Raniere: The BOP Is Lying About Toni Fly and Me

Toni Fly needs eyeglasses, Keith Raniere says.

This just came in and adds to our knowledge of Keith Raniere and his soon to be transferred cellmate, William Anthony ‘Toni’ Fly.

Declaration/Affidavit of Keith Alan Raniere, #57005-177, 11/22/22

Keith Raniere

By Keith Raniere

I am an inmate at USP Tucson, currently in the S.H.U. on administrative detention and referred for transfer.

I object to my circumstances and feel I should not be transferred for the stated reasons of too many legal visits and calls (all approved by my Unit team), and too many administrative remedies (I believe six from the time I was placed in the S.H.U.)

I have been in the SHU for approximately 120 days.

My cell-mate in the S.H.U. is inmate Toni Fly, #18658-023.

I am appalled by the direct dishonesty I have seen in my case by the B.O.P. and its representatives.

Assertions the B.O.P. makes are often directly contradicted by their own preferred evidence. I have also observed the same in Toni Fly’s case (4:21-cv-00506-SHR).

I believe by showing some of these contradictions in Toni Fly’s case a fuller picture of the bad-faith B.O.P. culture of legal deception can be seen.

Toni Fly and I have the same USP Tucson Attorney in our cases.

In Doc 55 filed 10/28/22, pg 5, lines 15-18, Toni Fly opposition states Toni Fly has not been diagnosed with any of a list of ailments of which she complains.

This assertion is absurd and can only be categorized as a knowing, calculated lie. Amongst these conditions are asthma, allergies, Reynaud’s syndrome, and poor vision.

Within the B.O.P’s own submission is Doc 55-1, attachment 1 to exhibit C.

Raniere's SHU "cellie" is Toni Fly, a transgender woman who was sentenced to prison for rape when she was a man.

Toni Fly

I know Toni Fly receives prescribed medications for some of these conditions and definitely needs eyeglasses.

If one examines the above attachment, one with find a page with a date of 8/17/22 titled “Clinical Encounter” to see Toni Fly is prescribed an asthma inhaler (RX# 392742-TCX, created at USP Tucson).

Using this attachment, one will find records of allergies, and Reynaud’s diagnosis (noted by Dx).

In my case, I have found that the B.O.P. will say whatever they want to achieve whatever they want – even if it is improper and untrue.

The administrative remedy process works the same way.

More than 1 year ago, I was placed in the S.H.U. – again for retaliation for my legal cases – and given 2 shots. This month, I received the final answer to my administrative process journey to get these improper shots expunged. (I told another inmate to tell my 15+-year partner, [Nicki Clyne] with whom I had very active and extensive communication, to “send her my love, I will see her Saturday.”)

I did not violate any policy and should not have gotten the shots.

My request for expungement was denied, and to date I have not been told any policy which I violated.

National [ BOP] sat on this for 3 months, and the National Administrative Remedies Coordinator (1), Ian Conners, did not even initial this denial, although it has a place for signature.

After more than a year, going through the administrative remedy process was not only fruitless, I still do not know what policy I violated. How can I be sure I won’t offend again?

Additionally, through this lawsuit, I was encouraged to file administrative remedies on other retaliatory events (some of them).

I now sit in the S.H.U. for 120 days and counting, in part, because I filed these remedies. Furthermore, I am being transferred, because of these remedies and this legal action.

How can I file an admin. remedy about being punished for filing them?

I certify under penalty of perjury, the above is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. I also grant my attorneys the right to retype, edit, and format this affidavit, and sign for me using this as a reference document.


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  • Maybe is Tony Fly drops some weight and attains Raniere’s 100 golden weight number, then and only then can they enjoy sexual energy together. Stay off the Chips and cookies Tony.

  • Keith should immediately perform an E.M. On Ms Fly, and miraculously heal her of all her ailments. Like he cured Marc Elliot of fake Tourette’s, and Claire Bronfman of congenital ugliness, (thanks for not breeding Claire)

  • Toni might not be a Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack or even Nicki Clyne, but at least he has a girl, who is locked up. Life could be worse for Keef.

  • So I was curious about the feedback in this post. I wish I was less shallow not to need to repost, but I want to know what people think.
    And I’ve been thinking about it. Theorizing. Keith was not the only one capable of horrible things in this story that have been left out of our per view. Lauren’s release of Sarah’s branding video. Diabolical. This is someone you loved, you called friend, who’s wedding you were in, who’s child you’ve watched sleep; someone that you’ve already lied to repeatedly, and then you release this very personal moment that you yourself orchestrated, running the whole show!! from getting them undressed, taking them to AM’s house, to EMing her beforehand. Wow.
    Absolutely diabolical, no matter how brainwashed you were.

    It brought me to another thought though, And I can’t believe I’m about to write this, but what if the photos were planted (oh gross), or not found and disclosed in the proper manner. One of the things I noticed in Murdaugh’s testimony is that he never answered any questions until he could see the evidence that would prove he was lying. What if the deadenders have been doing the same thing???
    Nicki says Keith never had anyone’s collateral. I think Frank theorized that one of the women from Mexico was keeping the “database”. As we never found the drive or who had it, Let’s assume it was at Keith’s access and he put EVERYTHING ON IT. That is a whole potential database lot of powerful women’s butts and Vajajays. Which would explain why Keith is so sure it was planted because he’s going “where are the rest of those butts and vajajays” (lol). And during the trial he was going, “Yay, I got them” and that may be why he didn’t put up a defense. In this scenario, I’m not assuming the government orchestrated it, “sometimes it be your own people”. And as there were many hands moving in this story, capable of doing many diabolical things as displayed above, what if…
    He’d still be guilty. Many butts will not be saved in some FBI database to be potentially misused in the future. But yeah, the metadata might not be perfect. Justice would still be done. Maybe even more so. There were a lot of very powerful people in this story who would have done a lot to make sure their butts or the butts of those they loved were not released or floating around somewhere. And even more people who left NXIVM completely disgusted.
    Just a thought that was interesting me. Not legally relevant”
    Frank reposts comments as articles to see what the response is, why can’t I?
    Love you Frank 🙂

  • Keith Raniere you have a scum life.You are not suppose to have any lawyer you are so pissed that your in prison making all these appeals that fbi tamper eveince well they did not at all tramperd eveince.your making clair Brofman to pay your
    lawyers and fees so rot in shu i hope you get trafer in reg populaion no protection

  • Instead of penning these repetitive, silly, tired missives (which Raniere himself calls “fruitless”) why doesn’t he do something productive with his time in prison?

    After all, he’s never getting out.

    Why doesn’t the great man write his memoirs? Or a manifesto? I mean, Adolf Hitler wrote “Mein Kamph” (My Struggle) from the calaboose following his failed beer hall putsch. Surely Vanguard could contribute something as appalling, turgid, and looney to world literature.

    The Marquis de Sade penned his classic “120 Days of Sodom” from his prison cell. Known as “the book you read with one hand”, this classic of literary pornography is far more entertaining, if no less frightful, than Hitler’s lengthy crackpot rant.

    For all their many disparate faults, these two literary classics share the distinction of never having gone out of print.

    So why doesn’t Raniere turn his efforts to writing a book? I’m sure it would sell a few dozen copies. Depending on how well Squeaky is doing for tips these days.

  • He is “appalled” by the direct dishonesty. Well, gee, we can’t have a federal prisoner appalled by anything now can we? BOP, correcting these appalling issues right now!!

  • I hope John Tighe is sitting comfortably somewhere, having a cold beer, and enjoying all of this a great deal.

    • I don’t think he’s enjoying this at all. If improper things are being done to Raniere, they can also be done to innocent people, a concept he understands all too well.

      There’s a big picture beyond “good guys” vs “bad guys.”

    • Sex slave.

      Not really an equal partnership. One way monogamy and unwavering obedience on her part.

  • —Why is Keith publicizing another inmate’s private medical
    conditions and mental struggles?

    Kieth broke the HIPPA rules! I find it obscene that Kieth would put such wonderful woman as Toni Fly….
    Both men are CHOMOs and deserve each other.

    Any minute now, NutJob will show up to stick up for Damon Brink, Nancy or some random A’hole.

    • I don’t think it’s right that Michelle and Ben can’t even go to to a shitty concert without their pink-Sox-hat-wearing, stalker snapping pics as if they were Lauren & Nancy at a Thruway Sbarros.

      • You rat bastard! You ratted me out!
        Macy Gray pics?!?

        All I’ve to say is no gag-ball pics of Shadow for you!

        • Now you know I have moderator privileges. Frank let me see the Tracy Ch…error Macy Gray pix.

          Eat your heart out Richard- you can only hope to someday wield the power I have on the FR comment section.

          (BTW, if I bury your comment for 24 hrs plus, it’s cause I think you suck!)

          • You have power! Ever since you mentioned knowing the name of the “Key Deer” I knew you were granted [redacted]privileges. Not to mention knowledge my real identity.

          • If I’m a moderator, I suck at it and need to release comments more than twice a day.

            What was the Key Deer? My recollection isn’t even vague but it rings a bell for some reason.

            I don’t know your identity. All I know is you got mad once and said I doxxed you. I couldn’t figure out wtf you were talking about and figured I must have repeated something Alanzo said and it was accurate.

            Oh, but I do know you’re a lefty. And you can’t afford membership to the Wellesley Country Club but your wife’s ex once got you on the course. And I heard you secretly text Mexican lady under your covers at 3am.

  • Again. Why is Keith publicizing another inmate’s private medical
    conditions and mental struggles?

    One would think that Keith Raniere has enough of his own problems. Without using another inmate to attempt to gain traction and publicity for himself.

    It’s really invasive and violating of another inmate’s privacy.

    What do you think Keith Raniere would do if an inmate started publicizing all of Keith’s private medical, mental health and other issues?

    Raniete would probably sue the BOP or anyone else that Keith could think of to drag into litigation.

    These kind of missives from Keith about his cellmate could even endanger Toni inside prison system.

    It also shows that Keith doesn’t honestly care what happens to Toni and/or is lying about prison safety and the retaliation of prison employees.

    There are proper legal channels to go through if Keith truly believed his cellmate was being abused by the system. But this isn’t what it’s really about. Keith is just exploiting Toni for his own personal agenda.

    This behavior from Keith is nosy and snitch adjacent.

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