Guest View: ‘What did you know after you left?’– Some pointed questions for Susan Dones – about Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack

Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack on Necker Island in 2010 at a secretive Nxivm gathering.

By A Reader 

Susan Dones is a liar.  She went to the press and lied by saying Kristin Kreuk left shortly after she did in 2009.  Dones knows that is a lie.

A year after Dones left, Kreuk was on Necker Island for a secret NXIVM cult meeting. John Tighe exposed that trip, along with photographs, information about the Mexican money laundering operation, the name of one of the perpetrators, her NXIVM number, an allegation about Siobhan Hotaling being a money mule, names of the executive board, their roles etc.. He made the claim that the small band of NXIVM cultists on the island discussed money laundering, including a very specific allegation about hiding money in the Caribbean.

Why would he say that? Why lie?  He provided enough evidence and allegations in his article, why would he lie about that? If such a conversation took place on the island, why wouldn’t Kreuk know about it and taken part?

“The spring of 2010 saw NXIVM in a bind. Continued negative press here and in the mainstream media had severely cut enrollment in the Capital Region. In spite of this, the increasingly paranoid and agoraphobic cult leader Keith Raniere was loath to leave the region – and was, in fact, pretty much in hiding at the time.

“Under these circumstances, Sara Bronfman called a conference of the leading figures of NXIVM to plot the future of the cult. After pleasantries, cocktails, and sex, attendees got down to the business at hand. NXIVM’s Executive Board was created with key positions given out to trusted personnel. Mexico was becoming more and more important in the strategic plans of NXIVM and membership on the reconstituted board reflected this. Well, once the board was hashed out and hurt feelings stroked, about who was in and who was out, the attendees began to plot the massive logistics of moving massive amounts of money around the globe to avoid taxation.

“On the Canadian side of the operation, Siobahn Hotaling, NXIVM head trainer from Albany, is an alleged Canadian bag lady who was making weekly trips to Canada, she then tells border guards that she is visiting friends in Canada while it is alleged that her true mission is teaching NXIVM classes {which is illegal under Canadian Law, as she is registered as a tourist with no work permit] and then transporting the tuition fees collected for the NXIVM courses taught in Canada and to pick up payments in cash from the Vancouver operation.

“Obviously, both these operation are amateurish and fraught with peril. Attendees brainstormed about moving funds to various Caribbean locations. I am afraid that many of these conversations were held away from prying ears.

“Participants, having set up their new power structure and with new money laundering ideas being batted around, went back home to preach to the masses, the very rich masses or young masses that is.”

Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk and Sara Bronfman on Necker Island – about a year after Susan Dones left NXIVM.


The same month John Tighe posted that – February 2012 –  Joe O’Hara started his lawsuit against NXIVM and Kristin Kreuk was named:

All the people discussed on the Necker Island article, all of them were named. Joe O’Hara has stated a few times on Frank Report that he had reason to name all of these individuals and didn’t want to just throw anyone under the bus.

These two things alone warrant investigation. Frank talking about Kreuk and calling her out is the right thing to do. These are allegations and they don’t look good for Kreuk. Why did Kristin stay with Keith Raniere when she was named in the same Times Union expose that revealed he was a pedophile?

Kristin — you didn’t believe the victims, but you still like to virtue signal about women’s rights.

Why were you named in O’Hara’s lawsuit?

What were you doing on Necker Island?  What things did you discuss? Are you going to accuse John Tighe of lying?

What were you doing with NXIVM beyond 2013 when you claimed you had left?

Why did you never turn on NXIVM?

All of these things, combined with Kreuk’s weak PR damage-control statement forced out of her by the press, and her downright downplaying of her involvement by not talking about what she did, and her silence, just makes her look bad.  Be it illegal and/or unethical.

How many branded sex slaves were recruited by Kreuk?

How many women recruited by Kreuk had sex with Raniere?

Were women recruited directly for this?

Did Kreuk engage in sexual activity with Raniere like “Pea Onyu” (Nicki Clyne?) claims?

Denial of never experiencing any ” nefarious” or “illegal” activity, yet the O’Hara lawsuit, and claims by John Tigue, contradict that. I am more inclined to believe John Tighe. Why would he lie about that? Recently, Frank has posted something about Raniere possibly being on Viagra. John Tighe was talking about that years ago. He had sources in NXIVM. His allegations about the Necker Island trip don’t seem like lies to me.

What does Susan Dones know about what Kreuk did and what she knows about – years after she left the cult in 2009?

Susan Dones claims Kreuk left the cult shortly after she did in 2009 yet just a year later, the Necker Island trip happened and Kreuk was there. Dones was not. Kreuk presumably coached at Dones’ Tacoma branch. Kreuk knew why Susan Dones left and shut down her branch. She knew what Dones accused Raniere of doing regarding sexual perversion/fucking his female students, financial crimes etc.

Kreuk did not care. Even when Dones was taken to court and Raniere/NXIVM was trying to ruin her, Kreuk did not care. Kreuk knew about the lawsuits, it was no secret. She did not care. She stayed on for many years. By the way, according to John Tighe’s coach list, Kreuk’s coach, [Name redacted] was referred by Susan Dones.

Is Dones still in contact with Kreuk? Why is she getting involved?

Dones has no idea what Kreuk did after 2009.

As for Girls By Design, despite what Dones wants you to think, it was a NXIVM project. Kreuk planned it with Nancy Salzman, got Kendra Voth involved (who she recruited into NXIVM), [name redacted] Tabatha Chapman (a Smallville super fan recruited by Allison Mack) and, as an absolute minimum, the goal of GBD was to spread NXIVM bullshit to teen girls.

Even if recruiting them directly into NXIVM/Raniere’s bed was not in the cards, it was still NXIVM. As was the College Project. That was created to lure in college kids and Kreuk knew that. Why did she not mention NXIVM?

Will Susan Dones come to the defense of this?

What about Juicy Peach? That was a Kristin Kreuk/Allison Mack project to lure in “artists”. No mention of NXIVM there either. Will Dones defend that too? All three projects were NXIVM projects created within the first couple of years of Kreuk’s involvement with NXIVM. She stayed in many years longer after that, after Dones left.

What does Dones have to say about that?

Also, what does Susan Dones know about Allison Mack? What does Dones know about what Mack did?

Are we to believe Mack only went off the rails in 2015 with the creation of DOS!?

Why was Mack named in O’Hara’s lawsuit?

What was she doing on Necker Island?

When did Mack discover tax evasion and money laundering schemes?

When did Mack start fucking Raniere? Before or after Dones left?

What does Dones know about all the NXIVM women Raniere was fucking years after she left? Or the crimes and the perpetrators years after she left?

If Dones wants to defend Kreuk from her time 2006-2009, then, by default, she has to defend Mack, and Mack is a monster. Surely for Mack to be a branded sex slave/master, she had to start out at least knowing about the harem/tax evasion etc. before going full sex slaver. If she knew about these things prior to 2015, so did Kreuk.

What was Mack doing before 2015 that Kreuk wasn’t?

Kreuk was in first, recruited Mack and Kreuk was favoured over Mack by Raniere.  Also, this statement by Frank:

“In real life, Kristin Kreuk was in a cult called NXIVM. She was a famous actress and so – hoping to impress Vanguard [Keith Raniere] and Prefect [Nancy Salzman] – she would travel to their tiny hometown of Albany where she helped recruit young female students thrilled to be in the same group as she was.

“Some of these females experienced psychological torture and brainwashing [and herpes] after receiving the teachings of Keith Raniere. Rather than trying to protect the girls, Kreuk continued to support NXIVM.

“’No filter. No conscience. God made you the perfect actress,’ Vanguard might as well have told her.”

Susan Dones can only talk about her time in NXIVM, what she knows about and her experience, not those who stayed on years after she left.



After Susan Dones left NXIVM, in April 2009, Keith Raniere sought to ruin her. At her bankruptcy hearing, Dones successfully represented herself against a battery of NXIVM attorneys hellbent on impeaching her and preventing her from getting bankruptcy protection. They also tried to use her testimony to try to get criminal charges against Barbara Bouchey, as well as, possibly, Susan and her spouse, Kim Woolhouse. They put Susan and Kim through hell. Kristin Kreuk must have known about this. It was well known in NXIVM circles. Kreuk must have known about Susan’s allegations against Raniere’s sex scandals. It was public. There was a YouTube video; there was a spate of newspaper stories – some naming Kreuk. Yet Kreuk remained utterly silent and continued to be a part of NXIVM. Kreuk supported this attack on Dones by remaining in the cult and taking courses and giving them her money and allowing them to use her name to promote their plans. Unlike Kreuk, who raised not a finger to help Susan when she needed it most, Susan is raising her voice and influence to defend Kreuk. That’s what some might call, ‘Turning the other cheek.”

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Frank Parlato


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  • why doesn’t the reader say who they are? They seem to have a lot of information and questions in their posting but are hiding behind “a reader”. If you want to exchange points, why not come out and say who you are? Are you chicken, why are you protecting yourself?

    • Does it offend you how it calls out Kristin Kook the way it does?

      Who are you, a fan of Kristin Kook? Are you the “smell the fart” actress herself or someone she knows?

    • Amway Scotty tried to get people to do that and was lambasted for it. Where were you when he was supporting that position? Why are YOU insisting on “A Reader” providing his/her name when you didn’t do when you didn’t provide YOUR name?

  • Does anyone wonder why Frank Parlato hasn’t focused more on the other Kristen? Kristen Keeffe that is.

    Now that is one nasty NXIVM woman who was Keith VanTard Raniere’s right hand woman. Keeffe was with Raniere since his days in CBI through NXIVM until she finally left and took who is Raniere’s first born son, her son.

    Kristen Keeffe was one of his main NXIVM goons but Frank Parlato doesn’t posts about her, why is that Frank?

    Kristen Keeffe was also named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit

    Keeffe was NXIVM’s legal liaison and was the head of NXIVM legal department. Aka, Raniere’s henchwoman when it came to stalking people in NXIVM legal cases.

    Kristen Keeffe also had a hand in illegally obtaining financial records of those who spoke out against NXIVM/Raniere including judges, reporters, cult experts and those who left NXIVM and spoked out to others.

    Joe O’Hara left NXIVM when he got a fax that was supposed to go only toe Kristen Keeffe that contained documents illegally obtained via Keeffe. Joe was not going to play that game.

    Keeffe also bought out some of Toni Natalie’s debt so Keeffe could enter into Natalie’s bankruptcy as a creditor. The judge saw right through it and threw Keeffe out of his courtroom.

    Keeffe was one of Raniere’s lovers and lived with him, Pam C and Karen U for many years.

    Keeffe knowing she was a part of NXIVM legal team, talked her way into the DA’s office as an “intern” during the same time NXIVM was trying to bring charges against O’Hara. That same DA had taken NXIVM courses along with his sister and other family members.

    Keeffe is coupable for illegal actions during her time in NXIVM but Frank Parlato doesn’t report on her.

    Keeffe has not come forward with any kind of statement about her time, knowledge and actions while in NXIVM but yet Parlato gives her a pass on writing about her. Why is that Frank?

    • Keeffe isn’t nearly as famous or pretty as KK. That’s why she doesn’t get hardly any attention. This whole website is filled with commenters who are involved mainly because of a handful of celebrities and rich bitches. Plus, she has faded into the background from a public perspective, perhaps she will flip and/or be prosecuted soon.

  • Wow, great article.

    This reader sounds very informed.

    Very thorough and backed up with logical conclusions — and common sense.

    I suspect that Susan Dones will not respond to these pointed questions, or if she does, she’ll ignore the extremely pointed questions which she likely has no answer for.

    Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire.

    If you go to sleep and the ground is dry and you wake up with snow on the ground — you don’t need to visually see it snowing to conclude that it snowed that evening. It’s called common sense.

    Circumstantial evidence, when taken as a whole, can be a powerful way to reach a logical conclusion even for matters which are not criminal in nature, but perhaps just immoral.

    Frank, the people who defend KK all have one thing in common — they do not just defend KK, but they always demand that FrankReport (and all commenters) cease ALL DISCUSSION about KK in relation to NXIVM. They ALL have the goal of shutting down the conversation and stopping any further investigation/exploration into what KK did at NXIVM.

    Nobody’s saying she’s necessarily guilty of criminal conduct while at NXIVM. We’re also talking about possible immoral conduct that public figures can be judged by, in the court of public opinion.

    Not fair, you say?

    Lots of public figures, many of them conservative, have their careers ended or hurt by simply making the wrong comment on Twitter which offends left wing media organizations —- and those are not “criminal” matters either. Yet nobody weeps for them.

    So stop weeping for KK. She’s a big girl.

    *Now that Nancy Salzman and Lauren will be singing for the government, perhaps we’ll learn even more about KK and everybody else too — stuff that Susan Dones has no knowledge of, since Nancy was far higher up the food chain than Susan Dones.

    I’m just wondering if Susan Dones will attack Nancy Salzman IF she winds up giving unflattering information about KK in the near future.

    I’m betting that Susan Dones is so fond of KK that she’ll attack anybody, including Nancy Salzman, IF she exposes anything unflattering about KK in the future.

    The real trolls are the people who keep screaming to shut down this conversation. If you don’t like reading real discussions with pointed questions, then WHY keep reading and commenting about them? 🙂

  • For those of you who question whether there were/are insiders who provided info to John Tighe, Joe O’Hara and Frank Parlato, where the hell do you think those pictures that were taken at the time of Raniere’s arrest came from? As far as I know, none of those guys has a spy satellite or a drone…

    • That’s what we want to know. Who gave John Tigue the Necker Island photos and info? Who gave Joe O’Hara info?

      Based on your name, where were you and what did you see?

  • In the comments below, Shadowstate now implies that NXIVM wanted a piece of the Caribbean drug trade. This is in addition to NXIVM (according to Shadow) wanting to take over Libya and Mexico as the first steps to World dominance (hey it was in Catherine Oxenberg’s book). All orchestrated by the self proclaimed World’s Smartest Man, bankrolled by two sisters who probably could not stand the rigors of homeschooling and buttressed by an army of B minus actresses and cuckolded husbands? Believe me after the first NXIVM drug runner got “necklaced” in South America, Vanguard’s involvement in the drug trade would come to a hasty halt. These are not hardened criminals but rather accidental perpetrators.

    Frank I know you value free speech and it hurt you to curtail Scott Amway’s participation. But please, keep Shadowstate around, at least for comic relief. He is a one man confederacy of dunces. The fact that he responds seriously to obvious troll Pea on You makes me grin, and grimace, all at the same time.

    • The chief dunce in NXIVM is now sitting in the MDC in Brooklyn.
      Raniere came up with these asinine schemes, not me.

      And lots of people wanted action in the Latin American drug trade.

      • Shadow as the Johnny Depp character in Blow told Colombian drug lord El Padrino “You need an American with balls”. The only balls this schlubby shamannabe had were volleyballs. He’s not exactly Aryan Brotherhood material, so he best beware the Shiv of Salinas.

    • I think Frank is happy that Scott Amway is gone, he was calling people cowards for a very silly reason, something about not being able to make much sense out the comment section. I happen to think the more disarray the better, and anonymous people like you are making great contributions to maximizing that disarray. Keep up the good work!

  • Seriously Folks ! When will you stop to respond to Pea Onyu provocations ? Didn’t you understand it’s just a f•••••• troll ?!?!?

    Nothing good nor true will come out of that freak, stop losing your time ! Don’t you have some dignity guys ?

    Do you want me to endorse another troll just to put you on shame when I reveal my true identity ?

    I can do the same than Pea Onyu and collect informations from this very blog, just to make my character more convincing and begin and endless circle of lies and bullshit !..

    Pea Onyu is the creation of a sick mind, but YOU are nourishing it, guys ! YOU make it live !

    Guys, I’m a girl too and I gave myself to my beloved master when I was 14. He was so tender and I learnt so much from him. I wish every the little girl in this world to have the same luck I had… KK has this luck too, whereas she was much older, but she betrayed the beloved one, the true master, our Christ and savior, the only one in this world. As Christ died in the cross, Vanguard will die in his cell…

    So do you get it now, guys ? B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T. !!!

    I’m a guy on his 40’s but I can put myself at the same level than said Pea, not for fun, but just to make it clear that Pea is just a troll, and basta !!!

    • Completely agree. Whoever is posting under “Pea” is an agitator simply acting a role. He / she will say anything to distract and rile people up. He / she has not offered ONE new insight or piece of information – just mindless praise for the beast and his loyalists. I would much rather read something from an actual current or former NXIVM devotee, to get their point of view.

      I don’t believe for one minute this person had anything to do with NXIVM or knows any of the players. If I’m wrong, it can be proven to me by “Pea.” The screen name alone, along with the subsequent discussion of its ethnicity were enough to tip us off. Remember, he / she insisted that was his / her “real” name. Not one person in the U.S. is listed on the internet as having that name.

      • Beware OCD, bullshit Pea will find a way to “prove” you it’s a true NXIVM/ESP/KR devotee !..

        Taunting the beast is like feeding it…

      • There are multiple avatars using the name Pea. Perhaps there is a real Pea and a bunch of fake Peas. Frank can do an ip address check and confirm what’s what. Pea Onyu might as well be Seymour Butt or Ben Dover.

    • I could do the same. They are an obvious troll. Look at the nut who responds to them the most…no surprise.

    • She won’t go away , all I’m trying to do lately is run her off with the knowledge she’s nothing, nobody, not even Nxivm wants her.

  • — “Obviously, both these operation are amateurish and fraught with peril. Attendees brainstormed about moving funds to various Caribbean locations. I am afraid that many of these conversations were held away from prying ears.

    How would John Tighe know all of this information if “many of these conversations were held away from prying ears”? How does this even make any sense? Was he there?

    I’ve read many of the same comments that go on and on about why people shouldn’t believe an actress who has never been in trouble with the law and who isn’t even being considered by authorities just because of her involvement with NXIVM, but why should anyone believe a guy caught with child porn on his computer and serving time for it? Why should anyone believe Joe O’Hara who served several years in jail for illegal activities?

    • You should believe every anonymous, unsupported piece of information. That’s what makes America great (again).

        • I love CNN, MSNBC, etc., they have great comedy shows. SNL has gotten too political and not very funny, so I’ve just flipped the shows around for where I go to watch political vs. humor content, and it works out great.

    • John Tigue claimed someone in the photographs was the source of his information. He said he had over 300 photographs but only released a few. Perhaps the source was in a photograph he did not publish. What about his other allegations, you think he just made them up? No, somebody must of told him.

      As for John Tigue and the child porn images, many believe he was set up and framed. He pleaded guilty because he did not have the funds to fight the case and at the time and still now, he had serious health problems and couldn’t afford the healthcare. He is currently in not good shape. Whether he is innocent or guilty is yet to be discovered.

      As for O’Hara, he has tried to make up for any poor behavior in the past. If you want to condemn him, then you must condemn Sarah Edmondson who is currently talking to the feds about the NXIVM cult crimes she knows about and most probably participated in and profited from.

      Any outsider looking at these unsavory things: being named in a criminal lawsuit, accused of being part of the group planning money laundering operations, staying loyal to a pedophile after he was exposed with her name in the same expose, lying about when she left, having the CW Network shield her from questions etc, would look at that and be suspicious. Kreuk is responsible for all of it. She wants to be in the public limelight, but all under her terms. It don’t work like that hun.

      • Edmondson is on her own, the Feds will nail her with all of the others when they find enough evidence. She can sign her book for the other prisoners, and have India sign the books as well. What a great Christmas gift for your favorite prisoner, or just send a double-autographed book to a random prisoner.

    • Happen to know that John T. and Joe’s info came from a very reliable source who is, in fact, pictured on John’s original post at Necker Island with the “suspects” whom the first-hand source photographed for the story.

      Now, if you can guess which person photographed partying it up and conspiring at Necker Island I will oblige you with a positive or negative response to your guess. And, I’ll toss in this hint cause I’m feeling generous:

      It wasn’t Richard Branson. 💃

  • Susan had the joy of being a favorite of both Keith and Nancy but she lost it all when she abandoned the gift of joy on 2009 along with the feckless monster Barbara Bouchey. Well Babs I took a much Larger role when you spilt in the heart of that most wonderful man. I ageee with you he is wonderful and I love how you defend him. Susan doesn’t defend Keith but she defends KK. In the end KK had a chance at being number 1. She was the enjoyed of the great enjoyer. Sadly she missed out by not sticking. Susan Babs and KK. I’m sorry for you. Vanguard will rise again and you will not be at his side. I will.

    • “Susan Babs and KK. I’m sorry for you. Vanguard will rise again and you will not be at his side. I will.”

      Pea, how close are you to Keith that you aspire to be at his side when he returns?
      Were you in Mexico with Keith when he was arrested?

      As far as we know only four women were at the Villa in Puerto Vallartas\ when Keith was arrested.
      Allison Mack
      Lauren Salzman
      Nicki Clyne and
      Loreta Garza

      Which one of those four women were you?

  • Were Kreuk and Mack on Necker Island to discuss money laundering or were they present to serve as “eye candy” to seduce Sir Richard Branson?

    I imagine that Sara Bronfman and Nancy Salzman were more likely to discuss money laundering issues while Kreuk and Mack were mere decorations.

    • I was there at necker. You call it money laundering. This is your slave mentality. It was our money. We earned it. We are under no obligation to report it to our slave masters the government. Except by their use of force. Which is violence. That’s what he taught us KK and Allie too. Be free. And give freedom. The best of all freedoms is following the Vanguard. Not being a slave to taxes which are violent and coercive and used to enslave people.

      • Pea,
        Are you aware that most money laundering involves the proceeds of illegal activities?
        Public officials take bribes and they need the money to be laundered to hide the bribery.
        Businessmen engage in frauds against customers, creditors and business partners
        and they need to hide the source of the money.
        Drug traffickers sell dangerous narcotics and they need to hide their illegal activities from the government by money laundering.

          • Yes it is.
            But many of these money laundering schemes involved far more serious crimes.
            Note they talked about moving money around the Caribbean an area notorious for drug trafficking.
            You can bet your bottom dollar that the leaders of NXIVM wanted a piece of that action.

          • How do we know they talked about moving money around? Because a guy in prison claimed it? IF it was discussed, it was probably kept to a very small number of people who were there.

      • Except you pea brains like to the use the court to sue anything that moves. How are the courts funded? In part with tax dollars. You bunch of parasitical jack asses.

        Clearly all the Zamboni fumes you inhaled growing up in hockey rinks in Canada has cause permanent brain damage. You didn’t have a lot of brain to damage in the first place.

      • If this Pea is real and not a troll, more reason to question Kristin Kreuk.

        Could Pea by Allison Mack herself? All she needs is a smartphone given to her by someone.

        On Necker Island was Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, Sara Bronfman, Emilaino Salinas, Mark Hildreth, Alejandro Benecourt, Casper Van Dien (Catherine Oxenberg’s ex husband), Gerogiana Bronfman, the singer MIA, her husband (a Bronfman), the kinky Buddhist monk Lama Tenzin, Richard Branson, Branson’s son and a small number more. It was very exclusive. Only top NXIVM people.

        If Pea is real and was on Necker Island, (IF) she or he could be one of these. Unlikely to be MIA!

      • Keep running your incredibly stupid mouth pee brain. I hope the feds are reading these comments and your confessions. I dare say if lose the i.q. point you have you are going to turn into a box of rocks.

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