Kristin Kreuk’s Burden of Truth Keeps Getting Heavier – Except for Her Role in Nxivm Sex Cult

Kristin Kreuk plays a brave lawyer on the Canadian taxpayer funded TV show Burden of Truth. Her character risks her career to protect young women.

By George Frobisher

A comment from a reader is as follows

By Unburdened By Truth

Lol, found this on Twitter:

Kristin Kreuk pretending to have a pedophile (white) father on taxpayer-funded television, but pretending not to have followed one in real life. 😂 If only she did the right thing in real life instead of pretending to on television. Sad.

Reality: If Kreuk left NXIVM as soon as she was named in the February 2012 Times Union expose that revealed Keith Raniere had a penchant for little girls, and went to as many journalists as possible, even anonymously, perhaps there would be no DOS. Even post-DOS, she could have anonymously gotten members of the press to write about NXIVM.

Her name helped ‘legitimise’ the cult and fight off the bad press and cult tag. In the DOS court case, it was revealed Mark Hildreth (who used to put his gland inside Kreuk’s axe wound) convinced a future branded sex slave of Kreuk’s cult leader to join NXIVM in 2013. Perhaps even just one woman would not be branded if it were not for Kreuk’s involvement. Does Kreuk understand and acknowledge she has her fingerprints all over this? Is she even ashamed of herself? Does she not feel remotely hypocritical being in this bullshit left wing drivel? It’s the most hypocritical storyline she could do. But meh… as long as she secures her privilege right? Selfish woman.


Is Unburdened by Truth being fair to Kristin? Her role has been much discussed on this website.

In recent clips on the Burden of Truth Twitter we see Kreuk talking big about social issues such as diversity and standing up to oppressors and bullies.

In one clip from the show  Kreuk is so bold she even gets physical with a larger woman – showing off the stuff she is purportedly made of.

On the show, she fights Big Pharma. She also fought her pedophile father – her white ancestor – and is fearless in carrying out her Burden of Truth.

Kristin Kreuk at Necker Island – in 2010 – at a Nxivm retreat.

And it’s a big burden. The truth is Kreuk is a burden to taxpayers, in Canada, who fund the network that broadcasts her show.

She is not shy about allowing people to be subjugated – at least in part – by working to pay mandatory taxes to pay for her role – to show off her burden of telling the truth.  Maybe it’s worth it to most taxpayers – to have a heroine of her purported mettle representing them.

This great virtue-signaling modern-day badass warrior woman.

But the ironies are great.

Like the commenter says, she pretends to have a pedophile father on taxpayer-funded television but pretends not to have followed a pedophile for almost a decade in real life.

She was named as a leading member of Nxivm in an Associated Press award-winning February 2012 Albany Times Union expose series – The Secrets of Nxivm.  In that series, Raniere’s alleged raps of three underage girls – Rhiannon, Gina Hutchinson, and Gina Melita  – were revealed as shocking crimes. According to on-the-record quotes, one of those women purportedly committed suicide.

Kristin Kreuk – Protector of the abused?

But Kreuk remained in Nxivm and continued to allow her name, image and stardom to be used to recruit new women into the cult.

She even took a foray – although this admittedly happened before the public exposé of Raniere’s pedophilia – into recruiting teen girls into Nxivm, founding her now-notorious Girls By Design group.

We now know the designing chap behind the scenes was the virgin-hunting Raniere.

No one has ever quite figured out if Kreuk was deliberately helping Raniere find virgins to deflower. She had been in dozens of Nxivm classes that advocated the age of consent laws were completely arbitrary and that some child sex abuse victims enjoyed having sex with adults and it was only society’s laws that made them victims – not the act itself.

She had listened to Raniere’s teachings that rape itself can come potentially with positives – like having her first orgasm for a frigid woman.

She heard this and remained in the cult. And her Girls by Design website was suggestive, loaded with language and Nxivm-speak that few would think appropriate for preteen and early teen girls – such as Kreuk’s “Sexy Seven” questions, or articles such as how New Orleans Creole prostitutes, who lived, according to Kreuk’s website, a pretty damn fine life.

The stylish Ms. Kreuk — with heels that Moira Kim Penza would likely find attractive

We have seen how Raniere pretended not to be behind DOS and it is fair game to ask – was he behind Kreuk’s Girls By Design?

We don’t know because Kreuk isn’t saying.

While behind the scenes Kreuk expressed to friends and fellow Nxians that she was horrified by the savage branding practices of DOS, publicly she has confined her statements to one very misleading tweet.

Kristin Kreuk with boyfriend and fellow Nxivm leader Mark Hildreth promoting Nxivm on a video.

Let’s review that Kreuk March 2018 Tweet to see if it meets the burden of truth.

When I was about 23, I took an Executive Success Programs/NXIVM “intensive,” what I understood to be a self-help/personal growth course that helped me handle my previous shyness, which is why I continued with the program. I left about five years ago and had minimal contact with those who were still involved. The accusations that I was in the “inner circle” or recruited women as “sex slaves” are blatantly false. During my time, I never experienced any illegal or nefarious activity. I am horrified and disgusted by what has come out about DOS. Thank you to all of the brave women who have come forward to share their stories and expose DOS; I can’t imagine how difficult this has been for you. I am deeply disturbed and embarrassed to have been associated with NXIVM. I hope that the investigation leads to justice for all of those affected.

She writes, “When I was about 23, I took an Executive Success Programs/NXIVM ‘intensive,’ what I understood to be a self-help/personal growth course that helped me handle my previous shyness, which is why I continued with the program.”

Yes, she took a course and continued with the program. That is true. What she did NOT admit is that she not only took the courses, she rose to become a coach and helped teach Nxivm’s drivel. That’s an important omission.

She also did NOT reveal she was used extensively for the recruitment of others. And she did NOT admit she directly recruited others into the cult.

Undoubtedly, she got benefits – or thought she got benefits – from Nxivm and her close association with its president, Nancy Salzman.

It is not known if she ever actually had sex with Raniere.  It is known she brought in Allison Mack, her costar in the TV show Smallville, and that single action ultimately led to Mack’s ruin.

Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk at a Nxivm gathering.

Kruek got out. Mack stayed. But as to the date Kruek got out – once again we are left wondering if Kreuk met her burden of truth in her 2018 Tweet.  She said [days after Raniere was arrested on March 26, 2018] “I left about five years ago and had minimal contact with those who were still involved.”

This is not quite forthright. Her public participation was perhaps minimal after 2013, but reliable sources have told Frank Report she was still part of the group – still spending money on the group – well into 2016.

It is probably true she was not a member of Raniere’s inner circle – but she was not outer circle either. She was a coach. She had the yellow sash – with multiple stripes – which distinguished her from being a mere student who wore the white sash.  She was in between – inner and outer circle – and she was one of the big celebrities used by Nxivm to recruit others, some of whom became sex slaves and whose lives were ruined by Nxivm and Raniere.

Kreuk, of course, says she never saw any illegal activity, which may be true – but unless she lived in a world where she never looked at the many media reports about Nxivm – including those that named her – she could not have failed to know there were many allegations of illegal activity. From money laundering to pedophilia to immigration fraud. To Raniere blowing through tens of millions of others’ money – and suing the bejesus out of anyone who dared to respond to their burden of truth to expose the criminality. She must have been willfully blind to the possibility of criminality to overlook such accusations in media reports.

Or perhaps she was afraid – her burden of truth not great enough to make her shed her cowardice.

In her Tweet, she did make one distinct condemnatory statement – “I am horrified and disgusted by what has come out about DOS.”

But even this is semi-dishonest. She acts almost as if she just learned about DOS in late March 2018 when she made her Tweet.

But, in reality, she was made aware of the horrific things going on in Nxivm and DOS by her friend Sarah Edmondson – in May 2017 – 10 months earlier.

Kreuk was horrified then but did nothing about it.

Then in July 2017, the monster, Clare Bronfman, came to Vancouver to commit another act of perjury as she filed a false criminal complaint against Sarah – Kreuk’s friend – because Sarah had dared to expose the branding and also worked to cut off payments to Nxivm headquarters of all the Vancouver students who were also horrified by the branding and blackmail scheme.

The opponents of Nxivm reached out to Kreuk.  Sarah, her friend, was in danger. At the time, there was only one a handful of fighters, and one little blog – this blog, the Frank Report – reporting on the branding. No mainstream media was reporting anything.

All were worried about Sarah.

Bronfman money. Their fame in Canada. The Vancouver Police were actively investigating and all knew from past experiences that the Bronfman money could get innocent people charged.

If Sarah got arrested, the opposition would be crushed – because she was the only one brave enough to dare show her brand – which she did three months later to the New York Times.  Had Sarah been arrested, many of Frank Report’s best sources for inside info on NXIVM’s operations would have been silenced.

Raniere would be free to continue branding women. There was no FBI investigation going on then.

Sarah and others went to Kreuk – who had more celebrity than any of those opposed to Nxivm. She was asked to join her voice with the others – to express that she was “horrified and disgusted by what has come out about DOS.”

That would be reported everywhere. It could turn the tide. Help ensure that Sarah was not arrested. It would be reported especially in Vancouver and give credence to the branding story and to the voices who opposed Nxivm.

But Kreuk would not do it.  She admitted privately she admired the bravery of fighters like Catherine Oxenberg, Sarah and Mark Vicente. She expressed horror and disgust about what happened to Sarah and Allison and India Oxenberg – but – let’s be frank –  she didn’t see this as her burden of truth.

She was asked to publicly speak at least for Allison Mack and other women who were enslaved. She grew timid. It might affect her career. She was not fighting Big Pharma or lambasting a pedophile father on scripted TV. This would require her doing something brave in real life to protect her friends or help those like Allison whom she lured into Nxivm.

It would require her to lambaste a real pedophile who she enabled to grow more dangerous.

Her burden of truth was not great enough to help.

Besides, she had her own virtue-signaling to do. She was concerned about Harvey Weinstein, someone she did not know – and his abuse of women. She was promoting a revisionist feminist documentary about the brutal Indian mass murderer Phoolan Devi – who led the charge to murder 22 men – who she claimed raped her – without a trial, without any proof – by setting her gang of thugs upon them without bothering to even identify who was who.

Kreuk was happy to endorse this lawless savage and the revisionist history of her as a brave woman fighting rapists – with her burden of truth – which was mass murder. Execution without a trial.

But Kreuk would say nothing about another lawless savage – the man she helped build up his criminal enterprise from 2006 to 2016 by her endorsement of him.

In her Tweet, she expresses gratitude saying, “Thank you to all of the brave women who have come forward to share their stories and expose DOS; I can’t imagine how difficult this has been for you.”

But this was after Keith was arrested – and Allison was about to be arrested. It was not at the time when bravery was needed.

She concluded, “I am deeply disturbed and embarrassed to have been associated with NXIVM. I hope that the investigation leads to justice for all of those affected.”

Maybe it will. And thanks for your big wishes. And your dereliction when you had a real burden of truth. Thanks for your silence.

Now go, my little pretty, and act while taxpayers pay – and confront those big bad men of Big Pharma and pedophile men and thanks for nothing. Stick to acting. We don’t want to hear your virtue-signaling anymore.

Your great moment in life – your time to shine, to be big, to be a star, to unburden your truth – when that moment came – you cowered.

It’s OK if you happen to be a coward. We can live with that. No one is mad at you for not having the courage to stand up. There were many others like you.

But for goodness sake, stop virtue-signaling about bravery. Coming from you, it’s rather “embarrassing and disturbing”, we are rather “horrified and disgusted”.

It the hypocrisy that prompts us and others to write – and comment about posts such as this.


Kristin Kreuk on stage with Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack promoting Keith Raniere [see the banner in background]



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  • I would like to clarify that I do not “hate” KK. She’s just a price of shit for requesting young girls sexy pictures…..for The perverted Sex Offender Raniere. Aka Queerguard.

    • Was this necessary?

      “bullshit left wing drivel”

      “her white ancestor”

      Your entire piece becomes poisoned when readers realize that you’re projecting alt-right agenda and morality into the mix.

      You ignore the monster predator in the Oval Office, who has been credibly accused in court of assaulting underage girls and women, yet have the temerity to take the moral high ground.

      Kreuk’s actions make her a coward and an enabler. Judge her based on her own actions.

  • In an ideal world, governments would be more concerned about taking up the burden of proof to protect their citizens than the stars of a Burden of Truth TV fantasy.

  • Robyn Casper writes: Dear Mr. Parlato — I must say that your faux outrage on behalf of Ms. Sarah Edmondson is both amusing and ridiculous and should not be included the next time you entertain us devoted readers with yet another hit piece full of the same words we’ve read on here for over two years on this ONE individual. Perhaps the mentally ill Muslim defender of this little-known actress is a combination that is just too much for you to resist, but your inclusion of Ms. Edmondson in an attempt to destroy the career and reputation of this one actress rings hollow considering that Ms. Edmondson herself very quickly and very publicly refuted your false claim that this actress was in NXIVM’s inner circle.

    As some of your readers have periodically shared in the comments section here, these two individuals are still publicly in contact and supportive of each other – so obviously Ms. Edmondson holds little, if any, ill will toward the object of your hatred. As Ms. Edmondson is currently following the anti-Frank Parlato website while displaying no public support of you or this site, I feel that your use of her situation makes you look like an ignorant fool. It is also confusing as you want to implicate one actress for any crazy classes she may have attended while overlooking that those crazy classes and insane ideas would have been taught and promoted by the other actress you pretend to be so concerned for.

    Also not helping your case is the fact that there was a bigger name actress, who was actually one of Ms. Edmondson bridesmaids and had recently participated in a lengthy publicity recruitment video on behalf of Mr. Sex Slaver Raniere, who never spoke out on behalf of her very close friend Edmondson. If any actress was going to publicly defend Ms. Edmondson, it should have been this one. And if you know anything about this other actress, you’ll know that she has a husband that you don’t want to mess with who might still have connections to people who you do not want to encounter. Perhaps that is why you very wisely do not write about her now. For your protection, you will notice that I do not write her name. Thank you for your time. I hope and encourage you to stay strong as you face your prison sentence. — Robyn

  • What can someone who has everything in this world want? Maybe give up on it, become a slave and humble yourself. That’s what some 16,000 people from several countries did when they were duped by Keith Raniere. And they were not normal people: from Hollywood actresses to three relatives of former presidents, through a distant cousin King Felipe VI of Spain or tycoon Richard Branson, thousands of rich, famous and powerful were subjected to dictates of a type that he considers himself as “the most intelligent and ethical man in the world” … Ignorance is happiness!

    • I think it’s important to understand that a high control group or cult like NXIVM attracts a lot of normal people, besides the celebrities and well-off hangers-on. Just look at the group involved along with Kristin Snyder at the intensive in Alaska.

      And people, normal or celebrities, get recruited by such groups not necessarily because of deficient personal or intellectual traits, but because they are at a point in their lives because they are vulnerable for some reason – something like a change, loss, or stress in their life. Studies and research demonstrate that; I suspect there are unusual traits of those who get involved in the most pathological parts of such groups like NXIVM’s DOS, having observed or studied a number of others including Scientology’s “Sea Org,” but as far as I know researchers haven’t looked into that specifically, and I can’t verify my theory.

      Groups like NXIVM do make an effort to recruit, or associate themselves with, celebrities – and such figures often get special attention and treatment, including being insulated and compartmentalized from invasive rigors and abuses. In Branson’s case I don’t see any evidence he did more than brush elbows with the group, partly due to his personal connections with the Bronfman family; I suspect that as a savvy businessman used to evaluating people and propositions, and separating the wheat from the chaff, he recognized that they were a bunch of amateurs and blowhards peddling woo with no substance.

      • “they are vulnerable for some reason – something like a change, loss, or stress in their life.’

        Sorry, Slick, happens to almost everybody. It’s called life. Maybe the more mentally delicate such as yourself may find temporary solace in a cult like the Brooklyn chapter of NXIVM, but many of us buckle up, grow a pair and handle it.

        “In Branson’s case, I don’t see any evidence he did more”

        Interesting Slick, that you defend him much like you did Wexner. I have a hunch you would still be claiming all the Epstein stuff was just conspiracy nut theory until it was inevitable enough for you to shut your piehole about it, and even then it took you months to start thinking…… well, maybe it wasn’t suicide.

        Hang in there, Slickster, you are in for some terribly rude awakenings.

        • “Maybe the more mentally delicate such as yourself may find temporary solace in a cult like the Brooklyn chapter of NXIVM, but many of us buckle up, grow a pair and handle it.”

          Evil people take advantage of the vulnerable. This is a fact of life. Don’t victim blame. You may have an amazing support network in your life – others may not be as fortunate.

  • Guys, gals, Sultan, kids, all living things that can contemplate tomorrow – as fun and clickbaity it is to have KK in a headline and speculate about the exact time she left – she’s gone. She’s said all she’s ever going to say about Nxivm and if I was her publicist, I’d advise her not to comment anything further because there is nothing left to say that is truly helpful for anyone. If she needs to atone for something (and maybe she sincerely does), it’s not going to happen on Frank Report.

    At the end of the day, there is no real evidence that we know about that KK did anything wrong. Even if there is proof that she left Nx later than she publicly stated – then what? It was likely out of embarrassment not out of wrongdoing. No conspiracy theory. She fell for some dishonest shit that hundreds of other people fell for. She’s embarrassed, she made what she thought were good decisions presented to her from a sociopath pedophile that her boyfriend introduced her to 10 yrs ago and wants to distance herself because now she understands how gross it is and feels ashamed about her own part in it.

    And I’m not defending KK in particular (I’m not Sultan). I’m defending all of us humans that fuck up, make a mistake and believe in something that turns out not to be what we thought it was.

    Those of us not directly tied to NX are armchair judges (and I’m one of them) that go on about the tragic ridiculousness of it all, cooking up conspiracy theories, speculating about things we really don’t know anything about – this is all entertainment. I just for a second want to remind readers that we are talking about people’s lives. In some cases – 20yrs. More time than it would take to birth a child and rear it into adulthood.

    Regardless of a Nx’s level of victimhood, all are deeply impacted. Likely humiliated, defiant, afraid, relieved, triumphant, disconnected. I guess my point is – why are we wasting time trying to make KK the bad guy? Why does she deserve more scrutiny than someone like Monica Duran or Michelle Hatchette who actually were DOS slaves that we know actually did play a role in what brought NXIVM down?

    Is it just cuz KK is pretty and now famous? I’m much more interested in Monica. Can someone dig into her background?

    • “Why does she deserve more scrutiny than someone like Monica Duran or Michelle Hatchette who actually were DOS slaves”

      These ladies didn’t use their little superstar power to recruit. KK did. She an ass hole IMO. A Raniere Hench Woman. She is the Ghislaine Maxwell of Nxivm.

      • What about Sarah Edmondson, then? She’s also an actress who by virtue of her relative celebrity, and also her vigorous efforts, recruited far more people into NXIVM than did Kreuk. Unlike Kreuk, she profited from it handsomely, and other than going public with her outrage when she finally herself became the victim of some of the worst of NXIVM, has arguably been quite the hypocrite, unwilling to own up to her role in perpetuating the scam that brought all sorts of harm to people.

        If there’s a “Ghislaine Maxwell of Nxivm”, it would be one of Raniere’s long-time inner circle enablers, who actually facilitated his seduction and statutory rape of underage girls in Knox Woods, like Pam Cafritz. There is no evidence that any young women recruited by Kreuk ever ended up in Raniere’s clutches; the only place she actually took girls, was to a retreat in California run by someone unconnected to NXIVM.

          • Kreuk had little girls make and send in a so-called “Sexy Seven” video to compete for prizes. Winners won video cameras. Tell me Keith was not involved in that. KREUK IS THE GHISLAINE MAXWELL OF NXIVM.

          • To Little Girls and Peaches

            What GBD asked for and what girls sent were NOT SEXY PICTURES as you claimed. They are available to see.

            In the future, don’t let your hatred for Kreuk cause you to make false statements.

            And no, I’m not sultan

        • I agree that the “Ghislaine Maxwell’s” were among the older women with none, however, surpassing Nazi Nancy Salzman, ever. Rosa Laura Junco nearly stole the throne, she came closest. I realized that when I read she was the first, official keeper of the DOS collateral that Lauren stepped in and passed like a hot potato to Allison Mack. (Damn, I keep forgetting it’s verboten to mention the Mexicans.) At least Rosa’s daughter had the good sense to pass up her chance at sacrificial successorship.

          Keith’s trick was setting the Ghislaine’s in competition with one another (it wasn’t his idea, however, it was the brainchild of one who’s name shall not be spoken on FR) — quietly clawing away at each other passive aggressively while subduing, subverting their ‘envy issues” on the surface — to remain relevant as they aged out.

          Recruiting and grooming younger women for Keith, “nubiles” — as Ghislaine labeled her victims — was one sure way to do that. Nancy’s trick was her control over the men and women, alike. While the others dared not be caught looking twice at any of the beta males — much less pouncing on one at a volleyball game — bad form, Lauren — wonder what a scolding Nancy gave her for that? And, we know what Lauren did to make up for it — Nancy took command of the SOP’s along with the Bronfman purse strings — what a fixer she is.

          All IMHO, of course.

          • Heidi…sssssshhhhhhush about Ghislaine Maxwell. Next thing you’ll have AnonyFaker calling you a conspiracy kook. Then he’ll write a 20 paragraph post showing how smart he is on the subject from his google and wikipedia sources, thus proving in his feeble mind that you are indeed a conspiracy kook.

      • Fair – but not to the level as Nicki or Allie. Especially considering the sexual nature of DOS and “seduction assignments”.

    • Soon,

      I agree with you regarding Kristen Kreuk.

      The fact of the matter is Sarah Bronfman is who the Frank Report should be concerned with. Sarah Bronfman’s wealth is still intact. She is currently running the Rainbow Cultural Garden under a new monicker. Evidently, Sarah is still gung-ho on Vanguard and his teachings.

      Initially, I had been hoping her husband would slowly steer her away from NXIVM… …No dice!

      Sometimes the master’s wrath pales in comparison to that of his acolytes and disciples…

      …As long as Sarah’s hands are free, there will always be something to be concerned with…

      At this very moment, Sarah’s master sulks in a filthy cage riddled with vermin, insects and pestilence; Sarah’s sister awaits the same fate.

      Once Frank Parlato is acquitted, Vanguard and his two she-devils will be seeking payback of some kind, somewhere between petty and wicked.

      Don’t underestimate Sarah’s devotion. She allegedly seduced a pious monk to bag the Dalai Lama.

      • Agree. I’d keep my eye on Basit Igtet, too. But, really, Niceguy, don’t you think the DOJ if not the DOD ought to concern themselves with the French Connection instead of, say, going after the scapegoats based on massive misinformation and subservience to the almighty pyramid eye that rests on one side of our U.S. currency? (Our “founding fathers” — as Keith calls them — being on the other?)

    • That’s an excellent perspective, well articulated, and compassionate.

      I’ve definitely noticed that the “armchair judges,” and the subset of conspiracy theorists, typically seem to fail to take into account that humans often just “fuck up,” and it’s neither incredibly surprising nor any real basis for ginning up some grandiose explanation. One wonders if they aren’t truly lacking in real life experience.

      Even just among the subset of people with sash rank in Vancouver, Kreuk is near the bottom of the list, with many others more deserving of scrutiny – and of being called out for the culpability, hypocrisy and even “virtue signaling.” Here’s that section from a draft list I put together, in order to try to put things in perspective (I always welcome additional information, and corrections):

      * Sarah Edmondson – Established and ran Vancouver Center, recruited actors and celebrities. Claims/reported recruited 2,000.
      * Mark Vicente – Ran Center in California and co-founded Vancouver
      * Mark Hildreth – Orange Sash by 2011. Jness senior trainer/mentor. Co-leader of The Source. Recruited Kreuk, Nicole, others. Recorded online videos with/for Raniere. Stayed until reportedly cuckolded 2016-7.
      * Lucas Roberts – Orange sash 2 stripes. Stayed in.
      * Leah Lim Mottishaw – Orange sash 1 stripe. Stayed in.
      * Allison Mack – Orange sash 1 stripe. Recruited by Kreuk. Co-leader of The Source. Stayed in.
      * Nicki Cline – Orange sash 1 stripe. Recruited by Edmondson. Stayed in, diehard loyalist.
      * Valerie Ward – Orange sash 1 stripe as of 2011.
      * Pam Cooley – Yellow sash 4 stripes as of 2011.
      * Diane Lim – DOS maybe branded†, Yellow sash 3 stripes. Stayed in, loyalist.
      * Grace Park – Yellow Sash. Recruited by Edmondson. Made at least 9 online videos with Raniere. Reported left 2017.
      * [Note that by reported count, there were 2 Yellow Sash 4 stripes and 2 2 stripes coaches additional as of 2011, with names not listed here]
      * Kristen Kreuk – Yellow Sash 2 Stripes. Recruited by Hildreth, recruited Voth. Co-founded GBD abortive recruiting effort, turned down OneAsian. “Resignation” after 2012 expose’, later coached twice around 2015/16 before finally cutting ties†.
      * Olivia Cheng – Yellow Sash 2 stripes by 2011. OneAsian. Actress, recruited by Cline.
      * Kendra Voth – Yellow sash 1 stripe as of 2011. Recruited by Kreuk. Co-founded GBD abortive recruiting effort. Reported/claimed left c. 2012, but posted about GBD in 2013?

      † Per Frank, see for instance

  • I don’t necessarily see what Kreuk could really have been expected to do differently in 2012/13 when she was a relatively low-level coach (even Hildreth was a proctor, a whole level above) who probably didn’t know anything worth exposing. And if you think it through, and take into consideration how these groups work, she was probably under pressure not to make a fuss when she did decide to cut back her involvement*, from people like her friend Sarah Edmondson (who wouldn’t have wanted her own golden goose as the Vancouver center leader, cooked – now there is someone in a position to know more, being a real hypocrite and enabler).

    It’s worth noting that it’s fairly typical that many cases from people in many different high control groups or cults show that it takes a while for people to confront the truth about organizations they are involved in, and separate themselves – we’ve probably all seen this in human relationships, such as when someone has been cheated on or taken advantage of and is in denial about it at first, or at least slow to come to grips with the situation and figure out what to do. And if they’ve got friends who have remained involved, and perhaps think they’ve seen some good out of the group, it’s that much harder to see it as a black-and-white situation and make a clean break. We see variations of that in the cases of Gina Hutchinson and Barbara Bouchey, for example, as well as many others; it’s an important mechanism to understand. Some people even get drawn back into groups after having seemingly made a clean break, such as, infamously, some of the FLDS women who were freed, but decided to go back to being sister wives so as to be with their relatives and the life they knew best.

    2017 is another matter, in Kreuk’s case, if the account is correct about how she resisted entreaties to speak out.

    What she could actually do now that would be valuable and educational, besides righting her previous inaccurate statement, would be just to talk about how it’s possible to be part of a group that can turn abusive, without necessarily realizing what’s going on; there’s a good chance she did at least see things that she now realizes in hindsight, should have been warning signs.

    * When I tried to fact-check the matter, what Frank has cited as her “letter of resignation” to NXIVM headquarters, which Nancy Salzman apparently took as a significant defection in the wake of the Times Union revelations, was likely sent sometime in mid-2012, as by late summer she had moved to Toronto to start shooting on a new series, which was the implicit pretext for being too busy to continue.

    • Get lost, Sultan. Go back to twitter and quit shitting all over the Frank Report with your different aliases and anonymous posts about your dream spank.

      • You actually demonstrate for us just the sort of shoddy thinking and culty mindset that resulted in Kreuk apparently not initially taking the 2012 Times Union series seriously enough to resign immediately, as many seem to think she should have, and then still retained some ties to the group for years afterward. That’s reflective of commitment or investment bias, in which people have difficulty going back on mistaken decisions and points of view once adopted, even when new information comes to light, or expectations fail to work out.

        Frank can tell you time and again that I’m not Sultan and don’t post under aliases – we’ve communicated enough directly, that he knows me – while there’s even obvious evidence of it in differing writing styles, and yet you are completely stuck in being unable to accept anything that doesn’t fit with what you want to believe. One of the signs of maturity and higher-order thinking is being able to recognize, acknowledge and correct for cognitive mistakes; we can only hope that one day you and others like you will grow into that.

        And it’s interesting that what seems common to all the “Anonymous” are continual schoolyard potty-talk references to feces and masturbation, which shows us the level of a lot of Frank’s current following – unfortunately.

          • Too many similarities between the two. Certain things they say and how they say it. I have noticed it many times also. Watch out Frank, you don’t want to end up a lamp shade.

  • Mr. George Frobisher,

    Great story and powerful journalism!!!

    I hope the editor and owner of the Frank Report warned you that after writing this article, attacking the virgin Kristen Kreuk, the self-proclaimed protector of Kristen Kreuk will be coming for you shortly…….

    …….His name is Sultan of Six. First he will explain who he himself is, then he will attack your language skills, and then finally he will educate you as to why you don’t measure up to Allah.

    George I know you could probably don’t give two shits. However, I beg you to play along. Sultan is bat-shit crazy and 100% entertaining. The best part is he truly believes we are all sick and demented; he believes he is mentally sound and a very virtuous human being.

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      • That’s rich coming from shadow. He would have maimed, murdered and pooped to sleep with any of those chicks from Smallville and that includes the sheriff.

        • Nicerguyz,

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          • Hey, niceboy, didn’t Parlato make himself perfectly clear about your mental instability? Do you kiss your boyfriend with that mouth?

            Frank Parlato
            January 14, 2020 at 12:17 am
            Nice Guy – what is this all about? Can we not find something more related to the topic of the post?

          • Nicerguy,

            What’s that female sheriff look like, again? I do not recall. LMAO!!!! You f*cking, soyboy, Smallville fanboy. I am going mail you a breast pump for your lactating man-boobs. I don’t kiss my boyfriend [your dad] because he is always eating my ass or sucking on my knob. I am sorry, but your daddy’s mouth is filthy.

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          • Soybaby(NicerGuy) aka Cockcave,

            “Your mental instability”?

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      • Mark Hildreth is such a masculine He-Man that he allowed the soft Keith Raniere to steal women from him.

        Way to go, Mark Hildreth, He-Man from Canada.

        In your honor, I play the British Columbia Lumberjack Song!

        • I don’t condemn my readers, who I think are, on average, much more intelligent – quite candidly – than the average mainstream newsreader. I’m kind of proud of that. Take yourself – your dissenting voice is welcome here. I don’t agree but I invite your criticisms. It stimulates debate. This will always be a First Amendment website.

          • That’s putting that mad spanker in his place. As much as he tries, he can’t turn this site into the kk fan club.

          • How would you know they’re more “intelligent” than the average newsreader? That’s a wild, speculative claim unbacked by anything except your own imagination.

          • BEEP, BEEP

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            Gina, Rhiannon, Gina, Rhiannon.

            This has been a test of the U.S. first amendment on the Frank Report. If this is a real free speech blog upholding the first amendment, this message will appear.

        • conspiracy nut-bars.

          Constantly hear that phrase here from the left wing nut shitstains….Russian collusion, Ukraine Collusion and who knows what else these left wing nuts have concocted.

          • Anonymous,

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          • Nice Guy – what is this all about? Can we not find something more related to the topic of the post?

          • My apologies, Frank. Mr. Anonymous aka shit-stain dude has been attacking me as of late. I will tone it down.

          • Niceguy, you’ve been a naughty boy. I think Frank should give you detention and make you do lines. “I will not use such extreme obscene language at a fellow commenter” 100 times 😁😜

      • Frank, some stats, please!

        We readers can only see the number of comments per post, and most come from the same 4-5 people.

        I think we’d all like to know what topics interest “real people” that only read the posts, so please give us some stats on “page view$” on various posts.

        What got more page views on silly subjects like, Kreuk is a boy VS Paltrow’s candle?
        More importantly, which more serious posts got a lot of outside viewer’s interest?


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      • Is this an example of the higher than average intelligent readership that engages on this site? He’s dumber than a box of rocks. His highest level of education can’t be higher than junior high.

          • All I see is you people stalking her. This entire blog post is a stalk job. I wonder who Kristin would feel more threatened by in real life here? People like you? Or this person Sultan you keep talking about?

          • Anonymous,

            10 years? Try like 20…… soon to be 21. Sultan started obsessing over Kreuk around age 19 or 20. He started off a young man with a fixation that grew into an obsession. He is a lonely man and no longer young. The nicest thing I can say about Sultan is he possesses an IQ around 120 to 130. He is incredibly arrogant for someone at the rock bottom of the genius pool.

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    • Anonymous,

      Why are you posting then, on the irrelevant and dying Frank Report?

      If the Frank Report is irrelevant, then is it not true your comment(observation) is “discordant” with your action of posting?

      Jesus, Muhammad, and Dalai Lama taught that a man’s actions speak louder than words. Your action of posting vs your actual comment speaks volumes about what you truly believe.


      Vainguard taught his followers that words had meaning and were more powerful than actions. By chance, were you treated to the Blue Flame Special?

  • Maybe the law has not looked into Girls By Design as close as they should have. I really think that they overlooked a lot. Procuring very young underage girls for a pedophile is some serious shit.This piece of crap coward Kruek makes Sarah E look like a John Wayne. I believe sooner or later more dirt will come out about Kruek that will explain why she will not talk to help, and she will look worse than she does now. No doubt Raniere was doing her. She must be hiding a bunch of dirt. She is such a Turd.

      • There’s scant but striking evidence that they did. At one of the first hearings before Judge Gaurufis, Moira Penza said something that resonated from the GBD website. Penza had on her red stilleto heels and said, “all the way down to my heels?”

        I read those exact words on the GBD website a number of years ago. Stuck in my head bc, like a lot of what was on that site, I thought no way was it written by a 13 – 17 year old girl. Had to be Raniere or an accomplice cat fishing, pretending to be a teen to attract other teens.

        I think that’s what Penza was referring to — making an inside joke in the courtroom. But, of course, I’m just taking a wild guess.

        IDK why the site was up for so long but, another guess, the FBI was doing a little cat fishing for pedos themselves.

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