Fred: Ramtha Is NXIVM with Underground Bunkers and Machine Guns

J. Z. Knight
My correspondent, Fred, does not believe J.Z Knight [AKA Judy Zebra Knight AKA Judith Darlene Hampton] is channeling the spirit of Ramtha. He believes she is a fraud.  Fred does believe that the late Jane Roberts, who gained fame in the 1970s, for purportedly channeling an entity called “Seth”, [and who wrote about it] was an example of legitimate channeling of a spirit.  I think Fred’s viewpoint is worth reading – as part of our investigation into the Ramtha School of Enlightenment.
As some readers know, Knight is a woman, now in her mid-70s, who for years has claimed that the spirit of Ramtha – who she claims is 35,000 years old – inhabits her body and speaks through her giving enlightened teachings to people.  Is it a fraud?
There are probably ways to find out. Some would require J. Z. Knight to cooperate. [For instance Knight has issued a press release where she claimed her personal doctor tested her and claims her DNA changes when Ramtha inhabits her body. This is easy enough to retest.] Even if she does not wish to cooperate, we can ascertain more than a little from what Knight says Ramtha told her and from various sources who know her and have seen her “channel” Ramtha.  In the meantime, let’s hear Fred out. He makes some interesting comparisons to Nxivm and the Aum Cult. 
By Fred
Early followers of Ramtha say that J. Z. Knight modeled herself (including the vocal delivery, at least in the beginning, [now it’s become increasingly erratic]) on the channeling of “Seth” by Jane Roberts from the 1960s until her death in 1984.  Knight apparently channeled whole passages straight from Seth.
Jane Roberts was a writer and poet, often on esoteric themes. If you read the book “Seth Speaks”, dictated by Seth — who humorously calls himself a “ghost writer” — Roberts goes into great detail about this channeling process, and how she tested it against her own experience of writing.
She says something like — “I know what it takes to produce a book. I did not produce this work, although I can recognise some of my own turns of phrase” (Seth would “borrow” her consciousness and idiom to channel his message).
My main point: Jane Roberts would generally be completely and genuinely unaware of what she had been channeling, when she came out of trance. Her husband would take this dictation down in writing, and sometimes she herself would only see the material months later. She felt that if she got too involved, it might lead her to anticipate the direction of the material and thus influence the process.
Now: Ramtha the Enlightened One Himself once presided (through JZ Knight) over a “rape trial” at the Yelm compound. Here’s an account of what happened when the matter subsequently came to court:

RAMTHA: Channeler says she won’t testify

Sun | Local  Oct 10th, 2000
YELM (AP) – The woman who claims to channel a 35,000-year-old warrior spirit called Ramtha said she can’t take the witness stand against a Pe Ell couple accused of sexual misconduct with a 15-year-old girl.
J.Z. Knight said she doesn’t remember the confession of voice instructor Wayne Allen Geis and his common-law wife, Ruth Beverly Martin, which is said to have occurred about a year ago in front of about 800 stunned students at Ramtha‘s School of Enlightenment on Knight’s Yelm estate.
Knight said she was in a trance at the time – that it was Ramtha who questioned the couple and elicited the confession.
“There is a being outside of me which is him,” Knight said. — —
There’s one very easy way to prove that JZ Knight is actually a total fraud. Can anyone explain how she somehow “knows” what Ramtha said through her, all the esoteric teachings and the like, without someone either telling her what she said, or her watching a video of her own “performance”?
Jane Roberts was far behind her husband, and far less of an expert on what Seth was revealing, during the whole process. That’s what a real channeling looks like (and having read Jane Roberts’s careful personal interrogation of the whole Seth phenomenon, and having seen the integrity of the material in Seth Speaks, I am 100% convinced that this was the real thing.)
The Rudolf Steiner people [Waldorf Schools] are very strict about what counts as valid “spiritual science”.
They absolutely discount “all” channeling. They say that, like Steiner himself, you must confront the spiritual realities in full waking consciousness. Yet a top Steiner follower, Stanley Messenger, maintained that the anthroposophical movement never achieved what it should have, and “this” was why Seth was necessary:
“The exceptional case I referred to is when, as in the case of Seth and his medium, Jane Roberts, in the seventies, one can ask whether any of this remarkable teaching would have been needed if we had really listened to Rudolf Steiner earlier on. I am not at all saying that Jane Roberts could have done anything differently, though Seth himself repeatedly warned her that her total mediumism, alternating almost from minute to minute with a very full and intelligent consciousness, was playing havoc with her health. In the end her body seized up and she died. It was partly a conscious sacrifice. A vast amount of information and insight needs to pour through from the spiritual world, and if we fail to make the conscious effort someone may suffer in a mediumistic or channelling way.”
I’m sure that JZ Knight’s rants during “wine ceremonies”, when she’s drunk and staggering around the stage, really are just a blur to her the next morning. But it’s a very convenient trick, to put all the blame for anything she says in this state on Ramtha the Enlightened One.
She says Ramtha first appeared to her in her kitchen, quite visibly, and spoke to her. Why did she have to channel him, then? Compare this with Jane Roberts’s account, of how Seth very slowly manifested in her consciousness through various means, like through her metaphysical poetry, with her actually resisting this strange influence strongly at certain points.
The whole Ramtha story, from beginning to end, reeks of fraud.
When I say “end”: JZ Knight now claims in a press release that her personal healthcare professional (he’s not a proper doctor) did DNA tests on her while channeling Ramtha, and says that her DNA changes to that of a native American/Viking “male” while she’s in trance:
— —  “There is no doubt in my mind that the DNA from JZ Knight in her everyday life and from Ms. Knight when she was channeling Ramtha demonstrate an incredibly rare scientific phenomenon,” said Dr. Matthew Martinez, JZ Knight’s personal physician, who collected the cheek swabs and sent the samples at the same time to three different laboratories. “There is no debate – the DNA samples indicate completely different people.”  
There is no debate. This is more nuts than just about anything she’s claimed before, and to my eye, is conclusive proof that this cult is being primed to implode.
Image result for j z knight
J. Z. Knight – does she have CIA connections? Or is this pure bullshit?

Knight Claims CIA Connections

Now: JZ Knight has more than once boasted about her CIA connections. She says the CIA uses  Ramtha material to train its top agents.
She calls herself the “best-kept secret in Wall Street” and says that all the major corporations, like IBM and Google, consult Ramtha. (They deny it, when asked, but of course, that’s just more proof that it’s true).
If she has such a big consultancy going with Wall Street, why does she have to charge so much for her esoteric teachings? I mean, the teachings of Ramtha the Enlightened One?
Does “Ramtha” need the money?

Ramtha Predicted Vast Tsunami That Did Not Happen

So I’ve long held the view that the Ramtha cult would be implemented by the CIA in some fashion. For example: in 2011, after Fukushima, there was a very dramatic Ramtha channeling, predicting a vast earthquake and tsunami that would take Japan right under the seabed.

Ramtha said that the Higher Beings had decided this was the only way the world could be prevented from global disaster. Vast tsunamis were going to sweep from California to New Mexico, and in the podcast, her followers were excitedly predicting which cities would go under the water. This was supposed to happen within weeks.

That podcast has now been removed. However, I went on a (now defunct) sci-fi forum to report this prediction, and said: if this actually happens, it’s no proof of Ramtha‘s prophetic powers. It shows that the CIA is engaged in earthquake warfare, and is using Ramtha as a foil. The earthquake never happened, of course, and that entire board has disappeared into digital history.
But I’m glad I made the point, because now I think the CIA has implemented its asset.
JZ Knight, after donating some $170,000 to Democrats in her area over the years, is now a big Trump fan and supporter of the Q Anon movement… and she’s selling neat Q shirts…
Woman claims she was abused by Ramtha Cult when she was a child.

Forced Labor?

The following is a very difficult and disturbing video, but contains some fascinating insights into what’s really going on at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE) compound:
This woman grew up in that community. She describes the abuse she suffered as a child, including being used as slave labour to dig an underground bunker. However, she reveals exactly how these bunkers were planned: she says they got hold of books describing how the Vietcong built entire underground complexes, with interlinking tunnels, to fight the war. And the RSE [Ramtha School of Enlightenment] people followed these technical details closely, she says.
Several reports say these people are stockpiling weapons as well.
Does anyone get the feeling that Ramtha is not going to disappear quietly into the night?
JZ Knight was quoted as saying that “We will go out in a blaze of glory in this life”.
This is why this totally insane story of the DNA is being floated. I believe JZ Knight’s CIA handlers decided on this as a serious test of who would stick with the program, no matter what, and who would balk at the Kool-Aid jug.  And if this all goes up in flames, it will be blamed by the mainstream media on those crazy Q people.
Whatever Q is or isn’t, I don’t think the CIA are happy with this phenomenon, and they will go to great lengths to discredit it.

Comparison to the Aum Shinrikyo Cult

As a foreigner, it just amazes me that there is such total ignorance and incomprehension of the risk the Ramtha people pose. I’ve seen this happen once before, with the Aum Shinrikyo cult in Japan.
I’m a radio man, and was listening to and recording Radio Moscow during the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Around 1992, they started carrying advertisements, mostly for state-owned enterprises.
But there were also dramatic broadcasts, with ominous music, that said “This is the truth of the holy heaven; when this truth has been propagated around the world, the destruction of the Earth shall come.”
Image result for Asahara aum
Shoko Asahara
This was followed by a postal address for Aum Shinrikyo in Shizuoka. I was intrigued enough to write to them, and started receiving a regular newsletter, with details of shortwave broadcasts from Japan, which I tuned into. I even got a QSL card from them with Asahara’s picture when I sent a reception report.
I was receiving these apocalyptic newsletters right up to the point of the Tokyo sarin gas killings. The last Aum newsletter, a few weeks before this, was completely off the wall. It predicted a vast war between Japan and America, to be fought with earthquake technology and nuclear weapons. And there was a whole page interpreting the Buddha’s sayings about “blue” and “yellow” lotus flowers as references to blood (venous blood, hence blue) and pus. Buddha was describing the decay you have to go through and experience, to reach enlightenment.
Image result for dalai lama shoko asahara
Shoko Asahara had a line to primitive Buddhism which was quite impressive. It certainly fooled the Dalai Lama, who was photographed holding Asahara’s hand and reportedly told him to take Buddhism proper to Japan. And, of course, the Dalai Lama pitches up again with NXIVM. He really should choose his cult associations more carefully.
Image result for dalai lama keith raniere
Dalai Lama and Keith Raniere
When Aum Shinrikyo imploded, and the sarin gas attack occurred, the Japanese government said it was totally caught by surprise.
Aum had imported a military attack helicopter from Russia, along with all kinds of electromagnetic warfare equipment. There was a US Senate hearing into whether Aum Shinrikyo actually possessed earthquake tech and had caused artificial quakes in Australia. The cult bought a sheep farm there, which promptly became the epicentre of an earthquake, accompanied by a fireball, in an area that had never experienced a quake before.
An Aussie geologist called Harry Mason did an exhaustive investigation of this, and found  stories from Aboriginal locals about Aum members on motorcycles collecting earth samples from the area. Mason had no doubt that Aum Shinrikyo was behind this event.
So don’t tell me that no one in the Japanese government had any clue of what was going on. Aum was being used to covertly acquire extremely sensitive weaponry, so someone at the top knew the score.
If I, a complete nobody with a shortwave radio, could tell that Aum Shinrikyo was about to implode: how does it possibly happen that no one in Japan saw this coming? And why do I get exactly the same feeling now with RSE?
I mention Aum Shinrikyo for one other reason. There’s a major cult apologist called J. Gordon Melton, who is always quoted by Ramtha followers as proving that this channeling is all legit and scientifically proven.
He wrote a whole book about the Ramtha cult, as described by Joe Szimhart, who had very close information about JZ Knight from her ex-husband, Jeff Knight:
One quote from this:  “My last point has to do with the nature of the tests that certain ‘experts’ performed on JZ while she was in her Ramtha mode. Melton tells us that the tests show that JZ is not a fraud, and that “something extraordinary was physiologically taking place.”
This was decades before these purported DNA tests, so you can see the pattern here, using pseudoscience and pliable hucksters to provide a veneer of bullshit to baffle the brains of her benighted believers.
They really do believe this DNA stuff, by the way.
I know some serious Ramtha devotees, one of whom has actually built an underground bunker to store food. This was for 2012, when they thought the world was going to end, so these supplies may be going off by now.
Image result for j. gordon melton
J. Gordon Melton, a supporter of Ramtha.
So Ramtha and Aum Shinrikyo actually shared the same apologist, in J. Gordon Melton, and if that doesn’t ring an alarm bell somewhere, you’re not listening.
Yes, the Ramtha lawyers may get busy; but watch out for a legal action that ends up with some kind of raid on that compound, followed by scenes from Apocalypse Now, as they fight back from their Vietcong-style underground bunkers and tunnels.
Bunkers that in one case, at least, were dug out by child slave labour.
One other thing: that woman’s video describes how the people at RSE wore branded track pants with labels bearing the names of their particular groups and colour coding to indicate seniority. The more you pay, the higher your rank.
If you miss a course, you have to go back to the beginning (according to David McCarthy, one of the big whistle-blowers at RSE). So you just keep spending and spending. Does any of this sound familiar?
This is NXIVM with underground bunkers and machine guns. I’m a nothing from nowhere, and I can see what’s coming.
There are other similarities between NXIVM and RSE. Both ran grade schools, although the two schools associated with RSE shut for lack of funds (what? Couldn’t they just invoke their clairvoyant powers and go to the casino and win all the money they needed?)
Image result for Rebecca Oppenheimer, debeers
Rebecca Oppenheimer – the Clare Bronfman of Ramtha?
Both have attracted some of the wealthiest people in the world: the Bronfmans to NXIVM on the one hand, and Ms Rebecca Oppenheimer, of De Beers diamonds, who once bid $170,000 for a private session with Ramtha at a charity auction for one of the schools that bit the dust, Phoenix Rising, an unfortunate name.
NXIVM certainly did a better job on that score, those Rainbow Gardens schools have to be one of the creepiest parts of the whole story.
But in the end, I’m certain that the Ramtha School of Enlightenment is going to make NXIVM look truly puny. And the end has now definitely begun, with these DNA tests and the whole Q thing. There may not be so many people in those bunkers as there were, I don’t know. But the ones that remain are armed, dangerous, and very tired of waiting for the apocalypse, they’ve been promised it for 40 years now. It’s not a good recipe.
Thanks for your attention; sincere thanks again to Frank Parlato for his fearless efforts.

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James Ross
2 years ago

Good effort, Fred…
Roberts was real, Messenger sounds sincere yet confused, Ramtha appeared months after Roberts was killed in hospital by ww Cult, medical mafia, Knight is likely and Jim Jones repeat:

James Ross
2 years ago
Reply to  James Ross

I took a deeper look into Messenger to confirm my opinion of his comment about Jane Roberts cutting her life short due to Seth’s influence and not the Mystery Schooler doing their typical hindrance thing.
Turns out Stanley messenger may not be Cult, yet he was left confused by the Cult’s efforts.
Messenger was a cereologist, he could not see through the fraud, so he was not likely part of the crop circle fraud that I exposed:

Messenger attended and spoke at the Cult run conference: but could not see that it was mystery school operated with the “eye” and “oval of the two circles:comment image and even the podium was covered with the Templar triangle with the ancient A.I. disk at apex (like the Giza Khufu once ruled humanity)

I would guess that Manly P. Hall was one of the “anthroposophists”, but his own Cult brother-hood murdered Hall while claiming he died peacefully in his bed: and I tell you this fate of a Cult high priest so that it can be realized that the old world Cult is not the New World Cult who are now destroying their spiritual future as a thUgtopia rather than a loving New Atlantis. The assassination of JFK was an early warning the encouraged Seth to create his Seth-Books from incites of AllThatIs, the Cult even killed the messenger of the Creator-God, Jane Roberts, a spiritually appalling challenging situation with Homo capensis undermining humanity into unloving thUgs, just like themselves.
Ramtha is just another diversion to bamboozle those who follow Knight and the Eastern-Star branch of the hivemind.

4 years ago

I just watched a video talk last night, by a man who, after writing questions to God, started getting answers in the form of automatic writing. It’s a fascinating story, especially because of what happened when he challenged “God”! It could give you some insight into what might be happening in either of the aforementioned cases:

4 years ago

I’m not quite sure what the point really is about trying to make a distinction between one supposed channeler and another. All the material that comes out when individuals are in trances, hypnotic or suggestive states are just spurious phenomena of the mind, a mix of imagination (similar to dreams) and forgotten or subconscious material (like phrases read long ago) – often referencing the natural, child-like wisdom that resonates within us, along the lines of “you create your own reality.”

Roberts, like L. Ron Hubbard – who produced material based on supposed past life recollections using a similar “reverie” state – was first a small-time science fiction writer, and thus demonstrably imaginative. And like Hubbard, Roberts apparently found that alcohol lubricated her work when inspiration wasn’t coming freely enough on its own.

Knight also shares Roberts’ fondness for drinking wine while supposedly channeling. Perhaps she substitutes a more drunken state for a trance, but Roberts pushed that boundary as well. Maybe rather than a conscious fraud, Knight is more deluded, or even suffering from mental illness, than in a trance, but who’s to say that one state of altered consciousness is necessarily more authentic or more fraudulent than another?

4 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

@AnonyMaker: Jane Roberts would sometimes take a sip of beer, or occasionally get up and light a cigarette, while in trance. Every single detail of these events was recorded by her husband in the dictation, so you can see the whole process in context of what she’s channeling. She does not stagger around blind drunk. You can see when Seth is dealing with particularly difficult material and high concepts, and the delivery slows down. Time details are recorded throughout the transcript, and you can see exactly why some passages take longer to deliver than others.

But when you say that you’re not sure why I make a distinction between these two “channelers”, I really draw your attention to the beginning of my piece. Jane Roberts and “Seth” are sometimes credited as marking the beginning of the whole modern “New Age” era. Seth channeled on TV, for example, a real first. I’ve read a couple of accounts from really early Ramtha followers, who say that the whole Ramtha phenomenon right from the beginning was clearly based on Seth. One of Knight’s bodyguards, who was with her 24/7, said she has a phenomenal memory. He would see a book on her bed with passages marked, and weeks later, Ramtha would deliver those exact words verbatim from the stage. He was asked in the interview whether, in the 18 months he was close up, he saw one thing that he thought was genuine. He said no.

Again, those early followers say that Knight literally “channeled” whole passages from Seth, word for word, in the beginning. Seth, however, has a deep and complex biography, many lives on this earth, including one as a minor Pope of whom you will never have heard, the histories from that era are largely fiction, he says. He gives vivid descriptions of these lives, including his habit of sniffing oregano to get high when he was a spice merchant in Denmark centuries ago. J.Z. Knight simplified the whole Ramtha back story to one single incarnation in a prehistorical era of which there is absolutely no evidence. Very convenient. And even with just this one incarnation, there is no convincing detail, nothing you can check even for consistency.

Since those early days, J.Z. Knight has enthusiastically embraced every conspiracy theory and fad going, from quantum physics to reptilian overlords from Nibiru to chemtrails to the Black Pope to blue light therapy to QAnon. But Knight’s foundation comes from imitating Jane Roberts, and I wanted to make this clear. Go and read Seth Speaks for yourself, it’s available online:

Tell me this is not a coherent and internally self-consistent work. In fact, it contains the very best exposition of the so-called “Many Worlds” theory of quantum physics I’ve ever seen. Yet it does not use the word “quantum” once. It only talks about probable realities, and how they are all simultaneously alive and present. And how you navigate the incredible complexities of this omniverse, as a conscious multidimensional being. To describe this as “spurious phenomena of the mind” just proves that you have not really examined the material.

Compare this book with the mind-numbing rubbish of the Ramtha movie, What The Bleep, which purports to be about quantum physics. The Ramtha whistle-blower David McCarthy says he worked on this movie, before he began to see through the whole Ramtha fraud. He was disgusted to see how the movie twisted and misrepresented the words of the real scientists interviewed, and noted how they unanimously dissociated themselves from the movie and disagreed with the way their words had been abused.

McCarthy was called by the movie’s producer to help with a sequel. He asked about the misrepresentation of the scientists’ words, and said the physics was all rubbish. The producer said she knew this, but: “Oh, it makes people think.” So they themselves know this material is nonsense. But it sounds trendy and draws in a certain type of gullible seeker.

Don’t forget, also, that the one direct connection between Ramtha and NXIVM is Mark Vicente, co-director of What The Bleep. Anyone involved in the creation of that film is a devious manipulator, the whole movie was deceptive nonsense.

Again, this is why I draw the comparison with Seth: take a look at the real thing, and you will find real wisdom and insight, and some truly amazing quantum mechanics. I’ve hacked through as much RSE material as I can bear, including their famous White Book, and I literally cannot find one single thing of the slightest value in any of it, not even a decent aphorism. J.Z. Knight wanted to copyright the saying “So Be It”, for crying out loud. It’s all commercialized, it’s all commoditized, it’s all designed to keep you spending and dependent. And if you spend enough, you rise in the hierarchy, and get to spend more time with Ramtha, and maybe get closer to the hanky-panky that is said to go on after those wine ceremonies.

The thing about a true fraud, is that there needs to be a reality that it’s pretending to be. You don’t fake a three-dollar bill. You may think all this spiritual stuff is hogwash, that’s your right. But it’s a bad mistake to lump it all together. Jane Roberts describes the lengthy and painstaking process by which she came to accept and participate in the channeling process. She was a highly gifted writer and poet in her own right, so her insights are very well considered and comprehensive. She satisfied herself that this material was genuine and worthwhile, and you can examine her standards and methods for saying this. She convinced me of her own sincerity, if nothing else. Ramtha appears to J.Z. Knight in her kitchen, and she says “You’re so beautiful!” — and that’s it, Ramtha the Enlightened One is now in her life. Please. You’re right in one sense, @AnonyMaker — it’s actually ridiculous to compare the two.

James Ross
2 years ago
Reply to  Fred

Jane describe being attacked by the Mystery School minions in her “Psychic Politics”. The Nymphomaniac lawyer and radio interview on open sex were attacks on her necessary partnership with Rob. Trying to cause conflicts and break-up the team.

Before Janes death, Rob was likely being accosted by Eastern-Stars as the Cult immobilized Jane’s body with their poisons. I know alot about the Freemasons and E-Ss since they have been trying to assassinate me too for the last 15 years while exposing their servitude to the Homo capensis ancient satan-race that Seth call the Lumanians… they still live and created the Mystery School Cult to sabotage humanity for extinction after the genocide of the “profane.”

Knight is Cult and all her supporters are in on the genocide take-over and did not want Seth to wisen-up the “profane”. But I discovered that Seth is totally ligit with his “Point of Power in the Present” and “You live in a safe universe” and “if you don’t take control, others will do that for you”… The cocreated universe is a multiverse of many… infinite probablities that will save your ass every time from death if you beliefs and desires are okay and you can control what you concentrate upon.

The cult plays with their Rosicrucian silliness and hexing and black magik crap and I just laugh at their rejection of the words of Seth and grand efforts of Jane Roberts and Rob.
Rob got hooked up with an Eastern-Star after Jane, who after Robs death in 07?… She locked down the material, documents with copyrights rather than enlightening the world with freedom of Seth’s teachings.

The Remnant-Lumanian run Earth is not as benevolent as Seth was suggesting… but like Seth said… if you look for the monsters, they are surely there waiting for you. After 9/11 I looked and found the entire Mystery School Cult of murderous thUgs hiding in the woodwork. But Seth already said all religions will be in dire situation at the time of the Second Coming… So it is not just me manifesting Freemasonic, Templar, mormon, JWs, Easternstar murderous monsters all around me.

They really, really don’t like me because I do not die… you see, they are locked now within my main-probability and this is where their last probable-selves will self-annihilate.
Seth told them that Murder changes the soul for the worse… “the ends never justifies the means” yet their motto is “EXITUS ACTA PROBAT” placed upon the Washington Arch… They are collectively going down the bottomeless pit that they built… “live by the sword, then die by the sword” Seth told them.
You would think they would have learned something when they called Mars to thunderbolted Atlantis off of North America back in 747BC.
Seth warned them that New Atlantis destruction is in the future besides their projection of the Atlantis destruction in the past. Ignorance is no excuse the Cult mocks the sheeple all the time. They are so self-righteous it is really pathetic to get to look through them. To witness their greed and fake-hate.

The Cult is the Church of ISIS/initiates, the virgin mary who gave birth to their immaculate child the A.I. supercomputer which will vessel Lucifer they think. Their is only a trickster computer there… no Lucifer, they are brainwashed by Homo capensis:

4 years ago

Doesn’t surprise me Ramtha is now pandering out to the GOP and Trump. Rosanne Barr has a lot of association with Ramtha currently. Both Roseanne and JZ are raging racists and homophobes, also both are heavy Second Amendment supporters. Roseanne has been seeking Ramtha for spiritual guidance in phone calls and both are now rabid Trump supporters and white supremists in lipstick.
Also anyone who lives near the School of Enlihtment know that it borders a thick forest that is Military Land and the people who follow a Ramtha that live out in the woods, a small encampment that has been there literally for decades for these Guinea Pigs. The encampment is known as the people who lost everything to Ramtha, the true devoted,its also hard to get to and locate in the thickened forest,but a few hundred yards from the Maze is where the encampment is.
The Maze is a part of the school where people are dropped into like frenzied rats trying to escape, sometimes the drill can last for many hours at a time being stuck in the ever changing maze.
Many of the key NMVXM players were originally in the Ramtha cult, that’s where they got the Blue Print for NVXMN.
Ramtha originally meant to commit no crimes but it got way out of controll with the Pyramid Schemes and colored Trek Pants. Miss a class you start all over, even if that means camping in a Psy Ops drill called Paradise Beach where one can be left out for days at a time in cold wet weather, often scheduled during February or November, where temps are often just in the fourties or worse.
Ramthas cult is ran by JZ and often been rumored and pretty much proven that JZ and Linda Evans were an Item for awhile. Linda helped finance the school along with John Derek’s daughter. JZ got famed by Merv Griffin who gave JZ her first big exposure. That’s because Merv and JZ’s ex husband were gay and JZ’s ex husband knew Merv.
Also if you look at the later year plot lines of the TV show Dynasty it was almost a mirror image of how JZ crafted her image: the UFO plotlines, the horses, two of the characters of Dynasty moved to the Seattle area. That’s because some of the writers also retired into the Ramtha cult after the show wrapped.
Lots to be said about Ramtha. I’m sure that will be the next Oxenberg book, now that she nabbed NNXIM and that was such a good read. Hopefully Linda Evans will fast track a biography about her Ramtha Years before others cash in. Linda’s time out of the limelight has been too long and she needs a comeback like Oxenberg did thru her association with NVIMN.
The Ramtha lawyers are to be feared though with time and time again shutting people down and shut ups into silency. Doubt this blog writer will get very far before Ramtha survielles and sues.

4 years ago

Thank YOU Fred, this is fascinating and I sincerely hope we hear more from you on the Frank Report in the future. This is shocking information and connects to so many groups, people, events past and present. Like the Q cult. I’m definitely going to read up on Aum Shinrikyo now. Fred, what do you think about Falun Gong? I keep hearing that they may be financing or are behind some of the alt-media figures that promote very odd ufology and related conspiracies, like this thing about an impending Ascension with Sphere Beings, basically a Rapture but with extra-terrestrials, sort of building on the deadly Heavens Gate. Ascension and Ufology has attracted Laura Eisenhower, to round out the heiress element. Ascension also seems to have some ideas about DNA changing and is apocalyptic, but it appears that J.Z. is aware of various fringe ideas circulating outside the compound and is incorporating many of them into her group, possibly to attract new followers by staying current. I really hope you’ll expose more of what you have learned. (The 90s were a great time for shortwave, I miss those days!)

4 years ago

Well after reading this article I finally have something positive to post in regards to NXIVM……..

Thank God Raniere and NXVIM were not into guns!!!!!!

4 years ago
Reply to  NotANiceGuy

But he sure said, on camera even, that “he had people killed for his beliefs”. That’s the thing, he always had others to commit his crimes for him, thus the racketiering charges.

4 years ago

The possible CIA connection to cults including NXIVM is not as far fetched as one might think.

A big turning point in the history of NXIVM was the Dalai Lama’s visit to Albany paid for by the Bronfman sisters.

Well it turns out that the Dalai Lama is a CIA asset and has been on the CIA’s payroll for years.
The CIA has been using the Dalai Lama and his religion to destabilize Tibet which is now occupied by China.
This relationship between the Dalai Lama and the CIA was confirmed by the Los Angeles Times.

“CIA Gave Aid to Tibetan Exiles in ’60s, Files Show
For much of the 1960s, the CIA provided the Tibetan exile movement with $1.7 million a year for operations against China, including an annual subsidy of $180,000 for the Dalai Lama, according to newly released U.S. intelligence documents.

The money for the Tibetans and the Dalai Lama was part of the CIA’s worldwide effort during the height of the Cold War to undermine Communist governments, particularly in the Soviet Union and China. In fact, the U.S. government committee that approved the Tibetan operations also authorized the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.”

Raniere has been compared to the cult leader Aleister Crowley.
There are serious scholars who argue that Crowley worked for British intelligence during World War I.

“In reality, Crowley was a double agent, working for the British intelligence services to infiltrate and undermine Germany’s operation in New York. ”

An entire book has been written on this subject.

Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult Paperback – June 1, 2008

4 years ago

exactly shadowstate limited hangouts all of them applying mku and seeing what the hothouse grows thereafter
tying thread illicite behavior child rape trafficking human trafficking guns drugs trafficking and organ harvesting

lovely bunch these paperclips and offspring still handling the show {up to now }

4 years ago

Cough!!! Cough!!! Ummmh! Germany under the Kaiser secretly funded Vladimir Lenin. Just because someone takes money from an organization does not necessarily mean they are a puppet.

Shadowstate before you issue a rebuttal do not forget Osoma Bin Laden and the Afgastan war with the Russians. Osoma was a supposed CIA asset. How did that work out?

I think it’s well established the Dalia Lama will take money from anyone including Satan and Hugh Hefner.

4 years ago
Reply to  NotANiceGuy


Intelligence agencies and governments always have to deal with Blowback.
Blowback is unforeseen bad consequences from government policies.
Because governments only look at the here and now they are unable to foresee the consequences of their policies.

Sometimes these bad consequences don’t become apparent for 40 or 50 years.

You mention Osama Bin Laden, a very good example of Blowback.
In the case of Saudi Arabia America leapt into bed with the most reactionary elements of Saudi society as early as 1945.
Franklin Roosevelt realized that America won the war because it had access to vast quantities of oil.
To secure supplies of oil in future wars Franklin Roosevelt entered into an alliance with Saudi Arabia and its King Ibn Saud.
Here is a photo of FDR meeting with Ibn Saud aboard the Cruiser USS Quincy less than two months before Roosevelt’s death from a stroke.
comment image

The 1953 CIA overthrow of a democratically elected government in Iran is another good example of Blowback.
That CIA sponsored coup was organized by a CIA agent named Kim Roosevelt, the grandson of Teddy Roosevelt.
Just because the bad consequences of government policies are unforeseeable does not prevent governments from engaging in all kinds of dubious schemes.

4 years ago


I was expecting a rebuttal to my rebuttal. I am disappointed. I was looking forward to intelligent discourse and debate.

You let me down. 🙁

4 years ago

Isn’t it intetedting how many female actors are attracted to this schlock.
Too much time on their hands, hmmm?
Too much funny money, hmmm?
A vsin attempt to portray to the people how enlightened they are?
Just foolish women looking for a pagan god to follow, to worship at the temple of Baal.
When all you have in life is your looks, youth, nothing of real accomplishment, this is what happens.

4 years ago
Reply to  g

there are no real female actors wake up not one…..

real females in the real world have to work multiple jobs and raise children
no time for this claptrap waste of human dignities and true purpose

What a Pair
What a Pair
4 years ago

How about JZ and the smelly midget as a couple ?

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies
4 years ago

JZ looks a bit like “Hot Lips” from the MASH TV series.

4 years ago


OMG the top photo. Yes!!!

I could see her making out with Frank or BJ or Trapper. Trapper and HotLis hooked up once at the very least.

4 years ago

Before Ramatha, ahem, I mean JZ Knight passes away

She should release a book called


That would be an interesting autobio to read!

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