India Oxenberg: When Frank Parlato Broke the DOS Story, ‘My Slaves Left Immediately and None Were Branded – a Huge Relief’

Frank Parlato in front of the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse on October 27, 2020, after the sentencing of Keith Alan Raniere.

I’m going to take a moment to write about myself and my work – and how it relates to India Oxenberg.

The four-part docuseries, Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult, follows the journey of India in and out of Nxivm and DOS.

The episodes, which premiered on successive Sundays on Starz cable TV network, are:

  1. Hooked [Oct. 18]
  2. Indoctrinated {Oct. 25]
  3. Enslaved [Nov. 1]
  4. Exposed [Nov. 8].

Episode #4 of Seduced shows how my life and India’s intersected, starting on June 5, 2017, when I published Part 1 Branded Slaves and Master Raniere,

It seems to have had an important effect on India, though it may not have been very pleasant at the time.

It has been reported in mainstream media and documented elsewhere that stories on Frank Report prompted Nxivm members to quit and DOS slaves to escape.

This happened before the New York Times published their story Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded, which was the catalyst for the FBI beginning their investigation.

Frank Report stories are also credited for stopping the branding and forcing DOS to stop recruiting – and for reducing Nxivm to a fraction of its former numbers as members quit in disgust or protest.

Vanguard Week, which had almost 500 attendees in 2016, had, after the branding stories broke, about 150 in 2017,. It was also the last Vanguard Week.

Of course, none of this could have been possible without the help of ex-Nxivm members and enemies of the group. Catherine Oxenberg, Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, Sarah Edmondson, Susan Dones, Joe O’Hara, Toni Zaratinni, Kristin Keeffe, Toni Natalie, Heidi Hutchinson, and others  – many of whom asked to not be named  – were crucial sources.

In addition, the work of journalists who wrote before I took up the subject, such as Jim Odato, Dennis Yusco, John Tighe, Suzanna Andrews, Chet Hardin, Michael Friedman, and others provided important information that provided the foundation for my own work.

And the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of NY did the actual job of arresting and prosecuting the leaders.

But as far as the media goes, the media as a catalyst of change, it might be said, without excessive bragging, that Frank Report, a blog, broke the Nxivm cult, and the biggest newspaper in America, the New York Times got its leaders arrested.

Now we learn in the docuseries, Seduced, how Frank Report impacted India in an important way.

The public already had access to the 9-part documentary on HBO, The Vow, where, in episode 4, India’s mother, Catherine Oxenberg, and former Nxivm leaders, Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson, reveal the existence of DOS.  After I published the first stories, they relate in The Vow, it caused “a panic” – branding sessions were halted and slaves left DOS.

You can see this clip from The Vow here

In Seduced, Catherine explains how she reached out to me, and this is followed by interviews of four people who explain the results of that contact.  The last of these is India herself. While she did not leave DOS immediately, her three slaves escaped the cauterizing pen.

Here is the clip from Seduced, followed by the transcription and still photos.


Catherine Oxenberg: Once I had gotten no traction with Albany Law Enforcement and FBI agents, I started working with people who had defected from NXIVM and DOS. And we reached out to one of NXIVM’s archenemies, someone called Frank Parlato, of the Frank Report.


Rick Ross: Frank Parlato was originally Keith Raniere’s PR guy. But, ultimately, NXIVM turned on him. They claimed that he took money. And there were criminal charges.

Rick Ross: So, Frank Parlato decided that he would go against NXIVM.

Catherine Oxenberg: When we reached out to Frank, and we told him about the branding, he started posting on his website.

Kelly: I got a call from someone who said “Have you read the Frank Report?” And I said: “I don’t know what you’re talking about”.


Kelly: So she sent me a link, and she said, “Don’t let anyone know that I’m sending you this link”.

Kelly: And I started reading about collateral. And I thought: “Collateral?” “Oh my God, is this what they were asking me to come into?”

Screenshot of the Frank Report

Naomi: When I started reading the Frank Report and seeing things for what they truly were, it just made me feel ill.

India Oxenberg: Even within NXIVM, no members outside of DOS were supposed to know that it existed.

India: As soon as the [Frank Report] posts started coming up, there were a ton of questions and a lot of chatter.

India: My slaves left immediately after that. And none of them had to complete the seduction assignment or be branded.

India: That was a huge relief.

Catherine Oxenberg: A lot of DOS slaves started to defect.


Happily, India never had to face the horrid, lasting reality that Allison Mack, her slave master, faced – having her slaves branded. All three of them escaped – and it should be mentioned that Vicente helped behind the scenes to ensure that at least one wavering slave got the courage to leave.

Catherine too was a vigorous warrior calling young women that India was trying to recruit and warning them off.

Over the years, women have contacted me to tell me they were not branded because of the Frank Report – and other, sadder stories have been told to me by women who were branded, but got out after they read the blog.

I also won’t forget longtime Nxivm members, women of the harem, who, when they met me, began by thanking me saying it was the Frank Report that woke them up and made them realize Keith Raniere was truly evil and not, as he pretended, a spiritual man.

It is very gratifying, to say the least, to have some tangible results for one’s hard work.

To learn more about Seduced and the people behind it, see

For those interested in viewing all four episodes of Seduced, it is available on Flixtor.

Here is the link to watch all four episodes of Seduced.



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  • Having watched both documentaries, one of the things I came away with is – I don’t trust India. Seduced is partly a PR stunt on her part to rehabilitate her reputation and paint herself as an unwilling victim of everything. I think she was more involved than she admitted, that the ringleader charges were probably legit, and there are some dark stories from her doing to others that were not shared. I also suspect she is still communicating in friendly ways with a lot of pro-NXIVM members.

    Ultimately, what I see is the same thing I have read about many ex-Scientologists. A good portion of ex-members actually are still believers of the “religion” itself, they just think the religion has been corrupted by its current leader, David Miscavige. I suspect India and others are of the same mindset and I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years an attempt is made to revive the cult under someone else such as Nicki Clyne or even India herself.

    I cannot point to one specific thing that makes me highly suspicious of India. I hope I am wrong.

    • Agreed. I do it. I am now obsessed, and I feel so dirty for it.

      Every week of The Vow felt like torture, and yet I showed up hoping there would be a juxtaposition to highlight the delusion we were subjected to. It never happened and it pissed me off.

  • When the possibility of prison appeared, there was a mad scramble to stake out the “victim” ground and claim innocence by blaming others.

    The victims’ claim that the negative behavior they displayed was not their fault, beyond their control, that they were under no obligation to prevent harm, or that the harm they caused was for a good purpose and therefore justified, is unhelpful.

    While that may help escape a prison sentence, it doesn’t help one’s own internal freedom. Why? Victimhood is a method of avoiding responsibility and criticism, receiving compassion, and evading feelings of anger.

    However, if a “victim” accepts and admits the harm they caused (even if only to oneself) and fully forgives himself, then a radical full healing can take place.

    As long as they claim they deserve sympathy, that they couldn’t help what they were doing, or they had no power to control their actions and someone else was at fault, then they remain stuck and healing impossible.

    • she’s very pretty and they are deprogramming her. if she hadn’t fallen in with the cult we’d all probably just see her like any other pretty girl her age I think! plus she probably needs someone to love her after all the trauma more than most people do. I’ll never condone anything that happened in the cult but she was at one point a victim before she became a coach and whatnot. It’s good she turned completely against the cult unlike those other remaining women who defend it… I don’t know how they even live with themselves considering all the child rape/human trafficking/missing women garbage I’ve heard about their LeAdEr. at this point if he led the last of his supporters to jail with him I’d laugh

  • For some reason, I have become obsessed with this story after originally watching The Vow. Seduced was even more compelling. I actually feel really sorry for so many players. Even Allison and Lauren. Keith sucked them into believing they were so worthless that they could do no better than HIM as a lover aka master!!! Seriously!!! Yuck. India could have been charged, but she had so much evidence that helped convict the psycho. Not like Nicki Clyne who is still claiming that Keith is a wonderful humanitarian. I find this whole story so tragic. The fact that so many people were sucked in by this guy is shocking. I am in Vancouver, and it is shocking that so much happened here as well as in Albany. I am thrilled to be able to find so much information here! And, I can stomach it all knowing he got 120 years!!!!! Yahoo!!!!!

  • Frank, I hope your efforts have been fruitful. Both personally and financially. The education of the horrors of allowing a group (NXIVM) to think for yourself interest is horrendous. The battle against great wealth and numerous conspirators must have seemed insurmountable at times. Waking those who wanted to continue dreaming of ultra humanitariianism is simply amazing. As the general rule is you can’t help those who don’t want help.

    And yet you soldiered on.

    Good Ride Frank. You made the 8 seconds and threw the bull out of the ring!

  • I noticed comments on social media about the trauma bodywork India had on camera.

    This video doesn’t explain that technique, but it’s relevant for the many trauma sufferers that visit here. How trauma manifests physically. If you’ve been taught you’re a hypochondriac, that you’re not really physically hurting, this is for you.

    Watch it before you censor it, Frank!

  • I clicked on the link and got immersed in an hour and twenty minutes of ‘Seduced’, a riveting look into the real meat and potatoes of the evil of Raniere. It compares to stories I’ve read about L. Ron Hubbard’s cult of Scientology, and the abuse people in it experienced. DOS was perhaps as bad a cult as any I read about, due to the control by Keith Raniere, the ‘group blowjob’ he demanded, and the branding. I was happy to see veteran cult expert Rick Ross looking hale and hearty, as well as seeing the credit given to Frank Parlato for his important contribution in bringing down a cult with the power of great wealth behind it.

    This film helped me understand that there were several serious charges, and the 120-year sentence given to Raniere was proper, considering his crimes, attempt to flee to Mexico, and lack of remorse. Good show.

  • A lot of the “Seduced” documentary doesn’t make sense. India didn’t want to have slaves, but she did. She didn’t want to blackmail them, but she did. She didn’t want to order them to seduce KR, but she did. She didn’t want an intimate relationship with KR but she did.

    She stayed in NXIVM up until the moment it meant going to prison.

    Couldn’t Alison Mack and the other defendants also claim they didn’t want to do all of these things but did? Sounds like a strange defense. I guess the prosecution released her because of her mother’s efforts.

    • Coercive control coupled with blackmail is no joke. That’s why they call it brainwashing. India ended up leaving because she had time away from her captors. It’s amazing what not being starved and sleep-deprived and not being monitored every second of every day does. India also gave up a LOT of intelligence to the authorities that helped put Raniere away. I’m always stunned by the number of people who have no empathy towards the victims of cult leaders.

    • Programming and letting go of it is an extremely complicated state for survivors/victims. It makes all the sense in the world when they’re in the middle of it but, when the moment of clarity hits, and they can see things a bit more clearly, they’re usually shocked and appalled at the position they had put themselves in. At the same time, though, I agree that India’s words and actions do not exactly equal someone who was not complicit at one point in the game. That’s par for the course, though, with any survivor of a cult. At least she’s in therapy with someone who seems to know what they’re doing (hey, not all therapists are adept at exit counseling). I think she was shown more lienency because she handed over the USB drives with Allison’s info on them, that’s what kept her out of jail, the same way Vicente providing information kept him out of prison. That too is par for the course when prosecuting any form of cult (if possible) the courts have to take what info they can that is verifiable that can be used to imprison the leader and his henchpeople, even if it means letting one or two of the inner circle go free in exchange for that information.

        • Would you please shut up. Understanding the mental state of a woman is not “making excuses”. You aren’t even a good troll.

          • These kinds of comments will no longer be approved. Your second sentence is to the point: “Understanding the mental state of a woman is not ‘making excuses'” – and you are right about that in my opinion. But why should smtolle be told to shut up and called a troll? I want to see debate, not rudeness.

        • It’s not a matter of making excuses for them. It’s judging the point between victimhood and perpetrator in the context of the coercive cult environment, which is the domain of cult experts, and not someone who has either consistently displayed a lack of understanding of it, or simply willfully, and therefore malevolently, ignored it, due to what seems to be some negative views of women that you project as your past commenting history has shown.

    • I don’t expect her to “know”. No one should. It’s too early for those revelations. It’s the pretense of “knowing” that the others are performing that I find disgusting. None of them should have been on camera or involved in media campaigns. The nature of these crimes, and their perceived roles in the public eye, compelled them.

      Rick Allen Ross probably has much written on the subject to explain all of these behaviors.

      Long term trauma victims continue to realize normalized abuse decades later. It takes a long time to rebuild reality.

    • Part of this, which needs to be acknowledged is that while unnamed but specified as Co-Conspirator #2 in charging documents produced by EDNY — they have declined to charge Oxenberg.

      Thus far.

      There is a very real chance that additional charges may eventually emerge from this case, once the sentencing of the remaining Salzmans, Mack, and Russell has finished. The calculus is that the EDNY, which has plenty of experience prosecuting mobsters isn’t rushing these four to sentencing because they can still provide cooperation in the larger case. This is a technique federal prosecutors have long employed when prosecuting organized crime in the United States — i.e., keep key defendants on the hook and under pressure to continue cooperating because it’s very likely that more information may yet emerge about this case. They can then extract more evidence and cooperating witness testimony from these individuals. Once they’re sentenced and serving their sentences, their participation isn’t as likely.

      For example: There is speculation that Nicki Clyne may end up charged eventually as she continues to behave in ways that appear to be intent on provoking the EDNY. Oxenberg and the four defendants in theory could have additional information to be used against Clyne if the EDNY elects to move on Clyne.

      Less specifically: Just because Oxenberg has cooperated so far does not mean that EDNY will decline to charge her – especially if new information comes out that is outside the scope of the agreement she has with the EDNY about cooperation.

      Therefore, it’s in Oxenberg’s interest to present a very wishy-washy, highly evasive accounting of what happened as she could still be prosecuted should new information come to light that her role in things was more direct than she is already claiming. Her attorneys, I’m very sure, were very vigilant about every word that came out of her mouth in Seduced for that reason. And also, she can still be sued in civil court by her ex-slaves, individuals she recruited into ESP, and other people who feel that they were damaged by her actions as it relates to NXIVM and now that she has Starz deal with producers credit and book proceedings, that may very well come to pass so the less she says in public, the less she creates liability for herself in terms of paying damages to people she victimized.

      • I absolutely agree. I had no problem with her way of speaking as others did, because I assumed her real feelings and statements had to be edited in such a way to protect her. Also, using the language of recovery instead of the language of abuse, that will haunt all of them for years.

        It’s my understanding she had special grooming because of her status, that the errand service she ran was that of an employee. Seemingly, she held no other positions that held power or complicity, other than the Stripe Path. That’s not true of the others that cooperated.

        I agree, and I think that applies to MV and SE as well, and they have chosen a different route of protecting themselves that will bite them in the ass later.

  • I didn’t think it would be so dangerous to be at the top of the Maslow pyramid. In our country, few people can afford this, because life is a continuous robotic cycle and people have little psychic capacity, needs to develop themselves. Which I think is a shame. I’m sure this case has written itself into history. Perhaps the fate of the victims of Keith and his associates could save many people from similar cults in the future.

  • I think Frank should be proud of his achievements. He turned on and exposed a cult in which many people were terrified. It took years of laborious work and resignation. Last, but not least, courage and perseverance. I’ve been reading the blog for a while and I’ve seen that Frank hasn’t stopped publishing about NXIVM even when other media didn’t think the subject was interesting enough to write about it. Frank Report’s thorough investigation has caused the end to blow. I’m not sure I could have done this without Frank. He was obsessed with the game and won. Adore!

  • ‘I’m going to take a moment to write about myself’ when has the FR report ever been about anyone else but you. published at 5 am, you’re losing sleep at the expense of your narcissism, but lose no sleep when it comes to coercing and blackmailing your “news” sources.

    • I love my haters. I also rise early. So tell me, if you would, what sources have I coerced or blackmailed? And do I know you?

      You use the email address “” I love that. If I didn’t have haters, I know I would not be doing my work correctly. But anonymous, uncouth, spiteful, envious, maladjusted – that’s the kind of haters I get. No intellectual effort, just lazy and sloppy. Unpersuasive. And weak and cowardly.

      Step forward into the light, shed your anonymity and bring forth your accusations. We will debate and learn how truthful you are.

      • Hi, Frank. I want to mention I woke up at 5 am to see this article and new pictures of you 🙂
        Is anyone going to create the Frank Parlato fan club? Or Frank Parlato TV series of detective and journalist Frank????

      • I don’t hate you, Frank. I do think you’re an old school misogynist, shady, opportunist. Etc.

        I read your blog, I can see years of posts just like the branding story. You’re very selective about who deserves sensationalist attention and who is protected. That particular time it was warranted.

        You have done some good things, but they seem to be coincidentally beneficial to you. What could have been acts of good ethical judgment, you prove to be a disappointment every time. I then remember you’re good buddies with Roger Stone, and it makes perfect sense.

        Just in case you weren’t aware, regardless of political affiliation, he is generally thought of as sentient rotting garbage.

        That’s fine. Be who you are, but don’t spin it Albany style for a national audience.

        No, it’s not worth explaining and hand-holding ideas and behaviors that a decent man your age should know by now. It’s a choice, don’t pretend otherwise.

        That said, I’m glad you’ve done all of this, you were a significant link in the chain, but you know that. You just need the recognition and praise. It’s plain to see you do. That’s fine too. The reason why you don’t get the praise you feel you deserve is because of the shady way you operate.

        You could work on that if you wanted to.

        Thank you, Frank. You changed people’s lives for the better. Now take note of how you’re making victims feel.

        • You did not answer the two questions I asked you: “What sources have I coerced or blackmailed?” And “Do I know you?”

          Judging from your reply, I suspect you do not know me since you seem to think I am from Albany. So, please, if you are not just some shady misandrist troll, brave only from anonymity, answer my first question: You said I coerced or blackmailed sources. Who are they?

        • He’s a perfect gentleman who helped free women! The polar opposite of a misogynist! It isn’t his fault that there was so much sensationalist material and the fact of the matter is all that’s being presented in documentaries now anyway so don’t hate on him for revealing exactly what women themselves have been revealing! He cares about justice! For everyone involved! I read he was even willing to consider misconduct on the part of the prosecutors or whatever– that’s the pinnacle of fairness and I wish you’d recognize that. It actually blew me away since I don’t think most people who’ve been wronged by anyone else would even attempt to be that impartial…

    • To We Know Who You Are Parlato:
      Why are you so bitter?
      You seem almost as bitter as Nicki Clyne, aka Mrs. Allison Mack.

      You “lose no sleep when it comes to coercing and blackmailing your “news” sources.”
      So much concern about news sources!
      Spoken like a true journalist who wrote for the Knife of Aristotle.

      ” coercing and blackmailing ”
      Didn’t Nicki and her friends essentially accuse the DOJ of coercing and blackmailing witnesses?

        • Mr. Parlato,

          Nicki Clyne is not bitter? I watched the video of you conversing with her. Did you watch the same video? If Nicki could’ve reached across the screen, you would be playing hopscotch with Saint Peter at this very moment.

          She may have made an “impression” on you when you met her, but please try to remember she is an actress. Meet with her alone and you will end up hanging with Harvey Weinstein. Framed, of course.

          • I have met with her repeatedly in person in Brooklyn. I did not see a bitter person. I saw a bright, intelligent woman who is confounded about how society has misjudged Keith Raniere and DOS.

          • –I saw a bright, intelligent woman who is confounded about how society has misjudged Keith Raniere

            “Misjudged”? LOL. Maybe in the poor estimation of her and another tiny minority of people: i.e., other still kool-aid drinking believers. An estimation that makes me wonder how she could ever be considered “bright” and “intelligent” by you. You see, being intelligent means you consistently choose what is correct over error. And if you persist in choosing error, you persist in showing your lack of intelligence or the impediment of it.

    • Frank’s a hero, you [REDACTED]. Get over yourself. Frank, I wish you all the best <3 he's a role model to everyone who's ever been hurt and made out to be the bad guy and who still came out on top! 🙂 Much respect!

  • I watched all of The Vow and Seduced. The Vow led me here.

    I wish for health and healing for all of the victims of this cult. I commend Frank for this blog. I commend Rick Ross, too—he is awesome!

    I have a question regarding Seduced, specifically the song played during the final credits in the final episode. It was also played at times during that episode. Does anybody know the song title and artist? It reminded me of Philip Glass’s soundtrack to the movie The Hours—the final two scenes with Ed Harris’s character Richard and Merle Streep’s character. Interestingly, that song is titled ‘Escape’. The way the closing credit song is woven in to specific scenes in the final episode was quite moving to me.

      • Thank you so much!!! Unfortunately, on my Starz, when the final credits begin, they shrink the screen and begin showing previews of a different show.

        • STARZ is the publisher of all music on this original series and they would need to release it. I have received a number of inquiries about the music and it seems that there is an appetite for a soundtrack album from the public.

          Please contact STARZ and ask them to make it available.

          STARZ can be reached 24/7/365 via email and feedback forms in the apps. Email them at
          You can also tweet them at @STARZHelp.
          Or call
          1 (970) 438-2789
          Thanks again.

          • Thank you so much, Daniel, for taking the time to personally respond to my post! I found your website and have been listening to your other compositions. 🙂

            I was going to ask you if you were going to post this on your site but now I understand why you cannot. I will definitely follow up with Starz (and I might also give them gentle feedback about letting the credits fully play at full screen instead of showing trailers on part of the screen).

            Thank you again. Your music really intensified the emotional tone of the show.

      • Thank you for providing that information! Your song is quite haunting (in a good way—a mix of melancholy, yearning, sadness, hope and rebirth) and fits perfectly in the scenes where it is playing. Truly brilliant!

        Is this song available for purchase anywhere? If not, perhaps consider that and/or put it on YouTube!

  • Thank you for the acknowledgment, Frank, and it’s good to see these projects acknowledge your critical, constant role in the thorny biz of exposing NXIVM’s darkest secrets.

    I’ve been boning up on narcissists and their ‘cult’ followers and one recurring fact that resonates is that, speaking in broad generalities, there are two kinds of Narcissist enablers: empathic personalities and toxic personalities.

    The toxic types are sycophants who sustain the narcissist and his/her image for their own gain or survival knowing full well the narcissist is not who they proclaim Him/Her to be. They triangulate with the narcissist to sucker the empathetic types who are overtaken by both personalities.

    My sister, for example, was an empath — as anyone who knew her would certainly attest. Keith had help destroying her and her uniquely pure identity was consumed and feasted on by the whole pack of she-wolves for decades thereafter.

    There were and still are a number of toxic (and empath) types still spreading the NXIVM poison and whether or not they officially left NX or at what point, the toxic will always be toxic but there’s a chance the empaths will regain themselves — especially with limited contact.

  • This comment isn’t about India, but I’m hoping someone can answer this question: How is Sara Bronfman not being charged? I can’t find any information other than the charges against her sister. Frank, you’re a good man, keep up the fight.

    • Frank may have some more information on this topic but based on everything I’ve been able to find out about the case, the EDNY prosecutors were reluctant to go after Sara for several reasons: (1) She is living outside the country – which means they would have had to go through extradition proceedings; (2) She appears to have broken off relations with Raniere and Salzman; (3) Most – if not all – of the crimes she committed occurred in the NDNY; and (4) Bringing her in would have greatly increased the financial resources that would have been available to all the defendants. While those are all valid reasons, the reality is that Sara was also an active participant in numerous NXIVM-related criminal activities. Unfortunately, it now appears almost certain that the NDNY is not going to do anything more with regard to the NXIVM criminal enterprise or any of the people who were involved in it.

      • I agree. Especially as it concerns the children of the Mexican elite.

        The Libyan connection. That’s what makes me believe there is deep state protection for Sarah. She could say things that threaten State secrets.

        It was the monarchists that Gadaffi overthrew when he claimed power in Libya. As a benevolent dictator, he created the Jamahiriya, democracy for the people. Those were the “rebel” forces the US was “defending”. I don’t want to veer the conversation in this direction, but as long as she is married to Basit Igtet, and he remains a useful idiot for the corporate colonialists that overthrew Libya, nothing will happen to her. IMO.

  • From India Oxenberg Instagram account:

    *TRIGGER WARNING – Sexual Assault and Sensitive Topics*

    It’s been two weeks since I flew to New York to share my victim impact statement; I’m really nervous to share this here. I promise all my posts will not be nearly as heavy, but I thought it might be important to just put it all out there in case anyone finds affirmation or validation in solidarity. I know I have, and I did on the 27th of October when I listened to every other brave human share their truths.

    Thank you for your support and kindness it’s meant a lot to hear your stories and comments. Some so hauntingly similar while others are entirely different but finding the familiar. I think that’s what this is all about, being kind to others and open to seeing the things you might not know are going on for someone else.

    We will never know everything about anyone, but I think if I’ve learned anything, it’s that we can all use a little more understanding and embracing when we get down to it. No one wants to feel rejected or judged.

    Now, on this post and others, any questions are welcome; but I won’t be responding to victim shaming or gaslighting. That’s a big NO for me and I hope we all continue to not engage with that type of harassment so that maybe one day that will be a distant memory… like an old language or outdated vocabulary. I’m sad to say that this type of behavior is what keeps people silenced and protects abusers.

    Thank you for listening, learning and growing with me. I’m humbled and happy that I finally feel strong enough to stand up for myself. However, I’m still learning every day. #speakup

    – India Oxenberg

      • You are aware of exactly what gaslighting is? Do you understand the terms being used, and how they apply to the people involved? A textbook example is Mark Vicente in episode 1 of The Vow, speaking to his loving and ever-patient wife on the phone. It’s jaw-dropping bad.

        Another great example is when Catherine and Bonnie were laughing about the dog bed punishment for Bonnie. Mark was very pissed that his own barbaric actions towards his wife had at least elicited a release in laughter for another that had to endure it. Instead of addressing his own shame over his own abusive behavior towards his wife, he gaslighted them, flipped it to Catherine’s misbehavior.

        Any survivor of domestic violence, and that’s exactly what Bonnie is, can tell you that the expression on her face did not come from Catherine’s light-hearted release of laughter. Watch Bonnie’s face, it’s Marks’s anger at the affront to his ego, and she knew it was coming.

        POS that make their wives sleep on the floor for disobedience definitely rank above your insult to an actual victim. The man that groomed her for that victimization for prestige and profit. Basically one among many MANY pimps.

        Frank, allowing abusive comments by your dim-witted flunkies is one among many reasons why you’ll never get the desperate praise you’re seeking. You’ll censor my insult because that’s how dishonest you are.

        • Before I can censor your insult, would you mind clarifying? You wrote, “You’ll never get the desperate praise you’re seeking.” Did you mean, “You’ll never get the praise you are desperately seeking?”

        • Dim-witted flunkies? I love Frank and had a full academic scholarship myself! I was in the top 7% even on my PSATS! We fans are wise enough to Avoid Cults, just for starters, but also support justice for all victims! It isn’t our fault if some of them chose to engage in criminal activity and we feel like viewing it objectively sometimes! We’re human too, and inviting others into human trafficking arrangements is about the most abusive thing I can think of! I wouldn’t do that to even my worst enemy! As for your dis about Frank’s honesty– how dare you! Whoever you are, I’m sure you couldn’t even begin to compare to the positive difference he’s made about all this. There’s a reason all his posts stay up! There’s a reason he came out on top and his enemy’s in jail for life! He made history and even if you hate him, you can die mad, but I for one don’t think he needs to change in a single way. He’ll always be one of my intellectual idols and no words of any projecting hypocritical hater will ever change that. Frank’s a boss…

          • Thanks, Bridanya. It’s important to have people criticize me. I like it better when it is informed and civil. When it is rude and anonymous and misinformed, it is amusing. I have a very thick skin.

          • I believe people are nuanced, complicated creatures.

            If I actually hated Frank or didn’t think he was capable of learning, adapting and elevating a very complicated issue, I wouldn’t waste my time in criticizing him. I also thank him and give him praise. It would have been more often if not for the standards I’ve already criticized at length.

            I’m a direct, brutally honest person, “that” friend will tell you uncomfortable truths instead of kind lies.

            I actually want The Frank Report to adapt so that it continues to succeed.

            Frank – I post anonymously because of the behavior of a handful of commentators. I always assume you know it’s me by my IP address. I am under no illusion that I’m pulling one over on you. The anonymous posts are not because of you.

  • As a matter of curiosity, I wonder whether Ms. Oxenberg has one foot out of NXIVM and one foot in NXIVM.
    Frank Parlato recently authored a story about young women still proud of the Vow and it included the name Angelica Hinojos.

    BREAKING NEWS: Eight, Happy DOS ‘Slaves’ Come Out Publicly and Tell Their Stories on Website, ‘The DOSsier Project’

    Like a curious cat, I looked up Ms. Hinojos and in her social media, she is indeed a supporter of NXIVM to this day and she wrote a letter in support of Mr. Raniere.


    6 posts
    387 following
    Angelica Hinojos

    I looked up who supports her and liked her posts.
    Oddly enough in her most recent social media post one of the people who liked it was none other than India Oxenberrg.
    That post was uploaded on July 27, 2020.

    Of the 67 people who liked that post one of the most recent was India Oxenberg.
    India Oxenberg

    That post was also liked by the following:
    Edgar Boone

    Leah Mottishaw

    Brian Elliot

    Vanessa Sahagún A

    • A “like” on social media means a number of things, not just, “I like and agree with this”.

      1. I support you.

      2. Save to return to later through app history

      3. I’m watching you

      4. I am acknowledging that I saw your post

      5. Drawing attention to look at my profile and posts.

      6. To improve visibility of a post by manipulating the algorithm by liking/sharing/commenting

      7. Accidental “like” while snooping others posts.

      Those are all loose variations off the top of my head. I’m sure others can think of more.

      Focusing on the meaning of a “like” on social media is something teenagers do.

      • Not sure about the like analysis. I tend to agree more with shadow . The like shows they are still connected, still engaged . That’s kinda odd considering India is saying this was was such a traumatic experience. Wouldn’t you cut off all contact with nxvim people ? Especially women who are still enabling and supporting Keith ? I have cut off friends who support certain people , eliminating from my social media . It is weird that India still has contact

        • India said she made many good friends. Why is it so hard to believe she wants to wake them up?

          If they weren’t her masters, if she were on equal footing with these women, why should she not keep a light tether on that friendship so they have an Avenue of escape?

          During The Vow airing, professionals were saying as much. Sarah has openly said she keeps reaching out to those she wants help.

          Steve Hassan says that very thing.

          It’s not as scintillating as conspiracy theories, but that’s what experts on the subject of cult de programming suggest.

          The focus of Seduced is to educate and inform others. She’s trying to prevent it from happening to others. Keeping tabs on current members and former friends in hopes they will see reality, makes sense to me.

          • It’s extremely common for those who have left cults and gotten their heads on straight to try and reach out to friends and family still trapped inside. Sometimes it works in getting them to let go of whatever belief system they’ve adopted, but, many times, it can drive a deeper wedge that the leader will use to their advantage.

            It’s a nasty little Catch-22 that survivors have to contend with when attempting to get somebody they care about out of group such as this.

            (I’ve found, in my career, that Jehovah’s Witness’ are the easiest for family members to ‘get out’, Scientology, the hardest, which I find quite fascinating given Scientology uses the most rudimentary of programming – and their founder openly said he started a religion to make money yet they totally ignore it.)

          • Yes, as I recall, India’s mom offered sanctuary to India’s pod and anyone trying to exit the cult, while India was still in. She seems graceful and responsible enough to follow that example, I doubt it’s easy for her, but it’s the right thing to do.

  • Nice picture and congratulations on all the hard work, Frank !!

    I saw on the post about the branding you also added humor. How did you learn to use humor as a weapon for your cause? What books or material do you recommend we read to learn more about tactics you use in your cause?

    Thank you for all the hard work

  • Frank, I watched the Seduced and I did not see you but only ugly pictures that make you look like horrible. Why did you not ask to be included? Why did you not make them use better pictures of you? Why did not you do more talking like the great Mr. Ross? Why did you not also work with India and the Seduced?

      • By not showing interviews with Frank, Seduced lost all the women, men, children who are just following the NXVIM because of Frank Parlato. I AM ONE OF THEM. yawn yawn Seduced….Where is Frank Parlato?????? THEY LOST A GOLD MINE BY NOT FOCUSING ON FRANK.

  • I can’t even begin to fathom how anyone would recruit anyone into that… It’s like inviting someone to be slaughtered… Thank goodness for your paper

      • That actually made me laugh in a dark humor kind of way Lol! 🙂 That cult was so ridiculous and messed up– I can’t believe he even had TWO women at once. Anyway, thanks for making me laugh

  • “India: My slaves left immediately after that. And none of them had to complete the seduction assignment or be branded. India: That was a huge relief.” It couldn’t have a been a huge relief at the time, because she stayed in NXIVM for about another year. LOL

    You’re supposed to criticize in private and praise in public, so Frank should be getting a LOT of thank you emails from former NXIVM slaves and others, where are they? LOL

  • “Rick Ross: Frank Parlato was originally Keith Raniere’s PR guy. [yada, yada, yada: But, ultimately, NXIVM turned on him.” There’s a LOT of missing yada, yada, yada left out, such as Frank recovering a LOT of Bronfman real estate money, to the tune of $26 million, then being accused of stealing $1 million, which was actually his compensation for recovering the money, Frank refusing to do Raniere’s dirty deeds, Frank finding out the true nature of Raniere when informing the Bronfman sisters about Raniere squandering their money in the commodities market and getting fired because he was getting too close to the truth about Raniere and Raniere potentially losing his honey pot of money, and Frank eventually being sued via lies, the typical Raniere/Bronfman MO. LOL

    • All of that information has been published here or elsewhere.

      The “yada yada yada” I’m waiting for is the HOW. How did Frank retrieve that money? That’s a task for a Fixer.

      The “yada yada, yada” that explains what he DID do for them. Beyond the reported tasks.

      That would make a good movie. I get such Chinatown vibes.

      • Re The stolen millions Frank recouped:

        Frank answered that all ready. Do a search on the Frank Report.

        However I have my-take-on-the-matter.

        My take is that when the construction developers (Russians) saw Frank’s friends who look like “made guys”….they had a come too Jesus moment.

        Both of Frank’s guys look like mob associates or made-guys, from where I grew up in the Springfield western Massachusetts area.

        One kinda reminded me of a Springfield, MA. member of Big Al Bruno’s crew-associate in the early 90s who’s name was Bummy-Stone. Associate because Jews can’t be made guys or for that matter Jewdeines ( Jews who think they Italian it’s not anti-semitic).

        [Jewdene is not racist or ani-Semitic, if you live in New York or Long Island everybody knows a Jewish guy who thinks/acts like they’re Italian in a movie.]

        I believed Frank used innuendo, bluffing, and the racial stereotype of Sicilian Americans being in the mafia as portrayed in movie and books.

        Ask yourself— If they look like made guys do you really want to roll the dice and find out if they’re made guys?????

        • I will definitely look that up. Thank you for the filler, it’s not too far off from the way I imagined it. This one facet of the story could be its own movie.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He also appeared in "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM, and was credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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