Ion White Poetry: DOS women have literally gone mad from insane starvation diet

By Ion White Poetry

The veggies shown is actually an extremely generous depiction of the DOS Diet – which consists [mainly] of sugarless chewing gum, water, saltine crackers, clear soups, and fruits that are easily and quickly converted to water.

A woman who has some healthy poundage on her – such as Michele or Allison did [and they were by no means ‘fat’] – will not immediately suffer from the “anorexic” type diet, living for awhile off the healthy body fat.

Most of these women are starving and are stark raving mad from that. They embrace their slavehood and Keith’s editings of their minds wholly and completely – in part due to the fact that they can no longer process thought on any viable level of their intellect.

It’s exhausting to even consider arguing with Keith and his dictations. Much less actually doing it.  Just the physical nature of the act of leaving seems utterly impossible. Because immobility of thought and action are part of starvation and slavery. Coherent independent thinking is not even an option. It’s enough to be able to process the basic foundational precepts of NXIVM and DOS training.


Keith Raniere says he is always studying ways to improve the lives of his followers, especially women who are young and slender.
Keith Raniere never deprived himself of the food he loves. In this way, he can keep up enough strength to figure out ways to make the women weak.
Jacquelin Ronay on the Raniere diet.
Keith Raniere teaches that a woman who is integrated needs only 500 calories per day.
Keith Raniere’s weight appears to fluctuate at various times. His favorite foods are said to be macaroni and cheese and pizza with hot sauce.


Pre DOS/Raniere diet:  Clare Bronfman.


Clare Bronfman claims she is not a member of DOS but appears to be on the DOS diet.


Before: Allison Mack before going on the diet prescribed by her mentor Keith Raniere.

Post Raniere DOS diet for Allison.
Skinny Allison [r] with fellow DOS leader Lauren Salzman.
Allison Mack pre DOS
Despite starvation diet, Allison is required to run dozens of miles per week.


Pre DOS Michelle Hatchette.

2014 aug

Michelle Hatchette pre DOS.

Michelle Hatchette post DOS diet with two men who are clearly not on the DOS diet. Isn’t it interesting that Keith Raniere only puts women on the DOS diet?


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  • Keith is heavily infected with the herpes virus. It’s sad that he’s already spread it to all the DOS slaves he’s fucked, but just know that if you seduce him in prison you too are vulnerable. Enter at your own risk.

  • Team natural ass
    You make some good points. And before Keith decides on the surgery perhaps the plastic surgeon will show him some pictures of the look he’s expected to achieve…a photoshop of Keith with a J-Lo or a Kim Kardashian ass (just so he knows what to expect) That would be helpful in his decision making. Plus, I wonder how large the Implants would need to be to actually be useful for the intended purpose. I think a consultation with a plastic surgeon is required.

  • Team Ass Implants, your logic blows up just like your product. Think about this: Keith is in jail. He’s clearly a douchebag loser pedophile as we all agree. What happens to douchebag losers in jail? They get shanked. What if he gets shanked in just one of the implants. His ass will be lopsided for his entire term. He’ll still get fucked a lot because he’s a fuckhead but it’ll be by the freaks and sick perverts who don’t mind grotesque looking people. The best bet is Keith keeps it natural. And I will agree with you that Keith’s best bet of surviving when out of jail is selling “dat azz” but he can get great results with Squats and the right type of underwear. Maybe put a sock or two in his underwear to attract clients. Society is way too quick to solve issues just with surgery. Keep it natural Keith and you’ll be able to use it a lot longer! #naturalforever

  • Flowers and Team Natural Ass, I don’t think either of you actually care about Keith’s rectal well being. If I had to guess both of you wouldn’t care if Keith decimated his anus in jail. Keith should use some of his fraudulently gotten gains on getting 275CC butt implants that will take him through his jail time. He’ll have a hard time sitting and a hard time fitting in clothes but there’s less chance (although no guarantees) of him breaking his anus. Also think about when he’s out of jail. It’s going to be way harder for him to defraud and con everyone. His best bet of making money is selling dat azz.

  • I have to disagree , Team Ass Implants. I don’t think the Implants will help lessen the impact, and furthermore, when a horny inmate sees a big, round bubble ass, that inmate is going to be super turned on…so Keith will be getting extra action. Of course this is all conjecture, and we have no way to test these theories.
    I also wonder if the Implants may create a “springy effect” which may provide more bounce and therefore actually increase the degree of penetration.

  • What “teamassimplants” (if that is your real name) fails to mention is that there are some guys with giant penises out there and ass implants aren’t going to stop full penetration deep into Keith. If anything it might lead to more rape because some guys like the padding. Keep it natural Keith and learn to enjoy the fucking over. It’s just karma and 10-12 inches getting you bro. You may end up in the hospital now and then but at least you are keeping it “real”. #teamnaturalass

  • I still think Keith should get butt implants to allow himself to take more punishment but less pain in jail. Sure he will look absurd but he already looks like an ugly little gnome motherfucker. And he can withstand more fucking that way. #teamassimplants

  • He is a pedophile. He wants to see them as teenagers. It makes me want to throw up. If I see him I could really hit him. He’s a sick human being with a sick mission and a sick program that o lu programs you to follow him. I refuse to let this continue

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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