Heidi: While Salzmans Were Major Figures in Nxivm, Allison Mack Continues to ‘Take the Fall’

Allison Mack has readers split-- some calling for leniency and others demanding punishment. MK10ART.

Heidi Hutchinson makes an excellent point. Allison Mack was a much smaller player in Nxivm than the two Salzmans but both mother and daughter were able to avoid the castigation that Mack received. To hear people tell it, it was Mack and Raniere who did it all – not Raniere and the Salzmans.  It was a nice spin, any way you look at it. Nxivm required Raniere, the Bronfmans for funding and the Salzmans for operations. Mack was more or less an incidental player.

While Raniere got his just reward and one of the two Bronfmans were convicted, with everyone knowing the Bronfmans funded the vicious cult, the Salzmans the true operators of the cult, the two women who ran the day to day operations, president Nancy Salzman and her daughter, Lauren, director of education, escaped without much notice. Nancy was barely mentioned in the trial and Lauren was able to cry a river of victimization – while everyone piled high on Allison as the big perpetrator next to Raniere himself. The reality is much different as Heidi intelligently points out to us in her own inimitable way.

By Heidi Hutchinson

It was widely reported from the Court that Allison Mack offered to testify against Raniere as part of her plea deal.  Whether or not Allison was mentally competent to do so, I do not pretend to have a clue.

Personally, I believe Mack was viewed as a loose canon whose testimony would have put large, gaping holes in not only the case but revealed a hidden agenda to keep certain crimes and perpetrators safe from indictment or prosecution on further crimes they should have been charged with.

Mk10ART Keith raniere and Clare Bronfman were the movers and shakers of Nxivm, but you would not have known that Clare had such a signal role by reading court testimony or the media reports. One would think Allison Mack ran Nxivm.

I’m talking about, for starters, the wrist-slap Clare Bronfman got for minor crimes when Sylvie’s testimony alone proved Clare — who purchased all that Kafka mind-control crap Brandon Porter used in his experiments — groomed and sex-trafficked slaves more surely than Allison ever groomed or trafficked anyone!

Unlike Nancy Salzman — who’s “first-in” plea deal of the century did not require Nancy to disclose a word about any NXIVM crimes, cooperate in the investigation, or testify at Raniere’s trial — Allison offered all these things but was shot down, prevented from testifying as Lauren Salzman did.

This deprived Allison of the opportunity to at least appear remorseful — as Lauren Salzman so dramatically did — or for Allison to defend her alleged actions (some alleged by Lauren at trial). But, because Lauren testified, we all know Lauren’s sob story about losing out on the avatar baby mama bid, to explain all her sufferings in service to Keith — while her gentle mother, Nxivm president and owner — Nancy Salzman knew nothing and would have surely intervened if she did.

MK10ART – Allison Mack got lumped in as equally sinister as Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman, while two others, whose role was far greater than Mack’s, essentially conspired to appear as incidental victims. Those two clever ladies are Nancy and Lauren Salzman, shown in the painting with their clean white smiles

Allison was also aced out of an opportunity to appear cooperative with investigators — to dispel false rumors (whatever the source) about her initials being part of the brand, rumors about how Allison leapt over Lauren to steal the master sex-slave scepter, seize the collateral from Rosa Laura Junco (also not charged with any crime) to Lauren to Allison.

The staged NY Times Magazine Nxivm story by Vanessa Grigoriadis has been much discussed on Frank Report.  It was arranged by Nxivm’s top-tier leaders in the US and Mexico. [I believe it was Shadow who researched and found that Carlos Slim Helu’ — Emiliano Salinas’ father, Carlos Salinas’ business partner, owns a huge share of the New York Times.]

This vain attempt on the part of all conspirators in it — whether witting or not — to explain the branding as a female empowerment tool — also showed that Allison was rather set-up (and not without some complicity on her part for she knew her role) to “take the fall.”

MK10ART: Allison Mack told the New York Times Magazine it was her idea to do the branding. Lauren Salzman testified that that was a lie she deliberately told the reporter.

That’s another topic that’s been discussed here on FR — “taking the fall” or “disintegration” was part of the mind conditioning “torture” inflicted on Allison, perhaps more so than any other acolyte and certainly more so than Lauren,  or Nancy.

I never claimed Allison was only first ensnared by NXIVM or set-up as a fall girl only after a certain time.

It’s my belief, consistent with Susan Dones’ statements as to this matter, that Allison was targeted and recruited to serve as a celebrity spokesperson and also as a foil, scapegoat, fall girl for the top tier grifters and sex-traffickers, etc.

Many who came before and during Allison’s time were likewise targeted and used in that capacity.

Allison had “sucker written all over her face” and I admire Dones’ implicit admission therein that suckering was the goal of NX recruitment. The question is only one of when sucking Keith’s member became part of the sucker equation.

MK10ART’s painting of gullible Allison Mack and handsome Keith Alan Raniere. Mack has “sucker” written all over her face and Keith is a good reader.

Finally, again, Allison did not benefit EVER financially from any NXIVM criminal activity. That’s a point that should never be missed.

She was made destitute, while all the Salzman’s were handsomely paid year after year, committing crimes “for Keith” that included taking Daniella hostage and endangering her life, which may yet be endangered due to the DOJ NDNY’s failure to even acknowledge the crimes of her tyrannical countrymen, or her true captors — no doubt Dani lives in fear.



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  • Bravo!!!! Bravo!!!!! Bravo!!!!!

    Absolutely incredible writing!!!

    A Tour De Force!!! Epic!!!!!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this incredible piece [redacted]

    Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

  • I think she lacks cunning compared to the Salzmans and Nicki, her desire to be courageous has been continually exploited and yes, you’re right Heidi, she is very much their mark, patsy, scapegoat.

  • Let’s cut to the chase.
    Allison Mack committed serious felonies and set herself up.
    Her punishments are well earned.
    As for her Hollywood career, all of Hollywood and the entertainment industry are in shut down mode.
    As Alice Roosevelt Longworth, daughter of Teddy Roosevelt, said:
    “You can’t make a souffle rise twice.”

    Alice Roosevelt Longworth

  • Excellent intro, Frank. Thanks! Hope all’s well with you. Congrats on the postponement of your case. Would it were a dismissal but at least you have more time now to prove the merits of that possibility.

  • Allison Mack will resume her life as an actress when she is released from prison. The Salzmans, as they are Ashkenazic, will not go into jail.

    • Puh-lease, Ashkenazy jewish has NADA to do with it. In fact, Keith and Nancy had Clare Bronfman hacking into her Dad’s WJC computer files and married Sara B off to a Muslim with instructions to back 3 Isis revolts against the US in Libya.

      Your comment is ignorant of the facts and of my position regarding the anti-Semitic and other racism that’s gone on around here. I have repeatedly, sternly spoken against it and hate speech perpetrators such as TEX2 aka [[permanently redacted ghost]] so IDK why you’d make this hateful comment on my post!

      The NDNY and DOJ are dropping the ball on pedophilia (especially) charges bc of the Bronfman/Salinas $$$$$$$$$ and AMERICAN VIPS and lawyers Salzman’s covering for with Nancy “silence” that was acceptable to the DOJ to, anyway, cut a plea on wickedly reduced charges.

      As far as Ashkenazi goes, I’m more so than Nancy and Lauren put together myself and if anything, they and the Mexican Jews involved at lower levels are Sephardic and none are religious if you exclude Satanism. (JK.)

  • Mack has taken the fall for two main reasons, both of which won’t probably have much of an impact on the judge’s decision regarding her sentencing versus the Salzmans’ or Bronfman’s.

    1. Mr. Shadow’s numerous stories vilifying her; and
    2. She is a “famous” person who naturally attracts more attention than most of the others. LOL

  • Alison wasn’t very intelligent, granted, which made it impossible for her to achieve the heinous level of culpability the Bronfmans (both sisters!) hold for the criminal day to day running and fundings plus special activities that crossed over into criminality. But, Alison was no angel and caused her slaves a great dealing of suffering and pain, which she did enjoy at the time. In that environment, she was more than a star, she was a director.

    Then there was her infatuation and devotion to Keith. Frankly the whole lot of them deserve what they have gotten. I do admire Alison’s ownership of her crimes. Unlike Lauren who cried victim and took zero responsibility for the decisions she made which ended up, either deliberately or indirectly, harming others.

    I suppose that the worst punishment for Alison, an actor, is the loss of her craft. And, her hard earned money. But, she is not the only person who lost these things.

    • Thank you, Ion, for contributing your first-hand knowledge here over the years. Always good to hear from you.

      I can’t speak to Allison’s handling or treatment of her DOS recruits or assigned slaves. I don’t know her personally at all. I only know the rather unique pattern that the actual leaders — the actual criminal masterminds and profiteers in this — used over and over again, perfecting their mind control, enslavement methods as the human pyramid expanded.

      Allison fits squarely as both victim/perp in that conversion structure whereas, in my view, the likes of Lauren and her fam are not victims at all but were perps by choice from the top, where the held and exerted their power status over everyone beneath them. There’s also a question of intent which IMO was far more benign as to Allison’s role and, as you say, rooted in her blind devotion to Keith, not her own financial gain as was the Salzman’s.

  • Finally!
    A Vice President human trafficker Allison Mack can relate to.

    Kamala Is Descended From Slave Owners, Will It Affect The Race?

    Senator Kamala Harris is descended from a notorious white slave owner, which could complicate her outreach to African-American voters now that she has been picked to serve as Joe Biden’s running mate in the 2020 presidential election.
    Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris is descended from Irish slave owner Hamilton Brown, the namesake of Brown’s Town in Jamaica, who recruited massive numbers of Irish migrants to Jamaica to work on his sugar plantations after the British empire abolished slavery.
    Harris’ father’s passage ends
    Hamilton Brown was not only a slave owner, but also an engineer of mass Irish migration to Jamaica after the British empire abolished slavery in 1834.

    Jamaican Family Search recorded: “Hamilton Brown owned several plantations over the years 1817 to about 1845.

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