “Inner Circle.”


    • That’s not a pyramid scheme, that is business fraud. While a pyramid scheme is a type of business fraud, not all business fraud is a pyramid scheme.

    • I think the whole point of what they’re doing is that they would accept judgement from the Court of Appeals if it were infact unbiased and made a decision based on facts and not on emotion, which is not likely, so the decision would have to be very transparent and easy to understand.

  • BTW, Frank, IDK if you were listening or not but remember when I mentioned how Toni was telling me she talked to your FBI guys there in Buffalo/Rochester — heaping praise and urging them not to arrest you…of course, that was Toni’s version. As, you know, deserving as it might appear you are and all.

    So go ahead, shoot the messenger but I also told you, whether you listened or not, Barbara Bouchey was secretly recording us, separately and then together and she had arranged it that way, deceptively.

    And I also mentioned my suspicions about a certain British based media company that flew Barb in to catch the Royal wedding and that also courted me in a similar fashion.

    I have one question: WHO (among the old hag NX trained harpies) allegedly took a bribe from, allegedly, Nancy Salzman?! As mentioned recently here on FR?

      • I can only guess. I only wanted to celebrate, see what she might have to add about my sister’s story, etc. I hadn’t seen her since 2011. Frank hooked us up again in June 2018.

        I was stunned, sickened but know some of the ex-NX chicks are full of tricks and at that time, especially, some may have feared indictment themselves.

        If you ask me, NXIVM will go down in history on the Salzman side as the great Bronfman Heist. And counting.

  • “Unprecedented and Unconstitutional Use of RICO: Laws created to prosecute the mafia were used to implode a middle-class suburban community in upstate New York with no history of violence, drugs, weapons or criminal activity of any kind.”

    Thanks….but my home town is doing just fine with KR and his cult crew.

    • RICO laws created in the 1970s for the mafia have also been used to go after a variety of white collar crimes for decades.

  • If this has merit, seems like believing women/victims at all costs and no questioning their motives in this case and prosecutors who want to win at all costs are bigger problems – I can see they could be motivated by – immunity from criminal charges, book deals, HBO shows, saving relationships, fame, partner law job, etc. We have a civic duty to get to the truth in each case as best as possible no matter sex or status – to protect each person in a civilized society- or else anyone will be open season to be portrayed as a monster by anyone else in power or anyone’s enemies…

    • You really paint Raniere’s nearest and dearest and your fellow nxians as disgusting, self important, total creeps… So we agree on something! And the fish stinks from the head. Or the vanguard in this case.

  • It is interesting comparing the false imprisonment charge against Raniere and the false imprisonment charges against anti-cult “experts” like Rick Ross in the 1970s and 1980s. In Raniere’s case, a young woman with a history of theft and lying stays in her unlocked room as a consequence of a family decision to try to help her with her indiscretions. In one of Ross’s cases, a Pentecostal 18-year-old is wrestled to the ground, dragged into a van, restrained by 3 men, handcuffed at his wrists, tied at his ankles with ropes and gagged with duct tape, taken to a cottage, kept in a guarded room, then belittled for his beliefs for 5 days and told he wouldn’t be set free until he renounces the Pentecostal faith. Which version looks more like false imprisonment?

    • Just for the record, Keith Raniere was not charged with the crime of False Imprisonment. Nor was False Imprisonment one of the 16 predicate acts that were part of the Racketeering.

      • False imprisonment would have been too tough to prove even though it was the case. On the other hand, it worked against OJ Simpson who was attempting to take back his own property. LOL

    • Both look like false imprisonment. Both are false imprisonment. Your ” which crime is a worse version of the same crime” Game has no legal merit. It sounds like a real desperate attempt to make justifications for horrible, vile, vanguard behavior.

      • Anonymous 2:25

        There was no crime!

        Look, everybody in NXIVM and DOS did a
        Pinky-Swear. I don’t know where you come from, but a PINKIE SWEAR is worth more than law or like ‘whatever’.
        The Women willing and unknowingly signed away their rights as human beings on a Pinky Swear. It’s totally moral and noble.
        You are hateful and ignorant! All because you don’t like a rapist named after a video game.

        Is that fair or noble?

    • — a young woman with a history of theft and lying stays in her unlocked room as a consequence of a family decision to try to help her with her indiscretions

      Is “lying and theft” in Raniere’s world of word salad definitions, the desire to date someone closer to her own age and not be a temporary sex toy for an aging, morally decrepit, manipulative, unethical creep, who lies repeatedly and lives off of others as a grifter?

  • If you really support Raniere, use your real name. Stand up! Say, ” I ____ ___, support freeing Keith Raniere. I do not believe he committed the crimes of sex trafficking, child pornography, etc.” Be brave, be bold! Show the tech works! If you refuse to put your name on it, it is – as you guys often say – “very telling”. I know why enemies of Keith remain anonymous (largely): because he is a vindictive, litigious man with a coven of crazed cult members! But if you truly believe Keith is benign, don’t worry! Sign your name.

      • Because I do not support that loathsome pedophile. This is your battle. Your burden. And I do need anymore Squeaky Frome types coming after me. If you are so proud of your aged convict child pornography producing mentor, sign your name! [redacted]

        • I don’t support Raniere, either. That has nothing to do with it. You answered the question without trying to answer it.

    • Because the world is slinging brutal attacks on anyone who even so much as took a few classes there and even people who have publicly denounced him are still fired from jobs having their families and children attacked receiving death threats etc. Pretty easy to sit on your high horse contributing to the very violence and hate that is the reason so many can’t sign their name to their truth.

      Suneel, Eduardo and team are incredibly brave and doing this for many who can’t do what your suggesting. And that is likely part of the plan of the prosecution and the “whistle blowers” because they know we know the truth that would incriminate THEM. That’s why they have attacked us so much and made it life threatening for us to speak up with our names signed behind our support. Give it some thought.

      • [redacted] I would never not testify for a person I knew to be innocent. You knew Keith wasn’t. [redacted] Talk about playing victim. Who cares what people say? Do what’s right. It does feel good. Try it sometime.

      • Also can you please show police reports of the death threats? Especially the ones on children. Cause I call bull shit on that claim. Prove me wrong. It’s a crime. Let’s see the receipts.

      • “If you don’t like Keith Raniere or Team 5—You’re a hater!” I totally get where you are coming from.

        So the “whistleblowers” are the Nxivm 5 because they are blowing the whistle on the FBI and DOJ for using lies and fake evidence to prosecute Keith Raniere. Now your defense makes sense.

        Don’t let the haters on the Frank Report get you down!

  • I find it crazy that people don’t see beyond their hate for someone even if that creates a horrific justice system for them. I was never part of NXIVM not even close, didn’t know it existed, don’t know Keith at all. I’ve been following this case for a few months and looking at all data. What happened in this trial after reading a lot of the transcripts was crazy! I’m not saying free Keith. I’m saying give him a fair trial. Why not? Just saw Netflix Chicago 7 last night and after reading the transcripts of Keith’s trial, frankly the judge really sound like the Chicago 7 one. We don’t need this in America. With all the crazy stuff Keith is accused of I just don’t see why give him a fair trial would be so bad, again our justice system just can’t be biased. One of the craziest things was the evidence tampering. I mean that is just scary for me, why would you need to do that if the women that was allegedly abused is willing to participate? There’s many other cases to support were injustice happened this is one of them and I support this as I am supporting others. I hope more people can see this affects us all American citizens.

      • Anonymous 9:31-

        “Data” and “tech” make their privates tingle with excitement.

        Sh*t my privates are tingling from the mere mention of the words.

    • Wait… didn’t you forget to make a comparison to the Salem Witch Trials and the Nazi Holocaust?

      I’m not sure whether these posts that on the face of it are Nxians regurgitating the phrase of the day, which appears to be some variation on “reading the transcripts” at the moment, or whether they are NXIVM opponents mocking Nxians.

      Poe’s Law in full effect.

    • Even if you weren’t involved, you certainly adopted the hate mantra your buddies have been pushing.

      Good for you!

      Hate this. Hate that.

      The judge hated him. The jury hated him. The US Attorney hated him. Even the media.

      Poor guy!!! Everyone is wrong except the narcissist!

    • Anthony, I hear you, I totally see the similarities with the Netflix Chicago 7 story. A system that picks and chooses what they allow to hear as evidence, perspective, etc. Bias in full-force.

  • I’m willing to review each of these points to see if they are baseless claims or have any weight. These are serious offenses to justice if any of them are true and while I deeply dislike Raniere (or at least who he’s been presented to be) it would be a huge concern regarding the Government’s actions. And I for one don’t trust the Government rt now. I looked at the transcripts for the handling of Lauren’s testimony and it does seem the judge stopped Lauren’s testimony at an extremely critical point. Looks like she was indeed about to reveal some information that would oppose the things she said in her plea (which we all know people plea and say what they have to say when doing so to get less time and save what’s left of their lives) and also where she was going would have upended the RICO charge as well. I can see why she started crying at this moment. She was stuck between the truth and her freedom. Either way, the judge halting her testimony at this point and tearing her like a child is very suspicious and in most cases would be grounds for a new trial.

  • Nxians:

    I understand you had family and friends and purpose. And fun.

    But you shouldn’t need anyone else to have that. You should be able to have that on your own.

    Your friends are still there, some. Family’s still there. You have a void.

    You shouldn’t need a convicted sexual predator to make you feel ” whole”.

    That is the part that’s messed up.

    That’s a messed up emotional dependency.

    My opinion

    • You’re missing A Higher Being in your lives.

      Some call Him God. Some Krishna. Some Jesus. Some just ” Universe””

      None call him Vanguard.

    • Even if people had emotional dependencies on Keith, which I’m not saying is even true, but what’s worse, emotional dependencies (which everyone has) or the government breaking the law to convict people? Isn’t it more important we put are energy towards addressing that?

      • Why can’t they both be “worse”? Silly argument. I find it more honest if you said,”I love Keith Raniere. I don’t care what crimes he committed! I just really miss him and want him free.”

      • The energy will be put forth in a legal appeal, and Vanguard has a very good attorney. He also had a great attorney during the trial.

        For now, Nxians need to start healing.

  • Sorry, but the phrase “trial by media” is overstated. There is no such thing. The public doesn’t get to vote on whether an alleged criminal is guilty or not based on the content of the media or anything for that matter. The judge or jury are the ones who determine guilt or innocence, and the latter must do so UNANIMOUSLY based on the evidence presented. In the case of VanGrifter, his defense team, acting on his behalf, chose a jury of his peers both the prosecution and defense agreed would be as objective as possible—based on interviews of them where criteria such as their lack of knowledge about the case and people involved were used to assess this—in looking at the evidence, which is part of the process of the justice system that makes it fair.

    The irony now, of course, is the NXIVM shills are using the same tool, which they claim is responsible for the alleged imposition of injustice on their leader, for the purpose of bringing attention to it! They want to eat their cake and have it too.

  • Scott Adam posted this on Twitter. I admire him taking a stand and challenging what is starting to look like fake news.

    • At this moment, Scott Adam’s post has 61 retweets, 36 quote retweets, and overwhelmingly negative comments.

      Nicki Clyne’s original post is generating almost no traction.

      The NXIVM social media strategy is failing miserably.

      Maybe Keith should direct the Bronfman sisters to hire a new Brand Manager.

    • IDK who Scott Adams is but looks like he’s MAGA beyond the QAnon level, promoting ‘insurgency,’ talks a lot about his “little white penile gland” and among his few longtime followers on Twitter is “The Fall of NXIVM” — Toni Natalie and Chet Hardin’s podcast project that I rather graciously (I thought) declined to be involved with — along with Mexi-NXIAN, Marc Elliot, and a couple of other diehard NXIAN leftovers and/or Bronfman money grabbers.

      TONI – WTF?! Did that Nazi training Keith parsed seep into your brain permanently…just when I was about to forgive you for not having one at all to start with?!!!!!

  • My opinion is ….it’s super crazy to me that Raniere is being compared to Trump… how hate can be such an effective tool to keep people from looking at evidence. Opinions are being used to slander, destroy and ultimately press charges to convict or impeach someone.

    Shaming and blaming is the new justice system and no one seems to notice.

    I myself have some disturbing thoughts and opinions about the seemingly (and I mean seemingly) narcissistic choices and behaviors of some leaders … they appear not considerate of the massive effects on a community or a country. Often, I just want them to shut the F up! HOWEVER, that does NOT, nor should NOT determine someone’s legal fate.

    Do we really live in a world where the loudest gripes win?

    I thought that was just in high school…. where one disgruntled bitch wrecked it for everyone. Now we have groups of them (small groups actually) fueled by very powerful media commerce making lots of money. Not trying to produce truth… just make more and more money. It’s one thing to fly-off the handle to share my feelings- it’s a whole different deal to let that dictate law and order. There’s no order in emotions.

    I’m glad Scott Adams can see through the bullshit: https://twitter.com/ScottAdamsSays/status/1348688285489451010.

    • The Crucible,

      I asked this in a previous threat and you didn’t reply, but perhaps you didn’t see it, so I’ll ask it again.

      You clearly hold Suneel Chakravorty in high regard and indicate familiarity with his reputation.

      Hypothetically, if Mr. Chakravorty were to engage in the discussion threads on this website, do you think he should identify himself openly, as do Frank Parlato, K.R. Claviger and Heidi Hutchinson?

      If Mr. Chakrovorty were instead to obscure his identity using a screen-name, what legitimate purpose could explain that?

      Obviously I prefer to maintain my anonymity and don’t begrudge anyone else doing the same, but I would find it suspicious if someone were to use their real name sometimes and hide behind a pseudonym at other times.

      Your thoughts?


    • Wait a second here, “The Crucible,” you’re complaining that it is hate for people to compare your “Vanguard” to Trump, but Keith Reniere and Make Justice Blind (including the fellow you respect so much, Suneel Chakravorty), write this in the pardon plea:

      “Like you, Keith Raniere has been an egregious victim of the fake news media and the Department of (In)Justice.”

      So, you are saying KR and MJB are engaging in hate by comparing The World’s Smartest Child Rapist™ to Trump?

      Most confusing.

      • NXIDVMDVM, sorry it wasn’t clear. As with anything, there are multiple factors going on at once.

        When I said it’s crazy to compare Raniere and Trump, I meant it’s because Raniere is a member of / leader of a small community in suburban upstate New York, whereas Trump is the President of the United States. They are certainly in different positions, and it doesn’t necessarily make sense to compare their actions… that would be like guilt by association.

        However, as Make Justice Blind pointed out, Raniere and Trump ARE in similar positions – in the sense that people really hate them based on the media’s salacious fake news.

        The PROCESS of what happened to KR is identical to what is happening to Trump, and has been happening to Trump. Trump even said it, “the impeachment threat is just more continuation of the same witch hunt” that’s been going on since he was voted in.

        What is crazy is that no one can see that it’s the same process. This is a process that happens to countless people; yet it is invisible to the public.

        Media uses lies and misinformation (NOT FACTS) to sway the public opinion into condemnation of someone. They incite hate, make fake news to create a story that sells, to condemn or impeach. Suneel is trying to expose that this terrible process is happening… not based on evidence but based on someone’s hate. I think it’s good to use them both, Raniere and Trump, as examples of the PROCESS we are seeing. Then we can take that awareness and surely find more people that this has happened to.

        People can’t see how imagery and music (for example in a movie) are used to manipulate a person’s perspective and feeling. Emotionally charged content makes it even easier (like mentioning “sex” or “slavery”).

        I find it so insidious how this power to persuade is being abused, by crafting narratives—- good movie making —-while destroying civilization in the material world. It exposes the immaturity of humans. Makes me sad.

        As for your question about real names vs. pseudonyms, I say: to each his own, it’s everyone’s personal choice whether they want to comment publicly, anonymously, or both.

        • Tons of people see how appeals to emotion are made to sway opinions. Its been a topic of discussion and analysis for over 2,000 years. You haven’t stumbled upon some revelation. I’m sure Suneel must have read some Socrates and Plato at Harvard.

          However, virtually no one who isn’t drinking Keith’s Koolaid™ thinks there aren’t tons of objective, facts that prove your “Vanguard’s” guilt.

          You answer to my pseudonym question is a standard NXIVM evasion. Of course, it is a personal choice–you merely state the obvious.

          It is a shady choice to sometimes identify one’s self publicly and then post other times anonymously.

          It indicates a lack of real commitment to and confidence in the truth of one’s position.

          It suggest fear of consequences.

          If you see Suneel, give him my regards. Likewise “Anthony.”

          • I do not believe Suneel is commenting under any aliases. It is my impression that he wants to stand by what he writes by signing it. I mean, whatever else you might think of his ideas, you have to admit that he is willing to be known publicly as a supporter of Keith Raniere, which is a career defying move. And this young man has no prior Nxivm baggage on the internet. He is a very employable person and he is knowingly risking his entire future to stand for someone he believes in. That is impressive – even if he is dead wrong.

            I think that kind of courage is more than foolhardiness. For you see, Suneel is not a dunce, or a young man unaware of the consequences of his action. While I think him wrong about Raniere, I have respect for him for doing something brave in that he is willing to stand up to the world for the sake of what he believes in.

            That said, I still think he is wrong about Raniere. And it is my plan to show the truth – about the trial and about Raniere. Suneel has agreed, so we are in accord and found common ground.

          • I’m not Suneel but I do understand that it’s hard to believe someone …when they make as much sense as Suneel does. We’re not always used to logic, we often prefer when things are twisted.

            About emotions – I disagree that a lot of people are aware they are swayed by emotions. If it’s true, why would so many people be moved without any evidence, and respond to so much hate in the media? Media does what sells. That’s why platforms like Parler and Rumble are soon to be eliminated.

            Frank Report may end up being the ONLY communication platform left where people can express the truth and/or opinions!

          • The Crucible and Anthony make the same idiosyncratic grammatical mistake as Mr. Chakravorty both here and on his own website.

            However, that is not proof positive.

            It might be that bathing in Keith’s Koolaid™ impacts grammar, just as it clearly does critical thinking skills.

            I agree, Frank–it takes massive commitment to stand up publicly and plant one’s flag on the hill of a convicted child sex trafficker. I’m glad you provide a forum for people like Suneel to do so.

  • By bringing to the table those 9 arguments seriously questions the trial and the excessive sentence.
    Not even the worst criminals, as drug dealers have this abnormal sentences.
    To question the justice system and make them accountable is a moral imperative. Society as a whole count on it.
    Prosecution and the justice system must follow the rules, not break them.
    The justice has responsibility with us the citizens who pays them. Every one of us deserves a fair trial.
    Keith´s case does not show violence, no drugs and no guns involved.
    And Mr Raniere asks for pardon and talks about help to heal the corrupt justice system.
    Mr Trump can even at the last moment help to correct this justice abuse. And by doing that send a clear message to the judiciary system.
    Mr Trump has the pardon in his hands.

    • The kind of world where old men who fuck little 15-year-old girls go to prison. Maybe for their other crimes – but thank God they are locked up!

    • Anon 7:02

      —40 years for one sexual encounter! What kind of world are we living in??

      Oddly enough that’s how Bangkok’s parents feel. Their 38 year old man-cub currently resides in their basement.

  • If I were innocent and had my constitutional rights been as grossly violated as they were in this trial (even if you hate him there are some MAJOR violations here), I would shout it from the rooftops and try every angle (even Trump who I deeply dislike) too

  • As Frank said it himself, even the devil deserves due process. It looks pretty clear to me that in this case there was none of that.

    I think it’s an important question to ask, if we feel like someone doesn’t deserve a fair trial because they sound like a monster in the media. I personally believe that if someone is guilty, then it’s not necessary to cheat and deprive them of due process, so it follows that if there was cheating, then the person is probably innocent. I support this pardon even if the person in question has a bad reputation. Because a jugar system is more important that our own moral fears.


    • There is another way to feel – and I know you will respect it – that he did get a fair trial. He had unlimited money to mount the best defense he possibly could present. I save my pity for trials of the far less fortunate. Who have you spoken out for or raised money for who could not buy a million dollar plus defense?

  • Trump will be thinking more about pardoning himself after Mitch McConnell stated today that the Democrats were right to launch impeachment proceedings; as it will help to purge him from the Republican Party. He won’t give Raniere a single thought.

    • Trump belongs to such a different social stratum his radar never has, is or will be overlapping to the slightest extent with Raniere’s and his monkeys. This is so obviously not clear to them.

  • I don’t support Keith however I’m suspicious of this case. We need a unbiased justice system and experts say Keith’s right were violated. I’m not defending Keith however I’m scared because if this can happen to him it can happen to everyone. I believe in the true and fight for justice. If the law says Keith in guilty send him to jail! But hate is boring, meaningless. Only shallow people hate. We need to stop trial by media and violate anyone’s rights in America. Else its like Salem Witch Trials and Nazi Holocaust. Everybody deserves right to prove innocence.

    • Nataska-

      Here is an explanation for Adam’s pardon request:

      Scott Adams got his pipes cleaned by [redacted]. I watched the interview she did with him. Adams was up her [redacted] like he was performing a Oophorectomy.

      Frank won’t let me say ‘her name’, that is to say, the Nick-name I made up for her. Frank thinks the new nickname is offensive.

      Cool Fact: Frank started censoring people before it became the cool thing to do. He pioneered censoring long before Twitter and FaceBook. 🙂

      Bangkok is right. ICE needs to deport Frank back to Albania. 😉

  • I’m not from America and I have to say where I come from forced labor and sex trafficking are truly horrific unimaginable crimes. I used to work with organizations that attempted to assist that population. I must say having looked deeply into those charges in the case Suneel is correct. The forced labor charge was one woman doing a few hours of computer work and the sex trafficking charge was that same woman receiving oral sex from another woman and she testified that she was already upstate the day before yet the prosecution stated that she traveled by train or bus the day of the act. It seems they did this to make the claim that her travel affected interstate commerce (historically this typically does not hold in court) but regardless she testified that she woke up that morning already upstate. This does not meet the criteria of sex trafficking and having witnessed true sex trafficking where I come from I agree with Suneel that to consider this as such is a horrific thing to do to those true victims. Having worked with women who have truly been forced into labor or sex trafficked they act quite differently. They don’t seek podcasts, brag about it on social media and receive enforcements or go on Ellen. They are truly traumatized.

    • Thanks for your comment, Jonah117. I had thought of this too. I think we are losing the scope of things with sensationalized media. I had the opportunity to work with illegal immigrants coming to the US and a lot of them were running away from their countries because of true violence, abuse, slavery, and fear for their lives. I’m sorry but when I look at the alleged victims of Raniere, they all seem educated, with a great life and their stories of NXIVM “trauma” are not even close to what real victims go through, I can’t even place them in the same category; I’m sorry, it’s just not fair. I hope we look deep into this as 120 years for what Raniere is being accused and what was “proved” in court just doesn’t make sense. I mean what should a murderer get then? 500 hundred years? I’ve seen murderers and drug dealers get 10 or even less than 5 years in prison for you know, killing someone! I hope people here look beyond their hate for Raniere and see the importance we have as American citizens in fixing this. This story is really beyond him.

      • —I had the opportunity to work with illegal immigrants coming to the US and a lot of them

        Did you hire them as landscapers?

    • Clearly, it does meet the criteria. The charge was upheld and the verdict guilty. If you are in another country and interested in the US justice system – why this case? Why not someone else?

    • And so your point is that these women just haven’t been beat with a big enough stick is it?

      2.5 decades of working very closely with a local authority special register: asylum seekers, refugees, an array of slave labour from enforced prostitution through domestic slaves to nail bar workers, leads me to conclude you have no clue of what it is you profess to know. None. This is just peurile posturing.

    • Jonah117, I have similar feelings about the crimes of sex trafficking and forced labour – it makes me sick to hear stories or read articles of victims of these crimes. For a few years now, I have been distantly relating with people whose entire vocation is dedicated to championing the victims of these types of crimes.

      I want to maintain an open mind, so I won’t say there was absolutely no sex trafficking or forced labour going on with the NXIVM organization, but I will say that I have seen absolutely zero evidence that convinces me anything of the sort happened. The NXIVM women who have spoken at trial or publicly through the media simply do not compare to the victims of sex slaves a la ISIS or the victims of prostitution/forced labour via human smugglers.

      I wish we could talk about what actually happened in NXIVM using more precise wording/language rather than slapping the horrific labels of “sex slave,” “sex trafficking,” “forced labour” and “blackmail” all over the case.

      This same point applies to the comment by erasend, who brings up another horrific crime, pedophilia. What are you talking about, exactly, erasend? The photo evidence presented at trial? The claim of the woman at the sentencing? Or something else I haven’t heard of yet? If you want to talk about it (a good idea, I agree), then let’s get specific.

    • I’m impressed you don’t come from America but are able to interpret US laws better than a US Attorney and Federal judge and jury. Wow. Very impressive!

    • Ah. The fallacy of relative privation.

      In other words, it’s NOT AS BAD as other types of sex trafficking.

      What you clueless NXIVM shills don’t understand is this: yes it is, and maybe even worse. Keith’s entire cult was built on deception. He’s effectively an acting Luciferian, a minister of the actual Devil, because the latter’s modus operandi is DECEPTION masked by bits and pieces of the truth. The truth is subservient to an underhanded motive that is intended to be well-hidden to serve the opposite. In the language of children’s stories: “the wolf in sheep’s clothing”. That is Keith’s manipulative behavior to a tee: the “slow boil of the frog” analogy, even though the meaning of the phrase doesn’t actually happen in reality because the frog would begin to jump out as soon as the water started to get too hot for it.

      Just because there is ONE person who benefits from the sex trafficking, and just because there are superficial facades of legitimacy that make it seem “not as bad”–female “empowerment”, “bad-ass” women, “no ultimate victims”, “collateral”, a ritualistic, speciously consensual, “Brand me master, it would be an honor”–doesn’t make it any less than actual sex trafficking. It arguably makes it even worse because people are TRICKED into believing and doing it via a process that isn’t TRANSAPRENT, but which is very deceptive.

      • Anonymous, I want to hear more of what you are saying here: can you please be more specific?

        I am still only seeing that you claim that sex trafficking happened, but I don’t know what you are talking about. Jonah was specific, as he said: “the sex trafficking charge was that same woman receiving oral sex from another woman and she testified that she was already upstate the day before yet the prosecution stated that she traveled by train or bus the day of the act.” Because he is being specific, we are able to discuss the details of this assertion (and it would be good to do so!)

        When you reference sex trafficking, are you referring to the same incident that Jonah describes? If so, can you please elaborate on how you perceive this to be worse than women kidnapped from their homes and forced to serve as sex slaves to members of ISIS? (If you don’t know what I’m referencing, google “ISIS yazidi women”) I am sincerely open to being persuaded by a factual, rational, civil argument.

        • Why are you NXIVM shills pretending like you are some ignorant people who have just come to know about the details of this case? Do you really think that speciously posting dozens of anonymous comments here under different pseudonyms supporting each other and your flimsy claims is going to give you some additional credence and rollback all of the argumentation that the prosecution presented during trial–something a multimillion dollar defense team that dedicated more than full time hours to rebutting it couldn’t do–will have an actual impact on the case? Is this the kind of critical thinking and “ethics” you people learned in NXIVM?

    • Jonah,

      Irrespective of the ‘points’ raised by you, the mere fact someone freely admitting to having numerous women undertake abortion procedures just for the “f” of it, because to him it was an experiment determining the deepest levels of human imbecility, makes him an abominable filth most deserving of death by medieval torture not merely 129.4 years of jailing.


    • I actually think this is quite appropriate. If you look into actual human trafficking and what passed as trafficking in this case, it is an abhorrent insult to true victims of trafficking and all the more reason for awareness! I urge you all to increase your awareness of what constitutes trafficking in most parts of the world and most courtrooms and educate yourself on what counted as trafficking in this case and the pretense that this now sets for our society.

      • I hate it when some dude thinks he can decide for one group of diverse women that they think it is “abhorrent” that another group of women in a different country got justice. Worry about your own alleged problems in your country. We got this in the USA. Maybe we have better laws? Higher standards? You should applaud that “for women” lol or let women speak for themselves. Like Cami, a 15-year-old (at the start) victim did. Read her statement.

    • Actually he was not charged with human trafficking. He was charged with sex trafficking because one woman voluntarily revived oral sex from another woman which she set up for herself. The fact that this is considered sex trafficking is ….

      Wait for it

      Wait for it


      • “The clever one” has shown up again with an electron microscope to draw a distinction between “human trafficking” and “sex trafficking.”

        Thanks. For some reason, I thought The World’s Smartest Child Rapist™ was convicted for sex trafficking humans. Apparently not.

        Say What, you are a PR genius. That Trump pardon is now minutes away, thanks to your sage wisdom.

  • I have a serious question for Frank or the NXIVM supporters and it would be interesting to hear any thoughts on this. Is Keith in any physical danger on the outside? Would he feel safe to walk free from prison? I am asking because he believes some powerful people had their hand in his expulsion from Mexico. I am open-minded with it if he truly believes this or not but he has said this so I am basing this comment on the trust that this is what he believes. From his point of view, he has been tried in the media and people believe he is the perpetrator of some serious crimes. Is he worried at all that someone would hunt him down and cause him harm?

    • He’s a narcissist Natashks, he thinks he’ll be just fine if he walks free. Would he actually be okay? Probably not, although if there’s somebody out there unhinged enough to follow his weirdness, there’s also somebody unhinged enough to ‘assassinate’ him for being released.

    • I’m sure he is, but not as worried as being in prison. He’s in danger in both cases. However, he has more options to protect himself outside.

      • I read your comment as “he is a danger in both cases”. And I agree. He is! But at least in prison, he isn’t a danger to women and children anymore.

    • I believe he would be in physical danger, both incarcerated and in the outside world. There are many people in free society who believe he is an awful person, and I’m sure some would feel obligated to harm him. However, in prison, there’s a much higher possibility of being in danger. The COs won’t protect him like they’re supposed to. So yes, he would be in danger outside of prison as well, but still much safer than incarcerated.

    • I imagine he is worried. However, there are safer places to be in this world than a federal jail on your own volition

    • Trump was a DEMOCRAT over some of those years NXIVM allegedly supported Democrats. And, NXIVM was an equal opportunity corruptor of members of both parties.

      Further, the Mexican Elites, druglords, Bronfman’s and other suspect NXIAN’s well know how to play both, ALL sides of the political spectrum, as does Roger (Dodger) Stone – despite his claims that only democrats are anywhere close to what smacks of a deep state CHOMO ring of blood sucking, virgin sacrificing demon worshippers like NXIVM — and other wacky Q ANON conspires the MAGAts want to link to NXIVM—

      Shall I redact Stone’s sacred name or you wanna, Frank?

    • Yes. Not only that, he slammed the Judge as being a (ahem) “Democrat.” Will not help if he decides to resubmit his request to then-President Biden. Also the level of detail in the letter describes some repugnant circumstances. They can’t help themselves in their quest to be righteously thorough. Raniere & Co. are straight up vertical line thinkers and it’s gratifying to watch them implode, time after time.

      Nicki Clyne is going to carry that sick twerking video to her grave. Worth it?

  • This is a big ask and seems like a long-shot IMO. But the nine points are very clear and certainly capture my attention. We are supposed to live in civil times with a functioning justice system, not a medieval era where “criminals” (some true, some not) get publicly condemned and burned at the stake/beheaded/torn asunder to satisfy the public’s appetite for bloody sport. I am convinced there is something worth looking at here.

  • It will be interesting to see if this article grows legs. The noted grievances are important to address whether or not Raniere did anything outside of what he was charged of. It is especially important to address any dishonesty in the DOJ and the courts because if they are dishonest, they are destroying the very trust they were built to maintain.

    • Well said, I agree with what you said, Anonymous: “It is especially important to address any dishonesty in the DOJ and the courts because if they are dishonest, they are destroying the very trust they were built to maintain.”

  • This brings up a thought – any explanations on while the worshippers of Raneiere keep ignoring the whole pedophile thing?

    Its a pretty critical aspect to overcome if trying to claim some moral high ground. Also a necessary part of trying to argue Raneiere needs to have case tossed or given a lighter sentence. Yet they consistently in all their arguments its like that aspect of the case does not exist.

    At this point, everything they say can be replied back with a simple message “Raniere is a pedophile. Comment on that first.”

    • It seems like you are not aware that He was not charged with being a pedophile which would be having sex with a minor. This was not a part of the case. I imagine if there were an ounce of proof that he was one surly this prosecution would have brought that charge. I can see why you think that this was a charge though. The media has done a voracious job of making it seem like Raniere is a pedo. He was charged with child pornography which are the pictures of Cami and these are the photos that 5 (might be more at this point) top forensic experts have certified were tampered to have the dates changed to make it look like she was underage. These are the same photos an FBI agent testified under oath that an unknown person accessed the images while they were in FBI custody. These are the same photos that were acquired by breaking the restrictions of the search warrant. So most certainly are addressing this directly (since they are concerned with the real charges not the heresay of the media) and quite impressively in my opinion. Those certifiers have pristine credentials and would not alllll sign their name to government tampering unless it were true based on the evidence.

      Now you might reference that Cami gave a statement at sentencing. However it is worth noting that she was not under oath and was not brought as a witness in the trial nor was one single piece of evidence that they had a relationship while she was underage. I suspect her statement at sentencing was coerced by the prosecution as many others were since it came when Suneel and co started releasing the evidence of tampering. They are in hot water now that there’s major physical proof that they either tampered with evidence or allowed tampered evidence.

      One last thing of Keith is indeed a pedophile the victim deserves her day in court. Not just a statement.

  • LMAO.

    This will never reach Trump and even if it did, it would be followed up by “Keith who?” and “Next-um?”

    Even if had heard of him, after the whole friends with pedophile Epstein thing, do you really think Trump wants to be associated with pardoning a pedophile?

    Now if he gave Trump a crap ton of money through back channels, that might be having a different conversation.

    • 🤔 Now, where would Raniere get his grubs on a shitload of dirty dough to pass to Trump for a pardon?

      And, btw, why the fuck didn’t the main DOJ demand or “allow” the NDNY OR EDNY to prosecute the crimes involving the Mexican elites in NXIVM? Despite the fact that American lives — including Catherine Oxenberg’s — were threatened?!

      Money makes the world go round, the drugs go round, the cult’s where it’s found — that clinking, clanging sound, the cult leader goes down!

      ….Gay Gueys make way for KAR in Tucson, the ‘boss of bosses’ enemy #1 a-comin’ to hang out with y’all!

    • InfoWars…Greatest website and media group of all time……….. 😉

      It’s where I go to find out about aliens, contrails, flat earth, and Bohemian Grove.

      People forget that Alex Jones attacked the Republican establishment first, long before the liberals. Alex is a media personality who likes money just like me and anyone else with a brain.

      He just turned on Q…

      There is no evidence of election fraud. No large scale evidence has been found yet.

      Over 50+ lawsuits have been thrown out of court. Many of the Federal Judges were appointed and vetted by Trump.

      Overthrow the government?

      I don’t like Democrats, but they managed to get 7 million more votes because of Metropolitan areas.

      It’s how democracy works: sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

      • Here’s a quote from Gustave Le Bon, written in the 19th century:

        “They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them,” he wrote. “Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.”

      • There is a lot of foul play that you can read about.

        They also bring in colored people to cast out white people’s votes, to the point where your votes mean nothing.

        That is not democracy.

        • One of the nation’s leading civil rights organizations is called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. However, I am told that the use of the two-word description “colored people” is offensive and the three-word “people of color” is not offensive.

          I am in favor of calling people or a group of people by the names they prefer, so I much prefer describing blacks [or Blacks] as “people of color.” If nothing more, it shows respect and that always is a balm to tension.

          And yet I am not sure that I should ban “colored people” as a description of a race of people. It is interesting to analyze words that might offend and which ones should be censored or banned.

          For instance, had the commenter used the word “n—r” I would not have published it – unless the commenter was black and claimed the right to use the word as a description of himself, much like I, as an Italian, sometimes use the word Dago to describe myself.

          But the n-word is so deeply offensive that the need to use it far outweighs the right of somebody to express themselves that way. Colored people is a lesser example; it might offend without being essential to the comment yet is not so offensive that it needs to be banned in every instance. And the fewer words a society bans the better for that society. It is a challenging question.

          Yet, I would wish that it was not used.

          • Thank you for your consideration. I think that is more important than anything that we at least consider the impact and ramifications of how and why we label groups of people. I notice words like ‘cracker’ and ‘honky’ as labels for my race in the past, so, meh, so harmless, are being eclipsed by deeper, more grievous insults, like the one about how ‘pedo’ can be used interchangeably with white man, ‘Karen’ for white women, ‘lice-heads’ for whites in general. No group of people is immune from insult, but I’ll take ‘Becky with the good hair’ over the n-word, any day.

    • If only the Left were Marxist, they are in fact Center Right. You can’t find one “Marxist” idea in the Democratic Party platform. Those are corporate capitalists, through and through.

      It’s not an insult, you’re just letting everyone know that you don’t understand the words you write.

    • Re Rasmussen:

      “Is a Poll Scientific if it Excludes More Than Half the Population?”

      “Well over half of the American population will be physically unable to take one of their phone calls.”

      “If you had a pollster that used live human operators, but which did blitz polling during a single four-hour period on a single weeknight, which never did callbacks, which did not call cellphones, and which did not use intra-household selection, you’d have basically all of the same problems. Conversely, some other “robopollsters” like SurveyUSA and PPP avoid at least some of these problems because they (or their clients) are willing to pay the money to do so.”


    • According to the very reputable Pew Research Group, Trump’s approval rating has slumped to 29%, with 55% of Americans expressing the opinion that he should never hold any public office again. On the other hand, Biden’s approval rating is at 57%, as is about average for the beginning of a new Presidential Honeymoon. No doubt, over the coming 12 to 18 months Trump’s will rise a little as Biden’s falls. So it goes.

  • Are those 9 points true??? If yes, Raniere should not be in prison. Trump and his advisors should look into this and if verified, I think the pardon will happen.

  • Are those 9 points true? If yes, that is crazy Raniere got sentenced. If Trump’s team can verify this, I think this pardon happens.

  • Those are some pretty serious allegations for due process allegations. If those are true, I’d be very concerned that our justice system would allow something like this to happen, especially on such a high profile trial.

  • Has anyone talked to him since he got to Lewisburg?

    While I don’t believe in everything Keith did, I do hate the “justice” system and how the US government throws people in jail for long periods of time. The criminal justice system needs major reform. We are paying taxes for other humans to be in cages. It’s so traumatic. Sigh.

    • Wrong. We are paying taxes for lots of things. Well some of us. Not Nxians. They did not believe in paying taxes. So… Hilarious comment. Some of us are paying taxes so our daughters are safe from people like Keith Raniere and his pimp women co-conspirators..

  • NIXVM as a whole was/is anti-Trump.
    I don’t see Trump giving Raniere what is another attempt by a man who must kick himself in the ass a few times a day for not taking the plea deal that was officered to him.
    Even is his new attorney is lucky enough to get a reduced sentence, it won’t be enough that Raniere will ever see the outside of a prison.
    In his spare time late at night Raniere could be working on his Goals program. What books he wants to read, what behaviors he wants to take a look at, and how he wants to spend his years on the inside of prisons walls.
    Remember Raniere, the question you all asked us in a Level 2 training, “If you woke up tomorrow in a prison, what would you do”? T
    The question can be modified, “If you wake up tomorrow and you know there is no chance you will ever get out of prison, how would you spend your time”?
    Goals are good, look for your missing resources
    Don’t forget, there are no victims and cause and effect
    We know your followers by into and keep telling you, you didn’t do anything bad or wrong.
    What is that isn’t true?
    What if you are not going to get people to buy your story this time
    What if you are stuck with the effects of what you caused?
    What if you knew someday you would get caught?
    There, you just had a What if EM. Go answer the questions and journal on the answers.

    • Interesting development- definitely seems both Raniere and Trump have a lot in common…both are very hated right now and both are being held responsible for other people’s actions…where does responsibility begin and end with leaders?

    • Bless,What If,

      Is it really true there was teaching denying cause and effect? I suppose ‘there are no victims’ implies this, but, if only that Rebbe from the [philosophy] example were there to punch KR on the nose, help him to understand that the whole of existence is premised on cause and effect. Including all speculation [and lies] that it is not.

  • Woody Allen. Heard of him? 1000 x’s more international fame/infamy than vanguard. The most damning press. Books. Movies. Non stop negative press. Comedians mocking him every night on TV. For a decade.

    Woody was accused of pedophilia. He did not go to trial. Because the powers that be ( wrong or right) did not feel they had a case. Woody Allen was crucified in public opinion. Actors refused to work with him ever again. His own family thought him guilty. Again – no trial.

    Your ” media/press driven prosecution” story is false. Keith got a trial and conviction because the evidence was/is there and it is so.

    Insulting to accuse the judge, jury and prosecution of malfeasance.

    • The evidence was not there that’s why the prosecution had to threaten witnesses and tampered with evidence to create child porn. That’s why witnesses lied under oath with the prosecutions knowledge and potentially their encouragement. That’s why they violated search warrants. That’s why a “sex trafficking” was created from an unprecedented use of the law where potential social gain constituted a value exchange and is based on consensual sex between two women that didn’t even involve sex with him. This is abuse of our justice system and the facts and evidence support this if you are brave enough to even look at them.

      • Him… time will tell, but for now this is just your and Raniere’s opinion that evidence wasn’t there.
        Most people in the courtroom and an entire jury believe he was and is guilty.

  • These are many and strong arguments against what should have been “due process”.

    Keith´s letter denouncing the corruption of the justice system is powerful and clear.

    Mr. Trump inherited this justice system.

    The question is will Mr. Trump move a step forward allowing Mr. Raniere to prove his innocence and fight the corruption?

  • Raniere and Trump have lots of things in common. Both abuse women, try to grab them at the pussy and support visa fraud.

    • Both are raging out of control NPDs (the pathological type). I’m not particularly TDS (living in Europe, so not really taking sides), but DJT’s narcissism has contributed no little to his downfall. And America now has another one (female this time) waiting in the wings to make her move into politics (yes, the would-be royal). Fun times will be had by all, it seems.

      • Do you only have fun when it is a woman who seeks or accepts a political career or office because women seem to be supposedly unsuited for it, and are, therefore, ridiculed when they do, as you may be trying to do right now?

  • Frank–

    You’re an amazing investigative journalist. Simply an amazing journalist.

    But you now have nxians–cultists–using your board for endless, baseless commentary, which serves little purpose other than to advance their convicted leader’s principles.

    They are not contributing (Suneel, maybe); they are repeating their Vanguard’s incessant mantra of hate, etc.

    In short, a convicted sex trafficker is now directing the attack on your blog to pursue his agenda, and that’s not right.

    • I pretty much have to allow their comments as I do opposing views all the time. There will be more to follow on the debate on whether Raniere got a fundamentally fair trial.

      As of now, I want to hear more evidence. The odds are against him, however, in getting a reversal of his conviction on appeal.

      • Nxians:

        It’s actually entertaining knowing you’re on this blog.

        But make your arguments constructive. Tell us why you DON’T think it was cult. Tell us why you fell for your Vanguard– even though virtually everything he taught was wrong. I won’t say he lied ALL the time. But his views were subjective, to him, and not shared by most outsiders. Why didn’t he allow his theories to be open to scientific scrutiny if he claims he’s a scientist?

        Everyone sat there, listening, but never questioning some serious bullshit.

        The one cured of tourettes? I can see why he’s thankful. But tell us your story..

        We are objective outsiders, some of us very well educated, and wearing the bruises of years of experience.

        You will not convince us you were involved in anything but a cult.

        But instead of constantly repeating the word of the day, why don’t you try to convince us of what you fell for, so we at least better understand you?

        I’m sure many of you are really nice people. But convince us.

        Tell us what you are defending. Share your experience. Be honest. We are here to learn, not to judge.


        No, pain is not what binds us.

        • Thanks for this post. I refrain from posting much on this site because it’s usually so mean and negative. And I can tell too that Raniere’s followers are now posting here and participating in the comments.

          I appreciate you asking them questions to clarify instead of just calling people names. I hope any of his followers reading this will continue the discussion and share their stories. We may not agree with them, but at least we can get a better sense of why they are so persistent in claiming Raniere’s innocence?

          I find this whole case fascinating and welcome more info on the motives of his followers.

        • FMN – Thanks for being open to learn and not judge, I think this is what most of us want.

          Now, your question implies it was, in fact, a cult and it also implies someone could do something to make us ‘fall for them’. Although I believe people can use certain techniques to have you like them more (like flirting or a puppy face in a cute dog), I do not believe in ‘falling for someone’ because it implies the removal of my choice; I’ve had different instances where people have used these techniques (including my son battling his eyelashes for me to give him chocolate for dinner on a school nigh -not happening-) and I still have the last word whether I want to give them what they want or not. As a firm believer of free will, I sustain I have choice every step of the way.

          Now, imagine you really like something, like cycling for example; because you like it so much, you do it consistently. In your cycling trips, you start meeting people who love to cycle as much or even more than you, you bond through the sport and now you decide to have this in your life as an everyday activity. Now, let’s say you start waking up at 4 am to join your friends and hit the road when it’s still dark every single day… this is considered strange by some of your other friends, but you know there is nothing bad about it, you love it and it’s actually helping you to be more healthy, to make more deep friendships and you are actually a happier person.

          With this example, would you say you are in a cycling cult? Would you say someone made you ‘fall’ for it and somehow you ended up waking up at 4 am and hop on your bike when it was still dark?

          Or would you say you love it and you’re happy to be able to do it – even if some people think it’s crazy that you wake up that early and get on your bike when it’s still dark?

          I sat there to listen and take the teachings over 10 years for one very simple reason: because they worked. It was also important to me the teachings were humane, and they were.

          Having looked at the evidence of the injustices in this case, I truly wish for Trump to make a bold move and stand for due process and justice. This case now has the spotlight but it would mean a great chance of change for all the other cases that have suffered irregularities (ultimately injustices) that have never reached this amount of notability.

          • Pioneer, nice response. I get up to go fishing at 4 all the time. I understand passion with like-minded people.

            But the similarities end there:

            1. I don’t bow to the captain of the ship.

            2. I don’t call him Vanguard.

            3. No one tries to catch secret glimpses of him.

            4. Although he helps us fish, he never tried to change our attitudes about fishing.

            5. He never ran the fishing boat in hopes of getting pretty women on board

            6. He never branded anyone.

            7. When we left the boat, we never got sued.

            8. We never had a huge celebration for his birthday.

            9. Never tried to tear down our opinions on anything or make us tell him a dirty secret before he showed us where the fish were.

            10 Never groomed us for future trips. In fact, the captains actually talk to each other to see where the fish are and what they’re feeding on.

            I’m sorry, but nxivm was a cult.

            I understand fun, family, the common good, etc. I really do.

            But there was bad shit going on behind the scenes — and this is what you guys refuse to acknowledge.

            If it was fun family do good, etc., it would be one thing.

            But your leader was a disgusting sexual predator. That’s what the victims and jury declared. That’s what the facts point to.

            The holding of collateral and the branding destroy your case. And it’s DISGUSTING

            But I also want to add: KR rewired your brains. A lot of what he preached was NONSENSE. People not in the group see that. The video with AM was disturbing.

            Family — I truly, truly get that.

            But KR was a monster behind closed doors. Dr. Jeckyl, Mr. Hyde. SAY, “The group was great, but what KR did was horrible. I agree.”

            My opinion.

          • This case really doesn’t have the spotlight. Someone asked me what I was reading on Frank Report. When I told them, I got a completely blank stare. Later, I asked a few other people throughout the day (one in New York!) Not one had heard of Nxivm, Vanguard, any of it. It is bigger in your minds because you love him.

          • Don’t let Raniere know that hardly anyone is aware that he exists, he thinks he’s a nationwide rock star.

      • Please continue to keep the moderation very light, Frank.

        This is a rare opportunity to see cultists engage in comment threads with critics.

        Normally, culties stay far away from forums like this. It’s a sign of how tiny their bubble has shrunk that they have nowhere else to turn for a public forum than a website run by a man who is one of the main reasons they are toast.

    • Not a whole lot he can do as long as they behave and they have been. Yeah he could just go into god mode and block who he wants, when he wants but he has made it clear in previous posts he will censor without cause. Best I can tell he has tried to maintain that rule. Always remember, the application of rules doesn’t apply to just the things you don’t like.

      Also consider the entertainment value they bring with their nonsensical counters.

      Keep in mind, they actually think they are being clever.

    • The World’s Smartest Child Rapist™ failed to plan ahead.

      Hard to believe isn’t it?

      This pardon question is completely beyond partisan politics–no office holder wants to even look in the direction of the stinking turds called Keith Raniere or the NXIVM 5.

  • In other news, Nxivm dead-enders are searching for a genie lamp & three wishes. Wish 1) to free Keith; wish 2) to punish Keith’s enemies; and 3) to enroll all attractive women in DOS.

    • Frank, seriously, have you gone “Batman” batshit? Letting Shadow post this despicable, false slander against Biden when you know damn well there’s not an iota of truth to it and this false QAnon claim about pedophiles running the Democrat party is part of what’s inciting the insurgents?

      You didn’t allow Flowers to make the same claim about Trump, though those accusations are based on sworn affidavits from Trump’s underage and other actual rape (not sniffing) victims – not a rumor and though YOU claim FR is not covering politics any longer.

      I invite you to please consider removing this post or to put up a post on Trump’s history of suspected and proved accusations of sexual ‘impropriety.’

      How IS that well-wished Madame, Miss Ghislaine Maxwell, doing these days? Is she still hanging out at MDC?

      • “Letting Shadow post this despicable, false slander against Biden” Heidi

        I have a neighbor, neighbor A, who told me his concerns about neighbor B who suspiciously ogled A’s grandchildren at a community swimming pool.
        Was A trying to incite violence against B?
        Or was A expressing his concerns about B’s questionable behavior?
        I might add that neighbor C told me that she had heard stories about how B acts around children.

        Heidi, all adults know that if he or she has anything to say to a child they say it Loud and Clear so that the child’s parents know what was said.
        You don’t bend over and whisper in the child’s ear.

        Either Joe Biden is a pervert or he is mentally immature or even retarded.

      • Ghislaine Maxwell extension to appeal bail Is denied as no good cause shown.

        On December 28 Judge Nathan has again denied release on bail, stating bottom line that “The Court concludes that none of the new information that the Defendant presented in support of her application has a material bearing on the Court’s determination that she poses a flight risk. Furthermore, for substantially the same reasons as the Court determined that detention was warranted in the initial bail hearing, the Court again concludes that no conditions of release can reasonably assure the Defendant’s appearance at future proceedings. In reaching that conclusion, the Court considers the nature and circumstances of the offenses charged, the weight of the evidence against the Defendant, the history and characteristics of the Defendant, and the nature and seriousness of the danger that the Defendant’s release would pose. See 18 U.S.C. § 3142(g). The Government does not contend that the Defendant poses a danger to the community. Nonetheless the Court determines that the other three factors warrant detention under 18 U.S.C. § 3142(e). The Court also finds that the Defendant’s proposed bail conditions would not reasonably assure her appearance at future proceedings. As a result, the Court concludes that the Government has met its burden of persuasion that the Defendant poses a flight risk and that pre-trial detention continues to be warranted.”
        Source: innercitypress.com

    • Uh oh, QAnon follower. That may require some oversight. They are up there with flat-earthers. There is no conspiracy they are not willing to believe. Raniere sees them and goes “Yeah, too much and too easy, I don’t need that kind of crazy in my cult.”

    • Did Biden say, “Grab them by the pussies”?

      No one accused Biden of rape. Unlike Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

      What say you?

  • Nicki Clyne
    In today’s climate more than ever, we must set aside our prejudices and stand for due process even for our most hated citizens.

    False claims + trial by media + malicious prosecution ≠ 120 years in prison.

    (Please read before commenting.)

    ‘FREE ME’ Nxivm sex cult boss Keith Raniere begs for PARDON from Donald Trum…


    • Nicki is such a moron. There was “no trial by media”. There was media coverage of the trial, and much of it was negative because her leader’s lifestyle was salacious in itself. It was no one else’s fault because there are no ultimate victims, right Nicki?

      There was an actual trial where evidence was presented by the prosecution of illegal acts ordered and/or performed by the defendant which needed to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, the defense was allowed to counter all of it, and Keith was found guilty by a jury of his peers agreed upon by both the defense and the prosecution.

      Instead of taking a plea deal for 16 years, the dumbest smartest man in the world decided to indulge his delusions of grandeur by “sticking to his principles” in the light of overwhelming evidence against him and he lost. So now, instead of being out when he would be 74 years old, he’s effectively chosen life. There are no ultimate victims in NXIVM. Just ultimate fools, apparently.

      • She’s making an attempt to do things in a respectable manner without mudslinging, in my opinion. That’s more than I can say for most public figures….or you.

        • Nxivm did a whole lot more than ‘sling-mud’, ‘Respectability’ is not something they ever strived for. What is respectable about a group blow job on a man who called himself ‘Vanguard’? Wasn’t that one of Clyne’s last duties?

        • She conditionally began her supposed “fight” for justice for one reason only and so she’s haplessly insincere. She couldn’t give a FF about the alleged “injustice” of the US justice system prior to the man she was about to perform group fellatio on when he was taken into custody by the Mexican authorities and was sentenced to prison. If her shared boyfriend was found innocent of all charges, she would be praising the justice system. Like the vast majority of thought-reformed NXIVM acolytes, she’s just a sheep and a shill for her master’s desires.

          • Where is Nicki and why isn’t she speaking out for her Master? She has gone dark. Why is that?
            Is she afraid that by speaking out about her lover it will have an impact on her status in her hearing of her fake marriage to Allison Mack?
            Asking for a friend

        • Mudslinging is all Nxivm dead-Enders do! On the victims (despicable), the judge, the jury, the prosecution (uncalled for and no proof), and anyone who disagrees about their cult.

      • I’m curious, how would you classify talk show hosts saying pretrial that “Raniere tortured woman,” when there have never been any charges of torture. What would you classify that if that isn’t trial by media?

        • Branding = torture. Women in room 2 years = torture. Forced porn photos = mental torture. Starving = torture. He led DOS. He came up with it all. Implementing it all

    • They courted ” names” now they are paying the price. The celebrity used to recruit made this a more news worthy case. They are living the reality they created. Nxium and Keith brought it on themselves. They wanted this publicity and posted ” star cult members” all over social media for years.

    • She may not have an elevator that goes to the top floor but she’s so pretty. I would love to meet her and see what she is like outside the crazy.

      Her Twitter feed is somewhat interesting. She is trying so hard to make sound arguments and twist things to illustrate how events are just like what happened with Raniere only she just isn’t good at it. Also, the whole pedophilia blindspot is not doing her any favors.

      I’d rather she just post selfies and what she is doing that day at this point. Which is bizarre considering I normally tire of that on most Twitter feeds. It would also help her case. The human tendency is the more they like a person, the more receptive they are to the arguments and positions they take. So if they truly like Nicki, that will make them more likely to start to like Raniere and maybe take up the cause. I think she forgets most people really do not know who she is anymore since fame is generally a “what have you done lately” game and Battlestar Galactica was ancient history in internet time scale.

      • Since Roger Stone is so convinced that Biden will pardon Raniere, why is Keith so desperately trying to get a pardon from Trump now?

        Honestly, Keith & friends, do you think pardons are Trump’s first priority right now?

        Like really?


      • Read Adams twitter feed. He isn’t just a koolaid drinker, he takes baths in it. He is a QAnon, election stolen, antifa deep state, and who knows what else believer. Not sure if he is a flat earther but I would not be surprised. I don’t think there isn’t a far right conspiracy he isn’t willing to go in on. Raniere probably kicking himself for not reaching out to get some of that dilbert money.

  • Im not in NXIVM or anything Im just a proud American who cares about due process but the data I see presented here shows that this peaceful man is being attacked by hate and lies and bias and media sensationalism. I’m totally neutral except I believe that justice must be the same even for someone that has lots of lies spread about them. If we let one man get railroaded by hateful mobs then no one is safe. Trump has to pardon or else we will be in Nazi Germany.

    • Its interesting to see people with no legal training at all giving opinions as to prosecutorial misconduct.

      This is like telling a doctor the best way to treat a patient, despite having no medical training.

      • I disagree and applaud them for taking action as citizens to right a wrong that they witnessed. If you can’t trust prosecutors or government should we all just turn a blind eye. Or wait perhaps writing hateful things on social media will bring about social change. Good luck with that.

      • Is entering photographs from a device known to have been tampered with in FBI possession, with falsified dates in order to make said photographs look like child pornography prosecutorial misconduct? Is having an FBI agent testify that it is difficult to change the dates on the photograph files prosecutorial misconduct?

  • I support this Pardon. After looking deeply into everything involving the case a lot of irregularities and just horrendous misjudgments and exaggerations where done in this case by the prosecution. I am not Keith’s friend, NXIVM member or have any interest in defending him. However I am an American citizen and believe this should get looked into and stopped not only for Raniere but for anyone who’s rights have been violated.

  • This is so well written, the recap of the charges and how unfounded they are.

    I’m not a huge fan of Trump, but I think he has been publicly shamed, people even joking about killing him, and it’s considered cool or funny or ok to do that. I think Trump has been the subject of incredible bias and hate that goes beyond what’s humane. Whether people like him or not, it’s super violent to have so much hate toward someone be publicly acceptable.

    Maybe Trump can see that the hate campaigns against Keith are similarly horrendous.

  • BTW, didn’t they claim DOS was started as a reaction to being rabidly anti Trump? They will literally say anything and then reverse it completely to garner any chance for pedo. If he is pardoned (not likely as Trump is not cool with immigration fraud, sex trafficking, etc. — and it will play very badly politically), the authorities will just get Keith for his other crimes. Why do you think they held off on some charges? Just on the very remote chance of him beating the rap the first time. It was a very smart “security” move. They will get him on state charges etc. And next time, Cami and the whole crew will testify. Ha ha ha.

    • If Trump is so “not cool” with immigration fraud, “hemophilia” aka “child molesters” etc., why didn’t he or his appointed AG, Billy Barr, lower the bar on the NDNY DOJ to charge and prosecute any immigration or other crimes allegedly perpetrated by NXIVM that were proved and referred from the EDNY to Albany prosecutors?

      Further, under Trump, Barr moved EDNY head prosecutor, Donoghue, to main DOJ and replaced him with Seth Ducharme bypassing NXIVM prosecutors for that promotion.

      So, how much are the Bronfman’s willing to kick in to the Trump legal defense fund secure Raniere’s pardon? Or does the Salinas clan have this one?

  • That’s adorable. I suppose it’s one of the few threads of hope to clench his tiny little fists around. It adds to the prestige of NXIVM, to grovel to a sentient senile adult diaper.

    • I see the point Make Justice Blind is trying to make here. I don’t think it will work but they have to be commended on all the different ways they are trying to shine a light on this case. Any injustice for any American is an injustice for us all. I think they will have a better chance on appeal.

  • Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. So it’s the bargaining phase? Okay. Remember to flush when done. Then zip it?

    • Bargaining usually happens with God, Shivani – not the earthly representatives of Satan!

      (Not to be taken literally…not necessarily.)

      • These identifiable phases of gradual acceptance do not require any conceptualizations from the processor which include a God. Agnostics and atheists go through these same dimensions of struggle and acceptance but might never mention or even include any “God” concepts while adapting or trying to adapt to a variety of circumstances, and not only or exclusively to facing a “physical” or mental or an emotional “death.”

        These described phases are a very useful observation about human nature experiencing whatever is being perceived as a point of crisis.

        Most people are born with everything already inside of us that we really need. Some are taught not to see or hear. Some choose it. Who takes the time or really works with the inner or outer elements of consciousness, sincerely and humbly, with receptivity to what is?

        Within such a person, the very process of sorting through aspects of denial can be skipped. One accepts what is, without a need for undergoing these elements of what is a slower experience of adaptation, adjustment.

        Really, what is paying attention? Receptivity, deep receptivity, no matter who you are or dream that you are. How long it takes to reach this receptivity hinges upon each consciousness, to observe and to decide. This is not airy-fairy dreamstuff.

        Rather it is both practical and pragmatic. Practice is practical. The practice of watching precisely what are the contents of one’s consciousness. This work is what many want to avoid the most, encountering the essence of one’s perception and letting go of its limits, which one discovers, moment-by-moment, are really self-imposed.

        I have just about had enough, pointing to what is potential, vs. what is actuality. Perhaps silence is solely where to be at home. Yet I don’t want to just forget those who are suffering, either or to minimize anyone’s challenges or pains.

        • I urge you to consider your thirsty readers, first and foremost, writer. I for one will take whatever you got to give!

  • What a presumption the whole thing is. What a web of lies spun by him and his supporters to “save” Keith Raniere. An absolute hubris.

  • Raniere presented no defense. He had his chance. His lawyers knew it would only hurt him to present any witnesses because he was guilty af.

    • He was prevented from presenting a defense. All potential witnesses who wanted to speak on his behalf and who had damning evidence that the prosecution’s witnesses were lying were threatened with RICO. The prosecution blatantly lied about his travel even though they had in their possession passport stamps showing the opposite of what they were saying so that he could be portrayed as a flight risk and denied bail leading to him having to create a defense from the horrific conditions at MDC. Keep up!

      • Keith bought the best defense unlimited money could buy. All his choice on each step. Any one of you could have had the integrity to stand up for him. This argument is tiresome. Think logically. If their testimony would, for sure, exonerate Keith… Then what would they be charged with??? It makes no sense! If Keith wasn’t guilty because of their illumination, none of them would be guilty. It is such a load of bull you have been sold. If I was head of a bank robbery and your testimony proved no bank was robbed – why would you be charged as part of the robbery??? Duh.

        • There were many things in the trial that were not aligned with the Justice system and for that I believe that a trial by media was not fair. The justice system didn’t do their job to check if the claims were really true or not. I think my country deserves to have a Justice system that I can trust will check for the truth.

          • They had pretrial verifying before even going to to trial. They found they had enough ” data” and probable cause Keith committed the crimes for which he was charged. Keith got the trial he chose. With lawyers he chose.

            Keith was found guilty by a jury of his peers. The media had nothing to do with it. Keith’s crimes are what put him in prison. Stop acting like he is a victim and a helpless child. Cami was a child. And Keith raped her and made pornographic images of her. Wasn’t she a part of the community? How come none of you care about the victims? It is loathsome.

          • How could it have been a trial by media when the jury was screened and told not to get any information outside of the trial evidence before the conviction?

  • Wait, didn’t Roger recently predict that Joe Biden will pardon Keith the moment he takes office?!

    What in the world would make Keith think he has a snowball’s chance in hellfire for a Trump pardon when Trump’s top “dirty trickster” (or as so alleged) is already using Keith’s villainous reputation to falsely impugn our incumbent President?

    I’m a little confused here.

  • He’s probably too consumed with working out if he can actually pardon himself. Even so, would be willing to bet if the Hail Mary was actually completed that a state AG somewhere would somehow get an indictment anyway. Stick a fork in this thing. It’s done.

    • Trump has nothing to pardon himself for, he hasn’t been convicted of anything. I doubt any state AG would touch this case.

      • Are you aware that the NYS Attorney General already has an open criminal investigation on Trump – and that the Manhattan DA also is in the midst of a criminal investigation of him and his businesses? In another 9 days, Trump will be “fair game” for any AG or DA.

      • The only reason that douche canoe won’t do it is because the legion of civil suits that are about to come down upon his furrowed brow due to the fuckery he unleashed. Pardoning himself would only be shooting himself in the foot when the litigation starts. The point is moot now for Keith since Tump has now taken the Solomon-like stance of “if I can’t pardon myself, then I’m not going to pardon anybody” . Have to hand it to Roger Stone and the other demon seed who got sprung prior to our greatness on the world stage circling the bowl for everyone to see, they are some lucky sons of bitches.

        Just listened to the mother of the 42 year old Capitol Police Officer speak about the loss of her son. I am going to leave the names I was calling in here because there are so many more that I want to hurl. I will not pick this hill to die on and need to seek the gentler angels of my nature. In all of her anguish, she simply hoped for an “end to the lunacy”. I hope that I can somehow contribute in some small way to this by turning to better things.

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