Guest View: Nothing is going to happen to Keith; just a repeat of 2009

Guest View by Cynical

Whoever took the photos of the people leaving coaches summit, nice shots. Up close and personal. I’m amazed the police didn’t get called (and told) that they felt their lives were endangered from shutter bug disorder.

Noticing no sightings of the chickens, Vanguard, Prefect or Clare Bronfman. No showing of Lauren Slazman either.

If it was like after the nine women left in 2009, there must of been a grand lecture about how the latest defectors have all been lying to the press and they are just after money. Blah Blah Blah. Sad thing is the mindless sheep will nod their heads in a yes direction and believe them.

If it’s a repeat of 2009 and no one from NXIVM is held accountable for their criminal activities, after a cooling off period Keith will come back to Albany and start his reindeer games up once more taking it one more step over the line.

More civil suits will be filed against defectors and the lady justice will put on one more blindfold.

People keep saying the FEDs are going to step in. Don’t hold your breath. He is the Vanguard and he’s gotten away with a lot for many years.

I will believe it only when I see it.

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  • Like 2009? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Dream on NXIVM Troll. The Eastern District of New York is the toughest baddest ass prosecution office in the country. You all know what you did and now your caught.

  • The exposure of the sex, branding, collateral, documented pedophilia [Keith’s mental illness], the DOS Diet and slave racket that Keith and his Whores initiated and continue to maintain is both the nadir of and coup de grace for Keith’s Grand Scheme. It’s the Achilles Heel he thought he could ignore. When he claimed he had nothing to do with DOS, and then, alternately, that, yes, the branding was a fact and that although he didn’t demand it to be done, he did accept it as ‘tribute’ to him – The smartest man in the world was too stupid to understand that acknowledging the existence of DOS and the branding ritual [and attendant slavery] made it something that he, as Vanguard and founder of NXIVM has legal and civil responsibility for everything that goes on under his tutelage – Thus, the burden and onus of being Vanguard. It may take time, but he will not be free in future. Karma exists, it’s real and Keith’s various philosophical plagiarisms and vagaries that he has utilized as “ESP” is of no concern to Karma.

  • Everyone now sees that Keith is Krazy. Keith is the most dangerous kind of crazy. He is as personable and smart as they come, but he wants to watch pain happen to others. If law enforcement lets him walk this time, they know darn well that they are kissing their jobs good-bye. Cause Keith ain’t stopping with branding if nobody makes him. They don’t want to be the one who let him continue on down the road to kool aid.

  • I think the police the FBI, the politicians work with Raniere and all his team, and maybe also the government..

  • No one can take away another’s hope. Hang on to ever ounce you have. No one can infect another with with their feelings with theirs. “Faith is mystical”, truth is reality with action behind it.

    This post is not meant to be negative it’s just is what it is – Reality, isn’t that what so many paid the big bucks to learn how to deal with better?

    Unless the government steps up to the plate and does their jobs, which so far they have been unwilling to do. The IRS (which isn’t local authorities) to the State Attorney’s office which has never held him accountable for even running another MLM which he is permanently enjoined from doing. Now the branding and other possible charges which could of been avoided if they would of been doing their jobs in the first place.

    What is so wrong with holding out for believing it when one see it? When one has been waiting 10, 20 or more years for this bastard to be held accountable for his criminal actions and nothing has happened. Now those who have “just left” say, “hey your jaded don’t infect us and take away our hope”.

    For most of you, you have not walked in some of our shoes. You have not had to fight the fights we have had to and I’m thankful for that. You don’t have the battle wounds we have, you do not have the years after leaving of stress of who’s parked out side your house, who’s been in your house while your not home, is your house even going to be there when you return, are you safe at night when you sleep, is your family safe, will this mad man attempt to get back at you by getting to your family, are your pets safe while their in the back yard, who’s been going through your mail,your trash, is your house bugged, great another law suit I’m involved in, another deposition, the list goes on.

    So our we jaded or tired, beaten up? We have been waiting a long time for this group to be held accountable?

    We of all people will be the happiest when it happens, but we have thought it would several times before when we have been contacted by authorities about NXIVM.

    We have been waiting for those that were inside NXIVM to leave and to be safe, a lot have.

    Now we wait to see if some will be held accountable. I will just finally believe it’s reality when it really happens. That’s is all I can hold onto. I can’t have faith and hope. I can only bank on Reality. When and if it happens, I will believe it’s true. If that jaded, than I guess I am.

    • Jaded
      I have never been involved with NXIVM (though it’s possible those connected to it are connected to why I was harassed) but I think anyone who has lived thru any type of harassment / stalking situation will recognize what you’ve gone thru. I think we can understand the feelings of fear and helplessness and unfairness.

      I think we all get discouraged when we see the bad guy get away with one thing, while the victims are suffering, and it seems like there is no possible way they will ever stop, BUT, if we don’t put in the effort to stop them, then for sure they won’t stop.
      At least if we try, we know we did everything we could do. We know we didn’t give up, or join the side of the whores, as Luke Cult Walker has done.

      Luke, I see you’re back….your comments still don’t make much sense though. What or who is a “waste”? Could you be a little clearer, so we could make more fun of your bullshit?

      • Flowers,

        I’m sorry for your harassment. Active member or not, no one should have to put up with that.

        I have never given up nor will I, at exposing these clowns and I’ve always been a lifeline to those ready to or who have left this crazy organization. I’m not discouraged, I think the crazy man has finally put the final nail in his illegal coffin this time, but I don’t uphold the law, I just follow them.

        I’m just waiting for the reality of the arrests to happen before I get all excited, than and only than, it’s a for sure thing.

        If people have insider information they shouldn’t be talking about it on the blog, it just puts the boogie man on notice and drives him deeper into hiding. If people are unsure than it’s their hope, I can never take that away from others.

        I’ve just been disappointed too many times hoping in the past.

        My dad used to say wish in one hand and spit in the other and see what fills up faster.

        I’m good with waiting for the “What Is” at this point in this journey. I don’t think that makes me Jaded. If it does happen and I can get the time off of work, I will be in the front row at court.

  • The best thing about this report is the small mentality and the pessimistic view. It is a pleasure to watch how you build a case againts ESP, and how evil they are, and later read comments like: it won’t happen, the police is not doing anything.
    Victims like Sara and Mark. What a waste.

    • Luke, my son, finally your are back posting. I’m almost a proud papa.

      I am disappointed that you have not yet brought your mother for me to hump and brand. She’s a old lady in terms of my stables but she’s your mom and I can share my energy with her which will make her a better mother for you. If your good I will let you watch.
      What is wrong with you son? I had and will continue to have your girlfriend / wife but I want your mother and any other female family member. You owe me for making you the wimp-man your are today from the wimp-boy you were when you first came to NXIVM.

  • As long as people are terrorized into not reporting criminal acts, such as rape, statutory rape, and assault with bodily injury (branding), nothing may happen. The Bronfman cash flow and the other sexual activities are viewed as voluntary. Unless law enforcement can show tax evasion, money laundering, or something in that realm, it may be hard to hold him or his accomplices accountable. What may be needed if for some high up on the inside to turn. But they of course would fear the inevitable barrage of lawsuits. Oh – and no ex-member should go Mexico, ever! The Ethical, Compassionate One would love to see you languish in a Mexican jail, where you are guilty until proven innocent, and your freedom must be bought. This is what Keith really wanted for Toni. I would never wish that on someone I had once loved. What on Earth is wrong with the man?

  • While it may be true that NXIVM and Raniere were able to buy off the Albany County DA and at least one Senior Investigator in the New York State Police – and while it may be true that the Bronfmans’ millions have caused the local FBI office and the local US Attorney to sit on their hands – I think Raniere’s decision to start branding women changed everything. Basically, he tilted the pin-ball machine this time and it’s GAME OVER!

  • There are a lot of bad things that can happen to a person which do not involve being the subject of an indictment.

  • I understand feeling negative about things, but posts like this take away the hope of so many readers. Just cause you’re jaded doesn’t mean you have to infect the rest of us. Have a little faith.

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