Allison Mack Cries [You Tube] comments show cross section of viewers reactions

Allison Mack appears anorexic. But how happy is her smile?

A short video I posted on You Tube entitled Allison Mack Cries

The video shows Allison Mack begin to cry because of remarks made by Keith Raniere.

A related article about the video is found on Frank Report.

“Allison Mack Cries” has had more than 10,000 views, most of them in the last 24 hours.

The comments show an interesting sampling of how people are reacting to the bizarre story about an actress that. heretofore  had a reputation for being a nice, idealistic person.

Paul Andrews – wow, I never knew she was such an idiot.

Lex T. – Kristin Kreuk was a part of something as well, with her past boyfriend [Mark Hildreth].

Paul Andrews – Really?, I’m gonna check it out, I can’t believe this story on Allison Mack, it’s crazy.

Hope – Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk etc., all victims of Mk Ultra. Allison has been acting since she was a kid.

Ring of Rae – Why is she crying?!?!? This is wicked! When you fall for the the charisma of a guru!

Amanda – She needs God. Man cannot fill that emptiness.

Yul Hubbart – Well, the two of them have just been outed for running a vicious sex cult that recruits, tortures, brainwashes and even brands its women. Nice couple.

John Boys – Add this to Chloe Sullivan’s Wall of Weird…

Shakeema Edwards – Why, Allie Mack! Why? I’m crying, too. Gotta remember that we know nothing about the actors who bring our favorite characters to life.

T J – Girl has issues. Doesn’t even know why she’s crying, just looks like a lunatic.

Aimee Davis – T J how does one look like a lunatic?

Princess Meari – She had sex with him that’s why she cried… bahaha

Philly Lucky7 – Sounds like bullshit coming from that asshole’s mouth.

FRP [Editor’s note: This is my comment] – Keith is a very able bullshitter…

Graham Harper – What a beautiful angel Allison is, I love her.

Tony Lawliet

😔😔😔😔😔😔 Chloe…..why

Lamb Carey – This bitch is so fucking naive lmao

Tam – You will never be leader of a sex cult. just kill me lads

Ian bikes – She needs a good shrink. Not a cult leader lol.

J Deit – Visit the nearest Assemblies of God to have a truly good supernatural encounter.

C.David 80 – “That is beautiful” let’s go brand and enslave women for our sex cult. Way to be authentic. 😨😵 seriously Allison. She goes on the wall of weird.

S B – This dude is evil af.

Grant Stoutenburg – I’m not sure how I feel about her working with a cult leader like Keith Raniere.

P Hampton – Master manipulator. Says what she wants to hear. He and others like him take advantage of others to foster their own personal cults but not usually on a scale this big. But is Allison the corrupted or a corrupter? Has the student become more powerful than the master? Celebrity is a powerful persuader. Will be interesting where this goes and where the dust settles and who’s left standing. Keep up the good work!

T Raa – Women. lol.

Philly Lucky7 – I hope Trump locks this guy up.

DarkVoid – He probably won’t because we’ll find out they’re friends.

PearStalker – He’s sooo full of bullshit. Narcissistic cunt.

Erik K. – It’s that “Get Out” reaction, that’s why she’s crying

Grant Stoutenburg – Free yourself from this pig, Allison! You are way too good to be involved in this nonsense! And now you got all these accusations being thrown at you. Although, I can’t fully blame her. This guy knows how to get in someone’s head. Watching too much of these, even if only because of Allison Mack, I found myself falling into his trap. If I was able to pull myself out of it, so can Allison. Hopefully.

Missy Marie – So stupid! I unfortunately, know women who believe everything they’re told🤦🏻‍♀️ No self esteem…so desperate for love from anyone. I just can’t imagine this freak trying to tell me to do something for him & then cry for him…just NO.
What is wrong with your brain Allison?

xOmniCloudx – It’s amazing that guys like this exist and succeed due to delusional women like Allison. I NEED to find women like her then lol.

23RedTechno – Allison Mack is into some kinky shit now = O
it’s a head turner !

David Duncan – He’s just talking about the exact same concepts as Carl Rogers. This is nothing new or unique at all. Except that Carl Rogers wasn’t doing it to manipulate anyone. I suppose she hasn’t heard of Rogers before? You need to be wary of people like this and check for signs of megalomania and an ego out of control – it is very common in spiritual and self-help circles. People’s desires to be seen as special and godlike can pop up in all walks of life, and probably more in places and situations where you wouldn’t expect it to be.

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  • Look how VanDouche has mind-fucked her. He talks about authenticity and it makes here cry, and at the end she says “she wants that”.

    She has been manipulated in such a way that she feels there is a lack of authenticity within her that needs to be fulfilled. How it came to be at this point likely has to do with her history as an actor and playing different characters since she was a child. From these experiences it was probably mind-fucked into her that she never “found herself” because of this, and now she’s “searching” for “who she really is” – her authentic self – and NXIVM and VanDouche can help her grow into who she is supposed to be…by wasting her time and money taking courses, and of course, finding sex partners for VanDouche. All word salad and gobbledygook.

  • If I had to listen to Keith’s nonsense, I’d cry too.

    You have to be brainwashed to think he is even remotely enlightened.

    Keith’s value hierarchy:


  • I’ve got a bad feeling about all this pressure, she is obviously very malleable and Raniere will just throw her under a ditch if it comes to it. She will do whatever he says with justifications that she is being true to the cause, a martyr. Just hope that the authorities come in before it ends in tragedy.

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