How Kristin Kreuk Helped build Nxivm

Kristin Kreuk is a Canadian taxpayer-funded actress, who served as a Nxivm coach and whose membership in Nxivm was used to recruit women. She plays a brave and outspoken lawyer who risks her career to fight a powerful group and a pedophile.

Some people wonder why Frank Report continues to publish stories on Kristin Kreuk, the actress who formerly coached for the notorious Nxivm cult.

The reason is simple: We are still gathering lessons about how this odious thing called Nxivm erupted, and continued to exist and thrive for nearly 20 years.

There are many lessons to be learned – so that we can try to prevent it from happening again in the future.

When we bring up Kreuk, it is not to punish her, but to figure out what her involvement meant.

Her involvement was more than personal membership, because she was used by Nxivm leaders to recruit others into Nxivm.

She was not an A-list celebrity, of course, but in a way that was almost better. She was a beautiful, second tier actress who starred on a TV show; she was young and upcoming. Just like Nxivm.

Young and fresh and filled with promise.

Those who never saw inside the world of Nxivm perhaps little understand the extent that she and Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, Grace Park, [beautiful actresses] Emiliano Salinas, Cecilia Salinas, Alejandra Anaya, Rosa Laura Junco [powerful Mexicans] and Clare and Sara Bronfman [fabulously wealthy heiresses] were used to persuade potential recruits that Nxivm could not possibly be what the media portrayed it to be.

Kristin, being perhaps the most beautiful of the group, and among the actresses, perhaps the most famous, was the most touted.

Kristin Kreuk left NXIVM but is silent as to the reason why she left.

She was one of the beautiful people of Nxivm.

Many times salespeople for Nxivm said something like this: “Kristin Kreuk finds the Nxivm tech so powerful that she flies from Vancouver to take the 16 day intensives in Albany.  You might take a 5 day course with her – in Los Angeles or Vancouver – where she is coaching for Nxivm.”

Kreuk added glamour and prestige to the cult.  Famous people, beautiful slender women. Rich women. It added glamour and a sense that “success is in the air.”

Then there was the secretive, very private [to the outsider] smartest man in the world. This great ethicist, athlete, genius – Keith Alan Raniere – the mystery man. The wonderful wizard of Nxivm.

Kreuk, by her involvement, verified and endorsed Raniere.

Someone says it’s all bullshit?  That he’s all bullshit.

“Not so fast. If it was bullshit why would a smart woman like Kristin Kreuk, or Allison Mack, etc. etc. find it helpful, even essential in their lives?”

“Maybe Kristin Kreuk knows a little more than you do honey. She’s a star.”

Maybe Kreuk did not understand fully how much she was used by Nxivm salespeople to recruit, but she was and that was part of the Nxivm enterprise.

They snagged a famous person and milked it for all it was worth.

There was probably no sales pitch to a newcomer ever made between the time she joined and the time she left that failed to mention her name.

As we study how this Nxivm thing happened and study its aftermath, we are forced to report that beautiful Kristin Kreuk had a big hand in the growth and strengthening of the cult.

Perhaps inadvertently, perhaps only partly consciously, perhaps only marginally culpable, but she was involved in its growth in a big way.

Then came the aftermath.

Frankly, she was not involved even marginally in the fall of Nxivm. She had no hand in it. The clear revelation that Nxivm was odious, despicable-  it was branding women – did not prompt Kreuk to speak up.

She said nothing between the time branding was revealed by Frank Report in June 2017 [and Kreuk confirmed it was true through her friend, Sarah Edmondson] and the time Raniere was arrested in March 2018.

She made only one, tepid statement, three days after Raniere was arrested.

Kristin Kreuk statement about NXIVM


Frank Report has pointed out in the past that her role on her current TV show, Burden of Truth, is one of a brave woman who risks her career to expose Big Pharma and even fight her pedophile father.

We have pointed out that Kreuk has been big on social media in what some call “virtue signalling” – calling attention to social injustices – like women being abused in various cases like Harvey Wienstien.

And it is at least – we pointed out – ironic that in real life she did nothing to fight the big cult and its leader, a pedophile. She did not do any social media messaging about the horrors of Nxivm and Raniere [other than one brief statement.]

She can portray a brave character on TV and not be brave at all.  She can help build a cult and have notice of its evil and not speak out.

That is why she appears in these pages.

She might like to escape her role in Nxivm but she cannot. She is the actress who got away safely. The other actress [Allison Mack] is going to prison and the third one – the kookiest [Nicki Clyne] is still hanging on – trying to keep the cult alive.

Three blind mice: Kristin Kreuk on stage with Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack at a 2007 event. Note that Keith Raniere’s name is on a banner behind them.

For Kreuk apologists, I would ask you to keep in mind that she had every way of knowing that Raniere  was a pedophile – or at least she could have suspected it when, in 2012, the Albany Times Union came out with a story of women who claimed Raniere was a statutory rapist.

Kreuk was named in the Times Union series – although not in connection to statutory rape – but that she was a high profile member.

As late as 2013, Kreuk was involved in the Raniere-inspired Girls By Design which targeted teen girls into a mentorship organization with Nxivm ideals.

Kristin Kreuk started a group called Girls By Design {GBD] which sought to recruit teen girls into a sexy fun club and gather information about them.

This does not mean her goals were nefarious.  But she was given ample notice that Raniere might be a pedophile and she chose to ignore that.

When her involvement in Nxivm came to an end is hard to say. She was still around in 2013. She claims she left then. Others say she was still at least quietly involved in 2015 or 2016.

Keith Alan Raniere

If cults are studied in the future and if by some chance Raniere and his Nxivm cult is remembered – for its unusual role in the control and disruption of human lives – than those who were in his circle – inner and outer circle – will be studied – for their roles in the rise and in the fall of the cult.

Kristin Kreuk may be remembered for her role in Nxivm. It may wind up being the role she is best remembered for.

She was part of the rise of Nxivm – not part of its fall. She saved herself. And got out.

And whatever destruction was left in its wake, she was one of the few who happily avoided it.




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  • Plain and simple. Kristin Laura Kreuk is so dumb that she can actually get away with pimping children and say she didn’t know she had joined and was endorsing a pedophile and his sex cult, period!!!!

    Canada’s most beautiful person is a child recruiting pimp for a pedophile that she glorified for more than a decade, at least!

    She knew all along and all the cast and crew of Smallville witnessed it daily!!!!!!!

    Just ask them!!!!!! She is not only a coward but a professional liar, to be nice!!

    And you thought Dalmatians and Irish Setters were dumb??? L.O.L!!!! This one is deviant too, obviously!!!!!!! And she gets away with it!!! She will fire anyone who speaks out against her deception and lies. She is the producer. Do you want your job? Do you really want to make more money for this child recruiting pedophile pimp??? Why would you work for such a thing??? Then just go pimp your own children!!! No one should be discussing sex with your children, except you!!! And, obviously,tell them all about and to watch out for this one!!!!! She’s not done yet!!!!! CAST and KREW YUCK all over her, daily and nightly!!!!! Gross!!!!!

  • But didn’t both Kreuk and Hildreth both aggressively recruit together ? They were both very young and naive. And so were many others who got swindled into that cult. And it seems everyone is afraid of the power behind the cult , that’s probably why most of the notable participants quietly left.

  • “Beautiful actresses, powerful Mexicans and fabulously wealthy heiresses”

    When the dust settles these three groups will all be around to rebuild the NXIVM cult.
    Hollywood has no end of so called beautiful people who are basically stupid.
    There will always be rich people who lust after power.

    The recent book “Chaos” by Tim O’Neill documents how numerous people in Hollyweird supported and covered up for Charles Manson even after the Tate-LaBianca murders.
    And they all knew Manson was behind the murders but none went to the police.

    (Manson’s followers included Doris Day’s son Terry Melcher and Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys.)
    A pox on Hollyweird and all its denizens.

    And just look at the recently deceased Jeffrey Epstein.
    Even though it was apparent to all that Epstein liked young women, very young women, did that prevent prominent politicians and businessmen and entertainers and professors from Harvard and MIT from associating with him?
    Moreover big banks like Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan Chase were happy to do business with Epstein.

    Back to NXIVM:
    As for Kristin Kreuk she is about as brave as Mark Hildreth.
    And Kristin Kreuk is about as smart as Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.
    If they remake the Wizard of Kristin Kreuk could play both the cowardly Lion and the Stupid Scarecrow

    The only thing that saved Kreuk is that her father intervened and yanked her stupid ass out of the cult.

    • Shadow:

      If you had read (or read carefully) Vincent Bugliosi’s Helter Skelter, or Catch a Wave, an excellent piece of non fiction telling the story of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, you might rethink your statement that Dennis Wilson was a “follower” of Charles Manson.

      I am pretty sure that the story goes that Dennis Wilson, drummer for the Beach Boys, picked up one or some of the Manson girls who were hitchhiking. Wilson took the girls back to his home and some partying ensued. A day or two later, Wilson returned home from the studio or the beach (he was the only Beach Boy who could actually surf) and found that a posse of Manson girls and the Man(son) himself were making themselves comfortable in his home.

      A few days of partying followed. Wilson found out that Manson was a musician and there may have been talk of bringing Manson into a recording studio (another one of the Beach Boys, maybe Al Jardine, heard Manson’s music and commented that “it was not from this world ” or something to that effect).

      Terry Melcher was an agent and at one point may have told Manson he would arrange to record his music. This never came to pass, which miffed Manson. Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate were living in a house which Melcher previously lived in on Cielo Drive. One theory is that the Manson gang was looking for Melcher but instead found Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger et al on the night of their violent demise

      In any case, Dennis Wilson hung out with the Manson crew for a couple of weeks.He gave them access to his home. He probably played hide the drumsticks with some of the Manson girls. In the end, he paid his doctor a tidy sum to treat the Manson girls, many of whom were suffering from venereal disease.

      So Dennis Wilson was not a “follower” of Manson. I think more of an example of a “follower” relationship might be Shadowstate and Allison Mack. Maybe some “creepy crawling” (Manson term) at a Comic Con? Maybe a barrage of unwanted correspondence which made young Ms. Mack uncomfortable? (she was your Chloe back then, virginal, not the branded slave of the World’s Smartest Dwarf). Maybe the unwanted correspondence and the creepy crawling got to the point where an order of protection was drafted?

  • “Female empowerment” is often touted by dim feminists like Kristin Kreuk. It is wrong to tell females to be empowered while deliberately hiding from a golden opportunity to practice what you preach and help do something to help literal branded sex slaves.

    That is what virtue signalling is all about. Saying the “right” things to feel and appear moral, virtuous, even heroic, without any effort or sacrifice on your part. When there is sacrifice, they roll up into a ball.

    Having read a couple of articles/reviews about Kreuk’s tax payer funded television show “Burden Of Truth”, which is a hilariously ironic title, it appears it is a self absorbed propaganda show that aims to present men in particular of European heritage, irregardless of their very varied histories, of being evil and the enemy. It also appears to present indigenous people, irregardless of tribal affiliation and history, of being pure victims, despite the fact they were slavers of Africans and did terrible things themselves. Uneducated people writing propaganda like they are qualified historians. No sacrifice when virtue signalling.

    There was reference on the Frank Report that Kristin Kreuk critisised Harvey Weinstein, signed an open letter against a theater director accused of misbehavior towards females and got involved with a documentary about Phoolon Devi, which wrongly aims to present her as a “bad ass woman” fighting back against rapists, all when this branding story was out. None of this required sacrifice or repercussions, other then being correctly called out as a hypocrite on Frank Report. Just deafening silence about the cult she helped build.

    Also, it has now emerged Kreuk lied about leaving the NXIVM cult in 2013, with at least two proctors revealing she was still around in 2015-16. She also insulted her friends in public by saying she had “minimal contact with those still involved” like they were dirty to her and as if she had cut the cord and they hadn’t.

    Without her name to fight off the cult and criminal accusations, how far would NXIVM of gone? Perhaps this branding fiasco would never of happened. Perhaps so many sex slave women would not of suffered. Plus recruiting Allsion Mack, a leader of DOS, Kreuk is a big knot on the NXIVM string.


    Here is what Kreuk could of done to at least try to reverse the damage a bit:

    Post articles to her social media accounts about the branding story. Even re-tweeting people’s comments about it to draw attention to it. Her name helped fight off negative press. She could of used her name to draw attention to the story and help destroy the cult.

    She could of anonymously contacted members of the press, including those she left her weak statement to, to encourage them to write pieces about the branding story to get the ball moving and get the authorities to pull their fingers out.

    Instead, she had others go to the press on her behalf to defend her, claiming she left in 2012 and immediately cut ties with the cult after the pedophile allegations etc. She happily took a huge chunk of other people’s tax dollars to pretend to fight a pedophile on television. She spoke out against others, but silent on NXIVM.

    According to Frank, at least two individuals personally asked Kreuk to help fight the cult, whatever that meant. She told one she was scared and the other she admired her for speaking out. For them to ask Kreuk to get involved suggests she was a big part of NXIVM. If not, then they would not of asked her to get involved.

    In this article, Frank speaks of the type of person in NXIVM.

    Actors seem to have a need for external validation. Combine that with over ten years in an actual cult and brainwashed by the liberal PC brigade and you have someone like Kristin Kreuk.

    As well as being criminal and truly nasty, NXIVM was a vanity cult for low self esteem people to feel validated and special, like they were going to “change the world”. Yuck.

    If Kreuk thought NXIVM would boost her career, she could of just spent money getting breast implants, a Brazilian butt lift and sucking someone’s dick on the casting couch.

    Viva ejaculative sexcess!

  • Kristin was used by folks who in the beginning started something which was initially a promoted confidence building program as Kristin
    understood it. DOS was the result of unchecked power. DOS served not the many but the few. Kristin under the timeline had left the
    NXIVM program before DOS finally grew into guiding criminal force which began enslaving members into the cult we know today.
    With the Epstein death now national news, this case is going to be less interesting to news in New York. Kristin lost some productive years while in this scam of a program. She could have become a A list actress earlier , and still can became a A lister now that she has publicly condemned NXIVM and cut ties to the organization. But she insist on staying home in Canada. She seems to have no drive to move to Los Angeles to increase her career in films. Though she still was asked to audition for Mission Impossible by Tom Cruise. Grace Park who is also just as beautiful had no problem telling NXIVM to pull all her promo videos for the organization once she left. Goldie Hawn, had left also, but said little. Many high profile folks found themselves linked with this news story, and now just want it to end once Sentencing is scheduled soon.

  • Good article Frank.

    Frank, please remember that Kreuk is a ‘public figure’ in the eyes of defamation law.

    Thus, you don’t need to hold yourself to the same standard as if she were not a public figure.

    She can’t sue you unless you commit ACTUAL MALICE against her.

    It’s not enough to merely say something that’s inaccurate. She can’t sue for that unless actual malice was present too.

    Idiots like ‘Flowers’ are simply wrong for suggesting otherwise. 🙂

    In fact, even people like Joe O’hara, Bouchey, Dones, Toni, Keeffe (and ANY witness at the trial) are ‘limited purpose’ public figures when discussing issues related to the NXIVM debate.

    The law therefore requires ACTUAL MALICE before any public figures can sue for defamation.

    Mere ‘negligence’ or saying something that’s ambiguous isn’t enough.

    If you have a good faith belief that something is accurate they can’t sue you if they are public figures, even if it later turns out to be inaccurate (as long as you had a good faith belief in what you said, then no actual malice is present).

    It’s a different standard than applies to average people suing for defamation.

    Don’t turn into a pussy, Frank, just because people claim they may sue.

    Speak freely about Kreuk and anybody else in this debate.

    You don’t necessarily need to qualify every statement so tightly when talking about these PUBLIC FIGURES.


    Limited-Purpose Public Figures

    The second category of public figures is called “limited-purpose” public figures. These are individuals who “have thrust themselves to the forefront of particular controversies in order to influence the resolution of the issues involved.” Gertz v. Robert Welch Inc., 418 U.S. 323 (U.S. 1974). They are the individuals who deliberately shape debate on particular public issues, especially those who use the media to influence that debate.


    • Shut up Bang-cock. We know you’re behind all the anti-Kreuk comments. You chose an appropriate alias because you’re suck a total dick.

    • “Don’t turn into a pussy, Frank, just because people claim they may sue.”

      Who is claiming they may sue?

    • Good points, except that anybody can sue anybody else for any reason or no reason at all in the U.S., it just won’t get very far in the court system. But it will still cost time and money to get to the point of being thrown out.

  • In other words, she did what virtually every other past member of NXIVM did – she tried to quietly slink away. The main differences with Kreuk are that she had her name used to recruit members for years AND she actually made a public statement condemning NXIVM.

    Before we totally roast her for being a COWARD, let’s remember that Keith relished in battling and punishing those he saw as an enemy. If Kreuk did what many of us wanted her to do (loudly denounce NXIVM and join in the battle to stop it), she would have been right up there with Frank as enemy #1 of Keith. We all know what that entailed.

    It is what it is. Lets save the over-the-top opinions of how evil she is or how innocent she is.

    • “In other words, she did what virtually every other past member of NXIVM did”

      Unlike virtually every other past member of NXIVM, Kreuk had some level of fame to fight off the negative press and help the cult grow. She had a moral responsibility to at least make a damn effort.

      • Frank has explained why he welcomed being sued by Keith. Keith had different weapons to use. FR only exists because of Keith’s weapons. You think Frank would take a mulligan when it comes to asking Clare about the 65 mill? I don’t know. But that decision to bring it up sure has led him down a different path in life.

        It’s the old Chris Rock thing – YOU’RE A COWARD!!! – “but I understand”.

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