Reader defends Frank Report handling of Kristin Kreuk story

Kristin Kreuk plays a brave lawyer on the Canadian taxpayer funded TV show Burden of Truth. Her character risks her career to protect young women.

A reader took the trouble to rebut – line by line – Susan Dones’ recent defense of Kristin Kreuk. Because Susan is a veteran anti-NXIVM fighter, and tough enough to take a rebuttal or two, I have no hesitation to publish what is now a second rebuttal to her original guest view.  The first rebuttal was published earlier today.

Some may think this is a lot of copy to waste on a topic of marginal interest in the overall NXIVM case – the role of Kristin Kreuk in NXIVM – and my role in covering her role – but since it speaks to some other larger issues – such as the role of journalism and what is “fake news”, it is indeed a topic of interest, at least to me.  I also am interested in the role of celebrity in speaking out against injustice versus mere virtue signaling and, of course, in learning if Kristin Kreuk had a deeper role than she claims – and if she is either a perpetrator or perhaps even a victim of the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization known generally as NXIVM.

Here is a readers view of Susan’s view – line-by-line.  Susan’s original comments are labeled SD and are in bold and the rebuttal is labeled AR and is in regular font. 

By Anonymous

Susan, methinks you protest too much.

SD Frank, the Kristin Kreuk storyline is getting old and where is your PROOF?

AR: Frank never claimed he was proving anything.

SD Frank, you have been accused of several serious crimes that if you don’t cut a deal with the FEDS, you are going to trial within the next six months.

AR: What does that have to do with Kristin Kreuk?

SD Don’t you want the FEDS to prove their case against you?

AR: Of course, but that is a court of law, this website is a court of public opinion.

SD Is speculation enough for them to convict you?

AR: See above.

SD This Kristin Kreuk storyline is the makings of a HALLOWEEN STORY because Frank, you are on a WITCH HUNT.

AR: I prefer the term “WITCH TROLLING.”

SD Stories like this are an attempt to SHIFT the blame onto people who were never involved in NXIVM’s criminal organization and takes the focus off those who are involved.

AR: How is it that you are aware of every single crime that NXIVM ever committed?

SD Reporting in this type of manner is a classic NXIVM strategy and one of the publications referred to as Rag magazines.

AR:  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

SD Frank, you have been told by several Ex-NXIVM members, that the theory you are attempting to prove, never happened.

AR: Frank isn’t trying to prove anything, he’s merely providing information.

SD It’s this kind of behavior that Ex-NXIVM members have stopped talking with you sharing information or even coming to the Frank Report.

AR: So what? The case is now in the hands of the Federal court system.

SD Frank, you continue to accuse innocent people of wrongdoing.

AR: No, he’s just providing information.

SD There are many who have, so why not focus on them?

AR: Provide Frank information on them, I’m sure Frank would be happy to report it.

SD Frank where is your proof that his woman, her friends in the story (other than Allison Mack) and Girls by Design ever recruited young girls into NXIVM?

AR: Frank doesn’t need proof, this is a court of public opinion, remember?

SD You have shown none.

AR: What is your point?

SD Where is the proof (except Allison Mack) that they were involved in any illegal/immoral activities with NXIVM’s illegal enterprise?

AR: There was NXIVM training to not pay income taxes, did you follow that training?

SD Frank, you and your co-conspirators (most likely NXIVM trolls) are stringing some facts together in an ATTEMPT to make up something that you have not shown any proof happened.

AR: Frank is providing dots for others to connect.

SD SO, FRANK, WHERE’S IS YOUR PROOF and what is your beef with the woman?

AR:  How many times are you going to ask the same question?

SD I think you write about this woman, and your fictional story about her intent, because it gets you the most clicks on your blog.

AR: What’s wrong with clicks?

SD This storyline also gets you a lot of comments, but it’s mostly just people who are having arguments.

AR: Compared to the number of readers, the number of commenters is minuscule. People enjoy arguing, and it gets more clicks. What’s wrong with that?

SD Is this the motive behind you posting about this woman and this storyline?

AR:  Obviously, it’s to get people to contribute more information, to fill in the blanks.

SD Hanging on to this kind of story is why most EX-NX ’s have stopped talking with you.

AR:  Frank doesn’t need those people.

SD Now, you’re stuck with NXIVM trolls to give you (mis)information.

AR:  As opposed to Ex-NXIVM people providing misinformation?

SD If you have real proof that GBD was recruiting young girls into NXIVM, show your proof or move on.

AR:  Do you honestly think there was a different motive? Seriously?

SD Where are the enrollments?

AR:  We don’t know, ask that question to the FBI and DOJ.

SD Where are the outraged parents saying this woman enrolled her child into being a sex-slave to Raniere?

AR:  Most people are too embarrassed to come forward, it’s the (almost) perfect crime.

SD Here are the facts as known:

AR: According to you.

SD Was she in NXIVM? – yes, we all know that to be true

AR:  Wow, we agree on something. Pop the champagne cork.

SD Were all the people in the story a part of NXIVM? – yes that is known to be true

AR: Two for two, we’re on a roll.

SD Was GBD a NXIVM plot to bring in young girls? – This you have not proved EVER

AR:  Patience, the trial will start in a few months, or within a year or two.

SD GBD was in the making before any of these women took a NXIVM course – that is a fact

AR:  Do YOU have proof of that? You insist on having proof from Frank, where is your proof?

SD Did NXIVM attempt to take advantage of this woman for recruitment?- yes.

AR: Wow, another Bingo winner.

SD  Fact is, NXIVM tried to use everyone who walked through their doors to recruit people.

AR: I think you just proved Frank’s point, way to go!

SD NXIVM had an ‘enroll three people’ into the same course and get yours free, or within three months; you’d get a refund of the price you paid.

AR:  Did you know anybody that actually did that?

SD This was only for the 5 or 16 day course.

AR:  Isn’t that the “bread and butter” of NXIVM?

SD If a person thought the course was good for them, of course, they would tell their friends.

AR: And if they thought the course was trash, they kept quiet because they were ashamed they lost money, right?

SD Fact is, people could become salespeople for NXIVM enrollments and make money enrolling others.

AR: What’s your point? Isn’t that how a lot of MLMs work?

SD Fact is, most people never saw or were part of the NXIVM criminal enterprise.

AR:  There were lots of parts of the NXIVM criminal enterprise, which ones are you referring to? I like the tax evasion part, people said it was taught and the IRS loves to go after tax cheaters, because there is usually lots of documented evidence against them.

SD People like myself, and Kristin Kreuk, thought we were in a training program that improved lives.’

AR:  Did you ever cheat on your taxes? How about KK?

SD Fact is, the training did improve people’s lives, The 16 day course helped me.

AR:  Which course taught how to cheat on taxes? Did the money saved improve your life and the lives of others? How does that “improvement” feel now?

SD I have people who even now tell me they were glad they took the basic training.

AR:  Just because NXIVM had a silver lining doesn’t mean it wasn’t mostly feces.

SD Why do you think people stuck around?

AR: How about because they were love bombed and were trying to recruit others to get their courses for free?

SD It wasn’t to be part of a criminal enterprise; we saw improvements in our lives and those that took the basic coursework.

AR: You keep using the “basic” coursework. Wasn’t NXIVM also providing never-ending advanced courses as well?

SD Fact is, the Cult aspect of NXIVM and the criminal/immoral enterprise was very well hidden and protected by Raniere and his inner circle.

AR: Yes, that’s how most MLM scams work, keep the bad stuff hidden.

SD Raniere is a mastermind at hiding his illegal/immoral behavior.

AR:  He’s actually pretty small compared to large MLM scams, such as Herbalife.

SD Is she famous? – You have to define famous.

AR: Famous enough to attract others. If she was very famous, she would have too much to lose and not even get involved.

SD To this day, I don’t see her on any of the actors’ magazines or TV show interviewing like many of whom I would call a famous actor doing.

AR: NXIVM didn’t want to draw too much attention, just enough to attract more people so they could scam them.

SD During her time with NXIVM, only those who watched Smallville knew of her as an actor before NXIVM made a big deal about it.

AR: Or those who were told she was on Smallville.

SD NXIVM was good at making certain people “a big deal.”

AR: Of course they were, that’s how a scam operates.

SD Is she to blame for doing horrible things because she is an actor? – no.

AR: No, she is to blame for doing horrible things because she’s a human being, her occupation has nothing to do with it.

SD NXIVM made many people a “big deal” — actors, certain business people, those with positions in government, ex-president’s sons, daughters – people like the Bronfman sisters and anyone they could use as a showcase.

AR:  Yes, and it attracted a lot of people into their scam.

SD Isn’t this what all companies that depend on sales do to enhance their income streams?

AR:  Yes, but most companies didn’t teach tax fraud, burn the founder’s initials into pubic regions while blackmailing them, sex traffic, rape underage girls, etc. Do you see the difference?

SD You do it all the time with how many people come to your blog and from what countries.

AR: See above, does Frank do those other things that NXIVM did?

SD You even say things such as “as a highly reliable individual, who has provided me with” this information.

AR: So what? Can you prove otherwise?

SD Frank, you did it in this storyline with “Here are some comments and links sent by a reader, followed by my thoughts on the topic.”

AR:  Do you prefer Frank to be boring? Would that help the readership level?

SD You even call her the “most famous member.”

AR:  Who is more famous?

SD Well, that’s just your opinion, and a way to sensationalize your theory in an attempt to SELL it to your readers.

AR:  Isn’t that what marketing is all about?

SD Enrollment in itself isn’t illegal or immoral when you think you’re enrolling for a training course.

AR:  Agreed, it’s all the other things that come with it that make it illegal and immoral.

SD What Allison Mack, Lauren/Nancy Salzman, Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman and some others were enrolling into was much different than taking or supporting what you think is a good self-help program.

AR:  No argument there. Which “different” things did you do?

SD What media outlet reports on her besides THE FRANK REPORT?

AR:  There are several, why do you ask?

SD Frank, you are the one pointing to a PLOT you have not proven nor have you given us any factual proof to back up your story.

AR:  Other media outlets do the same thing.

SD Is it too bad not all your readers understand the facts you string together don’t make this woman into the person you keep accusing her of being.

AR:  The readers are grown-ups, they can do their own research and make up their own minds.

SD There were over 7,500 people who took NXIVM related course.

AR As stated above, that’s a very small number in MLMland.

SD Were they all involved with criminal activities?

AR Probably not, but that’s not the point.

SD • Fact – No

AR So what?

SD If she was involved in something shady, don’t you think NXIVM would have held that over her head as collateral so she couldn’t leave?

AR Perhaps they held it over her to keep her quiet, or she knew that if she spoke out, she would be sued by the bottomless pit of money the Bronfmans had.

SD It’s how they entrapped their goons in the first place.

AR So it makes sense they would keep doing it, right?

SD They are attempting to get this kind of collateral over anyone and were doing it long before DOS.

AR Blackmail before DOS, that sounds like another crime.

SD NXIVM encouraged people to not pay your taxes, bring some cash across the border, hack into people’s computers.

AR Thanks for confirming those crimes.

SD Not everyone became a goon for them.

AR They didn’t need everyone to become a goon, only enough of them to keep the scam running.

SD Once NXIVM had their collateral, they had them hooked, and they could never leave.

AR Or they could leave and keep quiet, right?

SD I left when I found out about Keith Raniere’s crimes and immoral behavior.

AR I thought you said people couldn’t leave, and you just proved that they (you) did.

SD Raniere was sleeping with multiple women, and he and his gal pals had the plot to manipulate women into doing this.

AR Yes, that’s called a crime, namely blackmail.

SD NXIVM Criminal Enterprise (NCE) was not paying taxes and was trying to get others not to pay theirs.

AR I’m sure the IRS is already on this trail.

SD NCE brought large amounts of cash across the Mexican border and not claiming it as income.

AR Do you have proof of this, or just another claim like you accuse Frank of doing?

SD What do you do with that much cash? – you have to launder it.

AR Another crime, I’m sure the FBI/DOJ is hot on that trail already.

SD At the time I left, DOS wasn’t happening.

AR But other crimes were happening, so what is your point?

SD When I left in 2009, I shut my center down, told as many people who would listen to me about what I found out, and talked to the authorities.

AR Good for you, that was the right thing to do.

SD What did that get me?

AR It got you doing the right thing.

SD I got sued by NXIVM, the authorities did nothing, and NXIVM held communities’ meetings attempting to hatch the same kind of plot your doing with this woman.

AR That’s how most MLMs work, why do you think your situation should be any different?

SD NXIVM got a certain amount of people to believe that I was a bad person and was lying about what I found out.

AR See above.

SD They shifted the blame to me in order to make themselves look good.

AR See above.

SD Frank, you used the same game theory NXIVM is using by trying to make it look as if this woman has done something bad.

AR Frank didn’t sue her, that is a very significant difference.

SD She is not obligated to say anything other than what she has said.

AR And Frank isn’t obligated to stop talking about what she might know.

SD Knowing what NXIVM was doing with people who left and spoke out about them, I don’t blame her for not saying anything, if she did know anything.

AR I do, she could have more influence in helping people not get scammed by NXIVM and she didn’t do it.

SD Because so many people who were actually a part of NXIVM no longer talk with you, one has to wonder if your being fed information from NXIVM trolls?

AR As stated above, this is in the hands of the Federal court system and NXIVM people are known liars anyway.

SD Do you keep repeating this storyline for clicks on your blog.

AR Was that a question? If so, the answer is yes. The more people who know about NXIVM the better.

SD To date, you have not shown any proof this woman is guilty of anything other than being a part of a program she thought was a good thing.

AR So what?

SD Those who stayed with NXIVM after things were exposed, bought NXIVM’s stories about how it was other people attempting to harm NXIVM and what they were saying was lies.

AR Please restate this sentence, I don’t know what you’re trying to say.

SD Frank, you are attempting the same game by stringing some facts together and make it a reality.

AR How do you come to that conclusion?

SD The fact you are putting your facts into a YAHTZEE CUP, shaking it up and pouring out a story does not make it REALITY; This storyline is old and is just plain fiction.

AR That is one talented YAHTZEE CUP, it comes up with complete sentences and storylines every single time. Where there is smoke, there’s fire.

SD A journalist would not write such a story without “fact checking” their story with people who know the REAL FACTS.

AR Do you feel left out? Do you really think you know everything that went on in NXIVM such that you can call balls and strikes? You said Raniere was good at hiding things, so that appears doubtful.

SD Frank, you not acting like a real journalist, too many people have told you what your attempting to put together is not REALITY.

AR The current day “real journalists” make up much more fake news stories that Frank could dream up in his wettest night.












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  • This blog and the comments have turned into just what Raniere and NXIVM wants it to be.

    Great job Frank, you are playing right into the hands of Keith’s mastermind to destroy your blog. He fooled you once when you worked for him, so shame on him. Now he’s fooled you twice, so shame on you.

    Those that are supporting you as a journalist and keep saying great post, great job keep it up are not your friends. The blog a rag and a lot who post now stand with Raniere.

    What people are calling trolls are popping champagne every night because they have turned the tides to their favor. NXIVM is winning the battle to drive away people who once supported you with information and the fight to expose NXIVM.

    the good news is arrest have been made and the DOJ continues on with their investigation.

    You could get another lawsuit for condoning and supporting Cyber Hate Crimes

  • Susan, you’ve been put through the Nxivm litigation machine so you know what power they can wield with the members money ( Bronfmans )and willingness to lie in court. Many others including Frank have been attacked by this same machine. It’s odd to me that your going so far out to make another person who stayed long after you left look innocent. You obviously left for a reason and it’s clear you knew a lot about nefarious activities before you took the leap and shut down your center, how long did it take you as I’m sure you knew about many illegal activities long before you gave up your livelyhood? That’s understandable as you had every reason to be afraid. Surely you followed orders regarding how to handle incoming monies that you knew were illegal , maybe it wasn’t so obvious because of your location a lot was kept from you. But not everything. Kristin had to know she was being used, even if GBD was her idea originally it would have fallen right in with Keith’s M O. When did you find out he was a pedophile?
    Part of Nxivm was compartmentalizing. Your a smart woman, did you ever believe Keith was monk like, or that he only slept rarely? Did you believe the story about Gaelyn? Are we to believe you found out about the harem one day and shut down your center the next?
    If ex Nxivm are keeping quiet right now I would imagine it’s because they will be testifying soon and are following advice of council.
    This us a very mixed up case I don’t see Kristin as being accused of anything. What I see are a lot of questions for her and she could shut the whole thing down by offering more than a brief Instagram she didn’t even write.
    She is an actress, she’s currently on a series, her target audience has always been the same as Keith’s. As a recruiter which she doesn’t deny her job was to scam people into taking courses and more importantly was to encourage other actresses to be love bombed into joining which they did. And look at where some of them are now?
    Tell Kristin you tried and it didn’t work. The more people that defend her with zero proof the more interested people become.

  • Frank, do you really think this as a this a line by line rebuttal? It’s just rubbish. I was expecting to read some interesting counterpoints.

  • FUCK YOU, Scott Schlock, greasy Nazi skinhead Texas Amway whore. What are you, in cahoots with Kristin Keefe? Or Karen Unterreiner — Keith’s original Nazi, fall-girl partner sent to Necker Island? You her back door Daddy?

    Btw, ain’t it odd the Salzman’s weren’t pictured there at Necker?

    But you don’t give a rat’s ass bout none of that do you Mr. Amway Flowers. It’s all ME, ME, ME! And your Flowergirl.

    Do hope you’re at least getting paid by Clare since you’re too chickenshit to use your real name Scott Johnson and promote your pathetic skinhead, Jew-hater, mysoginist tranee rape-radio show.

    Susan, please try to ignore these pro and accidental pro assholes, Your points about the disruption the KK stories causes is well taken and your compassion shines through!

    • Heidi,

      By my estimation you’re getting close to your mid-fifties and are probably about to become a grandma soon — so maybe at least start acting more mature. Father time catches everybody.

      You lose your cool quite easily and become emotionally charged at the drop of a dime. You are filled with hate.

      I guess this doesn’t surprise me, especially coming from an *old* actress who probably didn’t quite succeed in life as well as she dreamed many years ago. Whatever bogus films you claim to have performed in, I’m guessing that you got paid peanuts.

      You’re filled with a lot of hate. I guess I don’t blame you since several members kinda laid waste to your bogus stories about you and Gina filling in Keith’s IQ test, along with your bogus claims of that Buddhism crap contributing to NXIVM technologies. You’re just not a major player in NXIVM and I think it bothers you that we sniffed that out real soon. 🙂

      I’m guessing you know your way around a restaurant though, having waitressed (ahem, I mean acted) for so many years. So go make yourself a sandwich.

      No wonder you keep trying to inject yourself as a major player in contributing to NXIVM’s technologies. I guess you must do something to make yourself seem more successful than you really are. If you had truly succeeded as an actress then you wouldn’t feel the need to keep trying to boost your ego by falsely elevating your status as a NXIVM hero. You’re not a hero. You’re a bit player in NXIVM. Now go play with your grandkids, old lady. 🙂

      • You are the only ‘member who laid waste’ to this poster’s story. Who cares how old she is and since when did becoming a grandmother serve as an insult? I can’t fuckin wait!!! She has no hate and a great deal of humour, intelligence and it seems a cool productive life, she’s probably also, horror of horrors attractive. Id say she holds up quite well against the filth you throw at her and other members every time she or they post. Whatever your problem is its never going to be as interesting as the shit NX people have been dealing with, we are interested in them not you. Your bullying of Heather for her illness was also a giveaway, what kind of person insults someone for having cancer? You are a sad troll type: stupid and whiny and low, the sole reason this site stinks as it does these days.

        • There’s So much anger directed at the wrong people which leads one to believe it’s the Nxivm trolls stirring things up. Keith cheated on his IQ test, no one disputes that. So someone filled it out, probably several someone’s.
          All I know about Heidi is she’s Gina sister as I follow when I can I’ve missed a lot. But that gives her plenty of reason to be angry. Many times in life you don’t see the whole picture of what’s been done to loved ones until time passes and pieces of the puzzle get filled in.

    • Lol!
      Ok, Heidi settle down…
      If you had been reading these comments all along , you would know for sure that I’m not Scott.

      Scott is mean. And illogically nasty at times.
      Scott hates liberals, loves tRump, thinks Cannuck is a real word, knows nothing about hockey, believes in weird conspiracy theories, and worst of all, he doesn’t listen to my opinion just because I’m a woman.

      But if you read my comments, you will see that I never accuse Kruek or Susan Dones of any wrong doing.

      So please quit assuming that I’m someone who I am not.

    • The original date was this month. We expect the date to slip again, as the judge has declared it a complex case and there will probably be more charges soon.

  • Methinks I sniff the most foul, odiferous droppings of an epic Scott-Schlock squat.

    That ain’t no way to treat this lady and Frank knows better.

    Susan Dones and Kim Woolhouse are among the strongest, bravest, truest, most compassionate — making them the most unique — people I’ve ever had the privilege to know.

    They gave up everything and left NXIVM with the other 9 top-ranking women in the cult at the time; the moment their suspicions of criminal and immoral activities were confirmed — by none other than the Vanguard beast himself.

    Among the evidence they preserved for law enforcement —which turned a blind eye for years — is a recorded interview with Keith Raniere wherein he admits to having had “people killed for his beliefs or for their beliefs.” And, no, he was not kidding nor was he lying…for a change.

    As one might imagine and as anyone who’s tangled with the dark side of NXIVM well knows, all manner of vengeful hell was called upon to reign down on Dones and Woolhouse including, of course, a standard Clare Bronfman lawsuit grounded on outrageous, perjurious criminal claims against Dones and Woolhouse.

    The two innocent, soon penniless women were forced to represent themselves In Pro Se; alone in court, against “Latham and Watkins’” finest, with the infamous Robert Crockett, Esquire acting as lead counsel.

    It was unfathomable! David vs. Goliath is a child’s bedtime story by comparison to these two gals vs. the wealthiest, wickedest heiress on Earth under the spell of perhaps its slimiest psychopath (Vanguard) hellbent on a path of destruction against them.

    A few of us, including Joe O’hara, Toni Natalie, John Tigue and myself, desperately scrambled to help find them a merciful, pro bono lawyer and, failing that, help research laws, file pleadings, strategize, etc.

    In the face of such formidable opposition, most “women”
    (I dare say) would have been reduced to a pile of snot and tissue.

    But even through some tears of grief and remorse, Dones and Woolhouse stood the Satanists down in court and, ultimately, won the case with a big admonishment from the Judge that NXIVM would have been wise to heed but for their insatiable, undeterred thirst for wickedness.

    Frank would be wise to at least seriously consider Dones’ viewpoint on Kruek as opposed to the despised, cowardly, ad hominem, bigot in which he has apparently misplaced his loyalty.

    But, seeing as Frank prefers to foolishly (IMO) place his stubborn trust in the alt-right boy’s club likes of THE Roger Stone, the ex-Nexian who hooked Frank up with Raniere to begin with, I suppose he’ll just have to keep learning the hard way. (I do hope Frank’s team-Trump bro buddies will bail him out when he’s left hanging but judging by what’s become of Stone himself…)

    All Susan’s really asking for is a show of compassion and maybe a little respect for the victims of NXIVM who may not be as strong, brave or capable as she and Kim.

    And Susan’s point that this tabloid “starlet” coverage might distract from the actual criminals and their acts is well-taken.

    Yes, Frank apparently admits that it’s click bait, but it could also be jail-bait. …Right Flowergirl?

    • People are simply asking questions. Why did Dones lie about Kreuk leaving in 2009? Why was Kreuk named in a criminal lawsuit? What did she discuss on Necker Island? Why did she ignore what was happening to Dones? Why did she lie about cutting the NXIVM cord in 2013?

  • Another AWESOME article. Love the sarcasm too.

    This author systematically TORE APART Susan Dones’ entire article and exposed her lack of logic from top to bottom.

    Frank, with regard to Susan Dones’ original article — it’s rare to see somebody so emotionally invested in trying to protect somebody else from all criticism.

    If Susan was the head of a NXIVM “center” and she was the person IN CHARGE of running intensives (which are supposed to help free people from emotional issues and make them happier) — then I question the effectiveness of that training because based upon that highly emotional and repetitive article, it sure seems like Susan Dones is an emotional basket case right now.

    I don’t know many people who would let themselves become so frantic like that, especially in a public setting. Maybe she needs to go back for an EM (Exploration of Meaning, or whatever) just to get some perspective, LOL. (just a joke)

    When Nancy and Lauren begin to sing, I’d much rather hear their TRUTHFUL and FIRST HAND accounts of KK’s participation (or lack thereof) instead of listening to the emotional pleas of Susan Dones.

    Seriously though, after reading Susan Dones’ emotional article —– I’m now wondering how a person like that could be in charge of teaching intensives to other adults for $10k a pop. She doesn’t seem entirely rational at times.

    I’m honestly not trying to be rude, I’m just expressing my honest assessment here.

    But still, I think her point of view is a valid alternative view so I’d encourage her to keep writing if she wants to. It’s entertaining to read. 🙂

      • Have you come to blast your old man low sperm count semen here too? Your infatuation for Kristin Kreuk is worse than an ISIS terrorist’s obsession with going BOOM! in the name of Allah. You probably think her farts don’t stink.

  • This dialogue demonstrates the extreme importance of obtaining Nancy Salman’s cooperation in decrypting the NXIM files.
    As much as we might find Nancy’s twenty years at NXIVM horrifying the government needs her help in cracking encryption codes and her testimony in explaining events.

    What acts (possible crimes) did Kreuk do for NXIVM?
    When did Kreuk leave the cult?
    Why did Kreuk leave the cult? Her father? An incident with Raniere?
    Why did Mack stay in the cult after Kreuk left?

    Who was involved in cult money laundering?
    How much money was laundered over the years?

    Was there international sex trafficking
    Was there child trafficking?
    In what way were Kim Constable and Allison Mack Sara Bronfman’s girls?
    Ms. Mack described herself as a Globe-Trotter. What did her international travelsfor the cult involve?
    Mack was pimping for Rainier.
    Was she also pimping for Clare and others in the cult?
    How does Rainbow Cultural Garden fit into the NXIVM universe?

    What was the role of each person in the cult?
    What were the rivalries inside the cult?
    What geopolitical schemes was the cult involved in?
    What was the cult planning in Mexico and Libya?

    Was the cult involved in framing John Tighe?
    Which Government officials did NXIVM bribe?
    Of the roughly 100 shell companies involved with the cult how many were involved in money laundering?
    Was the Source Acting School run by Mack a money laundering scheme?

    Several top NXIV members died under mysterious circumstances.
    Were any of those death murders?

    The answers to all these questions and hundreds of other questions are locked up in Nancy computer files.

    • I wonder if NXIVM hid cash on Necker Island. They could fly in on a private jet and not have to declare anything. If not, they still allegedly planned money laundering on Necker Island including hiding money in that Carribean region.

      • The Bronfmans kept their private jet busy, particularly as the Feds started turning up the heat on NXIVM, with rumors of flights to Fiji and the Bahamas.
        And there are a number of islands around Britain that are off-shore bank havens.
        The Isle of Man is close to Kim Constable in Belfast and the Channel Islands are close to Sara Bronfman in Paris.

    • The FBI is well-equipped at getting around encryption: If I were the FBI, I would first decrypt and then see if I needed anybody to flip. The DOJ doesn’t need to solve every single crime, just enough of them until they rot in prison and are buried in the graveyard out back. After all, there are lots of crimes to choose from, just go after the ones that yield the best chance of success in court.

    • That was 2012 and Kreuk was definitely still with NXIVM at the time. Did Kristin Kook play with Vanguard’s penis too? Also, it was Kreuk who recruited Mack, so it was Kreuk who convinced Mack that VanTurd was the bea’s knees.

  • Props to you AR. I couldn’t figure out what SD was trying to say half the time because her writing and grammer was terrible. All I could picture was yahtzee die flying out of her mouth like spit.

  • This day has been totally stupid on this blog
    The Trolls have won.
    I’m finished with the Frank Report and am signing off with my last comment and will not be read any posts or comments.
    Frank wins, the trolls win and maybe even Frank will ask Scott to come back to keep the trolls entertained.
    Let the abuse continue as the trolls seem to enjoy themselves and Frank supports cyber bullying via free speech.
    This is not healthy and I can get my information from other sources.
    Unless someone takes over the blog it will end in about six months when Frank goes to jail for the crimes he has committed. Hope he doesn’t go to the MDC with Vanguard while he’s waiting to go to a real prison.

    • “I can get my information from other sources.”

      No you can’t. Frank Report is literally the only media outlet talking about NXIVM. If only Kristin Kreuk used her fame to join the fight, perhaps Frank Report would not not be the sole voice against the cult.

      • Not true. Page Six already reported Allison Mack’s motion for the three hours was granted, but she has to account for how the time will be spent.

        • Rephrase: the only media outlet that revolves around NXIVM info as the main subject. Page Six is not the go to place for nx info. Frank report is.

          • That’s right, just count the number of stories on Frank Report since the beginning of the year and then add up every single story on every single other media outlet, and Frank would probably win, and quite easily.

          • But so much of what is reported on is crap and the comments are filled with more crap. Take all the crap out and not much left that you can’t find elsewhere.

      • Got it Frank. I believe in you . Posting on the Frank Report gets the information to the Nxivm folks trolling daily that they are looking for. It lets them know no one is buying what they are selling. You people are over and you can’t come back from this.
        I see the judge has already again moved opening arguments but even those will change several times before trial.
        Frank’s predictions are usually spot on.

    • Not sure whether Frank intentionally encouraged it or it was a mistake. It does seem beyond salvage at this point.

  • Frank has provided no evidence whatsoever that Kristin Kreuk engaged in anything illegal or nefarious contradicting her statement. He has only insinuated with rumor and innuendo like the tabloid journalist that he has become, retrofitting future events that occurred well after Kristin left into a past history filled with good intentions in order to malign her character and keep the clicks rolling in for advertising revenue. This is called being an opportunist at another person’s expense. It is also victim blaming. It is not anyone’s burden to defend themselves against a claim. It is the claimant’s responsibility to prove their case. Asking a bunch of loaded questions, engaging in logical fallacies such as guilt by association, slippery slope, ad hominem, argument by silence and a number of others that have been pointed out multiple times, along with the mention of Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit and John Tighe’s Necker Island statements repeated ad nauseum, DON’T PROVE A DAMN THING. Constantly saying she lied about when she left and throwing out baseless claims that she was still involved in 2016, or that “Girls By Design” was a NXIVM company WILL NEVER MAKE THEM TRUE. Frank has provided a slanted forum for the same people to repeat the same things over and over again without providing a shred of evidence for anything they have claimed.

    • You don’t just spank it to Kristin Crook, you light scented candles, put on some smooth jazz, take a good gloop of vasaline and go to town on your little burnt chip. Everything you said is wrong too.

        • Defending someone (who recruited so many into a dangerous cult) with their psycho babble word salad would seem to be the troll in my opinion. Sounds like he had direct Raniere training. Hope those reading realize that the sultan guy is just a over obsessed fan that follows that Kreuk girl everywhere.Now it all makes sense.
          No wonder he is called a stalker and a spanker.

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