Dones ‘concern for people’s safety’ email revealed in full

Susan Dones

Below is a text copy of Susan Dones’ Oct. 21, 2010 email to 30 adversaries of NXIVM.

It is published here in text version for, as far as I know, the first time.

It gives an interesting insight into the famed, “I have had people killed” video. 

On the subject line it reads: concern  for people’s safety

The date: Thu, Oct 21, 2010  at 5:30.

Susan Dones writes to a list of 30 people:

To Whom It May Concern,

After several weeks of introspection, l have made a decision to come forward with information regarding Keith Raniere. Three days of meetings totaling 12 hours were held in Albany, NY late April 2009 with Keith Raniere and up to 9 members of NXIVM. All 9 members resigned after these meetings.

In the third meeting Keith Raniere disclosed information that has disturbed me deeply and has caused me great concern for the safety of all who are considered opponents of NXIVM. In light of the fact that Keith Raniere may consider you to be his enemy, you are someone who can take action if someone who is considered an enemy is harmed, or a concerned family member who has contacted me, I have decided that I must share that information with you.

I have been doing my own research into lawsuits filed by NXIVM, Clare and Sara Bronfman (who have been helping to financing NXIVM for several years now), and other members of NXIVM. It is my belief that Keith is the master mind of these lawsuits. I was told several times by Nancy Salzman that Keith spends much of his time working on their legal issues.

The longest action to date lasted over 8 years (8.4) with Toni Natalie. NXIVM suit against Rick Ross case has been going on for over 7 years without any resolution.

An ex-consultant of NXIVM had criminal charges filed against him. Files were charged at the same time that Kristin Keefee: NXIVM and Clare and Sara Bronfman’s “legal liaison”, a member of NXIVM and is also believed to be one of Mr. Raniere ‘s long time girlfriends was working at the District Attorney’s office as an aid. The criminal charges were later dropped against the consultant.

These cases, along with many others, appear to be an escalating abuse of the legal system and abusing people that are involved in lawsuits with NXIVM or their members. It appears they are using the legal system as a platform for  harassment  and stalking.

My partner and I were just 2 hours away from having our bankruptcy discharged when NXIVM (who had 62 days to intervene in our bankruptcy) suddenly filed an adversary proceeding. Their complaint was filled with what I refer to as NXIVM tactics designed to delay, hinder and obstruct the legal system in the same way they have done to several others who have left the NXIVM organization.

People have been forced to spend an inordinate amount of money defending themselves from NXIVM’s allegations. 7 people have been forced to file for bankruptcy. NXIVM then continues they cycle of abuse of the legal system and the people they file suit against. To date, only one has made it out of bankruptcy court but only after spending 8.4 years in court. Keith Raniere the founder of NXVM, Nancy Salzman, President of NXfVM and Kristin Keefee (as mentioned above) all entered this bankruptcy one after the other. When one lost their case. the other would enter.

From tile research I have done NXIVM does not win these lawsuits and only ends a suit when the court says “NO MORE.” Enormous amounts of money are being spent by NXIVM on what appears to be completely frivolous lawsuits. More money than could ever be recovered if they did win. This behavior concerns me deeply as it is not reasonable or sane. In adding up all the data I have and what Keith Raniere says on this video it has me concerned for my safety and others who NXIVM see as their enemies.

I am also concerned about John Tighes’s, a blogger in Saratoga NY, who has written posts about NXIVM and allows anyone to post comments pro and con to his blog. When his post dated August 25, 2010 came out titled “Guess who they called a Terrorist” I became fearful for him as I knew what Keith Raniere said on the video. He has followed up with other disturbing actions against him on his blog.

Here are a couple of the linksif you care to check out more information http://saratoga indecline. and hlto:1/ rying-to-take-me-out. html

Based on Keith Raniere’s escalating pattern of using the legal system to harass and stalk those he feels are his adversaries.combined with potential criminal acts taken against John Tighe together with what I have witnessed in the video I have become extremely afraid for my personal safety, those close to me and others who are considered “enemies” by NXIVM.

I am completely aware that sending a link to this video out may result in more legal actions against me by NXIVM. I have come to the conclusion that if something is perceived by Keith Raniere or other NXIVM devotees as harmful to enrollments, they will spend millions of dollars frivolously abusing the legal system until all legal remedies have been exhausted regardless of the money spent and resources used. If Keith Raniere files a suit against me, so be it. What is more important to me is to inform and warn people of what Keith Raniere said he has done than dealing with any ramification of sending this out.

If anything happens to me or to someone who is considered a NXIVM opponent, even if it appears to be an accident, please have it investigated immediately

This video is intended for you only and I trust you will keep it’s location safe. Here is the link

It is only intended to be viewed by the addressee. Please do not distribute this to anyone unless something happens to someone who is profiled as an NXIVM enemy. It contains sensitive information and is only meant for the intended recipient. If you have received this letter and the link to the video in error please delete this immediately.

No one other than myself was involved in the decision to make this video available. Nothing was added to the video that did not take place at the original meeting. l did cut most of the video out and you can see the transition where I did this. The other faces have been blurred out to protect their identity if someone betrays my trust and exposes this video.

Susan Dones




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