Why I Quit the Ramtha School of Enlightenment

By Bobbi Joe

I started my “self help” journey reading books about children raised with alcoholism and codependency, as we have alcoholism in our family.

I soon began reading all kinds of self help/spiritual books. I have this crazy need to understand so I like to read different points of view in my quest to gain understanding.

I guess the slope got slippery.

At the time, I was also having very lucid dreams that were intense ‘out of body’ experiences.

I have a family member in the Ramtha School of Enlightenment [RSE] who had been with the group since it started in the 80s.  I would talk to her about my experiences and she told me that these were the kinds of things people were trying to learn how to do at RSE.

So she fed me the RSE books until I reached the point where I wanted to experience what happens at the RSE.

The first time I went to Yelm, [headquarters of RSE] I was consciously looking for a cult.  RSE didn’t fit the typical (my own perspective) definition of a cult which is having everyone living together and sending others to street corners to recruit.

These were people who believe they are actively learning how to use their brains.  It was exciting to me.

The initial offerings at RSE are mind-blowing, and especially the blindfolded disciplines [that are part of the practices at RSE] add an additional adrenaline rush when you overcome all your emotions and fears and succeed at whatever task they’ve set up for you while you are blindfolded!

But then again, the initial stuff in any cult is always “mind-blowing”. No matter the cult, there has to be some juice in there to hook you in. It’s the “building you up” part – the early stages – where you’re so awesome!!

I will admit, I found some of the philosophy to be quite beneficial, and there was a lot of time spent on learning about the brain and the body, and quantum physics! It all made it seem more like a “school”.

Once you get past the “honeymoon” stage though, it gets pretty dark with the world ending threats, UFOs, and tons of conspiracy theories!!

You overlook the dichotomies playing out before your eyes.  You are constantly conditioned to ignore your instincts in favor of gaining “better” or higher energy instincts.

Ramtha students

You want to be psychic, or a healer, or learn to time travel or bilocate? Whatever you’re focused on training your brain to become, you begin to believe you cannot ever get there if you “doubt” anything in the process.

And besides you’re just a lowly human, emotional bag of chemicals, and Ramtha is a “god”, so who are you to question?

Overall, I wasn’t a hardcore, give up your family kind of sucker, though so many who are there are.

However, I was DEFINITELY scammed!!

I wasn’t active very long after my honeymoon period was over, but I have to admit that I was a gullible dumbass for ever believing!!!

JZ Knight as Ramtha teaching students

It’s just one of those things. It was devastating and shook my entire foundation, but eventually, it becomes something you just look back at and laugh!

I take full responsibility for continually trying to quiet my inner voice while being brainwashed. But I am also most grateful that voice continued to scream at me until I could fit all the pieces together!

Every single thing that raised a red flag during my time there, that I thought I’d ignored, all lined up like dominoes in my mind, and one day I read a sentence from an online forum, and my dominoes fell!!

The final straw for me was when I read the book “Finding the Third Eye” by Vera Stanley Alder. I have a photographic memory, and after reading just a few paragraphs I realized J.Z. Knight stole it all from the book!!

She didn’t even bother to change the wording around. She stole it verbatim!!

That’s why I know how important this site is, and what a service Frank Parlato is doing for both the recovering cult victims, as well as the ones who haven’t reached the realization yet.

One sentence on here might be someone else’s saving grace.

By the way, my family member is still there, living in Yelm, and parroting everything Ramtha says.

At RSE, they choose to believe that I just gave up, and I didn’t have the faith and dedication to give the rest of my life away.

JZ Knight claims to channel a ghost named Ramtha.

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  • Ramtha has said he came back for HIS PEOPLE and not everyone will or can hear his message. That’s my take on this person’s doubts…he’s not supposed to be in the school…YET…maybe later lifetimes he’ll understand it. For me and many others…Ramtha teaches a way of life…not a religion…not a cult following…unless you choose to go to every teaching. You can go…or not…you will still get the teachings if you want to know the teachings. Amazing teacher! Ramtha has taught me more about the world I live in…and the makeup of my body and how my brain works…how nature works…how the universe works…than can ever be explained here. Love to you Ramtha…amazing teacher and God visiting us.

  • You are a dupe of your own making, and will be back here again to revisit what you have not learned.

  • I saw “Ramtha” on tv back in the eighties. The first thing I noticed was Knight was not channeling an ancient spirit, she was being Yul Brynner in The King And I. The whole method of sitting on the throne was right out of Broadway.

  • I haven’t been a current student for years. I left because I didn’t like the idea of spending that much vacation time and money year after year with nothing to show for it.

    In fairness, I did have some remarkable experiences, including seeing through playing cards. Would I call this place a cult? Not at all.

    I never felt like I was pressured into making decisions or doing things I didn’t want to do. In fact, there was one event where I was frustrated with the whole experience, just loaded up my vehicle in the middle of it, and drove out through the front gate.

    Someone saw me sitting there waiting for the gate to open and they opened up the gate remotely. I think we have to be very careful in flinging around words like ‘cult’ because I never experienced anything that made me feel forced. My free will was always intact. Disagreeing with what happens there is a different animal than actually being a cult.

    • Knight is likely on the edge of the Cult. It is possible she is like Jonathan Kleck and a brainchip zombie type of Judas Goat gathering a following where the Freemason Cult could control her to bring out the Kool aid some wicked day like Jim Jones did.
      What most people don’t realize that the ancient technology that was used to make the Homo capensis species great is now in the hands of the Freemasons. It was the plan to rebuild the Tower of Babel even back in the days of the Eastern Star Cult controling Alice Bailey acting as a spiritual spokeswoman. Sounds vague… here is a post that explains the technology better: https://ugetube.com/watch/covert-brainchips-and-implants-by-medical-mafia-or-freemasons-the-unsworn-who-don-039-t-accept-the-j_AtkmZuVqcBsfDz6.html

      I have alot of free eye openers that are a truthful as I can make them on that channel on UGEtube I suggest taking advantage of my research, it didn’t come free for me lots of bumps and bruises to say the least. But I see the Mystery School Cult preparing to extinct Homo sapiens out of being brainwashed by the satan-race. That is everyone’s concern. The Freemason 33rd think they have the right to destroy our divinely blueprinted species… I don’t think so… The Freemason Cult instructing Knight can just dry up and blow away instead.

  • “The first time I went to Yelm, [headquarters of RSE] I was consciously looking for a cult.” It’s been said nobody joins a cult knowing that it’s a cult, so you appear to be an exception to this statement.

    • My family member had been a part of it already for quite a few years. Our family didn’t understand it, and that word had been thrown around. I was the only other person to go and check it out. I was looking for cultish signs to see if my family member was in any danger or jeopardy. I actually wrote a paper in school on The Moonies years before, so I definitely had preconceived notions on what a “cult” was supposed to look like. Besides, it’s a long stretch to get your mind to believe the whole “channeling” idea, and I looked for the “act” as well!! I get that you can watch a few clips and wonder how in the hell could anyone believe this!?! But it’s all very slickly manipulative as they explain the reason(s) why you NEED to do this to free yourself while she’s guiding you into the cage she’s made for you! In the beginning, your universe expands with all the possibilities in front of you, but if you stay there too long, your universe shrinks so low, you’re like a junkie, forgoing basic necessities just to make it to the next mind blowing regurgitation!

  • Ramtha®, C&E®, Consciousness & Energy®, Fieldwork®, The Tank®, Blue Body®, Twilight®, Torsion ProcessSM, Neighborhood Walk,SM, The GridSM, Create Your DaySM, Become a Remarkable Life®, Mind As MatterSM, Analogical ArcherySM, and GladysSM are trademarks and service marks of JZ Knight.
    Can you or any other Ramthites identify what exactly these exercise or curriculum are and how they relate to Mind Control and Brainwashment?
    What exactly is Torsion and Gladys? The Grid and Neighborhood Walk??? When were these disiplines intregrated into the school? When was the tunnel system at the school installed and the underground bunkers? Why the use of all the Copper Wire? What about the Lye Drink JZ got people to drink?
    Any other insight would be helpful.

    • I’m not sure anyone has the time or the inclination to go through all of that. Most of them are disciplines that people do throughout their day, every day. So in the context of how it brainwashes you, it puts your life on a schedule so you’re chronically thinking or doing ramtha stuff. If you add listening to the tapes ad nauseam in there, it becomes a 24/7 cycle of ramtha and ramtha jargon.

      May I refer you, and anyone else who’s interested in reading more about this cult to: enlightenmefree.com. Click into Message Boards, and you will find an enormous amount of info about the scam that is Ramthas School of Enlightenment.

    • The lye is a simple thing to explain. Rammy-Ram gave everyone the instructions to make ormus, which involves using lye to alter the pH of the substance. It’s no different than using lye to make pretzels and other pastries. when you’re done there is no lye left and you can be sure of that by testing the pH. it’s not sinister. EXCEPT… everyone was told to destroy their instructions and do it from memory and because nobody knew what they were doing, people didn’t rinse the substance correctly or measure the pH correctly AND what’s worse is they used frickin industrial lye (red devil lye) because Rammy-Ram apparently forgot to specify that they should be using food grade lye oopsie poopsies.

      So people were drinking ormus that was not properly made, that still contained lye. I know someone who personall ended up in the hospital because of this and their hair fell out and they almost died because they were chugging it and they drank the ormus made by other students. I mean, people went out and bough $10,000-$40,000 boats JUST TO GO OUT INTO THE OCEAN AND COLLECT THEIR OWN SEAWATER to make ormus with…

      And when it came to light that there was a “lye concoction” the school and all admins acted like the person who made this info public (virginia) was nuts and making it all up. Like they didn’t even say, “oh yeah we told everyone how to make ormus, but they screwed up and didn’t make it right.” No… none of that. They basically said “lye? what lye? we don’t know what yer talkin bout. we aint got no lye.”

      That situation is the sickest joke ever. Virginia told the truth and instead of admitting to teaching people to make ormus (something that is readily available to make and to buy, it ain’t no secret and it’s perfectly legal) RSE just denied everything…

      And all the coward students sat by and watched “their school” deny the allegations and pretend there was never any lye concoction when they KNOW GOD DAMN WELL that they were all making ormus using lye and it wasn’t being made right and they just sat there and didn’t say a word for fear of retaliation from their “master teacher” and/or jz… what a crock of bull-sheeeeeeeeet!

      Oh and the trademarked things you can look up on the website. basically everything is a form of either breathing hyperventilating or walking around blindfolded. that sums up everything, sometimes you’re blindfolded sitting on a pillow, sometimes you’re blindfolded walking in a field, sometimes you’re blindfolded wandering in a maze with dangerous obstacles like 8 foot ladders with no ladder on the other side and random holes that drop you several feet to the ground, sometimes you’re blindfolded while hyperventilating. sometimes you’re blindfolded while shooting a bow and arrow. sometimes you’re blindfolded while you dance.

      That’s about all it is.

  • I imagine there are many, many people hoping for an answer to the trauma they experienced living under the parental authority of an alcoholic. Children do the best they can to cope. I know you did the best you could to keep going. I am so glad you saw your way out of furthur trauma.

    • What that generally means is people who constantly equivocate, dissemble – lie, believe their lying is justified by the behaviour of sub-atomic particles. at which point you wish there was a rabbi, or professor to bang each and everyone of them in their pulsing sea of electrical possibility, or face, – if you can only ‘see’ reality in the boring Newtonian sense!!

      • You’re not wrong!! RSE’s brainwashing procedure centres around “understanding” the concepts through “science”. They teach you about the brain so your understanding is that you don’t use enough of it to be able to create your own life and hence you NEED Ramtha to teach you how to do that. Quantum physics levels are needed so that the “student” can at least conceptualize things like time travel, bilocation, reversing age or having gold coins rain from the sky, and believe that it’s possible outside of sci-fi movies and books. At every event I ever went to…they’d always tease that the NEXT event was going to be the one that would really blow your mind!!

      • LOL they’re so scientific they named part of the brain the “yellow brain” because that’s the color they chose to color it in on the diagram and so all the students and teachers walk around on campus AND in daily life, talking about the “yellow brain” even to people outside the school and it sounds so uneducated and stupid. How’s that for scientific lolzies

  • Great job Frank!! Merging both my responses to Anonymous….each time I wrote my response, I tried to be brief! I also didn’t want to type the same response ( when the first one went missing) in case the first one showed up! Lol. It’s all there.

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