MK10ART: Kristin Kreuk Had Much Larger Role in Nxivm Than She Admits

Besides being a brilliant artist, MK10ART is a very talented writer and thinker.  Of course, her opinions are her own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Frank Report.  She has done some further thinking on the topic of former Nxivm member and actress Kristin Kreuk and this article reflects that.  I am aware that this is a contentious topic on Frank Report and I want people to comment on it, but can we please keep it civil?

In addition to MK10ART’s story on Kreuk, I am planning to write an article in defense of Kreuk which I hope to publish shortly.


Kristin Kreuk enlisted Allison Mack into J’ness/Nxivm in 2006. Kreuk was herself brought into the Nxivm fold by her boyfriend, Mark Hildreth. Kreuk and Hildreth stayed together, working in Nxivm for six years until Kreuk claims to have left (him and the cult). Hildreth remained in Nxivm for another four years.

Kreuk claims to have abandoned the Nxivm cult in 2012, [about the time when the Times Union wrote about Nxivm secrets.] But in court, pictures of Kreuk were revealed that proved she took a trip in 2014, to Clare Bronfman’s Fiji island [Wakaya Island] with top Nxivm members.

Kreuk also claims she broke up with Hildreth in 2012 but since Kreuk refuses to talk about her participation in Nxivm, the exact timing of her breakup and departure from Nxivm are unclear.

The oft-repeated story of Kreuk’s involvement in Nxivm is that it helped her overcome her debilitating shyness. Poor Kristin allegedly couldn’t speak up for herself.

However, this story is dubious at best.

Kreuk was the lead star of a hit television program, Smallville, when she joined the cult. If Kreuk was so allegedly shy, it didn’t seem to affect her starring in a major television production, being a spokes-model for Neutrogena, speaking at conferences, or, in 2007, when she looked comfortable on stage at an a cappella performance with Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.

It’s a Miracle!

With her purported shyness cured in 2007, why did Kreuk continue up the stripe path – earning a prestigious Yellow sash with two stripes?

The sash – from a patent application by Keith Alan Raniere. The color plus the number of stripes indicated the rank of an individual.

It seems the whole “tale of timidity” is just that. Obviously, any shyness prior to joining Nxivm did not inhibit her ability to perform in front of crowds.

Nxivm became a well-publicized, sensational crime scandal in 2017-19. While all of her friends became tabloid fodder, Kreuk slithered away unscathed.

Not only has Kreuk refused to answer questions about her involvement in Nxivm, she went on to enjoy more success. Kreuk became an executive producer and star in the Canadian taxpayer-funded TV show Burden of Truth…the show’s original network, CBC, refers to the series as “an Erin-Brockovich style legal drama,”

In an apparent “f*** you” to the Department Of Justice in EDNY, Kreuk cast herself as a heroine lawyer, protecting young girls. In reality, Kreuk helped to lure young women into a cult, starting with Allison Mack.

If she’s innocent, why doesn’t Kreuk speak out about her involvement in Nxivm? Also, why doesn’t she speak up for her co-star and friend whom she is directly responsible for bringing into the cult – Allison Mack?

Doesn’t the Burden of Truth weigh on her conscious?

Doesn’t she want to help authorities get the bad guys, like she does on her TV show?

Surely she would want to stand in solidarity with all of her sisters who were victimized by Keith Raniere (#metoo)? Oh wait, don’t tell me, she is just too bashful.

I guess she wasn’t really cured by Nxivm tech after all. We can’t expect poor, shy Kristin to do anything that might expose her for being a potential sociopathic predator or should I say “Luciferian” as Keith’s patent for turning people into sociopaths was labeled?

A “Luciferian” is NXIVM’s preferred term for a type of sociopath, one with “severe behavioral problems that are masked by good psychological adjustment,”

“Wait!” Kreuk’s fans shriek, “Kristin really thought she was helping all of those girls that she worked tirelessly to lure into Nxivm.” Really? Think about it, she spent years in Nxivm. Do you really think she knew nothing about what was going on?

Of course, everyone in Keith’s inner circle developed a sudden onset of amnesia after the feds closed in on them. This is what criminals do when they are caught.

Let’s take stock of Kristin’s involvement in Nxivm.

She recruited Allison Mack (and probably others) into J’ness. What was J’ness all about? It is difficult to find out exactly what J’ness teaches because all members were required to sign a confidentiality agreement. But some former Nxivm members have spilled the beans (unlike Kreuk who remains completely silent.)

In J’ness meetings, Nancy Salzman spoke about Keith’s genius ideas of polygamy. How women were born to be monogamous while men needed to spread their seed. Susan Dones attended a J’ness meeting and immediately recognized the grooming going on.

As Dones listened to Salzman that morning, she deduced that “they were introducing the idea of polygamy, but with a soft sell, laying the groundwork.” Dones, who would leave Nxivm in 2009, knew from personal experience that Raniere maintained a harem of more than a dozen women. In private conversations, Salzman had repeatedly told Dones, a lesbian, that “the world wasn’t ready” for Raniere’s radical ideas about polygamy, incest, sociopathy, and power.

So J’ness was pushing polygamy, incest, sociopathy, and power.

Another former Nxivm member named Sylvie took J’ness classes also. Again, unlike Kreuk, she spoke up and said J’ness taught that women are fundamentally self-absorbed, narcissistic and manipulative. [Raniere] said women were victimizers who posed as victims.

Sylvie admitted that this led her to hate herself for being a woman.

Did Kreuk not experience this negativity towards women in J’ness that others did? Or were Kreuk’s ears closed? Or perhaps her terminal timidity precluded her from comprehending the misogyny being flung at her?

Perhaps she liked it and embraced women-hating. It was, after all, these principles she was espousing when she began another Nxivm offshoot groups aimed at young women and teenagers.

Kreuk claims to know nothing about Keith’s abuses toward women but she knew about J’ness’s anti-female rhetoric and still brought other young women into it.

Nxivm members were rewarded for bringing in new recruits and Mack was a big fish. Mack was love-bombed from day one. Ensnaring Mack helped boost Kreuk up the stripe path.

Nxivm was competitive. It pitted the members against each other for who could recruit the most, get the most publicity, make the most money, etc. Acting is one of the most ferociously competitive industries out there so, naturally, these actresses jumped in swinging.

The Stripe Path provided an irresistible competition. Nevermind that the grand prize was Keith’s penis. For the actresses, this was a chance to compete.

The grand prize for all Nxivm aspirants: Keith Alan Raniere.

Kreuk didn’t just take a couple of J’ness classes and drop out. She worked long and hard for years (2006-14 or later), to become a Yellow Sahs with Two Stripes [A rank equivalent to a coach of coaches].

Her boyfriend, Mark Hildreth, considered the monster, Keith Raniere, to be his friend.

On June 19, 2016, Hildreth wrote on his blog about sex-slaver Raniere: “This is my friend. His name is Keith. He has been one of the most gentle, compassionate and helpful friends I have ever known. He has been an incredible friend to me and to many people I know.”

Hildreth discovered what Keith was doing to the women, yet he also said nothing.

After Kreuk and Hildreth broke up, Hildreth started dating another young actress named Nicole (known as Jane Doe 1 in court filings) who was coerced by Allison Mack to become a DOS slave, was branded and forced to sleep with Raniere.

Hildreth reportedly confronted Keith about why he was sleeping with his girlfriend. In response, Hildreth was told that he had jealousy issues that he needed to work out.

Hildreth left Nxivm in 2016, without trying to save his girlfriend, and lived in fear of Raniere. Hildreth to this day, like Kreuk, has not spoken out against Nxivm or shown support for their friends who were prosecuted.

For a decade, Kreuk gave lectures, recruited people, started Nxivm spinoff groups targeting young women, and used her star power to boost Nxivm’s image.

Below is a list:

1. Girls By Design
2. Juicy Peach
3. A cappella Innovations
4. College Student Survey

Girls by Design was a website which promoted sexually explicit content to tweens and teens. GBD was publicized prominently to take full advantage of Kreuk’s Smallville star power. They even had a commercial broadcast in the Canadian mainstream media:

Kristin Kreuk, at the height of her Smallville stardom, started Girls By Design with Kendra Voth. They promoted it on television with ET Canada.

In the ET news clip, the timid actress exuberantly describes how she wants to “catch” these young girls “at that age when they are just building themselves.”

Kreuk and her partner unabashedly announce that they were targeting girls 14-19 years of age. Interestingly, Kreuk and Voth, who have no background in child development or education, wax lyrical of their designs.

Kreuk claims that these young fans of hers “want to have challenges and to be encouraged to have responsibility and to go and create without judgement.” Huh? What about building confidence, dating, being more healthy, or other teen appropriate topics?

No, that wasn’t part of J’ness. Kreuk’s plans swirled around Nxivm’s misogynistic agenda.

I’ve revealed in previous articles how GBD posted sexually inappropriate content while repeatedly asked girls to create and submit videos of themselves.

In 2007, in one of the first Nxivm projects Kreuk did together with Allison Mack, they created a survey for college students. They were most interested in figuring out how these students (and fans of their show) spent their time and money. Filled with questions from the Nxivm grandmaster, this information would no doubt be used to lure more young women into the cult.

You can watch Allison and Kristin plug their survey here:

“Shy” Kristin Kreuk used her star power for Nxivm brands.

Yet another Kreuk-Nxivm project was Juicy Peach, a non-profit created by Kristin Kreuk with her boyfriend, Mark Hildreth, and Allison Mack with her boyfriend, Chad Krowchuck. This project was aimed at young artists. It seems that the two Smallville power couples were building this cult endeavor up until Krowchuk bailed in 2009.


“Shy” Kristin Kreuk was all over Nxivm brands.

Kreuk also attended a 2010 Necker Island retreat with all of the top inner circle of Nxivm. Keith was absent on this trip but all of his top minions were there. Keith claimed to be a celibate monk like the Dalai Lama. In reality, he had a harem of woman that he abused and tortured.

Kristin Kreuk’s many Nxivm projects, her subsequent lies and silence about the crimes of this international sex trafficking cult, expose Kreuk’s guilt. She may have an internet army of fans but facts are facts. She was a Yellow sashed, two-striped coach, actively involved in multiple Nxivm businesses that targeted young women, luring them to their doom, for almost a decade.

While she may not have been directly involved in DOS that Allison Mack led, Kreuk brought Mack into Nxivm and followed Raniere’s misogynist propaganda.

At the very least, Kreuk should have spoken out to defend her friend, Allison Mack.

However, considering how deep Kreuk was in the women-hating teachings of Keith Raniere, perhaps that is precisely why Kreuk hasn’t shown an inkling of support for any her female Nxivm “friends.” Kreuk will continue refusing to answer any direct questions about Nxivm and self-produce more shows to star in.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • Actors are often shy people. It is a bit harsh to accuse her of not being shy and claim that she is lying because of that. I don’t know what is true and what is false but to attack her on that point is pretty bad I think.

  • I noticed she doesn’t follow Allison Mack. With friends like Kristin Kreuk, who needs enemies?

  • To NiceGuy 11:37 am

    Danielle Do Roberts has two addresses and lives at [redacted] Port Jefferson Station NY 11776-2747 and [redacted], Waterford NY 12188-1180.

    (Frank, you can censor the addresses, but maybe in a way that only NiceGuy can read it)

  • Did the NYPost mistakenly report that the photo of Kreuk and Edmondson was NOT from Fiji in 2014? Or was the Post correct?

    When Vincente supplied photos of Fiji to the court, did he also show a photo of KK and SE in Vancouver that was mistakenly reported as also from Fiji when it was not?
    Can someone clarify this from the court records?

  • KK appears to be making up for her lack of
    sex slavery/pedophilia activism by posting only about “White Man Bad/Black Dick Good” to her Instagram. Actors are so damn stupid.

    • She’s now also following Kent Monkman on Instagram. His paintings are obscene in their representations of sexuality. Producing sexually suggestive shock “art” as a kind of mirror to past sexual abuses against the indigenous to allegedly bring attention to them solves nothing. It’s useless and worthless.

      • Despite being exceptionally privileged, she obviously feels the need to attach herself to “causes” that revolve around hating White people. Perhaps she should be made to leave Canada and learn history, facts, and statistics. Her virtue signaling and obsession with lefty nonsense corresponds with being in another cult for at least ten years.

          • Hello [redacted],

            [redacted] you, defend Kreuk and attack the commenter.

            There is no “white supremacist cult”, nor did the above comment suggest such. Not going along with white bashing is not “white supremacist”, [redacted].

            And Kreuk sure is delusional enough to join cults, based on nonsense. She really has done.




      “The deputy involved has been placed on paid administrative
      leave pending the outcome of the investigation, authorities said.”

      My sarcastic remark is that the deputy sheriff wanted paid leave in addition to his regular leave. Otherwise, it was different, but how? Maybe he’s one of those policemen who wants to quit anyway, why not take another leave first?
      Scott, I’m waiting for your comment, you can’t ignore the white trash, they are part of American society. Someone has to stand up for this group, otherwise it’s discrimination. Completely unbiased whether Hannah Fizer is White Trash or not. Hannah Fizer’s life counts, just like Black Live’s Matter!

  • Frank – maybe while you are spending time censoring everyone’s comments, you could also spend a little time correcting the obvious inaccurate statements in your “correspondent’s” posts.LOL

    [redacted] Previously, she:
    — referred to Kendra [redacted] as an actress, which she isn’t.
    — Not once, but twice, she’s gotten the years Mack and Krowchuk were together wrong.
    — She claims Mack was engaged to Sam Witwer, which she wasn’t.
    — She [redacted] a totally made up story about a get together between Mack and Kreuk because she couldn’t tell the difference between a photo of Allison taken in 2007 and one taken 11 years later and couldn’t discern when publications were using older photos to illustrate their stories in 2018.

    Now, because she’s misinterpreted what was written in another article (probably the Post), she thinks Kreuk was on Clare’s island in May 2014. However, during the trial, the jury was shown photos Vicente took on Wakaya, which some newspapers published, but the jury was also shown additional photos of Vicente, including one from the Vancouver Center with Edmondson, Kreuk, and other VC members. I think Edmondson may have even said in one of her interviews that she had never been to Clare’s island, but Frank should be able to confirm this easily enough.

    And most of what is written here isn’t “opinion.” It is incorrect dates and claims stated as facts. I’m not even the [redacted] Sultan, but I easily see so many [redacted].

    MK states that Kreuk claimed she left in 2012.
    — That’s wrong. Kreuk’s one statement refers to 2013, which was confirmed by Edmondson, former members Grosse and Miljkovic, among others. [redacted] Frank has been all over the map with his dates. He was quoted in an article saying Kreuk left in 2012, and he even wrote an article on here saying she left in summer 2012. Then he wrote an article saying she left in 2013 and then wrote another one claiming it was 2015 or 2016! LOL

    MK states, “Hildreth left Nxivm in 2016.”
    –That’s wrong. Hildreth didn’t leave until 2017, when news of DOS spread. Nik testified about that at the trial

    MK states that Kreuk started A cappella Innovations.
    — That’s also wrong. Kreuk, like Frank, was just used to promote the December 2007 ACI event. I don’t think she did anything else with that entity, unlike Mack, Clyne, Hildreth, Piesse who continued to host or perform.

    MK claims, “While all of her friends became tabloid fodder, Kreuk slithered away unscathed.”
    — That’s wrong. Once the NYT article came out Oct 2017, Kreuk was mentioned just as much, if not more than Nicki Clyne, and certainly more than the likes of Hildreth and Grace Park. And frankly, the only one who became “tabloid fodder” was Mack and maybe the Oxenbergs, as nobody in the mainstream media knew or cared about any of the others.

    MK states: “She worked long and hard for years (2006-14 or later), to become a Yellow Sash with Two Stripes [A rank equivalent to a coach of coaches]”
    — That’s wrong. Yellow sashes aren’t “coach of coaches.” Yellow is the lowest rank and only an apprentice coach. And how would you know whether she worked long and hard? Edmondson got her yellow sash after just completing the 16 day intensive and another 5 day in less than 12 months. The fact Kreuk remained a yellow sash would indicate she actually wasn’t working very hard. LOL


    • [Redacted]

      Kristin Crook(ed) was still in NXIVM in 2016. Mark Busse thanked her in 2015 and proctors told Frank she was still involved up until at least that point. Sarah Edmondson and those others you named have not “confirmed” anything. They lied. She did not leave in 2013.

      And Crook(ed) was at least a yellow sash with two stripes, by 2011.


    • About your “critique” 1. Many are not even about the above article 2. Most are just your opinions and not backed up by facts (unlike the article which comes from news sources 3. You are just plain wrong about the rest.

  • From NY Post:
    “Newly released photos offer a never-before-seen peek into the Fijian island that Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman helped buy for accused sex cult leader Keith Raniere.
    The photos, shown to jurors Wednesday during the Nxivm head’s sex trafficking trial, show breathtaking vistas, smiling members, and the group’s resort headquarters.
    Filmmaker and former Nxian Mark Vicente testified he took the photographs during a May 2014 “intensive,” and sent them to Raniere, Bronfman and fellow member Alex Betancourt.
    Another image shows the witness posing with members of the group’s Vancouver center — including “Smallville” actress Kristin Kreuk and DOS member Sarah Edmondson.”

    • This article was from over a year ago and it doesn’t show the alleged picture of Kristin and Sarah Edmondson. That photo with the caption that presumes that Kristin is in that group shot appears to be wrong since it doesn’t correspond with the article text.

    • The article does not include a photo of Kreuk or Edmondson on Fiji, or who identified them as in the photo for the jurors.
      Is any of this in the transcript?

      • Anonymous 6:50pm

        Dream girl ain’t a dream angel. Neither are real.

        You are treating your examination of facts, Kreuk/NXIVM, like it’s the Kennedy assassination and you are on the Warren Commission.

        Kreuk is not the beautiful virgin princess and you [redacted].

        She don’t need rescuing. Kristen has money and a hubby. Who ever needed rescuing from a perfect life?

        Take your white knight on horseback fantasy and get a real woman who will love you for who you are.

        Look all boys and girls want the princess or the prince…..Who the f*ck wouldn’t?

        It’s not happening unless you are super good looking or have an 8 digit bank account; Otherwise you are never getting the princess. The primo p*ssy will never be yours.

        Ask Uncle Frank. He has been there. Nancy Salzman was the one that got away. Now all he has is her parking sign, a dirty pair of underwear and the memory of her hand touching his hand.

  • “Kreuk claims to have abandoned the Nxivm cult in 2012”
    I might not know much about KK but she talked about 2013… it’s around here that people say 2012 (trying to pretend she cared about the TU article)

    “But in court, pictures of Kreuk were revealed that proved she took a trip in 2014”
    I don’t remember anything about this from court…You might mistake (or twist) with branson’s island and this was back in 2010…only the executive like vicente and edmondson participate the second one.

    “Kreuk also claims she broke up with Hildreth in 2012 but since Kreuk refuses to talk about her participation in Nxivm, the exact timing of her breakup and departure from Nxivm are unclear”
    I don’t like her but it’s none of your problem…what does the exact date of her breakup means anything.

    “Really? Think about it, she spent years in Nxivm. Do you really think she knew nothing about what was going on?”
    Once again, i hate kk but this is absurd as many people were in for as long and didn’t knew anything (this include Allison who even once collateralized didn’t knew what she signed for)
    raniere was not sharing his schemes with many people…
    Actually, if you blame kk, you should definitely blame edmondson and vicente…
    Both recruited massively (as the head of vancouver “chapter” and executive) and both pretend not to know the details of the crimes while being WAY MORE INVOLVED and for WAY LONGER than kk or Allison…

    Vicente was neighbor with raniere and no one is blaming him for turning a blind eye (despite seeing what raniere was doing and going as far as ignoring the distress of the victims).

    I don’t like kk but stick to the fact, she did drag Allison (and many others) in , her shyness is shady but in the end, saying she must have known is absurd unless you acknowledge that edmondson and vicente knew too.

    “Of course, everyone in Keith’s inner circle developed a sudden onset of amnesia after the feds closed in on them. This is what criminals do when they are caught.”
    But that’s the problem, the inner circle isn’t what was said to be at first…
    kreuk never was in the inner circle and Allison who was accused to be in it for YEARS happen to be in it only after 2015-16…
    If we consider anything as being inner circle, once again go after edmondson and vicente…especially vicente as edmondson was in vancouver and she probably rarely seen raniere…but vicente was inner circle.
    He indeed lost his memory but many try to see it as a hero.
    A hero that saw the damage raniere did to other and ignored it , a hero that took gladly the money of the victims…He was leaving in a quite nice house while one of the fake leader (or alleged to be leader) was living in a crummy appart with 5 others people.

    “After Kreuk and Hildreth broke up, Hildreth started dating another young actress named Nicole (known as Jane Doe 1 in court filings) who was coerced by Allison Mack to become a DOS slave, was branded and forced to sleep with Raniere.”
    Correction, She wasn’t coerced by Allison…
    The clear story in court point that she joined freely at first, then she was not forced by Allison to do anything…
    Once again, in court, it’s clearly stated that it’s raniere who blackmailed her (like he was blackmailing Allison and the others)…
    stop twisting the truth please…

    “In 2007, in one of the first Nxivm projects Kreuk did together with Allison Mack, they created a survey for college students. They were most interested in figuring out how these students (and fans of their show) spent their time and money. Filled with questions from the Nxivm grandmaster, this information would no doubt be used to lure more young women into the cult.”
    Once again, twisting the facts…how this survey aiming at any college students was to attract young girls…

    “This project was aimed at young artists. It seems that the two Smallville power couples were building this cult endeavor up until Krowchuk bailed in 2009.”
    it was aimed at “young” artists not the kind of age you likely try to aim (for the sake of twisting facts)
    Also, i already said that chad left in 2010… it’s a fact and he left after breaking down with Allison (probably because kk didn’t cared about him)…
    he stayed after the break down which debunk any excuses like “i did it for Allison”.

    “about the crimes of this international sex trafficking cult”
    Inform yourself about what is sex trafficking…this wasn’t.
    It’s one guy, abusing sexually and mentally girls for his OWN pleasure…not a commercial enterprise selling girls to others.

    It’s already gruesome, no need to add on top of it.

    I don’t care what the trial named it, the legal name of this crime is inaccurate…It’s just so they could use a “rico” ruling on this case.
    but the fact is that he is the only one who abused the girls, he wasn’t selling a service.

    “While she may not have been directly involved in DOS that Allison Mack led”
    FFS what a no-lifer…if you spend time writing about this. Atleast study the case properly.

    This leading lie as been fully debunked and even prosecution stopped saying it…only [redacted] continue to support this outdated info.

    Allison was a victim of DOS herself , a slave (this is clearly stated in court) and she led NOTHING…if you can’t get this straight [redacted] avoid talking about it.

  • Frank wants his site to change, or so he claimed. He professed that NXIVM is pretty much “shattered” and it’s time to move on. To get ready for “prime time” and clean up the comments and the like. Yet, not even a few day passes since those words were stated, and lo and behold, he allows another clickbait fluff piece to be posted attacking this site’s favorite celebrity target once again with the same old kind of spiel MK has posted before to allow the dregs to come together once again. Look at [redacted].

    • Why did you remove what was said about NiceGuy? Did it hit the nail right smack on the head? Too close to the truth, eh?

      What was stated didn’t fall under your informal “redacted” policy. To remove that while admitting comments that degrade others as “cunts” and tell them to go back to China is selective, inconsistent application of it and makes its integrity look like a joke.

      • Bangkok
        “Eh?” Isn’t your signature trademark or is it?

        I said Soros controls the Chinese.

        Soros manipulated the British Pound and made a Billion dollars “legally”. Legally with Soros is a relative term. He literally caused the British Pound to fluctuate. What other single private citizen can you name that did that Bangkok?

        Soros is not a nice guy. I don’t believe he is part of gigantic conspiracies, but do believe he is a major player.

        How did I say anything racist against the Chinese?

        Crap, I just realized Bangkok was trolling me.

        Nice one, Bangkok

  • MK10ART,

    Master take down!!!! I don’t see how anyone can defend Krook from your exposé re-examining the facts and timeline of Krook’s membership in NXIVM.

    Thank you for taking the time to re-examine Krook’s narrative of events and sharing them with us.

    Thank you!

    PS I am interested to seen how [redacted], Krook’s self proclaimed biggest superfan deals with your article.

    Release the Kraken, the [redacted] of Six

  • My, my… So the not-a-real-Canadian Kristin Crooked went to Wakaya Island in 2014 too…? What a little bullshitter. Just clicked on Kristin Crooked’s social media. It is full of pretentious leftist propaganda. She seems obsessed with [redacted]. She should piss off to China if she is so hateful. And before she fucks off, she can hand back all that money she took pretending to be w[redacted]. Crooked should learn about [redacted] before opening her gremlin mouth. E.g. [redacted] What a fifth column [redacted]

    • Don’t fall directly for what is said, like pointed, I know the trial in detail and I don’t have any memories about this… I’m not even sure the island was the property of ACK at the time of the MK claim.

      • And who are you, random anonymous person? There are pictures online, credited to Mark Vicente. The date given was May 2014. In one of the pictures, there are blurred faces. Sarah Edmondson was there too.

        • Well, if it’s on the internets it has to be true. LOL

          Especially if an anonymous person [redacted] LOL

  • It would be good for people who had direct experiences with Kristin Crook(ed) to speak up. LOL

    Scott has said since the beginning that he believes Kristin Crook(ed) knows more than she’s admitted to, we just don’t what that information is. LOL

  • —-in court, pictures of Kreuk were revealed that proved she took a trip in 2014, to Clare Bronfman’s Fiji island [Wakaya Island] with top Nxivm members—–

    Frank, I don’t recall seeing them or even reading that such pictures of Kreuk in Fiji exist. If they exist, please post them

    • Oh, you are a pervie one. You want nudes?

      Lana Lang ain’t Lana Brooke dummy. Stop thinking with your virgin [redacted].

      Do you carry your bent up [ redacted], like a giant water ballon about to burst, in a wheelbarrow or do they drag on the ground.

      Dream girl just became a real girl.

      No one resides on a pedestal my friend.

      • Hey, NiceGoy, did you see these 2014 pix from Fiji that would be ACTUAL evidence that Kreuk was still with Nx 2 years after her PR statement said she left? I haven’t. If you haven’t then you missed the point.
        Accusing everyone of being sultan that asks for evidence of claims against Kreuk is getting [redacted]

          • If so, please paste from the court transcript where the jury is given photos on Fiji naming Kreuk and any others there in 2014.
            Why do you have this info and Frank doesn’t?

        • OMG? Maybe you aren’t Sultan after all.

          Yiddish? Bet you didn’t think anyone would pick up on that did you?

          I’m Catholic; so; yes; I’m a Goy.

          Can’t live in Port Washington New York North Shore or South Shore of the island without picking up some Yiddish one way or the other.

          Nice Goy? LMAO

          Wow…..You a shiksa or a faygeleh?

          I’m guessing you are a shiksa.

    • It’s not true, I don’t recall either (and I’ve seen the whole case)…most of the story is partly true but mostly twisted [redacted]

      • Oh yes it is…. May 2014… Mark Vicente provided photographs. And we know Kreuk was still a NXISCUM member until at least 2016. Shocking!

    • Maybe she means one of the following things, or should write about it:

      – black market
      – illicit human trafficking
      – illicit sex slavery
      – illicit slave trade
      – illicit trafficking in slaves
      – illicit trafficking in sex slaves

    • bmp_1776
      @matthooouuu It means buy that black BMW
      1w1 likeReply

      No. It means to buy from legitimate, black-owned businesses.

  • —-in court, pictures of Kreuk were revealed that proved she took a trip in 2014, to Clare Bronfman’s Fiji island [Wakaya Island] with top Nxivm members—–

    • Odd that Frank will redact some minor “insults” but leave some real insults in…and also leave this mistaken partial comment.

  • You should do a simple Google search on “shy actors” and count how many articles show up. Being shy/introverted and being an actor are far from being mutually exclusive. That’s because many actors know how to compartmentalize their professional work from their real-life personalities.

    Last year’s Oscar winner, Joaquin Phoenix, is well known for being shy and introverted. So was his brother River, who unfortunately passed away due to a drug overdose in the early 1990s, and he was on his way to becoming like his brother is today before his brother.

    • Actors are attention seeking cunts, who should they achieve fame and excessive celebrity wealth, think they are better than everyone else. Well they are not. They are cunts. Case in point: Kristin Kreuk, NXIVM cultist.

      • You sure understand human beings…while many (maybe most) are attention whores, many are in for the pleasure of acting…

        • And their abilities, the money, and the perks. Unlike this guy who thinks he/she is better than everyone for just being white.

    • Anonymous,

      Stop reading People magazine, Variety magazine and In Touch Weekly like there’re the God damn New York Times or the Bible.


      • [Redacted] LOL. People and Variety magazines have more reliable information than the NYT – fluff news versus fake news. LOL

      • Niceguy, nice to preach but then you should do the same with FR and the many fantasy stories posted here.

        • Anonymous,

          Kindly re-read my comment. I clearly did not compare the Bible to the New York Times. However, if you are insulted that I wrote a sentence with the Bible and the New York Times together; I truly apologize and I will not do it again. I don’t crap on Christians.

          At this time, I will address Scott Johnson in accordance with Mr. Frank Parlato’s wishes and his new paradigm of love, kinship, respect, and, above all, else honor.

          Dearest Mr. Scott Johnson,

          You are my BFF! If I were a woman, I would bare the fruit of your loins in a trailer park of your choosing. We’d probably be on welfare and without cable tv… But our bellies would be filled with love, beans, and beer provided by food stamps.

          You question the veracity of the New York Times? LOL

          The New York Times brought the NXIVM story to the forefront of the news and introduced NXIVM to the world.

          How long had people like Joe O’Hara, the reporters at the Saratoga In Decline, the NXIVM Nine, Frank Parlato, and a host of others try and get help from local, state, and federal law enforcement to no avail?

          The NY Time’’s article finally forced the government’s hand into action. It’s a fact. Claviger has mentioned this fact on several occasions.

          Scott Johnson, you have a super-duper day!

          ….And please try to remember, if a package or box says “non-edible” or “poison,” you shouldn’t try to eat what’s inside.

          -Original quote by an anonymous retard.

          • Lastly, Frank played a key role, if I remember correctly, in hooking Sara Edmondson up with The NY Times.

            What say you now my wonderful friend and incredible empathic lover of life?

          • Even a broken watch is [redacted] NiceGuy 666. LOL

            [redacted] is not the same as being always [redacted]. LOL

          • I read it correctly, and I’m not offended. There was no comparison, but to offer the NYT or the Bible as an alternative to People magazine, Variety magazine and In Touch Weekly in one sentence, which offer a very different kind of reading, is very extreme. I just wanted to react spontaneously and I am only amused about it.

    • Don’t try to explain that here…it’s useless.
      For some people here, the fact that some actors only cared about acting and not fame is also unbelievable…yet many actors put an end to their career once fame reaches them.

      Acting is a pleasure, something that is enjoyable…fame is definitely not.
      Even more so when fans think you owe them something and dig in your privacy.

      • My posts today have exceeded the number of posts by Johnson, Shadowstate, and Bangkok.

        I need to get a life!!!!!

          • Scott666

            I never have asked you for anything.

            Can you please explain yourself regarding NiceGuy666?

            I feel you may be coming [redacted] with me in the same way you are [redacted] with Amway.

          • There are too many [redacted] words in your comment to know what you’re talking about, NiceGuy 666. LOL

            Or is that [redacted] [sic] many? LOL

            But we could talk about it on the phone. LOL

          • To Scott & Bangkok,

            It’s clear to me Frank is trying to drive us away with his heavy-handed draconian speech policy.

            Frank has redacted words as benign as “shire”, “crying” and “obsessed”, etc.

            Here are the words usage in their original sentences:

            1. I said someone was from the “shire”

            2. I said, “someone, sounds like someone is crying right now.”

            3. I asked if someone was “obsessed”.

            How are any of those three sentences and three words offensive?

            The Christian Science Monitor website would not edit those sentences.

            At the end of the day it’s Frank’s website. I get it.

    • and smart not to do so.
      anything she could say would generate bad press
      nothing she could say would satisfy those who hate her
      so…smart to say no more, say no more…

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