According to Ben Szemkus, Stormy Daniels came to a Nxivm party with her bodyguard, and slipped into one of the bedrooms with Keith Raniere and Allison Mack. Ben claims I was at the party along with Roger Stone, and Catherine and India Oxenberg.

Ben Szemkus names Catherine and India Oxenberg, Roger Stone, Frank Parlato, Elliot Spitzer and Ashley Dupree at Nxivm party along with Stormy Daniels, Anthony Wiener, Allison Mack, Raniere, Bronfmans and others

Ben Szemkus, the man who said he attended a Nxivm “mixer” in Hamden, Connecticut, in February 2007, with celebrities, Nxivm leaders and politicians, has named eight new people he says were in attendance —  people he failed or declined to name before.
On March 1, Ben tweeted:
“To Clear Things Up….. this is the list of People I met at a NXIVM Recruitment Party over a decade ago.
“Allison Mack, Keith Raniere, Stormy Daniels, Eric Schneiderman, Nancy Salzman, Sara Bronfman, Claire Bronfman, Catherine Oxenberg, India Oxenberg, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, Michael Avenatti, James Alefantis, David Brock, Frank Parlato and Roger Stone.
In another tweet, Ben added, “Dr. Brandon Porter was there with a clipboard….  As I was leaving Elliott Spitzer and Ashley Dupres were walking in like movie stars (those were the only pictures I saw that were taken at that event).”
Last year, when Ben Szemkus first revealed to the world that he went to a Nxivm party in Connecticut – in February 2007 – he named an astonishing group of people in attendance.
Ben Szemkus
  1. Porn star Stormy Daniels [with bodyguard] who later claimed Donald Trump had an affair with her, then paid her to be silent.
  2. Keith Raniere
  3. Allison Mack
  4. Anthony Weiner, then a US Congressman, now in federal prison for pedophilia.
  5. Huma Abedin, Weiner’s girlfriend, later wife, and Hillary Clinton aide.
  6. Former, disgraced NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman [then a NY State Senator].
  7. James Alefantis of so-called “Pizzagate”, an unproven but widely reported internet conspiracy scandal that alleges Hillary Clinton and John Podesta ran a child-trafficking ring out of Alefantis’s DC restaurant, Comet Ping Pong.
  8. Clare Bronfman
  9. Sara Bronfman.
  10. Nancy Salzman
  11. A dozen or more college women.
  12. Ben Szemkus, along with a female friend.
After Ben first revealed the existence of the Nxivm party, some people questioned Ben’s honesty, claiming it was a ridiculous and impossible story. Ben took a lie detector test and passed it.

Ben also reportedly went missing for a time after telling the Nxivm party story and some suspected foul play from Hillary Clinton.
Szemkus’ newly named Nxivm party attendees are:
  1. Elliot Spitzer, then governor of New York.
  2. Ashley Dupree, the woman at the center of Spitzer’s prostitution scandal that forced his resignation as governor a year after the party.
  3. Catherine Oxenberg
  4. India Oxenberg [then 15 years old].
  5. David Brock, a well known political consultant who founded the media watchdog group Media Matters for America.
  6. Michael Avenatti, a lawyer who would years later represent Stormy Daniels.
  7. Roger Stone, a Republican political consultant, and longtime Trump adviser, who was to later to have a hand in the take down of Gov. Spitzer.
  8. Myself, Frank Parlato.
As for my attendance at the party, I don’t recall being there.  But wouldn’t I say that any way, even if I was there?
As I recall, I first heard of Nxivm in August 2007, six months after the party. I started work for them in September 2007 as a publicist and consultant. I first met Keith, as I recall in September 2007.

When I interviewed Ben for a Frank Report story, last year, he named the people he saw in attendance at the Nxivm mixer. He did not mention to me that I was at the party.

My recollection was that I was in Big Pine Key Florida in February 2007 and not in Connecticut at all in 2007.

I think I would have remembered the governor being there.  And possibly Stormy Daniels – who Ben says went into a bedroom with Keith Raniere.

Stormy came with her bodyguard, and slipped into one of the bedrooms with Keith Raniere and Allison Mack. Ben speculated that Stormy  might have gotten herself  branded with Raniere’s initials.
Ashley Dupree – Ben Szemkus recalls she and Elliot Spitzer arrived late at the Nxivm mixer in Feb. 2007 – just as he was leaving.
At the time of the party, Spitzer was governor of New York. He began serving the month before – in January 2007.
Image result for roger stone ashley dupre
NY Gov. Elliot Spitzer – according to Ben – strolled into the Nxivm mixer in Connecticut.
Catherine Oxenberg, with daughter India in 2007. India was 15 at the time of Szemkus’ Nxivm party.

Image result for david brock 2007

David Brock – a close ally and consigliere of the  Clinton family and Democratic politicians. Ben says Brock was at the Nxivm party.Image result for michael avenatti

Michael Avenatti. He became Stormy Daniels lawyer years later. Ben said he was at the Nxivm party in 2007.

Roger Stone, former adviser to Donald Trump, would later be credited with revealing to the FBI Gov. Spitzer’s illegal relationships with call girls that led to Spitzer’s resignation in 2008 – a year after the purported Nxivm party. 
I was introduced to Nxivm through Roger Stone and political consultant Steve Pigeon in August 2007, about six months after Ben said he and I were at the Nxivm party.





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  • “But wouldn’t I say that anyway, even if I was there?” hahahah love you frank and i think you’re totally in the clear as far as i can see. you’ve already admitted what involvement you had and then ended, and your exposure of the organization is the most significant part of all

  • I sent the following email to Ben:
    Scott Johnson
    To: James, Tanster Alves, Ben Szemkus

    Mar 11 at 7:45 PM


    Did you mean this, or is it a joke? Ben Szemkus on Twitter

    Ben Szemkus on Twitter
    “Allison Mack, Keith Raniere, Stormy Daniels, Eric Schneiderman, Nancy Salzman, Sara Bronfman, Claire Bronfman, …

    Scott J
    I have not yet received a reply from Ben. However, I did get a “response” from Tanster, who was copied on the email, (I added the parentheses for clarity, as Tanster the nutjob has long believed that I’m some kind of “secret agent” for Frank):
    Tanster Alves
    To: Scott Johnson

    Mar 11 at 8:30 PM

    Is he (Scott Johnson) still pretending he’s not an agent of Frank?
    By the way, unless Tanster bcc’d Ben, he didn’t get her email, as she responded only to me. That’s the low level of intelligence she possesses. My reply to her (Tanster):
    Scott Johnson
    To: Tanster Alves

    Mar 11 at 8:45 PM

    No, I’m pretending that you’re not a complete IDIOT. LOL
    I have not heard back from Tanster again. LOL

    • Somebody,

      I could totally see Frank at a party like the one Ben Szemkus describes. Frank probably motorboated Stormy Daniels.

      What do think of that strange green light and green sheets in his bedroom? It’s kind of the setup I imagine Sultan of Six has minus the Kristin Kreuk wallpaper.

      I am fairly certain Ben Szemkus has probably been prescribed Zyprexa or a lithium based drug by a Psychiatrist at some point in his life.

      Frank clearly has a good sense of humor posting this type of stuff. The first 5 seconds of Ben’s video would make a hell of a meme.

  • Frank Parlato is being DISHONEST with his readers.

    Translation: I know for a FACT that Frank Parlato DOES NOT TRULY BELIEVE this bullshit story about Ben Szemkus putting Frank’s name on the list of attendees — not for one single minute!


    …Because no SANE human being (and Frank is sane) would ever believe that Ben Szemkus would suddenly change his list of alleged ‘attendees’ just months after he was SKEWERED on FrankReport for having several of his previous ‘attendee details’ totally discredited.


    1) He was trying to TROLL Frank Parlato (and other people) into publishing a story about this new attendee list — in order to make fools of them, which he has apparently succeeded in doing.

    2) Somebody else hacked his Twitter account to post this shit in order to make him look even more insane than he probably is.

    FACT: Changing the list of alleged attendees to now include ‘Frank Parlato’ and ‘India Oxenberg’ (years before she even became an adult and attended her first NXIVM seminar) would be so insane sounding that not even the patients of a mental hospital would believe it.

    Therefore, Ben could not have SERIOUSLY added their names to the list of alleged attendees in any SERIOUS manner.

    Either he’s trolling Frank to make him look like an idiot (for publishing this shit on his blog) or somebody else has hacked Ben’s Twitter account to troll him instead.

    Either way, Frank’s assertion that Ben has SERIOUSLY claimed that Frank and India attended that party is FUCKEN BULLSHIT.

    IMO, Frank is a LYING TURD for trying to make his readers assume that this story has merit.

    • I am really hoping the story is true and Frank takes me to the next party with Roger Stone and all those wild women.

      I wonder if Scott Johnson was at the party? I think he and Ben could be friends….
      ………They both have made extremely unintelligible YouTube videos that only individuals that have sniffed to much glue in their childhood could make.

    • Thanks, Bang. For a minute I thought Frank really believed Ben. You aren’t totally useless.

      Did you see on the other thread that Flowers said you and her were also there on a date?

      • Nutjob, do you behave like this in real life, too, or only online? Once again, I never mentioned or addressed YOU first…..Why are you so focused on me?

        • Sorry, Flowers. I hope you can forgive me. Suggesting that you and Bangcock were dating was out of line. (But I do bet you wish you were at the party)
          However, I do not apologize for defending the newbie to the website from your conspiracy theory angled interogation.
          1) I act this way in real life.
          2) You intrigue me.

          • Nutjob, you’re acting like a troll. I never suggested any conspiracy theory to Vaed. All I said is that people don’t usually join a cult thinking that they are joining a cult, correct? So if Faith told people she had joined a cult, then maybe she realized after she became involved that it really was a cult.

            One thing to consider- did she have the money to take NXIVM courses?

    • Frank told me he doesn’t believe Ben’s story, and I tended to not believe it as well, even before this update came out. However, the reason Frank posted the original story was to see if anybody else came forward to confirm the party, which makes total sense. Everybody taking an extreme position, either for or against, is an idiot.

  • Don’t forget Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Richard Ramirez, King David, Zoroaster, and the Balanced Federal Budget.

    They were all there too!

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