Shadow: Susan Dones sounded an early alarm about Raniere and his gangsters

Susan Dones

By Shadow State 1958

My last post concerned NXIVM’s 20 Year War Against Truth.

This post will do a quick overview of NXIVM’s War Against America’s Justice system.

One commenter wrote in response to me, “This is just pure paranoia.”

So I’ve gone back through old issues of the Frank Report to reacquaint people with NXIVM’s litigation machine. 

Keep in mind that a system of justice can only work if everyone shares an objective view of reality and the courts are not used as weapons to terrorize and destroy people. 

This story was posted on the Frank Report in January of 2016 [second month of Frank Report] and has zero comments, so I presume it had limited readership at the time but is highly relevant to how NXIVM perverted the legal system to serve Raniere and Bronfmans’ evil ends. 

As early as October 2010, Susan Dones emailed 30 suspected adversaries with a warning about NXIVM’s massive, well-oiled litigation machine.

Oiled with Bronfman money.

Enemies of NXIVM are harassed into bankruptcy and are then subjected to hostile interventions to prolong the bankruptcies ad infinitum. 

Susan Dones describes NXIVM’s escalating harassment against people:

“These cases  appear to be an escalating abuse of the legal system and abusing people that are involved in lawsuits with NXIVM or their members. It appears they are using the legal system as a platform for  harassment  and stalking.” 

In other words NXIVM has hijacked the legal system and used it to carry out vendettas against the enemies of the cult on behalf of Raniere and the Bronfmans.  This corruption of the legal system was apparent to Susan Dones as early  as 2010.

As for Susan Dones, when she commented recently on the Frank Report in defense of Kristen Kreuk she was subjected to all kinds of abuse.

Susan Dones – in Defense of Kristin Kreuk

Guest View: ‘What did you know after you left?’– Some pointed questions for Susan Dones – about Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack

Guest View: ‘What did you know after you left?’– Some pointed questions for Susan Dones – about Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack

   Guest View: ‘What did you know after you left?’– Some pointed questions …By A Reader Susan Dones is a liar. She went to the press and lied by saying Kristin Kreuk left shortly after s…

 Susan Dones was one of the first people to sound the alarm about Raniere and his gangsters and is a “Prophet Without Honor.” 

If I am paranoid, Susan Dones was paranoid eight years ago and she was right. 

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  • We’re living in a time where everything comes full circle to political identity and attacks. Progressive/liberal or conservative. Or Trump.

    Yeah, it used to be live and let live, agree to disagree now it’s as though our very souls are being fought over with the implication that one leads to heaven and one to hell.

    Amazing. I was involved with and engaged to my high school sweetheart. Seven years of the happiest time of my life. We laughed about canceling out each other’s vote. She a liberal and me a conservative.

    Now it matters not what the issue at hand is or the story in the news, the comments all come back to who you are.

    In another post, I said I think we are about to repeat a dark time in history. I think this time the 40et8 won’t be filled according to one’s religion or sexual preference but if you wear an R or D on your sleeve.

    As soon as one’s ideology is known, all that they say is discarded. They’re liars, they’re brainwashed, they follow and don’t think for themselves. We’ve already been divided now we wait to see who does the conquering.

    • Mitch, I really do appreciate your comments and I’m also so very sorry if anything I’ve said was not taken for the way I intended. To me, it sounds like you have a beautiful family, and deservedly so. I do appreciate your comments. I also wholeheartedly agree about the political chasm within our country. It’s there, and it’s obvious. I also think this is a dark time in our history. Most of the family I have loved and felt closest too, have endured more than they should have.

      Just wanted to write and apologize to you. Best wishes to you and yours in 2019.

  • Susan Dones makes one small misstatement of fact and is instantly labelled a liar.

    Meanwhile Keith Raniere and his devoted disciples lie every day of the week and twice on Sunday.
    indeed Raniere and his disciples consider lying to be a Badge of Honor, particularly if done to advance the cause of NXIVM.
    Raniere and his disciples consider lying on behalf of NXIVM to be “Ethical”, like hiding Jews from Nazis.

    Let’s look at the record

    Susan Dones’ real sin was not making a misstatement about Kristen Kreuk.
    It was standing up to Raniere;s and Bronfman’s Flying Monkeys.

    For this sin Susan Dones’ life was even threatened by the Salinas Gang.
    Betancourt named Keeffe, O’Hara, Natalie, Dones, Bouchey in Mexico; Warning Expians headed to Mexico; beware of “Apprehension
    This was Mr. Betancourt’s second criminal complaint against former friends who left ESP. In January 2016, Mr. Betancourt made a criminal complaint in Acapulco against five American ‘enemies’ of Keith Raniere who he said were trying to extort him.

  • Wtf!? Susan Dones was not subject to abuse on Frank Report for wrongly defending Kristin Kreuk. She lied about Kreuk leaving in 2009 and was called out on it. She still has not answered why she lied to the press about that. Kreuk used to coach at Dones’s Tacoma branch. She knew all along what happened to Dones and she did not care. Yet Dones defended Kreuk. Kreuk did nothing to help Dones yet Dones went out of her way to defend Kreuk. Why did she lie for Kreuk?

    • Please could anyone who references Susan’s alleged “lie” that Kristin Kruek left NX in 2009 provide proof and context thereto? When, where and to whom did Susan supposedly say this, in response to what questions?

      Maybe in the same eagerness to protect the girls that motivated Susan to leave and speak out about NX (at peril to her life I might add), she wishfully believed some heeded her warning and had done so as far as Susan knew. And maybe she saw fit to announce that which she believed so that Kristin’s career and reputation would not suffer the same damage NX inflicted on hers and Kim Woolhouse’s lives.

      But I can’t even locate a reference to where Susan actually said this. Otherwise, it appears someone’s out to just discredit Susan among the frenzied fanboys on here, especially. Can you help find the alleged quote, please? Thank you.

      • Here you go Heidi:

        Susan Dones is free to post an explanation here on Frank Report why she said such a thing. A year after Dones left, Kristin Kreuk was on Necker Island and according to the whistleblower, John Tighe, the trip was to discuss the bad press the cult was receiving and they were planning how to move and hide money around.

        Check out this post:

        Also, everyone named in that article was also named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit, including Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack (also on Necker Island), Mark Vicente, his mother(!) and Lauren Salzman. Sarah Edmondson’s husband Anthony Ames known as “Nippy” was named in it to.

        Here’s a ;link:

        Both Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit and John Tighe’s series of Necker Island articles came out the same month the Times Union expose came out. Three big bombshells in one month.

        • Thanks for the link! I’ve rolled right over that quote before w/o it registering as the “lie” others claim it is or as any definitive date Kristin Kruek left for that matter. I agree with Anon, it’s a true “relative” time context, liars are usually far more precise with timing than someone whose really trying to recollect something relative to the context of major events in their lives, etc. This wasn’t deliberate deception if anyone WAS deceived, this was probably a protective reflex, a “mother” instinct against a “rag” reporter angling for Kruek blood.

          Saw the Necker Island story years ago, thanks for sharing though doing so does make you look like more of deliberate deceiver than Susan, sorry. And it doesn’t resolve the mystery of when Kruek actually left, any more so than Susan’s quote.

          • Person A graduates high school in 2009. Person B (claims) they graduated in 2013. Person A says Person B graduated “shortly after” they did, four years later. “Shortly after”. Either a innocent slip or lie.

          • Rolling my eyes at calling it like it is as “spinning narratives”.

            Fact 1: Dones NEVER said Kristin Kreuk “left in 2009”. The evidence is given in the referenced article.
            Fact 2: “Shortly after” IS a RELATIVE time frame depending upon the context. Whether it is a month, one year, ten years, or one hundred years depends upon a fixed frame of reference.

            What is “spinning narratives” is exactly what trolls do. Trolls who say things like Kristin didn’t leave at such and such a time and was mentioned in a Times Union article, therefore she supported a pedophile and his behavior. Or that because she was named in a lawsuit by Joe O’Hara or on a blog run by John Tighe, that means she is guilty of tax evasion and money laundering. Or that because she isn’t out there speaking against NXIVM and fighting some imaginary fight she is required to in the minds of certain people, that means she is hiding something and did something wrong in the cult.

            Those are exemplifications of “spinning narratives”.

      • Heidi, There isn’t any reference but the troll keeps posting their lie about what was said when, where and whom. If you tell a lie often enough people will start to believe it.

        When things are slow with the case, Frank has to stir up the pot by posting or allow others to post crap like Scott Johnson situation and lets Shadow state have his/her fun.

        Frank allows people to use offensive language towards women, gays and attack those who have actually done something to help put an end to criminal organizations. So he is supporting HATE towards women and other groups.

        Frank and the trolls think that anyone who has left the cult needs to speak out or at least call him or he won’t stop posting about them.

        Everyone makes mistakes and has a right to move on with their lives in whatever manner they feel they have a right to do. If they want to speak out about their mistakes or give information, it is up to them to do so.

        The Frank report is a double edge sword. It has gotten information out to the masses but Frank allows a lot of abuse to take place against those who are not subjects of the Raniere criminal organization. He does not protect those who have helped him get to where his blog is today.

        • I hear ya, I’ve felt the same myself when I was trying to ignore the trolls and Frank ignored my pleas to stop them if only for the sake of preserving the integrity of the blog.

          Frank is sexist, is troll-charmed and is determined not to lose his balls in this even if it costs him his freedom.

          I don’t agree, though, that he’s motivated by more views on the Celebrity stories for income. Not at all. Deep down, he’s as scared shitless and desperate for his freedom and justice as any man, woman or child would be under similar circumstances but loathe to show it.

          Did you catch Frank’s snipes at Jeff Peterson for revealing he was “in hiding,” like a sissy, California soy-boy, Frank might as well have said out loud? I think he did when Jeff first contacted him.

          Whereas, now TEX, he’s a man’s man and a Trump man and a “little guy” vs. the big man, the underdog, the poor boy who got screwed by the justice system and had to pay Amway a $500 fine for excersizing his 1st Amendment rights…and this hate speech BS the liberals are whining about with Trump are just “words” — which Scott’s well proven (HA!) have no emotional impact on anyone but liberal pussies!

          But let’s see if Frank posts this comment not because he can’t take criticism but because it is a cardinal sin for a man to ever show any weakness and if I ever “go against the family” like that in front of anyone…you get the picture.

          And, Frank, the Salinas/Bronfman crime syndicate trolls already know your weaknesses, trust me.

          …Didn’t say one word about Roger Stone, who got you into this mess in the first place, Frank!

          • Well…didn’t realize that Frank was troll-charmed. Poor Frank. Possibly an MK-Ultra attack by a Hillary or Obama clone caused interference with his logical thought processes, and the result is this heinous troll-charming effect?


            Gotta hate when THAT happens.

          • What a fuckin drama queen. Please shut the fuck up as you are every bit as delusional as Johnson and
            flowers and shadow.

          • Ah, yes…the flamboyant Roger Stone. Yet, another impulsive liar. He sure craves the spotlight, at any cost Like a proud peacock. Yet, an aged one that lost it’s color. There was a post and/or interview on FR some time ago regarding Mr. Stone. Seems like the context of this piece was meant to walk back any appearances that Roger Stone had anything to do with the NXIVM playhouse. I find this hard to believe despite Stone’s claims. Considering Roger’s past and deviant business acquaintances / practices, he sure seems to have a lot of character traits in common with the likes of Keith Raneire.

      • Frank Report Trolls,

        We know reporters never get anything wrong in their stories so that makes Susan a lier for such, LMFAO.

        The story doesn’t say KK left in 2009 like the troll is saying. People like to take two points of information, put them together as if they fit together and make it seem like reality.

        It appears that a lot of people need KK to be the bad “guy” because when she left, she didn’t speak out like others before her had. She’s bad because KK didn’t take Allison with her when she left either. Like she had control over Allison Mack, a grown woman who had the legal right to think for herself and do what she felt was best for her.

        People have the right to “just walk away” from NXIVM. Thousands have and only a handful have said anything to warn people. Everyone who had spoken out has been the subject of countless legal battles.

        WTF?? last I checked Canada and the USA were free countries.

        There is solid proof out there that Raniere backed by Bronfman money was attacking those that spoke out against him and his criminal organization. If you do some research, those that spoke out have spent years fighting in courts and have had false charges in the US, Canada and Mexico brought against them just because they have warned others and attempted to warn the authorities, who should have protected them.

        What about the hundreds who have left NXIVM and said nothing within the last year? Why are they not getting singled out because they have not spoken up?

        • “The story doesn’t say KK left in 2009 like the troll is saying.”

          Nobody said the story, but Susan Dones herself said it. She said Kreuk left “shortly after” she herself she left in 2009. That is a lie. Also, that is not trolling.

          “Why are they not getting singled out because they have not spoken up?”

          Maybe if their names and roles were known they would be. Kreuk was a big part of the cult and had a voice. She publically talks about women’s rights while ignoring NXIVM. It’s hypocrisy. It’s like a former member of the Taliban publically condemning ISIS while ignoring their Taliban role. Hypocricy. Put the lube away. Virtue signalling has no weight behind it, as Kreuk demonstrates. Don’t cry too much.

        • “Everyone who had spoken out has been the subject of countless legal battles.”

          Susan Dones, John Tigue, Joe O’Hara, Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey, James Odato, Rick Ross etc. Kreuk didn’t care. Nor did Ally Wack, Vicente, Edmondson etc. Fuck the cultists. No sympathy.

          • Roger Stone was in and out of NXIVM in a heartbeat. One of the few with the brains to see it. Love when the flamboyant alt left libbies get their panties twisted over non issues.

    • Another slow day for the Frank Report as we wait for the next round of indictments.

      I think this poster is the liar. Where is the proof Dones said Kreuk left in 2009? I’ve done a search on the Frank Report and didn’t find anything about Kreuk leaving in 2009.

      This poster is a troll just attempting to discredit someone who has done a great deal of good to inform people about what was going on behind the training long before the Frank Report was around.

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