Ben Szemkus adds NEW details about NXIVM mixer with Wiener, Abedin, Schneiderman, Alefantis, Stormy Daniels, Raniere and Allison Mack

Was Eric Schneiderman at a NXIVM party with Stormy Daniels
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Ben Szemkus


Benjamin Szemkus has related a story about a  NXIVM gathering he attended in 2007, in Connecticut, with about two dozen people.

He added some new details for Frank Report.

Some think it is a bogus story and others believe it is likely true and, because of the participants, it has incredible implications.

The party included cult leader, Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Seagram heiresses, Clare and Sara Bronfman and actress Allison Mack, along with about 12 college-age women.  What makes the story truly interesting is that Ben claims Anthony Wiener, his wife, Huma Abedin, Eric Schneiderman, James Alefantis, and Stormy Daniels [with a bodyguard], were in attendance.

Wiener was a Congressmen in 2007. He is now in prison for sex offenses involving an underage teen girl. His wife, Huma Abedin was one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides.

Schneiderman was a NYS state senator in 2007. He became NYS Attorney General in 2011. He was suspected of overlooking criminal complaints against NXIVM. He recently resigned over a sex scandal where his alleged actions eerily mirror those of Raniere’s. Schneiderman allegedly demanded his girlfriends to starve themselves, he would beat them and call them his slaves.

James Alefantis is a figure in “Pizzagate” an alleged child trafficking scandal that alleges Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were running a secret child-trafficking ring out of a pizza place, Comet Ping Pong, in Washington, D.C., owned by Alefantis  

Stormy Daniels accused Donald Trump of having a consensual sexual encounter then paying her to be silent about it.

Ben called me two days ago to provide me with additional details of the gathering.

Ben’s Story:

Ben “attended a NXIVM Recruitment Party/Mixer in February 2007 in Hamden, Connecticut.”

Ben came with a girlfriend.

There were eight men:

  1. Raniere
  2. Schneiderman
  3. Wiener
  4. Alefantis
  5. A bodyguard for Stormy Daniels
  6. A boyfriend of one of the other girls
  7. A baldish guy [possibly Dr. Brandon Porter]
  8. Ben

There were about 20 women.

  1. Nancy Salzman
  2. Allison Mack
  3. Clare Bronfman
  4. Sara Bronfman
  5. Stormy Daniels
  6. Ben’s girlfriend
  7. The hostess [whose name Ben forgot] She was blond. Ben thinks her grandfather may have been a judge.
  8. About a dozen Yale college girls.

There were two phases to the event. The first was a recruitment meeting with Raniere and the women.

Is Allison Mack really a man? Ben wonders.

Allison Mack came in with a green wool overcoat with black leather boots. She seemed gruff, a ‘plain Jane’, with “chubby mechanic hands” and thick ankles. Underneath her overcoat she wore a “dark colored corset and a mini skirt.”

Ben thinks it is possible she is a tranny. She had an air about her that was suspiciously masculine. She was a “handsome woman.”

Ben spoke to Allison Mack. She asked if Ben met Keith yet?

Some of the Yale girls at the party were disappointed that Kristin Kreuk was not there. The hostess said Kreuk was not a member of NXIVM, so she would not be coming.

At first, Raniere was walking about, looking at the pictures of the walls and had a faraway air about him.  Ben thought he was a wealthy business owner.

“He had that air about him. The owner. He was very calm. Very aloof. ”

Keith Raniere around 2007

Keith spoke to Ben about getting young college age women together to teach them different languages so they could teach children languages.  They spoke for about 5 minutes.

Ben said he did not know who Stormy Daniels was – and she seemed nervous.  She and her bodyguard turned down Ben’s offer of marijuana.  Ben thinks “Stormy may have been nervous because that might have been the night she got branded.”

Recruitment Meeting 

Ben was excluded from the recruitment meeting, and waited on a deck with Stormy’s bodyguard and the boyfriend of one of the women. Ben could hear some of what was going on.

Keith spoke to the Yale girls about being nannies and speaking in seven different languages to train children.

Mack spoke and Stormy spoke.

They were training the Yale girls to be babysitters for different children  – “kind of like Au Pairs” and teaching them to speak languages.  They were not foreign women but English speaking college girls.

“That’s what I think the classes were for” to teach the women languages so they could teach children, Ben said.

Nancy Salzman

Nancy Salzman seemed to be in charge.  Keith was chief behind the scenes.  Mack seemed like a manager in training. “I would say Keith was Mack’s handler,” Ben said.

A “skinny baldish white dude” [Dr. Brandon Porter?] took notes on a clipboard.

Clare had a white poster board that she was writing on in big letters.

The Mixer

The meeting ended and the men came back in. The mixer began with low lights and party music. There was hard liquor. Ben saw no food. And no drugs.

Eric Schneiderman arrived and spoke to Ben about “the movement that they were building” and asked Ben if he had spoken with Keith.

Stormy was not part of the mixer. She was somewhere in the apartment. Keith was also missing. Something was going on in the bedrooms, because the lights were off.  Keith was in the main bedroom with the lights off with Stormy Daniels. He may also have been with the hostess and Mack.  They could have been doing a sex show.

Salzman was hanging out. The Bronfmans were on the couch.

Salzman introduced Ben to the sisters. He did not know who they were. He thought they were lesbian hippie chicks.

Abedin and Wiener

A petite Arabian woman and a sweaty man entered. They were Anthony Wiener and wife, Huma Abedin. Wiener introduced himself and his wife to Ben.  When the Wieners showed up, Ben noticed Raniere, Mack and Stormy Daniels were still in the bedroom.

Wiener talked fast with a deep NY accent. “He mentioned the NXIVM movement for a second….  He had a very vested interest in being there and seeing what was going on,” Ben said.

“Huma had a mystical look. One point when I was looking at her across the room and she was staring right at me it looked like she was steaming; it just seemed like when you turn on a stove really hot.” Ben said.

Image result for james alefantis
James Alefantis

Alefantis seemed comfortable. He was no stranger there.  He was wearing a tight, white designer shirt. “He was the classic gay man. Mr. Savvy. He always had something witty to say.”

Ben spoke to him about pizza and his pizza place in DC.

When Ben was about to leave, Wiener said, ‘Hey Huma, have we got the info on everyone here?’

Huma got Ben’s signature on a sheet along with the others. Ben’s signature was on the top of the sheet of names. It was a pre printed sheet designed  for taking names and phone numbers.


Eric Schneiderman wanted his girlfriends to starve.

All in the all, Ben says, the meeting was uneventful. he thought little or nothing about it for years. His girlfriend said she forgot about the event altogether.

It was only recently years later when he saw the arrests of Raniere and Mack in the media that Ben pieced it all together and decided to go public.

Ben sent an email to the DOJ to inform them of what occurred and that he signed this sheet for Abedin. He has not been contacted by the DOJ yet, he says.

If the event occurred with the participants Ben named, it suggests NXIVM was a much wider, deeper sex [with underage/child] sex trafficking operation than previously believed and with top political connections/participants.

What do readers think?







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  • […] March 11, 2019 Ben Szemkus, the man who said he attended a Nxivm “mixer” in Hamden, Connecticut, in February 2007, with celebrities, Nxivm leaders and politicians, has named eight new people he says were in attendance —  people he failed or declined to name before. On March 1, Ben tweeted: “To Clear Things Up….. this is the list of People I met at a NXIVM Recruitment Party over a decade ago. … “Allison Mack, Keith Raniere, Stormy Daniels, Eric Schneiderman, Nancy Salzman, Sara Bronfman, Claire Bronfman, Catherine Oxenberg, India Oxenberg, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, Michael Avenatti, James Alefantis, David Brock, Frank Parlato and Roger Stone. In another tweet, Ben added, “Dr. Brandon Porter was there with a clipboard….  As I was leaving Elliott Spitzer and Ashley Dupres were walking in like movie stars (those were the only pictures I saw that were taken at that event).” Last year, when Ben Szemkus first revealed to the world that he went to a Nxivm party in Connecticut – in February 2007 – he named an astonishing group of people in attendance. Ben Szemkus His original list included: […]

  • Good news! I remembered more details now. It’s all coming back to me. BEN was definitely there! I remember him clearly now – though I can see from his pic that’s he’s aged very badly. Poor Benedict.
    The thing I remember most is that Ben was hitting on all the women. He especially was interested in Allie macks feet. I think he has some kind of foot fetish , and Allee got really freaked out by creepy pervy Ben,,and SHE threw the drink in his face . Then maybe I threw mine at the Claire-witch thing…I think that’s what happened.
    Ben them proceeded to hit on Claire, and she was extremely excited about that….but I assumed she was hoping to lure into the basement and do something very evil in a non sexual way. That’s what it looked like to me. WHEN Ben refused to follow Claire , she turned her attention to my little dog, and I thought she looked hungry, and then that when I threw the drink.
    Thanks Ben for helping me remember all this.
    I think I need therapy now.
    NXIVM and AMWAY should pay for it!

  • Anybody can see from photographs or videos of her that Allison has chubby calves and thicker ankles. The author pointing this out doesn’t make this story any more plausible or give it any more credence.

  • Sorry about making so many posts, but I’m only allowed 1 link per post here.

    *My point is that Allison was BORN with unnaturally CHUBBY & THICK ankles and calves.

    Her calves and ankles are SUPER THICK for a woman and NOT DAINTY at all. Her calves are enormous, but her ankles are super thick for a woman also.

    She’s always had them. Even when she’s skinny she has them. It’s just bad genetics.

    The truth is that Ben got this fact about her right (and FormerNexian was proven WRONG)…..which only shows how badly some of you leftwingers hate Ben……to the point you need to LIE and MAKE SHIT UP to try and discredit him. 🙂

    Hang tough Ben. The leftwingers are clearly fuming that they can’t run you out of here and silence your speech. LOL. 🙂

  • FormerNexian says: “Allie does not have chubby ankles”

    (as a reason to claim that Ben’s story must be bullshit)

    LOL, sorry Mr. Nexian. But I gotta call you out and show that you’re full of crap.

    THE TRUTH: Allison’s SUPER chubby ankles (and her unshapely CHUBBY calves) are the VERY FIRST thing I’ve noticed in her photos going back for years. Even when she’s otherwise slimmed down and skinny, she still has unnaturally chubby ankles & calves due to BAD GENETICS (not overeating).


    Guess what? Stuffing those FAT ANKLES AND CALVES into “boots” is easily noticed by anybody with eyes:


    Duh. 🙂

    Those aren’t dainty ankles. Her calves are enormous but her ankles are still quite “thick” for a woman. Maybe a trip to the eye doctor is in order, sir? 🙂

    That’s why she often “twists” her body/legs a bit when having her legs photographed (e.g. giving a slightly side angle of her legs will hide her fat ankles and calves from the camera). She often does this in other photos.

    I don’t know for sure if Ben’s story is true or not (I wasn’t there) but I think he’s likely not making it up….since I don’t see the benefit of going thru so much trouble and details.

    Bill sexually assaulted 6 or 7 women and it didn’t hurt the dems view of either HRC or Bill… I don’t see the dems as being particularly ethical creatures who are above anything nefarious. Nor do I see this story as being hurtful to the dems, even if true, since Bill’s behavior had zero effect. LOL.

    I totally get it. You liberals are so “butthurt” by this story that you must attack Ben and anybody defending him. It’s totally natural for “cults” to band together and attack outsiders with a different opinion than yours. It’s called tribalism. Ask any psychologist.

    Have a nice day! 🙂 🙂

    PS — Keep it up Ben. They are fuming that they can’t run you out of here. They hate the idea of free speech. But they love free speech when talking about Trump’s pee pee dossier, which had zero facts or witnesses to support it. 🙂

  • All of the people in this story are beyond the pale of decent conduct.
    Anthony Weiner,the Congressman who sexts teen age girls.
    Huma. his Muslima wife from Pakistan/Saudi Arabia of dubious loyalty to America.
    (And their are rumors about Huma’s very, very close relationship with Hillary Clinton.)

    Schneiderman the prosecutor who likes to beat his girl friends.
    Stormy Daniels who beds down billionaire future Presidents.

    Hillary Clinton, the Presidential candidate who stumbles around drunk.
    James Alefantis, the gay pizzeria owner who decorates his DC restaurant in bizarre ways.

    Raniere, the chubby cult leader who has a 50 woman harem.
    And Mack the keeper of Raniere’s harem, who likes to brand women with hot irons.

    Nothing one could make up about these people is more bizarre than the truth we already know about them.

  • I just remembered that after Ben left Eliot Spitzer cane to the party with Ashley Dupre- who was just stunning. They were on their way to DC but they had to stop by and see Keith to get some secret tips on sexuality. Keith told Elliot that when having sex to always keep his calf length socks on for the warming of the calf and the light pressure would bring him extra potency. I remember that now and it’s funny I had forgotten this. They came in right after Ben left with his girlfriend.

    • Wow. That clinches it. Spitzer got taken down because of Ashley Dupré and Roger Stone told the FBI that she told him that Spitzer kept his socks on when having sea. So how can that kid of detail be made up. Just think of what this means. Schneiderman Spitzer Weiner Abedin Alefantis Bronfman all tied to Clinton and to Nxivm. And teaching children is a euphemism for trafficking children. Sick sick.

  • I was theee at the party and it is true. Ben knows it and I know it. They didn’t seem like Bax people. Stormy Daniels was very nice and Keith was pretty cool too. He spoke to me about the metaphysical realities of transcendent awareness. At the time I just thought him a nerdy cute funny guy who wanted to date a black chick. And I was (and still am) hot. Ok so stop being Rude to Ben. He’s exposed a lot here and it suggests Clinton Podesta and co were up to their eyeballs in this.

    • Donna
      Do you remember me at the party? I recall that I was wearing a sexy little number, it was blue and white plaid and my hair was braided. And I was wearing bright red pumps. Shiny ones. I think I brought my little dog along with me , too.

      I remember that prior to the drink throwing incident which lead to me being expelled , I was talking to a tall, balding dude, who had straw sticking out of his sleeves.

      Does any of this seem familiar to you?

      BTW, I HATE the use of humor or satire in a situition like this! So screw off Shadow Dude!

  • BEN SCHMUCKSRUS…I hope you understand your account is an elaborate hoax. You’ve been discredited by multiple sources. Every time someone points out a discrepancy, you come up with an alternate ending.

    Sir, I believe you have Munchausen syndrome. If you really believe your account (and don’t acknowledge that it is a hoax), you may need psychological evaluation for Munchausen, delusions, or even schizophrenia.

    Shit, you may even benefit from one of Nancy Salzman’s EMs. I hear she is taking students.

    Why don’t you sign up for her classes and bring us back a report???

    • Not Really, I think You are the same shill that has been following Me around saying dumb shit. We doxxed You homie! Go Home. You realize anybody looking at Your dumb posts knows You are a Goofus, trainwreck, disbarred wanna-be lawyer from Austin who probably is on a shifty payroll leading back to The Bronfman’s or Salzman… if You are doing this by Your own volition, that is pathetic. Go write some Wicca books about Harry Potter.

      • Question for the BZENKUS

        Exactly how many email accounts do you have, and why do you use a different one each time you comment?

        • 2 different addresses same name. 1 Business 1 Pleasure. It might be a bit over-exaggerating to say I have had a different Email for each Comment.

          • You’ve used at least three different address. I count three in this thread anyways. I would have to check the previous threads to see if you’ve used different ones there.

      • I’ve never been disbarred Sir. And I know for a fact my net worth is a bit more than yours.

        Where did you get your University degree? A crackerjack box? The local MHMR center? Are you still living at home with your Mom?

        What exactly is your job sir? No one seems to know…

    • Sounds like you really got personally offended by this account that you don’t find credible. Those quite a lot of insults you are throwing out on someone who is actually using his real name to tell his story.

  • Huma Abedin is not “Arabian”, she’s Indian/Pakastani. She also wasn’t married to Weiner until 2010; engaged in 2009.

      • You really like to defend this sex trafficking cult, don’t you.

    • Have You ever met a couple that is eventually going to get married but just says they are married anyways? There are couples that elope and have bigger official weddings at later time. Other than that I don’t know why Weiner would tell Me He and Huma were married.

    • He first asked her out in 2001. They had a relationship in 2007. Apparently A. Weiner made his comment about being married to get Ben away from his girlfriend. It doesn’t seem that odd.

      • So, somehow you know what Weiner was thinking , do you? That Weiner was thinking “that hound dog szemkus looks like he has a chance to steal my lady”.. probably not a common assumption that is made regarding Szemkus. Especially since Ben was there with his own girlfriend ….

        And since you claim to know what Weiner was thinking ,should we assume you ARE Weiner?

  • Ridiculous story.

    Allie does not have chubby mechanic hands or chubby ankles. She was very attractive from 2007-2010 time frame.

    Also, Keith is quiet. He doesn’t go up to random people and talk to them. VanGrifter is not gregarious. He is shy, withdrawn, awkward. You have to get through Keith’s bubble of people to talk to him. He doesn’t go up to strangers to pitch anything.

    The story sounds like a bunch of nonsense, especially the part about Stormy being nervous because she was about to be branded.

      • Scott Johnson is getting ready to start raping sheep again… HEY SCOTT JOHNSON, GET BACK ON YOUR AMWAY SOAPBOX AND FIND SOME LONELY SHEEP!!!

        There is another discrepancy with SCHMUCKSRUS story – Kristin Kreuk was a NXSCUM member in 2007. If SCHMUCKSRUS is claiming that Kreuk wasn’t a member, then HOW IS ALLISON MACK THERE AT THE PARTY…if Kristin was the person who recruited Allison?


        • You sound like you know a lot about Scott, formerNexian. Was Scott a NXIVM member , too? Is that how you met him.
          Does Scott really have a sheep-fetish , or does he just like pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes?

          • Scott Johnson was never a member of NXIVM. He just showed up on this message board to pitch his own anti-AMWAY website and say how everything that NXIVM does is connected to Amway.

            Someone else here said that Scott and sheep had relations. I reluctantly jumped on the exposing sheep bandwagon after being attacked by Scott for no reason, other that casting doubt on the SchumucksRUs fan fiction story.

        • Former Nexian, I’ll take that as a “yes,” that you are Omar Rosales. What is the current situation on this: “In 2015 and 2016, Rosales sued about 385 local Austin businesses on behalf of one disabled client, John Deutsch, for technical violations of ADA law such as improper signage and handicap parking spaces not being wide enough.

          Several businesses and landowners told KXAN they never saw Deutsch and never heard any complaints about ADA problems before they received a lawsuit and demand letter from Rosales seeking a settlement.

          As a result of his conduct in several of the Deutsch cases, Rosales was suspended for three years from practicing in the Federal Western District Court of Texas and ordered to pay over $175,000 in sanctions, according to federal court records. On March 27, the US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld both the sanctions and suspension.” which came from:

          And what is the current status on being sued AGAIN by the State of Texas Bar, or would you like me to put the link to that story up as well?

          Are you selling enough books to pay for your disgusting actions? It’s obvious you have lots of time on your hands, as you can’t practice your putrid version of the law. Normally, we call bottom-feeding scum like you ambulance chasers, but you run people over in your ambulance and then take them to the hospital! LOL

          By the way, Ben has previously stated, “One Funny thing is that the girls at the Party were a bit miffed that Kristin Kreuk wasn’t going to show up but Allison Mack (who I thought was the prettier of the two) would be showing up.”

          So he either misstated the fact either originally or subsequently or he’s a liar. We already know that you’re a complete dirtbag, so I couldn’t care less what your opinion is regarding this topic.

          P.S., I did spend about 6 months in Idaho, where the motto was, “Where men are men and sheep run scared.” But it was a joke, whereas you’re a joke of a different kind. LOL

    • Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound defending these sex traffickers?

      • Never defended Keith. If you read the boards, I have never defended Keith or the NXSCUM group. Not once.

  • “A tree grows in Brooklyn.” (1945)
    Director- Elia Kazan

    Speaking of collateral?

    Dependent upon a person’s state of mind, and emotional state, if sensitive, personal, damaging information were to be released? It could throw a person into crisis. And escalating to the point that it devastates a person. And leading the person to take own life.

    Funny thing about timelines. They help to fill in those spaces and connect the dots. Hindsight being 20/20.

    • I think if You had information You thought would potentially cause someone to commit suicide You might keep it to Yourself. If Your Intent is to make someone take their own life that can be a form of premeditated murder, bullying or inciting violence so be careful with what You are doing or planning.

      • Dear BZENKUS
        When multiple write using your name and they think that Their weird Use of Random capitals will Make it Seem that they Are one And the Same Person, it actually doesn’t fool anyone .

        I know you THINK you’re pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, but no one is as dumb as you presume.


        • Random capitalization is how Ben responds on his youtube channel, for what it’s worth.

  • Fact is often stranger than fiction, I mean who here would have ever thought they’d see a MLM slavery ring, amirite? I’m also a staunch 1st Amendment kinda gal.

    With those two things said, our society is in crisis over discerning what is real and what is spin in journalism, and the very real meddling of Russian propaganda shops and alt right trolls in public forums not only make civility in public discourse near impossible, and more critically- it’s tearing at the fiber of this Republic.

    Calling crap like this out for being divisive and filled with the hight pitched whine of alt right dog whistles needs to be a civic duty we all take with gravitas, a trait the alt right mistakes as a facet of snowflakes.

    Mr. Parlato, I would ask you to consider your power to influence the thoughts and opinions of your readers and our trust in you. It troubles me that a post was created that legitimizes utter tin foil nonsense purposed to agitate, divide, distract and troll by giving this pizzagate fan fiction light as the subject of a post and framing it with the fertilizer of possibility by asking if it might be true rather than pointing out it’s red flags and discrepancies.

    There is a lot of discussion here about the mind tricks of NXIVM, the power of words and how they can be used to manipulate people. It’s a well known propaganda trick to give traction to an untrue story by asking if it could be possible; it gives the seemingly outlandish validity because the social rules of effective communication are predicated on mutual belief in the *Reliable Narrator* and social mirroring.

    Please Mr. Parlato, I have much respect for you and want to continue to believe that you are A Reliable Narrator.

    • Kybele
      I agree with you that casting doubts by asking people to consider the validity of this obviously fake story, seems a bit like propaganda. Whether Frank realizes it or not, he could unwittingly be helping this group of criminals by lending a small amount of credibility to their nonsense.

      However , maybe Frank has actually turned the tables on them and is playing their game now, and he’s counting on the absurdity of their own nonsense to help reveal their agenda? Maybe Frank is clever like a fox?

      One thing that is certain, is that Scott Johnson AKA Tex2, is a drama-whore, a liar, and an abusive misogynistic creep who referred to me as some type of drooling, illiterate moron, just because I thought this Szemkus story sounded fake.

      So let’s give Scott a little more rope – who knows what he might do with it.

      • Go for it. I’m already several steps ahead of you, and gaining my lead. Pretty soon you’ll think you’ve caught up with me, but in reality I will have lapped you. What SPECIFIC things that Ben said sound “fake?” YOU are the drama-whore, tell me when I lied, and what kind of a little snowflake Libtard does it take to thing I am abusive and/or don’t like women? Would a person outside of NXIVM have said many of Frank’s stories sounded fake before the New York Times article and/or the FBI started going after Raniere and put him in jail without bond?

        • Specific things that Ben said that sounded fake!?!?
          Lol! Are you for real Tex2? Have you read all the other opinions on Bens story? Is there one single single person here who has the opinion that Bens story sounds real? No, there isn’t.

          Where did you lie? The fact that you are promoting an obviously fake story (which a smart person would have checked out details first) shows that you are lying about something.

          What kind of “snowflake libtard” could ever think you were abusive ? Yeah …..
          That’s a tough one to answer ,Scottie. Maybe re-read your previous comments which referred to me as a drooling idiot who msde nothing but inane comments and was unable to write on my own. Apparently I sounded as though I was drooling in a corner and babbling , and my mommy was typing out my comments for me by guessing at what I might be babbling about.

          Those are your “non-abusive words” , Scott Johnson. You posted then here., and the only apparent reason you wrote them was because I didnt believe the Szemkus story was real .

          You sound like a lovely person Scott. .considering the company you keep, I’m not surprised.

      • I don’t see how talking about a party experience I had is illegal or even potentially illegal. None of what I say defames anyone, and it’s only slander if they can somehow prove what I am saying is a lie, which it is not. You can use the term ‘Fake Story’ or call BS all You like but remember I am not backing down on anything I have said, I am putting this out there, You can try and debunk what I am saying, Please! but don’t just dismiss what I am saying because ‘it sounds like propaganda’ – that’s even a weird thing to say.

        • I didn’t say it was illegal, Ben. I said they were a group of criminals.Two different things.
          But think about why people would be going to such great lengths to obscure truth and promote false information, and to attempt to trick the less intelligent people out there?
          Do honest, law-abiding, good people spend time trying to trick other people and cause trouble? Are they abusive drama- whores?

      • FREE SPEECH said, “Whether Frank realizes it or not, he could unwittingly be helping this group of criminals by lending a small amount of credibility to their nonsense.” Which of the NXIVM criminal characters in Ben’s party story, are the other attendees are lending them on iota of credibility? Was it Weiner the weiner exposer, Huma the Hellary THE Horrible’s aide and law-breaker, Schneiderman the woman beater, or Stormy the porn star? LOL

    • Chill out.

      The NXIVM story is so bizarre it needs a parody or satire to bring some humor into what is basically a grim story.

      How would Ben’s story insult Allison Mack’s reputation after she admitted in the New York Times to conceiving and implementing the branding and blackmailing of women?

      • I sure hope that comment was not directed at me., ShadowState1958. If it was, you have deliberately missed the point I was making, which was that Scottie (could he also be you writing under a different identity) abusively attacked me for do questioning the validity if the story, and that Scottie is not promoting the story as a bit of humourous satire. Common sense says you don’t very viciously attack people who question a story you are promoting as satire.
        Surely you are smart enough to understand all this Shadow, so why are you playing dumb?

    • Hit the nail on the head. If I wanted to hang out in a qanon board, I’d quit my job and retire to my basement.

  • Look I have to weigh in. I was at the party and Stormy told me she just came back from the super bowl. I spoke to Eric and he was a real gentlemen. I remember Ben offered to sell him some weed. I didn’t buy any. I said to Ben and Eric that I smoke other things but not weed. Ben should remember that. Btw I can confirm Mack is not a tranny because I was in the room with Keith Stormy Allison and Jan (the hostess ) know for sure. Ben will remember me. I was the only black chick there. I came in and out and said this namny stuff is bullshit. Ben is telling the truth and honestly I didn’t remember his name either like who cares about some party 11. years ago he reminded me of it. I don’t remember the pizza guy but I remember Huma and Keith talking after he came out and Huma was trying to channel Keith’s energy. Weiner went into the bedroom with Nancy but it wasn’t what you’re thinking. I was in the next room and I heard them talking and she was asking him about his childhood and he said he liked to be an exhibitionist when he was a boy and that his name Weiner made him think of his wiener and then he wanted to show it to others to get their admiration. Nancy told him that this was why he craved showing it to others. Because people made fun of his name when he was 5 years old. I should not have listened but I could not help it. He was a congressmen. Keith had Clare secretly record the conversation, maybe to use it against Weiner. He also filmed Stormy Jan and Allison. They invited me but I only watched. Clare wanted to do me and I said no. There was not as much sex as you might think. Mostly drinking and talking about how great Ncivm was and how children should be taught to have sex at a young age and they would grow up freer. And I could not agree with that but Keith said it in a way that was very edgy and like it was uncool because he reminded me I started masterbating when I was 12. So he said so what was wrong with having a real cock then and I said hie was right and he asked me to relive it with him and I sort of really wanted to try and I felt like he was gaining control of me. But I said no. I had a boyfriend and he said that this was not sex but a healing of childhood hangups. Wow I just realized I might have been branded that night. Thanks Ben for telling this true story

    • Now as far as I recall there was one black female at the Party and She came with Me. Does Your name start with a ‘N’?

      • Oh Ben if you really are Ben i just want to say fuck you and if i see you inperson ill punch you in the goddamn throat for calling Allison a transexual you cocksucking piece of shit!

        • I’ll do worse than call Allison Mack a transexual.
          I’ll tell the truth about Allison Mack using official government documents.

          From the Federal indictment what Allison Mack did to Jane Doe # 1 is nothing less than aiding and abetting in the poor woman’s rape.

          A person can be sexually assaulted orally by being forced to give or receive oral sex.
          Assailants commit sexual assault by way of violence, threats, coercion, manipulation, pressure or tricks.

          Sexual assault takes many forms including Someone forcing you to perform oral sex or forcing you to receive oral sex.

          Allison Mack is an accessory to the rape of Jane Doe # 1.

      • Yes my name does start with N. But if you know my name please don’t reveal it I am very concerned about these people and honestly Ben you should not have used your real name. You may be killed. One thing more Eric Schneiderman is not a racist. He told me I could be his nigga bitch slave but he would take care of me and when we went out in public he’s treat me like a lady. I thought he was kind of cute to say that but I didn’t want to stray something that seemed to far fetched. So I passed. Last word. If anything happens to Ben it won’t be a suicide or an assicdemt.

      • No Ben. Donna starts with the letter D.
        D is the letter of the day.

        N is for Nonsense and Nutter, and sometimes for nincompoop.

        But if you still wanna, I could look you up when I was in Toronna.
        You know. ..they’ll all be there kissing Doug”s ass.

    • I’m not positive, but Donna”s version of the story is bringing back my missing memories, and I’m starting to recall a few things now. Thanks Donna!
      It’s still a little hazy, but this is what I can remember:
      Weiner WAS showing off his weiner, and I remember now why he wanted to show it to everyone. It was because he had just had his weiner branded, and he was so proud. I think the initials on the brand were DJT. I didn’t ask him what that stood for.
      And I recall that Tex2 was there, too. And so was John Jacob jingleburger, and so was Shadow state.
      I remember a scary, ugly witch, who might have been Claire, and she frightened me so much I threw my drink in her face . She really overreacted to the liquid hitting her, and she started screaming something about melting.

      Then a little short cross-eyed guy suddenly appeared and told me I had to leave, and all I needed to do was use the power of my mind, and tap my heels together , while chanting some slogan .

      And it worked, because the next thing I remember I woke up in bed at home..

      Wow. .that was a great party . Thanks Ben, for jogging my memory!

  • Ben took the characters from a handful of unrelated alternative media stories that have been floating around out there on the internet recently, and wove them together into this fantastical tale of BS.

    If I was better at statistics I could figure out the odds of this story being true. Probably somewhere around one in a trillion.

  • Is Allison Mack really a man?
    Let’s ask Allison’s wife Nicki Clyne.

    You know, there were rumors that Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, was a hermaphrodite.
    Maybe Allison with her masculine manner, “chubby mechanic hands” and thick ankles is a hermaphrodite or at least AC/DC.

    • And yet you wanted to join NXIVM and fuck her right Shadow? maybe you’re a transsexual and you’re just hiding it just like you’re hiding the fact you still love Allison despite she rejected your dumbass just the rest of us did shadowstate1958.

      • Bat:
        For the record I never heard of NXIVM until after the arrest of Keith Raniere in March, 2018.
        And I have never been in either Albany or Vancouver, two hotbeds of NXIVM activity.

        Now for your benefit I will tell the truth about Allison Mack.

        I’ll do worse than call Allison Mack a transexual.
        I’ll tell the truth about Allison Mack using official government documents.

        From the Federal indictment what Allison Mack did to Jane Doe # 1 is nothing less than aiding and abetting in the poor woman’s rape.

        A person can be sexually assaulted orally by being forced to give or receive oral sex.
        Assailants commit sexual assault by way of violence, threats, coercion, manipulation, pressure or tricks.

        Sexual assault takes many forms including Someone forcing you to perform oral sex or forcing you to receive oral sex.

        Allison Mack is an accessory to the rape of Jane Doe # 1.

      • That certain things or events are absurd in NXIVM doesn’t give this story validity. That VanDouche formed a master/slave sex cult within NXIVM is not surprising when you look at his past history of sexual deviancy and control and how things in NXIVM slowly devolved over the years with people leaving and speaking out against it.

        This story which is said to have taken place in 2007 reads like an outlandish alt-right conspiracy story. Where are the stories that VanDouche ever intermingled with politicians and integrated himself into parties of the rich and famous? He only did that for parties for himself, i.e., VanDouche Week.

        Also, it says Kristin Kreuk wasn’t a member in 2007. She was.

  • Why are you wasting time covering this fantasy? Oh, it’s guaranteed to ignite another absurd round of posts in the comments section.

  • Keep it up Ben.

    I believe it’s likely that this night really happened.

    Don’t be turned away by the rabid leftwingers who worship the dems in cult-like fashion.

    Hang tough. 🙂

    • Hi MoronBoy5

      It so amusing how you took over this blog. Oh yeah….you love blogs where you can post anon , lie about people, all the while writing responses to your own posts , and writing abusive comments to anyone who calls you out on it. Right Doc?

      As for Bens fake story- it just sounds more implausible each time he retells it. The level of detail he recalls is abnormal, and the writing sounds fictional.

      I like the comment about the balding guy probably being Brandon Porter. Lol. Eleven years ago Porter was probably much less bald, Ben; so it probably wasn’t him.

      Yes, I’m sure Alison Mack is a Tranny (I know how much you boy5 love a good Tranny story, haha) and I guess Ben is the only person who ever noticed that about Alison.

      Ben , you’re so very observant. Good job outing Alison.

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