Shadow: Feds using Salzman faction to destroy Bronfman faction & Allison Mack

By Shadow State

Someone wrote: ”so because the Salzmans were put aside (which was proved to be untrue), Allison deserve to be punished”.

The Feds identified two factions in NXIVM.

The Old Line Salzmans and the Young Turk Bronfmans.

Allison Mack was the Golden Girl of the Bronfman faction, working for both Clare and Sara.

When Pam Cafritz died, Allison Mack replaced her, not Lauren Salzman who had more seniority.

Nancy Salzman lost control of the NXIVM finances to Clare Bronfman who financed the cult and all of Raniere’s frivolous lawsuits.

Who did Raniere say was the reincarnation of Hitler? Not Clare Bronfman but Nancy Salzman.

The Feds are using the Salzman faction to destroy the Bronfman faction.  Call it “Divide and Destroy.”

And when Allison Mack took over the slave harem, she inherited an ongoing conspiracy to traffic women for Raniere and also procure children for Raniere.

Jane Doe #2,  the 15-year-old Mexican girl who was molested by Raniere back in 2006, was one of the top tier slaves working under Allison Mack.

Mack was indicted for her involvement in an overarching indictment for involvement in a long-term criminal organization.

Allison Mack is a dunce and a sucker.

L-R Nancy Salzman, the late Pam Cafritz and Lauren Salzman – part of the old guard, the Salzman faction, of Nxivm.

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[…] The following is a guest view in response to Shadow State’s post Shadow: Feds using Salzman faction to destroy Bronfman faction & Allison Mack. […]

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

I think the DOJ just isolated each of them and the “alliances” formed by themselves. I wouldn’t even call it alliances or factions, they are just the rats running off of the S.S. Raniere. Just because two of the rats happened to jump a few weeks apart, I wouldn’t call that an alliance or faction, just the sequence. At least until/unless we find out more. But it makes for a great Mack bashing story, right Mr. Shadow?


[…] The following is a guest view in response to Shadow State’s post Shadow: Feds using Salzman faction to destroy Bronfman faction & Allison Mack. […]

4 years ago

Please clarify: Allison Mack was not part of NXIVM when Jane Doe #2, the then 15 year old Mexican girl was initially molested by KAR in 2006, per the evidence.

She did not become “a top tier slave under Allison Mack” as you imply, until many years later, if ever, and there’s a possibility that bc Allison was so deliberately set-up to take the fall or blame, IMO, the girl was placed in Allison’s slave downline to buffer KAR’s culpability and make Allison her master in the “sorority,” if caught.

4 years ago
Reply to  Heidi

Heidi is right about the timing.

Allison Mack career is over and she will be persecuted in the court of public opinion.

What is it like to be persecuted and in the court of public opinion?
I have a friend that was eating dinner in LA during Jonny Depp’s debacle, Depp was at the restaurant and as a patron was leaving the yelled out, ” your a filthy fucking wife beating scum JohnyDepp”!.

Mack may not get the prison sentence you believe she deserves in the end but I promise you she will face scorn,ridicule,
and public harassment for years to come.

4 years ago
Reply to  niceguy

You assume anyone would recognize Allison outside of some venue she was expected to be — court house, parent’s home. Unless she was at some con or Smallville event, I bet she could be eating out or shopping without anyone knowing her. She’d have to get out there and shove her mug on as many media outlets as she could before people would begin to recognize her face and associate it with Frank’s sex cult. Probably part of what got her into this mess in the first place is because she received little recognition outside of a small subset of Smallville viewers whereas the Bronfman / Salzman / Raniere clan treated her like she was leading lady material:

As FrankReport wrote:”I was at the Jness weekend that Allison Mack came to in Vancouver BC. It was her first event. Lauren & Nancy Salzman along with Sara Bronfman love bomb all over Mack. The sad thing is she ate it up like candy.”

From the Hollywood Report: “Dones says that Lauren Salzman attached herself to Mack that weekend, eating meals with her. “By the end of the weekend, Lauren and Allison were like best friends,” she says. When the seminar concluded, Mack accepted an invitation to fly on the Bronfmans’ private jet back to Albany, New York, to meet Raniere in the flesh. They told her Raniere could help her with her acting career. This was a rare development, even for a VIP; most high-profile initiates had to complete at least one 16-day “intensive” at a cost of $7,500 before being granted an in-person meeting with Vanguard. A couple of weeks later, when Dones traveled to Nxivm’s corporate offices and training facility in Colonie, north of Albany, she was surprised to see Mack still there. One Friday night, when Raniere gathered his followers, male and female, in a nearby public gym for a weekly game of volleyball, she found Mack sitting in the bleachers, smiling contentedly at the players. “She said she was having a great time,” says Dones.”

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I am just trying to give Shadowstate some solace.

Thanks for sharing!

4 years ago
Reply to  Heidi

LOL. Yeah sure.

In Heidi’s opinion, Keith placed this particular slave in Allison’s downline to set her up to ‘take the fall’ and to buffer KAR’s own culpability.

Great theory, Heidi.

The only problem is… Heidi’s bogus theory just isn’t supported by the EMAIL EVIDENCE — where Keith openly admitted to being the ‘grandmaster’ of DOS with the power to command any slave to have sex with him.

Read his emails again, Heidi.

Read his instant messages.

He doesn’t shift the blame to Allison in those messages. He fully admits that he’s the head honcho of DOS.

Look Sunshine, IF Keith was really plotting to insulate himself from ‘culpability’ THEN he wouldn’t have sent EMAILS admitting that he’s the ‘grandmaster’ of DOS.

Keith and Nancy were not even smart enough to use ‘Bitlocker’ to protect their own hard drive files.

Guess what?

‘Bitlocker’ is a sophisticated encryption system which is a part of Windows — and any IDIOT can use it with a few clicks.

‘Bitlocker’ uses the strongest encryption possible. Thus, contrary to what you see in the ‘movies’ — the FBI cannot break this encryption without somebody telling them the password first.

FACT: Keith wasn’t even smart enough to instruct Nancy to bury the cash found in her home. Nope.

FACT: Even after he fled to Mexico because he knew the Feds were investigating NXIVM — he STILL didn’t tell Nancy to get rid of that cash, even though he knew her home could be raided at any time. LOL.

Instead, he just let her keep it in a SHOEBOX for the Feds to find.

Yeah, that’s a REAL brilliant plan to leave $500k of untaxed/illegal cash out in the open. He’s a really good planner, Heidi.

Duh. 🙂

Keith was a JACK ASS and a FOOL.

Laurel and Hardy were better planners than Keith.

Keith was never a master planner. He was playing checkers. Not chess.

Why didn’t he claim that Allison was the grandmaster in those emails? That would’ve really helped to pin it on her.

Guess what?

He was too stupid for that. He wasn’t planning to deflect blame away from him. His ego didn’t allow him to let somebody else claim ownership of DOS — until it was too late and he had fled to Mexico.

4 years ago
Reply to  Heidi

Heidi, here is a point that deserves repeating.

RICO has a civil component that allows lawsuits by the NXIVM slaves against RICO defendants with TREBLE DAMAGES.
India Oxenberg and all the other slaves can sue Allison Mack and Clare Bronfman for TRIPLE DAMAGES.
And here is an extra factor to consider:
If Allison and Clare make a plea deal where they plead guilty, that guilty plea can be considered an admission of guilt in a subsequent RICO civil suit.

4 years ago

Clare and Sara Bronfman financed the cult and all of Raniere’s frivolous lawsuits long before Nancy Salzman lost any control of any part of NXIVM.

It wasn’t until after 2009 when the NXIVM nine left that Keith Raniere started to replace anyone. He not only replace some of Nancy responsiblity (which shows he ran the entire show since legally it was her company, not his). Raniere replaced many of the board members.

4 years ago

Where to start…

-First where in the court documents have you seen that the feds have “identified two factions”?
Yeah, that’s what i thought, your sick brain is at it again

-Allison was the golden girl for nothing…she was nothing more than a tool to those people , contrary to the Salzmans and Raniere, Allison was not making money out of all this. She was (like the other member of DOS) ordered to do what she did.

I remind you that you accept that victims could do crazy things because of their collateral but Allison too was forced to give serious collateral.

And even if she played a role on the fall of the Salzman in Nxivm (which is utterly false), it doesn’t make her the worst then them.
The Salzmans were behind most of the serious crimes.

She inherited Nothing and there is nothing that show any kind of child exploitation . NO CHARGES mean NO CRIMES PROVED!
You’ll, of course, repeat the stupid memo that you still Don’t understand and i’m not gonna explain to the likes of you (again) why you are wrong.

Jane Doe 2 was 15 in 2005! Allison entered end of 2006 and was in the inner circle at best around 2010 (interview with her boyfriend)…probably even later.

SO when Allison was potentially informed on this, JD2 was………20!
And in the document of the court, there is no information about JD2 being Under Allison’s position

Once again, the only victims of Allison Mack are all over 25…until the government say(and proves) otherwise, it’s just another of your fake accusation based on the hot air filling your empty skull.

You proved again my point that you are so obsessed that you change the facts. You have a serious mental problem if you Believe your own lies.

Frank,I know you want an open forum of all side of the story but you decredibilise yourself by allowing someone who has no knowledge, twist the fact and make up stories .
Are you that out of subjects?

4 years ago

You got the picture wrong L-R Nancy Salzman, Pam Cafritz, and Lauren Salzman.. Alex Benencourt is sitting behind them all.

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