Reader: Too many unanswered questions about Dr. Park Dietz, NXIVM lawyer Crockett and Raniere

Dr. Park Dietz was hired to evaluate to India Oxenberg by NXIVM.
Keith Raniere’s attorney, Robert Crockett,is said to have facilitated the hiring of Dr. Park Dietz to evaluate India Oxenberg.

By Too Many Unanswered Questions

The reality is the public knows very little of what transpired between forensic psychiatrist Dr. Park Dietz, hired by NXIVM’s lawyer, Robert Crockett, and how the interview process was set up and transpired.

What was Dr. Dietz told by the representative of NXIVM?

How was India Oxenberg prepped by the organization for the interview by the doctor?

How long did the interview take place?

How did he come to his determination that she was not brainwashed or was that what he was even hired to look for?

Did the doctor even know it was NXIVM that she was a part of?

We all know they are masters of manipulation and going through their lawyer makes it even more removed.

NXIVM is not your typical brainwashing organization either. Some people can carry on intelligent conversations for a period of time. It’s not your New Age Hell Bob is gonna get ya kind of thing.

It’s overall the life decisions; like breaking the law by not paying one’s taxes, carrying cash over the border, cutting your family off, giving up your career and working for $15 per hour at a dead end job while doing intensive after intensive free to staff them so a head trainer and NXIVM can stuff their pockets with profits.

DOS branding, a 500 calorie diet, while losing your hair and maybe not being able to have children someday just because your master tells you to. Sleep with only The Vanguard when he’s twice your age and has a stable of other women.

These are the kinds of things that don’t get shared with a hired doctor checking out how stable someone is, do they? Makes one wonder how much homework the fine doctor did or if he was given the real name of the company involved so he could do his research first?

NXIVM doesn’t tell it’s secrets openly. It’s said because the average person is not evolved enough to understand their sex, their ethics, their morality. Yes, we know that’s correct. The truth is, it’s because this is what cults do and most people outside this cult find their behavior immoral, unethical and some of it just criminal.

India Oxenberg is the human guinea pig that Keith Raniere wants evaluated for her legal competence to attend NXIVM classes but strangely not her competence to be a member of the branding and blackmail cult called DOS.

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Frank Parlato is the founder of the FrankReport, publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.

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  • Like Rick Ross said, Keith Raniere is boring, and NXIVM is pretty much just a mix of existing self-help group methods, brainwashing, and the philosophy of Ayn Rand thrown in. But how is Ayn Rand still even a thing?



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