Clare Bronfman [left] is the leader. Shown here with her sister Sara.
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Expert summarizes Bronfman’s Ethical Humanitarian Foundation: 2009

Legal Expert wrote:
Just looked at the 2009 filing for The Ethical Humanitarian Foundation (TEHF) – and here’s what I noted:
   – TEHF had interest/dividend income of $1,755 in 2009
   – TEHF had $158,452 of income from the Dalai Lama event in 2009
   – TEHF had $176,054 of new donations in 2009
   – TEHF’s assets increased from $49,186 to $83,510 throughout 2009
   – TEHF had $301,937 of expenses – $130,470 of which was for “Professional Fees” – and the other $131,209 of which was various expenses such as Equipment Rental ($17,202), Special Events ($42,510), and Video Production ($23,008) – in 2009
   – TEHF owns $40,000 of Equipment – which is hard to understand given that the entity has no known office space
   – Both Bronfman sisters use “mail drop addresses” rather then real residential addresses
   – All the “Professional Fees” went to a company named Media Strategies, Inc. (See:, which was founded in 2007 and which stopped filing reports in 2010.
   – Fake CPA Matthew J. McMorris was still doing the accounting work for the foundation – and still serving as its office location – in 2009.
Stolen fruit never fructifies: Using their ill-gotten prohibition and drug money inheritance from their criminal grandfather to punish enemies of psychopath Keith Raniere – it shows nothing good comes from evil money. Prison may be the future for the last of the third generation of the horrid criminal Bronfman family. Clare [l] and Sara Bronfman. These are not the faces of goodness.

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