Allison Mack Was a Willing Nxivm Participant Long Before She Started Sleeping with Raniere

Keith Raniere and Allison Mack

The following Guest View is in reply to Heidi Hutchinson’s article Making Allison Mack a Perp Instead of a Victim was Pre-planned and the Salzmans Were the Planners.

By Not A Fan of Allison Mack’s

Heidi – Your reply has little to do with my actual response to your article.  I responded to what you ACTUALLY wrote.

First – YOU wrote that Allison became the Nxivm-TARGETED femme fatale WHEN Kristin Kreuk, “flew the coop,” and “AFTER Pam Cafritz croaked and Kristin Keeffe made a daring escape with Keith and her son.”

Kristin Kreuk and a sleepy Allison Mack at a Nxivm gathering. Keith Raniere loved to lull students to sleep so that he could implant hypnotic suggests in their susceptible subconscious minds.

Well, Kreuk left whenever, but Cafritz “croaked” in late 2016 and Keeffe “escaped” in 2014.

My timeline [Timeline Shows Allison Mack Anything but Hapless Victim of Nxivm]  was to show that, unlike what you actually wrote, Allison was targeted/enticed/given the VIP treatment from her initial meeting in December 2006.

You may not like that the timeline shows that Mack was a willing participant from the start, long before she started sleeping with Raniere and long before she became a starving, sleep-deprived slave, but her social media, activities, and the reports of those in the cult with her or reporting on the cult show that was, in fact, the case.

Second – YOU wrote, “JUST as the branding story hit the newsstands ahead of the Carlos Slim Helu’s New York Times story they’d planned replete with false rumors of ‘AM,’ Allison Mack’s, initials in the brand itself.”

When the NY Times’ branding story “hit the newsstands” October 2017, Frank had been spreading what you call the”false rumors of ‘AM,’ Allison Mack’s, initials in the brand itself” since JUNE 2017.

The Grigoriadis New York Times Magazine piece came out May 2018, by that time Frank had been spreading the “false rumors” about the brand for nearly a year, not just on this blog but any other media he could get himself attached to, including the NY Post as late as March 2018.

Catherine Oxenberg had plenty to say about Allison Mack and little of it was good. Perhaps she had reason to dislike Allison since her daughter, India was a branded slave of Mack’s.

Here’s what Catherine Oxenberg had to say about Allison:

“I watched the government build their case very carefully, and there was a clear line of delineation, and I think that Allison, yes she started off as a victim, but she took the reins of power and she abused other women to the point where I no longer have sympathy for her.”

Could you provide some links to your claim that, “it was widely reported from the Court that Allison offered to testify against Raniere as part of her plea deal.”

Even if Allison was willing and mentally able to testify, I’m not sure the prosecution would or could use her after the things DOS slaves Nicole, Jay, and even Mark Vicente said about her in their testimony.

During his testimony at the trial of Keith Alan Raniere, Mark Vicente revealed some rather unflattering aspects of Allison Mack’s personality.

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  • First – you’re misquoting me out of context on top of now contracting your own alleged counter-argument to the position you wrongly attribute to me.

    I have always maintained and shown that Allison was targeted long before she ever met Keith. NX recruits, manipulates and converts its victims into perps in the same way it has for decades — it’s a very customized, slow drip taking advantage of whatever “issues” the acolyte is put to task to improve on. It is a human pyramid of spiritual cannibals.

    My point you keep missing was that Allison became more vulnerable after other targets became less so or non-existent.
    Not that, as you wrongly insist I meant, she ONLY became a target AFTER Pam passed and Kreuk left.

    Please stop misconstruing my meanings. We are ACTUALLY in agreement and you really don’t need to make anyone wrong or put anyone against another to make an honest argument.

    • Heidi — If you don’t want people to misconstrue what you write, then you need to choose the words you use more carefully, and if what you initially wanted to say was that you think AM became more vulnerable after others died or left, then that’s what you should have written initially, instead of what you actually wrote. That being said, I don’t know where you are getting that thought from either.

      Frank told the NY Times that he was “struck by Ms. Mack’s near-religious fervor for the organization.” Assuming Frank wasn’t lying to the Times or about his time with NXIVM, he would be describing Mack when she’d been a member for less than 1 year. So Mack was obviously an enthusiastic, willing member from the get go, redirecting donated money, turning over her own money, spending lots of her free time in Albany, moving to Clifton Park, publicly praising and tweeting about her Vanguard, and if the email shared in Natalie’s book is accurate, already sleeping with him even before Cafritz died or Keeffe left.

      @allisonmack Oct 27, 2013
      Listening to Keith Raniere explore thoughts on media, love and humanity. Mind is blown. I am so inspired.

      @allisonmack Oct 23, 2013
      an early morn walk w. my sweet and wise mentor and friend keith rainere always put a spring in my step and a light in my heart. thanks…

      However, lots of women were targeted by Keith. Just read about Jane Doe 18 (whom anyone who read Oxenberg’s book will be able to id) or Jane Doe 28. Maybe Mack didn’t become “more vulnerable” after others departed, maybe she just got elevated to a position where she could do more damage. Maybe Cafritz was more like Jeff Session while Mack was more like Bill Barr. After all, Frank claimed Mack was the one who “introduced corporal punishment as part of the disciplinary process.”

      And what the what do you mean when you write this, “I have always maintained and shown that Allison was targeted long before she ever met Keith.” How exactly was Alison “targeted long before she ever met Keith” if, according to The Hollywood Reporter article, Mack met Keith right after her first introductory weekend:

      “Dones says that Lauren Salzman attached herself to Mack that weekend, eating meals with her. “By the end of the weekend, Lauren and Allison were like best friends,” she says. When the seminar concluded, Mack accepted an invitation to fly on the Bronfmans’ private jet back to Albany, New York, to meet Raniere in the flesh. They told her Raniere could help her with her acting career. This was a rare development, even for a VIP; most high-profile initiates had to complete at least one 16-day “intensive” at a cost of $7,500 before being granted an in-person meeting with Vanguard. A couple of weeks later, when Dones traveled to Nxivm’s corporate offices and training facility in Colonie, north of Albany, she was surprised to see Mack still there.”

      Anyway, when HBO’s The Vow airs, everyone will get to see and hear Mack and Raniere’s very first conversation.

  • I’m not anti-Allison, but I am anti-misinformation and anti-disinformation.

    Weird that Frank feels the need to label someone “not a fan” just because they point out someone’s incorrect statement(s) and then provide additional information to back it up, especially on a blog that claims to be about “true, unfiltered, hard-hitting journalism.” If Heidi wants to believe that Allison was, “the fairest one of all” obviously that’s up to her, but I don’t know what she’s basing that on, and she shouldn’t misrepresent things.

    I don’t think Allison was involved with anything illegal when she first joined and her enthusiastic early participation certainly isn’t a crime, but some people on here keep trying to promote the idea that Allison only became a kool-aid drinking member after some time. But in order to believe that, people would have to ignore the statements made by those who were actually around Allison, and Allison’s own actions.

    Allison earned herself an “edge” which means she earned her additional yellow rank requirements in the minimum amount of time. Sarah Edmondson didn’t even earn an edge and neither did any of the other early Vancouver -based members from what I can see on the list leaked in 2011.

    For Heidi and any others questioning the accuracy of Allison’s initial NXIVM involvement, here’s some additional info.

    December 2006 / January 2007
    “A couple of weeks later, when Dones traveled to Nxivm’s corporate offices and training facility in Colonie, north of Albany, she was surprised to see Mack still there. One Friday night, when Raniere gathered his followers, male and female, in a nearby public gym for a weekly game of volleyball, she found Mack sitting in the bleachers, smiling contentedly at the players.”
    “It was really Bouchey that put her under her spell,” says Mack’s former roommate. “I heard three years of how wonderful Barbara Bouchey was and how she was so great with business.

    July 2007 (Just 7 months after her first meeting)
    “Her fans donated more than $4,000 as a 25th birthday gift to benefit a cause of Mack’s choosing, a microfinance organization to help female entrepreneurs in Mexico. The donation was ready to go when Mack suddenly redirected the funds to World Audience Productions, a company owned by Lauren Salzman. ”

    February 27th, 2008 From Allison’s Blog
    “Wow! I just had a huge recognition last week when hanging out with some of my really good friends in the freezing cold of UPSTATE New York.”

    April 2008 Hosts the Second A Cappella Innovations in Albany with Clyne

    After some participants took to the RARB/CASA acappella public forum to express their concerns about NXIVM’s involvement and the suspicious differences between this second Innovation weekend compared to the first in 2007, several of NXIVM’s high rank including Raniere, C. Bronfman, L. Salzman, Vicente, and members Mack, Clyne, and Hotaling among others, joined the discussion board to defend their activities and NXIVM. Mack wrote a lengthy response, which interestingly was deleted sometime over the past year along with Vicente’s remarks and Clyne’s. Fortunately, I saved a number of them, including Mack’s. Here’s an excerpt:

    “I have to say I am pretty experienced when it comes to dealing with large groups of people in festival like settings. I too had a really weird experience this weekend, but it had nothing to do with the festival A Cappella Innovations, but more around the people at “innovations.” I know some of the things that have been posted about the weekend and NXIVM in regards to both A Cappella innovations and my company 10c came from a specific group. I had a very unfortunate interaction with this group at the party. I must say if anyone was freaked out about aggressive and “dangerous” behavior I would greatly urge them to look at their own behavior before pointing fingers at others.”

    Spring 2009
    Mack is one of the NXIVM devotees along with Clyne, Clare, Fluffy, and Del Negro who, along with Raniere, participate in a late night volleyball game with journalist Chet Hardin. Hardin described the invite to participate as a “not so subtle threat.”

    2009 / 2010 from Reddit — I wouldn’t necessarily trust what was posted by someone on Reddit, but pictures of her mother and sister at jness events support them being active in NXIVM to some degree

    “Keep in mind this was over 10 years ago for me, but I was friends with her family right when this all happened. I had six year, very close friendships ended, literally overnight with an email that read “I no longer wish to speak to you, do not ever contact me again.” because this cult wanted her and her family cut off from outside influence. I watched people I had known for years change overnight.
    I’m not sure the exact date Allison joined… around Fall/Winter of 2008 if I remember correctly was when her sister started talking about it to me. The summer of 2009, her sister (my friend) spent a lot of time with her which is around the time their mother joined. January of 2010 was when her sister cut all ties with me.
    There was a brief moment of reprieve in 2012 where the sister and I spoke again due to the death of a mutual friend bringing us back together but after about 6 months she dropped off the radar again.
    I don’t think the sister and mom are as deep in the cult as Alison but even as all of this news is coming out her mother is still defending “the good work they are doing”.

  • People say that Ally Wack was love-bombed and was flown privately to meet Keith Raniere. What about Kristin Kreuk, who joined shortly before Mack in 2006? Was she love-bombed and flown to meet Raniere? She was more well known then Wack was.

      • From the Hollywood Reporter profile on Mack : “This wasn’t the first time Nxivm had rolled out the red carpet (Dones calls it “love-bombing”) for VIPs. They’d done it for Dynasty star Linda Evans and for the uber-wealthy sons and daughters of disgraced Mexican politicians, who had been flocking to Nxivm in droves”

    • None of these pedo satanists are gonna do jail time. None of ’em!
      It is truly sickening, and totally in your face – THEY ARE PROTECTED.

    • ==Wasn’t Kristin Kreuk love-bombed and flown to meet Raniere? ==

      Ranieri tried to “bomb” her, but not with his love.

    • IMO Kreuk (Superman’s girlfriend) was Keith & Nancy’s prime target to help lure in and play role model for younger girls and to “take the fall” that Allison was eventually cast in.

      • Though “Lana Lang” was a recruiting lure for a while, what kept her from being groomed to take the fall, even though she stayed in the cult until around the start of DOS?

        Was it that she kept working and living other than Albany, plus was never convinced to turn over her millions to the cult?

  • The Frank Report contains much evidence, much of it from court testimony, that Allison Mack is a shallow, sadistic, cruel, self-centered, narcissistic woman with few moral values.

    If Heidi wants to idolize Ms. Mack, that is her choice.

    But, Heidi, for your enlightenment, Allison Mack would not give a rat’s ass for you as a human being.

    Allison Mack prefers women like the Bronfmans or Pam Cafritz who have Big Bucks.

      • Now, I “idolize” Allison? No, I pity her much as anyone who was or is caught up in NXIVM. Perhaps Allison more so bc she is often singled out and treated so unfairly here on FR and in the media in general. I don’t demand that anyone agree with my “choices” but idolizing Allison is not one of them. Find another chump to tag that one on.

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