Former Insider: If anyone could, Barbara Bouchey could deprogram Allison Mack

The following is from someone who claims to be a former insider of NXIVM. I cannot reveal the person’s identity but can confirm it is someone who was once inside NXIVM and it is not Barbara Bouchey. 

By A Former Insider

Allison Mack is stuck in Raniere la la land. She’s had so-called deprogrammer and mental health evaluations and treatments.  She is still in love with Keith Raniere.

If anybody could deprogram Allison Mack, it is Barbara Bouchey.

They both love him but Barbara could tell Allie about Keith’s lying. I think Barbara would be best, better than Steve Hassan or Rick Ross – for Babs would resonate with Allison because she knows about Keith and the old inner circle – and they both love Keith.

Allison may have got a wake-up call with her arrest but she appears to go on sleeping.

Allison is thinking she will go to trial and look like the cute innocent blond and win the jury. Barbara used to be the cute blond for Keith. So they have that in common.

Allison, like Barbara, may not have known what was going on — I don’t mean polyamory – they both knew that. They don’t own Keith’s penis – even though he owned all their vaginas.

But I mean the lying. Allison needs evidence that Keith is a psycho, that Nancy and Lauren are weak-willed and have no backbone. Steve Hassan can’t provide that, but BB can.

Allison is more firm-willed – like Barbara. That’s another thing they have in common. Allie has willpower – when it comes down to it. She cheats on her diet but when it comes to being stand up she will stick to the man she loves.

Allison is not ready to flip.  But if the courts allowed Barbara to talk to her I think that would help her wake up.  They are both deeply in love with Keith but Barbara is not so blind she doesn’t know she’s in love with a destructive person. Allison doesn’t know it yet.

Barbara is crazy about Keith. She tempers it with a dose of self-preservation. Watching Babs on Megan Kelly one can see she is in love with him but SHE is NOT going to be destroyed anymore because of him.

When Keith gets out, in 5-7-10 or even 20 years, Barbara will be waiting for him, I think.

She is loyal but smart enough to know that he is going to prison. He needs to go to prison to teach him a lesson. He was too big for his britches and has to curb his destructive, wild tendencies and realize that crime and vengeance don’t pay. He will be older too. Maybe he will calm down. He is 58. If he gets out when he is 65 maybe he will be less wild.

They could get back together. Barbara has money. She could support him like she did when they first got together. They could renew the love they had. Maybe they could even teach the tech again.

Barbara is the first to tell you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. The tech is good. She says it is transformational.

If the tech is good, and Keith was a genius who invented it but was bad then they need someone who is strongly moral to make sure it doesn’t go astray. Barbara is very good and very moral.

If Keith had made her Prefect instead of Nancy, none of this would have happened.  Barbara may want to teach ESP. Keith could be in the background and guide her. Allison, if she gets out, could join them.

When Barbara was with him, she shared him with 3 other women knowingly. She did not know about the other 9. But she was ok with 3. So maybe I’m being too optimistic but I could see Barbara thinking that Keith and Allison could get out in 7-10  years and Barbara could buy a nice house in Clifton Park and the three live together like Mariana, Pam and Keith did.

People like Lauren, Jim Del Negro, [Name redacted], and the others could help out. Kathy would be out.

They could rebuild NXIVM. It would be a happy ending to a lot of sorrow for everyone.



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  • This story reminds me of a manipulative but talented/intelligent narcissist I had the joy of falling for. Even though I quickly knew how screwed up he was, it took me a while to realize that any feast of spiritual wisdom he was offering to me (and his many victims) in all his guru-ish glory, came with its heaping helping of poison.

  • How is it Bouchey could tell people over 9 years ago that she knew about all the women Keith Raniere was sleeping with (a list of about 15 he had sexual relationships with) and now she claims she only knew of 3. The stories don’t match up.

    Babs knew Keith Raniere lied about his ability to win in the commodities market. Why, after losing about 5 million of her’s and other’s money (she had to ask people to help bail out after Raniere had lost 1.2 million of her money to cover his margin calls), she still let the Bronfman girls lose 68 Million of their money with his scheme while under her financial management?

    Having Babs deprogram Mack is like asking a junky to help someone get off of drugs.

    Bouchey’s interview with Megyn Kelly shows she has not detoxed from her years bedded by Raniere and brainwashed by his closest followers. Mack cannot even talk with NXIVM members let alone BB.

  • Didn’t Keith destroy Barbara financially with many lawsuits? Didn’t she lose everything? I was really surprised at her interview the other day. She was a bit gushing over Nexium and who would want to claim that V week was her idea? It gets more bizarre by the day.

    Then this article, it started to sound like a bit Peaish towards the end so to be taken with a pinch of salt.

  • I’m tired of all the criticism of Barbara Bouchey WHY? Because she loves Keith Raneire. He may be a fool and a rotten person but a woman loves but once and for all time. Barbara fell in love with him and loves him still but most importantly despite her love and her broken heart she left him until he can become a good person. But she remains faithful and in love with him. Watch her on Megan Kelly for a true inspiration of how a woman loves. And I believe that her love is so great that one day Keith will be healed and he will come before Barbara and weeping will beg her forgiveness and for her to take him back and she will. I also believe In reincarnation and this may not happen until their next life.

  • Every time I read about Ms. Bouchey’s feeling for vanlard, I think of this tune from time ago – will she ever wake up to the fact that raniere is a douchebag, just like all other douchebags all over the world?!!!

    • ‘kay that didn’t work bt because its such a cheerful pertinent tune I’ll try again. if it doesn’t work again, sorry for any bandwidth issues I may be causing.

  • I think it’s more complicated than convincing her that Vanguard is a liar. She needs to understand that he hurts people and enjoys it. Like telling someone that being branded builds character is just plain sadistic, and anyone can see that from afar, but I guess it’s different when a person you are in love with suggests it?

    Would Toni Natalie be willing to speak with her?

  • Babs loves him and I love him. If you were not so blind you would love him too. Fools. He is the Vnaguard you have no idea. Judge Garaufis is the Pontius Pilate or our times. Moira Penza and company are the Jews who wanted Jesus killed. You fools they said give us Barabas. You say give us Parlato. Idiots. Vanguard walks among us. Save yourselves.

  • There can be no rebuilding of NXIVM! The tech is not that great. It’s so easy to cherry pick, but look at where the tech led everyone. Not one person, outside of Keith and the Bronfmans, really benefited from using it, applying it to real life and I mean that in the sense of going on to live a happy and successful life – financially and in every other way. The tech sucks because Keith sucks and he sucks because he’s a manipulative bastard who harmed everyone who came into his life. Allison needs to be deprogrammed by someone like RIck Ross, if he’s not available, and she needs to be seeing a reputable psychiatrist, plus pursuing a religious faith with which she can identify, These three things are her potential salvation, not a rehabbed NXIVM at some point in the future.

    • I’ve wondered if ESP was a bit like an addiction in the sense that a junkie might feel “better” after getting a fix. I don’t doubt that a lot of people walked out of classes feeling good, even if they had been damaged in ways they could not see.

      And I think you are spot on about her finding religion. (A real one). They often push religion in AA therapy and other rehabs. I don’t fully get the psychology behind it but I think it’s about having faith in something outside of yourself? I’m not religious but I have family who are…

    • Omar hit the nail on the head by pointing out there was no final degree or recognized certification – just more, more, and more courses designed to generate a revenue stream for the top management. That alone is the tipoff that this was a money making scheme and nothing more. Who has gone on to wealth and success after a series of courses that offer little more than can be found in readily available books? Prong Two revolved around manipulation and mind control – to identify the best candidates for indentured servitude (financial and otherwise), and sex slavery.

      This should never be resurrected. “Love” is not in the equation, anywhere. It’s about the top people gaining money, services, and special treatment. Nothing more.

      I’m sure Keith can make you feel good on many levels – he is a master at it – but that does not mean he is capable of real love in any form. Once you are no longer of use to him, financially or sexually, or you age out (which Allison is on the verge of doing) you’re nothing to him. He IS capable of hate, however. If you, like Toni Natalie, DARE leave him before he is done with you he will relentlessly try to have you destroyed in any way possible, including imprisonment and murder. Think about that.

      I’m not sure I care what happens to Allison as it seems she had a vicious streak far beyond all previous harem members, to be surpassed only by Clare Bronfman. It would be amazing if anyone could rehabilitate her.

      • “I’m not sure I care what happens to Allison as it seems she had a vicious streak far beyond all previous harem members, to be surpassed only by Clare Bronfman. It would be amazing if anyone could rehabilitate her.”

        I think it’s reasonable to at least want to know if her actions were done because she felt like being mean, or if she was blindly following orders, or if she was afraid to disobey Vanguard out of fear, or because he convinced her that DOS would benefit its members. I think it should matter, and I wish there was more information about how DOS operated, but I guess we don’t really know as of now. But I think it’s safe to say that if Allison had never met him, she might be in a much better place, whereas I’m sure he would still be conning people.

  • Is this a joke? Who ever wrote this bullshit is a fucking moron. Cults like NXIVM, ISIS and anything else that wrecks lives need destroying and perpetrators punished. Instead this stupid dickhead “NXIVM insider” wants to roll a stinky turd with glitter. Fuck off.

  • Ummmm…wow! If the “tech is good”, then why is NXIVM in shambles? The mark of a true leader is not how well an organization performs when the leader is present, but how well it performs when the leader is absent. It seems that all the $ you folks spent, it hasn’t helped you.

    • Spot on.
      The military trains its units to function even if the squad leader is incapacitated.
      Even in the best of times NXIVM was dysfunctional with a leader who ate, slept and cavorted around like a satyr.
      Most of the cult’s rank and file are damaged people when they come to the cult and after a few years in the group are all damaged and delusional.

    • NXIVM would probably being doing okay if Raniere was run over by a beer truck while crossing the road on one of his walks. Instead, he’s in a jail and probably not coming out for a very long time. Several other of his followers have also been arrested. Not exactly the same scenario you painted, Jarhead.

  • If Barb Bouchey is still in love with Raniere after his promiscuity and lies and scams and threats then Barb has not even deprogrammed herself.
    Bouchey still believes Raniere is her soul mate.

  • A good deprogrammer is needed for the writer as well as BB and AM! The tech is NOT good, the ideas are really destructive, of members, families and friends. The whole idea is appalling and scary if recruiting and teaching new people is involved. Enough people have been hurt by this cult.

  • Babs has money, you say? Enough to take care of Vanguard?

    Who the fuck told you that?

    Two reasons why that’s bullshit.

    1) Frank has said she went bankrupt in all the lawsuits. I find it hard to believe that a fat, aging & ugly whore like Barbara somehow launched a new career/business just recently and is rich now. She an old hag now. She couldn’t even whore herself out for more than about $5 bucks per boink (that includes a cream pie).

    2) If she’s so wealthy then WHY THE FUCK doesn’t she get plastic surgery to fix that mess of an aging face she has?

    Look at her face on Megyn Kelly. It’s fat and looks like Chris Farley. She’s disgusting. If she had money, she’d need to fix that mess.

    I call bullshit on your entire post.

    • The purpose of calling Barbara ugly and a whore is what? People age, what’s wrong with that? Why should she have to “fix”her face?Demeaning women is exactly what NXIVM is about. So, I’m guessing you’re a NXIVM troll or just jealous that Keith had sex and you couldn’t get laid if your life depended on it. Either way, spare us the sad, childish name calling.

      • Thank you NC. Is everyone obligated to look great, in order to have feelings or a point of view? LIAR, care to post a picture of yourself? Then we can all comment.

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