Timeline Shows Allison Mack Anything but Hapless Victim of Nxivm

Heidi Hutchinson wrote an article in defense of Allison Mack entitled Making Allison Mack a Perp Instead of a Victim was Pre-planned and the Salzmans Were the Planners   A commenter, who is not evidently a fan of Mack’s had this to say in reply. 

By Not A Fan of Allison’s 

Heidi — Where are you getting that Allison Mack was prevented from testifying [at the trial of Keith Alan Raniere]?

Didn’t Frank claim that Allison had had a nervous breakdown and was in no shape to testify?

And you are wrong when you claim that the NY Times started the “false rumor” about the brand containing Allison’s initials. That was started on this blog and spread by Frank via other media.

Did the brand contain not only Keith Alan Raniere’s initials but also – at least for some of the women – the initials of Allison Mack?

And you are also wrong when you claim that Allison was only targeted after other women left or died.

According to what Susan Dones and Sarah Edmondson have said, Allison was given the VIP treatment from her very first introductory weekend in December 2006, where she ate up the love-bombing from the Salzmans and Bronfmans and happily accepted a ride on the Bronfmans’ jet to meet Raniere in Albany, where she stayed for the remainder of her winter hiatus.

Right from the start, Lauren Salzman worked to make Allison Mack feel like she was part of the love. Later on, the two often posed nude together for Keith Raniere and were planning to be part of a group blow job on their Exalted Flaccidness, the Vanguard.

After that, according to what has been written and most importantly, Allison’s own actions and writings, she seemed to be very much an enthusiastic cult member, promoter, and recruiter and didn’t need to be sleep-deprived or starved to do her Vanguard’s bidding.

July 2007

Allison was already redirecting money donated by her fans for a charity to one of Lauren’s projects.


Allison spends the 2007/2008 Hollywood writers strike in Albany.

April 2008

She was defending NXIVM and its college recruiting A Cappella Innovations and “10 C project” on a public forum alongside the likes of Clare Bronfman, Nicki Clyne, Siobahn Hotaling, and Lauren Salzman.


According to Frank, she’s already given Bouchey and Raniere her money to invest.


She’s reportedly recruited her younger sister and her mother into NXIVM.


She buys her condo in Clifton Park.

Allison Mack purchased this townhouse in Knox Woods so she could be closer to Keith Alan Raniere, her inestimable Vanguard. After her conviction, the federal government seized the property.

Spring 2012

Allison introduces Keith as her dear friend and mentor on her public blog and writes, “Keith Raniere is a man who epitomizes mindfulness and compassion for me. Esther Chiappone is a fiercely truthful woman I know. They are both my mentors in being a true humanitarian.”

MK10ART’s painting:  Ultimately the two of them fought for control of Jness – Esther Chiappone Carlson and Allison Mack. At first, Allison won, but then she was arrested and convicted and Esther is once again the leader of J’ness.


Allison starts making promotional videos for J’ness and her Twitter feed is full of myjness, jness, blah, blah, blah.




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  • Finally an article to go along with mine on the culpability of Allison Mack. She pursued her Vanguard and wanted to please him and would have went along with any type of relationship he wanted. Just the 2 of them, three-somes,
    three-somes plus plus plus.

    Note she stayed for weeks near him that first time she was flown to meet him in Albany. She wasn’t under any “slave influence” at that time.

    She liked what she saw.
    In her singing and interviews with him she is seen using her tremendous acting skills to pretend to cry, so fake, watch Smallville she was the best actor in that show.

    According to the very reliable Catherine Oxenberg, Allison was a jealous slave master. She sent women to Keith to get his physical attention but she was very jealous when doing so. She likely hated doing it. Thus, she could be very punitive in punishing her slaves. Nothing like having your slave master jealous of you!

    Why on earth did she do those things then? Because if she didn’t do it he would just push her aside and get someone else to step in like the faithful lap dog Lauren Salzman. I don’t mean to insult lap dogs.

    But here’s the thing. If you have to share the man you love then you sure as heck want to be his favorite one. His number one right hand woman. She actively pursued this position with a vengeance using her acting skills and by keeping her jealousy in check and according to an insider, be at his back and call. She would sit by her window looking out for the love of her life to walk by and maybe hopefully call her that day. He would deliberately make her wait. Keep her on her toes, keep her in line.

    Why are her initials intermingled with his in the brand? Because again, it puts her right up there in the number one spot.

    Then he played the Lauren Salzman card, according to what Allison told a slave. They could have Keith’s babies and raise them together all being happy sister wives with, right, Allison on top. I do believe with Allison in her 30’s Keith could dangle the baby carrot in front of her to also keep her just where he wanted her.

    And she let him. Let him as in FREE WILL. Allison went after what she wanted make no mistake, she was playing the long game with him. They BOTH took up the cards in that game.

    They BOTH lost that game with Allison having some sort of nervous breakdown according to Frank Report. Why?
    Because she still loved him then lost him. It hurts. Her weak pathetic dismissal of him in court was the very minimum she could do. No extra frosting on that cake.

    Something like “I guess I was wrong about Keith.”

    Wow. Just wow.

    • On Smallville, Mack was in the shadow of “baby-face” Kreuk, on and off the set. In Nxivm, she again was second in fame and desirability to Kreuk. But over time, Kreuk’s involvement cooled–she wouldn’t turn over her money to Nx, and kept getting acting jobs that kept her away from Keith. But Mack gave up her money and her career, moved to Albany and got closer to Keith until she got a starring role in DOS…finally besting her best friend…in Kreuk’s shadow no more…a star.

  • It is possible that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has concealed the true number of Covid deaths in New York nursing homes.

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    AP reporters Jim Mustian and Marina Villeneuve, and investigative researcher Randy Herschaft contributed to this report.


    • “She can never leave him. Never he is our Priapis.”

      What kind of Glue does Keith Raniere use on his genitals to catch and keep women?
      Does he use Super Glue or Gorilla Glue?
      Sugarland – Stuck Like Glue (Official Video)

  • “2009/2010
    She’s reportedly recruited her younger sister and her mother into NXIVM.”

    I can say for a fact that Allison’s younger sister is extremely left-wing and a supporter of BLM, the group that is helping Anti-Fa engage in riots around the country.
    In social media Allison Mack’s sister has posted tips to rioters in Portland.
    Tips like, “Remember the police are not your friends.”
    These postings are like Snapchat and disappear after a few hours.
    I can also verify that Allison’s sister is acquainted with Allison’s spouse Nicki, another fan of BLM.

    • Shadow-

      Yeah but…..Is Allison’s sister ovulating?

      C’mon Shadow you know the answer.

      You are still on top of Mack, my dogged CIA operative.

      You have never stopped, like we all thought you did.

      • ‘Yeah but…..Is Allison’s sister ovulating?’

        No, not for another week, but that’s between us.

        (Completely non-binding answer without claiming to be the right answer).

        Niceguy, you are as curious as the shadowstate, but you show it in a different way and with different emphasis and intensity.

        • Homosexual couples can also be fertile and become parents. Have you never considered artificial insemination for gay couples?

    • — BLM, the group that is helping Anti-Fa engage in riots around the country—

      you have been consuming so much Fox BS it is [redacted]

      • Official Black Lives Matter Holds Looter “Solidarity Rally,” Endorses Destruction During Last Night’s Riot

        The Local Black Lives Matter Chapter Has Come Forward And Endorsed The Violence That Took Place Resulting In Hundreds Of Destroyed Chicago Businesses, They Promise It Will Continue Until Their Demands Are Met

        Today, Black Lives Matter Chicago held a rally to support those that were engaged in violent rioting and looting throughout the city of Chicago. BLM-C has also promised that the violence in the streets of Chicago will continue until their demands are met—chiefly, the insane demand the Chicago Police Department be defunded.

        “The mayor clearly has not learned anything since May, and she would be wise to understand that the people will keep rising up until the CPD is abolished and out black communities are fully invested in.”

  • You’re putting words in my mouth but I’m used to it.

    First, it was widely reported from the Court that Allison offered to testify against Raniere as part of her plea deal.

    Whether or not Allison was mentally competent to do so, I do not pretend to have a clue. But if Frank says she’s nuts, who can argue?

    I recall the courtroom fracas over Kristin Keeffe taking the stand whereby the prosecution objected bc “Keith, tortured HER,” apparently to the degree that Kristin was not competent to testify. Seeing as Keeffe escaped in 2014 — 5 years prior to Allison’s latest exposure to the same “torture” methods used on that witness — one could assume or Frank maybe had some other source — that the prosecution may have forestalled having Allison testify for the same reason — these tortured victims lack of reason — or, rather, on the same grounds. Personally, I believe Keeffe and Mack were viewed as loose canons whose testimony would have put large, gaping holes in not only the case but revealed a hidden agenda to keep certain crimes and perpetrators safe from indictment or prosecution on further crimes they should have been charged with.

    I’m talking about, for starters, the hand-slap Clare Bronfman got for minor crimes when Silvy Floyd’s testimony alone proved Clare — who purchased all that Kafka mind control crap Porter used in his experiments — groomed and sex-trafficked slaves more surely than Allison ever groomed or trafficked anyone!

    Unlike Nancy Salzman — who’s “first-in” deal of the century did not require Nancy to disclose a word about any NXIVM crimes, cooperate in the investigation or testify at Raniere’s trial — Allison offered all these things but was shot down, prevented from testifying as Lauren did.

    This deprived Allison of the opportunity to at least appear remorseful — as Lauren so dramatically did — or for Allison to defend her alleged actions (some alleged by Lauren at trial). But, bc Lauren testified, we all know Lauren’s sob story about losing out on the Avatar baby mama bid, to explain all her sufferings in service to Keith — while her gentle mother, NX President and owner — Nancy Salzman knew nothing and would have surely intervened if she did.

    Allison was also aced out of an opportunity to appear cooperative with investigators — to dispel false rumors (whatever the source) about her initials being part of the brand, rumors about how Allison leapt over Lauren to steal the master sex slave scepter, seize the collateral from Rosa Laura Junco (also not charged with any crime) to Lauren to Allison.

    The staged NYT, NX story by Vanessa Gregoralis (sp) I refer to has been much discussed on FR. It was arranged by NXIVM’s top-tier leaders in the US and Mexico. I believe it was Shadow who researched and found that Carlos Slim Helu’ — Emiliano Salinas’ father, Carlos Salinas’ business partner, owns a huge share of the New York Times. This vain attempt on the part of all conspirators in it — whether witting or not — to explain the branding as a female empowerment tool — also showed that Allison was rather set-up (and not without some complicity on her part for she knew her role) to “take the fall.” That’s another topic that’s been discussed here on FR — “taking the fall” or “disintegration” was part of the mind conditioning “torture” inflicted on Allison, perhaps more so than any other acolyte and certainly more so than Lauren, Nancy or I might add Kristin Keeffe whom, it appears, never got this torture treatment but instead helped devise it for use on the slaves such as Allison.

    To your lesser priority points: I never claimed Allison was only first ensnared by NXIVM or set-up as A fall girl only after a certain time. It’s my belief, consistent with Susan Dones’ statements as to this matter, that Allison was targeted and recruited to serve as a celebrity spokesperson and also as a foil, scapegoat, fall girl for the top tier grifters and sex-traffickers, etc. Many who came before and during Allison’s time were likewise targeted and used in that capacity.

    On a general note your timeline does not conflict with anything I’ve ever said or believe about NXIVM or Allison nor does it prove Allison is a perpetrator and not a sucker victim from the get-go…on the contrary.

    I concur on Dones’ note, btw, that Allison had “sucker written all over her face” and admire Dones’ implicit admission therein that suckering was the goal of NX recruitment. The question is only one of when sucking Keith’s member became part of the sucker equation.

    Finally, again, Allison did not benefit EVER financially from any NXIVM criminal activity. That’s a point that should never be missed. She was made destitute while all the Salzman’s were handsomely paid year after year committing crimes “for Keith” that included taking Daniella Fernandez hostage and endangering her life, which may btw yet be endangered due to the NDNY’s failure to even acknowledge the crimes of her tyrannical Countrymen, or her true captors — no doubt Dani lives in fear.

    Good luck with your timeline but best if you stick to just the facts as opposed to alleging what it doesn’t show. Nor do, again, any of my misinterpreted comments contradict anything but your own interpretation or perspective on the facts or, merely, what I said.

    • Heidi – Your reply here has little to do with my actual response to your article. https://frankreport.com/2020/08/09/making-allison-mack-a-perp-instead-of-a-victim-was-pre-planned-and-the-salzmans-were-the-planners/

      I responded to what you ACTUALLY wrote.

      First – YOU wrote that Allison became the Nxivm-TARGETED femme fatale WHEN Kreuk, “flew the coop,” and “AFTER Pam Caffritz [sic] croaked and Kristin Keeffe made a daring escape with Keith and her son.”

      Well, Kreuk left whenever, but Cafritz “croaked” in late 2016 and Keeffe “escaped” in 2014. My timeline was to show that, unlike what you actually wrote, Allison was targeted / enticed / given the VIP treatment from her initial meeting in December 2006. You may not like that the timeline shows that Mack was a willing participant from the start, long before she started sleeping with Raniere and long before she became a starving, sleep-deprived slave, but her social media, activities, and the reports of those in the cult with her or reporting on the cult show that was in fact the case.

      Second – YOU wrote, “JUST as the branding story hit the newsstands ahead of the Carlos Slim Helu’s New York Times story they’d planned replete with false rumors of “AM,” Allison Mack’s, initials in the brand itself.”

      When the NY Times’ branding story “hit the newsstands” October 2017, Frank had been spreading what you call the, ” false rumors of “AM,” Allison Mack’s, initials in the brand itself” since JUNE 2017. The Grigoriadis New York Times Magazine piece came out May 2018, by that time Frank had been spreading the “false rumors” about the brand for nearly a year, not just on this blog but any other media he could get himself attached to, including the NY Post as late as March 2018.

      Here’s what Catherine Oxenberg had to say about Allison:
      “I watched the government build their case very carefully, and there was a clear line of delineation, and I think that Allison, yes she started off as a victim, but she took the reins of power and she abused other women to the point where I no longer have sympathy for her.” https://variety.com/2019/tv/features/catherine-oxenberg-escaping-the-nxivm-cult-lifetime-movie-interview-1203335275/

      Could you provide some links to your claim that, “it was widely reported from the Court that Allison offered to testify against Raniere as part of her plea deal.”

      Even if Allison was willing and mentally able to testify, I’m not sure the prosecution would or could use her after the things Nicole, Jay, and even Vicente said about her in their testimony.

  • She wanted to testify but they chose lauren salzman as a witness instead. I remember even reading this in an article back then. Your timeline goes only until 2013 no crime was committed by that time. I don’t know what exactly you are trying to prove here, you didn’t prove anything except she was a dedicated member just like everybody else was.

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