How to find the “K-R” and ‘A-M’ in the DOS slave brand (VÉASE ABAJO PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL)

Some people have had a hard time seeing the K-R [for Keith Raniere] and A-M [for Allison Mack] in the female public branding of women. Perhaps a little primer on how to read the initials on the brand.

It was important to Keith and Lauren Salzman that the women who were branded did not know immediately that Keith Raniere’s initials were part of the brand.

He texted [Name redacted]:

‘Not intended initially as my initials but they rearranged it slightly for tribute (if it were abraham lincolns or bill gates initials no one would care). The primary meaning and design of the brand symbol has nothing to do with my initials …”

I do not know what the primary meaning  Keith had in mind, but I think I can point out the initials.

     The brand right side up.                      La marca del lado derecho hacia arriba.

Keith Raniere’s signature circa 2015.   La firma de Keith Raniere circa 2015.



                                              Keith Raniere [l] with Allison Mack.                                             Keith Raniere [l] con Allison Mack.



Cómo encontrar el “K-R ” y “a-M” en la marca de fábrica del esclavo de dos

Algunas personas han tenido dificultades para ver a los K-R [para Keith Raniere] y a-M [para Allison Mack] en la marca femenina pública de mujeres. Tal vez un poco de imprimación sobre cómo leer las iniciales en la marca.

Era importante para Keith y Lauren Salzman que las mujeres que fueron marcadas no sabían inmediatamente que las iniciales de Keith Raniere eran parte de la marca de fábrica.

Él envió un mensaje de texto a [Name redacted]:

“No se pretendía inicialmente como mis iniciales pero lo reorganizaron ligeramente para el tributo (si era Abraham Lincolns o las iniciales de Bill Gates a nadie le importaría). “el significado principal y el diseño del símbolo de la marca no tiene nada que ver con mis iniciales …”

No sé lo que el significado principal Keith tenía en mente, pero creo que puedo señalar las iniciales.


22 thoughts on “How to find the “K-R” and ‘A-M’ in the DOS slave brand (VÉASE ABAJO PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL)

  1. To me, the brand looks like it was supposed to be abstract to the victim, but in a mirror it looks like “KR,”

    Thatis consistent with Sarah Edmondson not realizing for a month or two that she was carrying Raniere’s initials.

    While I can see how someone could read “AM” as well, that is much less clear.

    And I doubt that Raniere really intended to give Allison Mack any “tribute” even if she was his principle pussy-wrangler at rhe time….

  2. My idea is that Vanguard has create a joint monogram from the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.
    In the example of AM, you can see under the A a reverse R.
    Why? Because he felt guilty at the level of collateral Allison gave psychologically, emotionally, physically and via recruiting new cult members.
    Knowing full well, he had no intention of ever giving her anything back, but that one day he would be leaving her broke and damaged, so this was a bit of twisted compassion.
    Like Manson, when he made everyone tattoo their foreheads with the Swastikas when they showed up at court, it’s also somewhat tribal of course like cattle.

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