NXIVM Crime-a-Day: Rainbow Cultural Gardens needs immediate investigation for children’s sake

Rainbow Cultural Gardens - a dangerous experiment

Rainbow Cultural Garden 

While some argue that DOS is a voluntary sorority of women and, therefore, not an illegal operation,  no one can argue that the children of Rainbow Cultural Garden are volunteers.

In Rainbow, small children are paired with foreign Nannies who talk to them in different languages: e.g. Monday: Chinese, Tuesday: Hindi, Wednesday: Spanish, Thursday: Russian, Friday: Arabic, Saturday: French, Sunday: English.

Keith Raniere says it will enlarge the brainpower of children.
Keith Raniere calls Rainbow Cultural Garden a scientific innovation.
The cost for a child to attend Rainbow can run as high as $120,000 per year per child.
NXIVM’s official statement about Rainbow refers to an “achievement” that I wouldn’t count on: http://www.executivesuccessprograms.com/official-statement/
“In the area of child development, NXIVM has achieved a scientific innovation with hundreds of children experiencing a multicultural upbringing, many of whom speak between 7 and 13 distinct languages fluently.”
NXIVM and Rainbow have never publicly demonstrated a single instance of a child who speaks seven or more languages fluently, let alone 13. Mr. Raniere, by the way, only speaks one language: English.
Some of the Rainbow children are reportedly having trouble with their language skills and speak in a multi-linguistic babble. A child who completed years of Rainbow could not speak any foreign language at age eight. Another child could not speak his native language. He chattered in a mixture of languages.
The children in Rainbow may be experiencing psychological trauma, as they are taught  multiple languages by unqualified teachers in an unlicensed school or an unlicensed daycare operation. And although the State of New York has known about this illegal operation for at least 7 years, it has NOTHING to shut it down, NOTHING!
Upon information and belief:
1. Rainbow operates as an early childhood education center and/or a childcare center without a license for either operation.
2. Many of the Nannies in Rainbow, [called Multicultural Development Specialists] are from foreign countries and are here illegally.
Cami Fernandez was an illegal alien when Mr. Raniere placed her in charge of teaching children in his experimental Rainbow Gardens.
3. Many of the Nannies had no visa to enter the United States and have been harbored illegally by NXIVM.
4. Many of the Nannies obtained Visitors Visas by falsely claiming they were travelling to the US to take courses with NXIVM. Once in the US, they became Nannies and were paid under the table.

5. With NXIVM’s Vice President of Operations, Clare Bronfman, as their sponsor, many other foreign nationals were offered Work Visas [H1-B visas].  NXIVM claimed the applicants would perform highly specialized jobs at specified payments. But after the visas were obtained, the applicant did not work as specified. Instead, the applicant worked as a Nanny at $10 per hour.

Sahajo Haertel-Kozak became a Rainbow Nanny. She speaks to babies in German.
Some women did get the payment specified in their visa application but had to kickback everything they received over $10/hour to Clare Bronfman, or perform work as her personal servant.
Multiple sets of bookkeeping records are being maintained to cover up this scheme. The scheme is so widespread that there are literally dozens of witnesses.


Penelope Cruz’s child was enrolled in the Rainbow Cultural Garden experiment for a short time. Reportedly, she got her child out.

Among the rich and famous who placed their child in this “scientific innovation” is actress Penelope Cruz. DOS branded slave, Michelle Hatchette was overseeing the experiment on Ms. Cruz’s child, which was conducted in Miami.  Michelle Hatchette is in the same slave pen that India Oxenberg is in and her slave master is Allison Mack.

Reportedly, Penelope got her child out about the time in June-July when Frank Report published that her ‘Nanny’ was a branded slave.


DOS slave Michelle Hatchette [left] is a branded DOS slave and was the Nanny for Penelope Cruz’s child.
Other people still have children in this illegal experimental operation, for which they pay Mr. Raniere through his shill, Loretta Garza, up to $120,000 per year, per child.
It is believed that little, if any, of the proceeds from the Rainbow Cultural Garden operation was ever declared on tax returns. And, according to reports, none of the Nannies were ever given 1099 Forms to report the income they earned from the operation (1099 Forms are what Independent Contractors receive from the entities  that hire them – and they’re the equivalent of the W-2 Forms that employees get each year from their employers).


James Odato, in the Albany Times Union, reported on Rainbow Cultural Garden more than seven years ago. Here is a link to his July 2010, story:

Secret mission: A child 

NXIVM is years into project “Rainbow Cultural Garden,” an intensive effort to raise potential

In the story, is the following passage:

Matthew McMorris, an accountant for the foundations [Ethical Humanitarian Foundation and Ethical Science Foundation] said wide latitude is allowed for tax-exempt spending.
He said one of the new foundations that got the former organization’s funds, the Ethical Science Foundation, led by Clare Bronfman, is doing brain research. He said it employs six people and some are “not native English speakers” and he would have to look into whether they are working for the Rainbow Cultural Garden and for the benefit of the boy living with Keeffe.”

In 2010, New York State Bureau of Criminal Investigations’ Senior Investigator Rodger Kirsopp was asked to investigate Rainbow Cultural Garden by Joseph O’Hara, who once worked as a consultant for NXIVM. Instead, Mr. Kirsopp turned their attention to Mr. O’Hara and other “enemies” of Keith Raniere.

Jim Odato lost his job at the Albany Times Union.

Mr. Kirsopp spent almost three years conducting an investigation into who allegedly used the password of NXIVM student Mary Jane Pino to access NXIVM’s password protected website. At the conclusion of that long-term investigation, Mr. O’Hara, Toni Natalie, John Tighe, and Barbara Bouchey were all  indicted on “criminal computer trespass” charges.

James Odato, who wrote the Rainbow story, was  another one of those accused of entering the password protected NXIVM.net website. Mr. Odato, Suzanna Andrews of Vanity Fair, their  respective publishers, as well as Mr. O’Hara, Miss Natalie, and Mr. Tighe were sued civilly by NXIVM.

Mr. Odato lost his job as a reporter at the Albany Times Union.

Clare Bronfman [r] with DOS slave Nicki Clyne.
The civil case was dismissed when Clare Bronfman was caught lying about the date she supposedly discovered the alleged computer trespass. She gave a fictitious date that was months later than the date she told police in the criminal investigation case. The true date took the civil claims outside the statute of limitations. The judge dismissed the lawsuit.


As Mr. O’Hara, Miss Natalie, and Miss Bouchey awaited trial on the computer trespass criminal case, Robert ‘Robbie’ Chiappone, became a critical witness.

Robbie was the alleged owner of the computer company, E-Mallard Web Corp., where the server for the NXIVM website was hosted. Robbie had registered hundreds of domain names for Mr. Raniere and Clare Bronfman including Nxian.net, the website Mr. O’Hara and others allegedly accessed without permission.

Robbie was the 20-something year old son of Esther Carlson Chiappone, a member of the High Rank of NXIVM [Esther holds the rank of Green Sash, Edge, one stripe].

Robbie’s real job was to drive children to Rainbow Cultural Garden.  At some point,  Robbie was accused of sexually molesting a girl – and the New York State Police began an investigation. Mr. Raniere and Nancy Salzman worked to persuade parents not to cooperate with the State Police investigation, witnesses said.

No charges were filed. Robbie’s’ name was removed from all domain names and from the company that supposedly owned the server on which the NXIVM website was hosted.

Clare Bronfman originally told police that the server in question was in Saratoga County. But the Saratoga DA was unwilling to prosecute the flimsy computer trespass case.

Clare then “remembered” that the server was actually in Albany County. The Albany County DA, P. David Soares – who has  along history of aiding and abetting NXIVM –   was quite willing to prosecute O’Hara, Natalie and Bouchey via a Special Prosecutor.

The criminal case fell apart when evidence from the defense team was about to reveal Clare had lied about the location of the server. Once this information came out, the  Special Prosecutor, Holly A. Trexler, was f forced to drop the case just before trial.

Unregulated psychological experiments involving children, child molestation, financial crimes, illegal immigration, tax violations and unlicensed schools and daycare operations were all reported to the New York State Police. Yet, all these crimes were brushed aside by Senior Investigator Rodger Kirsopp in order to charge three people with “criminal computer trespass”.

That silly case was dismissed because Clare Bronfman committed perjury.

All the other crimes continue to this day.


Fast forward to 2016.

Robbie Chiappone was planning to leave NXIVM.

According to an eye witness, Mr. Raniere ordered a DOS slave [name withheld] to ‘seduce’ Robbie. She was to meet him using a fictitious name.

The DOS slave was told if she disobeyed DOS’ orders, her collateral would be released. She was told he was a child molester, a sociopath and dangerous.

Mr. Raniere told the DOS slave that he wanted Robbie to fall in love with her to the point where he would do whatever she told him to do. It is not known if Esther Chiappone knew about the attempt to seduce her son.

Mr. Raniere told the DOS slave and others that the purpose was to see if Robbie could be cured of being a sociopath, and that the DOS slave, by seducing him and making reports about him, would enable Mr. Raniere to make a determination, an eye witness said.

The plan was not completed since, after several meetings with Robbie, the DOS slave fled from Mr. Raniere and left Clifton Park.

Robbie enlisted in the armed services.  His sister, Rosie, also left the community after the DOS story broke on Frank Report.

Esther Chiappone

At last report, Esther Carlson Chiappone remains in support of Keith Raniere. Esther still teaches Executive Success Programs. Unable to pay her bills, she recently lost her home through foreclosure.

The best advice I could give Esther is to get an attorney, get immunity, and turn state’s evidence. She knows plenty.


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