Audio: Keith Raniere Recorded From Prison Condemns Prosecution and Judge

Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard

It appears that many, if not all, of Keith Alan Raniere’s phone calls have been recorded by prison authorities at MDC, where he has been lodged for two and a half years.

All of his calls have also been subject to random monitoring.

In addition, when he talks to his followers, such as Suneel Chakravorty and Nicki Clyne, it seems they record his precious words too.

Frank Report has obtained a snippet of one of Raniere’s phone conversations from prison.

We thought we should share this with readers, some of whom are still followers of the illustrious Vanguard.

Many of these have not heard their blessed master’s voice in more than two and a half years. He was arrested on March 26, 2018 – and there have been no recordings released prior to this one.

In this 36 second snippet, [the transcription follows] Raniere speaks about the prosecution’s malfeasance and misconduct.

And he suggests that Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, if he sentences Raniere, will be condoning this corruption. Since the judge will undoubtedly sentence Raniere and likely to life in prison, Raniere is, in fact, condemning the judge.

A wise move to make a month prior to sentencing.

Supposedly, Nicki Clyne and others of the Nxivm-5, are going to make a podcast and possibly utilize Raniere’s prison conversations with them as part of their effort to persuade the public that the prosecutors and the judge have conspired to pervert justice and convict an innocent man.

It is a grave mistake. The antics of the Nxivm-5 – and the content of Raniere’s tapped phone conversations condemning the judge and the prosecutors – are going to hurt him in ways he has not even dreamed of.

I suspect that if there was any chance he would not get a life sentence, he has thrown that chance away. And worse, I believe the judge and the prosecutors will agree he is a public menace and a danger to society who has an insidious influence on his followers. Because of that determination, they will note their concerns on the record – which may well cause the BOP to assign Raniere to serve his lifetime sentence at the supermax facility in Florence Colorado.

We will have more to say about Florence in another post.

Now, without further ado, let us hear the golden voice of the Imperial One, our Vanguard. It may be the last time you’ll ever hear it.

Keith: The prosecution lied to the court. The prosecution tampered with evidence. The prosecution suborned perjury and there are more and more points.

One of these points the prosecution should never have done. You know, I mean, I was kidnapped. They steal the document based on a lie. They went and then they broke that seal. There’s a whole bunch of things that happened that were just horrendous.

If my judge comes and sentences me, he is condoning all of this behavior.


In this snippet, Raniere claimed he was kidnapped, meaning that the people who “arrested” him in Puerta Vallarta were not Mexican federal police but imposters, possibly bounty hunters, who whisked him out of Mexico and handed him over to the FBI.

This is quite possible. For he did leave Mexico in record-breaking fashion. He was taken at gunpoint, placed in a car on the morning of March 26, 2018 and he was in Texas later that same day.

If this was a regular deportation or extradition, it would not have happened in a few hours or even a few days.

I suspect that he messed with the wrong Mexican father and I am not referring to Carlos Salinas.

It is my supposition that the man who had him “kidnapped” – if he was, in fact, kidnapped – was the father of Rosa Laura Junco, the great media magnate, and journalist, Alejandro Junco.

Publisher Alejandro Junco de la Vega of Mexico.

Alejandro Junco was one of the fathers of a Nxivm [and DOS] member who, when he found out about DOS, did quite a bit behind the scenes to get his daughter out.  There is quite a bit I could say about his efforts and perhaps I will at a later date. In any event, I can say this: He gets a share of the credit for whatever happened to Keith in Mexico.

And his daughter, Rosa Laura, a very staunch supporter of Vanguard and a First Line Master for years, is believed to be out of Nxivm and DOS now.

Rosa Laura Junco has left Nxivm, former Nxivm members tell Frank Report.


Meanwhile, we have heard the voice of the Vanguard, after a long, long absence.  He is much absorbed in his own victimization.  He is deeply concerned about being in prison on false charges.

He is, it seems, blissfully unaware of the irony; that where he is now – and the feeling he has – of being falsely accused – and being imprisoned because he was somebody’s enemy – is exactly what he cooked up for his enemies.

His whole game was paying lawyers [and quite possibly prosecutors] to frame his enemies, to get them imprisoned. He did not care if the charges were false or true. It did not matter. He wanted them imprisoned.

And this is exactly what happened to him. He went to the very place he tried to place, and at times succeeded, his enemies, including Toni Natalie, Rick Ross, Barbara Bouchey, Joe O’Hara, John Tighe, Susan Dones, Kristin Keeffe, Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente, Toni Zarattini, myself, and many others.

He used to have a motto, “He who has the most joy, wins.” I always thought it was a savage motto, where there is a winner in joy, which implies a loser. I always thought a better motto for a Vanguard would be ‘He who gives the most joy, wins.”

But he will live with his motto. Many of us got a lot of joy when he was arrested.  And even more joy, when closure began yesterday with the sentencing and immediate incarceration of Clare Webb Bronfman, his henchwoman and partner in trying to put people falsely in prison.

The only two in the organization dedicated to putting enemies in prison, falsely, are the first two to go to prison themselves. Keith complaining that he was the victim of cheating by the prosecution, he a cheater himself – and Clare – who will no doubt complain that the process – the legal process, which she herself abused for years – was unfair and too harsh.

Frank Report has confirmed she is at MDC, the same facility as Keith Alan Raniere. But they can’t see each other.

But if the dancers show up this Friday night, it’s quite possible that Clare will be able to see them (She’s being housed in the East Tower – whereas Vanguard resides in the West Tower).

Two smiling demons, Clare Webb Bronfman and Keith Alan Raniere, are finally lodged in the same facility but, unhappily for them, not together.

The judge somehow – maybe it is mystical – got it right. He picked the two greatest scoundrels to sentence first. And Bronfman and Raniere will be essentially neutered from doing their terrible legal abuses.

Now both of them are complaining about the abuses of the very system they played in and lost.

Viva Executive Success!







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  • I would love to hear him reframing this conversation but next time instead of from a victim perspective to frame in from the perspective of someone who is at cause. He should have this conversation in anEM. Probably his inmates will help him with that.

  • Frank, ALL of a Federal inmate’s recordings are recorded but when the inmate says “stuff” and nothing happens, they get complacent and embolden and start saying more.

    Which is what happened to Angela Wagner who sits in the Ohio Delaware County jail. Wish I could get you on board to covering her and her family who are all in jail, accused of 8 murders, 22 Count indictments each, 23 for the scorned lover Jake.

    But who gives a shit about rual Pike County Ohio?

  • Keith is speaking Truth to Power, and this is a brilliant legal strategy! If anything, he needs to do MORE of this type of important legal work. I suggest he use his vast network to learn the homes of the judge and staff so that his supporters can dance and twerk in front of their very homes. This is important legal work! The judge probably needs a reminder.

  • Whatever happened to the great teachings of NOT BEING A VICTIM? Would this be considered an exception to the #1 commandment Lord V teached? Im confused.

  • Raniere always thought he should be famous, he just forgot the “in” as the first part of that word. LOL

    • Raniere will not be fine, and that’s a good thing. LOL

      Trump will probably be fine, much to your chagrin. LOL

      MAGA! LOL

  • Keith is locked in a room. Now he knows how THAT feels. I wish him many years of torment and grief for what he has done.

    And the GUILTY sentence should be branded into HIS genitalia.

  • The dancing, the press release, the free them now movement, the emails, the affidavits…..

    Bad moves, Vanguard.

    You show respect to the court. It is the only system we have. You blew it. Completely.

    This is what happens when someone never got challenged.

    In the meantime, reflect on what you’ve done and the people you’ve hurt. And if you truly don’t think you’ve hurt anyone–then wow.

    • “This is what happens when someone never (gets) challenged.” Exactly. And there seems to be no one any more who can talk some sense into him. I wonder how his lawyers feel about his latest antics.

      IMO, even if he were to now express regret and remorse, it would hold little weight against the emails – drafting terrifying threatening letters to defectors – to be sent from attorneys in Mexico. They are now permanently part of the record.

      Chilling. He needs to be stopped. I previously thought he did not deserve life in prison, but after reading the Judge’s memorandum on sentencing Clare, I have changed my mind.

  • It’s like a form of projection. He maliciously concocted plans to set people up and get them falsely imprisoned and now he’s saying that someone else has done this. He is diabolical. Also, it sounds like he knows his voice is to be used on propaganda, the way he is speaking.

    I have a compliment though, he really should be in the Guinness Book of World Records for his ‘record-breaking’ leaving of Mexico. He’s a true champion.

  • Was it Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman who sped off after the nice Mexican gentlemen who escorted Raniere out of Puerto Vallarta? “Follow that car!”

    Then those federal scheisters stole his collection of vagina videos. Up in New Yawk. Wah!!!
    Life isn’t fair.

    How come Nancy Salzman and her two daughters all went to “bed” with him, plus two B sisters and the three Fernandez sisters?

    It has slipped my mind who was dying laughing with Raniere when he and others dropped the corpse of Pamela Cafritz on the ground or sidewalk while carting it off somewhere.him

  • Karma/Fate/God/Existence/Universe has a way of coming around to those who hurt, deceive, manipulate, cheat, abuse, etc., others using the same methods in a similar or different form they inflicted on others. This is often called poetic justice.

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