Allison Mack Should Bless the Day She Was Arrested

This is Part 8 in our series on sex-slaver Keith Alan Raniere teaching his sex-slave, former actress Allison Mack.

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The work of transcribing was accomplished by Marie White, working off a video of Keith Raniere’s conversation with Allison Mack.

In this excerpt, we have Keith Raniere moralizing and pontificating, bloviating and switching topics mid-sentence. Some people might call it word salad.

In response, we have Allison Mack infatuated with his brilliance, in almost a mystical trance. This is, in itself, fascinating, for there is nothing very profound in any of what he says. Even when you parse through the convoluted way he expresses himself, the thoughts he is communicating are neither original or deep.

He speaks about how actors are forced to take morally bad roles, roles in films that send bad messages to children, because they want to work and the competition is great; he talks of the constant bad messages children imbibe in movies and video games; he talks about childhood linguistic development as if he were an authority, and of enlightenment as if he possessed it; and most significantly, he talks about gender roles – what’s wrong with men and what’s wrong with women.

In short, he is setting himself up as an expert in everything, which is his whole shtick.

Certainly, in the end, all of his teachings are meant to enslave if not destroy his listeners, while not necessarily being invidious in and of themselves. It is not, with a cult leader like Raniere, always the message of this teachings; rather it is the method of his teachings that destroy a person’s independence and that set them up for destruction.

Keith: The film industry and the entertainment industry and in particularly the profession of actors, really needs to start to guide the world and the economics of it right now. It’s very difficult. In every acting part you have so, so many actors, so some of them will do anything to have a part and will participate in anything. There is no ethical consideration and those actors that are ethical, that would refuse work, unless they’re very top of their field, will never be known.

So it’s a difficult thing [to] be known as an actor and potentially have to do some of the these acts. Some actors, I mean some of the top actors, maybe they were able to take a path that was wonderful, or maybe they took a path that wasn’t so wonderful, but made it wonderful in the end, but a lot of people don’t have that opportunity and unfortunately support this juggernaut that’s going forward that’s reflecting society’s values and reinforcing them in a way that is amoral.  I’m sorry about that



Allison: No it’s [what your saying] it’s awesome….. Ah, this is kind of an interesting question that relates to that, is that it seems like in life you meet kids. They all have their own different nature and it seems like some kids seems to care more than others. Some kids seem to be more intuitive than others. Some kids seem to be more conscientious of humans than others. Why is that?  Like I think from a less loving perspective. I judge that as like a good and a bad thing.

K: Um hum.

A: But it seems like it’s a like a nature thing, like some people just have that nature, and I was just wondering if you had any thoughts of why that is and where that comes from or anything?

K: Well it could come from several places. My first answer to be with is why does it matter?

A: (Sigh) yeah

K: You deal with each child as the child is.

A: Right.

K: Your determination of why they’re that way, is that particularly helpful?

A: Right


K: No, it is helpful inasmuch to help people evolve from wherever they are, to a state that they find to be more uplifted, but, you know, it could be genetics; it could be experience, could be who knows?, metaphysical explanations of it, you know. It’s, um, in a sense, yes, it seems that it is true. We don’t know why and to some degree it can switch around as an adult, you know.

You have a kid that seems very not self-aware, doesn’t care about people very much, self-involved, Twenty years later, you know, [he is] someone that’s some sort of deeply compassionate world leader, you know. Different children have their brains that myelinate at different, different rates when a part of the neurons of the functioning of the brain, if you will. It’s not like all children are born and the brains are at the exact same state and they can do the exact same things at the exact same time and it’s not even in the exact same order.

You know, if you watched linguistics development, you can have some children that just are so far behind in language development; they can barely speak a word then the next month they’re speaking in sentences.

A: Right

K: So how these things fit together is, is by our science, right now pretty unpredictable and pretty pretty miraculous, but really what counts is what, where they are and what their next step is to help them go forward. And wherever they end up is the best that they could end up. You don’t want, to, what, enlightenment for every child; that’s one step worse than you wanting it for yourself.

A: Giggles it’s like forced enlightenment

K: Yes, exactly, I want you to be enlightened.

A: I had a dream about that, so, um, I just was curious, what do you see as the greatest limitation between men and women and their quest to relate in a loving and compassionate way?

K: I can be a little smart-ass.

A; Yeah

K: Well the biggest limitation that women have is that they’re women.

A: Yes…

K: And the biggest limitation that men have is that they’re men. Now that is, of course, not only an intentional wise-ass oversimplification, it, ah, culturally, we form certain images about gender and about things like that in both men and women and that, in some ways, lays the groundwork for the interaction, you know, and some of Jness series, one of the ways I like to do this, I think, sometimes that I have, every once in awhile, I do have an insight.

I don’t know if it’s valuable, if it’s useful for people, but one thing I do know, I go back to some of those really smart people in history, and look at also things that are written, look at plays, look at commercials, look at all these things that surround us in media and look at it like an archaeological dig.

Let’s find what forms or idea of what a woman is, or what a man is, by what is in the poems. What are the top people who, for example, call themselves, I hate to use the terms, let’s say a feminist, or liberated feminist, you know, if there is one, and one of the Jness tracks, I went, and, you know, I’m picking poems that are supposed to be representative to women about womanhood. To men, about, I can do the man thing, because I’m a guy, but what right do I have to go and pick poems about women?

That reminds me of this silly Saturday Night Live skit about, it was, ah, it was a parody on a show and it’s called like the Woman Show or All About Women and it’s a bunch of guys talking about women and talking about all of these very sexist things and that’s like, so here I go, so I look and I try to find out who is, you know, who are top feminists or female representative authors and then I found a woman that got together like 30 of them and they all picked all these women who are authors who are published and things like that, picked the top five poems that every woman should read that represent that, so I felt pretty good using their authority and when you compare that to the male poems, it’s striking, and it’s striking what these poems educate us to do, and by looking at literature, looking at our culture, looking at this, this stuff that we all produce for each other, what are these things saying?

What part of the messages that our children get in language, in video games, in TV shows and movies, in anything? What are they, you know, even people with the, take the word “hysteria,” a lot of people don’t know what that, what the root of that is, and that’s something that really plants against women. Oh it’s hysterical dadadada, hysterical, can now be funny hyster, this hyster, that it’s all about the uterus and all about things with it, but we have so many subtle poisons that make males a certain way as they grow to men and females a certain way as they grow to women and to become aware of them is striking and startling and both sexes humiliating.

When when men find out really how how awful we are, it is, it’s humbling, it is scary, it is we don’t know what to do and when women find out similar things, their counterpart, and I’m just heard from women and I know that you have gone through it, um, I hear that it’s embarrassing.

A: Yeah

End of Excerpt



Here we have witnessed an intelligent, once-successful actress who got sucked into the idea that he could do her thinking better than she could do herself. She lost her spirit of defiance and became his worshipful follower. She may have been well-intentioned every inch of the way, or it may have been a mixture of desire to rise in his esteem and in his organization combined with the faith she had in the rightness of his mission.

We cannot, of course, exclude the fact that she is evidently enamored with him and that she had a non-monogamous, sexual relationship with him. All of this clouds the relationship between Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.

What is on display is genuine cult behavior.

All of Keith Raniere’s teachings and all of his methods were meant to instill the belief in his followers that he is a profoundly unique and amazing genius, who has their best interest at heart, who is worthy of worship, and who is indeed a reliable savior.

That and the secret sex relationships – sex with your savior – is the secret of his hold on Allison Mack. It led to her near destruction and but for the fact that she was arrested – which will give her a second chance – her relationship with him would have totally destroyed her.

She was lucky to be arrested, lucky to be facing a finite prison term, lucky to be young enough to start life anew without Raniere.  The alternative was a life sentence with Raniere, as she aged and became far less valuable to him. In fact, toward the end, her best value was finding younger, more attractive women for him.

In this respect, she strove to be for him what the late Pam Cafritz was to him before she got cancer and died.  I would suggest that Allison too would have been ripe for whatever Keith does to help encourage the premature deaths of his aging pimp harem members.

There will come a time when Allison may go down on her knees and bless the day she was arrested and forcibly removed from this madness.  Maybe she has already done that.

That will be the day she will begin to recover.


Allison Mack was arrested on April 20, 2018 at her Brooklyn NY apartment. She took a plea deal a year later – and has been subject to home arrest at her parent’s California home for almost two years. No date has been scheduled for her sentencing.


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  • For those that suggest Allison was ready to leave Raniere, note that she was with him, along with Lauren, in Mexico during his arrest, which occurred just prior to them performing a group blowjob on Keith as a “recommitment ceremony”.

    She also was reported to be willing to claim that DOS and all activities associated with DOS, were her’s alone to protect her god.

    She, as well as all other gals in the inner circle, were willing to get on their knees at any time for their lord master.

    Let’s now forget, the DOS activity did not occur until 2015, so she was in her mid-30s — plenty old enough to know better.

  • Like the teachers who molest young boys, Allison Mack committed crimes involving sex because it gave her the orgasms she desired. It got her off. She got off branding women, enslaving them, gaining power over them.

    Her infatuation & love for Raniere involved admiring him for controlling others. Because she is a sick deviant, she was not repelled by Raniere when she learned more about the monster he is.

    Allison Mack is a sick, evil monster!

  • I know it sounds like fantasy world talk but I know there is a good person somewhere inside Allison. The way she pulled off the Chloe character in Smallville was truly amazing. I will never stop watching that series. I’m pretty sure she is just temporarily meteor indfected. Of course that is figuratively speaking but there is also an underlying similarity there.

  • I think they’re letting Allison Mack get way with it way too easy. What she did the sex human trafficking, that’s disgusting. And I used to be her biggest fan but not anymore. I will never watch Smallville again or any movie that she’s in. She needs to think long and hard about what she did but there’s always room for forgiveness

  • You write utter crap, and you don’t know Allison. I do and am a very close friend of hers. Somebody should bring you down, you despicable idiot.

  • “In response, we have Allison Mack infatuated with his brilliance, in almost a mystical trance”
    BS…That is your stupid interpretation of a know effect of coercion…Nicole herself was forced to pretend to like him

    Little reminder, while she believed in his teaching, she avoided him OFTEN…
    Before DOS and After too (November 2016 to June 2017…she did her best to stay away from NYC, not because of “Love” but because, while you ignore it willingly, she tried to find a way out…
    But in her case, it was too far for her, she would lose WAY more than say Nicole (not a critic).
    Nicole had just 1 fake letter, Allison’s coercion started around 2013 (and before) and god only knows what he had against her…Lies but likely against her family rather than her…
    If it was only about her, Allison would have left long ago.

    Once again she was also in an improper state of mind when she participate this video…
    She was starved for quite some time (seen in the pics for those who know Allison well)
    She was coerced
    She was likely drugged and definately sleep deprivated…

    You can’t expect someone abused like this for quite some time to think…Without the starvation Nicole herself acted strangely…even worst than Allison!
    Remember when she demanded to have sex with Raniere? (it’s in the court document, during her testimony…more specifically, if i remember correctly, during the cross examination).

    “Here we have witnessed an intelligent, once-successful actress who got sucked into the idea that he could do her thinking better than she could do herself. She lost her spirit of defiance and became his worshipful follower”
    Almost accurate…up to “worshipful follower”…They all did, each victim.
    You said yourself, Raniere is a megalo and he needed to flatter his ego permanently.
    Nicole did the same and she wasn’t under starvation nor drugging.
    Coercion itself is enough.
    But for the rest…it’s close enough

    “We cannot, of course, exclude the fact that she is evidently enamored with him and that she had a non-monogamous, sexual relationship with him”
    Yes, we can if we listen to the FACTS…Especially since the “fact that she whatever is the BS you said” is nowhere close to fact but just a fantasy made up by you since the beginning!

    You pretended she had a relation PRE dos but we know it’s not true…So you do what now? you ignore the fact that she was coerced and abused mentally when she was FORCED to “adore” him…
    Before her coercion, she didn’t give a damn about the guy.
    But continue to ignore the REAL FACTS for your “facts” based on nothing more than your perverted fantasy…

    “She was lucky to be arrested, lucky to be facing a finite prison term, lucky to be young enough to start life anew without Raniere ”
    She is a victim who should be treated as such (and you recognize it yourself in the previous sentence) but it’s lucky for her to be arrested for no coherent reason (unless you arrest all the other victims who committed the same crimes and there are MANY)
    She is lucky to face a finite time for being coerced herself? What an idiot you are there…
    Get serious help man!

    “I would suggest that Allison too would have been ripe for whatever”
    We already know AS A FACT it’s not true…she refused quite a few things. One way or another!
    Like when Dr. Porter tried to recruit a 17-year-old girl and Allison cut the conversation with the mother as soon as she knew the age (this is coming from the mother “After giving the information, Allison didn’t reply anymore”…
    To which Dr. Porter said he would transmit the case to Vicente.
    She was also trying to leave the cult but was stuck…it was either “accept what we ask you (and she believed she was at the worst) or destroy your family”.

    I’d like to remind you that you and many forget that Allison implicated her family ONLY AT THE FINAL COERCIVE MATERIAL…Raniere pushed her over the edge and this while abusing her mind with his diet, sleep deprivation, hypnoses and drugs.
    YOU ignore willingly those facts but this changed everything and shows that Allison is NOTHING MORE THAN A VICTIM…

    “That will be the day she will begin to recover.”
    No, not when idiots keep bringing old fake stories, or make accusations without proof, or twist the facts against her…
    She is a victim, so how about you give her a break and aim your uninspired quill at someone who is really guilty…say Lauren, or Nancy, or Pam Cafritz…amongst other.
    They had no coercion to do their crimes…
    Allison only committed a crime when she was coerced and with a clouded judgment…And I insist on a crime as she genuinly just collected the coercive material, period!

    • @Anon 3/18 12:42 AM —

      I don’t know all the circumstances firsthand as you appear to but I’ve always felt the same sympathy for Allison in this.

      According to Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, other witnesses I’ve heard from, you’re correct that Allison was not in her right mind by the time she was used in some of these crimes. She was screaming in the night, sleepwalking around the house, looked gaunt, pale and desperate. Allison was, Keith ADMITTED, deliberately being broken. And, flat broke too she was, as you say.

      I’m still shocked she and Lauren were equally charged — with the same crimes — when Lauren perpetrated far worse (holding Dani Fernandez hostage and endangering her life, for instance), for far longer, far more knowingly and without the same pressures exerted on her.

      It’s also unjust that Allison was not given the opportunity to testify.

      But Frank is right to say Allison should thank her lucky stars Keith was arrested. While Lauren, Nancy, Clare, some of the others may have continued to flourish, Allison was marked for destruction and well on her way.

  • Kim Snyder
    These people are NOT victims, as much as Frank would love to think that they are.

    They are criminals! They all belong in JAIL!!!!!! They are criminals!!!!!!! Stop the baby crap and the oh me- BULL!

    They have all fallen short with the worm van worm! They are NOT heroes- and have NO right to have air time- they are THUGS!

    The VICTIMS need to be written about- the lives that Keith & his minions snuffed out!!!!!!!!

    There is SO much air time being spent on these worms- it’s NOT even funny!!!!!!!!

    Frank has told me- that with the Corona virus out there, and the “special” media badge that he has- he can’t investigate anything- or anyone. Funny I don’t see any Corona Virus stories! Says he has to be out and about to help other Corona Virus victims. He is the age of the elderly, that they are concerned about getting the virus- and that need to stay in- yet he says- he has to go out and help- yet, the Governor of NY- has put up a curfew for everyone! How can you break that curfew?

    Being inside- you would have plenty of time to do articles on Kristin Snyder and others.

    There are curfews down- there are NO excuses to continue to do your investigations- instead of writing about worms such as Allison, Nancy, Keith and others that have drugged and killed victims.

    Such excuses of why you can’t solve murders- Frank, when you promised my mother and me you would.

    You have posts that I have written to put up- and yet, you write about worms!!!!!!!!!!

    Do what you promised to do!!!!!!!

    • Kim, there is no curfew in New York State at this time. I know I am 64, but I do not feel elderly, thanks anyway. We will get to Kristin again.

      • So Allison could be your daughter or even granddaughter and yet, like a nutjob, you obsess against her…even when you recognize (at least partly) that she is a victim…Be proud of yourself!

        I now understand it’s your age that makes you forget about the FACTS and make you believe your own crazy stories…

        • The women Allison Mack abused could be Frank’s daughter or stepdaughter.
          Sarah Edmondson could be Frank’s daughter.
          Sarah Edmondson i/s about 34 and she was abused by Allison Mack.

        • Careful now. With a bit of luck and a fair wind, you might one day make that age and you just ensured that if that day comes, someone in the universe will unjustly hold you in contempt for being that age. Publicly. Just remember, when that moment occurs, you caused it, you are the author of your own misery.

  • “The film industry and the entertainment industry and in particularly the profession of actors, really needs to start to guide the world and the economics of it right now.” Raniere is trying to puff up Mack, although many actors already believe this. They play a role in a movie and all of a sudden they are experts in the part they played and testify in front of Congress. It’s absurd. Actors can’t guide their own lives, with all the drugs, f*cking children, etc. They are not qualified to “…guide the world and the economics of it….” now, in the past, or any time in the future.

  • Some here like to blame Kreuk for bringing her friend Mack into Nxivm…but does anyone KNOW what Kreuk did to try to get Mack out as it got weirder, if anything?

  • My evaluation is that both Raniere and Allison were being much too dull during their video venture. Their dialogue is a filmed failure, primarily made up of vague FOG and randomly-inserted platitudes, punctuated by Allison’s mmm hmmms, aws and titters. It took Flabturd one helluva longtime to say nothing.

    That is very likely proof in the pudding about how rotten he was both in and out of the sack. As a permanently self-obsessed and loveless “lover,” what he wanted was to control whatever he could steal, as a taker disguised as a giver. “Bend over, chiquita. I shall give you my enlightening and oh-so-special jizzdom, er, wisdom.”

    Yeah, yeah. Sha-bop! Flabturd Raniere, the pusillanimous pussbucket. He is in his very own abyss now and will never be alone again, and yet, he can never get more alone than where he had put himself. No more chances are left in this lifetime for Swami Halitosis. Does the irony burn? His game is over now, and Keith Raniere will stay imprisoned. That will be all, Vanturd. Run along and surrender to being the Lord’s yellow glob of playdough.

    If Keithy-Queef would just get it together, he could redesign himself as a federal pornotentiary Guru. He can afford to pay for a bathrobe and for a couple of big nasty eunuchs to defend him.

    Raniere can never compare to any man, unless he is being likened to one of his fellow predators. When you’ve seen one high-functioning psycho riddled with personality disorders, you’ve seen them all. Hopefully most of Raniere’s followers can see him for who he is by now and will remember to remember.

    There are so many brave and true men, women and children all over the world, who aren’t hesitant to give their very best, even in the face of fearsomeness, and who can receive love, too. It seems that those who decide to conjoin with a Raniere type do not yet have faith in themselves.

    Since most people go through life lessons about this same thing, learning to pay attention to our own minds and hearts, I hope that those harmed by Raniere, even if they’ve committed crimes, have broken their illusions about this sickening false prophet.

    Raniere needed to give pain, and here with Allison, Raniere was completely inadequate as a self-appointed theatrical expert. However, he accomplished being a HACKNEYED pain in the ass quite effortlessly and even semi-proficiently. Lah-di-dah.

    While dribbling out his crappy self-importance, by this point in his flatlining, egoistic trajectory, Raniere took his audience for granted. He knew that his assembled dumbasses were dedicated to their voluntary slavery. Although he had nothing to offer, people like Allison Mack and the Bronfman sisters were into him and his purposes, hook, line and sinker.

    Too bad for them that Flabturd was and is such a bore and a pervert. All that Mack could offer in return for his Tao of Numbnuts babble were metaphorical fake orgasms. He hit the g-spot, all right, the GTFOOH g-spot. Mmmm hmmm.

    Allison: Ooh! Holy, holy, wholly, for a Hersheys bar, right about now. My gawd and savior.

    Both of these harpies, Massah VanButtcrack and MackwuzWack, were well aware that their filmed, nonconversational conversation was being videotaped as an advertisement, with the goal of adding fresh recruits to Flabturd’s deceptive dictatorship. Neither one seemed to be able to act very enthused about their agreed-upon topic, their lines of theatrical bait and bullshit. Their little togetherness exhibit was not about theater. “Theater” was being used as an inviting, contextual excuse, so there was no belief to suspend. Allison performed better than her potbellied knucklehead with the bad posture, though. Hopefully she is over him now.

    Just watch the two half-baked hams. If they were giving a sexual demonstration instead of just moving their lips and spouting their meaningless meaningfulness, even their sex would duller than a baboon troupe’s naptime. Zzzzzzz.

    So if the content produced by Allison and Flabturd feels unsatisfyingly vacuous, that’s because it was unsatisfyingly vacuous. Their advertising was just designed to sell Raniere’s usual circus act as a hairy chubby Guru chump, the nightly naked pizza-eating emperor of new-age hijinks and bullshit. He had already amassed enough suckers/acolytes to overly-drain his pecker. Even he must’ve noticed, by the time he and Mack filmed this goobledegook, that Raniere could never and would never “get no satisfaction.”

    The thrill was gone, and so his criminality kept escalating. That’s the way it goes, and Raniere was always doomed. He just ignored that part in history books.

    Raniere was caught in his own rutting rut, addicted to his addictions. Raniere was his very own slave, enslaved by his desperately compulsive need to be in control. Apparently Flabturd had to present himself as an enlightened master to be able to get it up at all. He was so full of personal shame that he had to feel constantly “safe” about his unacknowledgeable sexual sickness. His way to feel safe was to deceive others to believe that he was special, and that so was his ejaculation. Privately and impotently, he must have seen, every niw and then, how ridiculous his necessary fiction was. But he still had to act upon it. Essentially Raniere exemplfies powerlessness as he had no self-control over his own inner demons.

    Raniere had to have his victims so that he would not lose his grip on his delusions about himself. He was compelled to banish his own feelings of inner (and outer) victimization by harming others. From humiliating others, especially those who volunteered for it, Raniere got some temporary relief from what was really eating away at him. I feel that he repeated his patterns all of his life, with very little variance, from back when he was still in grade school.

    Allison’s role in the ad was to be Raniere’s receptive and inspired straight woman, to look impressed while Flabturd casually delivered his trite jackoffs of vague, nonsensical wisdom.

    Um hum, uh-huh. She barely evinced that he was shivering her timbers. I don’t see her doing a good job here kissing his ass and don’t even think that she’s listening to him much, as old Flanturd takes forever to say big fat nothing at all. Uh-huh.

    I think that Allison was caught in his Penis flytrap and that in some ways, she knew it wasn’t enlightening her.

    If Raniere had stuck out his schlong to be licked by Allison as a little post-videotape encore performance, and someone else brought her a piece of corn on the cob, Allison would have forgetten him and gone all deepthroat on that corncob, lickety-split.

    Okay, maybe not, but let’s dream big.

    All that Flabturd Raniere wanted was more delusionary power; he craved some new minions and in particular, some more uninitiated vaginas to use, to possess and to punish as he tried to prove his unassailable manhood to himself. Raniere was completely fractured, deep within his own primal self-identity. His compulsion was to savage any innocence or vulnerablities that anyone brought to him.

    Raniere was a one-trick dirty old goat.

    I don’t see that Allison was sincerely drawn in or engaged by a single word out of his mouth about theatricality. At this point while filming alongside Raniere, I feel that Allison knew exactly what Raniere wanted her to help him to get, and that was more power over others.

    Like Nancy and Lauren Salzman and many others, Allison Mack became a pimpmama for Raniere. She had sex slaves, participated in human branding and reported to her master to badmouth her competitors. She got nasty and seemed to get off on it. It was given as testimony during Raniere’s trial by more than one witness that Allison was ambitiously punitive towards others while trying to advance herself within the group. It wasn’t Mack’s trial, but she got exposed anyhow & then some. How mortifying for her. The “spiritual” vanity mirror cracked and shattered.

    If Allison Mack has separated herself from Raniere by now and has used her time since her arrest to exorcise his sadistic shit out of her mind, heart and psyche, that would be wonderful.

    She seems to be easily influenced. If Allison Mack has really been working with prosecutors to expose the criminality of Raniere’s group, maybe Allison has truly come out from under her spell.

  • Yes, I’d like to see Allison using her arrest as a turn around point in her life. See her living a happy life without her Vanguard. She is only in her 30’s so if she turns her life around perhaps she could actually get cast in an acting roll and have a new career in her 40’s and so on.

    Why not? People screw up all the time for love, they do stupid and uncomfortable things. I don’t fault her for who she falls in love with and whose girlfriend and lover she wants to be, even though it was Keith Raniere.

    For love people quit jobs, move across the country even overseas, go vegan when they hate it, hang out with people who give them the creeps because their “soul mate” is best friends with them, ignore their own friends, and some really go to the extreme and go all out and get mixed up in a cult like DOS.

    Does she deserve a second chance? Yes. I don’t believe in kicking a person when they are down, shaming people away from their careers, putting a permanent label on someone just because they did ignorant things in College or ranted embarrassing stuff on Instagram 10 years ago.

    Likewise, should Allison be judged in her 40’s for what she did in her 30’s? No. Not if she does the best she can do to apologize and bend over backwards to make things right for her victims…ah…slaves.

    And of course she will need to fall in love with someone better. Not a person who, when you get right down to it, is just an overblown KNOW-IT-ALL…!

    She would do well, down the road, to at least try to put her acting career back on track, even if it is BEHIND the scenes — which is still a good place for her talent.

    She will need to run far and wide from all pyramid jobs (schemes) and stick to what she is actually good at…which is NOT being a slave master!

    Allison will figure it out….I really hope so.

    Opinion only.

      • She will eventually get through the lawsuit and prison, and if she pays money in a lawsuit and does prison time, then she has paid her debt. Several years from now she will still be young and can have a new life.

        Also, she won’t get more charges, the reason she isn’t being sentenced is because she is the one working with prosecutors for more charges to be filed, but not against her. The Court doesn’t sentence you until you are done cooperating

        At which time the prosecution will likely recommend a lower sentence for her if they are satisfied she was 100% forthcoming.


        • The impact of a civil lawsuit could last the rest of her life, if there is a monetary judgment that she cannot pay right away. It would likely result in having to pay a percentage of her future income to the judgment. Your opinion isn’t worth the toilet paper I just used to wipe my butt. LOL

  • Sad what manipulative men can do to women. Never use mind games. Don’t try push pull and other gimics to coerce their emotions.

  • Once again, an adult woman in her THIRTIES is being talked about like she is a child. She CHOSE this lifestyle. She’s not a victim, nor are any of the rest of them save the Fernandez sisters.

      • The brand on the women in DOS was a combination of both Keith Raniere’s initials and her own. She was also a main perpetrator of victimizing women. Please don’t forget that!

  • I find most of what Raniere says to be so banal and trite I can’t read without becoming angry.

    Film and theater are “businesses” and short of state funding, must find a way to produce a product in a profitable and marketable way. Regardless of the baffle-gab, salaries need to be met, halls rented, contracts and insurance negotiated, partners satisfied, and potential years of ongoing financial obligations met if a product is successful.

    Actors are part of that business and to the degree that they hone their skills, research, network, and try, try, try do they eventually succeed.

    It’s not a profession for the starry-eyed, faint of heart or romantically unrealistic.

    Moreover, The arts are a sub-version of politics and subject to all political constraints, which is why many wonderful stories never get told, and the acceptable stories of the past centuries are retold over and over again. If Mr. Raniere had any experience in the business of acting for film or theater, the above verbal snooze-fest wouldn’t have transpired.

    Given her success in the film industry and her 10 solid years of experience, she should have been teaching him. It certainly would have been more interesting to hear her (not him) talk in-depth about her experience on Smallville. People certainly would have enjoyed it more.

    • I find most of what Raniere says to be so banal and trite I can’t read without LOLing. LOL

      I don’t want to hear from either one of them, they are both damaged goods. LOL

  • Maybe Mack is restricted from the internet, but she could earn money on the Cameo website, where celebs are paid to send very short personal videos directly to customers. The celebs do @30 second (non sex) videos for a low price and hope for multiple sales. Several other Smallvillers (but not Kreuk or Welling) are available

    Laura Vandervoort Actress – Smallville, Bitten $95

    Michael Rosenbaum Actor – Smallville – Guardians of the Galaxy 2 $125

    Alaina Huffman Actress – Smallville $100

    Carrie Genzel Actress – Supernatural, All My Children, Smallville, Castle and Wizards of Waverly Place $25

    Aaron Ashmore Smallville $30

  • I think Allison is actually pretty much herself and not acting at all! I can also relate to a lot what she is saying in this whole Interview. She is only acting in the 2 jness spots. And in the next part of the video which is probably coming up soon, keith is not very amused about what allison says and tells her that she is using a lot of male language and that this is disrespectful to women. And you can see in her face that she gets very uncomfortable about that. This was not planed or acted!

  • All you see is that Allison Mack is acting. From beginning to end, she is not herself, but an actress in a performance in homage and praise of the idol Keith Allan Raniere. The whole video is there just to do that. It doesn’t show Allison Mack’s real reverence for Raniere, it just shows her playing with the simple means of the recorded video. The conversation is certainly arranged in terms of content and the questions and answers are worked out beforehand. Even if it was not recited by heart, Raniere is much too lazy for that, Allison has studied her part carefully and learned it by heart. You can see it in the facial expressions of Allison Mack how she plays her repertoire in all nuances. She wraps the worthless talk of Raniere in silk to make it look beautiful. Allison Mack has knowingly joined a criminal RICO company, and the success of that company and Raniere’s has been her own success. Let’s not forget that. Even though she was in love with Raniere, she was aware of the crime it entailed. She knew what was happening and she was okay with it. She was not under a trance, not under hypnosis and not under drugs. You can even see that she looks very rested and well-rested, and she does not lack concentration. So enough sleep and rest before recording the video was also considered. Nothing is real in this video, not even the thoughts of Allison Mack are. All just a successful staging for others to convince others. Nothing more.

  • Frank, few questions:

    What is Allison Mack doing these days? Is she still on house arrest? Is she in contact with anyone, current or ex-NXIVM?

    With the Cornonavirus/ChineseVirus gripping America, do you think SultanOfSix is self isolating in his spank-cave, thus increasing his masturbation sessions thinking about Kristin Kreuk?

    Thank you.

    • I will answer your questions

      What is Allison Mack doing these days? Is she still on house arrest?


      Is she in contact with anyone, current or ex-NXIVM?

      She is not supposed to be based on her bail conditions.

      With the Coronavirus/ChineseVirus gripping America, do you think SultanOfSix is self-isolating in his spank-cave, thus increasing his masturbation sessions thinking about Kristin Kreuk?

      Yes. Sultan is an inspiration to all unrequited lovers with or without the Coronavirus. I suspect he thinks frequently of being quarantined with Kreuk for an extended period. And this, in turn, sparks a spank frenzy.

  • She should bless the day she was arrested, and bless that she got to spend the last two years with her family instead of at the MDC. Hopefully, she has been eating right and going to therapy.

  • From Charger426hemi1’s Instagram page:

    Endless pics man lol🤣

    @vesseloftruthtv It’s almost as if Allison Mack herself is supplying the pics.
    9w1 likeReply

    @granttakesrichmond you never know do you
    9w1 likeReply


    From another conversation on the Allison Mack Tribute page:

    omg! she’s the one that got convicted of seex trafficking 😮😮😮😮

    @withmy3rdeye Who is charger426hemi1

    @granttakesrichmond why don’t you ask them yourself????. i see you’re following that person

    @withmy3rdeye Why don’t I ask them myself? Because I don’t have a third eye like you.

    @granttakesrichmond yes…..since you’re following them, ask them yourself ma’am! go find out from THE SOURCE MsGrant!

    @withmy3rdeye I will ask the Source.

    So how does Charger426hemi1 feel about her Alter Ego Allison Mack?
    Let’s go to THE SOURCE.
    (Wasn’t THE SOURCE the name of Allison Mack’s acting school?)

    From a post made just yesterday.
    ❤❤❤ #allisonmack #chloesullivan #smallville #powergirl #inspiration #beautiful #gorgeous #amazingwoman #greatactress #blessed #caring #gentlesoul #unique #extraordinary #exceptional #angelic #heavensent #captivating #majestic #devine #freeallison #goddess #queen #phenomenalwoman #intelligent #compassionate #hero

    Would a caring compassionate gentle soul brand people with hot irons?

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