Monte Blu: The Vanguard has nothing to do with our sorority

Guest View By Monte Blu

Sisters, we stand at the beginning of a tradition we created. The freedom of women to be in a sorority that the world does not approve. We founded a sorority run by women and yet dare offer tribute to a man who inspired us.

We did this without him being part of it. Yet, the picture being painted in the media is that he has coercive control. This is not how I know our sorority.

As a member of this organization of women, and as an individual woman, promoting the evolution of humanity through ethics, I must state the sorority is not part of NXIVM and The Vanguard is not associated with our group.

Our sorority is independent and for the record, members of our sorority are thriving, healthy, happy, and better off. We are proud of what we created.

They are trying to blame this on him. Society always blames the man. Men never escape shame, humiliation, pain and punishment, while women do by shirking their responsibility by virtue of their gender and through society’s willingness to let them shirk by crying they are women. We escape the blame for things we set into effect.

I know for some of you it is hard to stand on one’s own truth. You want to be weak for you say you are only women. This is what our sorority is trying to counteract. And some who might question you; they have no concern for facts. They don’t ask: ‘Is this true?’

Do not be afraid. Do not let a man be wrongfully blamed for our group. Do not cringe and crawl and beg or betray The Vanguard.

The Vanguard can feel respect for us when we suffer, as he has suffered.  Men suffer, while women so often go free.

Before the advent of The Vanguard, integrity was the monopoly of men. He has given us the inspiration to be integrous and in harmony with our own inner authenticity. Our members strive to have the integrity of The Vanguard. As he says “do you think that integrity is the monopoly of The Vanguard? What do you think integrity is? Integrity is the ability to stand by an idea.”

At this crucial juncture, do not listen to family and friends. Your most important love in the world is nothing to them. They cannot even recognize who he is. Now, there are some who are trying to destroy our dream.

The Vanguard said: “Maybe it hurts so much that I don’t even know I’m hurt. If you want to carry on for my sake, don’t carry more than I do. I’m not capable of suffering completely. I never have. It goes only down to a certain point and then it stops. As long as there is that untouched point, it’s not really pain.”

The world says he shouldn’t build the mission. They want to destroy his efforts to build a more noble civilization because it threatens the power elite’s ruthless agenda.

I know it well, far better than the other sisters. Some call it the Illuminati. The banal excuse they use is this is an abusive, coercive women’s group run by a man. It is sophistry but  vile and villainous and is their artful trickery.

To clarify: The Vanguard has nothing to do with our sorority. It was started by women. It is run by women and he has no part in it.

If the man in question had been Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln no one would say anything. Yet, both were assassinated. The Illuminati is invidious. They are the the deep state and are beyond all states and their boundaries. They are behind this attack. They wish to make us pawns. The Illuminati is committed to destroying Vanguard. Our sorority was formed to combat the Illuminati.

Sisters, we must march forward. If we were part of the problem, we must strive to be part of the solution. Moving forward, we will communicate better. We will inform better. But, Sisters, it is not them, but you who will destroy our sorority and the mission and perhaps he who gave us everything. The Vanguard is the purest symbol of love. His enemies are the symbol of all that holds humanity from going forward.

The Vanguard is the symbol of the greatness of humankind. Who else do you need? If it is beauty and genius you want, come to The Vanguard, and give him tribute and kneel.

But let me tell you something, I never told you before today: When I see The Vanguard, I don’t feel how small I am. I feel that when war comes to threaten him, I will throw myself into space, over the clouds, and protect him with my body. He’s the one who’s achieved immortality. I am his tool.

The Vanguard will last forever.

Monte Blu says The Vanguard has nothing to do with DOS.

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  • This is total bullshit. Raniere is not fighting the Elites at all. If anything, he is helping their agenda and he is connected to people who are likely helping as well. The most likely scenario is that NXIVM is a cover for all kinds of organized crime, and a way to launder money.

    Look at the facts..not at Monty Pythons crazy ideas.

  • ” I feel that when war comes to threaten him, I will throw myself into space, over the clouds, and protect him with my body. He’s the one who’s achieved immortality. I am his tool.”

    Yep this ain’t gonna end well. Who will step in before we’ve got a mass suicide/murder pact on their hands?

  • Wow is the expected statement from DOS? Seems that way, at least the closest we’re likely to get. Whoever wrote it, thanks for confirming our fears as true: Keith has you believing he’s somehow above ordinary men.

  • Fuck this guy and his sexist, mysoginist BULLSHIT. Men have never had a monopoly on “integrity”. I can’t even believe so many intelligent and talented women (and some men) guzzle this koolaid. This stuff sounds like it comes straight out of a men’s rights activist Playbook. Blaming the other of what you are exactly complicit of. Wasn’t this straight out of the Nazi’s strategy? Wake up people! You don’t need this guy to achieve the good things that you want to uphold. He is a charlatan and a shyster. He pollutes and defiles any good thing he comes in contact with and consumes anything of value with impunity. Then he shits out his poached “teachings” which he ripped off from common self-help psychology and basic good business practices. I would love to kick the ass of every one of the sycophant Society of protectors. More like Society of enablers. And pay close attention to these EM’s. More like covert hypnosis and brainwashing. This is textbook thought control and reform. When you shove enough of that cognitive dissonance down so hard that it causes a psychotic break, will you be able to forgive yourself? Will you be able to take responsibility and rise up and truly make the world a better place and speak out? Or will you take the easy way out?

  • So the elite want to destroy Vanguard. But I don’t know what is worse, the world the elite plan for us, or the world Vanguard would have us live in.

  • Honestly Keith- do you think any of your followers are going to buy this? you bragged to so many of us that you started DOS. You were proud of it. And that you were planning it for years. Typical cowardly behavior on your part to now say you had nothing to do with it! Do you think we really don’t know? Even if you didn’t start this stupid sorority, your top masters are the HEADS of all of the companies within NXIVM (which now you CO founded LOL)- The Source, the Knife, Exo Eso, ESP etc…. Allison Mack actually recruited my friend IN THE SOURCE, when she was a student under Allison, and then (after you saw her naked photos) was invited to come meet you “for a walk”. You are nothing but a dorky outcast with a sex addiction who found a barely successful way to be a guru. Enjoy your harem while they last- and before they are all behind bars.
    And one more thing- your “statements” are so full of shit. IF YOU were really so responsible- why haven’t you fired your head trainers for ESP who were actively enrolling for this so called unrelated sorority WHILE TEACHING ESP and the other curriculum YOU CREATED? Lauren, Allison, Rosa Laura, Charmel- SHOULD ALL BE FIRED. Has this been done?
    Have fun “miming picking the trash” in Mexico. It will help you with picking up the soap in prison.

  • Hi vanguard has nothing to do with it. He is the messiah he came to make us pure love and in exchange we give tribute to him with our signals. This tribute is a secret ROFLOL ROFLOL I REALLY CANT STOP VOMITING. THIS IS SICK SICK PEOPLE. I AM ASHAMED OF THIS

  • Whoa slow down kiddies Keith is too ethical to write on this blog. Watch the Contender.i would hate to think Kieth would stoop to write on this blog. Maybe he can write a guest view for the New York Times.

  • I was thinking the exact same thing as unmmm…..

    I bet more than even money Vanguard write this. The writing style reeks of his messages to the public in the website.

    He gets the double bonus of telling the slaves how to think in the process.

    • Yes, several passages are basically lifted from Keith’s “Letter from the Co-Founder” about DOS from 29th November.

      Plus “If the man in question had been Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln no one would say anything” is almost identical to the text message Keith sent regarding the branding:

      “if it were abraham lincolns or bill gates initials no one would care.” [see NY Times article]

      Sloppy, Keith! Your high IQ is leaving you it seems, if you ever had it in the first place.

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