Blast from the past: John Tighe reports on the new NXIVM board named in Necker Island 2010

Necker Island

Just to show readers that the financial crimes that are now being charged were no secret to the public and law enforcement, here is a reprint of JOhn Tighe’s blog for MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2012

NXIVM Cult Summit on Necker Island; Atlas might have Shrugged but Raniere hid.

Some are wondering why I’ve spent so much time on the NXIVM gathering of the cults, Princes and Princesses on Necker Island in the late spring of 2010?

The meeting of the NXIVM elite that took place on Necker Island in 2010 was much like the infamous meeting of senior officials of the Nazi German regime at the Wannsee Conference, which was held in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee in opulent surrounding on January 20 1942 to plan the elimination of the Jews in the “final solution” – or the historic summit of Mafiosi from all over the United States, Canada and Italy, which took place on November 14, 1957 at the palatial New York estate of mafia boss Joseph Barbara, where leading mobsters cut up their La Cosa Nostra operations such as gambling, casinos, and narcotics among themselves. NXIVM held the Necker Island summit to conspire and organize and restructure its illegal enterprise.

All three of these meeting had many similarities. All took place in luxurious surrounding, where guests dined on and drank the finest food and wines. None of the participants at these meetings wanted their attendance to become public knowledge but, in all three cases they did and in all three there was a lot more going on than just a little socializing by old friends.

The spring of 2010 saw NXIVM in a bind. Continued negative press here and in the mainstream media had severely cut enrollment in the Capital Region. In spite of this, the increasingly paranoid and agoraphobic cult leader Keith Raniere was loath to leave the region – and was, in fact, pretty much in hiding at the time. Under these circumstances, Sara Bronfman called a conference of the leading figures of NXIVM to plot the future of the cult.

Sara picked up the phone to her old buddy Richard Branson and made arrangements for a plush conference in a beautiful surrounding. Sara was in charge of the exclusive guest list which included Nancy Salzman and Jim Del Negro as Keith Raniere’s personal emissaries.

After pleasantries, cocktails, and sex, attendees got down to the business at hand. NXIVM’s Executive Board was created with key positions given out to trusted personnel. Mexico was becoming more and more important in the strategic plans of NXIVM and membership on the reconstituted board reflected this.
Emiliano Salinas, the son of the corrupt former Mexican president Carlos Salinas de Gortari, was named Executive of Standards. Salinas had been raised in extreme luxury since the day he was born. Salinas is co-owner of Mexico City’s NXIVM Center. He is also an international trainer with the company. Salinas is a much-hated figure in Mexico. His self-aggrandizing speeches accusing the poor of Mexico for being largely responsible for the violence gripping the country are right out of NXIVM’s Ayn Rand’s playbook.
Claiming the poor in Mexico have a culture of self-victimization that is to blame for the plight of Mexico, he called on them to use Gandhi style tactics against the Mexican drug cartels. No doubt his family has massive holdings in the Mexican coffin business.
Next, Alejandro Betancourt, Mexican national and rumored gay lover of Salinas, was named Marketing Executive. Betancourt co-owns and operates Mexico City’s NXIVM Center. This center is said to be the single most lucrative center in the NXIVM ‘s Empire.
Many of Mexico’s wealthy elites, who have grown rich on the corruption so prevalent in their society, are drawn to NXIVM’s message that they are wealthy because they deserve it and the poor themselves are largely responsible for their own problems.
Next,  renowned filmmaker Mark Vicente was named Executive of Enrollment. A charismatic speaker, he had teamed with the Canadians Mark Hildreth, Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack to sell NXIVM … in Vancouver. While Salinas is Mexican royalty, these three stooges have a vast following among teen and preteen girls. The perfect combination really, money from Mexico and girls from Canada.
[Frank Report note: Mark Vicente left NXIVM in 2017 and worked to expose the corruption of NXIVM and Keith Raniere. He is the only one of the Executive Board named in 2010 to have defected and aided in the takedown of NXIVM]]

Clare Bronfman named herself Chief of Operations. The failed equestrian is also in charge of most of NXIVM’s charitable trusts; I will have much more on that later this week.

Rounding out the board, we have former Keith Raniere sex toy, Lauren Salzman named as Chairman of Education. Described as one of the leading authorities in Rational Inquiry, she is said to have been presented to Keith Raniere as a sexual gift by her mother, cult priestess Nancy Salzman.

And finally, Karen Unterreiner was named Executive of Humanities. Unterreiner, the aging grand dame of NXIVM, is perhaps one of Raniere’s must loyal toadies. She would prefer to die than betray her guru.

Well, once the board was hashed out and hurt feelings stroked, about who was in and who was out, the attendees began to plot the massive logistics of moving massive amounts of money around the globe to avoid taxation.

NXIVM had been using an inefficient method of transferring large amounts of cash across the border into the US. The Mexican operation is almost always conducted in cash and in US$. The money, once across the border, was then simply sent by mail to a series of PO boxes in the capital region….

[Name redacted] was given the task of emptying these boxes each week, but the sheer volume of these pickups was starting to draw attention.
On the Canadian side of the operation, Siobahn Hotaling, NXIVM head trainer from Albany, is an alleged Canadian bag lady who was making weekly trips to Canada, she then tells border guards that she is visiting friends in Canada while it is alleged that her true mission is teaching NXIVM classes {which is illegal under Canadian Law as she is registered as a tourist with no work permit} and then transporting the tuition fees collected for the NXIVM courses taught in Canada and to pick up payments in cash from the Vancouver operation.Obviously, both these operation are amateurish and fraught with peril. Attendees brainstormed about moving funds to various Caribbean locations. I am afraid that many of these conversations were held away from prying ears.

Participants, having set up their new power structure and with new money laundering ideas being batted around, went back home to preach to the masses, the very rich masses or young masses that is.

And what about Necker Island you ask? Well the great house where many of these pictures were taken burnt to the ground

Next Time we look at the Tax records of the NXIVM foundations


H said…

OMG. Didn’t the house burning down happen just last year?

I heard about that, but what I couldn’t have possibly known was NXIVM and crew had a meeting there until you posted these series of blog posts.

What is that saying again? If you play with fire, expect to be burned. Or is it, if you sleep with the devil, expect to be burned?

Such are signs for people [who can get their heads out of the sand long enough] to reflect.

Anonymous said…

This is just too weird, I mean really weird. The Bronfman’s have enough money (or they did) that they shouldn’t need to worry about laundering it. So what is the money being used for? What are they trying to accomplish? Is the money going back to Mexico to fund the Drug War so the Salinas or Betancourt families can get back into power? Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone Magazine has written excellent pieces on the Cartels and the Drug War in Mexico. Wonder if he ever heard about Betancourt/Salinas and NXIVM.

Or… VanDouchebag is sick enough to believe he can control the world and create a sovereign government and I’m sure he knows of or has heard theories of the Illuminati. Maybe he is putting forth a plan to infiltrate the Illuminati using RI and EM’s (until two weeks ago I had no idea what any of that mumbo jumbo was). Lastly, Maybe he hates Jews especially Jewish women. I may be wrong but Cafritz, Salzmann, Bronfman are at least all or part Jewish by birth or origin. Maybe Raniere’s mommy was Jewish and this is his pay back.

Useless bit of info MLS #5975841 6677 Upper York Road aka Slate Hill Farm aka Clare Bronfman’s horse farm listing is no longer active the last asking price found was $3.4M about 50% of what it originally was listed for.

Anonymous said…

Great reporting! You’re doing an amazing job. Now coverage of this little retreat makes sense. I was thinking you were losing your edge-becoming a society gossip reporter. The ending, the fire, amazing story. You should win the Pultizer!

Anonymous said…

Thank you John. Scary stuff. I know not of your sources, but I’m praying that the tax evasion and money laundering allegations hold up enough to eventually burn this outfit to the ground (just like that beach house, talk about Karma). It’s exactly what tripped up Al Capone if I’m not mistaken.

Interestingly, these posted vacation photos have made it into the Smallville fan websites and Twitter. Some are listing the source as your URL, too. I hope this will serve to heighten mainstream awareness about this group and inspire criminal investigation and more legal action soon.

H said…

Is it sad that this article reminded me of NXIVM?–abc-news.html

Anonymous said…

@H – Saw the same article and was thinking the same thing about local “Public Servants”.

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