Reader: ‘Kristin Kreuk’s Girls by Design was absolutely NXIVM!’

Kristin Kreuk for Girls By Design

Please note that the interest in Kristin Kreuk continues. I think it is not merely because she is one of the best known NXIVM members, but because, unlike many others, her position  and role in NXIVM is vague and unclear. Here are some comments and links sent by a reader, followed by my own thoughts on the topic.

A Reader writes:

“Girls by Designs was absolutely NXIVM. Kristin Kreuk, Kendra Voth, [name redacted], Tabatha Chapman and others were all involved with NXIVM. They did a weekend retreat for teen girls.”

“Kreuk, Voth and [name redacted] were there. Here are some clips of Kristin Kreuk being weird and culty.”

Kristin Kreuk talking to teenage girls about “change” and how to “inspire change.”

The description of the video reads: “This weekend was sooo much fun and an amazing experience. I made this video to capture some of the special moments. I was a little limited on pictures but I made it work. Sorry for when the videos are sideways. Anyways I hope you enjoy this because this weekend was one of the best i’ve ever had!! Thank you Girls By Design and Time Out Retreat!! Special Thanks to Kristin Kreuk!!”

In the video below, Kristin Kreuk reads to teen girls a quote from Buckminster Fuller, an architect and scientist, who popularized the geodesic dome and was the second world president of Mensa, the high IQ society, and a likely hero of Keith Raniere’s: “I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process – an integral function of the universe.”

The description of the next video reads, “Highlights from “Time Out For Teens” – a ‘special’ retreat for teen girls that took place on March 7th, 2009 at Warner Springs Ranch and was co-produced by Girls By Design (Kristin Kreuk & Kendra Voth) and Time Out Retreat (name redacted). For info on upcoming retreats, you can always click on and”

Kristin Kreuk spent a lot of time during her heyday with NXIVM in outreach with teen girls. Was it an innocent desire to mentor teen girls? Or was she covertly recruiting for NXIVM or, worse, grooming girls by design for her master Keith Raniere’s boudoir? She almost certainly had to be aware of Raniere’s teaching that society imposes artificial and improper age of consent rules on teen girls. Everyone in NXIVM who took Level 2 intensives knew that. Kruek was a Yellow Sash with Two Stripes – so she was far more than a student, she was a serious coach for NXIVM.

“Kreuk is still in contact with [name redacted] by the way. “Minimal contact” my ass,” our readers tells us.

Here is Kristin Kreuk & Kendra Voth with Thailand Girl Guides

Kristin Kreuk, with her most famous NXIVM recruit – actress and now alleged sex trafficker, Allison Mack. Kreuk says she left in 2013, though others say it was 2015 or later. Mack stayed in NXIVM and faces a lengthy prison sentence if convicted for her allegedly illegal role in the cult that blackmails and brands women.

At the same time she was reaching out to teen girls, Kristin Kreuk was reaching out to college students with a survey hosted on NXIVM High-Rank Karen Unterreiner’s website,, and made a live performance under Keith Raniere’s banner.

On taxpayer-funded Canadian TV, Kristin Kreuk plays a brave lawyer who risks her career to protect young women.

From left: Kristin Kreuk, Suzanne Gomez (her CW Publicist), Kendra Voth (who she met on CW Network show Smallville) and Rose Bhura. Kristin Kreuk and Rose Bhura did a short film together called “Blink” in which several NXIVM members were involved, including Kreuk, Bhura, Mark Hildreth and Tony Dean Smith.

Krsitin Kreuk and Allison Mack went to Necker Island on a NXIVM retreat in 2010. Only top NXIVM members were invited.
Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack embrace a man in the middle … wait that’s no man — isn’t that Alex Betancourt?
Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk and Sara Bronfman emptied a few glasses at a Necker Island NXIVM retreat.

She may not have witnessed anything nefarious during her time with NXIVM, but Kristin Kreuk witnessed a whole lotta love during her time with NXIVM.***

It may be true that the actress’ role in NXIVM is, just as she says – perfectly innocent – and, as some of her defenders say, she has no obligation to speak out against the group.  On the other hand, it was a major part of her life for some 7 years. It might be wise for her to be forthcoming and tell her fans more about her experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly [Raniere].

Her silence makes her look suspicious.  Perhaps if she wasn’t such a virtue signaller – taking on causes quite remote from her and equally safe – people might be more tolerant of her silence on her role in NXIVM.  If it was innocent – if Kristin Kreuk attended intensives and maybe allowed her name and image and fame be used to recruit people into something she believed then to be really good – what harm would there be for her to explain what she did and how she found out about the certain elements of the cult that prompted her to leave?

On the other hand, if the truth is that she knew about the seedy, shady, possibly illegal aspects of NXIVM and the moral turpitude of its leader and continued to stay, then there is every reason for her to remain silent – on the fundamental right against self-incrimination and self-degradation.

Her clear public record with the cult plus her silence will militate against her in the long run – though she may believe that she can hide under the radar and let this pass. It is shortsighted.

No one has any doubts about Sarah Edmondson, for instance. She was in the cult. She recruited big time. But she spoke out, she rebelled and helped to expose the cult’s underbelly.  Same with Barbara Bouchey, Marc Vicente, Kristin Keeffe, and others.

But with Kruek and some others, such as Mark Hildreth and Grace Park, their silence is puzzling. One is disinclined to write it off as simple cowardice. One can argue that “it is better to remain silent and be thought complicit then to speak out and remove all doubt.” There could be a very good reason for Kreuk remaining silent. She may have participated in numerous illegal and morally disturbing activities – things she is now ashamed of – and then got out and is simply hoping that her silence will ultimately protect her. It may.  It depends in the end on just how much she really did and to whom.


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  • GBD was not affiliated with NXIVM!!!!!!!! Goodnight!!! We should honestly start calling this blog the False Report.

    And that last picture wasn’t even KK. 🙄

  • Heidi
    Thank you for answering the question. When I read your earlier comment where you mention producing movies about the CIA and the secret service, I was left with the impression you were referring to documentaries. However the movies you list here are fictional action movies starting big name stars, such as Clint Eastwood. Hardly what I was expecting, given the context of the earlier comment.

    I also have a few questions regarding your story about Gina completing the IQ test for Keith. The original story says the test was taken in 1988, when Gina was 23. You later add that you were present and helped Gina write the exam, while you both smoked a joint. So I imagine you were at least 25 at the time. So, were you also involved with NXIVM? Why were you helping Keith cheat on the IQ test? Do you know the reason Keith wanted to submit this IQ test?

    • Upon doing a little further research, Heidi, I found an interview where you express surprise to learn that the “famous IQ test” was a self-administered exam. Why would this surprise you, since you claim to have helped Keith take this exam?

        • To anonymous @ 7:08 am
          Is your comment addressed to me? If so, I will return the question to you. My earlier questions were addressed to Heidi, so does your answer indicate that you’re her?

  • Did this happen? A sleepover for young girls? This is the third attempt at posting keeps disappearing.

    ‘Time out retreat for teens is an overnight holistic retreat for teen girls where they will have the opportunity to attend rotations designed to empower them to have access to tools to achieve balance in their lives.

    There will be an evening event introducing young female celebrities who will attend as speakers for the evening as well as mentors. Retreat is opened to all girls aged 13-17 in the Los Angeles area. Transportation, food and lodging is free thanks to the generous donation of Warner Springs Ranch ( and Kristin Kreuk. To be selected to attend, follow the directions below.
    Answer the following question:

    What do you want the world to look like in your lifetime? Send us a project that best expresses your vision of how you can contribute to make the world closer to that vision.
    *Please submit your project in either a collage, painting, writing, video, musical c.d., or other multi-media format.’

    To Enter go to

  • Hey Heidi,

    I have been in contact with Frank and wrote several post of why Scott Johnson should be banned. I didn’t cut Frank any slack regarding Scott. I don’t think writing my views on KK and what I think is blog bashing is picking on Frank. Frank is a man’s man and he can take it when someone disagrees with him. He’s told me so and thinks having different points of views, a good thing.

    Those of us who have been through the grinder of what Keith Raniere and his front line put people through have a right to defend what we think is misinformation and FAKE NEWS. To date, Frank has not shown any proof of his accusations, nor has anyone else.

    I don’t believe KK will come on the blog to defend herself and I’m sick of seeing her bashed over and over with no proof. My parents called it Shit or get off the pot. If you have proof, bring it on but don’t keep throwing out the same thing over and over again without factual information that proves us, his readers with solid factual information that proves he is right about KK.

    As you well know, there is enough to write about without the fake news stories.

  • Flowergirl, stay on topic.

    As for Kreuk, it is readily apparent she is attempting to distance herself by not only her silence but her virtue signaling.
    Whether she participated in, or intimately knew, or didn’t know the scummy goings on she had to suspect. After all she was in for 7 years and a high mucky muck.
    Not speaking to the issue is not serving her well.
    Then again she is of the generation that has no moral ground to guide them. It’s all a “kink”.

  • Here are the details of the ruling … from the Washington Post …..

    By Elise Viebeck October 15 at 6:56 PM A federal judge on Monday dismissed a lawsuit from adult film actress Stormy Daniels in which she claimed that President Trump defamed her when he suggested her allegation that she was threatened to stay quiet about their relationship was a lie.

    Federal District Judge S. James Otero had suggested during a late September hearing that he was skeptical of Daniels’s claim on First Amendment grounds. The ruling ordered Daniels, whose given name is Stephanie Clifford, to pay Trump’s legal fees.

    “No amount of spin or commentary by Stormy Daniels or her lawyer, Mr. Avenatti, can truthfully characterize today’s ruling in any way other than total victory for President Trump and total defeat for Stormy Daniels,” Trump attorney Charles Harder said in an emailed statement.

  • Question for all the arm chair legal experts and armchair law enforcement experts here. Has Canada or Mexico opened up any criminal investigations into NXIVM?

  • Hey Scotty Boy,

    Welcome back Mr. Anonymous

    Sarah Edmondson, Mark V and others have said said Kreuk was not involved in bring in young girls to be sex slave. They both left long after Kreuk did and they were good friends with her. Sarah has said that Lauren Salzman and Allison Mach were the heads of DOS. Wouldn’t Sarah know who did what and why would she protect KK?

    You’d have to ask Joe O’Hara why he named her in his lawsuit? He named a lot of people but that doesn’t mean they were guilty of anything. Being named in a lawsuit doesn’t mean crap. He even named people who had left long before anything was exposed and was shooting fish in a barrel with his lawsuit. Was Joe attempting to get as much exposed as he could with his lawsuit with naming so many people?

    Did Tigue say everyone who was on Necker Island was in on money laundering operations? Does anyone know if KK was a part of this operation? Facts are fact but it doesn’t mean the facts fit the puzzle of criminal. How is what Tigue said even backed up with proof?

    Where is the proof that KK was involved in any illegal? A lot of people stayed in NXIVM after Raniere was reported to be sexual predator? People buy the other side of the story all the time. That doesn’t make her a criminal or involved with anything.

    Toni Natalie lived with Raniere. Did she know he was slim of the earth? Did she know he was running a criminal organization in CBI or sleeping with teenagers? She says she didn’t.

    Barbara Bouchey was sleeping with him 3-4 nights a week. Did she not know what was going on? She says she didn’t

    They are people of both sex that are married to hardened criminals such as rapist and serial murders and don’t know it.

    There is just not enough proof for me to me to convict her in my mind.

    I will stand corrected if she is arrested and found guilty.

    • Nobody is stopping Kreuk from talking. A truly innocent person with no info on anything shady of any kind would be screaming their innocence from the rooftops. Kreuk lied about when she left and downplayed her role. She was still around in 2015 and an insider ionwhitepoetry claims 2016.

    • I was about to say something similar as far as my own experience with Keith’s deceptions. He’s not only very, very good at it but surrounded himself with people who wittingly or unwittingly substantiated and shielded him.

      By the time Kruek and Vancouver crowd joined in there was even an endorsement of sorts from the Dalai Lama. IDK if Kruek grew up Buddhist or not but that’s a big blinder to any hint of evil intent for anyone, especially in cultures who revere him. Keith sought and got camouflage at the highest levels the Bronfman and Salinas money could buy down to the lowliest book keeper cleaning his sex lair for hush money.

      If the woman Keith LIVED with didn’t guess what was up, how could someone who lived clear across the continent know?

      • Lots of people didn’t live with Raniere and they knew stuff. You didn’t have to live with Raniere to know about the harem, that tax evasion and money laundering happened etc. Even being named dropped in an expose that exposed VanTurd as a pedophile rapist.

        • Last comment from me on this thread, promise. This general issue of who knew what, when often misses the fact of the NX indoctrination (brain washing) against “suppressives” or enemies and “fake news” allegedly from those enemy sources.

          Several NXIVM defectors told me they felt traitorous, guilty, uncomfortable even reading any anti-NXIVM reports. I know that feeling. I was reared Mormon living in Utah (Mormon country) and the first time I heard anyone say it was a “cult” I was looking out for a lightning bolt to strike! Seriously.

          Sarah Edmondson addresses (CBC podcast) some of the lengths the NX-ers went to to besmirch detractors — we were liars, criminals, thieves, attention whores, scorned girlfriends, feuding families, etc. Anti-NX reading was forbidden, “The Knife” tech modules were created to cut our tongues to shreds with its alleged, sharp logical analysis. (It was fuzzy logic, NX-style in reality.)

          So that piece of cult phenomenon needs to be factored into anyone’s judgement on this issue and unless you’ve been there at some point in your own lifetime it’s not easily understood.

  • Posters here deny KK left in 2013, repeating unsubstantiated posts that she didn’t leave till 2014, 2015, or even 2016, without ever giving any details of what it was she supposedly did after 2013 and how they know.
    This has morphed into: That since DOS started in 2015 (the planning, in SECRET) and KK was still involved then, she MUST HAVE KNOWN about DOS…and maybe even was branded (insert mental image here).
    None of those posters point out however that Sarah E, who worked daily with NXIVM, never heard of the SECRET society till Lauren S told her about in January of 2017.

    • What has DOS got to do with Kreuk’s lie that she cut the cord in 2013? Even if DOS never existed, Kreuk still lied. .

  • Frank this storyline is getting old and where is your PROOF?

    Frank, you have been accused of several serious crimes that if you don’t cut a deal with the FED’s you are going to trail within the next six months. Don’t you want the FEDS to prove their case against you? Is speculation enough for them to convict you?

    This storyline is the makings of a HALLOWEEN STORY because Frank, you are on a WITCH HUNT.

    Stories like this are an attempt to SHIFT the blame onto people who were never involved in NXIVM’s criminal organization and takes the focus off those who are involved. Reporting in this type of manner is a classic NXIVM strategy and one of the publications referred to as Rag magazines.

    Frank, you have been told by several Ex-NXIVM members, that the theory you are attempting to prove, never happened. It’s this kind of behavior that Ex-NXIVM members have stopped talking with youc sharing information or even coming to the Frank Report. Frank, you continue to accuse innocent people of wrongdoing. There are many who have so why not focus of them?

    Frank where is your proof that his woman, her friends in the story (other than Allison Mack) and Girls by Design ever recruited young girls into NXIVM? You have shown none.

    Where is the proof (except Allison Mack) they were involved in any illegal/immoral activities with NXIVM’s illegal enterprise?

    Frank you and your conspirators (most likely NXIVM trolls) are stinging some facts together in an ATTEMPT to make up something that you have not shown any proof happened.

    SO, FRANK, WHERE’S IS YOUR PROOF and what is your beef with the woman.

    This poster thinks you write about this woman and your fictional story about her intent because it gets you the most clicks on your blog. This storyline also gets you a lot of comments but it’s mostly just people who are having arguments. Is this the motive behind you posting about this woman and this storyline?

    Hanging on to this kind of story is why most EX-NX ’s have stopped talking with you. Now, you’re stuck with NXIVM trolls to give you (mis) information.

    If you have real proof that GBD was recruiting young girls into NXIVM, show your proof or move on. Where are the enrollments? Where are the outraged parents saying this woman enrolled her child into being a sex-slave to Raninere?

    Here are the facts as known

    • Was she in NXIVM ~ yes, we all know that to be true

    • Were all the people in the story a part of NXIVM, yes that is known to be true

    • Was GBD an NXIVM plot to bring in young girls ~ This you have not proved EVER

    • GBD was in the making before any of these women took an NXIVM course – that if a fact

    Did NXIVM attempt to take advantage of this woman for recruitment, yes.

    • Fact is, NXIVM tried used everyone who walked through their doors to recruit people. NXIVM had an enroll three people into the same course and get your’s free or within three months; you’d get a refund of the price you paid. This was only for the 5 or 16 day course. If a person thought the course was good for them of course they would tell their friends.
    • Fact is, people could become salespeople for NXIVM enrollments and make money enrolling others.
    • Fact is, most people never saw or were part of the NXIVM criminal enterprise.

    People like myself and the women you write about in this story thought we were in a training program that improved lives.
    • Fact is, the training did improve people’s lives, The 16 day course helped me. I have people who even now tell me they were glad they took the basic training. Why do you think people stuck around? It wasn’t to be part of a criminal enterprise; we saw improvements in our lives and those that took the basic coursework.
    • Fact is, the Cult aspect of NXIVM and the criminal/immoral enterprise was very well hidden and protected by Raniere and his inner circle. Raniere is a mastermind at hiding his illegal/immoral behavior.

    Is she famous ~ You have to define famous. To this day, I don’t see her on any of the actor’s magazines or TV show interviewing like many what I would call a famous actor doing. During her time with NXIVM, only those who watched Smallville knew of her as an actor before NXIVM made a big deal about it.

    NXIVM was good at making certain people “a big deal.” Is she to blame for doing horrible this because she is an actor, no. NXIVM made many people a “big deal,” actors, certain business people, those with positions in Government, Ex-Presidents sons, daughters, people like the Bronfman sister and anyone they could use as a showcase.

    Isn’t this what all companies that depend on sale do to enhance their income streams. You do it all the time with how many people come to your blog and from what countries. You even say things such as “as a highly reliable individual, who has provided me with” this information. Frank, you did it in this storyline with “Here are some comments and links sent by a reader, followed by my thoughts on the topic.” You even call her the “most famous member.” Well, that just your opinion, and a way to sensationalize your theory in an attempt to SELL it to your readers.

    Enrollment in itself isn’t illegal or immoral when you think you’re enrolling for a training course. What Allison Mack, Lauren/Nancy Salzman, Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman and some others were enrolling into was much different than taking or supporting what you think is a good self-help program.

    What media outlet reports on her besides THE FRANK REPORT? Frank, you are the one pointing to a PLOT you have not proven nore have you given us any factual proof to back up your story. Is it too bad not all your readers understand the facts you string together don’t make this woman into the person you keep accusing her of being.

    There were over 7500 people who took NXIVM related course. Were they all involved with criminal activities?
    • Fact – No

    If she was involved in something shady, don’t you think NXIVM would have held that over her head as collateral so she couldn’t leave? It’s how they entrapped their goons in the first place. They are attempting to get this kind of collateral over anyone and were doing it long before DOS. NXIVM encouraged people to not pay your taxes, bring some cash across the border, hack into people’s computers. Not everyone became a goon for them. Once NXIVM had their collateral, they had them hooked, and they could never leave.

    I left when I found out about Keith Raniere crimes and immoral behavior. Raniere was sleeping with multicable women, and he and his gal pals had the plot to manipulate women into doing this. NXIVM Criminal Enterprise (NCE) was not paying taxes and was trying to get others not to pay theirs. NCE brought large amounts of cash across the Mexican border and not claiming it as income. What do you do with that much cash, you have to launder it. At the time I left DOS wasn’t happening.

    When I left in 2009, I shut my Center down, told as many people who would listen to me about what I found out and talked to the authorities. What did that get me? I got sued by NXIVM, the authorities did nothing, and NXIVM held communities’ meetings attempting to hatch the same kind of plot your doing with this woman.

    NXIVM got a certain amount of people to believe that I was a bad person and was lying about what I found out. They shifted the blame to me in order to make themselves look good. Frank, you used the same game theory NXIVm is using by trying to make it look as if this woman has done something bad. She is not obligated to say anything other than what she has said. Knowing what NXIVM was doing with people who left and spoke out about them, I don’t blame her for not saying anything, if she did know anything.

    Because so many people who were actually a part of NXIVM no longer talk with you, one has to wonder if your being fed information from NXIVM trolls? Do you keep repeating this storyline for clicks on your blog. To date, you have not shown any proof this woman is guilty of anything other than being a part of a program she thought was a good thing.

    Those who stayed with NXIVM after things were exposed, bought NXIVM’s stories about how it was other people attempting to harm NXIVM and what they were saying was lies.

    Frank, you are attempting the same game by stringing some fact together and make it a reality. The fact you are putting your facts into a YAHTZEE CUP, shaking it up and pouring out a story does not make it REALITY; this storyline is old and is just plain fiction.

    A journalist would not write such a story without “fact checking” their story with people who knows the REAL FACTS. Frank, you not acting like a real journalist, too many people who were they have told you what your attempting to put together is not REALITY.

    • If you are Susan Dones, you are a lier. You said Kristin Kreuk left shortly after you did in 2009 when you know that is not true.

      Kreuk says she left in 2013. That alone contradicts what you said. People know she was still around and a supporter beyond that. One insider says Kreuk was still around in 2016.

      Why lie Susan? How do you know what Kreuk did and what she knows about years after you left? Why was Kreuk named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit? What about John Tigue accusing those on Necker Island of planning money laundering operations? That trip took place after you left.

      • – One insider says Kreuk was still around in 2016.

        No “insider” has ever said this. In fact, you keep repeating this lie over and over again as if it is a fact without substantiating it at all. Do you think all people are stupid enough to subscribe to the Joseph Goebbels form of propaganda, i.e., repeat a lie over and over again and then people will come to believe it?

          • You seem to be the only “source” that Kreuk was still involved in NXIVM in 2016.

            Please share your info…what involvement did she have…and how do you know.?

          • And yet, multiple insiders inclusive of Sarah Edmondson said she was long gone by it. So who would disinterested, third party people who have no stake in this issue, believe? “ionwhitepoetry” the alias? Or verifiable people attached to real names? Gee. Tough decision.

      • Where do you see a date that KK left? If a date is wrong does that make the entire post a lie.
        That’s harsh don’t you think Mr. Anonymous or are you a NXIVM troll sent here to cause problems
        What difference does it make when someone left? Isn’t this post about what KK did while she was in NXIVM?

    • Hello Susan Dones
      I have a couple questions.

      First, why did you sign your name to your previous post, but chose to sign this post as ‘anonymous’?

      Second, you seem angry at Frank for posting these stories about Kruek, stories which you seem to think are fake news. However, Frank has been posting these stories about Kruek for several months, so why have you decided to speak out about this just now?

      • TLWR, why are you not using your name?

        I think if people are still supporting NXIVM, they are fair game. If they left, why continue to lead the parade to through out accusations about what someone did while in NXIVM but show no real proof. If you look at the number of comments on the front page of the blog, this story has by far the most comments other than someone has flipped. Overall stories about KK continue to have high comments which don’t prove anything, they are most people commenting to each other. This is why I question Franks motivation.

        If one does a search on the Frank Report, other than those accused, of crimes by the DOJ, the most stories about any one person are about KK. If Frank has actual proof of her being involved with wrong doings that hurt women/girls, I will stand correct and admit I was wrong about what kind of person I think she is.

        Until then, I will do what I can to support stopping blog bashing of those that have left NXIVM just to get clicks on this blog. In the past I have spoken out, I just don’t always use my name, kind of like you TLWR.

    • @ Yahtzee — This all may be true you say but I say we cut Frank some slack. He got rid of Scott Johnson, finally. Any publisher especially on a blog wants readers and commentors and Kruek is in popular demand. Doesn’t hurt to debate the matter and her fans like to defend her. Rather be talking about Kruek than suffer through Scott’s insults at other posters.

      Let’s be grateful that Frank’s also keeping us all posted on the less popular, more critical topics such as the case filings without having to run the Scott schlock gauntlet to get to a nugget of fact or truth. Besides, Kruek is easy on the eyes. (No, I am not gay just appreciate beauty.)

      Thank you for a Scott-free zone, Frank and understand this is your blog, you have a right to report what you want — so long as it isn’t hurting anyone. For Kruek, it’s free publicity really.

  • Keith used “mentoring”
    as a way of seducing girls from the get-go. He controlled their individual “passions”
    by proclaiming himself an expert in whatever their interests were and had some long-held title to prove it.

    My sister, Gina, loved martial arts, for example. Next thing you know, Keith was a titled Judo champ. Pam Caffritz was a runner, Keith suddenly held some marathon title he’d never mentioned before and had Pam running to a stop watch every morning. I was an actress, voila’ Keith was an actor/director with RPI Players connections. Said he’d pulled strings to land me a lead role in a play there when I kinda thought maybe I auditioned well enough to get it myself — which was probably the truth in hindsight.

    With each new conquest Keith sought, he mastered a new skill to match her interests, mentor her and take control and joint credit for her achievements. It went on like this for years:

    Dawn Morrison liked auto mechanics = new car repair business, “Carma.” Toni Natalie = health care, vitamin MLM. Ivy Nevares, writer = co-authored books.

    Keith must have thought he hit the jackpot with KK’s shared interest in mentoring young girls.

    • Hi Heidi
      I didn’t realize you were an actor as well as being a director and a producer. I remember that you had mentioned on a previous thread that you had produced a few films about the CIA and the Secret Service. I had asked you on that previous thread if you could share the titles of those films with The Frank Report, and I did not receive a response from you.

      I then searched for these films myself, but was unable to locate them. Could you please share the names of these films with the FR readers?

      • Hi TLWR,

        Sorry I moved on to other threads and didn’t see your post for a couple days when I went back but I did respond. Briefly, my ex Jeff Apple and I worked on “In the Line of Fire,” “The Recruit” and have some others in development on “Interpol.” Jeff has the “producer” credit but as he’ll acknowledge (did with Frank recently) our jointly owned company produced these films and, after a long separation, we’re working together again. Maybe we’ll do a film on NXIVM as Keith always wished.

  • KK absolutely deserves to be questioned about her involvement. 1) she knew this pig was a pedophile and continued to recruit young teenagers into this group. 2) She publicly tweets out her support for females who have been sexual harassed while remaining silent on all of the nxivm victims .

    • No she didn’t. She started “Girls By Design” with Kendra in 2008, well before any of the statutory rape allegations surfaced in the 2012 Times Union article. I also knew a few of the girls from one of her fan sites who took part in it and they said neither of the Ks tried to recruit them into NXIVM.

      • Why would a 50yo man be communicating with 12-14yo girls on KK fan sites to learn more about Kristin Kook?

        I think most would say that is strange and possibly predatory behavior. Seriously dude, grow up and get a life!

        Do you have a job? Or just websurf all day long waiting for news on KK?

        • Why the fuck do you think you know how old I am? Have you been basing your info on the crazy azn_2 alias? Ironic that this person was always claiming to know my age too. LOL. You’re even dumber than you post.

          My JOB makes me sit in front of a computer all day long. I am in front of one 8-9 hours a day M-F and any other time I spend learning for it.

          Move along stalker. If I “stalk” anyone, it is as a fan of a personality who is known, while you stalk an alias you haven’t got the slightest clue about except what you get from stalking him on the Internet. LOL.

        • Nxivm tried constantly to break the bonds between members and their families to avoid any nxivm discouragement.. Kristin Kruek had help from her Father regarding her finances and investments that nxivm
          did not control(we have heard) in the way they did for others. Notice Pee Pee’s post where she disses Kristin’s Father. That MUST mean he had other positive influences on her regarding the cult. He may have even had her go to authorities. She may be guilty in the court of public opinion for many things including listening to a publicist and a half ass apology, but She may not be as guilty as others due to her Fathers good sense keeping her an almost safe distance from the cult’s evil doing’s and probably helping to keep her distanced from older creepy stalkers that that are on the internet who associate with her young 12 and 14 year old fans. I think all of us here know who that stalker is. Wonder if the company he works for knows he chases little girls around on the internet all day. Kudos to her Dad !!!!!!

          • If you only knew past history then you might understand how dumb you sound. I’m thinking of a V word in my head.

          • I agree with the fact that it may have been an outside source that got Kristin to leave it may have been her father/mom, and maybe another person. Whether Kristin believed what was said about Keith Rainiere or not is up in the air. That article in 2012 is a dead sign it is possible that she looked up anti NXIVM groups at the time in 2012 after looking at the article but decided to leave in 2013 and keep hush hush/silent because she was not sure if the allegations were true and decided to wait it out. This could be where the minimal contact line comes from. They way she made that statement was a “so it is true” type of vibe. She was not sure if anything was true including if Keith Rainiere was a pedophile. or she looked online and realized what happened to people who went forward and warned about NXVIM. I have no problem with your post and I assume you are Scott again?

            Taking peoples posts out of context shows your lack of intelligence.

      • Acapella Innovations, Juicy Peach and College Project were all before the Times Union expose in 2012. Just stop being you.

  • I’ve got another idea that is even more radical than Sultan’s. Maybe the charges against Allison are way more severe than they should be, given what she’s been accused of, and her best pal Kreuk’s biggest sin is just having an alleged sex trafficker as a best friend. If you allow for the possibility that Vanguard completely played Allison for a fool, then being Allison’s friend isn’t evidence of a crime, and neither is the two of them taking pics together or whatever else. Kruek probably got played for a fool by vanguard as well. Whether she did anything illegal is for the Feds to discover, but her friendship with other members of the group is evidence of nothing.

    • The investigation goes way beyond two years of DOS which started in 2015 when Kreuk was still around. Both Kreuk and Mack were named in O’Hara’s criminal lawsuit in 2012. What did Allison Mack do before DOS that Kreuk didn’t?

    • what she’s been accused of,

      Mack has been accused of branding and enslaving some 150 women.
      People will tolerate promiscuity.
      People will understand the greed behind minor frauds and money laundering.

      But people will not tolerate torturing and enslaving women.

      Kristin Kreuk has not been accused of torturing anyone except maybe with wooden acting.
      Kristin Kreuk has not been accused of enslaving any one.
      It is Mack’s over the top behavior which brought Federal heat down on NXIVM.

      The Feds will not overlook a sex slave cult in Middle America.

      • “Kristin Kreuk has not been accused of torturing anyone except maybe with wooden acting.”

        Hahahaha! I enjoyed that.

      • Shut the f up. The feds coming onto the scene had nothing to do with Mack. you blithering moronic idiot. The political climate changed bigly if you want the truth. You really get more moronic by the minute Mr. Scott Johnson.

  • Here’s an innovative idea for this website: maybe she’s silent because she’s not guilty and did nothing wrong.

    Regardless, she wasn’t silent. She made a statement. Not going into all the details of her involvement is not silence. The argument from silence is a logical fallacy. It means nothing. This has been repeated nauseum.

    No, these people’s silence isn’t puzzling. It’s very understandable. Constantly being linked to the negative fallout of group that they believed was positive when they first joined is embarrassing. Constantly being called weak-minded and stupid for not seeing “the obvious” is mentally and emotionally draining.

    The burden of proof is upon those making the claim. The amount of articles that this site has abused in her name to make her look guilty by constantly insinuating that she experienced something contrary to what she already stated she didn’t borders on libel. So is constantly linking via guilt by association past events that she was part of to future SECRET machinations that occurred well after she left. It’s also another logical fallacy. This too has been repeated ad naseum.

    You’re just constantly writing about her for click bait. Sullying someone’s name for clicks is nothing more than tabloid journalism. Therefore you’re at their level and have no moral superiority from which to speak from.

    • The old freak stalker has shown up, again. As expected. Block this fool Frank before the comments turn into a mess, like sultanofspank’s jizz stained computer screen.

      • Piss off ad hominem creep. You have nothing to say but constant insults and then you blame the other for the comments turning into a “mess”. You’re a pathetic loser who can’t see the utter hypocrisy of a request to ban comments when yours are utterly worthless.

        • 60 plus years old Pakistani who worships a d-list actress from a cult half his elderly age calls someone a creep.

          • I’m not even close to sixty. You haven’t got the slightest clue about who I am.

            Funny calling someone a creep when you are obsessed with stalk an alias in order to cast insults.

            By the way, I saw the change from “Paki” to “Pakistani”. The comment should’ve been removed. It shouldn’t have been edited.

          • Poor cowardly, bigoted people hiding behind anonymity and shifty aliases. So dumb with all the logical fallacies you guys indulge in.

        • “Poor cowardly, bigoted people hiding behind anonymity and shifty aliases.”

          SultanOfSix, Scarrom, SoSalty, Seriously, Shlomo Finklestein, Hmmm, Karl Basset, Jesse, Anonymous.

          • As if a sociopath criticizing someone for something YOU DO ALL THE TIME means more than jack shit.

          • I can assure you Hmmm is not sultan of six and if that is the case I doubt sultan uses multiple aliases.

            You are a sad pathetic man grasping at straws and can only come up with racist, bigoted, redneck, insults you inbred cretin. Walks like a republican smells like shit like a republican.

  • What’s the chances KK and the likes of Grace Park have to provide testimony, Under Oath, in any of the upcoming trials?

      • The Canadian government does from time to time extradite Canadian citizens to the United States.

        In the 1990s a Canadian citizen named Darrell Zimmerman tried to defraud people at the Chicago Board of Trade.
        Zimmerman fled back to Canada before the Feds could charge him but the RCMP arrested and extradited Zimmerman to the US to stand trial for fraud.

        Canada is not a sanctuary for Canadians who commit crimes in the US.

          • That’s the one big exception.
            However, if the US prosecutors give a written promise not to impose the death penalty, the Canadians will extradite.
            And in any event no one claims Ms. Kreuk did anything to merit the death penalty.

  • Yes it is getting old. Kreuk was one of us. She was as good as any and our leader in a way. She opened the door to the concept of the beautiful Harem. Her dad was a rotten fink and someone should look into how her dad spoiled it for KK. Allison’s dad was almost one of us. Her mom is a peach.

    • “Her dad was a rotten fink and someone should look into how her dad spoiled it for KK.”

      Well why don’t you tell us Pea?

    • All these nxivm women needed was new peter bug other than Keith. It’s really as simple as that. I had 2 women get into a fistfight over me at work and I know for a fact neither one was in love with me. They just got into a female competition between each other and had to win over the other. God bless them though. I was rolling in fuzzy monkey and all the dudes in my office were so jealous.

    • Pea:
      And since Allison’s father and mother are practically part of NXIVM, Allison is going to do hard time.

      Kristin Kreuk should get down on her knees every night for the rest of her life and thank God that her dad had the great good sense to get her out of that horrible cult.

      • But he didn’t. She was still involved with the cult as recently as 2016 at least. Kreuk lied. That is why people are talking about her.

    • Pea, if you are real and not a troll, why don’t you actually expand on your comments. How was she like a leader to you? What do you mean ” She opened the door to the concept of the beautiful Harem.”? What do you mean by “Her dad was a rotten fink and someone should look into how her dad spoiled it for KK.”?

    • Frank, Pea is a f•••••• troll and maybe several. I have no idea of what’s its motivation, but you may discover it by comparing the maybe many different IP adresses that are behind Pea. If I’m not wrong, VPN services have external IP ranges that are typical, but it has to be verified.
      But first, I think that confirming that Pea are several persons may help readers here to stop answering to what feels to me as a collective bad joke. One has to be bored to death to comment here as Pea Onyu, you’d better spend your time playing some online FPS/MMORPG or watching porn, so-called “Pea” !

  • Does anyone seriously think that even if Kreuk is guilty of any crimes, Canada is going to extradite a famous Canadian citizen the the US?

    • “Does anyone seriously think that even if Kreuk is guilty of any crimes, Canada is going to extradite a famous Canadian citizen the the US?”

      Read about the case of Canadian citizen Darrell Zimmerman who committed acts of fraud at the Chicago Board of Trade.
      The Canadian government returned Zimmerman to the US to stand trial.

      If Kristen Kreuk committed criminal acts with NXIVM and is indicted, the US government will not rest until she is hunted down.
      If you doubt me just invite movie director Roman Polanski to visit Albany, New York for a film festival.

      • Man are you full of shit as usual. It is a real stretch that the Canadian government would extradite one of there celebrity citizens for small time crimes if there were any at all. Just shut up loud mouth. The more you puke out your nonsense the dumber you look.

        • Which Canadian politician, other than the pathetic Justin Trudeau, would sacrifice his political career to protect a Canadian “celebrity” involved in a sex trafficking cult?

          And calling Kristen Kreuk a celebrity stretches the meaning of the word.

  • Please Frank you are better than this. If Kreuk did something criminal than she will be found out in due time. All this going to do is have Sultan of Spank spunk all over this. This is also getting old

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