Kristin Kreuk Deserves the Benefit of the Doubt for Role in Nxivm

Kristin Kreuk


Kristin Kreuk was never charged with a single crime. There is no evidence she committed any crimes.

The Nxivm battle is over.

And Kristin Kreuk was not found guilty of anything other than a little virtue-signaling.

While it was annoying at times, especially considering she did nothing to speak out against Nxivm other than a single statement, which some consider deliberately and misleadingly downplaying her role in Nxivm,  her virtue-signaling is no worse than many actors and actresses in that left-leaning world where words are easy and actions are usually fake.

Kristin Kreuk statement about NXIVM
Kristin Kreuk’s tweets about her role in Nxivm. It certainly understated her role and is misleading about when she actually left Nxivm.

As for the veracity of her tweet, it is perhaps more true than false. While she may have been misleading about when she left or even lied by omission as to her role in Nxivm [she was, after all, more than a student, she was a coach], I do not believe she was ever in the inner circle and she did not likely see anything that she truly believed was nefarious, in my opinion.

If she tried to protect herself and her career, even if she lied to downplay her role in Nxivm, it is understandable and is now no longer a matter of much concern to me.

She is definitely out of Nxivm. She’s been out for several years. Her career is intact.

In this world today when one politically incorrect slip up can leave a person destroyed, it is good that Kreuk has held onto her career.

Based on the evidence I reviewed, she left Nxivm pretty quietly. It was a gradual pull-out, starting around 2013. She seems to have stayed on in some capacity for the next couple of years. And I have solid evidence that as late as 2016, she was still part of Nxivm, though in a diminished capacity.

None of that matters now. She left before the scandals, before I broke the DOS story.

And by the way, she certainly was never in DOS.

As far as I know, Kreuk committed no crime.

I interviewed a lot of ex-Nxivm members, some of whom did commit crimes. No one would say with certainty that she ever slept with the odious one, Keith Alan Raniere.

Ruthlessly Vulgar Picture Below

There is no evidence that Kristin Kreuk ever shared the fate that Allison and so many other women in Nxivm did – to be bedded by the inglorious one.

Kristin Kreuk

Even if Kristin did have sex with Keith, it is not a crime.

Unless someone comes up with rock-solid information about her that shows she did something nefarious, there is nothing more to write.

With one exception:

As we study cults and how they operate, a fact-based analysis of the role she had in Nxivm [and how the cult leaders used her to promote their cult] is of interest.

Part of the history of Nxivm was that she was used by its leaders to promote and recruit.

There is a good chance that she honestly believed Nxivm was good. Many women [and men] were fooled this way. Just because she’s an actress does not mean she necessarily has greater discernment. She allowed Nxivm to use her image and her name to bring others into Nxivm. She probably thought it was a good thing – for a while.

Later, around 2013, much like she said in her tweet, she kind of pulled out and Nxivm stopped using her to recruit and promote. She may have stayed in quietly but something I think made her want to distance herself a little from Nxivm publicly.

It may have been James Odato’s series in the Albany Times Union – The Secrets of Nxivm and, in particular, the article in Raniere’s Shadows, which revealed for the first time allegations of his pedophilia. These stories came out in Feb. 2013.

While she was in Nxivm, she rose to the rank of coach. For some years, she worked to help Nxivm grow.

If she believed that Nxivm was worthy, then her intentions were obviously good. If she thought it helped her, then it is likely that she thought it would help others.  I have seen no evidence that she knew about the dark side of Nxivm prior to 2012 and, even then, she may not have believed it.

I have heard that Raniere and some of his minions sought to get Kreuk to invest her money with him since, after all, he was the smartest man in the world. And I was told by sources in the know that her father discouraged her and Kristin had enough discernment to listen to her dad and not the Vanguard.

I have had people call me to say Kreuk was a wicked pervert and a part of the sex cult aspect of Nxivm. But no one could corroborate any of it. Numerous inner circle members of Nxivm told me they did not believe she was involved in the sex cult part and several told me she was quite straight-laced.

As for discernment, she was smart enough to get out before things went really dark and were exposed as such.

While MK10ART’s recent story about her, excellently sums up the worst-case scenario for the actress [MK10ART: Kristin Kreuk Had Much Larger Role in Nxivm Than She Admits] and perhaps cannot be discounted, there is much to be said for the inner circle women all saying they do not believe Kreuk had foul intentions.

There are those who think the use of this artwork to depict Sultan of Six is somehow racist or offensive. But it was Sultan who chose his own name. All I did was find an image of a sultan in traditional attire and use it. If Sultan does not want to appear as a sultan, he might consider using another moniker. As for Sultan of Six, Kristin Kreuk’s loyal defender, he should, if he desires, be allowed to defend Kreuk without being mocked about his alleged sexual desires for his favorite actress.  It may have been funny at one time, and I laughed at stories that suggested Sultan had excessively amorous but unrequited desires for his lady fair which forced him to express his ardour alone and closeted.

Mathematician computes devotion Sultan has for Kristin Kreuk

Mathematician makes further, enlarged computations on Sultan’s devotion to Kristin Kreuk

However, that time is past.

The Nxivm convictions are in. The only thing left is sentencing. It appears there will be no further charges against any of the Nxivm members past or present. And Kreuk was never charged with anything.


At one time, Sultan was so angry with me that he published images on social media of someone [presumably a man meant to be Sultan] shooting another man [presumably meant to be me. ]

A lot of stories about Kristin Kreuk were prompted by her ardent defender, Sultan of Six. Someone would comment about Kreuk and Sultan would jump in with a vociferous defense and this was certainly fodder for debate. While intending to protect his lady fair – he actually prompted more posts about her than any other single person. Someone would write a rebuttal and it would be good for two posts on Kreuk or more, when Sultan again replied.

Sultan released on social media an image of him killing me and when asked why he killed me, he answered ‘Kristin Kreuk.’

Kristin Kreuk started a group called Girls By Design {GBD] which sought to recruit teen girls into a club. The group was at its heyday during the time Kreuk was being widely used by Nxivm to recruit members. However, there has never been any evidence to show that any young girl who joined Girls By Design ever joined Nxivm.

As for Kruek’s role in Girls By Design, I have published numerous articles on the topic. While Girls By Design was an odd website, and at times, it seems, age-inappropriate, I never found anything other than circumstantial evidence that she or her partner, Kendra, had any intention of luring young girls into Nxivm’s perverted founder, Keith Raniere’s bed.

The evidence I’ve seen leads me to believe that Kreuk and Kendra wanted to mentor young women and grow a fan base. Maybe make some money.  Maybe share with them what they believed were good lessons learned from Nxivm.

I know it seems suspicious: Kreuk is a member of a group led by a man who perversely wanted teens and preteens. And at the time she was most engaged in Nxivm, she starts a business meant to attract teens and preteens and posted online suggestive topics [like Sexy Seven] that seem right out of Raniere’s playbook.

This is circumstantial evidence. No one has come forward – after all the stories I have written about Girls By Design – to give any evidence that Kristin introduced a single girl to Raniere.

Was it because Girls By Design was a flop and never really recruited that many girls? Possibly.  But nothing happened and it may be because Kreuk never had any intention of finding young girls for Raniere [even if he had that secret intention for Kreuk].

Perhaps the most persuasive witnesses are Sarah Edmondson and Kendra. I interviewed both and walked away feeling they were honest and sincere. They said Kreuk was not that kind of woman who would do such a dastardly deed.

So what do we have with Kreuk?

Kristin Kreuk at Necker Island

She became a Nxivm coach with not one, but two stripes, which means she took a lot of courses, spent a lot of money [I estimate more than $100,000] and recruited some people. She recruited Kendra and, of course, as everyone knows, she recruited Allison Mack.

A lot of people want to blame her for bringing Mack into a cult that destroyed her.

But Mack was an adult woman. Maybe Kreuk could have done more to help Allison get out of her morass, but, at the time Kreuk recruited Mack, I believe Kreuk thought Nxivm was a good program.

She was not recruiting Allison to join a sex cult or racketeering enterprise. She recruited Mack to join a life-coaching program which she believed was founded by one of the world’s smartest men.

Mack took it too far, to her immense shame and loss of nearly everything. While Kreuk got out, unscathed, for the most part, she did not participate in the activities that the feds charged as being illegal.

Kristin Kreuk [r] and Allison Mack at a Nxivm gathering
Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack on Necker Island for a Nxivm retreat.

Severely Ugly Picture Below

All children run from this beast.

Keith Alan Raniere sought virgin girls for his bedroom. It was, of course, an odd coincidence that two Nxivm members started Girls by Design, which sought to have a club comprised of teen girls. However, there is no evidence that Girls By Design ever recruited anyone into Nxivm, let alone to Raniere’s perverse private mentoring.

Isn’t it possible that Kristin Kreuk really wanted to mentor young girls?

Of course, there are going to be commenters who are going to rebuke me for having written about her in the past, raising all kinds of circumstantial points about her role and now declaring that there is no more to say on this topic unless new evidence comes in [which it has not so far after several years].

Most of these articles were published when the battle with Nxivm was still waging [and Sultan prompted most of them by sparking intense debate, out of which I had hoped some sources would come forward with evidence, if there was any evidence.].

I will admit that I was disappointed in Kreuk not helping to take down the cult.

There were times I felt slightly annoyed with her virtue-signaling. And her roles on TV were in stark contrast to the real-life role she chose in not helping in the takedown of Nxivm.

That is all over. Maybe she was right to duck and lay low. Her career continues to proceed without any ostensible damage, despite her role in what became known as a sex cult.

She has been barely touched by it and maybe that is fair. Not everyone is called to the front lines. She had a right to bow out quietly. And until there is evidence that she did anything more than promote what she thought at one time was a good thing, the story on her is over.

Regardless of what I wrote in the past when the battle was ongoing, the battle is over now and she deserves the benefit of the doubt.



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  • Hi Frank – Sorry if this is a stupid question, but based on what you wrote, are you saying that the reason you posted some 180 articles over the last four years on Ms. Kruek is not only because Sultan made you, but because you also hoped someone would come forward with some evidence that you could use to get Kristen arrested?

    I have to confess that at one point, I thought you were maybe being paid by some enraged, vindictive Allison Mack fan who saw that Vice video feature on you and hired you to attack Kruek in the way Keith/Clare hired you to go after people they hated. But if you were trying to get people arrested, why not write more about Nicki Clyne, Brandon Porter, or long-time harem, inner circle member Dawn Morrison? Based on the search results retrieved on your site, you wrote 62 articles on Clyne, 28 on Porter, and 2 on Morrison.

  • Kruek obviously embarrassed by being in inner circle or close enough to be having sex with Raniere. Why would such a sweet innocent girl not help with information to take down the cult especially after all the noble causes she supports ? No way Smelly wasn’t hitting on her, and if she didn’t like it she would have left the cult early on which she didn’t. It’s a simple equation that anyone except a fan of hers can see.

  • “There is a good chance that she honestly believed Nxivm was good. Many women [and men] were fooled this way”
    Funny that you refuse this for Allison…

    “As for Kruek’s role in Girls By Design, I have published numerous articles on the topic. While Girls By Design was an odd website, and at times, it seems, age-inappropriate, I never found anything other than circumstantial evidence that she or her partner, Kendra, had any intention of luring young girls into Nxivm’s perverted founder, Keith Raniere’s bed.”
    But then again, you never had proof for many accusation you made on MANY members…so no surprise.

    “But Mack was an adult woman”
    And so are the people who all felt for the cult but you blame Allison for the recruitement…see what you do? KK can use excuses (like other did before) but it’s forbidden for Allison.

    And this is based on your assumption while for Allison there is enough to proof that the excuse is perfectly appropriate.

    “Mack took it too far,”
    Mack was taken too far…it’s a cult and she was coerced when it was too late…no way out but nevermind, you can’t just be fair.
    You go back to blame a victim (and she was a victim) while protecting someone who was not victim and excuse her behavior.

    “Regardless of what I wrote in the past when the battle was ongoing, the battle is over now and she deserves the benefit of the doubt.”
    It would be good to do the same with someone else that you manage to cite here and on another article.

    You never heard her side of the story because you tried to reach her WAY after you accused her of the worst…
    Accusation proven to be false (but that might be your source so …i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt)

    YET you continue to attack her (frequently) while the court debunked many things (that you still publish as “facts”) and she can’t defend herself as it’s forbidden by her home arrest…

    If there is a person who deserve (more than kk) to have the right of the benefit of the doubt, it’s a victim.
    And before you go with the “she is a perpetrator” :
    She committed 1 crime under coercion…Other victim had the right to sue Raniere because of the coercive side of the cult.
    Why Allison isn’t authorized to use this excuse too? especially since it’s not proved for everyone(coercion) but it is definately for Allison.

    The pressure seen by witnesses, the false interview she was FORCED to do, the collaterals, the mails and messages showing she was forced by raniere and lauren.

    I don’t say KK doesn’t deserve it as for me, while she continued for longer than she pretend to be a member, she was never connected to the worst side.
    It doesn’t change that i hate her for what she did to someone who trusted her blindly.

    But Allison was never recognized fully guilty…she contested all the crimes but the collection of the coercive material.
    The witness conforted this (Nicole accused her of collecting collaterals but never claimed that Allison used the collateral against her…only raniere did it
    Allison also never talked about having sex with raniere, it was, once again , raniere who asked.
    Allison asked her (under coercion, after a message from raniere was received (confirmed by the victim) to meet with raniere.
    Raniere then asked Nicole (later…not the day Allison was forced to ask Nicole to meet him) to have sex…

    She even asked if she could talk to Allison about what happened and said (in court) that Allison was upset to discover what happened.

    Still, you don’t give her that same chance of the benefit of the doubt.

    Worst yet, after more than 2 years of being locked , she is still a main subject of your article (and this after you said ‘nxivm is done, no stories to add’)

    So how about [redacted] letting it go (since you repeat the same thing again and again (and force me to do the same to debunk it)?
    It’s not like there isn’t other subject to talk about.

  • Just a reminder to those who think Kristin Kreuk dodged the bullet on having her reputation tarnished by Nxivm, and maybe why is it wise to say no more to the media. Here is a quick list of hits for “Kreuk+sex cult” that will live forever on the internet.
    (All headlines from media other than Frank Report)
    Because of her minor celeb status, her name and pretty pix are click-bait when combined with “sex cult.”
    Although she was long part of Nxivm, Frank says she seemed to have little or nothing to do with the “sex’ part of the cult.
    Often when someone is cleared of scandalous allegations, they ask weakly, “Where do I go to get my reputation back?”

    –‘Smallville’ Actress Kristin Kreuk ‘Horrified’ by Her Five Years in ‘Sex Cult’

    –Kristin Kreuk breaks silence on involvement in ‘Smallville’ co-star’s alleged sex trafficking cult

    –She tells ELLE: “The accusations that I was in the ‘inner circle’ or recruited women as ‘sex slaves’ are blatantly false.”

    –How Actress Kristin Kreuk Is Dodging Her NXIVM Cult Past

    –Smallville actress Kristin Kreuk denies she recruited women for ‘sex slave’ cult NXIVM

    –Another Smallville actress, Kristin Kreuk, has now been linked to the alleged sex cult called “NXIVM”

    –Ex-‘Smallville’ Star Kristin Kreuk ‘Disturbed’ Over Past Sex Cult Link

    –‘Smallville’ star Kristin Kreuk denies recruiting ‘sex slaves’ to controversial cult NXIVM

    –‘Smallville’ Star Kristin Kreuk Allegedly Brought Allison Mack Into NXIVM ‘Cult’

    –What is NXIVM, the alleged sex cult that “Smallville’s” Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack are linked to?

    —Former “Smallville” actress Kristin Kreuk took to social media Thursday refuting a New York Post article that she and former co-star Allison Mack used their celebrity status to help recruit unsuspecting young women into a sex cult.

    –etc, etc, etc, etc

    • Anonymous Kreuk-

      Thank you for sharing your most important, relative to human life, information with Frank Report readers.

      Previously, I was so engrossed in Covid-19, fake news, and whether or not the Kardashian and Jenner sisters wore underwear; I was completely blind to Kristen Kreuk’s suffering. Boohoo! Boohoo!

      I believe my peers Scott Johnson, Bangkok, Shadowstate, myself, and most importantly Nutjob will sleep well tonight knowing Kristin Krook only stayed quiet to protect her own interests.

      Unfortunately men like Scott Johnson and Frank Parleto will not shut-up until evil cults and corporations, such as NXIVM and Amway vanish.

      My kreuk supporter fan, we know what’s truly important….Hollywood Stars, we will never speak to and who don’t give a rats as about us. Stay true!!!!!!


        • —You are [redacted] LOL

          Did your write “You are my hero again?
          Scott I know I am your hero. I’m glad that you idolize me and lionize me, but your not doing so bad.

          Hey, you own a home, a functional automobile, and can afford internet access. You should be proud of yourself. Many people in Uzbekistan aspire too such heights.

          Lastly, I don’t engage in phone sex. LOL

        • Scott,

          If you didn’t notice, I paid you a compliment.

          Scott I have been commenting on the Frank Report for over a 1 1/2 years.

          During that time you have never been nice to anyone. Ever!!!!!

          Frank please correct me if I am wrong.

          Scott, it’s beyond strange.

  • Personally I think NXVIM and Kreuk is a dead story unless something new comes to light, which I doubt. She’ll never say a word, and nothing actionable is on the table. Might as well lay it to rest.

  • Kristin Crook(ed) isn’t much different than those who [redacted] couldn’t care less about others being scammed by MLM scams, whether it’s NXIVM, Amway, or other MLM scams. LOL

  • Magnanimous Frank Parlato………

    I guess that’s a wrap on Kristen Kreuk and Sultan of Six.

    The story is over, Kristen’s paladin will return to the enchanted realm from whence he came. I will miss him. His writing skills are first rate and his earnest-passionate-righteous-defense of Kristen Kreuk’s honor would earn praise from Sir Galahad.


    • Sadly enough Sultan and Ronnie seem to share the same aberration.

      Fortunately for Sultan he still is relatively young and hopefully will have a full life.

  • Question for you, Frank — You wrote, “I do not believe she was ever in the inner circle.”

    At a minimum, Susan Dones, Sarah Edmondson, and the Feds have all verified for you that she WASN’T ever in the 25-member, inner circle of NXIVM, so why are you using the qualifying “I do not believe” language? Your wording here wouldn’t be so curious if you hadn’t emphatically declared to the New York Post in 2018, that she WAS ” in the inner circle,” even though you now admit that was actually just based an assumption you made up on your own.

    Also, I have to say that I find your continued, twisted interpretation of her one NIXVM statement misleading. She said she continued with the program. She didn’t say she only took a course or was only a student.

    And after your bewildering statement that you, “have seen no proof that Vicente committed any crime,” after you previously reported on Vicente detailing during the trial how he helped falsify evidence and circumvent campaign finance laws, and your many other confounding statements, crazy assumptions, and conflicting dates and information, just saying you have “solid evidence” she was still “part” of the group in 2016, is questionable unless you show us the “evidence.”

    • Susan Dones and Sarah Edmondson were both on the west coast and therefore not really in the inner circle themselves to verify who was in the inner circle.

      The Feds never spoke with me about this case.

      Keep in mind that the inner circle is not an official designation but rather a loosely informal designation that changed from time to time based on who Keith and Nancy trusted and used. There were degrees of inner circle-ness too.

      I believe that Kristin Kreuk was not in the deepest inner circle. In the past, I thought, because of her being a coach with two stripes [not just a mere coach – but on her way to being a proctor], her trips to Necker Island, her performing on stage at the A Cappela concert for Keith; and the way she willingly allowed herself to be used to promote the cult that she qualified as inner circle. Maybe not the top 25-members of the inner circle, but certainly in that group that Raniere could depend upon to do things for him.

      I use the qualifying “I do not believe” because I don’t know for certain.

      At the time when I was working to get media to cover the case as much as possible, I mentioned to the New York Post – for the reasons mentioned above that I believed Kreuk was once in the inner circle but I qualified it strongly by saying that unlike Mack, “Kreuk was also in the inner circle, but branding was a later addition to Raniere’s abuse of women.”

      I think Kristin wafted in and out of what might be called the outer inner circle [as opposed to the inner-inner circle {Nancy, Lauren, Dawn, Karen, Kristin, Pam, Barb, Mariana, etc} but Kristin was not a permanent member. I think Allison might be qualified as inner, inner circle after the death of Pam Cafritz.

      The Post story may have been the impetus of Kristin’s tweet which I still think is misleading. True, she said she continued with the program. She didn’t say she only took a course or was only a student. But what she did not say that she was a coach leaving people to assume [lie by omission] that she was just a student.

      Her statement [in 2018] that she left five years ago is also not true. It is true she was no longer publicly associated with the cult around 2013-2014 And she did not speak up before or after he one tweet.

      She was still in Nxivm as late as 2016 but I cannot out my source. You, anonymous, should understand this, for I am sure you do not want your identity revealed. I will add this, while she was no longer coaching in 2016, she still availed herself of the Nxivm “tech” etc.

      She was not allowing her image to be used publicly for recruiting anymore.

      It is also true that I have seen no proof that Vicente committed any crime.

      It is my opinion that Vicente did not commit a crime of falsifying evidence since he was not a party to the lawsuit where the evidence was altered. He was asked by a party to the lawsuit to edit out certain things from a video. There is no evidence I know of that states he knew specifically that he was changing the video to commit some kind of fraud so he therefore lacked any criminal intent. I know he got immunity in return for testifying at the trial. But this was a prophylactic demanded by his attorney. There was no way, I think, that the feds would have charged him. He was trying to work with them from the start.

      As for his alleged circumventing of campaign finance laws – he made a check as a donation to Hillary at Clare Bronfman’s request and was reimbursed. The crime was Bronfman’s who orchestrated the crime. For Vicente, it would have been at best a misdemeanor and most likely nothing at all. And the statute of limitations had long passed.

      I did not say Vicente was not a compliant member of the group, but he is no criminal. And when he realized that Raniere was a criminal, he blew the whistle.

      He is a hero in the Nxivm sage. Kreuk is not a criminal either, I don’t think, but she is not a hero, although she plays one on television.

      • Frank, there is no such thing as a deeper or deepest inner circle when referring to cults as they are all layered like onions. Every layer is technically inner except the outer, so saying a layer is inner is mostly superfluous as it relates minimal information about the structure except that it is closer to the center, i.e., the leader, the status of which depends upon how many layers can be delineated, and in some way, e.g., power structure or whatever signifies more importance to him. “The inner circle” is not an informal term used by cult experts like Rick Ross. Even in its grammatical structure it is mostly preceded by the definitive article “the” (which sometimes is dropped but doesn’t change its meaning) making it singular and refers only to those people nearest to and most trusted by the leader with direct and the most frequent access to him, and Kristin was never a part of this. You can classify her as a VIP or an important member, neither of which sufficiently qualifies her as part of the inner circle, but to classify her in print as part of some additional form or kind of inner circle when there exists only one is simply disingenuous or ignorant since being “part of the inner circle” invokes in the mind of others, ignorant or otherwise, the salaciousness of the activities associated with it.

        One anonymous source out of many is insufficient to establish actual membership. She didn’t say she severed ties with NXIVM or any of its members. She said she stopped with the program (which implies regular participation) and described her contact with members as minimal after 2013. And it’s no surprise at all that she would still avail herself of the “tech” after 2013 since she stated she experienced nothing nefarious in NXIVM and this was well before anything like DOS was known to her or publicly revealed. Whether anyone thinks it was stupid or naive for Kristin to have done so, she didn’t spend over a half decade in NXIVM and pay over $100,000 for its services if she didn’t strongly believe it helped her and could help others. The only thing she did not tell the whole truth about is the fact that she was a coach. That is not a “lie by omission” because she gave a statement. She wasn’t under oath in a court of law where the term “whole truth” is used to make it applicable, i.e., “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?”

        • WRONG. There can be several layers to a cult, just as there are with an onion. LOL

          NXIVM information was heavily compartmentalized, so some who knew a lot about one aspect were mostly clueless about other aspects, so the multiple layer analogy doesn’t fully describe the scenario. LOL

          Kristin Crook(ed) not only lied by omission, she lied by her silence when asked to help – she is NOT a good person. LOL

      • What was Kristin Kreuk doing in NXIVM from 2014 onwards?

        Was she taking classes?

        On the Frank Report, you posted a screenshot of a man thanking K.Kreuk for her encouragement on his course in 2015. Thanked alongside Lucas Roberts and Mark Vicente who were coaches too.

        Was she thanked for coaching?

        Also, K.Kreuk went to New York around the time of V-Week in 2016. Literally that week. Do you know if she was doing anything related to NXIVM around August 2016?

  • Why are there almost only old photos of Kristin Kreuk in this article, as in almost all other Frank Report articles about her? Miss Kristin Kreuk doesn’t look so young anymore and has lost a lot of her appeal. Her market value has decreased considerably and you can’t increase it with old photos anymore, because you know that these photos don’t correspond to today’s reality.

    • Why do you think Kristin Crook(ed) is spending more time behind the camera instead of in front of it? LOL

      • My photos on this sight are from 2019 – from the Lost Women of Nxivm, one from the Epoch Times – from the trial of Keith Alan Raniere and I believe one from 2018 from Vice News.

  • Frank, you say it appears there will be no further charges against NXIVM members. Does this mean there will likely be no charges coming out of the NDNY?

    • Right, and I also remember that Frank had a source tell him that Clare was going to be charged with more crimes. What happened to that?

      • At the time, my source, an attorney close to the case, seemed confident that there would be further charges. Now it looks like there will be nothing more. Some of it might have changed based on the Pandemic and different priorities. In addition, the judge signalling he was going to sentence Clare to more than what her plea deal suggested, might have also dampened their enthusiasm to spend the resources on another trial.

        As for Raniere, he is going to get a lengthy sentence so there is little motivation to charge him further. What’s the point of charging him if he is going to get life or virtual life?

        Remember the DOJ is a fluid organization. Today they want to charge someone because they need to fill a conviction quota or get press. Tomorrow they may get busy with something else.

        At one time, they were hot on this case. The last few months they have been working, if at all, with victims, aiding them in making impact statements. 

        I think the EDNY DOJ’s ardor may have also cooled when they did not get permission from Main Justice to indict Emiliano Salinas. 

        Because of Covid and backlog and other priorities and the directives of the Attorney General, I think Nxivm prosecution is dead for now.

        That could still change. But my money is on no new charges.

        • —Remember the DOJ is a fluid organization. Today they want to charge someone because they need to fill a conviction quota or get press. Tomorrow they may get busy with something else.

          That’s the two things the public at large will never understand the end motivations for justice are “quotas and press” not justice for all.

          NXIVM and Jeffry Epstein got away with criminality over decades. Why?

          • For the same reasons Amway and other MLM scam artists have gotten away with criminality over the decades – because enough people didn’t speak up. LOL

    • I wouldn’t call it over until after the sentences are handed down, which should also signify the end of the convicts helping the Feds. LOL

  • —Sultan released on social media an image of him killing me and when asked why he killed me, he answered ‘Kristin Kreuk.’

    Lolwut. Talk about a total interpretive mutilation the point of meme. Look up the “Who killed Hannibal?” meme, understand it, and then realize you only further reinforced the purpose of why it was tweeted in the first place in this very article.

    Hint: it’s not Sultan killing you.

    • Well, Sultan was is it then? A guy is shooting another guy and you were angry with me. What was your point?

      • The point of the meme is to emphasize in a satirical manner a shift of the blame of some act by those who are actually responsible onto another. It is not meant to be taken literally. In the image, it was you and still is the bashing trolls who comment here who are figuratively “shooting” Kreuk, hence the labels over the image. In the context of the content of this website, this is an apt metaphor for some form of character *assassination*. When I *react* to articles and/or comments, which by definition is a response to an action, you and the trolls blame me for the one who is bringing the negative attention to her. If your intent is to actually want an actual discussion with two sides instead of a biased and lopsided account, then you can’t blame only one side for keeping her in the conversation and bringing more negative attention to her from person who is attempting to counter it because that is utterly incoherent. I already explained this a number of times.

        • Leave poor Kristin Crook(ed) alone, she was only a two striper who only admitted to overcoming her shyness. LOL

          As Sergeant Schultz said, “I see NOTHING!” LOL

      • Frank how could you possibly mistake that “meme” as anything other than a very clever reference to the Who Shot JR? pop culture phenomenon:

        Sultan wasn’t insinuating he was going to shoot you or cause harm.


        In all seriousness Frank you should have reported the meme to the police or FBI. That was a serious threat.

        You still can. Especially now.

  • The Times Union story came out in February 2012, not 2013.

    In 2013, Kreuk moved to Toronto to film a television show. Apparently, she still resides there. That is not leaving the cult.

    She knew the allegations and stayed on.

    She was named in John Tighe’s articles about financial crimes and an anti-NXIVM lawsuit. She was named as a follower of a pedophile.

    She still stayed on…

    The fact she lied about leaving, refusing to say a word about the branding to protect herself, while virtue signaling about everything and anything, is what pissed people off. She filmed the worse possible thing at the worse possible time. She spoke about Harvey Weinstein, signed an open letter against a theatre director, pretended to fight for girls on a taxpayer-funded show, some shit about Phoolon Devi, would not make any behind the scenes effort to help victims, seeing as she was happy to build up the cult, spend money on it, coach Raniere’s bullshit, recruit people, have her name legitimise the cult with no sense of moral responsibility. Neither helping Ally Wack nor publicly denouncing her. Certainly not denouncing Keith Raniere.

    She was thanked on social media in 2015 for her “encouragement” on some loser’s five-day intensive, alongside Mark Vicente and Lucas Roberts. Coaching?

    Her social media is saturated with leftist nonsense. She seems to have succumbed to the “BLM” culty bullshit. She couldn’t bring herself to post anything to draw attention to NXIVM because she didn’t want any heat on her, because she is not immune from criticism and she knew it. Yet she is happy to post all this race-baiting nonsense.

    Kreuk did not leave the cult in 2013, nor did she discover the cult was bad once Sarah Edmondson got a literal brand over her cooter. She is just a privileged coward who likes to pretend to care about “causes”, provided there is no harm to her privilege in doing so.

    Unleash the Kraken…

    • You seem disturbed. LOL

      There was more than one Times Union story. LOL

      Frank never said Kristin Crook(ed) left the cult in 2013. LOL

      How do you know she knew the allegations? LOL

      Being named in a lawsuit doesn’t prove anything, especially a lawsuit that was very short in the fact department. LOL

      By all accounts, the cauterizing (you call it branding, which is much less painful and quicker) occurred after she left. LOL


    • “She couldn’t bring herself to post anything to draw attention to NXIVM because she didn’t want any heat on her”

      You made a valid point with this, but you fail to understand it.
      Of course she didn’t want to draw negative attention to herself and hurt her reputation and career by publicizing her “sex cult” connection, whatever it may be. But, would you?

      If you were famous instead of some anonymous [redacted], would you sabotage your life by inviting bad press? If you were [redacted], you would understand that she made the wise choice by saying little about her Nx connection, because nothing would satisfy those like you. And she is allowed to voice liberal opinions just as you are allowed to trash them.

      [redacted] you are free to voice your “thoughts.”

      • If Kreuk were a leader rather than a follower of culty BS propaganda (yesterday was Nxivm, today is BLM), she could have done something constructive with the experience. If she had an ounce of insight, she could have used Nxivm story to support the female victims (#metoo) and/or educate her young fans on how to avoid falling into a cult like she did, or something similar.
        The fact that she has remained silent, disavowed her co-star/friend Allison Mack, and continues to dodge questions, despite the whole world already knowing about her involvement in the Nxivm cult, reveals how fake and cowardly she really is.
        She can play a hero on tv but in reality…she’s pathetic.

        • You are very brave to anonymously make this statement at the risk of being shamed and ridiculed in the press and damaging your career.

        • “If Kreuk was innocent, she would not be shamed or ridiculed by the press”
          Of course she would be. There were dozens of headlines shaming and ridiculing her in the press when DOS broke===and they’re still there. Because how could she prove that she DIDN’T do all the things she is rumored to have done? Prove her innocence by proving a negative????

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