Who’s Still In and Who’s Out of Nxivm: Part 2: The First Line Slave Masters

DOS First-Line Slaves with their master in the middle.

This is Part 2 of Who’s Still In and Who’s Out of Nxivm.

In Part 1, The Inner Circle – Who’s Still in and Who’s out of Nxivm: Part 1 — The Dancers Led By Nicki Clyne, we reported on the Forgotten Ones [AKA #weareasyou], the group of Nxivm members who dance outside the MDC prison where their leader, Keith Alan Raniere, is currently lodged, awaiting sentencing on his conviction for sex trafficking, racketeering, forced labor, and other crimes.

We named the seven Nxivm dancers.

  1. Eduardo Asonsolo
  2. Suneel Chakravarty
  3. Marc Elliot,
  4. Nicki Clyne
  5. Danielle Roberts
  6. Linda Chung
  7. Michele Hatchette.

We also mentioned that Samantha LeBaron and Justin Elliot are also supportive of the dancers and are current Nxivm members.

That gives us nine who live in the Brooklyn area, where Raniere is lodged.

In Part 2, we will look at the eight DOS First Line Masters. As readers know, DOS was perhaps the world’s first blackmail and sex slave multi-level marketing scheme.  The upline and downline were not Amway salespeople but masters and slaves.  Keith Raniere was at the very top of the pyramid.  And his first line was eight female slaves.  In turn, each of these had slaves, which were the second-line.

In the parlance of DOS, Raniere was the master to his eight first line slaves who, in turn, were masters to their first line. Raniere was, therefore, master to his first line, grandmaster to his second line, and great grandmaster to this third line.

I don’t think this multilevel marketing plan got much past the third line [there might have been some fourth line slaves] before Raniere was arrested.

In addition to Raniere’s arrest, five other Nxivm members were arrested. They are Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, hapless Nxivm bookkeeper Kathy Russell, and Allison Mack.

Of these five – two of them – Allison and Lauren – were First Line Slave Masters.

Raniere With DOS’ First-Line Slaves

Lauren Salzman

It seems pretty clear that Lauren is out of Nxivm and DOS. She might still wish to be in and may long for her beloved Vanguard, but her three days of testimony against Raniere would make it impossible for her to return. She sunk him.

During happier times when Lauren believed she was going to have the avatar baby that Keith promised.


Lauren Salzman leaves the Brooklyn courthouse. She submarined Raniere with her devastating testimony against him.

Allison Mack

In a previous post, we discussed the possibility that Allison Mack might still be a member of Nxivm and DOS.

Is Allison Mack Still Communicating with Nxivm and in Love with Raniere?

Frank Report has heard from sources that Allison seems conflicted over Raniere and reportedly has been in contact with at least one Nxivm leader and possibly Raniere himself.

She made an allocution before the judge in April 2019, saying she was mistaken about Raniere, but perhaps it was not sincere, or perhaps she has changed her mind. She was under pressure at the time to denounce him to escape from more serious prison time.  She was arrested more than two years ago. She had 10 years with him, the last three or four as his slave-lover.

She has been subject to home confinement for more than two years and, by order of the court, may not communicate with anyone in Nxivm. If she is communicating with them, she is taking a terrible risk. She must really be under his thrall still if she is communicating with Nxivm members.

Of the remaining six first-line slaves- those specially privileged women who were chosen by Raniere to be the best of his best, his first-line – how many are still in?

Nicki Clyne

As we discussed in a previous post, Nicki Clyne is definitely still in.

The Forgotten Ones may soon be forgotten.


That leaves us with five others.

Loreta Garza

Loreta Garza was one of Raniere’s most prime slaves. She ran Rainbow Cultural Garden, that gruesome children’s experiment, where Raniere had little children taught seven languages per week, kept apart from their parents, and basically reared by strangers. The experiment was a colossal failure, but Loreta seemed to have gotten some financial gains from it.

She fled to Mexico when Raniere fled there, abandoning her luxurious house in Clifton Park. She was with him, preparing to participate in a group blow job, with Lauren, Allison, Nicki and Daniella Padilla, when the Mexican federal police interrupted their plans by arresting a Vanguard hiding in a closet.

Loreta Garza, one of the best slaves Raniere ever had.

Loreta began her Nxivm career as Nancy Salzman’s assistant and soon graduated to Raniere’s boudoir. Reportedly, she is in Monterrey and an active Nxivm member. Her sister Jimina is married to Omar Boone who is on the board of directors for Nxivm.

She reportedly eagerly awaits the great day when Raniere is freed from prison following his appeal and is awarded a new trial, something that evidently many in Nxivm believe will happen.  Legal observers are far less certain.

Dani Padilla

Still in.

Those were the days, my friend: Keith Raniere walking in Knox Woods with DOS slave,  Dani Padilla


Allison Mack with one of her favorite threesome lovers, Dani Padilla


Dani [first row left] was a longtime harem member, even back in the day when Barbara Bouchey was queen of the harem.
Dani has reportedly gone back to Mexico to live with her parents, and waits for the day for the resurgence of Nxivm with a free Raniere at its head.  It is believed she is still a loyal DOS slave and would, if she could, recruit women as slaves tomorrow and join them in threesomes with Raniere.

Dani seemed to have led the kinkier side of the DOS movement, ordering sex items such as paddles and cages and even a prison cell to help fulfill her master’s fancies. He is now in a cell himself – a real one – and will likely remain there for years to come, notwithstanding his slaves’ fervent hope that he will win his appeal, get a new trial, and be acquitted.

Monica Duran

Another longtime harem member, if you were to meet her on the street you would think this intelligent, beautiful woman was a normal, successful person. You would hardly guess she is branded on her pubic region with her master’s initials. In fact, you would hardly guess she has a master. According to sources, however, she is still a slave, pining away for her master, refusing to date any other man because she considers herself Raniere’s wife.  She has given up the best years of her life waiting for Raniere – and is apparently intent on giving up more to do the same thing..


Top row: Barbara Bouchey, Keith Raniere, Lauren Salzman, Pam Cafritz. Below Sara Bronfman ?, Monica Duran, Karen U. [?]

Rosa Laura Junco

Rosa Laura Junco

Rosa Laura Junco is the daughter of the famous Mexican publisher Alejandro Junco.  She is an heiress, who was willing to forsake all to be with her Vanguard. An intelligent, attractive woman, with millions of dollars at her disposal, she betrayed her husband and even her children to follow her leader.

One of the most shocking revelations in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere was an email from Rosa Laura to Raniere wherein she tells him she wanted him for herself and for her virgin, 15-year old daughter, who she offered to him.

She was humiliated throughout all of Mexico when that item became news. There was talk that she was out of Nxivm, but it is not so easy to leave when one is a DOS slave.

The prosecution said in the Raniere trial that all of the eight first line masters were guilty of racketeering because they took collateral and lied to recruits about Raniere being the secret leader of their “sorority.”  Rosa Laura no doubt spent some sleepless nights wondering if she was going to be indicted. She reportedly has a home in Texas and Monterrey, Mexico. She also has two homes in Clifton Park, a mansion she used to live in and has abandoned and the fine home she offered to Raniere, Pam Cafritz and Mariana Fernandez to live in, the home that Pam died in.

Rosa Laura Junco’s mansion in Clifton Park where 12 teenage girls were taught the mysteries of Keith Raniere’s lessons for teenage girls. When Rosa Laura fled to Mexico, she left this home vacant.


Rosa Laura made this lovely home available for her master, Keith Alan Raniere. He lived there until he fled to Mexico in November 2017.

Like Allison Mack, Rosa Laura Junco is a question mark. She may be conflicted, she may be out, and she may be still in.  I can only imagine the challenges she has in explaining to her daughter why she chose to offer up her virginity to a madman.

Camila Fernandez

Cami is reportedly still in. Living in Mexico, she is the aunt of Raniere’s youngest son, Kemar.  She is also the one who, in effect, sunk Raniere. She was 15 or younger when he first started having sex with her and somehow the fool left nude pictures of her on a hard drive in his library for the FBI to find – which, because of her age, was child porn.

Had he destroyed all his nude pictures, including Cami’s, the charges against him would have been significantly less devastating. I guess this might be called karma.

{The story goes that he told Nicki Clyne to destroy the hard drives but somehow she didn’t. If this is true, Nicki did the triple play: She also gave away Raniere’s hiding place when she posted a picture of herself on Instagram in Puerto Vallarta, and her dancing in front of MDC may very likely result in Raniere getting a stiffer sentence!]

During the trial, the prosecution was allowed to admit into evidence hundred of texts between Raniere and Cami – of the most explicit and embarrassing nature. What emerges in those texts is his method of abusing Cami for years and how she was driven to near suicide and all the pain she felt as he enslaved her and punished her again and again.

Yet she remains with him today, still loyal, possibly knowing, for she is an intelligent woman, that she will never see him again. Her sister, Mariana got the child he promised Cami and Cami was broken to pieces when he told her – despite taking her virginity at age 15 – that she could no longer be his successor and that she was unfit to have his child.

So, of the eight:

Lauren is out.

Allison and Rosa Laura are questionable and five women, Loreta Garza, Daniela Padilla, Monica Duran, and Nicki Clyne are apparently still slavishly in.

These, plus the dancers named in our last post, gives us:

  1. Loreta Garza
  2. Daniela Padilla
  3. Monica Duran
  4. Nicki Clyne
  5. Eduardo Asonsolo
  6. Suneel Chakravarty
  7. Marc Elliot,
  8. Danielle Roberts
  9. Linda Chung
  10. Michele Hatchette
  11. Samantha LeBaron
  12. Justin Elliot

In Part 3, we will add to our list another more than one dozen names — and you will see that Nxivm is far from dead and actually alive and well…

Think about it – here is a group with some 40 members, all of them rabid followers, and a number of them wealthy.

No, Nxivm is very much alive and, if it can, it will remerge. The followers are dedicated to doing just that.







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  • Thank you for this xcellent report on what I shall call the dirty dozen — and seems there are dozens more — NXIANS still at large and still bound and determined to exalt their master and fulfill his mission.

    What or who dissuades them? Save the Frank Report…nothing!

    In fact, the DOJ is PROVING their most heinous crimes will go unrecognized and unpunished, especially if they are among the Mexican or other foreign Elite illegals perpetrating those crimes on US soil against US Citizens.

    In fact, and with the obvious on-going financial backing of the Bronfman’s, Salinas’ and whatever goon squad and clout that kind of $$$$$$$$$$$$ can buy — most startlingly the NDNY DOJ — it’s certain ESP / NXIVM — whatever they next label their Mickey Mouse kiddie porn, sextortion, sex trafficking, forced labor, female empowerment, dilettante heiresses world takeover ring — will carry on terrorizing targets, recruiting, branding and brainwashing their young prey unless and until they see justice — at least to some degree of sensibility — is still possible in the USA no matter what corruption such as they threatens to mute and snuff it out.

  • “It seems pretty clear that Lauren is out of Nxivm and DOS.”
    Right, of anyone arrested, if there is one i don’t believe is out, it’s her…

    “In a previous post, we discussed the possibility that Allison Mack might still be a member of Nxivm and DOS.”
    Without the slightest proof of it, of course…and this forgetting she was the first to speak against raniere in court…

    Even before her allocution , she asked not to be trialed with him and she pointed further this the days before her allocution…

    But a FORMER friend and nxivm member , someone not in contact with Allison at any point, must know better…right?

    “She was under pressure at the time to denounce him to escape from more serious prison time. She was arrested more than two years ago. She had 10 years with him, the last three or four as his slave-lover.”
    she was under pressure, yes
    She had 10 years of abusive , diminishing, violent actions against her…she was forced to do things, she was caged, drugged, starved, destroyed…and she still wasn’t in love with him at all…

    Stop trying to turn the proof around to get her back in jail…false accusation is a crime Mr Parlato and you accuse her without the slightest proof to breach her court order…

    Because a source told you…someone who is not in contact with anyone close to Allison

    ” If she is communicating with them, she is taking a terrible risk”
    If is the key word…but she isn’t (while she is scrutinized by prison office agent because of your accusations)

    “Of the remaining six first-line slaves- those specially privileged women who were chosen by Raniere to be the best of his best, his first-line – how many are still in?”
    We might not have followed the same trial…reminded, the first line was the ones supposed to take the blame for him…
    Allison wasn’t even in the confidence of what was really happening in DOS…(once again, Message between cami and raniere, presented to the court…)

    And it was said by old members that Allison wasn’t even a good recruiter so best of his best…this is just to blame Allison further.

    You forget quickly the “she suffered enough”…

    • For the record, Lauren was the first to say she was sorry. As for Allison, no matter how many times you say she didn’t know anything about DOS, you will always be wrong. Take a good look at the brands, Anonymous. Any way you flip them, they will always read, AM and KR.

  • While NXIVM may be the first dedicated blackmail and sex slave MLM across the board, that doesn’t mean Amway and other MLM scams are devoid of these factors. Scott considers it a form of blackmail when someone gets to the level where they start making tool scam money and “retire” from their job, then realize they have been taught to set a trap for themselves, that they are ripping off their downline, and would find it difficult to quit the MLM and go back to a job. There are also lots of divorces at the top, even though the top level scum MLMers preach low levels of divorce, they are “Christians,” etc., all a move to make the MLM scam appear to be more appealing. The upline also likes to grope and have sex with other women, especially in the downline. This defines Raniere, who cut his MLM teeth with Amway. Want other examples? Just ask. LOL

  • How humiliating must it be to return home to live with your parents when all the world knows now you have a kink fetish. Dani Padilla has no avatar baby, but it must be fun telling your parents you want paddles and butt plugs for your birthday.

  • Let’s be blunt about the reprehensible Salzman family.

    They are a serious threat to National Security.
    Son in law Ben Myers worked for a Chinese Communist company called Brain Cor that monitored school children’s brainwaves.
    He was only fired after the Chinese found him transferring their technology to shady Latin American businessmen.

    “Ben Myers Gets Job With Chinese Communist Party-Backed Company Doing EEG Experiments on Children; Left Under Suspicious Circumstances
    Ben Myers, the former Nxivm hacker, was, up until recently, gainfully employed by the Communist Party-backed BrainCo in Boston, Massachusetts for about one year”

    The Salzmans might be more dangerous now than when they were working at NXIVM.
    And the Matriarch Nancy Salzman essentially formed NXIVM’s philosophy by stealing the teachings from Scientology, a cult founded by former Satan worshiper L. Ron Hubbard.

    “Hubbard believed he was Satan incarnate!
    L. Ron Hubbard Jr. Speaks On His Father”

    As for Allison Mack all you need to know is this picture posted yesterday on the Instagram site of charger426hemi1

    By the Way, Happy Hiroshima Day!

    • Because there appears to be no justice coming for her whatsoever, I try not to think too much about old lady SaltMan. Nancy Assaultman? WTH, Madam Peepee le Pee-yew. A matronly, new age pretender and hoodlum.

      Who was it who traded off her oinky, whoops, ONLY two uterine ejections, to a guy who was really a complete twat?

      No offense to any honest-to-God twats, but who gives their daughters to a guy that Mama has already screwed? R U kidding me!

      And gives them, on permanent loan to a phony little egomaniac who pranced around in frigging bermuda shorts, with sneakers for his tree stumpy widdle hairy toes and club sandwich feetsies? Gee willikers, was it Nannygoat Slutman?

      Who ran the intensive in Anchorage via her phone, when Kristin Snyder was thrown out of the group, by groupleaders who were under old lady Salzman’s command? And upon dismissal, Kristin was driven away from the intensive by some tough woman in a car, and then Kristin disappeared and has never been seen again.

      Who has admitted that she delegated unprescribed pharmaceuticals to unmalleable group participants upon “occasion” despite being unqualified to prescribe a damn thing? How about a little perjury in court, too? Not Madam S. again, say it isn’t so.

      There is, so far, only one teensy thing that has satisfied me, just a tiddle, about Cruella de Salzman the Elder, and that is that she cheated on her master. Very good. She might have called her assholian guru “Wet Kisses,” but she was only foolin.’

      She had a bigger penis than poor Flabturd all along.

      And now Judge Garaufis might be stuck with short-sentencing her. Stinky, stinky, stinky. Yet one is still required to say your Honor, huh.

      Yeah, perhaps it is healthier not to overthink injustice. As Peggy Lee put it, is that all there is?

  • If this group was about “personal success”, I would think they’d have successful people as speakers: coaches, entrepreneurs who made zillions, therapists to cure issues, etc.

    In my opinion, that would be the composition of a “power” group.

    Vanguard there made it about himself. The ‘smartest man’s bullshit, and just got in the minds of these women and took control.

    So if the group is still in existence, are they looking for the Power ra-ra board in #1 that I mentioned, or are they looking for nothing more than their Vanguard, because he did such a number on them??

  • Frank, what do you think the odds are of this group finding a new leader? Would it have any purpose without KAR in charge? I’m asking because Allison trashed him in her allocution, but not the group as a whole. If I recall correctly, she said many of the people in the group are wonderful. I think she also offered to testify against him. If he’s half the sociopath you make him out to be, I doubt he’d let her back as one of his inner circle.

    • The only inner circle Raniere will be concerned about for the next few decades is his sphincter. LOL

      • Scott-

        You’re assuming after a few decades, of sharing with the inmates, Raniere will still have a sphincter left.

        …By the time the inmates are done with Raniere….

        You’ll be able to host the Super Bowl in Raniere’s ass.

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