Omar Boone - The third member of NXIVM Corporation's Executive Board

Happy hubby cucky Omar endorses ‘tools’ that got his wife branded with cult leader’s initials

Omar Boone is  effusive over Jness and what it did and promised for his female better half Jimena Garza.

In a Vimeo video, a man named Omar Boone, described in the video as an entrepreneur in Monterrey, Mexico, describes his experience at Jness Track III, which occurred in April 2013.

His is a testimonial, one of six, five men and a woman.

Jness is a company founded by Keith Raniere, known to his devoted followers as Vanguard, leader of a North American cult. Mr. Boone resides in Mexico and is an entrepreneur inasmuch as he runs, along with his wife, Jimena Garza, the Monterrey Center of Executive Success Programs, also founded by Mr. Raniere.

The video of Mr. Boone fails to note that Mr. Boone has a financial interest in endorsing Jness since he gets a commission from those he recruits into taking the course he is raving about.

Still, his is a stunning testimonial on the goodness of Jness teachings, and in light of what we now know about him and his wife, he is helping to brand the product much like the teachings helped brand his wife –  literally.

Here is the English translation provided in the video in subtitles of the Spanish-speaking Mr. Boone:

I have been in a romantic relationship for the past six years.
And, about a month ago, we talked about subjects that were difficult to bring up in the past.
We finally did.
We went through very trying moments.
We even debated whether or not we should stay in the relationship.
These subjects brought up the worst fears that a couple could experience.
But thanks to the tools in the Jness Track,
we were able to fix many of the issues we used to have.
And it was easier than we imagined.
Now, after six years, this is the best our relationship has been.
I feel like this is my first love.
The very best kind of love.
i feel excited about what is to come. I also feel our relationship is more mature.
We are relating more as humans instead of the “Way” she or I should be.
It’s great. I recommend it to everyone that’s in a relationship.
It will help you tremendously.
This is the woman, we must presume, Omar Boone speaks of in his testimonial: his wife, and business partner, and branded DOS slave Jimena Garza.


Omar’s comments are interesting in light of the fact that his wife was subsequently branded on her groin with the initials of the founder of the company, Keith Raniere – alleged cult leader.

She delivered graphic nude pictures of herself as collateral, we have been told – for Mr. Raniere’s safekeeping –  to ensure her obedience to the cult and silence of the secret sorority also founded by Mr Raniere – which is called DOS [That stands for Dominus Obsequious Sororium].

The groin brand of DOS.
Whoops, it’s someone’s initials.

Ms. Garza, sources inform us, was ordered to recruit six more slaves to be branded on their groin with Mr. Raniere’s initials, which she successfully did in June, and was promptly promoted in the parent company – NXIVM – with the Green Sash – a rank of high achievement – awarded to only a dozen or so in the company hierarchy.

Each of the branded women, like Ms. Garza herself, provided nude photos or videos of themselves for Mr. Raniere that include the face of the woman and her inner labia, and are held as “collateral” by Mr. Raniere to insure the woman’s silence, obedience and whatnot.

Right below that red scarf lies the initials of Keith Raniere, as handsome cuckold husband Omar praises the courses that got her that awesome brand.

So we hear in Omar’s testimonial – and let me make it clear – the hubby’s testimonial most likely came first – and his wife’s branding later – but cucky Omar recommends Jness and his wife got herself branded on her groin with another man’s initials.

He did say back in 2013 that he “feels excited about what is to come” and feels “our relationship is more mature.”

Jness was the proving ground for DOS recruits, so we can only be thankful and filled with wonder that we now can understand what the cuck meant when he said – whether about Jness or DOS –  it matters little=le since all these companies are controlled conceived and controlled by Vanguard – it’s about branding your wife with another man’s initials:  “It’s great. I recommend it to everyone that’s in a relationship. It will help you tremendously.”

Historic Keith Raniere: he invented the world’s first multilevel blackmail and branding scheme. It’s called DOS.



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  • I don’t want my wife Branded with Keith’s initials. I think she should be Branded with my initials. That’s only fair.

  • In 2013 Keith was teaching that men were naturally born nonmonogamous and it was unfair for women to ” hold them back from their nature. There was a lot of relationships going through turmoil during that time.
    There was also talk of babies no babies.
    Now his wife belongs to his Master. What fate has brought Omar.
    He should of listen to his mama.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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