Who’s Still in Part 4: The Bronfman Sisters, Basit Igtet and Kathy Russell

Among those still staunchly following their Vanguard are, reportedly, two of the defendants in the case against him. I am referring to hapless ballerina Kathy Russell and the sinister Clare Webb Bronfman.

This is Part 4 of Who’s Still in Nxivm?

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Both women are reportedly steadfast in their devotion to Raniere despite the fact that he is incarcerated and they too will likely share the same fate, though for not nearly as long as the monster himself.

In addition to Bronfman and Russell, we take note that Clare’s sister, Sara Bronfman, and Sara’s husband, Basit Igtet, are still in the cult.

Sara’s only punishment thus far seems to be financial.

Three properties purchased by Sara and Clare Bronfman for offices and to hold hypnotic induction classes to destroy the lives of students were seized by the feds.

The company’s properties were seized because of financial crimes that members of the organization, including Clare Bronfman, were convicted of doing in a decades-long racketeering scheme.

According to our sources, Sara Bronfman’s husband, Basit Igtet, has never been a deep-dyed in wool member but seems to have gone along with his wife, who holds the purse strings in the relationship.

Odd Couple: Anti-American Muslim Basit Igtet with his wealthy wife and sex-cult member, Sara Bronfman.  Sara’s father was president of the World Jewish Congress.

While Sara seems to have escaped without criminal charges for her role in Nxivm, her sister Clare was not so lucky.  She will almost certainly be sentenced to prison.

Overall, Sara seems to have been a little smarter than Clare, for she, after seducing the Dalai Lama’s emissary, Lama Tenzin, went on to marry gigolo Basit Igtet and seems to have preferred to allow him to dissipate her wealth as opposed to Raniere, which kept her apart from some of the worst criminal activities.

Initially Sara, like Clare, put most of her fortune in the hands of her Vanguard, who quickly squandered it. Her last foray with Vanguard was when she and her husband, following the directions of Raniere, unsuccessfully tried to overthrow the government of Libya.

Basit Igtet with his ISIS-linked associates tried to overthrow the American-backed government of Libya. He failed despite getting counsel from the smartest man in the world. Unfortunately, within a month of the coup attempt, the smartest man in the world was exposed for branding women and within two months after that, he fled the USA to hide out in Mexico.

While Sara lost a good portion of her wealth investing in Nxivm and taking on Raniere’s enemies, it is estimated that Clare lost more than half of her inherited fortune.

Clare Bronfman [left] with her sister Sara Bronfman-Igtet. The two sisters remain faithful to their Imperial Mentor
For her continued loyalty to Keith, Clare is likely to get extra years in prison. She will not, reportedly, reveal anything to the feds that might get other Nxivm loyalists indicted, or put the clamps down on Raniere, sources tell Frank Report.

I suspect she knows a little about what public officials were bribed to get various Nxivm enemies in trouble, but rather than save herself, she seems prepared to go down with the Raniere ship. She is scheduled to be sentenced on September 30. Her attorney asked for a delay so that her sister, Sara, could be at her side, a notion I think improbable. Sara Bronfman will not likely attend her sister’s sentencing, and presently is in hiding in Portugal.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis previously indicated he is considering an upward departure from the sentence estimated at Clare’s original plea deal hearing, which was 21- 27 months.  More than 100 victims have reportedly signed victim impact statements – which indicate that the DOJ may have undercharged her. In reality, It appears that Clare actually committed a host of other racketeering crimes during her time in Nxivm – and those impact statements may convince the judge to recognize that this sinister heiress needs more time in prison than a mere two years.

For the judge to announce that he is considering an upward departure on sentencing, and, consequently, risk appeal, he must be planning, I would think, of adding at least a year or more to the previously contemplated 27 months maximum. As part of her plea deal, Clare could only appeal his sentence if he sentenced her to more than 27 months.

I think Clare is looking at 3-5 years.

Clare Bronfman
Marie White’s painting of Sara Bronfman.

Sara did great damage to the victims of Nxivm, using her wealth to enable Raniere to destroy the lives of others, as she blithely Tweets about vegetarian diets, global warming and evolved child-rearing, is still deeply involved in the cult.

Finally, there is the hapless ballerina and former Nxivm bookkeeper Kathy Russell. Our source tells us the petite dancer still longs for the day she can return to Raniere and her life in Nxivm and, hopefully, make her debut as a dancer.

She aspired to be a ballerina from at least the time she came to Nxivm in the early 2000s.  She left Alaska to come to Albany to learn from Raniere.  Although Raniere was not known to have ever been a ballerino, he nevertheless is the smartest man in the world – based on his taking a take-home IQ test, then doing his own study that proved the rarity of his IQ, based on the score he got on his take-home test.

You can take it from him: He is the world’s smartest man. Keith Alan Raniere.

For years, Russell was told by Nancy Salzman and Keith that if she paid for enough Nxivm classes, and enjoyed concupiscent meetings with Raniere upon demand – even joining in threesomes with him – and if she helped woman such as Loreta Garza and Daniela illegally get into the country so he could enjoy concupiscent meetings with them – with or without her joining in – and if she could rent a townhouse under a phony name so it could house another illegal Mexican, Camila Fernandez, so he could enjoy concupiscent meetings with her and hopefully an underage virgin  – if she did all this and more – Raniere would help Kathy achieve executive success.

That included Miss Kathy [as she was nicknamed by Raniere] becoming a world-class prima ballerina and performing around the world with leading ballet companies.

The challenge was that Kathy was in her 40s when she came to Raniere.  But this was no ordinary teacher Kathy had gone to.

And Kathy was lithe and nimble – [and lascivious too – and enjoyable at least at first by Raniere’s standards – for she was thin, did not cut her hair and ate no garlic– all requirements of the Vanguard].

Kathy Russell served her Vanguard fervently. She cleaned his hot tub and his bed after he enjoyed special mentoring sessions with naked women. Later in life, Vanguard got erectile dysfunction – first reported in Frank Report and later confirmed in trial testimony by Camila Fernandez. That did not stop the Vanguard from limping along and having as many mentoring sessions as possible – and that meant that Kathy was required to change the sheets and clean the hot tub on a regular basis.


8 Hale Drive – Keith Raniere’s sex lair where the hot tub was located.

Kathy went to work for Nxivm at modest wages as a bookkeeper. She was not well paid considering she had to do more than most bookkeepers since she had to keep two or more sets of books for the tax evasion-loving Raniere.

She worked for years at low wages, spending most of her earnings on Nxivm courses so she could become a world-class ballerina.

Russell left her 40s behind; then her 50s behind, and was just one Nxivm intensive away from removing her disintegrations and becoming a world-class ballerina, when Raniere was arrested.

She unhappily chose not to take an immunity deal offered by the feds in return for her testimony against Raniere and chose instead to defend him with her freedom. She was arrested in July 2018.

Kathy Russell heads to court.

After being indicted, Kathy took about nine months to make up her mind to plead guilty to visa fraud. She is not yet scheduled to be sentenced.

Armed with Raniere’s teachings, she can no doubt pursue her ballet once she gets out of prison. Sentencing guidelines suggest a prison term of 6-12 months for Kathy – who is now 61.

MK10ART’s splendid interpretive painting of Kathy Russell headed to court. 

If nothing else, Kathy Russell shows the hold Raniere had on followers. Some of them dance in front of his prison. Others are willing to go to prison for him. Kathy herself seems willing to do both and no doubt would be out there dancing in front of MDC except she is forbidden to associate with other Nxivm members while awaiting sentencing.

So let us see our list updated with the new members:

  1. Keith Alan Raniere
  2. Clare Bronfman
  3. Sara Bronfman
  4. Basit Igtet
  5. Hapless Kathy Russell
  6. Loreta Garza
  7. Daniela Padilla
  8. Monica Duran
  9. Nicki Clyne
  10. Eduardo Asonsolo
  11. Suneel Chakravarty
  12. Marc Elliot,
  13. Danielle Roberts
  14. Linda Chung
  15. Michele Hatchette
  16. Samantha LeBaron
  17. Justin Elliot
  18. Lyvia Cohen
  19. Angelica Hinjos
  20. Leah Motishaw
  21. Sahajo Haertel
  22. James Del Negro
  23. Damon Brink
  24. Brett Diamond
  25. Farouk Rojas

Stay Tuned for Part 5 where we name more stalwarts of Nxivm.

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About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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