Bangkok: Is Frank a Brain Dead Journalist? – His Interview With Heidi Clifford Was a Whitewash!

By Bangkok 

Frank has botched this whole investigation into Kristin Snyder’s death.

I also can’t believe how calmly Kim Snyder has accepted Heidi Clifford’s actions after Kristin’s death.

Heidi Clifford is a piece of shit.

Kim says that Heidi Clifford sold Kristin’s truck and gave the money to NXIVM?

Image result for 1999 toyota tacoma
Heidi sold Kristin’s 1999 Toyota Tacoma to try to pay off some of the debt Kristin Snyder “owed” to Nxivm for the intensive she did not complete. She did not complete the intensive because she was thrown out of the class for claiming she was pregnant with Keith Raniere’s child. Afterward, she was never seen again. Nxivm however still demanded full payment.

What the fuck? Am I hearing this shit right? That smacks of collusion to me.

Instead of using the money to help Kristin’s family hold a memorial or donating the money to a charity that Kristin would have approved of, she instead gave it to NXIVM after Kristin was DEAD already?

A gravestone marks a spot in a cemetery but there is no body buried below. Kristin Snyder was never found.

Is Frank a brain dead journalist?

Either Heidi lied and kept the money herself (or) she was somehow in collusion with NXIVM in some fashion IMO, since no SANE person would do that. I can’t even believe I’m reading this shit.

Next… Kim says that Heidi Clifford failed to mention Kristin’s pregnancy to the police for fear that it might trigger a murder investigation?

Heidi Clifford

Heidi Clifford told Frank Parlato in the film “The Lost Women of Nxivm” that she did not tell the Alaska State Police investigating the disappearance of Kristin Snyder that Kristin claimed she was pregnant with Keith Raniere’s child and had been removed from class several times for that reason. Heidi said she was afraid to tell them for fear that they might suspect foul play and consider her a suspect. What the fuck? Heidi’s allegedly covering up the possible MURDER of her LIFE PARTNER just to protect her own reputation from being a suspect? What kind of animal does that? Does somebody who truly LOVED their partner do that?

This was her LIFE PARTNER that was allegedly murdered, yet Heidi was MORE CONCERNED about her own reputation than getting justice and finding a MURDERER?

Only animals or guilty parties behave that way.

Yet Frank pretends to interview that ugly c–t as though he’s interviewing a credible witness? WTF?

Next… Kim says that Heidi Clifford was gonna throw Kristin’s belongings into the trash if her family didn’t pick them up?

What the fuck is that all about?


Heidi and Kristin’s home in Anchorage where the Snyders came to visit after Kristin disappeared. The collected some of Kristin’s personal belongings and had them shipped home.

Her LIFE PARTNER was murdered and yet Heidi wants to dump Kristin’s stuff into the trash? If Heidi truly LOVED Kristin, she wouldn’t have fucken done that. That’s what uncaring sociopaths do.

Does that ugly c–t even have a heart? Yeah, she’s butt ugly and it’s not sexist to point this fact out.


It sounds to me as if ANYTHING Heidi Clifford says should NEVER be believed (should be viewed as SELF SERVING) and she should at least be a potential suspect.

Frank’s interview of her is a joke.

IMO Frank is complicit ‘after the fact’ by doing such a sloppy, one-sided interview and taking Heidi’s word as gospel.


Was Frank Parlato too soft on Heidi Clifford in his interview with her for the Investigation Discovery documentary the Lost Women of Nxivm?

Frank should have hammered on her like a suspect, instead of being all lovey-dovey and trying to act like Heidi has some credibility.

Frank is a journalistic neophyte for not treating Heidi Clifford as a selfish, butt-ugly suspect who likely had the same potential motive as NXIVM had, since Kristin’s pregnancy would likely not have been a baby that Heidi wanted to help raise no matter what that cunt says now.

Did Keith Raniere get Kristin Snyder pregnant? Did he feel inclined to make certain she did not get medical attention that might lead to a pregnancy test?

I want Frank to repent for his flimsy investigation that whitewashed Heidi Clifford’s role in this injustice. At the very least, she’s a self-serving and uncaring c–t.

I want answers. I want butts on a platter. I want this sham of an investigation looked into.

I want Frank to be awarded a journalistic RAZZIE award for his shitty investigation here.

Kristin Snyder’s truck was found at Resurrection Bay – at Miller’s Landing. Her body was never found.

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  • Message to The Rat from the true Goddess Juno — good friend of Samayatara among the transcended, btw — your day in the court of universal law — principally under the law of Karma — awaits you the same as everyone. You’re not special even if you are psycho.

    There’s no escaping the truth in nature. Gina should have taught you that much.

    Bangkok, WTFLYINGFUCK?!
    For a “kid” who wants to, gots to be his own boss you shouldn’t let your mommies drag you around by the ears like this in public.

    Clifford didn’t have a clue what hit her, what keeps hitting her, apparently. She was — and given that there’s really no let-up with these monsters — prolly still is in shock.

    Heidi’s responses from the moment Kris vanished — from the moment NXIVM smashed into her world-shattering it to smithereens — were and are all completely normal.

    There’s a movie that helped me starring Jeff Goldblum— I’ll post the title later — wherein the Goldblum character identifies so strongly with his friend who died — he first puts on his clothes.

    While I was in Dillon, Kim said she “caught” Heidi wearing Kris’ clothes and demanded she strip them off and hand them over to her. Told me everything I need to know about the both of them and that’s why I decided from that point to let Kim and Susan (another nut job story) have my 1:1 time there with Frank on camera.

    I do hope the second ID “The Lost Women of NXIVM” that’s in the can already, as we say in the biz, airs. That NX hasn’t nixed that one.

    And for Gawd’s sakes whennis the DOJ going to step in and stop the on-going brutal harassment and mind fuckery of innocent victims of not only NXIVM but it’s own cover-up of the crimes they’ve let go on for far too long to keep on the shelf — before all fucking 42 floors of terabyte data full of them come crashing down?

    Hang in, Heidi. And THANK YOU for your tremendous strength and courage in coming forward. You’re a Goddess!

    • Thank you for posting this, Heidi. Great info and probably spot on.

      I second the shot out to Heidi Clifford and her courage. Thank you for speaking up and helping us find answers.

  • I wonder how old Heidi is. Kristin would be in her early 50’s now, but I think Heidi appears several years older than that.
    Its interesting that Kristin had a partner who was significantly older and less attractive than she was, and perhaps this could have caused jealousy issues.

    I also find it strange that Heidi has made comments that she believed she was being harassed by NXIVM, but I dont think she ever provided any evidence of why she believed this was true. This makes it seem as though she was possibly trying to draw attention away from herself….

    However, that and everything written by other commenters here is pure speculation….the answers can only be provided by an investigation conducted by law enforcement.

    I still think the most likely scenario is that Kristin did commit suicide after suffering a mental breakdown, but lack of a proper investigation just leads to theories and speculation.

  • First of all, Frank Parlato’s job is as a journalist trying to uncover facts.
    Frank Parlato is not a police detective or prosecutor with the power to compel answers under penalty of prosecution.
    To a large extent, Frank Parlato has to be polite to the people he is interviewing to elicit facts from them.
    Frank Parlato can not act like Clint Eastwood in a “Dirty Harry” movie.

    This case occurred in 2003 when the nature of same-sex relationships was still very much in doubt.
    Homosexual marriage was still illegal in Alaska in 2003.

    Same-sex marriage has been legal in Alaska since October 12, 2014, via the district court ruling of Hamby v. Parnell.

    It appears that Kristin Snyder’s death relates to a possible pregnancy caused by Keith Raniere.
    Raniere had the belief, the fetish, that he could cure women of lesbianism.
    It appears that all Keith Raniere accomplished was to impregnate Kristin Snyder.
    Bangkok, I don’t suppose that you are blaming Heidi Clifford for Kristin Snyder’s pregnancy.

    Bangkok, if you are Dennis Burke, as some people have postulated, then, in my opinion, you are the worst attorney ever hired by the US Justice Department.
    No wonder you got ensnared in Operation Fast and Furious.
    Clare Bronfman should ask for her money back.

  • Can you confirm that they were in fact married? Were they in a common law relationship? How dedicated to each other were they? Were they in an open relationship? I’ve meet lots of couples who claim to be committed today and call each other husband and wife, but break up in a heart-beat. Also, the authorities can get the phone records of all the participants and piece together a pretty good record of what happened. Everything else is just dancing in the dark/

    • September 24, 2001: Heidi E. Clifford, born May 1, 1965, made a civil union with Kristen M. Snyder in the state of Vermont. State file number 03092
      Signed by Clerk Jeanne H. Clark

      Clifford was Kristin’s power of attorney, Clifford was Secretary for Ecologik Inc. Her name is printed on Kristin’s bank checks. Clifford held 5 shares of Ecologik Inc.
      Kristen Snyder, according to Clifford was last seen leaving the house wearing purple fuzzy slippers.

          • Excuse me? You’re probably the rudest person who posts here, and since you continue to show such hatred towards me (for no known reason) I can only guess you’re one of my moron stalkers. Keep it up (under all your various aliases) as it just provides more evidence 😘

          • Sometimes the best way to point out to someone that their rude personal appearance comments are out of line is to make a similar out of line comment to them.

          • The conspiracy to “get” Flowers. Maybe anonyspanker can help you with that you feline fat ass.

          • Really Nutcase? Since you’ve been posting rude shit about me ever since you started using this alias ( one of many you use), and this is the first time I’ve ever even mentioned anyones appearance, your comment doesnt even make sense.
            Consider all the extremely rude comments on these threads where commenters called her an ugly cunt and evil bitch etc….comments which you ignored. Is that because you wrote those comments yourself under you other aliases?

          • Thanks, anonymous. But I’m doing a fine enough job of getting into trouble on this thread without your help.

            Flowers, you posted the same rude comment twice on this page. Within 2 hrs of each other.

            It’s been a year+ since I’ve commented under anything but Nutjob. Although, I’m proud to say, whenever I did comment pre-NJ, you were quick to call me a liar.

            Good luck navigating all those people who are out to get you. I promise I’m not one. Buh-bye, until I again doltishly engage. Hopefully, it will be months.

          • I’m still expecting a logical response from you, Nutso. Please do explain why Bangkok repeatedly called Heidi an ugly sociopathic cunt and you said nothing about it, yet I mention that I’m surprised Heidi was born in 1965, and you consider that to be extremely rude?

            I’m going to guess that’s because you wrote the Bangkok comments yourself…

            How do you keep all your aliases straight, Sybil?

          • flowers-anonyfaker secret is watching many hours of CNN-CBC. They teach brainwashed snowflakes all the hate and vileness to get through their libtard lives

          • Awww….hypocritical and illogical Nutjob can’t come up with a reply that makes any sense…..and so the anon aliases are called into action. Lol.

            Nutjob, I knew who you probably were as soon as you started harassing me. Your snotty tone and illogical nonsense were a good indication of your identity. There’s not that many “random” trolls just out to harass me, Nutjob, but there is one (along with her arrogant, lying husband) who has followed me to several websites and SM platforms.
            Still waiting to learn why….

          • I call out Bangcock as much as anyone on FR. I have stated in the past that I will try not to comment on her (his?) posts because i don’t want to perpetuate Frank’s issue of posting shit like that. Read my comments to Bangcock on her most recent thread. I’m sure you’ll agree my comments to her were even more rude than when I pointed out your bed’s infested with cat urine.

            Check notes with Heidi. Maybe you too think I’m the same weasel.

            There. Thanks for proving me a liar in saying I will also be ignoring you. I’ll try again. Starting NOW.

          • And you’re still not grasping the point, Nutjob. The point being that Bangkok (and many other posters) called Clifford names such as ugly cunt, evil-looking bitch, pickle face, etc., but you didn’t care at all about those comments, yet you harp on me because I questioned her age. I never called her any names or claimed she was a sociopath or a murderer.

            So, my question is why are you always so ready to troll my comments?

  • I am here to put a STOP to the idiocy being advocated by AnonyMaker in the other thread written by Kim (about Mr. Dirt).

    AnonyMaker is trying to claim that Heidi’s animal-like & sociopathic behavior is simply the result of: “everybody grieves in different ways”, LOL.

    Let’s examine this…

    Threatening to TRASH your loved ones belongings IMMEDIATELY after they were murdered/suicided is NOT the way you ‘remember’ or ‘honor’ them if you TRULY LOVED them.

    It’s NOT the way you ‘grieve’ if you TRULY LOVED THEM.

    To the contrary, this is how sociopaths try to ‘move on’ with their lives with minimal reminders about their own loveless feelings about the deceased.

    It’s the way a sociopath tries to erase the memory of somebody they do not love, FAST.

    What about selling her truck and giving the cash to NXIVM to pay for a seminar? That’s normal?

    Sorry, but that’s like saying the family of Sharon Tate would have donated some of Sharon’s assets to Charles Manson simply because he ran a lawnmowing business that may have cut Sharon’s lawn shortly before they decided to murder her.

    (the lawnmowing business is obviously made up here, I’m simply illustrating a point)

    My point is that no LOVING family would EVER consider doing that even if Charles Manson threatened to sue them.

    Besides, how would it look (from a PR perspective) if NXIVM tried to sue the estate of a person who just named them in a suspicious suicide note?

    I doubt they’d be pressing the issue in court when they CLEARLY were trying to cover-up or minimize their involvement in Kristin’s life.

    A lawsuit would only highlight NXIVM’s involvement in Kristin’s life at a time when Nancy allegedly paid ‘hush money’ ($50k and a snack bar) to keep one of the alleged conspirators silent immediately after the suicide/murder.

    A lawsuit would only risk exposing every NXIVM person who spoke with Kristin shortly before her death. Therefore, they would never have sued her estate.

    Heidi Clifford either gave that money to NXIVM voluntarily (OR) she simply lied to the family and kept the cash for herself, selfishly showing her own loveless behavior towards the family.

    Either way, Heidi Clifford was NOT a LOVING partner of Kristin Snyder.

    Anonymaker (and anybody who agrees with her) is nothing but an apologist for a sociopath and God will never allow any such people into the Pearly Gates.

    Those people will spend eternity residing with Pam Cafritz, Toni Natalie and Barb Jeske, with Satan.

    Fuck you, naysayers.

    Repent and accept Jesus Christ into your heart as I have. You cunts and assholes.

    • Fact: Kim Snyder DEMANDED all of Kris’ belongings including the clothes off Heidi’s back she wore — which is a common, natural sentimental response (on both Heidi and Kim’s part) if any “retard” on this thread knew the first thing they were talking about.

      And let’s not forget, NANCY SALZMAN — trained “hypnotherapist” practicing for 15 years prior to starting NXIVM —was promptly on the case (FACT) doing, AT LEAST, damage control — fresh off my sister Gina’s “suicide” case not 4 months prior — KNOWS EXACLY how to work the dynamics of the aggrieved to distract and avoid detectection — down to manipulating the police on the scene by paying off Nina Cowell to lie on an attempt to avoid a search at all!

    • I’d say no because she apparently according to her she gave them her truck.

      Poor Kris, she paid thousands for the dumbest courses, lost her life and nothing went to her blood relatives. And if you check Clifford’s LinkedIn account, you will see some slimy familiar faces from Nxivm.

      • Babble on, Brook. Your shallowness is showing.

        How does the sheer cruelty of forcing an, essentially, murdered person to pay for the weapon (the NXIVM courses) that struck her to cover the crime including paying off the witnesses to it escape your notice?

        Are you a brook or a troll sitting by taking tolls to cross like most of the assholes on the Snyder threads?

        • I’ve actually been on here for a long time. Figured I’d play with a new name. And come to think of it, I wonder if we can compare you to another Virtue Signaler? To me, you’re full of shit. I’m sure you mean well, smarty-pants, but the only thing you know about the Snyders is what Kim told you. You have no facts to base much of the crap you spew. Good luck 👍

  • Whilst I agree that there were some strange behaviours, again that’s on the face of it. We only know a fraction of the story. Perhaps Heidi was being harassed for payment for the course, perhaps she was being threatened and felt she had no other option but to sell the truck and pay NXIVM. There are so many players but most of them are NXIVM related. Even the innocent ones have had their minds scrambled by these hideous creatures and what is coming out of their mouths will be unreliable at best and downright lies at worst. Unfortunately, because of this, I don’t see any hope of finding out what happened. I sincerely hope I am wrong.

    When the Snyders had the phone ☎️ conversation at their home with Heidi at the end of 2019- when Frank Parlato visited the Snyders, Heidi’s excuse about the rape/pregnancy 🤰 story was “she didn’t know what to believe and what NOT to believe, and she was still brainwashed”. This excuse will NOT hold up in court.

    How did Heidi NOT remember who did the presumptive death 💀 Certificate for Kris, and when Kim questioned her about it, she stated, “I’m NOT sure 🤔 who did it?”. The Snyders made it clear that Heidi and Kenny Powers, a supposed friend of Kris and Heidi, signed it on the back in court. The death 💀 certificate can be found online at, Kristin Marie Snyder/ presumptive death 💀 certificate. It even shows where Heidi paid for it online. This is SO odd – that someone who loved Kris would have told Kris’ family about who signed the death 💀 certificate, and how to find it online. The death 💀 certificate was obtained very quickly- the SNYDERS had nothing to do with that at all. They have been kept out of the truth for 16 years!!!! It is time for the truth!!!!!!

  • Linda
    Kris’ life was snuffed out too soon, and NO ONE ☝️ from her LIFE PARTNER to the instructors 👩‍🏫 gave a flip about her. Kris’ belongings were thrown in garbage bags – as if Kris’ life DID NOT matter – and as if nothing that she stood for mattered. Kris’ LIFE PARTNER has gotten away with lying, constantly, and people want to go after the victims left behind – the SNYDERS!!!! How rude and crude. That needs to STOP 🛑!

    I am very concerned 😟 about Heidi’s kids – will they ever be told that Heidi was married to someone else? They don’t even have cell phones, video games, etc. How are they doing? Has Heidi or will Heidi ever be honest with her partner about Kris’ death 💀 and how she did NOT try to protect her? Was Heidi angry 😡 about Kris’ pregnancy? Her actions show that she was since she did NOT tell Law enforcement the truth, nor the Snyders for 16 years. All of her actions show GUILT!!!!!!!

  • Old friend of Kristin:
    Heidi was NOT a concerned 😟 spouse of Kristin, because she allowed the stupid instructors 👩‍🏫 to keep her away from Kris – she has an OT degree, that says, DO NO HARM!!!! She did NOT attempt to protect or hospitalize her LIFETIME PARTNER.

    Heidi, in NOT picking the Snyders up from the airport when they arrived – and wearing Kris’ clothing – is a full sign of guilt!!!

    When Kim asked her to take Kris’ clothes off and bag them up, there was NO struggle about it, and giving the Snyders Kris’ belongings in plastic bags – shows guilt.

    NOT telling the truth about anything is a definite sign of GUILT!!!!!!!!

  • What Heidi did is called self-preservation!
    Bangkok, it’s easy to accuse and call Heidi a c…t sitting in your underwear typing on your laptop.

  • Heidi is not a c…t! She is a scorned lover wife husband partner whatever label you want to call her!

    Frank is a great investigative reporter! His job was to get her talking talking talking. Find the holes in the story and then hammer away,

  • Bravo Bangkok! I have also thought that Heidi did not behave like a loving partner. There had to be some trouble in paradise and they were taking this intensive to help the relationship.

    Heidi was probably angry about Kris having had sex with Raniere. It was an admission of infidelity! It’s called cheating adulatory grounds for divorce and she was pregnant to boot! I would say Heidi was so angry she wanted to kick Kris to the curb. Putting her belongings in the trash and selling her truck was just her cleaning up the aftermath of a marriage that was over.

    The icing on the cake was that Heidi didn’t want to be implicated in a missing person’s suicide case. Look at it from Heidi’s perspective and maybe for those readers that are homophobic substitute a male name for one of the partners and it may make more sense.

  • I agree that Clifford ought to answer some hard questions about what really happened.

    Frank seems to me to be someone who tends to protect people he regards as cooperating sources. In a complex situation like this that involves the cultivation of sources, it’s hard to say whether that is right or wrong. Maybe that wasn’t the best choice for a documentary interview. Perhaps, in the long run, he can even get more and better information, than could have been obtained by being more confrontational with Clifford in the interview.

    In the case of the truck, it may well be that Clifford felt obligated to pay NXIVM. I don’t know exactly how NXIVM structured things, but it’s fairly typical that such groups create constructs where they leave participants and members feeling as if it is important to the individuals’ “ethics” or whatever to keep their commitments to the group – though that’s usually a one-way street, and thus a mechanism of control. We see that play out in a related but somewhat different way in NXIVM’s inner circle and DOS, such as where those involved were expected to always do exactly what they had promised and were accused of “ethical breaches” if not, even though they were being misled and lied to.

    Clifford’s actions indeed seem strange, but it’s hard to know what to make of that. People sometimes react to stressful situations in unexpected ways, and Clifford just seems a bit strange as well.

    • Well said, Anonymous. I would be interested in how involved Heidi was with NXIVM. Was she recruited by Kristin or vice versa? Her lack of response when Kristin was removed is weird. Her wife is in extreme distress and she does not follow her? It is hard to know if the relationship was failing or if Heidi had become a podperson: Maybe both.

      • When a couple walked through the front door, Nxivm’s number one goal was to split them. I was almost a victim of this and there is a long list of broken relationships in the name of Nxivm integration and personal growth!

        Kristin and Heidi would have been prime targets considering Raniere’s conversion therapy, raping and impregnating Kristen

      • FACT: Kris recruited Heidi and her mother into taking the NXIVM course — with the ‘help’ of the NX recruitment force — after Kris became suddenly smitten and wanted their support to pursue her ESP dreams that may have included bearing Keith’s Avatar baby (either here or in the hereafter.)

        Another fact: Kris was asked to complete a testimonial form touting Keith’s genius and her satisfaction with the NXIVM courses. She never finished it — her pen slid down the page as she attempted to.

        Gina wrote (dreamnt) of having the exact same experience when they demanded she complete a form absolving, prompting NX and Keith.

        These shocking similarities could have been a manifestation of cognitive dissonance under a state of hypnosis.

        THAT’s on tape, ID has it.

      • Everyone seems to forget that Heidi was dealing with her mother who also attended some NXIVM trainings and who suffered from Alzheimers listening to NXIVM’s claims they could cure it. Heidi C probably had no idea if up was down and down was up during this stressful time: Heidi had to deal with a mother suffering from the dementia Alzheimers creates, her life partners alleged infidelity, possible pregnancy, psychotic breakdown and then alleged suicide or murder while attending NXIVMS mindfuckery herself.

    • Whatever she paid to NXIVM was a small price to pay to have them out of her life. It would be really messed up if this thought didn’t cross her mind as she was selling the truck and paying the enormous tab.

      • Except, as you well know, “they” weren’t out of Heidi’s life were they?

        Not by a long shot (from a zoom lens zero’d in on Heidi and her friend seeking solace at the Grand Canyon, for starters).

        IDK who you think you’re fooling, Nutjob.

        I get that you’ve got the guilts but there’s no dealing with the Devil. You ougtta know that.

        How’s your victims compensation packet coming along? Gotta nice big number rounded up yet for “Mike”? Yep, that Bronfman loot sure goes a long way.

        • Uh, what? All I said is I understand why Heidi C may have paid off the invoice.

          But you certainly raised my curiousity. Do you mind explaining or giving a clue as to this:
          “How’s your victims compensation packet coming along? Gotta nice big number rounded up yet for “Mike”? Yep, that Bronfman loot sure goes a long way.”

        • Dear God. And can you please also give me a clue about this? “IDK who you think you’re fooling, Nutjob.

          I get that you’ve got the guilts but there’s no dealing with the Devil. You ougtta know that.”

          I think you may have the wrong Nutjob.

          • Nutcase
            Maybe Heidi recognizes you for who you really are….a rude paid troll who only posts here to harass certain people and to kiss the asses of others.
            Your intentions are obvious, nutty one, and you gave yourself away long ago.

    • Also, wouldn’t the truck have gone to the Snyders? How is it Heidi got everything? I also saw that Heidi Clifford was asking all of Kristin’s friends for money less than a week of her disappearance.

      In my opinion, I think Heidi Clifford has some major co-dependency problems. If Kris was planning to go to Mexico, she probably couldn’t handle it. She didn’t want her to leave and possibly got rid of her and took control over all of her possessions. When Clifford caught wind of the Frank Report and saw Raniere’s arrest for rape, it was a perfect opportunity to use him as an excuse for her disappearance.

      I see motive on Keith Raniere’s part and I also see motive on Heidi Clifford’s part. I also think that Esther Chiappone knows a hell of a lot more then what she’s giving anyone and it wouldn’t surprise me if Jim Del Negro knows the truth as well.

      • Peaches,
        Who did Heidi C go to to ask for money within a week of Kristin’s disappearance? Or ever? What is source for this ? Who of Anchorage NXIVM folks was Heidi C friends with ?

        • I will post the list in a more current article. For now, I will say this. It would be nice if Kristin’s friends would help in this investigation. I’m only an outsider with great interest in the truth. If anyone wants to help Heidi Clifford, here is the Wells Fargo account she set up for Kristin Snyder. This is how it’s written on her emails to friends like Ellis L. Laundermilk, Invertebrate Biologist
          Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission
          801 Schenkel Lane
          Frankfort, KY 40601
          Phone 502-573-2886,ext 113
          Fax 502-573-2355

          Sent February 13,2003 at 4:39 am

          “Fund for Kristin Snyder: Wells Fargo account # 7368873415. If you want to do a wire transfer from a different bank to this account, you need this: Wells Fargo incoming routing # 102000076. Or send check payable to Heidi Clifford, P.O. Box # 231213, Anchorage, Alaska 99523”

  • Clifford did not act as I would expect a typical husband/wife relationship would act, but then they weren’t married.

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially by another woman.

    However, it wasn’t Frank’s job to prosecute Clifford, it was his job to get information from her and if he had started to insult her or start asking the hard, accusatory type of questions, she probably would have shut down and we would have little to no information from her side. It is now time for law enforcement to start putting together the pieces from different people and continuing the investigation process in order to determine what the truth is, if they can. Also, from reading Snyder’s opinion of Clifford, I don’t think she is going to invite her over to dinner any time soon, even ignoring the lesbian factor.

    • Schlock, when you begin acting the way one might expect a human being to act, you might have a show at least your handful of Koo-Koo Klan pals tune into. It’s not like you’re stupid. Until then why don’t you shove your homophobia and your misogyny and your burning cross up your lover’s white robe and ride off?

      • Heidi, IMO you should take your own advice, “Schlock, when you begin acting the way one might expect a human being to act”, and then you tell a man, “why don’t you shove your homophobia and your misogyny and your burning cross up your lover’s white robe and ride off?” Is not an example of how a woman in need, should talk to someone who is concerned in finding out more about, not only Kristin but for your Gina as well. Telling Scott to shove a burning cross up his lovers robe is a new low even for you. I suppose I should remind FR readers that Gina died on holy grounds and was a spiritual seeker. Having you as a sister speaking like this would not be honoring her. Least not forget you allowed Raniere to climb in and out Gina’s window.
        Best of luck to you

  • Wonder Woman: Kim Snyder has told the truth ALL the way through every article that she has published. The “friends that Heidi had at all of the memorials were her friends!!!! We had NO ONE as a family!!!!!!!! The issue of who was there doesn’t matter now——that was then, this is NOW!!!!

    Heidi has lied to authorities!!! She NEVER told them, about the rape and pregnancy of my sister – which she said in ‘The Lost Women of NXIVM”- she never told cops Kris told people she was pregnant with Keith’s child. That wasn’t told to us as a family until 2019. She has lied about the allegation against a family member, then, years later, told about the rape and pregnancy of my sister.

    Heidi, on the night in which my family and I arrived, was wearing my sister, Kristin’s clothing, and I made her take them off – and give them to me. That included my dad’s sunglasses. Kris’ other clothing had been put in plastic bags and was in a wet garage. Who does that?

    Heidi, on the night in which my family and I arrived in Anchorage, Tami Boyer and Jane Markiewitz picked us up from the airport, to take us to Kris and Heidi’s home. There were NO tears!!!!!! Heidi did NOT seem thrown by anything that had happened.

    My parents stayed upstairs – where Heidi was lying about the “suicide note, instead of the “real” story about the rape and pregnancy of my sister, Kristin, by Keith Raniere, of whom she went to see in Albany, NY- prior to coming to our home in January 2003.

    While my parents were upstairs with Heidi, Heidi had told us that anything of Kris’ was fair game, so, I began collecting Kris’ things downstairs. I found 40-50 loved cd’s of Kris’ smashed on the floor – I began to cry. I got the ones that were still intact – and put them into my backpack. I then turned and saw a man sitting on a “white baby blanket”, that belonged to Kris, and during that time, an argument ensued. I got the blanket, however. Those were Kris’ things – and we had been told by Heidi to take them home.

    The Memorial service s- we, as a family were invited to take part in, so, we used scripture, and at the Lussac Library film strip, showed ONLY appropriate photos of Kris. We took the DVD to Dillon, home with us.

    The Toyota Tacoma Truck was sold, which belonged to Kris!!!!!!! It was sold – and the money given To NXIVM – according to Heidi – because Kris did NOT finish the last part of the Jan/Feb 2003 intensive. The money was given to them, but Heidi has been caught in another lie – we have seen credit card sheets where Kris paid her OWN NXIVM bills, along with the lie that Heidi had told about NOT knowing Kris went to Mexico!!!! We have seen all of the evidence that points out that she did go to Mexico!!!!!!

    With having found Kris’ truck at Resurrection Bay, Heidi has now told Frank Parlato, that there were 4-5 more places, that Kris could have gone. There is a Texted Seward Police Report – and you can find her death certificate, Kristin Marie Snyder/ presumptive death certificate. I was able to find it easily online. Heidi never told our family, it was online either. The other issue – Kenny Powers, a so-called friend, went with Heidi, who pushed for the death certificate——NOT my parents – Heidi and Kenny signed for it. Kenny is NOT family!!!!! It should have been mom/dad — Heidi. This is again deceitful of Heidi.

    We were accompanied at the Lussac Library by friends of ours, who flew down from Minneapolis, MN – and who stayed with us at the Inn and Suites until time for us to return to Dillon, SC. (Home).

    Once we arrived on our turf, I was able to help prepare for our own funeral mass and public memorial services…..which were NOT done in haste, which Heidi would have people believe. They were NOT done quickly- and in which we paid for!!!!!

    Kris’ whole family – minus Heidi – were in Dillon for them.

    During the complete searches in Anchorage, we as a family kept friends and family abreast of what was going on, through phone calls, and emails. Then, we came to find out, Ms. Clifford sent out MANY, MANY emails, telling people about Kris’ death (co-workers & our family members), asking for money. We have a NOTEBOOK that has ALL of these EMAILS and a journal that Ms. Clifford wrote, the last ten days of Kris’ life, and told us we could take home. She gave it to my mother to bring home, but has told people, she was brainwashed, and does NOT remember doing that, nor does she remember writing the journal. We have ALL of this in a notebook, in which Frank has already published some of it.

    This traumatic death, has caused 16 years of pain, and the lies DO NOT HELP!!!!

    Please help us solve this case!!!!!

  • And the journalistic Razzy goes to …….?
    Nah, Frank’s doing a great job imo. Hiedi is butt ugly. Yes, she’s fucking heartless for sure.

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