Further details on the court hearing. Bad Day For Raniere

The complete array of lawyers for Allison Mack and Keith Raniere were present (Hey, a billable hour is billable hour – and court hours are at the highest rate of all!).  So was Mark Sullivan who was to head the Torch Stone security team that was to “guard” Raniere. He was to be disappointed.

The prosecutors were, in a general sense, the body type and shape that would appeal to Raniere.

Penza was wearing heels that were about 5 inches tall.

Marc said he reads the Frank Report.

Allison wore a white blouse.

Mack and Raniere never looked at each other – and sat about 10 feet apart.

The lawyers for Mack and Raniere were quite honestly looking quite happy and were genial with each other.

Waiting for Raniere to come in, there were times you could hear a pin drop.

There were 7 lawyers.

Raniere came in a spilt pea vomit colored jumpsuit

He had clean hair and was  generally clean shaven but with stubble

The government said the superseding indictment was coming in about 4 to 6 weeks – and that there would be both additional charges for Raniere and Mack and also additional defendants. Later, we were to learn that Clare Bronfman is likely to be one of those additional defendants.

Penza frankly admitted that Bronfman was a co-conspirator of Raniere and committed criminal acts.

There were people in the courtroom that were quite pleased at this revelation

Among other revelations is that Penza estimated that the trial would last an estimated three months.

The superseding indictment is expected in August.

This raised a question of whether the other people who are charged will be tried with Raniere or separately.

The judge said he would not conduct a trial in December. And he asked the government to move with “alacrity. So we can figure out when we can try the case. “

A new hearing is set for July 25.

Both Mack and Raniere were asked to exclude the speedy trial provision. Mack overruled Raniere and the detainee is now required to extend the speedy trial.

Which makes one wonder how the slave Mack can overrule her master.

It may have been a condition of her release that she exclude speedy trial.

Raniere looked quite small and cowed. He no longer looks like a Vanguard.

Next came the oral argument regarding Raniere’s request for bail.

The judge was skeptical from the outset.

He noted that the guards that were to be hired to watch Raniere could not use deadly force against him.

He can consent to force but not deadly force.

Raniere’s lawyer argued that the court should release him based on trust rather than force. Marc Agniflio spoke of “integrity and trust” in asking the judge to release Raniere on bail.

The defense also revealed that they were being paid and the guards – should Raniere be released – would be paid through an irrevocable trust.

The judge expressed concern that he did not know who was paying for this trust.

“There is no moral suasion” on Raniere because it is not his money and the person putting up the bail ($10 million ) is unknown.

Raniere “has nothing to lose. It’s not his money. “

“There is nothing to keep the defendant in tow.”

The judge raised a series of issues including how his not putting up bail does not guarantee he won’t fly on a private plane to a foreign land. “And he gets off the plane and he’s gone. “

The only one who is out is the bond company.

Raniere listened slumped over and had no expression as he realized this was going against him.

He look vaporous and weak – and rather small and feeble.

Raniere’s lawyers argued that it would be easier to consult with Raniere during his prep. And “it’s a triable case “.

The judge pointed out that while Raniere claimed in his bail request that he went to Mexico to be with his baby mama and his baby but when he was caught he was 500 miles away in Puerto Vallarta with a number of other women (DOS slaves ).

Raniere’s  lawyer said that the reason Keith went to Mexico was that he was afraid of the NXIVM enemies, not law enforcement.

Moira, in arguing against the release of Raniere, said that people are terrified of him.

The judge was concerned about where the money was coming from.

The judge spoke again about a private jet. He spoke about the court sanctioning a private prison for the rich.

“With all the accoutrements of a mansion>”

“People with money can set up a private jail.”

Shortly after, Bronfman was revealed as a member of Raniere’s inner circle.

Penza said Clare was equally willing to go off the grid as Raniere. And to do his bidding.

Penza said Bronfman was a co-conspirator involved in criminal acts

The judge denied the bail package but gave leave for the defense to shore it up with more transparency.

Court was adjourned. All rose, including Raniere, and the judge left. And a moment later Raniere slunk out the door.

More to follow…

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    • Copied and pasted from the amazon page:

      Product description: I’m the boss, I have hotgirl!!! Take the MXIVM T-shirt to make you into a bad boy and around as long-legged hotgirls.
      Date first listed on Amazon: April 3, 2018

    • Yeah I hear you. Good point. Control is part of it.

      But Allison said that Keith likes to be “seduced” by these girls…..which is why she always gave her slaves instructions to “seduce” Keith on their own, rather than having Keith just “take what he wants” like a macho man.

      Keith didn’t like to just “take control of them” like that (at least, not always)…..he instead wanted to feel like they really wanted to seduce him.

      This tells me it’s about more than just control.

      This tells me that Keith wants to feel like he’s a “sexy guy” who can still get young girls to really WANT to be with him.

      • – This tells me that Keith wants to feel like he’s a “sexy guy” who can still get young girls to really WANT to be with him.

        If this is the case, then this also shows his immaturity because if someone is told/coerced to play a role as opposed to role-playing that occurs in loving relationships which is different, then this feeling is inauthentic (refer back to his YouTube video with Allison Mack), and could not really satisfy him, or anyone for that matter. No man can authentically validate this want as a “sexy guy” in such a manner. If he is indeed a sociopath, then he couldn’t emotionally grasp this. He can only grasp it from a power perspective, which makes it simply about domination and control, even if superficially the domination seems inverted in him acting as a passive participant while the slave acts as the dominant one.

  • The irony is that Keith could have avoided this whole fiasco if he’d simply done 2 things:

    1) Not wasted all that time and money suing every perceived enemy, especially Frank Parlato and Toni Natalie (it was his ‘revenge via lawsuit’ mentality that created a ‘snowball’ effect that kept building until it became too big to ignore). Had Keith left these people alone, we might not be here today.

    2) Instead of forming DOS, Keith could have gotten his fresh young pussy MUCH EASIER (and cheaper) using any Sugar Daddy web site. LOL Where thousands of young & beautiful college gals gladly put out in exchange for a few simple gifts each month.

    That’s what I don’t understand. With so many ways to get fresh pussy today, why would a person resort to creating a complex “sex slave pyramid” that requires illegal blackmail collateral?

    It’s just not a logical way to get pussy BECAUSE the risk/reward ‘equation’ just doesn’t ‘compute’ for DOS.

    However…..I have read a few articles which suggest that sociopaths have a defect in the part of their brain that evaluates any “risk/reward” scenario.

    This means that sociopaths often take unnecessary HUGE risks because the wiring in their brain has been partially short-circuited regarding decisions of “risk/reward”.

    This would explain why Keith lost $65 million in the commodities market as well as losing tens of millions in useless lawsuits that really didn’t offer him any financial benefits other than satisfying his ego and need for revenge.

    All that money is gone in exchange for NOTHING. That’s not a logical “risk/reward” evaluation.

    …And the ‘kicker’ is that this same activity created the ‘snowball’ effect which led to him facing LIFE in prison too, LOL. What a dunce.

    • *I realize it wasn’t Keith’s own money that he lost.

      But it’s still money that he controlled nonetheless (e.g. it’s money that he could have used/invested in more logical ways…..to benefit NXIVM financially instead of destroying it).

      • Just wanted to add that…

        Although “control” is part of Keith’s motivation, I still believe he really just wants fresh pussy, and lots of it.

        **Because Allison said that Keith likes to be “seduced” by these girls…..which is why she always gave her slaves instructions to “seduce” Keith on their own, rather than having Keith just “take what he wants” like a controlling macho man.

        Keith didn’t like to just “take control of them” like that (at least, not always)…..he instead wanted to feel like they really wanted to seduce him.

        This tells me it’s about more than just control.

        This tells me that Keith wants to feel like he’s a “sexy guy” who can still get young girls to really WANT to be with him. That’s what Sugar Daddy sites are for, those gals provide the GFE.

        Anyway, forming DOS was a hugely illogical risk/reward evaluation.

    • I think a lot of it’s about power, control, and escalation. The more sociopaths get away with, the more they want to push the envelope. He was reinforced by what he had previously gotten away with. I completely agree with your suggestions. He should have left the revenge litigation alone. The sex slave thing I think was the result of a bored and vacant mind. He has no legitimate, intellectual pursuits, and no real, meaningful family ties or close relationships to occupy his time. Plus, he had had so much sex on demand (satiated), he had to create new ways to get aroused.* But in a way, we’re lucky he pushed it too far, and consequently is sitting in a jail cell today. Without his carelessness, he would be carrying on – “business as usual” – victimizing people. I doubt we’ll ever see justice for the statutory rapes (state of limitations), or the alleged murders (if true, probably well covered up).

      *This is how serial killers escalate – gradually.

      • I very much agree with this. People with that kind of power / control hunger can only escalate or implode. It is a natural progression of unnatural events.

    • Why, do you need your diaper changed? Perhaps it’s because there’s no news to report. But the day is far from being over….

    • If Allison Mack’s skin looks that grey, I think she is maintaining her slave diet.

      I do wish these people would figure out how to read statutes, and the meaning of the word ‘or’.

      While I don’t think child trafficking charges are necessarily out of order, they are not what is going on at the moment.

      That being said, no publicity is bad publicity, so glad to see more people covering it. Watching that video, it looks like there are loads of others posting videos and podcasts about the situation, so that is good.

      Now, hopefully, they will get their facts straight.

  • There was a fascinating report on Keith Raniere as a child. Written by someobe who knew him. Raniere was already cruel and controlling in elementary school. Frank Parlato covered the story and linked to the report. Two of the childhood stories are copied and pasted below.


    “In 3rd grade, Keith and little Matthew were looking at flies under a microscope. Jessica, a special needs student, asked if she could look too. Keith secretly took the flies away.

    Jessica looked in the microscope. Finally, she said, ‘I don’t see anything Keith, there’s nothing there.’

    Keith said, “There is, but your just too stupid to see what it is.”

    Jessica said, “I’m not stupid.”

    “Oh yes you are,” he said. “You’re one of the stupidest people I’ve ever met. You’re so stupid nobody wants to be your friend.”

    …On another occasion Keith was riding home on the bus when a girl, “L.M.” confided to him something compromising about her sister.

    They were friends, she thought, and he would not tell.

    Later, Keith approached her and said, “you know, it’s like I have this little bottle of poison I can hold over your head.”

    L.M. said, ‘what do you mean?.

    He said ‘Well I don’t know. I just don’t think your parents or your sister would be very happy if I told them what you told me.”

    She was frightened. He felt joy. He felt it further when he would call her on the phone and say, ‘little bottles, little bottles.’’

  • Pretty ironic that Keith can’t be released because he doesn’t have sufficient personal collateral. Maybe he could trade nude photos in leui of assets

      • OCD- THANK YOU!!!! I am all for hair but when your chest hair creeps so far up your neck, YUCK!!!!!

        • Keith Raniere is the Chewbacca of the Hudson River Valley, the Sasquatch of Clifton Park. The Yeti of Albany…

    • But the Smartest Man in the World doesn’t need collateral, or a sash. Bc his word is his BOND…just like that famous public service figure Jim Jones, known for his contributions to humanity.

      And let’s not forget that wonderful humanitarian David Koresh. He was definitely a Saint, giving his holy semen to multiple wives in a bid to create super-children and save our World! Definitely a Nobel Prize in the works for him.

      Still not as hard-working as VanGrifter. Who single-handedly (along with the illustrious Mark Vicente) developed a technology to stop cartel violence in Mexico. What a genius! Definitely a great mind in history.

      All these Turkeys belong in one place…hanging from a short rope off a tall tree… Ummmm… I mean, their faces being carved on the magnificent Mount Rushmore, along with our great leaders.

      Smh smh smh

  • If Claire is paying for Allison’s legal fees, isn’t that a conflict of interest?

    If Allison tried to do a plea deal, wouldn’t Clare cut off her funding to pay her attorney’s?

    I think that’s why the prosecution has a right to know if Claire is pain for Allison’s attorney fees.

    • It’s a huge conflict of interest.
      And if Claire is paying for Raniere’s attorney’s it’s another huge conflict of interest.

      Raniere wants to put all the blame on Mack and it is in Mack’s best interest to put all the blame on Raniere.

      Mack’s recent interview in the New York Times where she admitted to coming up with the DOS branding puts her in serious legal jeopardy.
      In her apartment, I was surprised to hear Mack take full responsibility for coming up with the DOS cauterized brand. She told me, “I was like: ‘Y’all, a tattoo? People get drunk and tattooed on their ankle ‘BFF,’ or a tramp stamp. I have two tattoos and they mean nothing.’ ” She wanted to do something more meaningful, something that took guts

    • The attorneys were paid a retainer. Given these circumstances, they could pursue a variety of approaches based on their professional ethics. The talk of a plea deal could be for show or for real. Based on Frank’s report, we should take it for real from the perspective of Allison’s parents (paying for exit counseling) and the prosecution (it still references plea negotiations). At this juncture, it doesn’t appear that AM is taking them seriously. We do not know the actions of her attorneys.

      Her attorneys will not defend AM as brainwashed in order to establish her innocence (as opposed to presenting this as a mitigating circumstance in a plea deal) because such a dense would undermine Raniere’s legal team. If AM goes to trial (as it would appear a this moment), then her legal team’s additional bills will be paid for with Bronfman money.

      • In my opinion Mack still believes that whatever happened was consented to by the other DOS members.
        Perhaps Mack does not realize that consent is negated when it is obtained by force, fraud, coercion, trickery or threats.
        Perhaps Mack is in denial about what she did.

        As long as Mack believes there was legitimate consent, she will go to trial.

        As for my personal opinion I have seen some of the Youtube videos of Mack and Raniere and I believe she is a true believer in the cult and unlikely to abandon it. She is very taken with Raniere.
        The prosecutors have enough evidence from the emails, text messages and other sources that they do not need Mack’s testimony.

        Cult deprogramming is not regarded as 100% effective.
        In fact it has high failure rates.
        Alan W. Gomes (chairman of the department of theology at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University) in his 2009 book Unmasking the Cults reports:

        While advocates of the deprogramming position have claimed high rates of success, studies show that natural attrition rates actually are higher than the success rate achieved through deprogramming.[24]
        The Dialog Center International (DCI) a major Christian counter-cult organization founded in 1973 by a Danish professor of missiology and ecumenical theology, Dr. Johannes Aagaard[25] rejects deprogramming, believing that it is counterproductive, ineffective, and can harm the relationship between a cult member and concerned family members.[26]

        Professor of psychiatry Saul Levine suggests that it is doubtful that deprogramming helps many people and goes on to say that it actually causes harm to the victim by very nature of the deprogramming. For deprogramming to work, the victim must be convinced that they joined a religious group against their will. They then must renounce responsibility and accept that in some mysterious way that their minds were controlled.[27] It is Levine’s professional opinion that once deprogrammed, a person would never be certain that they were really doing what they want. He states that deprogramming destroys a person’s identity and is likely to create permanent anxiety about freedom of choice and leave the deprogrammed subject dependent upon the guidance and advice of others. “Fundamentally deprogramming denies choice and creates dependency. It robs people of their sense of responsibility. Instead of encouraging people to accept that they made a mistake, it encourages people to deny their actions and blame others.”[27][28]

  • Given Sarah Edmonson’s public revelations of the branding and such, it makes one wonder why Nxivm did not put her collateral out. Has there ever been any of this gotten out or has it been “destroyed” to protect the organization?

    • For them to have put her collateral out, they would have had to acknowledge that they were keeping collateral on women in the group to keep them in line.

      If they released the photos of her genitals now, it would be the equivalent of revenge porn, and there are serious legal consequences.

      Also, by not putting out collateral, they perceive themselves to be projecting the image of having the higher moral ground.

      I expect the jury is going to see quite a lot of collateral.

      As for any remaining collateral, it will likely have been destroyed by now except the copies the Feds got ahead of time when they were collecting data with warrants that nobody in the organisation knew about at that time.

    • The “collateral” is really blackmail material.

      The real crime is not Sarah Edmondson posing in the nude or trash talking her family.
      The real crime is NXIVM and its members collecting such materials to blackmail Sarah Edmondson and other women.
      The blackmail materials are evidence of a crime by NXIVM’s members.

  • Any ideas why alli and KR won’t look at each other? Is there a chance she is being reprogrammed? He tried to catch her eye may 4th. It’s so bizarre all attorneys are likely being paid by the same source are they still acting in the best interest of their client or the person paying them? She has done terrible things , but she can help make it right and be forgiven.

    • Mack has been ordered to have no contact with other NXIVM members except through her attorneys, who are paid for by Cruella Bronfman.
      Of course Raniere is another NXIVM member.
      Based on the conditions of her release on $5 million bond, Mack is not permitted to make contact with NXVM members except through attorneys. This raises a concern over who is paying Mack’s attorneys.

      My sources – including one of Mack’s slaves – tell me Clare Bronfman paid the initial retainer for Mack’s attorney – $150,000. When the prosecution raised the question of who is paying Mack’s attorneys in federal court during one of Mack’s appearances, her attorneys objected to the prosecution raising the question of the source of Mack’s funds paid to them. That is covered under attorney client privilege.

      If Bronfman is paying Mack’s lawyers, however, it presents an interesting issue: Bronfman’s and Mack’s interests may be different. Mack’s attorneys are supposed to advise Mack on her best interests, then follow their client Mack’s instructions in handling the case. If Bronfman is paying their fees, then Bronfman’s desires – however subtly – may influence the direction Mack takes.

      Bronfman’s goal is, I believe, to help Keith first and foremost. Bronfman now heads NXIVM. She could be described as interim Vanguard.

      • Since its unlikely there will ever be another Nxvim, Clare is head of nothing, her only value is $. I believe Allison thanked Keith’s attorneys has to do with passing messages. We must remember Sara is in the background paying her share, hell the trust could be funded through a shill in Libya. Another crazy thought.

    • I do think it is quite funny that Ranier was desperately trying to catch the prosecutors eye at the last hearing.

  • From the Courthouse News Service report shared by Albany County Defense Attorney With Big Ears:

    “The parties scheduled another status conference for July 25 at 2 p.m.” And “Assistant U.S. Attorney Moira Penza said the government plans to bring a superseding indictment against Raniere within six weeks.”


    Mark your calendars and get ready to celebrate. Justice is prevailing.

  • Allison Mack is not flipping on HER Vanguard.
    No Way, No How!

    In the Vanguard Allison Mack has finally found the Perfect Man and He is being persecuted for his greatness and benevolence by the small minded philistines in the government.
    The Vanguard of Humanity’s future is being persecuted right before Allison Mack’s very eyes.
    Yesterday Allison Mack had to share the same courtroom and the same air with the Vanguard without looking or even glancing at Him or even acknowledging Him. The Greatest, Smartest Man in America.
    The pain must have been excruciating.
    How bittersweet the irony.
    How agonizing the torment.
    The Vanguard’s most loyal disciple unable to worship His Highness.

    Allison Mack will have to content herself with His mere presence. which all by itself is an orgasmic thrill.

    But Allison Mack will save the day.
    Using her skills as the Greatest Actress in America Allison Mack’s passionate testimony will sway the jury to recognize Vanguard’s Greatness and halt this massive injustice.
    Even if it means sacrificing her own freedom.What Love is greater and more Authentic than to sacrifice oneself for such a Great Man as the Vanguard?

    All Claire Bronfman can give the Vanguard is mere money.
    Allison Mack can give the Vanguard her undying love and loyalty.

    Just like Atticus Finch in “To Kill A Mockingbird” Allison Mack will sacrifice herself for “Truth, Justice and the American Way.”

    By her sacrifice Allison Mack will prove herself Heroic.
    The True Goddess of NXIVM.

  • Is there a chance James Raniere is helping support the potential bail package? Mack’s parents are obviously behind their daughter. If nothing else, there are a couple of grandchildren involved here or has Vanguard completely distanced his remaining parent?

      • James can’t deny Keith. Just like Keith can’t deny Barbara Jeske’s dead friend’s kid is his own. Unfortunately for James, he once had to sue Keith and the court documents will sadly show that James IS THE FATHER.

        • I don’t know that James Raneire is all that well off or actually cares that much about having anything to do with his son.

          “My son, a cult leader …” James Raniere said. “It’s just not so.” The elder Raniere is a retired advertising executive. He responded to my inquiries, he said, primarily to defend his deceased wife, Vera. Many in the NXIVM community believe that Keith Raniere’s mother was an abusive alcoholic, and this, James contends, could not be farther from the truth. “She was the best mother I’ve ever come across,” he said. Keith’s first five years were spent in Brooklyn before the family moved to Rockland County for better public schools. By coincidence, James handled his agency’s Seagram’s account and said he knew Edgar Bronfman Sr. professionally during the 1970s.


          • By coincidence, James Raniere handled his agency’s Seagram’s account and said he knew Edgar Bronfman Sr. professionally during the 1970s.

            No wonder the Bronfman daughters are so devoted to Keith Raniere.
            There are no coincidences.

          • The way Keith Raniere exaggerates his childhood troubles and slams his parents was also done by Cult leader James Arthur Ray.

            JAR is known for appearing on The Secret and cooking his followers in a sweat lodge oven, while he walked in and out and sipped on cold ice water.

          • Is that his excuse for leaving a little boy with a possibly unfit mother? Or was she the type who’s child could do no wrong , was spoiled rotten, lazy and very entitled!

          • It doesn’t sound like he left Keith’s mother.
            It doesn’t sound like they split up at all.

          • FormerNexian:
            Thank you for keeping valid and compelling comparisons at the forefront. I can’t quote exactly, but “those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.”
            “The way Keith Raniere exaggerates his childhood troubles and slams his parents was also done by Cult leader James Arthur Ray. JAR is known for appearing on The Secret and cooking his followers in a sweat lodge oven, while he walked in and out and sipped on cold ice water.”
            Sound familiar? Followers starving; KR indulging in whatever he wanted at the moment. Control-freak glutton!

  • Here is the most detailed report I’ve read on yesterday’s hearing: https://www.courthousenews.com/bail-denied-for-self-help-boss-accused-of-sex-slavery/

    The prosecution said two really important things in court yesterday: (1) we’re going to be bringing more charges in “this case” (i.e., the one involving Raniere and Mack); and (2) we’re going to be bringing charges against other parties. What’s was left unsaid is whether the prosecution is going to bring ALL the charges against ALL the defendants via one case or multiple cases.

    If it’s going to be one case, it will probably have to be a RICO action. If it’s going to be multiple cases – which is a much less likely possibility – there could be lots and lots of cases.

    Either way, there is zero chance that the current case is going to trial on October 1st.

    BTW, I think it’s great that Raniere’s attorneys are reading the Frank Report. Assuming all five of them are doing that, it’s probably running about $5,000 for them to read every post plus the comments!

    • that further transparency is not going to get Raniere bail. It is only going to give the Feds information to track more of Clare’s finances…

      Now that it is no big deal to raid lawyers’ offices to seize records, and we know Treasury is collecting information on all her transactions over 10K$, Clare has no safe place ever again.

    • Pleased you think its probably going to be a RICO action. This would be the most fitting and just outcome.

    • “If it’s going to be one case, it will probably have to be a RICO action. If it’s going to be multiple cases – which is a much less likely possibility…” Woohoo! May Raniere be held liable for every bit and action of his corrupt criminal enterprise.

      p.s. With this comment I cost Clare Bronfman a couple of dollars. Yay me! Less $ to squirrel away in the Bahamas.

    • Doesn’t RICO cause statute of limitations to go out the window?

      If this is the case Keith could be charged for raping the 12 year old who is now an adult

      • Congress failed to include either a criminal or civil statute of limitations when it passed the RICO Act. Congress’ oversight was easily remedied with regard to the criminal statute of limitations. Title 18, section 3282 of the U.S. Code is the “catch-all” statute of limitation for federal crimes. It states that “no person shall be prosecuted . . . unless the indictment is found or the information is instituted within five years next after such offense shall have been committed.” With regard to criminal prosecutions, it is generally held that a prosecution is timely so long as the defendant has committed one predicate act (that forms part of the pattern for which he is being prosecuted) within five years or less of the indictment. See United States v. Darden, 70 F.3d 1507, 1525 (8th Cir. 1995).


    • Keith’s parents divorced in 1968 , he was 8 years old. But the father is very defensive of the mother.

      • Burning the flesh with cauterizing irons is a big step in that direction.

        Note that women are compelled to serve as slaves in both ISIS and NXIVM DOS.
        And in both cases women’s ownership by “masters” is denoted by markings on their flesh.
        Moreover, women who refuse to serve as sex slaves in ISIS and NXIVM DOS are punished.

        Keith Raniere has more in common with Islamic Imams than he thinks.

        • ISIS (or Daesh as they are called in the Arab world) is an small “Islamic” fringe group rejected by the overwhelming majority of Muslims. Therefore, to classify their way of practicing the religion with what the majority of Islamic Imams or even regular Muslims in general do is factually incorrect.

          • From IQ Rassooli, a former Muslim from Iraq who studied the Koran.
            Does Islam Mean Peace?

          • Uh, it was ignorant President GWB who said Islam means peace, not any knowledgeable Muslim, prior to launching a campaign of bombing and destruction that has led to trillions of dollars of damage and millions of lives lost in the Muslim world, which pales in comparison to the amount of lives lost and damage done on 911. So, please spare me a video from an ex-Muslim capitalizing off of 911 supported by Islamaphobes like Pamela Gellar about some sensationalized historical falsehood of Muslim conquest being bathed in bloodshed, which has nothing to do with what I said. Islam comes from the same trilateral root (S-L-M) as the word Salam which means peace, and so it has connations of it, but Islam has always meant submission to the will of God.

  • Your honor,

    Mr. Raniere would like to respectfully submit a new bail application based upon the following changes:

    1) TorchStone has hired both Usain Bolt and Jackie Chan to stand guard outside of Mr. Raniere’s dwelling, to ensure that TorchStone has the necessary ‘speed’ and ‘fighting expertise’ to prevent Mr. Raniere from running away (or) using his world class judo to escape to a waiting jet.

    2) The cost of these services is $2 million dollars, bringing the total bail package cost to $12 million dollars.

    3) It will be paid by an irrevocable trust funded by the UNCLE of an independent DOG WALKER who works for a company called “Ethical Dog Walkers, LLC”.

    4) The money funding this trust came from a LOTTERY JACKPOT won on Wakaya Island within the last month. It was the Wakaya Island $12 Million Dollar LOTTO.

    5) The Wakaya Island LOTTO is funded by an irrevocable trust that’s funded by a company called “Ethical Lottery Foundation, LLC”.

    We have a sworn affidavit — signed under oath by the incorruptible Wakaya Island justice minister — that this money didn’t come from Clare Bear.

    Respectfully submitted.
    John Q. Asshole, Esq.
    Assholes and Associates

    • Hahahahahaha! Awesome Mike S. I’m cracking up in the airport lounge.

      The name of the law firm is Dewey Cheatem & Howe. The fouding members were Larry, Moe & Curly.

      For a Martial Arts expert, I also recommend Jean Claude Van Damme or perhaps Steven Seagal. Altho Big Steve charges a separate rate for his otter, masquerading as a hair piece.

      What a show, Ladies and Gentlemen. What a show!

  • Now the clock is really ticking for those that have participated in illegal activity to make a deal with the FEDS. The bus is getting shorter and shorter.

    For those who do not want to send time in jail for your dirty deeds, go to the feds now.

  • Wonder what Clare was picking up in Miami and taking to the Bahamas? With her plane she would not need to stop to get refueled. It’s only about 1150 miles from NYC to the Bahamas.

    Alex Bentancourt spent a lot of time in Miami. Makes one wonder what he left there that Clare might be moving to the Bahamas?

    • Another very good question! Was Scarecrow picking up someone or something?

      Records? Cash? Gold?

      From the Bahamas, a person could then take a flight to Mexico, South America, Cuba, etc. Or travel somewhere by boat.

      As Joe Kenda would say, “My, my, my…”

  • Yo Frank.

    Please use your resources to tell us if Keith has been released back to his SHU cell or is in the general population.

    Also, are MDC doctors prescribing him anything for his Flaccid dick? Is he eligible for Viagra?

    I’m guessing that 3 months without any pussy should help that condition, but then again, he’s probably spanking the monkey 5 times per day…..to the point that both his arm and dick are probably worn out. He might even have carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis in his forearm.

    Seriously though, is he in the general population?

    • He’s not going to be put in general population unless he enters a guilty plea or is convicted.

  • 5″ heels. Really Ms. Penza?

    Definitely not for ergonomics. And 4″ heels are more than enough to be persuasive with women. Nor is it particularly professional. Maybe physical stature? While there are exceptions, especially earlier in US history, US presidents on average are 6’2″. As are 90% of US CEOs.

    Did you just want to be tall?

    • Women can wear anything they want, except swimsuits in the Miss America competition. Or, nothing at all, like sex workers, which is now a glorified profession if one believes CNN.

      And anybody who criticizes them is automatically reinforcing the outdated patriarchal structure and clearly a misogynist.

      Plus those heels probably cost more than a week of your salary.

  • In the midst of the #metoo movement initiated by Hollywood, I find it rather poetic irony, that it was the professed “voluntary” slavery of Raniere’s DOS women instituted by a celebrity, that brought down and humiliated a man of false humility ingrained with feelings of misogyny.

  • Ha! You truly are the source of all things NXIVM, Frank Parlato. Thank you!

  • I believe that Allison Mack not only loves Raniere but she also sees herself as a great actress able to sway a jury with her passionate testimony and help save a great man who is unjustly persecuted.

    What is Allison Mack’s favorite novel?
    To Kill A Mockingbird

    What was the inspiration for Allison Mack’s email address?
    A major character in To Kill A Mockingbird with whom Allison Mack identifies.

  • Question: how do the DOS sorority members/disciples/slaves feel about today’s news?

    I can only speculate that it’s terribly complicated for them all considering the degrees of their devotion. As humans – the drive to excel and “live our best lives” is at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It’s understandable and relatable. The idea that a set of cognitive skills – that i can control – is the key to joy, enlightenment and physical perfection is very compelling. Throw in a community of other humans that will be my family forever in this journey for perfection – then even better. I get it – but in that desperation of emptiness … They were filled up with poison.

    I’m so sorry DOS.

      • Allison Mack will get some years. Possibly 15+. With a plea to lesser charges, maybe less? Let’s see what plea she is willing to arrive at. (That’s the big question, is she woke or getting woke or will she be forever devoted.)

    • Mack looked confused and scared…”Oh, they found us.”

      Is she really that dazed and confused? Does she not understand the severity of the charges against her? \

      In some ways I can’t help but think she is a tragic figure. She was young and naive when she joined the cult. Slowly she became someone else: cutting off long time friends, giving collateral that would (hopefully) scare anyone from letting her near their kids, employing corporal punishment, grooming women for sex and branding women without consent. I can’t imagine that this is the path any clear thinking individual would take. At the same time, this is the path she has taken. She needs to be responsible for her actions. I hope all the high ranking women of DOS and NXIVM are held accountable in court and spend long sentences in prison.

      i hope women like Barbara Bouchy, Susan Dones, Sarah Edmonson, Toni Natalie and Kristin Keefe have and take the opportunity to testify.

      • Started when her mother prostituted her as a child actor.

        It is the old definition of insanity… Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

        How many examples have we seen? People should think twice before they sell their children, but they care more about greed or fame or who knows what else drives such a lack of care.

          • And if parents choose not to set boundaries, somebody like the MDC will later.

        • Whatever Allison’s mother did, ultimately Allison must take responsibility for her actions.
          And in recent videos Allison Mack bragged that she loved to perform and hoped to do Shakespeare.
          That does not sound like an actress tormented by her profession.
          It beats slinging hash in a greasy spoon.

      • Before we shed too many tears for Allison Mack we should remember that she was blessed with talent and a large portion of good luck.
        Many actresses would have given their eye teeth for the breaks Mack had.
        And Allison Mack repaid the world by hurting and enslaving young women who looked up to her.

        Just ask Catherine Oxenberg, the mother of Allison’s “slave” India Oxenberg.

    • They may be reading this, and making statements against them personally will increase their loyalty to Raniere, not help get them out.

      Let’s stick to judging the criminals, which is not the average people who attend a few intensives.

      • Calling these people “Nextards” is a lot more generous than referring to them as “Crimetards”. They should appreciate the generosity of the previous commenter.

      • Why don’t you poll these people and ask them which they prefer?

        A) “Fuck toys”
        B) “Nextards”

      • Agree – which is why I’d love to hear the perspective of today’s news from current and former DOS

        • Nobody in current DOS is allowed to speak out. Raniere’s policy has always been the ostrich approach. If NXIVM members put their head in the sand, it isn’t happening. If they acknowledge it, they make it real.

          The world finally got to see what we were talking about with the NYT article, where the woman introduced herself and left because she wasn’t authorised to speak.

          Quite sure Allison Mack had a script memorised for that interview.

          As for former members, prosecutors have likely asked witnesses to stay under the radar for the time being. They can inadvertently damage a case.

  • Marc said he reads the Frank Report.

    To the lawyers for Raniere, Mack and soon Claire Bronfman.

    I am sure you are all nice guys and good family men, however
    your clients are Schmucks.

    Raniere is a spoiled brat who never grew up
    And Allison Mack is vain, stupid and cruel.
    They both need psychiatric help.

    No hard feelings,

    PS I hope you enjoy your inter vacations in Los Cabos on Claire Bronfman’s money

  • It’s me again. I’m just here to annoy y’all today.

    The reason Allison ain’t taking no fucken plea deals is because she’s playing a game of no-limit Hold’em and she’s already pushed in all her chips.

    Once that happens, the only move available is to remain in the game until the Showdown…..to see who comes out on top.

    I’m saying that her chips represent her acting career, her corporate sponsor opportunities, her reputation as a “cute & sweet” girl……and most importantly, her future with Keith and NXIVM.

    She’s already lost her reputation, career and sponsorship opportunities no matter what happens at trial (those chips are gone forever), but her future with Keith and NXIVM is still technically winnable for Allison.


    If a miracle happens (which it won’t) and Allison & Keith were acquitted and set free, Allison knows she’d be anointed as Keith’s “chosen one” because of the loyalty she showed by not taking a plea deal as the easy way out.

    She knows that Keith would give her a child who would be the “chosen child” to save the world and his name would be Alyx 2.0 Mack-Raniere-Salinas-Betancourt (since they’d probably conceive the child in a foursome gangbang, with everybody filling everybody’s holes).

    Keith would also create a brand new color sash (several notches above purple) that nobody has ever worn before…..probably a pink sash with 24k gold trim, with green polka dots. He would then give it to Allison for the loyalty she showed at trial.

    Allison would rise above Pam Cafritz and Toni Natalie in the history of NXIVM’s greatest women.

    Allison would also be given an official title above Prefect. In fact, Keith will probably demote Salzman and just give Allison the title of Prefect — for her loyalty. Nancy would be demoted to an orange sash and placed in Lauren’s slave pod.

    Allison would also be given tons of money to live lavishly with Keith in their new kingdom on that MOSQUITO INFESTED SHITHOLE ISLAND called Wakaya. …But they’ll need to wear lots of bug repellent every day since that shithole island has mosquitoes by the fucken boatload according to tourists.

    That’s why she ain’t taking no plea deals. Her only future path is with Keith, cuz taking a plea deal and flipping burgers for the rest of her life ain’t a great future.

    As always, hopefully I’ve annoyed some of you.

    Have a nice day! 🙂

    • I thought she already had at least one foot pushed out the door before the branding story even broke…

    • Kind of a repeat post, but this is a special day! For most men, having a gorgeous sexy blonde (and many others) willing to have sex with you, tons of money, limitless adulation, lush surroundings, and enormous power would have been plenty good. Not for KR!!!! That’s why I hope he enjoys his MDC meals and schedule. Selfish, greedy bastard! He’s stepping it up and escalating as did Jim Jones and others, IMO. That resulted in 900 dead. Repeat: 900 dead. STOP HIM.

      • I don’t know that there are 900 people left in NXIVM in all three countries, so I am not concerned about that kind of a death toll. Plus, the longer Raniere stays in jail, the more realise this is not some silly prosecutorial mistake as they have been told.

        How many DOS slaves would actually kill themselves for him? Just being told to do that by Clare would likely snap some of them out of it.

        As far as anybody outside of DOS slaves, yet within NXIVM, I don’t think anybody outside of orange sashes. For the orange sashes, their lives are basically over. They have little to no skills outside of coaching and EMs (and Siobahn Hotaling was lousy at those, anyhow).

        It is very possible if Raniere snaps out of his delusion that he is invincible, he could want the rest of the DOS slaves dead. He may actually realise that they are a far greater threat than their previously perceived usefulness. He can’t know which ones will turn, and none of them are actually useful for testifying on his behalf since the e-mail and text messages are going to refute their testimony.

        Thankful to not be one of them. They are in a truly perilous situation.

  • Thank you, Shoe_Gal, for finding Buzzfeed’s great post! It included this quote from the judge: “The question becomes … how does it guarantee your client will not get on a plane at Teterboro airport, fly on a private plane to a place where he gets off — no one knows where he is — and he’s gone,” Garaufis said.”

    Teterboro! What a coincidence. There’s a jet that possibly belongs to Clare that flew from Teterboro (NJ, just west of NYC) to Miami on 6/7, Miami to Nassau (in the Bahamas, and the Bahamas Bank Secrecy Law is extra special for people that want to hide things), and Nassau to Miami on 6/9/18. From https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/n515ks (times are scheduled departure, actual departure, and arrival):

    09 Jun 2018 Nassau (NAS) Miami (OPF) N515KS 9:00 AM 9:19 AM 9:49 AM
    08 Jun 2018 Miami (OPF) Nassau (NAS) N515KS 7:00 PM 7:18 PM 8:12 PM
    07 Jun 2018 Teterboro (TEB) Miami (OPF) N515KS 8:00 PM 9:31 PM 11:19 PM

    All aircraft must be registered on the public Federal Aviation Registry. If you google “FAA Registry” you’ll get to that page and you can search all different ways. I searched by state and county (Halfmoon is in Saratoga, 4 pages of records; Manhattan is in New York, 12 pages of records, includes N515KS; Brooklyn is in Kings, 3 pages of records). On those pages I then used crtl+F [find on this page] to search for information from Clare’s prior jet. I got one hit when I searched for the address of Clare’s accountant (that accounting firm got bought but there’s still an accounting firm at the same address, 1 Penn Plaza).

    In 2018 Clair Bronfman bought one jet. The FAA Registry lists a jet, N515KS, bought in 2018 that’s a Bombardier CL-600-2B16 Challenger 605, which is pretty much the same make and model as Clare’s earlier jet (Canadair CL-600; Bombardier acquired Canadair and continued making the CL-600). It resides just north of NYC at a small private airport, and contact information lists the same address as Clare’s accountant. The owner on record is RidgeRun LLC. There’s a small company in Minnesota with that name that has nothing to do with NXIVM. And there’s a running trail with that name in a state park not far from Halfmoon. One of the recent (5/18) running events at the park featured Ridge Run Trail (google “Monday Trail Fun Run #5–Spier Falls/Moreau” to read about the event and see a map). Ridge Run Trail has the highest elevation and is the most challenging of the trails, the kind of challenge someone “inspired by excellence in human performance” might like. Ridge Run Trail also includes the peak’s overlook, where one can escape into the beautiful vista beyond (only mentally, of course, unless you have a jet).

    If Clare Bronfman is a client of DDK & Company at 1 Penn Plaza (and they offer a broad array of services), it’s a reasonable guess that N515KS is her jet.

      • Clare didn’t grow up in a Canadian family.

        She has nothing to do with the Canadian Bronfmans… Other than her mother having been those children’s au pair.

    • She’s probably moving $ offshore to try to keep it from getting seized.

      No other reason for such a short trip to the Bahamas.

    • Great research The Judge Spoke! Nassau is definitely known for its banking secrecy laws. Looks like Scarecrow is gonna make a run for it.

      And leave VanGrifter holding the bag of d!cks…oops…I meant bag of gifts.

      • At what point, if ever, would Clare sacrifice her true believer status to save her own bone sac?

        Moving $ out of the country to try to protect it to pay their lawyers and such is one thing.

        Her getting on one of her planes and bolting is entirely another.

    • flight radar offers 7 day free trials can we see if this plane N515KS went to FIJI? We can crowd source Scarecrow’s, I mean Clare’s flight i itineraries

        • Clare’s airplane could be located at the Westchester Airport, which is about 33 miles north of midtown Manhattan. I recall that she and her immediate family once lived in Yorktown Heights, NY.

          Furthermore, readers should be aware that private jets are often leased out to third parties, which is why her jet may be listed to her accountant. What is very important to understand is that quite often these third parties are contraband smugglers, who are smuggling such items as drugs, weapons, and US Currency .

          Frankly, I have long suspected that the inner circle of MXIVM was not only smuggling money into the USA from Mexico but that it was also smuggling drugs. They had and have strong connections through the Salinas de Gortari family, as well as to others, to all of Mexico’s drug cartels. Professionals do not refer to Mexico as, “Narcoland,” for nothing! Since NXIVM’s principals have already been established as human and currency traffickers, why wouldn’t they also traffic in drugs? Why should Clare Bronfman’s expensive jet sit idly by on a runway when their is easy money to be made? The Bahamas have been an important and historic entrepot for our smuggler nation for centuries, likewise for old Mexico and Canada.

          NXIVM is a very large and complex criminal organization with a larcenous cult leader at its center. Why wouldn’t any of these major players in Keith’s MLM-mafia consider other illegal avenues for profit? Just look at their curriculum vitae: Some of them have criminal histories going back for decades. These individuals are all base criminals and amoral schemers, and Keith Alan Raniere is a self-proclaimed murderer – having people murdered makes one a murderer in the eyes of the law. How many accomplices did Keith have for these murders?

          • Copied and pasted from: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/06/blind-items-revealed-4.html

            “May 25, 2018

            There sure is a lot of back and forth of two jets, one of which is registered to this very wealthy family, between various properties in the US owned by the family and an island in the South Pacific. Apparently in the two weeks it has been going on, no one from any agency has even inspected the outgoing planes or the passengers or what they are carrying. On the other end, everything is greased with local officials so nothing has to be done. One celebrity offspring is in the South Pacific, but no one knows if she will stay.

            Clare Bronfman/Wakaya Island”


          • Great points, Larry Shea, thank you. Clare may also have access to a second jet.

            Copied and pasted from Crazy Days and Nights, a well-regarded in Hollywood (for its accuracy) celebrity gossip blog written by an entertainment lawyer:

            “May 25, 2018

            There sure is a lot of back and forth of two jets, one of which is registered to this very wealthy family, between various properties in the US owned by the family and an island in the South Pacific. Apparently in the two weeks it has been going on, no one from any agency has even inspected the outgoing planes or the passengers or what they are carrying. On the other end, everything is greased with local officials so nothing has to be done. One celebrity offspring is in the South Pacific, but no one knows if she will stay.

            Clare Bronfman/Wakaya Island”

            To read more about the island Clare Bronfman owns: https://frankreport.com/2017/06/19/there-will-always-be-fiji-clare-bronfman-purchased-most-of-wakaya-island-last-august/

      • Thank you for your heroic perseverance!!! And wow have your efforts attained success. What an outcome. Justice is prevailing.

        You can get a $1.49 monthly silver subscription here that gives you 90 days past information in addition to future information (on any aircraft) and you can cancel at any time: https://www.flightradar24.com/premium#featureInfo134

    • Clare has posted many instagram shots of herself running at Moreau State Park just north of Saratoga. I think we have a winner.

      • You are the best thing ever, Laura (though don’t tell your sister that, she is also awesome). So “Ridge Run” does have meaning to Clare!

    • How can he possibly be qualified to judge the case if he has never attended an intensive??

      We all know how against the rules it is for them to have dealings with someone outside NXIVM.

      Recusal demand anticipated in 3… 2… 1…

      • Yes, please let Sarah Edmondson be the judge. She was high enough in the group and learned all the rules and rituals before she ran away screaming.
        Best thing, we could basically skip the trial and go straight to the reading of the verdict…

  • Raniere should let his beard grow out, so he can have that “Jesus look” for the trial. An old Jesus, but perhaps with a little shoe polish, he can darken it.

  • Looks like he himself might soon become a “fuck-toy slave”…
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

      • They can’t have potentially innocent guys getting raped. Technically, innocent until proven guilty. Any of us who had involvement in NXIVM know that he is guilty, but it has to be proven to the justice system.

        So until then, they are not going to put him at risk. He’ll stay in his special protected sex offenders unit until conviction.

        • After the trial, when he got convicted and put into a real prison.
          One might hope there is an inmate who has a little sister, former girlfriend or anyone else they cared about among KR’s DOS slaves…

          • He is screwed six ways from Sunday, beyond literally.

            When other inmates find out about him raping girls as young as 12? And some of them are Mexicans?

            Forget about it…

            I dated a guy many years ago… One of his high school classmates was convicted of raping young girls. The convict bled to his death in his cell after the other inmates (or perhaps guards) castrated him and left him there.

          • I would be really disappointed if he got shanked. I wish him a very long life in prison with lots of opportunities to be the loyal fuck toy slave for generations of inmates to come.

        • Maybe for now once the trial is over he will be on is own…..his short little legs running for his life across the exercise yard

      • Disagree. Raniere and Mack’s trial is scheduled for October. Not that there won’t be motions and approvals to delay, but this judge is moving things along, with alacrity.

        • Judge made that quite clear today. There will be no trial during December. Prosecution says the trial will likely go three months. That means they can’t start until January 2019 at the earliest.

  • Of course the lawyers are happy. If the court denies bail, then they can appeal and earn more money. If you represent a mafia figure, you give him/her the respect for their power/connections. If you represent a charlatan financed by a soon-to-be indicted heiress, you know that you are the only game in town.

    • It’s the lawyers representing guilty clients with lots of cash that are happy and friendly in the courtroom. They are just there for a big paycheck.

      It’s the lawyers representing innocent people who know it is no laughing matter.

  • It’s no secret.

    Cruella Bronfman is behind the trust fund paying for the proposed security guards as well as the seven defense lawyers for Raniere and Mack.

    And now the Drama Queen Allison Mack is happy because she is starring in the role of a lifetime.

    If only Allison Mack could arrange to be locked in a prison cell with the Vanguard for 15 years without any competition from younger, more attractive females.
    Just imagine how much knowledge Allison Mack could absorb from her Vanguard.

  • That is the equivalent of the judge offering more rope to hang himself.

    Nobody is going to take anything these lawyers have to say at face value.

    Raniere and Mack’s lawyers must be thrilled at the potential billings from a three month trial.

    • I don’t understand – so what if they are more transparent about the source of the bond money? It still will not be his, or those of a close family member. He will still have nothing to lose by skipping bail. He is still a flight risk, and a threat to victims and witnesses if released.

      • If they are more transparent about the money coming from Clare, the trust can be seized after she is indicted for human rights violations.

        Yes, show the judge the trust papers and where the money came from.

        • You would think Clare Bronfman would be facing arrest very SOON for funding this deranged criminal mk ultra Soap Opera / Reality Tv show.

          • She has done a lot more than just fund it. She has participated in strategising to file false criminal complaints, to get “enemies” to Mexico to be kidnapped, raped and killed, owned the house where (who we are now calling Jane Doe 3) was falsely imprisoned for 18 months…

            Anybody care to place any bets about her bringing cash back from Mexico and Canada on her planes? Did she transport any of the Mexican teenagers (literally) stabled in Rosa Laura Junco’s basement?

            Sneaking $ out of the country to the Bahamas now?

            Every time we get more news, I feel better about the prospects of her being locked up for a long time.

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