Susan Dones: Yes, you can beat Keith and Clare [and her millions] in court

Susan Dones

By Susan Dones;

Clare and Keith cannot sue everyone who is leaving now, if they all come forward.

I did speak out about what I found out when I left NXIVM to try to save those who wanted to listen. I found out about what I believed to be unethical behavior by Keith Raniere as the founder of the company. He was having sex with many of his students. Yes, they were adults, but they were students, and some were employees of his company. At the time, all but Nancy Salzman who were members of the executive board were sleeping with Keith. This is a huge conflict of interest not only for a company but in regards to promotion within the company. There can be no fair objective standard. I saw people who didn’t have the qualifications get promoted (Sara Bronfman) and others who did have the qualifications not get promoted.

Keith was also borrowing large sums of money from students (millions – 68 million just from the Bronfmans but there were many others) who were students in his company, another conflict of interest. You don’t do that in business, they are your students.

I saw a lot of inconsistency’s throughout my time in NXIVM. When I questioned “why do you teach this but do this, it goes against what you teach?” I only found harsh punishment. Not by Clare, she was not yet on the inside like she is now. Her sister, Sara, was more a power player at that time.

NXIVM did sue my partner and me after leaving. It’s not as bad as one would think, scary, yes, but we were so broke that I couldn’t afford a lawyer. I represented us, myself. I did have help (with a couple of people who know the law and others who knew how they sue, who helped me with everything. They became my advisers. In nine months I was free from NXIVM legal battles and the cost was not that much overall.

NXIVM sent Clare and Jim Del Negro to testify against me. Big mistake. Neither one of them are good on the stand, and when one knows NXIVM’S lies, it’s easy to prove through motions and their testimony in court that they are lying.

NXIVM also had seven high-paid lawyers, but I knew NXIVM’s inside baseball game, so it was easy to expose them in court. I was able to get a lot of information into court documents due to their lawsuit against me. The best thing was a Judge finally ruled what their confidentiality means, what it covers and does not cover.

It only covers their course materials and only when sashes are worn, and the mission statement is read before the class. Other than that, anything else you learn, you can share. NXIVM was attempting to make it mean that if I learned Keith was having sex with multiple women, I couldn’t talk about it. The Judge in my case said, ‘No.’

They attempted to sue me for financial damages, but when it came time to turn over their financials in discovery to me, they refused (they don’t want to turn over their books because they haven’t paid taxes in years.) When they ran out of time with the court to turn them over, they dropped the charges against me, which made the Judge angry as it was half of the 200+ claims against me.

I know a lot of people are fearful about lawsuits, but there are some of us who have paved a path for you and we have knowledge of how to beat them in court now. One thing that has happened is we have gotten dragged into each other lawsuits to be deposed in each of these lawsuits. It’s easy for us to bring lawyers up to speed and to help them to help you win a case.

It’s been a long time since NXIVM or Keith has had a win in court. We can help you find lawyers who can take you on either pro bono, sue for counterclaims and do it for a percentage of what they can get from a settlement, or a team that can help you take NXIVM on yourself.

NXIVM also shot themselves in the foot when they paid a company out of Canada to get financial information on all the judges in all their cases at the time. This information got leaked out after Kristen Keeffe left NXIVM and made it into the Albany Times Union. All the Judges now know and you can’t tell me that judges don’t talk to each other. I think they are going to have a hard time in any court system now. This is why I think they are trying to go with law enforcement to try criminal charges.

With Clare and Keith both on the run, it’s hard to sue from another country. They have to be available to be deposed. To do that, they have to come back to the United States; if they do that, the authorities can be tipped off to when the deposition is. If they don’t show up for a deposition, the lawsuit will end.

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  • Thank you Susan. I wish I’d called you and ‘got the data’ all those years ago. But instead I listened to the corporate bullshit. And called it ‘critical thinking’. You have my utmost respect.

  • When I hear Keith Raniere had left to Mexico I couldn’t stop laughing. It shows his true colors. What a total fraud this guy really is. When the going gets rough, Keith packs his bags and runs likes the sissy he really is.

    If Clare was truthful in her statement on her website and no “wrong doing” was found, her pretend lover, would be back in Albany with his mindless sheep and he’d have his tribe kissing his feet and feeding him pizza and grapes.

    Keith would be having his nightly walks and pillow talks. The branding would begin once again if truly things were above board and everyone was in agreement with the “girls club”.
    This is where they are so stupid in their lying and their followers cannot see it.

    If Clare is telling the truth, why isn’t Keith coming back to his “home land”? Why isn’t DOS up and running again? Why are the Masters not enrolling their six slaves to become their own Masters if it’s such a wonderful thing?

    Why are they scatted to the wind and Albany has become a ghost town? Why isn’t Keith and Clare more “PUBLIC FIGURES”? Why all the hiding out in Mexico? Come out Come out where ever you are Vanguard.

    Why isn’t 455 New Karner full of cars with intensives happening right now?

    Really people answer these questions and drink some detox tea, have a good BM, get some sleep and maybe add some meat to your diet.

  • I can’t believe there aren’t a million lawyers lined up not go after NXIVM as much as the Bronfman sisters. That’s where the HUGE MONEY is.

    • Anyone that is wise and left, I’m sure has legal representation. Civil suits usually take place after criminal, but I certainly see a class action suit against NXIVM, Keith, Nancy, and the Bronfmans…

      • An army is about to descend on these evil people. All those living in fear dealing with the after effects of their torture and blackmail, coping with PTSD and other trauma symptoms – soon you will have relief.

        Keith and Clare know the army is assembling and will never be returning to the US. They won’t dare step foot in Canada and it’s only a matter of time before they have to escape from Mexico. In this short interim period, if they are stupid enough to file any civil action against anyone it can be easily dismissed. No doubt one or more of the many high profile and reputable attorneys currently representing Expians pro-bono will give immediate assistance, and the matter put to bed with minimal time and effort.

        Ignore the silly puff pieces by Keith, Clare, and NXIVM. They know their statements are filled with soon-to-be-proven lies; they don’t care. For them these are desperate times requiring desperate measures and desperate lies. They will do whatever it takes to placate their base to buy themselves time to setup their long-term hiding plan.

        Whatever assets Clare can’t move offshore will eventually be liquidated and distributed to victims. Although, “civil suits usually take place after criminal”. That could be some time off.

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