Reader: You Better Not Dare Mention Grace Park and Her Role in Nxivm or Her Husband Might Hurt You!

By Robyn Casper

Dear Mr. Parlato

In response to the article Kristin Kreuk’s Burden of Truth Keeps Getting Heavier – Except for Her Role in Nxivm Sex Cult, I must say that your faux outrage on behalf of Ms. Sarah Edmondson is both amusing and ridiculous and should not be included the next time you entertain us devoted readers with yet another hit piece full of the same words we’ve read on here for over two years on this ONE individual.

Is Kristin Kreuk being picked on at Frank Report?

Perhaps the mentally ill Muslim defender [Sultan of Six] of this little-known actress is a combination that is just too much for you to resist, but your inclusion of Ms. Edmondson in an attempt to destroy the career and reputation of this one actress [Kreuk] rings hollow considering that Ms. Edmondson herself very quickly and very publicly refuted your false claim that this actress was in NXIVM’s inner circle.

Sarah Edmondson is a supporter and friend of Kristin Kreuk.

As some of your readers have periodically shared in the comments section here, these two individuals are still publicly in contact and supportive of each other – so obviously Ms. Edmondson holds little, if any, ill will toward the object of your hatred.

As Ms. Edmondson is currently following the anti-Frank Parlato website while displaying no public support of you or this site, I feel that your use of her situation makes you look like an ignorant fool.

It is also confusing as you want to implicate one actress [Kreuk] for any crazy classes she may have attended while overlooking that those crazy classes and insane ideas would have been taught and promoted by the other actress [Edmondson] you pretend to be so concerned for.

Also not helping your case is the fact that there was a bigger name actress [Grace Park], who was actually one of Ms. Edmondson’s bridesmaids and had recently participated in a lengthy publicity recruitment video on behalf of Mr. Sex-Slaver Raniere, who never spoke out on behalf of her very close friend Edmondson.

Grace Park in a promotional video with Keith Alan Raniere. Robyn advises Frank Report not to mention her name because her husband might get mad and do something violent.

If any actress was going to publicly defend Ms. Edmondson, it should have been this one. And if you know anything about this other actress, you’ll know that she has a husband that you don’t want to mess with – and who might still have connections to people who you do not want to encounter.

[Editor’s note – Is he more fearsome than Emiliano Salinas’s father?]

Perhaps that is why you very wisely do not write about her now. For your protection, you will notice that I do not write her name.

Phil Kim with wife Grace Park — reader warns I better not mention Grace’s name or husband Phil might – through his connections – do something dreadful to me.


Grace Park appeared on Keith Raniere’s now-defunct website She also appeared in promotional videos with him where she interviews him.

Thank you for your time.

I hope and encourage you to stay strong as you face your prison sentence.

[Editor’s note – Dear Robyn, I have not been tried much less convicted so I am not facing a prison sentence – but rather a trial, which I expect to win. As far as not daring to mention Grace Park in the past, I recall writing about her:]

Actresses Kristin Kreuk and Grace Park – Silent at Crucial Hour – as NXIVM Sex Slave Cult Exploited Women


TV Actresses Grace Park, Nicki Clyne, Kristin Kreuk were active in NXIVM: the Cult busted for branding and blackmailing women

Will Grace Park speak about role with cult leader busted for sex trafficking?

For the record: Alleged ‘friend’ of Grace Park makes threats; dares me to publish

Did Grace Park leave Hawaii Five-O, as sources say, not over money – but to join a crazy Master-slave cult?

Despite demand to remove YouTube Videos, Raniere refuses to take down TV actress Grace Park conversations on his channel

Keith Raniere Claimed to Have ”Odd Type of Intelligence” as a Boy

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      • I have no problem with asking you to do extra work, but seriously, I think more of your fans than just me are interested in learning which posts Real People read on the FR.
        Enquiring minds want to know….

  • “there was a bigger name actress [Grace Park], who was actually one of Ms. Edmondson’s bridesmaids”.

    Kristin Kreuk was present at that 2013(?) wedding. But was Mark Hildreth? They broke up in 2013, if so, that could of been an awkward event.

    Also, Kristin Kreuk’s name was dropped more than Grace Park’s during recruitment efforts. It was Kreuk’s name that was dropped to lure in at least one future branded sex slave. Also, Kristin Kreuk, in the space of one month (February 2012) was named in the pedophile expose from the Albany Times Union, Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit and the articles about the Necker Island trip (which Kreuk attended in Spring 2010) that went into some details about criminality. Her fans certainly knew about those articles as they posted the pictures online, without mentioning the criminal bits. Blind to whatever they don’t like. Like the creepy muslim poster, what’s his name again?

    • Kreuk wasn’t there as far as I know. Not sure she would have even been invited at that point. Don’t think Hildreth was there either. Vicente was one of the groomsmen and I think Del Negro as well. Allison Mack was definitely there as she “sang.”

      You keep repeating the same thing about the TU story, but you know very well that Kreuk was only mentioned in the February 11 article about NXIVM courting the rich and famous and that article contained nothing about the rape allegations or the suicides. That explosive, damning article came out one week later on February 18 and contained no mention of Kreuk. The February 11, 2012 article was basically just a summary of some of the name people associated with the group over the years and included Roger Stone, Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama. Kreuk wasn’t even considered a big enough name to warrant a picture or even the headline of the “actress” section. The picture and bolded headline distinction went to one Linda Evans.

      You obviously have been obsessively following this actress for years otherwise how would you know what her fans were doing 8 years ago. (Are you sure you aren’t Sultan?) So while you may have known O’Hara threw her name in his list of people who MAY have possibly known or done something, since she, along with those 50-60 other people were never served, you have no idea what she was aware of. And by omitting people like Nicki Clyne and Sarah Edmondson from his list of names, all O’Hara demonstrated was that he didn’t really know anything about the people.

      And with every batch of photos that Frank publishes from Necker Island, all he does is show that you didn’t have to be that involved or high up in the group to garner an invite to that gathering, i.e., MIA, Ben Bronfman, Georgiana Bronfman, and all of those people no one can identify. If Sara B wanted to party and impress, she obviously was going to invite some beautiful actresses over the likes of Kathy Russell.

      Signed SeaHusky

  • To everyone,
    I have reason to believe the image of Kristen Kreuk at the top this page is photoshopped. Frank Parlato may be guilty of the most heinous crime of all; the crime of posting “fake skin”.

    Therefore, I cannot in good conscience patronize the Frank Report anymore. I wish you all well!

    • NGGB, if what, um, stands out about the picture to me, is what you’re referring to, I indeed

      To begin with, I think what’s going on is subtle enough that I wouldn’t blame Frank for have assumed it was legitimate, if it’s not.

      And finally, a quick fact-check by way of a google image search shows that all the images online, including one claimed to be autographed, appear the same as far as what I’m seeing, so it may indeed be legitimate, if outside the norm of the photos that Kreuk has usually allowed to be taken of her.

    • Regarding photo fun time…Nice Guy. If you use google photos you can find the answers to such things. Screenshot the pic from your phone and then use the Google photos feature called google lens and voila. If you are determined to find out if her nipples are legit, you may need to do additional searching. But you can even find out what type of boy underwear she is wearing and where the image was published first.

      • Missouri, I’m pretty good with Google – including Advanced Search and Images – and haven’t had any luck. I open images like that in Google Chrome, and just do a right-click and Search Google for Image.

        From what I did find, I suspect all the images online are old enough, that they are scans from the original print media. There’s no sign that any of the photos from the shoot were originally published digitally, and no obvious trace back to a source.

        If anyone can figure out differently, it would certainly be interesting to know.

        Actually, now that I wrote the above explanation, I remember from when I was doing more image work years ago, that sometimes Bing does less filtering of images that might be considered NSFW. I haven’t tried that, but don’t know that I’m going to put any more time into it….

  • On Instagram, Sarah Edmondson is following Emiliano Salinas on his private Instagram page, Jennifer Aniston (who has been linked to NXIVM), and Smallville actors John Glover and Michael Rosenbaum. Did they do NXIVM courses?

    • I wonder if Edmondson just hasn’t bothered to clean up old contacts and remove people. I see she follows close to a thousand people, so her following someone may not mean anything.

      It’s also interesting to note that on her account she claims to be a “truth teller.” I suppose she’s told some truth, but I think we’d still like to hear the full truth of what she was involved in, and what went on, while she was running NXIVM’s Vancouver center, including where all the money went.

    • Question: Jennifer Aniston!!? As in, movie star, Rachel from “Friends”, ex-wife of Brad Pitt Jennifer Anniston? Since when has she been remotely “associated with NXIVM”. I would think with her superstardom, this would be reported before. Was this a typo? Inquiring minds (and an avid watcher of “Friends” reruns) need to know.

      In regards to Ms. Park, if she truly was a bridesmaid at Sarah’s wedding I would hope she reached out privately to her good friend during her trying time. If not, that is pretty rotten and cowardly of her. I agree with “Robyn” In thinking that she should have spoken out more so than Kristin. I’m surprised I haven’t seen that detail mentioned or that a reporter or interviewer hasn’t grilled her on NXIVM. I know she is currently or was recently a regular on an ABC show (forget the name) so she does still have a modicum or relevance to warrant the questioning. I have no idea who her husband is but he doesn’t look very dangerous to me and it sounds like he may have an alter ego named “Robyn”….

      Seriously though, Jennifer Aniston- an associate of NXIVM? I call bullshit.

      • Not just Jennifer Anniston but Gerard Butler too.

        Since it was from a “source” and we know Frank will post anything, it could be made up shit or maybe these actors have enough money and PR peeps and clout to threaten Frank into not writing about them. We know Hildy and Kristanna Loken threatened Frank, and it certainly seemed to work as Frank has not written about Loken since he said her lawyers threatened him, and he certainly hasn’t written about Hildy as much as an orange-sashed, virtue-signaling working actor who promoted heavily for the cult for years and recruited at least one branded DOS slave would seem to warrant on this blog. But you really can’t blame Frank. Poor Frank has enough legal shit to worry about as is. Probably why he doesn’t write more about Penelope Cruz either.

        • My position on Kristanna is that she was a member, and may still be a member. I wrote about her several times.

          As for Penelope, I don’t think she was involved other than having her child part of Rainbow for a brief time. I wrote about this.

          As for Anniston and Gerard Butler – I have no evidence they did anything more than taking a class.

          But as George Frobisher explains in Kristin Kreuk Wants Public to Think She’s a Brave Social Justice Warrior, but Cowered When Nxivm Sex Cult Threatened Friends , the difference between the others and Kreuk is that she is a grade-A virtue signaller – signaling on everything but Raniere.

          • Frank, have you seen this article regarding Sarah Edmondson?



            “Through some of the Vancouver actors, the group expanded deeper into Hollywood.”

            You have said that Kristin Kreuk got referenced first when NXIVM cultists were recruiting. She was probably involved with helping NXIVM expand deeper into Hollywood. Do you think the “celebrities” in the cult like Kreuk and Allison Mack coached the bigger named celebrities?


            “NXIVM attracted A-list celebrities, she writes, including one of the world’s most beloved actresses, an iconic rock-and-roll legend and Oscar-winning directors. In the book, she teases, but does not identify them.”

            “That actress who broke up her co-star’s marriage in real life? Yep.”

            That could be Angelina Jolie, who supposedly had an affair with Brad Pitt when he was married to Jennifer Aniston.


            Also, there are some interesting comments about that article:


            “She leads a very nice life in a high COL city thanks to her great success in NXIVM before all the branding stuff began. She profited greatly from the “self-help” part of it before she was invited into the freaky stuff. I don’t feel sorry for her.”

            “As usual, the man (Raniere) must take responsibility and accept the punishment of a lengthy imprisonment. The women blame the man, write books, take media interviews, and live happily ever after.”

            “The article seems to say that she chose to bring others into the cult, for money, earning a 20 percent commission. I wonder how she feels about that now. Were they victimized in the same way? If so, it’s curious that the article’s all about her own experience as a victim.”

            “It really bugs me how affluent she is. There’s a lot of people in this city with no views. The people she recruited must be more bothered.”

  • It’s a shame people cannot take responsibility for their actions, as humiliating as they are. There has to be a level of shame surrounding the “conversations” videos she made. She looked a wreck, disorientated and sleep deprived. Anyone can see this and, to some degree possibly have a level of sympathy for her. Perhaps NXIVM were happy to remove the videos in exchange for her silence. It’s all very intriguing.

  • Let’s talk Grace Park.

    From what I can find, she joined NXIVM around 2008, and according to one account, revealed her membership as part of an effort to have celebrities promote the group in a positive light after the 2012 Times Union article – now, there’s some real denial, and enabling.

    Relatively near the end, she made a series of those “conversations” videos with Raniere to help promote him.

    After things blew up, she tried to get her videos taken down and slink away, without even making a PR statement about her involvement. If I recall, there has been a brief reference to her doing some “virtue signaling,” but since she doesn’t have a particular cuteness or popularity, apparently no one has seems to have really bothered to track that, or call her out about it.

    I have seen that she was at least a yellow sash coach, though not her stripe rank – does anyone know that?

  • Did Grace Park just hire a new PR firm? It is like they are begging you to write more about her for some weird marketing scheme (bad publicity is good publicity).

    • That’s right Missouri, “Just spell the name right” is the first rule of Hollywood star-making. You’ll notice Kristin Kreuk never sent a cease and desist notice to FR? Mark Hildreth and some who have would do better to withdraw theirs. Few months ago some on here were complaining that Grace Park wasn’t getting as much coverage as Kreuk, taking it as a slight to Park. Looks like Park finally wised up and got some pros behind her.

      • “You’ll notice Kristin Kreuk never sent a cease and desist notice to FR? Mark Hildreth and some who have would do better to withdraw theirs.”

        Kristin Kreuk has no case to justify suing anyone. Nothing untrue has been said of her, rather the truth has been seeping out. Things she would rather have buried forever. It’s the internet age, dear, you’re in the public eye, and you have been naughty.

        As for Mark Hildreth, did he really sent a cease and desist to Frank!? If so, the little pussy! He has no case. He is a perpetrator and enabler. This is a website for exposing NXIVM.

        Who else did? Kristanna Loken did a while back. The whore.

  • If Frank posts any of the DOS collateral, I’ve got a guy who will beat him up. Frank is too much of a pussy to risk such a thrashing.

      • The Kreuk pic up top is shady. Why do Kreuk’s nipples look oversized and out of proportion? She has A cups but her Areola are the size of sand dollars. What’s up with that dude?

        Have you no shame posting erotic pics of Sultan’s future wife?

        • Female nipples may seem to roughly correlate with breast size, but there is actually huge variation – though it occurs to me that probably porn (mis)represents a narrow selection limited to what is considered most attractive,

          Once again, commenters here demonstrate that many of them have little if any experience of the real world, and readily make, or are lead to, false conclusions of the same sort that also result in people getting into, and staying in, cults.

          Using The Google will reveal amazing things about the big, wide world, all from the safety of your keyboard:

          ‘The not shocking truth is that everyone’s nipples are a different size, and that’s perfectly fine. “The areola are as variable as the breast that they’re on,” says Katharine O’Connell White, MD, MPH, director, Fellowship in Family Planning, department of OB-GYN at Boston University, Boston Medical Center. That means, in terms of size and shape, there’s a very wide range of what is “normal” for areola.’

          • If it is, then there should be an original to be found that’s not manipulated.

            A Google image search turns up nothing but images that all look the same, plus two other poses from the same photo shoot that also seem to have the same characteristics. Though none of the images I’m finding right off are large enough or high enough resolution to put through photo forensics software to check for signs of photoshopping.

            Perhaps she just made the mistake of wearing an outfit that was more transparent under photographic lights than she intended.

            Do you have any good evidence for your theory? Or specific experience with this type of fake?

        • Maybe someday you’ll stretch those few brain cells and finally realize that AnonyMaker isn’t and never was Sultan.

          • That is a laughable contention when one considers what is posted in the comments here.

            Sultan may be an asshole. I can even understand why he acts like one when you read what’s posted about him here. Maybe he has some issues or maybe he was screwed over by someone in life.

            But AnonyMaker is most certainly not an asshole.

          • Anonymous
            January 16, 2020 at 11:32 am
            That is a laughable contention when one considers what is posted in the comments here.

            Sultan may be an asshole. I can even understand why he acts like one when you read what’s posted about him here. Maybe he has some issues or maybe he was screwed over by someone in life.

            But AnonyMaker is most certainly not an asshole.

            AnonyFaker give it a rest. You are wrong about yourself just as you about most things.Maybe it is just another one of those damn conspiracy theories you rattle on about.

    • Nutjob:
      Once again you prove the aptness of your pen name.

      #1.) It is not “collateral.

      #2.) That material is radioactive.
      No one with any sense wants anything to do with it.

    • The sentence hearings for Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack have never been scheduled. There are lots of potential reasons for that situation – and we really don’t know which one is accurate.

  • Frank is learning what the price of fame is…….

    ….Lots of unwanted lunatics in your life, making veiled threats…

    Add Robyn Casper to Frank’s current list of loons.

    I believe Frank’s growing collection of random crazy stalkers are a greater threat to his safety than NXIVM or Salinas.

  • What “anti-Frank Report” website is Sarah “the opportunist” Edmondson following and where?

    Who would start up a website to attack Frank Report?

    Sarah Edmondson approached Kristin Kreuk and asked for HELP. Instead, she got turned down as Kristin Kreuk does not want to stop living a privileged life.

    Then Sarah Edmondson 1) lies by tweeting that Kreuk left in 2013 and 2) said Kreuk had nothing to do with anything and should be left out of it all.

    Then why ask her for help Sarah? Because she was still involved beyond 2013, supported NXIVM, spent money on NXIVM and was a big part of expanding NXIVM.

    Sarah Edmondson’s tweet is lies.

    Why would Sarah Edmondson possibly have a problem with Frank? Have you had a falling out with the old gal Frank?

    • No, I have not had a falling out with Sarah. I like Sarah. And I do not know of any anti-Frank Report website. If I did, I would be happy to give it a plug on Frank Report. Nothing like controversy to build readership.

      • Frank:
        The only so called anti-Parlato website I can find is:


        A single page on Instagram.

        Oddly enough it mentions the Bronfman based fraud and money laundering charges which have been DISMISSED but nothing else.

        Here is a partial list of people who follow frankparlato_truth:

        Lyvia Cohen

        urbanisticismo (Farouk Rojas)

        Sarah Edmondson

        And here is a partial list of who frankparlato_truth follows

        Lyvia Cohen

        (This is the Allison Mack Tribute Page with over 180 photos of Allison Mack)

        (The Toni Natalie Instagram page)

        Catherine Oxenberg

        (Farouk Rojas)

        Danielle Roberts
        (Dr. Danielle Roberts, the Branding Doctor)

        Esther Carlson

        Clare Bronfman

        Rainbow Cultural Garden UK

        Allison Mack



        Basit Igtet

        Richard Branson

        nicki clyne

        The Knife Media

        Sarah Edmondson

        Mark Vicente

        Mark Vicente

        Julián LeBarón

        Whoever is behind frankparlato_truth is a NXIVM troll.

        • I think it’s noteworthy that @thefallofnxivm, Toni Natalie’s account, not just follows the page but liked both posts. It was created only a month ago and it appears its creator lost interest. Looks like they were trying to get Frank’s attention by following his Gram. That doesn’t appear to have worked. 🙂

        • Checking some of the co-ops in the allison instagram account allisonmack729, I have noticed that several accounts that publish aggressive comments, have all the appetite of being fake accounts, I wonder if it is just chance or is there something else we are not seeing.

        • I heard through the grapevine that Julian LeBaron hacked Nxivm artist Marie Whites Instagram account and that’s why she’s no longer featuring her artwork.
          Thanks asshole.

    • No, that is probably the odor of your own smegma. If you ever left your house, you would probably think Nicki Clyne lurks around every corner. But, of course, we all know Nicki is here in Kings County, recruiting sex slaves and planning world dominance. Ah, imagine the new Axis of Evil: Libya, Mexico, Necker Island and Fiji!

      Good work, fella. Looks like you are now obsessed with both A. Mack-Clyne and N. Clyne- Mack.

  • Emiliano Salinas’ father has ties to bad dangerous Mexican hombres.
    What is the worst Phil Kim can do?
    Serve a plate of rotten Kimchi?
    Beat Frank Parlato in a Mathlete’s Contest?

    “As Ms. Edmondson is currently following the anti-Frank Parlato website” written by Robyn Casper the unfriendly Ghost

    So there is an anti-Frank Parlato website.
    Why don’t you publish the link to it?
    What kind of beef would Sarah Edmondson have with Frank Parlato?
    Frank helped expose the NXIVM crimes.

    Or are the NXIVM rats fighting over the NXIVM carcass?
    Are the NXIVM rats planning to revive the NXIVM scam?
    Will the new NXIVM be headquartered in Vancouver instead of Albany?

  • The only ill (spiritually or mentally) people are the ones who pushed this cult on others; who chose these inner circle cult assholes over sincere people; who mock people not knowing the entire story of ones deceived out of life and time; who are trusted only to betray their trusts; who aren’t forthright and honest, but lie and hide and omit the truth; who in their selfishness cause pain and suffering and destruction to the lives of other people; who pretend to be ethical but don’t know a damn thing about what the word means.

  • Is Phil Kim related to Daniel Dae-kim? They look like twins.
    Is Grace Park related to Jeong-hyeok Park, Yunjin Kim’s husband?
    A lot of strange overlap in Hawaii and LA with these folks.

      • Good to know. My confusion is over because it IS a picture of Daniel Dae Kim. No connections whatsoever, then. Carrying on. (This from a Lost fan who thought Sun & Jin actors were married IRL because of their surnames.)

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