What Kristin Kreuk Could Have Done to Try to Reverse the Damage She Did While in Nxivm

Kristin Kreuk with Allison Mack. Kristin got out of Nxivm safely. Her recruit Allison Mack is headed to prison.

By A Critic of Kreuk

This is in response to How Kristin Kreuk Helped build Nxivm.

“Female empowerment” is often touted by dim feminists like Kristin Kreuk. It is wrong to tell females to be empowered while deliberately hiding from a golden opportunity to practice what you preach and help do something to help literally branded sex slaves.

Kristin Kreuk at a Nxivm retreat on Necker Island 2010.  The actress often encourages women to be empowered on social media. She, unfortunately, hid from a golden opportunity to practice what she preached by not doing anything to help literally branded sex slaves in the Nxivm cult she coached and recruited for.

That is what virtue signaling is all about. Saying the “right” things to feel and appear moral, virtuous, even heroic, without any effort or sacrifice on your part. When there is a sacrifice, they roll up into a ball.

Having read a couple of articles/reviews about Kreuk’s Canadian taxpayer-funded television show “Burden Of Truth”, which is a hilariously ironic title. It appears it is a self absorbed propaganda show that aims to present men, in particular of European heritage, irregardless of their very varied histories, of being evil and the enemy. It also appears to present indigenous people, irregardless of tribal affiliation and history, of being pure victims, despite the fact that some of their ancestors were slavers of Africans and did terrible things themselves. It is uneducated people writing propaganda like they are qualified historians. No sacrifice when virtue signaling.

There was reference on the Frank Report that Kristin Kreuk criticized Harvey Weinstein, signed an open letter against a theater director accused of misbehavior towards females and got involved with or endorsed a documentary about Phoolon Devi, which wrongly aims to present her as a “bad ass woman” fighting back against rapists, all when this branding story was out.

None of this required sacrifice or repercussions, other than being correctly called out as a hypocrite on Frank Report. Just deafening silence about the cult she helped build.

Also, it has now emerged Kreuk lied about leaving the NXIVM cult in 2013, with at least two proctors revealing she was still around in 2015-16. She also insulted her friends in public by saying she had “minimal contact with those still involved” like they were dirty to her and as if she had cut the cord and they hadn’t.


Without her name [and other famous names] to fight off the cult and criminal accusations, how far would NXIVM have gone? Perhaps this branding fiasco would never have happened.

Perhaps so many sex slave women would not have suffered. In addition, Kristin Kreuk recruited Allison Mack, a leader of DOS, Kreuk is a big knot on the NXIVM string.


Here is what Kreuk could have done to at least try to reverse the damage a bit:

Post articles to her social media accounts about the branding story. Even re-tweeting people’s comments about it to draw attention to it. Her name helped fight off negative press for Nxivm. She could have used her name to draw attention to the story and help destroy the cult.

She could have anonymously contacted members of the media, including those she gave her weak statement to, to encourage them to write pieces about the branding story to get the ball moving and get the authorities to pull their fingers out.

Kristin Kreuk statement about NXIVM
Kristin Kreuk made this single statement on social media about Nxivm three days after Keith Alan Raniere was arrested. She was silent before and afterward.

Instead, she had others go to the media on her behalf to defend her, claiming she left in 2012 and claiming she immediately cut ties with the cult after the pedophile allegations, etc. She happily took a huge chunk of other people’s tax dollars to pretend to fight a pedophile on television. She spoke out against others but was silent on NXIVM.

According to Frank, at least two individuals personally asked Kreuk to help fight the cult, whatever that meant. She told one she was scared and the other she admired her for speaking out. For them to ask Kreuk to get involved suggests she was a big part of NXIVM. If not, then they would not have asked her to get involved.

In his article, Frank speaks of the type of person in NXIVM.

Actors seem to have a need for external validation. Combine that with over ten years in an actual cult and brainwashed by the liberal PC brigade and you have someone like Kristin Kreuk.

As well as being criminal and truly nasty, NXIVM was a vanity cult for low self-esteem people to feel validated and special, like they were going to “change the world”. Yuck.

If Kreuk thought NXIVM would boost her career, she could have just spent money getting breast implants, a Brazilian butt lift and sucking someone’s dick on the casting couch.

Viva ejaculative sexcess!

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  • To the Author – Having read a couple of articles/reviews about Kreuk’s Canadian taxpayer-funded television show “Burden Of Truth”, I’m curious and thinking of writing a paper. Could you provide the links to the articles/reviews that you read about this show that lead you to your conclusion? Thanks so much. It would be very helpful.



    • You obviously have access to the internet. Why don’t you go a search for it yourself. If you want to write an article for Frank Report, it is just a comment, not a “paper”.

      • Sorry if what I wrote was confusing, The formatting of my comment got messed up when it was posted which might not have helped either. So to clarify, I’m not trying to contribute an article for this site. I was doing research for a possible paper that would be published elsewhere.

        I had searched the internet and found several reviews / articles about Burden of Truth (see below) but did not recall reading any that talked about the show portraying men of European descent as evil and the enemy, or indigenous people as victims. I was hoping that the author of the piece would be so kind as to share a link or provide the sources for the articles that led him/her to surmise the show was propaganda against white males and contained incorrect history lessons on indigenous tribal affiliations.

        Thank you,

        Truth brings popular Canadian back to The CW

        Burden of Truth is a Canadian import that viewers of The CW should salute

        Kristin Kreuk returns to The CW as a reasonably convincing lawyer in this very Canadian ‘Civil Action’-esque legal drama.

        CW’s Burden of Truth: A Legal Drama About Girls Suffering

        Review: In ‘Burden of Truth,’ ‘Smallville’ star Kristin Kreuk returns to the CW as a big city lawyer

        • “I’m not trying to contribute an article for this site. I was doing research for a possible paper that would be published elsewhere.”

          Where and why would you publish this paper?

          Why can’t you post an opinion piece to Frank Report? This is the best anti-NXIVM blog on the internet.

          What is the subject matter of your paper?

          • Thank you for your interest. The paper actually has nothing to do with this cult or cults in general. My paper is about the media’s coverage of particular types of TV shows. I hadn’t come across a review/article with the slant described by the author of this post, which is why I asked if he/she would provide the link.

            Just to be clear, I don’t have a problem with the author of this article. They formed their opinion based on what they read, but I’m very curious as to which TV critic reviewed the show and presented it as portraying white men as evil. Maybe they didn’t actually watch the show. It wouldn’t be the first time that a critic wrote a review for something that they didn’t actually see. Even if it is a fringe publication or something from the alternative press, that could be of interest.

        • Sultan Of Spank trying desperately to debunk the content of the article. India is taking back Kashmir and Kristin Kreuk critiqued in the same week. The brown beetle is FURIOUS! 😠💣👳💩

        • Hahahahaha! 😂🤣

          You are so obviously “SultanOfSix” aka, the Brown Beetle Spanker!

          Your robotic aspergers-like speech gives you away. Every time!

          Run along now spanky, that little charred piss-worm won’t spank itself!

  • I don’t know who wants to see Kristin Kreuk on TV. This is a waste of time.
    I also don’t know why someone calls Kristin Kreuk an actress.
    Did she learn that, where, and from whom?
    The only place I want to see Kristin Kreuk is in the dock, but not in a TV series.

  • It’s also worth pointing out, as I think Frank has alluded to, that Kreuk, and those advising her, would have had good reason to be afraid of the consequences if she came out against the group or just made an awkwardly public departure, and even that she might be the target of new tactics not previously seen, such as releasing “collateral” type material from EM sessions. Back then, NXIVM and the Bronfmans were in the midst of a scorched-earth campaign to ruin prominent former members and perceived enemies, including a renowned anti-cult activist and a well-known journalist, so there was no assurance that her celebrity would necessarily protect her.

    It’s easy to Monday morning quarterback from the comfort of an armchair in mom and dad’s basement or wherever, but things probably would have looked much different to Kreuk and professionals assessing the situation closer to 2012. I still wouldn’t disagree that she took a rather gutless path, and that the heroic dramatic role she has take on since could be seen as hypocritical, but I think those who are sort of trying to put themselves in her shoes, aren’t really thinking through what the situation would have looked like when she made the decisions she did, and the potentially dire consequences that some other actual examples would have suggested.

  • Frank why do you keep hiding comments that don’t fit your narrative? We know you and your three or four “buddies” inclusive of Scott Johnson, Omar Rosales, Bang-cock and Angry Canadian are all these various aliases pretending to be different people.


  • Jesus Christ, this article is a pile of garbage! While I think Kreuk should be more upfront about her Nxivm dealings, this writer is a butthurt Trump ball-licker straight outta Breitbart and should go back there.

    • You freaks can’t help but bring up Trump any chance you can. Someone says something you don’t like, ie the truth and Trump is your response. Sad and sadder.

      • Anyone who screeches about an absence of “heroic white men” on TV is a butthurt Trump ball-licker.

        Incidentally Kreuk’s costar on Burden of Truth is a white guy playing a heroic character. (Trump ball-lickers are also super dumb.)

        • No one said anything about an “absence of heroic white men on television” you absolutely pointless fool. That had nothing to do with the article.

          “Trump, Trump, Trump!!!”

          Stop projecting you fustilarian fopdoodle.

          Nobody brought up Trump but you.

          You have no idea what the author of this article or anyone else thinks of Trump.

          You are ignorant to so many things. I have neither the desire nor crayons to explain it to you.

          You are probably that greasy wandoughty “Sultan Of Sick”.

          You must be beyond piqued that India has taken back Kashmir. About time. The less of you in the world, the better. If only your mother had swallowed you instead.

    • Do you eat with that filthy mouth?
      Stop showing your political bias. Just stick to the facts.
      Frank should have censored this due to one, politics and two, filth.

  • Peter Mooney is the male lead of the show. He’s going to be surprised to learn from this hit piece that he’s not of European heritage and probably even more surprised to be informed that his character is actually evil and the enemy on the show rather than the good guy he’s been portraying. Someone should probably tell Ben Ayres as well. He seems to think he’s white too.

    Are all the articles on here this much of a joke!

    • You are pathetic. You have a very familiar insufferable scent. One of low testosterone and desperation. A feckless, soulless stench.

      “Mooney” is an Irish name. The Irish have historically been treated like shit, both in their own lands and abroad. The article makes reference to the Choctaw Nation. Members of this tribe in the 1800’s donated money to Ireland when the Irish were on hard times. There is a monument to the Choctow in Ireland.

      You are incapable of tolerating anything that remotely criticises the one you masturbate to with fruitless, idée fixe, compulsion.

      Your futile, hopeless existence is a drain on the Universe.

    • “Are all the articles on here this much of a joke!”

      Frank has started to let nutty commenters post articles, which leads to masturbatory nonsense like this. The writer has clearly not watched a second of Burden of Truth. Mooney is both the hero and clearly the end game love interest, lol.

  • “It appears it is a self absorbed propaganda show that aims to present men, in particular of European heritage, irregardless of their very varied histories, of being evil and the enemy. It also appears to present indigenous people, irregardless of tribal affiliation and history, of being pure victims”

    Sick of all this PC white bashing. Purposely going out of their way to make anyone European/white look evil to others and to spread bullshit “white guilt”. White Canadians are the primary taxpayers in Canada. Their money is being robbed off them so Kristin Kreuk and the CBC can present them as bad. Kristin Kreuk doesn’t want any scrutiny herself, but she is happy to point the finger at others.

    Scandinavian, Irish, Eastern European, Greek, etc. are all white/European. Many whites in North America are from these lands. They didn’t do nothing. They don’t deserve all this hate from the manic left.

    Guarantee, Kristin Crook knows nothing about what indigenous tribes did to African slaves. Example, 10% of the Choctow Nation were African slaves. The chief on his thousands of acres of land personally had over 700 African slaves. The Choctow Nation was very wealthy from African slavery. They opposed the abolishment of slavery. That is just one tribe. After slavery was ended by whites, freed black slaves were kicked out by Indians. Descendants of these slaves have attempted to sue because of this.

    Canadians these days are obsessed with indigenous people. They love going on about missing and murdered indigenous women, despite the fact 70% of the murdered are indigenous men and the perpetrators are almost always other indigenous men. These murders are usually in or around their ethno-state reservations. Because of this, white people in Canada, even immigrant whites, are being accused of genocide!

    The left will never speak out about non Europeans. Ever. Despite the fact there is a LOT of subject matter right there.

  • Why does this writer keep falsely saying “Kreuk’s Canadian taxpayer funded television show” when all prime time dramas on the CBC are fully advertiser funded. This writer knows this, so why does he/she keep lying?

    • “Why does this writer keep falsely saying” ——- “keep lying”

      It is a single one off fucking article you retarded spastic.

      You don’t know shit about the Canadian Bullshit Corporation so keep it shut.

      • the writer has commented here dozens of times, and repeated everything in this article in every comment.
        I guess you haven’t been paying attention.
        hint—calling others names when you are the one who is stupid must be embarrassing.

        • You don’t even know who the writer is you imbecile. You are just a butt hurt loser because the truthful content of the article hurt your delicate feelings.

  • I think more or less the same thing could be said about several others, especially Mark Hildreth – who we rarely hear called to account. Plus some of the most prominent of those who have spoken out to some extent, particularly about the harm they themselves suffered, could arguably have done more.

    It seems clear to me that Kreuk gets the attention she does on the subject mostly because she is cute and waifish, and the subject of fanboy fixations. I don’t buy the attempts to frame it as something like a moral issue, even though I’d agree for instance that she’s guilty of some minor hypocrisy.

  • Hey Frank.

    Am I correct in assuming that NXIVM’s teachings about women’s rights (i.e., women play the victim card too often) was present back in 2006-2009 when Kreuk was active in NXIVM and using her star power to help recruit people?

    NXIVM openly teaches that women are playing the role of ‘victim’ too often because they are mentally weak.

    NXIVM openly teaches that women need to stop doing this.

    But WHEN did these teachings begin, Frank?

    If those teachings were taught in NXIVM classes when Kreuk was still active, then you need to focus on the CONTRADICTION and HYPOCRISY of Kreuk supporting NXIVM at a time when they openly taught that women have a natural tendency to play the ‘victim card’ to get what they want.


    Cuz Kreuk has attempted to portray herself as being sensitive of women’s rights issues.

    That makes it fair game.

    According to NXIVM’s well known teachings, women are mentally weaker than men and need to stop labeling themselves as victims.

    Kreuk publicly went on stage and used her star power to help NXIVM recruit new members.

    The only question is, was this principle being taught when Kreuk was still active?

    You have the answer, Frank.

    If the answer is yes, then that’s where you need to focus Kreuk’s coverage.

    You should include references to NXIVM course material (back in the 2006-2009 period) which highlights passages that were anti-women’s rights.

    Or if those teachings were not yet present in NXIVM’s public courses, then go ahead and exonerate Kreuk.

    In short… Do your fucken job, Frank. You pussy, Italian, mother fucker. 🙂

    • Bangkok: What is the source of your malfunction?

      Did your Boy Scout troop leader skull fuck the brains out of your head?

  • Sound the alarm!!!!!!

    Kristin Kreuk is under attack agai!!!!!

    SultanOfSix where are you in Kristin Kreuk’s time of greatest need!!!!!!

    The deplorable Frank Parlato has allowed another infodel to besmirch the pure and noble..and not exactly chaste…. Asian elf goddes of the great cold north!!!!


    I understand if you are to busy at the defending the virtuous Taylor Swift against Kim Kardashian.

    I don’t think anyone else has figured out that “anonymous for Kristin” is you. Frank Parlato hasn’t a clue. 😉

  • Hi Frank – I know you’ve written lots of articles about this actress, but I don’t think I’ve ever read any details about what your personal interactions with her were like when you worked with her to publicize the cult. Sorry if you’ve already answered this. I haven’t read all of the articles. There are so many! Did she try to recruit you. Did Allison Mack try to recruit you? Did any of the actresses try to recruit you? I read that Allison would try to recruit people minutes after meeting them.

    • As a hired publicist around 2007, it was Frank’s idea to use these small time, naive celebrities to advertise the cult. Prior to that, NXIVM was only known via implicit or explicit word of mouth through business or personal relationships. They never actually advertised and were hardly known outside of Albany and Mexico, so this whole idea that Kristin help “build” NXIVM through her celebrity status is a ludicrous description. Only people who weren’t the four or five close friends she recruited who have all left the cult – except Allison Mack – and men who cared about getting into her pants would care to join the group based on her association. I’m sure a number of them even tried too. Frank is essentially criticizing Kreuk for something that was his idea, which is ironic.

      • Actually, it was not my idea. Kristin was being used to endorse and normalize Nxivm before I arrived on the scene. In fact, I thought it was a better idea to downplay the actresses in Nxivm and rely more on transparency, steering away from secrecy, ending the lawsuits and touting the courses – and not who attended them. Raniere did not agree.

    • Anonymous/—

      —–Parlato does not kiss and tell! He is a gentleman. Now do you happen to be into wife swapping?

  • No doubt Kristin will give more comments and voice more opinion after the case is closed. Technically the case is still going on and
    waiting for sentencing. Nxivm was not considered officially a problem until she left as many others. DOS did not exist, and all the articles that were written about Nxivm were still not hard evidence to convict anyone before Kristin left. This case was never about Kristin nor others who only had dealt with the program before it turned unto a full cult. Kristin never needed Nxivm in reality, she had all the looks and talent to succeed. In fact her twitter spoke for more members that were not involved with the illegal side of the program. The case should wrap up soon.

    • Stop being such a kiss ass. You are a pathetic loser. Get a life. Get some pussy. You show up on every Kreuk related article spewing your sad ramblings. Your ass kissing does nothing to enhance the quality of your life, nor will you get anything from the subject of your infatuation. It’s unrequited jerking off.

    • “No doubt Kristin will give more comments and voice more opinion after the case is closed. ”

      No, this case is as radioactive as the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl.
      Kristin Kreuk won’t mention this case at all if she can avoid it.
      And she and her other cast mates on Smellville will not mention Allison Pimp Mack.
      For them NXIVM and Pimp Mack have fallen down the Memory Hole.

    • I think Kreuk has been well-advised by her publicist that anything beyond the vague and tepid statement that she initially made, is just going to attract more controversy, and will never satisfy some of her critics. So I think it’s unlikely we’ll ever hear anything further from her about NXIVM. She took the face- and career-saving way out.

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