Making Allison Mack a Perp Instead of a Victim was Pre-planned and the Salzmans Were the Planners

A fair amount of discussion ensued about whether Allison Mack has or should get counseling. In the post Shivani: Is Allison Mack Still Lost in Hallucinations of ‘Spirituality’ or Taken ‘Exit Therapy’?, Heidi Hutchinson offered a comment. One of Allison Mack’s defenders added a thought and Heidi replied.  Here is the exchange.

Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

Funny how psychotherapy was not on the list of court-approved outings for any NXIVM defendants, especially not Allison Mack.

Makes one wonder why Allison Mack’s Bronfman-paid attorneys never thought to make that obvious request for ‘their’ client, or arrange for a plea prior to Nancy Salzman’s special “speak-no-evil” plea deal, or allow Allison to testify at Raniere’s trial, or use a computer since the day she was charged.

I hope exit therapy, if she’s not getting it already, is part if not the entirety, of Allison’s sentence.

Does Allison Mack need psychological help more than she needs to be imprisoned?

Allison’s Defender wrote in reply that Allison Mack was the biggest victim:

Heidi, this is because the prosecution made the choice to see it as a RICO case and ignore the cult side…The goal of prosecution isn’t the truth or justice but the highest sentence and if possible the most newspaper headlines…

The wellbeing of people is the least of their problems…   As for Allison’s lawyers, they didn’t care about the outcome, as they are paid no matter what… and since it’s not their specialty (they are blue-collar lawyers…not criminal)… the damage to their image would be minimal.

If you followed the whole pretrial period, you might have noticed how they never really talked to the judge, argued with him, or asked for anything…  While Allison could use therapy, it’s not as bad as the “source” pretends… Those in contact with her will tell you that she is quite fine and she is going to be ok…

The therapy could be useful for the abuse she was victim of, as it’s way worse than what the other victims had to go through. I suspect it’s why they didn’t allow her to testify as this would definitely make her appear as a victim and no sentence could be given to her after that.

Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

I agree as to why Allison was prevented from testifying. Lyin’ Lauren Salzman was chosen as the “star victim” — “boo, hoo Keith promised me an Avatar baby but was too lazy to get the blood test so I had to do everything he said behind my poor, sick mommy’s back.”

MK10ART’s sketch. Lucky Lauren Salzman: she got to testify to being the greatest victim of Nxivm.

Allison became the Nxivm-targeted femme fatale when Girls By Design mistress Kristin Kreuk flew the coop and Allison didn’t get “Gone in Saigon” so fast after Pam Caffritz croaked and Kristin Keeffe made a daring escape with Keith and her son.

Meanwhile, the Mexican Elites like Rosa Laura Junco – in cahoots with ALL the Salzman’s and their Bronfman/Salinas-paid lawyers – made sure Allison was left holding bag — the “collateral” evidence passed from Rosa Laura in Mexico (where it was put to good, sextortion use) to Lauren to Allison Mack, just as the branding story hit the newsstands ahead of the Carlos Slim Helu’s New York Times story they’d planned replete with false rumors of “AM,” Allison Mack’s, initials in the brand itself.

So unfair to the fairest one of all, felled by vanity as usual.

When Kristin Kreuk flew the Nxivm coop, Allison Mack became the number one star-power gal. Painting by MK10ART.

While she awaited trial, Allison was also kept in the dark for a year, forbidden to go near a computer or cell phone, while ALL the Salzmans were free to strategize, hack, bribe (through Bronfman attorneys) and otherwise set Allison up to continue “taking the fall” after she was shoved out of the “victim” realm being enjoyed by so many others capitalizing on that status without concern for their former alleged branding mastermind and “cruel” mistress, a child-star ham who never lifted a finger to harm any of them, never made a cent in NXIVM or thereafter but was fleeced herself, made malleable and manipulated in every other way imaginable, as long-contrived by the Salzman “victims.”

MK10ART’s painting. Nancy and Lauren Salzman worked nicely to cast themselves as victims making Allison Mack the evil perpetrator, along with Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman.

This whole Nxivm mess is a pathetic, laughable mockery of justice at the highest levels of corruption in the US Justice system and Hollywood.

I wonder if “The Vow” will even begin to broach the topic of the underage sex trafficking or if the show will instead go out of its way, as “Lifetime” did, to LIE about Camilla Fernandez’s age when she was groomed and trafficked, falsely claiming she was “18-years-old” when the evidence — ironically, her “collateral,” those pornographic photos — proved she was (at least) under the age of 15, when the molestation occurred and her even younger brother filmed it.



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  • Who knows what else he had done to her, thinking of the story when Daniela padilla had to lie down and he kicked her because she dared to disobey him.

  • Dear Heidi — Since you have never met Allison Mack and don’t know her at all, I wonder why you are so insistent on your version of her and don’t believe the people like Vicente, Edmondson, Ames, Piesse, Cheng, and her former assistants who actually knew Allison and worked with her for over a decade or even someone like Catherine Oxenberg who actually interacted with her when she was a part of NXIVM. Why are you trying to put Allison on some pedestal claiming she is “the fairest one of all”? Because according to “Someone who dealt with them” and is someone Frank knows, Allison is “a narcissist and disgusting human being” who is guilty of “assault, sexual assault, rape, extortion, fraud.”

    If Allison was some poor innocent victim and really the “fairest one of all,” would she have been included in the civil lawsuit? Would poor innocent victim and “fairest one of all” Allison have told Jane Doe #2 that Jane had her permission to enjoy her forced sexual encounter with Raniere? If Allison Mack was really some poor innocent victim and “fairest one of all,” would she have threatened to starve India Oxenberg as a means of getting her slave Nicole to remain obedient, as Nicole testified under oath?

    Frank’s sources said your fair Allison targeted India for Raniere, and people like Piesse and Vicente said that even prior to DOS, the young women that Allison mentored did not do well. Maybe before you take to defending Allison again, you should ask Frank to put you in touch with some of the people he talks to who actually knew her.

    • Heidi is way better informed about the situation and about nxvim then you are. I guess you have no idea who she actually is.

    • If Allison was a narcissistic and disgusting human being, how did she always have many friends inside and outside of NXIVM? And before NXIVM, also if she was so narcissistic because she believed that only Keith would save her from all her disintegrations, because she told a woman who cooked for her, that she would never have children because she was very screwed up, that does not coincide with a narcissistic, I think that as long as we don’t know enough including her own testimony about the facts, we won’t really know the truth about her, even the one posted by Frank only shows parts of the head-puzzle, but Heidi is right that Allison was set to take the Fall, as I remember one of the publications that Frank made about the brand indicated that Allison competed with another woman to be the supposed female leader of DOS and it is assumed that Allison won because the other women decided that it was Allison because her initials are simple while those of the other woman would be longer, said woman would appear to be Rosa Laura Junco, but according to the evidence presented in court, the best recruiter in the 8 women the first line was precisely Rosa Laura Junco and the second was not Allison but Lauren and she has some simple initials that could be made more easily than Allison’s, so why did Allison end up being the supposed leader of DOS and her initials used to be part of some women’s brand, especially If we remember that lauren recognized, that she designed the logo of the brand under the guidance of keith, then how did she realize that allison’s initials appeared?

      • –that she would never have children because she was very screwed up,

        This probably wasn’t even her belief, just an idea that the square-footed pretending to be ethical evil troll and his minions “programmed” into women so that they would stick around with the slimy grubby one and his cult and not try to have families of their own.

      • All very salient points and facts that were glazed over in Lauren’s testimony and the cross. You should try your hand at a post of your own on Allison, Anon. Good to see your brave support for her!

      • According to Frank’s source it is a fact that allison was set to take the fall, and it is a fact that allison was plucked in NXIVM, it is a fact that allison had many friends before NXIVM and in NXIVM, now if you think about all the people in the inner circle did bad and disgusting things, including two of the whistleblowers I don’t think allison is more terrible than any other woman in the inner circle

  • Heidi — Where are you getting that Allison was prevented from testifying? Didn’t Frank claim that Allison had had a nervous breakdown and was in no shape to testify?

    And you are wrong when you claim that the NY Times started the “false rumor” about the brand containing Allison’s initials. That was started on this blog and spread by Frank via other media.

    And you are also wrong when you claim that Allison was only targeted after other women left or died. According to what Dones and Edmondson have said, Allison was given the VIP treatment from her very first introductory weekend in December 2006, where she ate up the love bombing from the Salzmans and Bronfmans and happily accepted a ride on the Bronfman jet to meet Raniere in Albany, where she stayed for the remainder of her winter hiatus. After that, according to what has been written and most importantly, Allison’s own actions and writings, she seemed to be very much an enthusiastic cult member, promoter, and recruiter and didn’t need to be sleep deprived or starved to do her Vanguard’s bidding.

    July 2007, Allison was already redirecting money donated by her fans for a charity to one of Lauren’s projects.

    Allison spends the 2007/2008 Hollywood writers strike in Albany.

    April 2008, she was defending NXIVM and its college recruiting A Cappella Innovations and “10 C project” on a public forum alongside the likes of Clare Bronfman, Nicki Clyne, Siobahn Hotaling, and Lauren Salzman.

    By 2009, according to Frank, she’s already given Bouchey and Raniere her money to invest

    2009/2010, she’s reportedly recruited her younger sister and her mother into NXIVM.

    In 2011, she buys her condo in Clifton Park.

    Spring 2012, Allison introduces Keith as her dear friend and mentor on her public blog and writes, “Keith Raniere is a man who epitomizes mindfulness and compassion for me. Esther Chiappone is a fiercely truthful woman I know. They are both my mentors in being a true humanitarian.”

    In 2013, Allison starts making promotional videos for Jness and her Twitter feed is full of myjness, jness blah, blah, blah.

  • Mack is a perp, she plead guilty, case closed. LOL

    The fact that she may have also been a victim is immaterial. LOL

  • “Heidi, this is because the prosecution made the choice to see it as a RICO case and ignore the cult side…” The prosecution ignored the cult side because there are no laws against cults in the U.S., as cults are protected under the First Amendment of free speech, religion, assembly, etc. LOL

    “I suspect it’s [the abuse] why they didn’t allow her to testify as this would definitely make her appear as a victim and no sentence could be given to her after that.” They didn’t let her testify because she would have been a freak show, turning on her inner actress, etc. LOL

    It doesn’t matter what the “shows” report, the only one that counts is in the courtroom – Hutchinson’s grasp of reality is quite “unique.” LOL

    • That’s funny, LOL. But IDK what straws you’re grasping at with the cult side vs. RICO…must be a ghost thing, like [redacted]

      And what’s with the insults? Thought those were banned or do you wanna drive everyone with any real info who doesn’t care for your [redacted] by making me or other female contributors an example of your [redacted]?

  • People call Raniere a malignant narcissist but I suggest he might be a “covert narcissist”.

    Covert narcissists are passive and use passive control, like pretending to serve a moral cause, or their own proclaimed victim-hood to steal all that is good and valuable from the people around them and make it their own.

    They literally hijack the fame and wealth and success of others to their own ends – passively.

    A clue was the testimony that Raniere reversed the sex roles in DOS where he remained passive and insisted Sylvie or Nicole seduce him, thereby forcing them into an active role.

    Normally, it’s the job of handlers like agents and lawyers to distance people of wealth and fame from covert narcissists but occasionally one gets through. When it occurs, it’s not until the target victim tries to free themselves of the covert narcissist that they realize the amount of control and domination that was gained over their life and affairs.

    I doubt Allison would ever see a covert narcissist pattern in Raniere. I believe she was so glamoured by his magnetic personality and his stated ideal to create a more ethical civilization that aligned with her personal goal to do good in the world, that it was impossible to spot the “control desire” back of the words and deeds. And, she was still subconsciously responding to the Chloe archetype which created a frame of mind where she could not conceive that Vanguard was covertly malicious.

    Likewise, Clare who I think responded to the “leader and protector of the herd” archetype. I doubt they could see it because they only looked at the surface.

    But a lot could be learned by watching a few Youtube videos on the Covert Narcissist. JMO

    • Which “people” have called Raniere a “malignant narcissist?” LOL

      You say Raniere was so powerful, I say it was mostly the evil women (and in a limited manner, some men) who empowered Raniere. LOL

  • Heidi wrote: “the “collateral” evidence passed from Rosa Laura in Mexico (where it was put to good, sextortion use) to Lauren to Allison Mack”
    According to Frank, Lauren and Allison were the ones who manipulatively edited and released the video of Sarah Edmondson’s branding to the Mexican media.

    Heidi wrote: “New York Times story they’d planned replete with false rumors of “AM,” Allison Mack’s, initials in the brand itself.”
    Why are you blaming the New York Times? What you are claiming isn’t true. The October 2017 cover story where Edmondson displayed her brand, doesn’t even mention Allison Mack. The one responsible for spreading the “false rumors of “AM” Allison Mack’s, initials in the brand,” is non other than Frank Parlato. Frank is the one who, starting June 2017, claimed that Allison led DOS and that her initials were included with Raniere’s.

    On October 18, 2017, the day after the Times finally released their DOS bombshell article, Frank wrote:
    Some people have had a hard time seeing the K-R [for Keith Raniere*] and A-M [for* Allison Mack*] in the female public branding of women. Perhaps a little primer on how to read the initials on the brand.”

    In November 2017, Frank went to the UK based Sun Online which wrote the following:”The actress has allegedly been brainwashed by cult leader Keith Raniere to recruit “slaves” into a secretive cult where they are forcibly branded with her initials and ordered to follow her commands 24 hours a day, Frank Parlato told Sun Online.”

    In March 2018, Frank was the source for the New York Post’s article which wrote: ” Mack stayed on and, according to Parlato, helped come up with the idea of sizzling the “brand” into initiates’ skin, near their groins, as they were held down. About 2-by-2-inches, the mark combined Raniere’s initials, KR, with Mack’s, AM.

  • I’m pretty sure it was reported that Allison did offer to testify, and the prosecution just didn’t call her.
    Maybe they figured a celebrity testimony would become a distraction, or maybe they were afraid she would come across as too sympathetic.

    • I agree and those are the known facts. She offered, they turned her down. WHY? I suspect it’s related to the other unsolved mysteries including why those equally or more guilty of more heinous crimes than Allie were not indicted at all. Lauren would have been upstaged as to her degree of guilt vs. Allie’s relative innocence, certainly.

    • Lots of things get “reported,” whether the report is factual is a totally different question – FAKE NEWS. LOL

      Maybe they thought Mack would be made to look so evil that the jury would demand that she be prosecuted as well as Raniere. LOL

  • I agree with the primary content of this article. The Sleazemans and the rich Mexicans are the biggest sleazes next to Raniere in this whole affair. Allison was indeed a perpetrator, but she was a naive actress whose celebrity was pilfered and mind was bent to do evil under the guise of a road that seemed to be paved with good intentions to become a better person even though it now seems twisted in retrospect because it came from such a twisted mind.

      • [redacted] What I would think [redacted] is that it’s a wee bit more complicated than your implied case of extremes, where only innocent children can be deceived, manipulated, coerced, etc., while responsible adults could never have that done to them. Gee, why do have laws at all? Why not just tell so-called responsible adults “too bad” whenever something bad happens to them no matter the context. It’s simply all their fault because there are no ultimate victims. Sound familiar? LOL.

      • Derp. Learn the difference between all or nothing, and areas in between. Just because someone is an adult doesn’t mean they can’t be deceived or can’t be victims, or are entirely responsible for what befell them. This is the type of thinking NXIVM tried to promote: no ultimate victims so they could wipe their hands free of any wrong doing. No one said anything about Allison being completely innocent like a little girl.

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