Shivani: Is Allison Mack Still Lost in Hallucinations of ‘Spirituality’ or Taken ‘Exit Therapy’?

By Shivani

Allison Mack might still be involved with many of her old sex-slave pals and other Nxivm addicts. She might’ve made an insincere plea bargain recital in court to repudiate Raniere, too.

Often an actor is aware of how to yank the switch of sincerity, or of any emotion, off and on, and one learns to get into the zone of doing so, shifting swiftly and very thoroughly. By definition, an actor’s task is to be convincing, to magnetically convey fictional feelings and behavior.

Is Mack merrily but ignorantly violating the terms of her home confinement? Is she still lost in her hallucinations of “spirituality” and of being someone who feels special, deep, ahead of her time?

Does the Shadow know? Is Macko still wacko? Through keeping track of Mack, and the Shadow does, it really looks that way.

Evidently none of the slaves are bothering to stay thin enough for their hero, Flabturd, anymore. That must be too much discipline to tolerate, without the availability of those cosy group blowjobs as a reward, like beagles with their long-awaited chewy toys.

Nicki Clyne dances for her Vanguard outside the MDC.
Michele Hatchette dances for her Vanguard, her grandmaster, outside MDC.
Dr. Danielle Roberts dances for her Vanguard, and is about to do a flip for him too, outside the MDC.

L-R MIchelle Hatchette, Nicki Clyne, [unknown dancer] and Linda Chung dancing for their Vanguard.
When standing upon one’s head, one’s various fatty, bodily imperfections tend to sploosh out around the edges of the skeletal arrangement. There’s nothing sincere about Allison’s incipient double chin or that glop of fat, protuding from her waistband. Never mind her fatuous, upside-down grin.

Allison Mack doing a headstand. Date unknown.

Any of the defendants involved in Raniere catastrophe and waiting for their sentencings who have not partaken of any exit therapies to help themselves adapt have missed an opportunity to try, authentically, to break free. Any such dedication to therapeutic efforts (instead of still being hooked on Raniere, etc.,) would have improved their very questionable positions today, even just on paper.

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  • […] amount of discussion ensued about whether Allison Mack has or should get counseling. In the post Shivani: Is Allison Mack Still Lost in Hallucinations of ‘Spirituality’ or Taken ‘Exit Therapy… Heidi Hutchinson offered a comment. One of Allison Mack’s defenders added a thought and Heidi […]

  • “Any of the defendants involved in Raniere catastrophe and waiting for their sentencings who have not partaken of any exit therapies to help themselves adapt have missed an opportunity to try, authentically, to break free
    Some didn’t had a choice…i agree for nicky, for michelle and those still inside the cult but Allison can’t follow a therapy…she is forbidden to do a lot of things.
    And lately, due to the rumors (and denounciations) , she is even more restricted (despite the fact she did nothing wrong).

    “Allison Mack doing a headstand. Date unknown”
    around 2003…way before nxvim
    And before i get a “how do you know” , it’s a picture taken during her smallville’s time at the beginning and the picture include KK and another person (forgot who it is…)

    “Any such dedication to therapeutic efforts (instead of still being hooked on Raniere, etc.,) would have improved their very questionable positions today, even just on paper”
    Once again, i agree but the authorities orders are not considering this option…especially since it was seen as a RICO organisation instead of a Cult…
    Therefore, Some of the non indicted SHOULD have done this but the court order don’t take in account that possibility for those accused and indicted.
    Atleast not all of them.

    Allison isn’t authorized to leave home often (and she isn’t using this because of the actual situation)…
    Not enough to follow a therapy properly.

    And to be honest, while Allison is going better, i believe she still would have a hard time to feel the need about therapy (while i agree, it could be good for her…the abuse she got through, i doubt she can heal them by herself.)

    But your point is fair and if authorities had considered the human factor of this story (and the testimonies justified it fully), they should have not only allowed but enforce a therapy to save the damaged souls of the cult.

    Of course, this doesn’t include raniere who is unredeemable and deserve fully his jail time.

  • Funny how psychotherapy was not on the list of court approved outings for any NXIVM defendant, especially not Allison Mack.

    Makes one wonder why Allison Mack’s Bronfman-paid attorneys never thought to make that obvious request for ‘their’ client nor arrange for a plea prior to Nancy Salzman’s special “speak-no-evil” plea deal, nor allow Allison to testify at Raniere’s trial, nor use a computer since the day she was charged.

    I hope exit therapy, if she’s not getting it already, is part if not the entirety, of Allison’s sentence.

    • Heidi, this is because the prosecution made the choice to see it as a RICO case and ignore the cult side…
      The goal of prosecution isn’t the truth or justice but the highest sentence and if possible the most newspaper headline…

      Well being of people is the least of their problem…It’s even more obvious when prosecution make VICTIMS sign a document that guarantee no pursuit…
      VICTIMS! As far as i remember, Sylvie signed it, Dani and i think Nicole did too…like anyone could blame them for anything

      As for Allison’s Lawyer, they didn’t care about the outcome as they are paid no matter what…and since it’s not their speciality (they are blue colars lawyers…not criminal)…the damage to their image would be minimal.

      If you followed the whole pre trial period, you might have noticed how they never really talked to the judge, arguing with him or asking for anything…

      While Allison could use a therapy, it’s not as bad as the “source” pretend…those in contact with her will tell you that she is quite fine and she is going to be ok…
      The therapy could be useful for the abuse she was victim of as it’s way worse than what the other victim had to go through.
      I suspect it’s the why they didn’t allow her to testify as this would definitely make her appear as a victim and no sentence could be given after that.

      • I agree as to why Allison was prevented from testifying. Lyin’ Lauren was the chosen, star “victim” — “boo, hoo Keith promised me an Avatar baby but was too lazy to get the blood test so I had to do everything he said behind my poor, sick mommy’s back.”

        Allison became the target femme fatale when GBD mistress Kreuk flew the coop and Allison didn’t get “Gone in Saigon” so fast after Caffritz croaked and Keeffe made a daring escape with her own Avatar.

        Meanwhile, the Mexican Elites like Rosa Laura Junco in cahoots with ALL the Salzman’s and their Bronfman/Salinas paid lawyers made sure Allison was left holding bag — the “collateral” evidence passed from Rosa Laura in Mexico (where it was put to good, sextortion use) to Lauren to Allison Mack just as the branding story hit the newsstands ahead of the Carlos Slim Helu’ majority-owned New York Times story they’d planned replete with false rumors of “AM,” Allison Mack’s, initials in the brand itself. So unfair to the fairest one of all, felled by vanity as usual.

        Allison was also kept in the dark for a year, forbidden to go near a computer or cell phone, while ALL the Salzman’s were free to strategize, hack, bribe (through Bronfman attorneys) and otherwise set Allison up to continue “taking the fall” after she was shoved out of the “victim” realm being enjoyed by so many others capitalizing on that status without concern for their former alleged branding mastermind and “cruel” mistress, a child-star ham who never lifted a finger to harm any of them, never made a cent in NXIVM or thereafter but was fleeced herself, made malleable and manipulated in every other way imaginable, as long-contrived by the Salzman “victims.”

        This whole NX mess is a pathetic, laughable mockery of justice at the highest levels of corruption in the US Justice system and Hollywood.

        I wonder if “The Vow” will even begin to broach the topic of the underage sex trafficking or if the show will instead go out of its way, as “Lifetime” did, to LIE about Camilla Fernandez’s age when she was groomed and trafficked, falsely claiming she was “18-years-old” when the evidence — ironically, her “collateral,” those pornograhic photos — proved she was (at least) under the age of 15, when the molestation occurred and her even younger brothers filmed it.

  • Mack has probably done both – Still Lost in Hallucinations of ‘Spirituality’ AND Taken ‘Exit Therapy.’ LOL

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