Frank, Your Journalism is Just Fine – despite emotional criticism by Susan Dones

L-R: Dr. Oz, Susan Dones, Toni Natalie, Rick Ross and Melissa Moore

A reader commented on the recent article that Reader defends Frank Report handling of Kristin Kreuk story


Another AWESOME article. Love the sarcasm too.

This author systematically TORE APART Susan Dones’ entire article and exposed her lack of logic from top to bottom.

Frank, with regard to Susan Dones’ original article — it’s rare to see somebody so emotionally invested in trying to protect somebody else from all criticism.

If Susan was the head of a NXIVM “center” and she was the person IN CHARGE of running intensives (which are supposed to help free people from emotional issues and make them happier) — then I question the effectiveness of that training because based upon that highly emotional and repetitive article, it sure seems like Susan Dones is an emotional basket case right now.

I don’t know many people who would let themselves become so frantic like that, especially in a public setting. Maybe she needs to go back for an EM (Exploration of Meaning, or whatever) just to get some perspective, LOL. (just a joke)

When Nancy and Lauren begin to sing, I’d much rather hear their TRUTHFUL and FIRST HAND accounts of Kristin Kreuk’s participation (or lack thereof) instead of listening to the emotional pleas of Susan Dones.

Seriously though, after reading Susan Dones’ emotional article —– I’m now wondering how a person like that could be in charge of teaching intensives to other adults for $10,000 a pop. She doesn’t seem entirely rational at times.

I’m honestly not trying to be rude, I’m just expressing my honest assessment here.

But still, I think her point of view is a valid alternative view, so I’d encourage her to keep writing if she wants to. It’s entertaining to read. 🙂



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  • Pea,

    Can you give us insight into why Heidi and Gina stayed with Vanguard for so many years?

    Is Heidi capable of thinking independently of Vanguard? How close were they? Please tell us about Heidi and Vanguard.

  • What Susan needs is a deprogrammer to explain that maybe she’s having a flashback or something similar we can all go to self help meetings and get something out of it if that’s what we are looking for. I’ve done all kinds of short term ones through work, we did role playing, ethics, roles of different family members. ( I was a social worker). Susan went through hell but your right we were always taught not to sympathise but to empathise. She crossed the line as a trainer which tells me they were never trained properly to teach. How they charged what they did is criminal.

    • Shouldn’t a social worker have enough education to be able to use the word “your” correctly? You would hope so.
      But, apparently not.

    • Heather you were a social worker? What do you do now, injections for prisoners on death row. Maybe your a NXIVM minion here to just spout off you vial opinions about someone you don’t even know. Maybe your Scotty Scooter posting as a woman. Are you wearing your wife’s underwear. Climb back under your shithole and go back to drinking out of mud puddles and selling your Amway soap.

  • Instead of feuding over the alleged culpability of Kristen Kreuk, we should focus our fire on the known crimes of Raniere and his Flying Monkeys, Clare and Mack.
    There are official charges detailing their many crimes.
    If there are crimes committed by Kreuk on behalf of NXIVM they will appear in the digital files possessed by the FBI.
    In the meantime the FBI will analyze those files and bring appropriate charges against Kreuk and others.
    The only people who profit from the feuding are the current defendants who have attention drawn away from them.
    And if Kreuk avoids charges she should thank God that her father pulled her out of the cult before the “Fit Hit the Shan.”

  • Oh and one more thing as to Barbara Bouchey. Yes she can come back when V walks again among us. She told the world of her love. She is just misguided. Vanguard forgives her and she has proven she will always love her Vanguard. Come back and be free Beebs!

  • Heidi come back to your Vanguard. Susan we don’t want you back but hope that you heal. You’re a good woman but Vanguard said not in this lifetime. Next life he will come to rescue you. Just as he did for many others. He know everyone’s past and present life and I will tell you also he knows all your future lives too. Heidi it’s not too late for you as Heidi Hutchinson to become immortal. Remember Vanguard gets out of his Passion on April 17. We will be celebrating V Week this year. Heidi come join us.

  • I simply want to express my sentiments that a person defending Susan Dones is likely Heidi Hutchinson. Heidi and Susan are lost souls. They are not truly evil. Susan has a disintegration issue being that she is gay. She is not to blame for not being attracted to the most dynamic man of the last 1500 years. Heidi has a much more serious issue because she is not gay. Heidi was invited to share in the bliss of ecstatic behaviors with Vanguard but rejected it on a variety of disturbed reasoning. With her intellligence and good looks she could have been one of us in a meaningful way. But she left it all for another man got married and moved out of the sphere of wisdom. Both women lost the greatest gift of all The wisdom of the Vanguard. There is no loss including human life itself that can equal such a bereavement. Poor Susan. Poorer Heidi. They know not what they do. So sad.

    • Pea: Thank you for the morning laughs.

      “Heidi has a much more serious issue because she is not gay. Heidi was invited to share in the bliss of ecstatic behaviors with Vanguard but rejected it on a variety of disturbed reasoning.” Pea Onyu

      I have an idea, Pea.
      Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack came to NXIVM as heterosexuals and ended up marrying each other.
      Presumably Keith helped turn both women gay.
      If Heidi’s heterosexuality is the problem perhaps Keith could perform another miracle and turn Heidi gay just like he did for Nicki and Allison.
      “With her intelligence and good looks she could have been one of us in a meaningful way.” Pea Onyu

      Under Keith Raniere’s philosophy what meaning does a woman have other than serving as a sex slave?
      “Both women lost the greatest gift of all The wisdom of the Vanguard. There is no loss including human life itself that can equal such a bereavement. Poor Susan. Poorer Heidi. They know not what they do. So sad.” Pea Onyu

      Pea, maybe Keith could loan Susan and Heidi a couple of old Playboy magazines. I’m sure the late Hugh Hefner expressed similar philosophical ideas to Keith’s.

      • We cannot expect V to do no other action but to satiate our sexual needs in the old days there were eunuchs in modern days there is gay wedlock. It does not mean we prefer women to a great man. It only means that we wait our turn for what we truly want Vanguard. It is better to get some satisfaction with our partner or slave or female master than despoil ourselves with some inferior male. There is only one male. That is Vanguard.

    • Pea has your Master ever asked you to Pee on him? Has he yellow showered you? With a name like Pea, did you get made fun of growing up. Good thing we didn’t go to school together, I’d been all over you with a name like Pea.

      PeaPod, Pea Brain, Pea on you, Carrots and Peas, Pea pass me the salt, Pea-nut butter, canned peas, frozen peas, pea soup, but never sweet pea

    • I think the blog has gotten great, ever since Frank chased off Scotty Amway. Who did that guy think he was anyway? I couldn’t care less about millions of idiots being ripped off. They got what they deserved. This is America, taking advantage of others is the American dream.

  • Where do you ex nxivm people get off thinking you are better than everyone else. It was you people who spread this diease and pulled in innocent people. Just remember karma comes for everyone and it’s right around the corner just waiting to bite you in the ass.

    • Raniere taught them they were better than everyone else. They obviously learned well. We get what they (dearly) paid for.

    • Are you sure its the ex Nxium people who think they’re better than everyone else? they get shit thrown at them here, by people who seem envious, perhaps of their attractiveness or their (low-level) fame, or their seemingly prosperous comfortable lives. Interesting how people with stable secure enough existences, can be envious of those whose spirit curiosity ambition have lead them into peril, via a certain amount of excitement and even benefit. I get the feeling its all about delight in the misfortune of victims and targets of Nxium . Its a lynching party, those involved should be ashamed, or at least aware of the karmic burden they have built up for themselves.

    • Isn’t it laughable that a bunch of brainwashed victims of a con-artist view themselves as educated and sophisticated?

      “NX-ians” Past & Present, if you were as smart as think yourselves to be, you never would have gotten fooled by a 2-bit huckster like Keith Raniere.

      I’ve forced myself to watch a couple of those “Conversations” videos, and it’s really unbelievable to me that “Vanguard” had anybody fooled with the meaningless ‘word salad’ he spews forth in them. Talk about meaningless, senseless, bloviating bullsh*t…my God.

      • At first, it looks like they’ve “seen the light,” but then the more they talk it becomes obvious they really haven’t recovered hardly at all. I just want to encourage them to keep talking, which should be easy-peasy, now that Scotty Amway is in the dustbin of history.

  • Frank your site has levelled out in accordance with the law of attraction. You are equivalent to :Scott, Flowers and Shadowstate, These are your site-soulmates. Good luck you all, you deserve each other. Keep up the vile insults especially against ex nx members, those who lost family members to the vile cult and those posters with cancer, especially go hard against those with cancer. Because your privileged site brats are so much more interesting than anyone with genuine interest and something to say. I get that intelligence is too liberal a concept for you all, why have that when you can have both wings of the same Alt-turkey? You have encouraged bad business here lately Frank. Lets hope you are the only human not to fall under the law of karma. Or perhaps this outcome already is your karma.

      • Mohammed will have to join the queue of ‘pissed-off-with-me’ Demiurge leaders of bankrupt Religions.

        No-one mediates between me and my God.

      • No, you dumb shit. She speaks only for herself, not you troll doll.

        Repeating the same shit over and over again only works in an environment conducive to brainwashing. It doesn’t work at all when you’re removed from it. Not everyone is as stupid as you are.

        • Indeed you are right Sultan. The shit that gets thrown in your direction is well, a clear indication of something changed and going.. for good and all, a certain sense of entitlement and superiority, that is over, bar the shouting and whimpering that attends such demise.. How do you live in such a racist country?is the behaviour on this board, common in your life? I sincerely hope not. I dont care much for the woman you constantly defend on this board, but if i were in trouble, seeing my name dragged thru dirt, Id hope for a friend like you. She’s lucky. I dont think she deserves your efforts, nor this site. I wish you well.

    • Anyone can post any fiction here, including a fictional story about suffering from cancer. Can’t you see that the person who claims to have cancer has no meaningful comments and no reason to post here? She also lies and then pretends that she can’t remember what she lied about. Maybe this is why some people don’t believe she is a legitimate poster.

      • This is your perception and it’s a very [too?] elaborate one at that. She posts her view from the perspective of her illness, the NX story has a strong thread of women coping with the same illness running through it. I see nothing odd about that.

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